Is 11:30pm Peak Usage Hour For Water?

Again. The stupid Filipinos can’t even supply their own people with the biggest of life’s need: WATER.

I stepped into the shower at 11:30pm before bed, turn on the water….and there was no water. Unbelievable. So I call the water company and I bet you know what they said.

“There is no problem sir, the water pressure is fine”

There goes my wild imagination again. I guess I just imagined no water came out of my shower. I guess I am soaking wet and I am just imagining I’m dry.

Well, after telling the idiot what a fucking dumshit he is, then he offers this typically lame excuse:

“Sir, there must be a lot of people using the water right now”

At nearly midnight??? Peak water usage is midnight??? Oh man, what a complete typically stupid fucking idiot. Even if that was the case, that is NO EXCUSE!

If you cannot supply water to every home at peak usage, then you need to upgrade the system to keep up with demand! That is their job as the water company. But instead you just get the most ignorant stupid ass lame excuses and alibis. They use another problem to answer your problem.

Why are Filipinos so fucking lazy and utterly mind-bogglingly stupid?


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    It must be an isolated case. Or not. Because here, water flows freely at night, nearly AT MIDNIGHT when everyone’s going to bed and water becomes scarce during daytime when everybody are in their peak to do most household chores: laundry, cleaning and etc.(whatever household chore uses up water).

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      Where is “here”? Manila? Of course! Manila is the only place they put any effort in. The rest of Philippines is Manila’s neglected step-child. I have live in Manila, and 3 different other places in the Visayas Region, no prob in Manila….every other place I have stayed has water pressure issues daily. And besides that, the point of the article is their “FILOGIC”. Instead of recognizing the problem, owning up to it, they give this stupid-ass excuse that hold not a shred of reason or logic. It’s 11:30pm and they’re telling me “IT’S PEAK USAGE SIR”.

      Fucking idiotic non-thinking, instant mindless excuse making imbeciles!