It’s Fucktard Week…..Again

Well this week we were invited to a birthday party for a 3 year old and after ward took him, his mom, dad and aunt to a resort. Not sure if the mom asked if aunt could go or aunt invited herself or not. But in we go to the resort and pay an entrance fee for all in the car, fair enough. Then reading the flyer they charged extra for parking. But the fun does not stop there. This resort was in the mountains and had a river running by it, too fast for a three year old so I took my son to the kiddie pool, anyone seen Beavis? Said pool had a bridge running over the pool so son went to walk across the bridge but was halted. Why? What was about a 6 to 8 year old fat pinay told him he could not use the bridge. Well I told my son to do it anyway as you paid just as she did and he did.

Later at same pool the same pinay thug started splashing water on my son to which the parents of said thug just laughed. Told son to do it back, rest of time I got dagger looks from thugs parents. But there is one that got me. There were signs saying throw your trash in trash cans but there were no trash cans, go figure. Then as going to our gazebo to the left was a trash heap where the resort dumped their trash, could that be the trash can? Back home.

Went to the atm Tuesday and on way while going down a four lane passed a market. I saw where they butchered the pig and threw the innards out into the right lane. This did not surprise me (throwing trash around).  What did was that they would throw anything thing that might be a food source on the road. Then today it was the same thing at the same place by the same vendor.

Sons bike tire went flat so took it to the bike shop where they replaced the inner tube rather than patching a small leak you could not see. Then on way home gave taxi P60 for a 47 fare and he started to take off without even offering change. Pedicab tried to charge me 40 pesos for a 15 fare. Wife went to Manila and telling me to be good. Let’s see,,,I very rarely leave the house and no cellphone. What trouble?

Wife went and bought a brand new nice bed with memory foam imported from the U.S. so needed new shhets for said bed. I guess the same people who pack the sheets are the same ones who decided no need to sell half size shoes.  So looking at sheet sets I read the contents list and discovered that it included comforter, fitted sheet and two pillow cases but does not contain a top sheet. Why is that? Then I spied a set and took a closer look and it did have the comforter, top sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases in the size I needed. The catch you ask? It was from Family Dollar in the states, not known for high quality by no means. It still had the price from Family Dollar on it, $40 and what was the store selling it for? P6,000!

Go to 7 11 and put bottles on the counter when pinoy about 5’10” 180 pushes in front. Me little shorter and lighter. So I say pardon me,I was not here. A few minutes later he’s telling me he is my worse nightmare, educated, knows manners and has been around the world and can fuck me up. Ok, bring it on asshole is what I think. Then shakes my hand, says sorry and leaves. A filipino that says sorry? As for the rest of my life it’s still the same. Waiting for Beavis to give me coin, Sarah to propose, Filio to buy the beer and a gift from Joe. Warning, I’ll hold my breath until I get those.

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    “Then on way home gave taxi P60 for a 47 fare and he started to take off without even offering change. Pedicab tried to charge me 40 pesos for a 15 fare.”

    Some taxi drivers have no shame at all. Last Thursday, I have experienced getting into a cab with my friend because our supposed ride had some other errands to run. Halfway our destination, the taxi driver suddenly told us (not even asked us if we were willing) to add 50 pesos as it was traffic in Taft, it’s raining and that it was out of his way home! My friend told him we’ll just pay seeing as if we transfer to another taxi halfway our destination would just add us another 40 to the fare due to the initial fare of the taxi. When we got to our destination, we paid him 220, as the meter reading was 155.50php + 50php he requested. And no, we didn’t got our change as he drove off as well without offering the change. It was like paying ‘64.50 pesos’ tip to a taxi driver for his service.
    So I’m assuming you took the cab because you have your son’s bike? If the initial rate is 40 pesos for the first 500m, then you didn’t travel that far since your fare is quite close to the initial?

    With the pedicab, I remember my friend once asked me how to get to my place. I told her she can just ride a pedicab and tell the guy the building’s name. When she got here, she told me she paid 40 pesos, which was interrupted by our maid saying she only pays 20 every time she does groceries and ride a pedicab.

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      Taxi drivers will almost always scam you. As would pedicab drivers, specially if you don’t know what their usual rates are. Come to think of it, a fair number of jeepney drivers will also try to scam you out of your change. They just happen to conveniently “forget” each and every fucking time.

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        Philippines taxi drivers are sharks!! I so fucking hate them! Especially the Manila ones! Everytime I get into one, they start negotiating a flat rate. If and when they don’t negotiate, they take me for a long ride. I try avoid peak traffic hours because that’s when they tend to hit you. Tricycle drivers are the same, again in Manila. They see white skin, price goes up. Not so much in Cebu though.

        What’s the difference between a pedicab and tricycle?

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        You are supposed to round up for taxis. That is normal.

        As for jeeps and trikes? I have never had one try to rip me off…

        No offense please, but you guys are telling them where you want to go, right? Halimbawa, sabi mo ba “Sa palengke po, isalang”?

        There is a different rate depending on where you go down as well. I see a lot of poriner paying the basic bayad, but going deretso. Effectively scamming the driver…

        As for the taxi, why pay it? Get out and get another taxi. It will not cost more, it would be cheaper. Especially since you have already gone part of the way for free.

        Only pay what the meter says.

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          Never did have a Jeepney try to rip me. I always ask their rate before getting in a tryke and I have walked away from more than a few. At least 10% of the time they DO try to over charge, so I always ask first and walk away 100% of the time if they quote the wrong price. Just moved and found the rate was P10 from A to B. And that was exactly what I was charged. I told my wife the rate, but she kept getting clipped for P15. “ASK BEFORE YOU GET IN!!!”. The third time in a row it happened she told me she HAD to pay that because they refused due to rain. Then spend an extra P30 and take a nice, dry cab, don’t let them treat you like that.

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      1) I pay what the meter says, I don’t care what they say about out of their way, traffic or the weather. Never have gotten a discount on a sunny day with no traffic and them able to drive like a bat out of hell.
      2) I ask trykes/pedicabs (they’re rare here) their rate before I get in, if I know or even think they’re over charging I walk away and ask another. If I don’t find the correct rate I grab a cab with them looking on (rare, except in Manila, once they see you will walk away another one will give the correct rate). It’s not exactly the money (although my middle name is kuripot), it’s the principle, and the extra pesos for the cab is worth the non verbal FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.
      3) I always carry plenty of change, if they can’t make change, I will. I also say out loud what the meter says as soon as they stop at my destination. I’m not paying them extra for fumbling for change or paying them for the time it takes to pay them. KURIPOT and proud of it.

      Question, Since gas prices have gone down taxis in Davao have been ordered to give a P10 discount on the flag, making the flag worth P30 instead of P40 and you deduct P10 from the meter. Is it that way elsewhere here in the Phils?

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        I seldom take public transportation unless it’s urgent that I have to go to a certain place and there’s no available car at home.Taxi drivers do give P10 discount in Quezon City (experienced it around June or July a few times this year) but have not experienced it here in Makati.

      2. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

        Yes taxis in Cebu City also have to give the P10 discount. Of course since I look white they try to insist that rule was repealed. Sometimes it’s not worth my mental health to argue over less than the value of an American quarter.

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    Random Numbers

    A pedicab is a bicycle with a little thing attached that 2 people can fit in if they like each other a lot and are not above average size. A tricycle is a motorcycle with the attachment that allows 2 ( or more, depending on the type of trike attachment ). I have seen trikes with space for 4 in the attachment and a rider behind the driver on the motorcycle.

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    Thanks. We call them “sikad-sikad” 🙂

    The BF and I tried it to visit grandma last year. The Flip driver looked like he was in his 70s (likely younger), looking so emaciated. Seeing he was gonna be using pedal power, I asked him if he could manage to carry us both. “no problem Ma’am”. OK, so in we went. Halfway to our destination, we had to go uphill a bit. Poor driver was panting so hard, I asked him if he wanted the BF to get out of the “sikad-sikad” and give it a push. He declined. About 10 meters from Grandma’s place, he ran out of breath, I thought he was going to faint! He finally gave up. He asked if we could just get off then and walked the rest of our way. I felt sorry for him, so paid the agreed price, but not tip. 🙂