It’s Official – The Philippines Is One Of The Worst Places To Do Business.

Holy crap, who pays people to research all this stuff when it’s well-known out there especially by those that have been living the Philippines that the Philippines is one of the worst places to do business – Globally.  Not only setting up business, dealing with Filipino’s is mind-numbingly painful.
No one has any money and there is no flow from customers and suppliers as buyers want to do everything on credit and sellers never have any inventory – “out of stock sir”.

So no matter which level you end up dealing with, whether starting a larger corporate style business, dealing with government or at a village level it’s all just too much hard work. The lower you go the more you deal with family and everyone wanting to get it piece of the action and on the business that you’re running.  You really know filipinos when you have to deal with them on a staffing and financial level – the true Filipino comes out.

So is this waste of time exercise by NGOs and Governments gathering statistics purely just to cover arse material so that you don’t get called a racist? Or is it something that other countries use to try and kick someones arse in government.

Whatever may be the case … Filipino’s will look at it how they look at everything else currently (and thats a statistical fact) that they don’t give a shit really what you think.  We are Filipino’s and “if you don’t like it then leave”. 🙂

Dealing with the upper echelons will reveal the self-centred, narcissistic takers who are only self-serving for themselves and not the country at all levels from the village, city council, regional area to the halls of Parliament. There’s very few in the country to call boxes when it comes to wanting business to function properly.

Look at the image below, a nutshell summary is:

First: forget doing business in the Philippines.

Second: forget doing business in the Philippines.

Third: forget doing business in the Philippines.

Ditto ditto ditto – that I mentioned forget doing business in the Philippines?

setting up a business in the PhilippinesI give you my experience and then cut-and-paste something that I found online:

I’ve employed many people online or from around the world, I’ve found people from Pakistan even Bangladesh and Eastern Europe to be more switched on and have greater work ethic than the Filipinos who I have had 100% problems with and some baggage to bring on board or problem with. — 100%, ALL! arrrrrrr they are the most frustrating fucking idiots i have met. 

The more I got to know them the more grovelling the Filipino workers became, it’s like they were trying to push the envelope so to speak, push my “niceness and generosity” – the more you give, the more you display, that your nice… the more they want to take.  THIS PRINCIPAL THEY USE IN ALL WALKS OF FILIPINO LIFE.  SCARCITY AND SURVIVAL – GRAB IT WHILE ITS THERE.  This means that unknowingly, culturally theyd seem to have been programmmed to rip you off even if they never intend to.  They will just do it like a moth to a flame.

With the Filipino’s I had, there were many examples that they thought they were being good but their output is shit.  I would then get fraud happening such as claiming 11 hours work when in fact for 53 minutes was done. You know how I found this, because I don’t trust any Filipinos and I have cross-referencing systems in place. Each Filipino that I’ve employed has given me problems right down to lateness and distraction texting constantly during their work time.  Midday they go into 1st gear for a while asking to go home and work or go to an internet cafe and work (when i know they will go home to sleep!)

What makes it worse is that I am good enough to pay them cash, paid weekly, supply everything unlike the Filipino bosses who expect them to pay for everything (NHS, ID card, sss, health reports, uniform, etc)  given them food, let them work from home on occassions, given them private coaching and the list goes on.  You would think that they would show some respect in return but no, the culture is about thinking in front of their nose – YUP—1 CM in front is how far the future sits… and not the fact that if they lose this job they will have to buy everything from scratch to get employment and get paid every 30 days in arrears – and have no cash flow. That is only just the beginning of their nightmare if working for Filipino boss.

I even opened a store business (how many girlfriends have suggsted opening a store!! even if theres 8 in the street – selling the same shit – hanging cofee, hair shampoo, sukto coke, load etc) stupidly, although I looked into the area and it did well, the cousins came working and wanted employment to which the store covered. They had no contract but I paid them weekly and gave them some food.

Business ran down due to the seasonal nature of the clientele so I terminated staff (2 cousins) who you would think   were grateful for what little employment they had to sleep overnight in store as well. No, no. You will not find Filipinos being grateful for what you do for them – they came back and wanted to charge me 80% interest for week for the week I was overdue with pay. Like WTF! Where did they come up with that interest payment penalty?

With some IT workers I employed a guy  had the same horse crap   that I’ve always had with Filipinos. When they want something there as reliable as pie and will harass you constantly, answer the phone or text back promptly. When they don’t want something they don’t give a damn and they run and ar the most difficult people to try and get hold of. In this case I had employed a guy on contract I let go after some weeks. I paid him in cash weekly. He asked me for a loan for 500 pesos six months later which I declined. In typical format, he came back to me threatening me personally which I retailiated and he backed off, he claimed I had not paid him wages after 6 months of surprise surprise, 500 pesos. This is so typical.

I’ve met many business owners who have been stung by staff. I’ve even seen a local cafe where the person created fake receipts then demanded payment for all the shop fittings it out. As the owner did not have any receipts to prove they ended up paying this person 180,000 pesos was lies also known as Estafa.  These type of receipts and overpayments even amongst themselves is common.

So many local Filipino business owners I’ve dmet have been the subject of fraude even by their book keepers and staff for “ghosting the books” fake entries.  Hotel staff having fiends stay and recording the room as being cleaned to missing jetskis, tvs etc

The amount of bribery and corruption that goes on a council level paying Mayors and police from what I hear from business owners is mind-boggling. Even immigration services charge significant amounts to foreigners setting a business and ports are well known for causing problems.

The thing is government departments do nothing.  DOLE, SEC etc are just plain lazy.

This is something that I found in relation (comments) related to the image:


October 24, 2015 at 11:44 am

I am one of those idiot foreigners who started a Resort business on Camiguin Island thinking that I could make a difference in this country and help in reducing poverty, I was looking for a lifestyle change so was not motivated to make a return on my financial investment or I would have stayed in Canada. I am still operating my Resort and it is almost 17 years since I first opened but the NIGHTMARE of operating a business on this Paradise Island is almost impossible to describe. Every year when we must renew our Mayors Permit the Municipal Government and Provincial Government Regulations put you through so many asinine procedures that it is like as if you are opening a new business, instead of just implementing a simple License Renewal procedure. My Resort is small, only 7 rooms, a restaurant & bar yet I must pay almost P30,000 a year for the “privilege” of obtaining a Mayors Permit so that I may continuing to remain opened.Many of the other Resorts on the Island pay less then 1/2 of the amount I am charged even though they have far more rooms some of them even have swimming pools yet their Mayors Permit is considerably less than mine. Could this be a ‘foreigner’s tax’?

As far as Justice in the Philippines it is almost impossible to obtain. 2 1/2 years ago I filed administrative complains with the Supreme Court against 2 of the Islands Judges against my attorneys advice, he told me that they will be offended and will be vindictive and more then likely try to deport me, since that filing of my complaints with the Supreme Court, at the age of 65 yrs I have been arrested twice (on false charges) for the first time in my life on 3 charges and am currently out on bail, the 2nd time I was arrested,after completing the fingerprinting and mug shot procedure at the PNP station I was handcuffed when we went to the Provincial Court House to pay the bail, when I asked the Officer who accompanied us in our vehicle why this was required when I had turned myself in and was not resisting, the officer told me that he had been ordered to have me handcuffed when I exited our vehicle and entered the Court building to pay my bail, he stated that as soon as we were inside the room where I pay the bail he would remove the cuffs, this humiliating procedure was done to me even though I had turned myself in to the Police Station when I was told they had a Warrant for my arrest and I was NOT in any way resisting being arrested, yet I was put through this humiliating procedure at the request of one of the Justice department employees. In addition to this humiliating experience one of the prosecutors in his SWORN AFFIDAVIT stated that the Mambajao Municipal Council had inquired to the Provincial Prosecutors Office requesting to have me designated Persona non Grata (banned me from the Island?) When my wife met with the Mayor and the Congressman at the Mayor’s Office she was told that many people complain about me (not one complaint is in writing) and that is why they made the inquiry to the Provincial Prosecutors Office.

2 days ago I was again subpoena to appear for a Mediation Hearing in CDO in relation to the 2 charges of Grave Slander, the subpoena clearly states “Fail not under the penalty of the Law” yet one of the complainants, a Regional Trial Court Employee, did not show up, when my wife phoned the Provincial Court to find out what the ‘Penalty of Law’ is, she was told that they did not know what the penalty is for a Subpoena’d person who is a no show. I have to wonder what would have happened if I was the ‘No Show’ person instead of a Justice employee.

The Justice system in the Philippines needs to be completely revised, the method of making some cash payment to a complainant and having the charges dismissed is unethical and only encourages false charges, the penalties for filing false accusations needs to be very severe in order to dissuade individuals from obtaining financial benefits by filing false accusations, the Court must implement strict time frames in dealing with legal procedures and not allow unnecessary delays. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED

In closing I must state that in MY OPINION, President Aquino has tried to institute Honesty and Integrity into the Government and the Justice System and to hold elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for their crimes, in the 25+ years that I have been living here he has accomplished more changes to the Justice System then any other President in that time period.

My final comment is.. if you are a foreigner in this country and you want to avoid having problems ‘keep your wallet opened and your mouth shut’ do as I say, not as I have done. Let the citizens of the country stand up for themselves or continue to live as a third world entity and condemn their children and grand children to a life of misery and injustice.

marius says:  October 24, 2015 at 12:32 pm

>> The Justice system in the Philippines needs to be completely revised

Surely after what you’ve been through, you’d understand it a bit more clearly? The justice system doesn’t need to be revised. They need a justice system.

Like everything else in the Philippines, the legal system is (a) there for the sake of appearances and (b) an employment agency for certified idiots.

When you go to any gov’t agency, watch carefully. Nobody is actually doing anything of administrative value. They’re simply shuffling papers around and putting stamps on things. It’s make-work, to keep the dolts off the streets.

Try this: go to an office that has some important function (say, the Land Registration Office) and ask for a copy of land title. Any title, it doesn’t matter. When you get it, note that it has nothing on it that identifies where the land IS. If you go to the actual land location, you’ll find that the DENR has a map drawn in 1985 which bears no relation to today’s plot sizes and locations, which (if you’re lucky) are actually noted down at the Barangay, but more than likely are just agreed between neighbours. In other words, the LRA has no purpose. The documents it issues are meaningless. Likewise, the DENRs maps are meaningless because they’re (a) out-of-date and (b) inaccurately drawn. However, both departments offer huge opportunities for extracting bribes, and keep thousands of people with double-digit IQs off the streets. Thus, from the third-world perspective, they’re a huge success.

The Justice department is no different. Ever had to use a lawyer for anything? In the West, a lawyer is someone who knows the law and advises you on its use. If you need a contract, he’ll help you draw one up. Try asking a Philippine lawyer to write a contract. He won’t know how to. His job is merely to sign the bottom, sprinkle some fairy-dust over it, and take a fee. Employment agency, see?

If you start a business, don’t get involved with the government AT ALL. Stay off the grid and under the radar. And do it out in the sticks, where – as per the Chinese proverb – the sky is high and the emperor is far away. You won’t make much money, and you’ll still encounter Pinoy screwups who want to rip you off or destroy you, but at least the screwups don’t have official support.

 Roll on comments 🙂


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    Does that price tag say “National Bookstore”???


    They sell that here? Dumbasses.

    Reminds me of the free newspaper at the Italian restaurant some idiot stocked despite the weeks special being about cocaine… lol

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Funny, just the other night I saw a brief commercial on The History Channel about “Invest in The Philippines” and how Filipinos are great workers and form great teams. I nearly shot my soft drink up out of my nose when I started laughing.

    Just amazes me how delusional these fucking stupid idiots are about themselves. Amazing how they love to just say such wonderful bullshit about themselves but in reality, they are about the worst people on earth you could want to hire. As soon as you take your eyes off of them, they are fucking off and doing everything EXCEPT what they are getting paid to do. Discipline them and they act like you have violated their right to be lazy, worthless, unreliable employees. Like they are entitled to be slackers and time wasters and lazy because they are such great workers in their own mind. I swear that is how they must think (without logic and reason).

    They want you to just listen to and believe their words, and pay no attention to the fact they completely fail to make those words true with their behavior and actions. It just always goes back to the Filo-sophy of words speak louder than my actions.

    They will just never ever ever see themselves for what they really are. It’s gotten so common for them to spout off with their mouths how great they are, that they actually believe it themselves, and simply cannot make any correlation between their behavior and their words matching. It’s truly a phenomenon that mystifies us.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      re: “As soon as you take your eyes off of them, they are fucking off and doing everything EXCEPT what they are getting paid to do. Discipline them and they act like you have violated their right to be lazy, worthless, unreliable employees. ”

      Thats exactly right …. someone said .. filipinos go to work to sleep … especially those restaurants that close 1-5pm … in that case i’d see the Airconditioning going flat out at 1pm, the lights go off …and all the cushions come out to rest.

      The more you give … the more you take.
      The “NEED” never stops and never ceases to amaze.

      i would turn around and see them distracted on Facebook, chatting, texting … and doing verything they said they were going to do. THER IS NO FOCUS! just high levels of mental distraction.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I have seen Filipina sales girls minding a pizza stall, doughnot stall, siomai stall etc in food courts actually leant over and asleep on the counter!! How the hell are they supposed to make a sale to pay their wages?

        One time I approached 2 Pinays who were gossiping to buy a phone load. They bitches did not want their gossiping disturbed, they directed me to the next stall. No wonder the employers only ever give them 3 monthly contracts. Easier to get rid of the lazy ones, which unfortunately are a majority of them.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Especially now they have unlimited text and call, any excuse to fone or text is used, instead of working.
          I do not know how filipinos can adapt to work abroad,, They smoke all over the place,, cheap ass protective clothing and hard hats,, cleaning after themselves is unheard of.. even the welders do not use welding masks,, their eyes must be burnt right out..
          If I kept my desk and workplace like a filipino , I would be fired immediately.

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      David Harden

      They have 2 speeds to work, 1/2 speed and not at all. So much money I have wasted drawing up blueprints for anything I wanted done, searching for “pros” than paying for everything, sometimes the tools for them to do it with, then finding out they dont know how to read a measuring tape.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      ” Amazing how they love to just say such wonderful bullshit about themselves”
      That is one thing about Filipinos. They just say it, so in their mind its true. 90% of the effort is put into the image or to just say something. 10% is about the substance.
      Just look at any town. They love to promote themselves and whatever BS project they have going on with their pictures on it. Everything to the Filipino culture is the image, but they have ignored the reality so much, the place looks like shit and its like they barely notice.
      The funny part is, when I first got to the Philippines, I asked, “who screwed this place up so bad”. Well, you don’t have to look far cause the people responsible put their pictures up all over town like they built Singapore.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        It’s all about the face with the flips. Everywhere you go you see the face of some useless barangay captain or corrupt governor staring at you. And you can tell by they look on their face that they are corrupt and lazy! Well they are flips after all!

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I was going to type an article on how you tell whose corrupt. Basically, anyone putting their faces all over town.
        Here is how you tell who is corrupt in the Philippines:
        1. Are they Filipino?
        2. Are they in politics or in a gov’t job?
        3. Are they Catholic?
        4. Do they put up signs with their pictures all over town?

        If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you have a corrupt leader.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Well, I am not going to pay for the extra charges on the ”free instalation of my new aircons until I meet with the VP of Kolins,
    I think he is a foreigner,, I will drop a dime on him to immigration. They are really looking out for money in election year.

    I am tired of being shafted in this country,, ”hidden fees” sorry sir bullshit”
    Oh,, and the guy that was slaying tiles,, ran out of tiles,,, for the floor and cr walls,, said fuck it,, never saved the box they came in…. now we have to run all over manila to find tiles,,”out of stock,, so now i got a half finished wall and floor,,, Of course he never said a word to us about it.. typical crap

  4. Profile gravatar of vinzz

    That’s remind me a book i read lately : The wealth & poverty of nations”
    The author explains there an ideal growth society (So a perfect place to do business) would be one that :
    – Know how to operate,manage & build the instruments of production and then to create, adapt and master new techniques.
    – To be able to impart this knowledeg & know how to the young.
    – Chose people for jobs by competence & relative merit, promoted & demoted on the basis of performance.
    -Afforded opportunity to individual or collective enterprise, encouraged initiative, competition & emulation
    -Allowed people to enjoy and employ the fruits of their labor

    And a such society should be able to :
    -Secure rights of private property, the better to encourage saving and investment
    -Secure rights of personnal liberty & secure them from crime & coruption
    -Enforece right of contracts
    -A government of laws rather than men
    -provide a responsible government, one that will hear complaint & make redress
    -provide honest, ungreedy,moderate, and efficient government who don’t seek advantage or priviledge
    ‘no rents to favor and position)

    There in the philippine the most basic proposition listed here never existed.
    The mistery is why a such country still have a gdp growth rate of almost 7%, when we see how hard is it to start any business.

  5. Profile gravatar of Christian

    Being employed several times, I always see my fellow country-mate dumbasses do the same thing. There’s a lot of cases of cheating on the time cards, employers themselves forge documents that pass through “official” processes anyway, messengers given money to make the process of something “smoother” and all the bunch of these hell-spawn rampant all the times.

    I thank my beloved parents for having raised me, so despite all the bad happenings in the country, I can proudly say I’ve never violated any rules imposed on anything I go into, be it in the roads, employment, or pretty much in general. Unlike those bastards who can’t even put a candy wrapper in their pocket if they can’t find a nearby trash chute.

    I don’t have issues in my workplace right now, and I’m grateful of it, despite being in the graveyard shift. I’m doing my job well the same or even more than what they expect, and they give me also what I expect. My friends aren’t so lucky. One of them was terminated from his work doing the right thing: He reported someone, who happens to be in a higher position, but was doing one of the dumbass stuff mentioned above: cheating on the time card. Do you know what happened? Turns out that “senior” guy happened to have “won” the argument, and it seems that, despite his wrongdoings, was still favored by the dumbass company since he’s more “useful” for having more experience.

    No matter how respectful you try to be in this country, no matter how proper you do things, no matter how much you discipline yourself in here, you will get nowhere, as the people in this country will always find a way to bring you down. If you do become great, it’s hard to savor it since the dumbasses will stain your reputation by saying things like: “Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy” (Pinoys are so good).

    It’s so hard to progress in this country. It’s so hard to even work on any innovative or creative stuff when you’re too busy trying to protect yourself in the first place as security in this country is absent. Taxes are so high for so little change, and one of the reasons even being that only very few pay taxes; we, the actual taxpayers shoulder everything.

    Might as well commit suicide. With no way to realize one’s dreams and no way to leave the country, not to mention your efforts mean nothing and being branded as a Filipino alone sours everything up for you, it’s better that way. It’s one less Filipino dumbass for the world.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      So true. Doing things right, taking the honest path, following rules, having a sense of decency is highly criticized by the general population. They are quick to complain about their woes how the corrupt government causes all their problems, yet when they see people being honest and taking the “high road”, they are quick to bring them down to the pathetic level.

      You’re right, progress cannot happen here. Never will, sadly.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    A good book to read is “”why nations fail” by daron acemoglu and james a. robinson.. It will explain why this country is poor adn will remain poor to the end of time