Jaymes Diaz, Fil-Aussie Brings Filipino Stupidity To Australia

Jaymes Diaz is a Filipino-Australian who ran for election in Australia recently. He exemplifies the natural bred Filipino stupidity, incompetence, unpreparedness, and the ever so prominent Filipino trait of “words speak louder than action” on TV. Watch it, it will crack you up…

Jaymes Diaz

Jaymes Diaz dumbshits all over himself throughout the interview broadcasted all over Australian TV

But the real fun begins when the idiot mentions a “six point plan” and is asked what the six points are, and can only offer one point. He continues to repeat some irrelevant crap that has nothing to do with the question at hand. But the interviewer does not relent, and keeps asking “what are the other 5 points?” and Jaymes Diaz keeps dodging the question, and saying, “I’ve answered the question.” (which of course any 3rd grade child could see that he HAS NOT answered the question).

And check out his goofy looking “posse” standing behind him. One of them appears to be a Filipino, the other a female who looks very blonde (if you know what I mean). Stupid attracts stupid. And look at them standing behind him, nodding with every stupid thing Jaymes Diaz spits out of his mouth, trying to convince intelligent viewers that he’s their man! Little do they know, all the viewers are face-palming and most certainly laughing at this hilarious spectacle.

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    Yeah I want to be the first to comment about this. At first I thought you were exaggerating the stupidity this guy was exploiting during the interview, but when it got to the “6 points part,” Jaymes Diaz reminded me alot about the responses I would get from most Filipinos around here. Massive props to the interviewer!!! He was able to get a conversation with a dumb fuckin Filipino on Television to show proof on the types of idiot responses we would get from a typical Filipino! Now Filipino viewers can clearly see what we are talking about, on top of that, it’s not like Jaymes Diaz is one of the poor, uneducated, everyday standard Filipino. He is presenting himself to be above that (like a higher class Filipino) and still fucks up an interview! Why is it that Filipinos do that? How is it that when you ask them a question, it goes through one ear and out the other? Why can’t you ever get a straight answer from them? Thank you Jaymes Diaz, thank you Australian interviewers, and thank you FiloFail, now I have something to show my friends as proof of their stupidity, and their inability to give you a direct answer. I’ve been talking about this for months but never had any evidence! Thank you all!

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    Captain PFB Post author

    Never had any evidence? I don’t know about you, but when I step outside and look around, I see evidence of Filipino stupidity at nearly every glance. Look at the power lines, look at the streets, look at the way they drive…..There’s an overwhelming flood of evidence of Filipino stupidity all around you if you’re in Philippines. You certainly don’t need to look on YouTube. You’re living in it.

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      Well, it’s true that I have evidence on their poor living standards and lack of education, but never had any evidence regarding holding a conversation with a Filipino National, and with that reference, being able to prove their ignorance and stupidity to my friends and family from a distance. The people I talk to about these Filipino idiots are not living here in Philippines, therefore they take everything I say with a grain of salt, they believe that everything I say is merely exaggerated or inaccurate because they have the belief that it’s impossible for a human being to come close to being that inhumanly stupid. Since they hibernated in America their entire lives, they are not exposed to extreme levels of stupidity and absence of common sense. Well, they believe half of what I say, but they can’t come to terms into believing all of it. They’ve seen stupid people before, but not to this degree. American stupidity is humorous, entertaining, and it only hurts the idiot that is performing the act of stupidity. Filipino stupidity on the other hand, is painfully annoying, somewhat entertaining, and effects everybody around them (especially financially). Example: The idiot post man here dropped a claim stub in my mailbox saying that I had package at the post office, well I was actually expecting a package. So I spent my time and money getting to the post office just to find out that the package wasn’t for me. The dumbass put the parcel in the wrong mailbox, on top of that, they should label the parcel by apartment number (and yes, I live in an apartment). What a waste of time and money, but I’m sure some of you had it worst than me.

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        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        Reminds me of the one an only time I had a package mailed to me, relying on the Failippines mail service. The idiots left a note with the guards in my condo stating that they had a package for me. Of course, nothing was on the notice saying where the fuck that package actually was, nor was there any phone number to call and find out! Looking on the web, I found that we had a choice of four possible places nearby. Of course, nobody would answer the fucking phone at any of these establishments, as it may have interfered with their television viewing. After three tries and hours of queuing and generally being fucked around, we finally found the place where the package was waiting. I could go on about the fat, stupid, fuckwit Customs officer, and the bribe I had to pay to get my own package – but perhaps that’s best left for another time. Useless cunts!

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        Captain PFB Post author

        “Since they hibernated in America their entire lives, they are not exposed to extreme levels of stupidity and absence of common sense.”

        If they’ve ever watch Fox News or observed many Republican elected officials, they have been exposed to extreme levels of stupidity and absence of common sense.

        But I do understand your point. I have a few, and even one friend in particular in USA that is always saying, “well that’s just your perception of them”. I tell him he’s exactly right. And it’s perception based on experience and observation of being here and dealing with them for 7 years. He has never been here, but has a few Fil-Am friends born and raised in USA, who tell him all about their culture, and he reads about Filipino culture on the internet, therefore he thinks he is now an expert of Filipino culture from his conversations with Filipino-Americans who have never stepped foot in the Philippines. He thinks I’m angry and my perception is formed from my anger.

        I tell him it’s the stupidity, ignorance, dishonesty, constant misinformation, and laziness that I have to deal with in everything I do, everywhere I go, and with every purchase I make that angers me and thus forms my fact-based perception. I tell him that his whimsical head-in-the-clouds perception based on internet articles and information given by people who have never been here is not at all fact based. He is receiving his education from people who tell him how they WOULD LIKE their culture to be like. He’s hearing and reading about the perception the Filipinos try to DELUDE the world into believing.

        I simply tell him to come and live here for 1 year and he’ll see how completely inaccurate his perceptions are and will realize how completely SPOT-ON my perceptions are.

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          Well this is what I can say to that. Watching the media and reading any type a literature about anything always seems to sound alot better when being presented by a reporter or a novelist. Exploiting negativity, especially in the news industry, has always been considered to be ‘bad for business.’ Therefore, whatever we hear on TV and read in the books are mostly false. They may say all of the good, but none of the bad. These are the types of reasoning I try to explain to my audience in America, but they still look at some of it as hatred and misunderstanding. I told them that I have been here 11 times, and now attending school with these fuckin idiots, and that I’ve been around Philippines so much observing these dumbasses that I can be considered as “Pinoyologist,” the study of Filipinos. I live here everyday just waiting for stupid mistake to happen, if one doesn’t happen, most likely I have been inside all day, but I know a stupid mistake is being made at least every 10 minutes somewhere in the Philippines. Last night was an example; my friend from America came over to visit with his filipina fiance. We all went to Shakey’s for dinner at MOA. The dumb bitch taking our order didn’t even write down our order. My friend’s fiance told me they do that because they have to be trained to memorize orders. I bet you all know where this is going. Yep! You guessed it! They fucked up the order!!! They forgot one of the items we ordered, and funny thing is, we only ordered 5 fuckin things!!! C’mon, they should’ve known better than that! I Filipino ‘remember’ things??? They must don’t know themselves very well. I even inquired about the pasta that they forgotten to another waitress, and she said it will be out soon. After we all ate the pizza we ordered, comes to find out they never placed the pasta on our order. What a bunch of dumb fucking idiots! When I left and they said,”thank you for coming see you again.” I kindly told them,”you wont fuckin see us again!” What a bunch of failures these people are! Is there a potion to make them smarter?

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            Try not to blame the waitresses. They are a product of their environment. The catholic church inc dumbs the people down with their myth and superstition and if not catholic, another brand of make believe is the culprit. The schools spend too much time doing big shows and wasting time on prayers and teach little if anything of real value. Most are underfunded because the funds are stolen all down the line, from the minister for education to the teachers.

            I have yet to meet a filipino who can do mental arithmetic, even two numbers have to be written down or they use a calculator. The staff are not trusted so they have four on one register and leave three registers idle while the queue builds up. The entire system is corrupt and based on perceptions of grandeur and power. Even the gas jockey boasts about his uniform and how he is third assistant to the gas pump manager, titles are everything. Understandable in a nation where to make it to Engineer, Accountant, Doctor or Attorney is a big deal. They want everyone to know and to acknowledge this. Can you imagine someone in the US introducing themselves and insisting on being referred to as ‘Engineer Dodong’? Or ‘Attorney Boy’? ‘ Or my favourite, ‘Accountant Precious Apple Martinez’?

            Bottom line, it is what it is and this is what makes it some unique and amusing. In very, very small doses.

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          “…people who tell him how they WOULD LIKE their culture to be like. He’s hearing and reading about the perception the Filipinos try to DELUDE the world into believing. ”

          Boom! Right on the money. I hear that bullshit all the time from US born Fil-Ams about how life is great in the Philippines. If any one of them spent a year in the Philippines, I’d guarantee they’d be crying for the good old USA. They’d be so fed up with Pinoy fucktardedness that they’d probably swim back to America.

          I’m set to leave very soon. But the next time I have to return to this hell hole, I’d love to bring along a Fil-Am or two just so I can see the looks on their faces when they see just how fucktarded this place can be.

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            I left once I began to use ‘Filipino’ as an expletive. I realised that it is their country and that I prefer my own where I am familiar with the cultural anomalies and idiosyncrasies. I have returned several times on vacation and business and for short bursts it is tolerable. I know were I to live there for any length of time the corruption, incompetence and general idiocy of the place would drive me to being an obnoxious Kano. BTW, Miss Philippines just won Miss World, I can hear them crowing now. Let us not point out she looks far more Am than Fil, but then the prejudice and insecurity of the culture that denies Indo-Malay Filipinas any chance of even entering a contest because they are ‘too dark’ is not something they will ever admit. Look at the celebrities; the only dark skinned roles are maids, criminals and the Fool offering comic relief. Even when he comes from humble origins in a nipa hut the hero looks like he is more white than brown and the heroine is also more caucasian than asian. But what do you expect when the top selling product in pharmacies and supermarkets is skin whitening cream. The reason there are so many malls is not that there are so many customers but that the aircon makes your skin whiter. Makes sense when they see Kanos with white skin coming from countries with much colder climates, di ba!

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      It’s an old post but here is what I experience. They “forget” to place the order or serve it but don’t forget to put it on the bill. Went to a store once and bought a few things. Got home and looked at the receipt and what happened? The dip shit charged me twice for one item. Not worth the fight over 10 or 15 pesos. Seven pesos to go back to the store then 7 pesos to go back to the house. But you can be sure I watch them very close when at the checkout.

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    Uh the plan is that I don’t have a clue what the fuck I am talking about.
    Tell me did anyone actually vote for this Fuckwit.
    Love the renta goon / party policeman who gets the interview terminated as he realises that Prat boy hasn’t a clue what he is talking about !…

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    Jaymes Six Points Diaz ran for the electorate next to mine. The Liberal candidate in my electorate was also kept away from the media and did little, luckily she didn’t win either. Diaz was running for an electorate he couldn’t lose… apparently. Instead of boning up on the points, the next time he surfaced he said nothing and looked even more stupid, if that is possible. Then they hid him. No show at all debates and so on. As for him, his dad has run for state and federal office several times and failed, now he is on the local council and screwing up there.

    So much of the stupidity is cultural, based on pakikisama (group harmony) and saving hiya (face). Most Filipinos I know don;t listen to the first part of any sentence said by the other person. They present as stupid because they ignore the subject, which in English usually opens the conversation, and focus on the following predicate. This means they answer wrongly or ask for a repeat, which gets tiresome to say the least. I put it down to how Filipino languages are constructed where often, I believe, the opening part is not important and merely sets the tone rather than passing on information. Any native speakers able to confirm or correct?

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    CebuBear..that is an interesting theory. My wife often says that Brits and Americans use too many words to convey what they want to say. I often laugh when she says that because it just screams LAZINESS, but I think you have a point. When I listen to my in-laws speak they use minimal words and can communicate sophisticated details that way..its amazing. Perfect example of that is in the taxi. When I tell the driver where I want to go it takes me like 5 mins to get explain it to him. When my wife does it? She gets the same point across with barely a grunt. So maybe WE are the idiots (totally not though)….

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      JustJabari, We English speakers tend to forget how convoluted our language really is. I have taught ESL and I tutor in English and so I know first hand how hard it is to learn it. I have learned other languages and many are far simpler and just as expressive. None of which explains the ‘Dong Factor’. :o)

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        CebuBear, you had a comment above about the insecurities of Filipinos and their regard/preference for lighter skin tones etc… That really resonated with me as I am an African American married to a Filipina living in Makati and we have a daughter who has a darker skin tone than her pedia would like. She actually prescribed a skin whitening cream to us when she was 8 months old to “correct” her skin tone. I was stunned at this and even more stunned that the pedia mentioned how normal it is to use that here. The US has its own issues regarding race, so not trying to be hypocritical in my comments. But the natural skin tone of Filipinos is SO beautiful and desirable. I don’t understand for the life of me why these women are trying to look like porcelain dolls. It looks strange, forced, and unnatural to me. Its really sad to see them try to emulate what these “celebrities” look like on TV. Tourists come here to get sun and tanned – so….

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          It just seems that so many people are not happy with the way they look. White people want to be brown and tan. They go to tanning booths ,buy sun tan lotion and lay out in the sun to achieve this. Many times causing skin cancer and rough leather looking skin when they get older. Brown people want to be white. They purchase the skin creams to lighten their skin, go to parlors to get skin whitening treatments and are afraid to stand in the sunlight for fear of getting darker. Also many of the creams they use are proven to be dangerous to their health but they don’t care. Why can’t we be happy with the bodies God gave us especially if we are healthy? I’m a white guy married to a Filipina. I love their natural color but my wife also wants to be lighter. We have argued about this. Fortunately she realizes there are dangers using these skin whiteners. It’s funny how many Filipinas whiten their faces but the rest of there body is still brown. That is a Bad Look.

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            I saw a photo on Facebook posted by a friend of my wife. It was her wedding day and she looked like a cross between Bozo the clown and something out of Twilight. Then the next shot they were caught in the rain and it was Heath Ledger playing the Joker. Of course I had to comment and yes, I got the tampo I deserved… but not for long.

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            @heyjoe, not trying to start a civil argument here since we are all here relating to filipino stupidity. But I want to correct a few things towards your view of how white people wanna be tan and filipinos wanna be white. You see these two groups as equal by trying to be the opposite and how they are both equally guilty. I beg to differ. White people get a tan, but are still accepted either way. You don’t see television commercials and all over the media in America saying, “Be Tan, it’s the perfect way to be!” No you don’t! But on the other hand, fuckin filipinos looks down on being dark, and they think that the only gateway to beauty and success is to be white. They are not accepted as being dark, and they will never earn their right to be on T.V. (not including the news or national geographic channel). When fuckin Filipinos turn white, they look back at their dark side as a burden to life, and some put down all other people who has dark complexion. At least in America, you can be on T.V as Black, Brown, or White. America is not stating that you have skin color dominance over other skin colors if you are tan. Philippines clearly shows that you do, but they never mention it. That is the difference. So White people turning tan is not the same thing as these fuckin insecure filipinos who hates their natural born skin color trying to be white. Sorry for the outburst, I just wanted to make that clear.

          3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

            Hello FAFI. I see your point. Filipinos want to become white because they are ashamed of their natural color. White people want to tan but are not actually ashamed of being white they just like the look. You won’t get an argument from me.

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          I feel for you my Brother. I worked with a Canadian of Indian descent (dots, not feathers). His family were from southern India and very, very dark skinned and he had trouble getting dates in Cebu due to his skin tone. I knew other black guys who were super blokes but they faced the same prejudice, something they never expected out of the USA. My wife is a darker skinned Filipina and I love her skin colour but she is so disappointed none of our kids are white, have blue eyes or long noses. I note the new Miss World, Megan Young, is lauded as a typical Filipina beauty, well only because they only consider mestizo looks beautiful. It is a national insecurity complex brought on by 350 years of Catholicism followed by 50 years of Hollywood and then 75 years of Pinoy Logic. I once told my wife when the skin tone question came up; if I was drowning in shark infested waters do you think I would care about the colour of the lifeboat crewman’s hand reaching out to save me? Methinks not.

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    If this complete idiot some how got elected it wouldn’t be long until you read about him in the Filipino newspapers. They would be bragging about how a Filipino in a foreign land was able to win an election. Instead of being embarrassed because he is an incompetent piece of crap they would be telling everyone how great Filipinos are. I see articles like this quite often when a Filipino in the states gets elected to office. Filipino politicians are actually very entertaining. I am enjoying watching the pork barrel scam fiasco. It’s funny watching a group of thieves pointing their fingers at each other denying all of the evidence against them. It’s just sad that all of the stolen money could do so much to help their country and even more sad that the stupid ignorant masses of Filipinos will elect these same crooks back into office when the next election comes.

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    I feel these Pinoys never stop running for election, thinking they will win! (Not that they won’t.) They think they will make good politicians. What I really don’t understand is why they bother to graduate from high school at all. They don’t need the certificate. They can be dentists, doctors and dieticians with the qualification of simply being alive! They have it easier that a wealthy man’s daughter.

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    Hi Guys!

    I am a Brit living in Makati and have been visiting Philippines for 6 years and livedhere for the past 12 months.

    I love Philippine Fail Blog, it makes me laugh out loud as I have experienced 99% of the problems and observations made, plus a few of my own!

    Anyway, Kudos to the interviewer!

    Interviewers like Jeremy Paxman and Stephen Sakur of the BBC, put UK politicians in places that they really don’t want to be, with well crafted questions that they know, is going to cause discomfort to the interviewee. Its called research and “doing your job”.

    Its a shame that the Failipino News Channels don’t have TV Correspondents like this, who really grill the loathsome Filipino politicians. What have we got here?? F*ckin Karen Davila, who wants to be everyones friend!

    The entire political system has failed and will continue to fail.

    They spend more time carrying out enquiries and looking backwards, at how everything went “tits up” rather than enacting logical strategic policies that would benefit the masses and improve life in general.

    Lets be generous and say that a “few” people are guilty in the Pork Scam farce and found to be guilty, it will probably never go to court and even if it did, I am sure a deal could be done to ensure that no on suffered too badly?

    Don’t even get me started on the Maguindanao massacre. IT IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE that Filipino TV/News Channels,Newspapers and General Public are not pressing for the hearings to commence without delay and justice to be served.But I guess they “just don’t care”.

    What is the problem? STOP BLAMING THE LEGAL SYSTEM – get off your lazy asses and start the process.

    1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

      The reason they don’t pursue these matters is that they feel pity for the perpetrator of the offence. Part of it is they fear one day being on the receiving end themselves and partly it is the whole shame/blame issue Filipinos have. It is an intrinsic cultural cringe. For a Filipino, blame and guilt and responsibility are bad. Use the words ‘blame’or ‘your fault’ in say a business meeting and you will see not just the person at fault get angry, but the rest of the crowd will share his or her shame and blame you for it. They will consider you bastos or rude for embarrassing everyone by bringing what everyone knows to the surface. Better to let it lie hidden so any further guilt can be pushed aside until everyone forgets about it.

      The catholic church incorporated has a lot to answer in this respect. Catholicism is based on guilt (and fear) as the means of controlling the congregation and maintaining power over them. In the case of the Maguidanao Massacre, let us not forget that the perpetrators are cronies of GMA. She was very quick to declare their actions treason and not simply murder. By doing that she retained the right to admonish the clan responsible as the President can forgive treason, but not interfere in a simple murder case. Nothing has been done because, like Erap and his several years of house arrest, they are letting the fuss die down to the point when they can forgive them (very catholic, don’t you think?) and let them go back to their old ways, just as happened with sticky fingered Erap.

      The whole place is a sad joke. The culture is corrupt from the top don and the bottom up but it suits those in power and thus it is simply a very human society. It is how we once were and might easily be again. We have corruption in our countries but it is at the highest levels of commerce and government, involves billions rather than millions of dollars but it is still corruption. For a country that feels shame and embarrassment on behalf of outed scumbags, you can perhaps begin to understand why nothing has changed, will change or that those who need to change have any need or incentive to do so. My advice, do as I did and go back to a society where you know where you stand if you don’t have centuries of connections to keep you on top.

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    I think it would nearly be impossible to make any changes in the Philippine political system. It is corrupt from top to bottom. From the lowly Barangay councilor to the highest office in the land. The judicial system, the senate, congress,mayors,governors and the government employees in all of their offices. Throw in the police, immigration,customs and all appointed people to high government positions. Whenever there is a scandal they make a show of doing an investigation but nothing ever happens because the people in power don’t want something to happen. If they actually send someone to prison they may be the next in line to follow so they cover up and make deals. Usually when they do go after a rival politician it’s not out of duty to their country but to reinforce their power base. It is also funny how they never get their feet put to the fire by theses useless journalist. If you do see an interview you are just waiting for the hard questions to be asked but it seems like they are more interested in which celebrities showed up at their birthday parties than where they got that last 200 million to build another mansion. Then the Filipino voting public does nothing about voting these guys out of office or demanding change. Most Filipinos are in on all of this. They enjoy having a friend in the mayors office or having some type of connections so they can get in on the corruption themselves and get a piece of the pie. The Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries in the world but I know of no big fish actually doing time in a real prison. You do not go to prison for corruption in the Philippines. You get re-elected to office.