Job Employment Madness In The Philippines.

Non-Filipino’s don’t know what its like to apply for a job in the Philippines. If you have had a friend, girlfriend or wife that works in the Philippines, you will know what I am about to tell you and how difficult it is to get a job in the Philippines.

Business in the Philippines as a whole abuses employees. Business as a whole has gotten away with abuse for years. It’s time to change. Duterte needs to change the game by which business employs staff in the Philippines.

Many foreigners have been financially abused by the Filipino system of getting work.

In western countries; if a business wants employees or you want to set up a business – BUSINESS PAYS. The business will supply everything, uniform, shoes, etc to get GOOD staff.

In the Philippines, its a the other way around. People are conditioned that they are “lucky” to have a job, they will be expected to work for free in a lot of cases and the worker is expected to PAY FOR EVERTYTHING THEMSELVES.  If an employee is qualified for the job but has no money for fares to attend, that person will be terminated.  People are just a number,  hence, so is the service provided to customers is just provided from trained monkeys most of the time who have no capacity to think.

Many people from hotel staff to restaurants to hospitals work for free called “offer time”. On the job training is a common scam as well, where staff have to pay at their cost all uniform etc to work at a business for the privilege of unpaid training.

What I hate hearing….. ONE WORD beginning with “R” and ending in “T” – and it’s not part spelling of the word (R)e(T)arded.

Anyone who has dated someone in the Philippines will know exactly what I mean. I can feel the shivers go up the readers spines as I mention one word; “requirements”.

Have you been a victim of the dreaded requirements request?

What are requirements?

This relates to job requirements. What the prospective employees need to “pass” to apply for work.

The photograph below is just a sample of Stage 1 of getting a job.  I could not find the uniform requirements list at the time of writing which detailed uniform required down to socks and shoes – all to be paid for by the prospective employee.

What Filipinos don’t realise in sending me this is that they think “they are the only one”, when in fact I was getting 2 to 3 of these photographs on my phone PER WEEK!  When I raised this, that only raised their paranoia level of – “I’m not like the rest”, “Don’t judge me”,”who are these other girls?”, “What! are you helping other girls” – Fuck, as if you can’t raise the fact that this is a real problem! Harassment.

All of those search requests cost money.  Possibly a weeks wages just to apply for a job.  Along with it comes loads of guilt trips making you the Mr. Rich White Foreigner feel guilty.  There’s usually lots of crying, pleading, guilt tripping.  In some cases girls have gone hungry in order to pay requirements when their financial lifelines have stopped.  They have no food or fare as all their money is spent on these stupid requirements.  I know that sounds a bit scammy, no food – but these are from Filipino’s I have known for a long time and they are genuinely going hungry in order to spend money on job application requirements.

 PHOTOGRAPH – Asks for even blood type certificate, Mayors clearance, a sketch of the persons residence to locate it and to bring along the uniform which is ALL PAID FOR BY THE EMPLOYEE.

After you have completed all the formalities of your cetifications requirements, PHASE 2 is where you have to buy your uniform and look good by shaving your facial hair for some jobs and colouring your hair black for other jobs.  This is the Uniform/tools for the job requirements phase.

The harassment by text can be relentless, all night I have had them even at 2am, 5am texting me.  “Only ₱2,000 pesos sir”, “Only ₱3,500 needed sir” – as If they are the only ones that have asked me for money in my life. Dare mention to these girls that I am tired of begging Filipino’s – this sends them into a spin of paranoia about me giving money to other girls, that there are scammers out there, who are these people etc as if its news to them.

Have you noticed how the words ONLY 1,000, ONLY “two five”, ONLY “Three thousand” rolls off the Filipinos tongue like a hot knife slicing butter – when to them that is 3 days, 1 week even half a months salary that they would go and attend a burger flipping job to get that amount of money? I can never work it out how the money being given by a foreigner in their eyes is considered so small yet a 6 day a week, 12 hour a day salaried job is so little.

Well, let it be known EVERY GUY I know has been hit up for job requirements and WE, the world are fucking sick of begging Filipinos.

You see, in the Philippines – business has gotten away with murder. The unions appear gutless to force business to provide anything to the staff. EVERYTHING and I mean everything barring a kitchen sink is to be employee supplied.

Business makes money out of hiring staff and ripping them off. Business creates unnecessary hurdles forcing staff to buy goods and services through the firm. This includes uniforms, undergarments such as bra, supplies such as fuel for taxi drivers. I have met girls at Slave Mall who have to buy their uniform; bra even gate pass.

Then there are the greedy officials.

Requirements include (but not limited to)


  1. Proof of Citizenship if a foreign sounding name – (see what i mean from the images below) – I have even seen proof of being Filipino after an accent test.
  2. The barangay clearance 
  3. Mayors clearance.  WTF?
  4. NBI search. – Like getting a FBI clearance that your a good person with no record.
  5. SSS. – Social security setup?
  6. police check – Not worth a pinch of shit in my books.
  7. DOLE. – Department of Labour cert.
  8. PAGIBIG. – Some fund system filos contribute to
  9. Phil. Health card. – I dont know why a lot more Filos don’t pay Phil health instead of harassing fucking foreigners for hospital expenses!
  10. Old school leaving certificate.  OMG! What is the purpose of this.  I have known people to travel for a day to go home to their province to get one of these certificates issued.
  11. MEDICAL EXAMINATION – What? an STD check?
  12. Xrays which are redone every 6 months? – Lets radiate the crap out of filipinos.  Xrays are done even on people working in non-customer contact areas and call centres.  Perhaps its for TB assessment.  I had a friend that worked in a call centre that had to have a mouth xray!
  13. Certificate of employment – SEE BELOW about this – this is fucked up.  Its an extortion certificate where a previous employer can withhold final pay and stop people from getting another job forcing them into prostitution in order to survive.
  14. Birth certificate – If it looks like a filo, smells like a filo – it must be a fucking filo.  Who really gives a fuck about birth certificates these days.  You can get a fake birth certificate printed anyway.
  15. If have children – the business asks for their birth certificates as well!
  16. A map of your house – simple, if you steal, the business knows where to find you.  If you die on the job, the business knows where to dump your body.
  17. Blood tests – blood type

 Some of these requirements are quite expensive relative to the persons salary.

These are just some of the many “requirements” that may cost as much as one weeks wages, sometimes depending on the job – this figure may be higher.








 had a friend that worked in a call centre that had to have a mouth X-ray done.



This is just ROUND 1 – After which there will be a ROUND 2 requirements list relating to UNIFORM to be paid for by the prospective employee.  Yes, business in the Philippines supplies nothing.  The employee is supposed to buy everything required to do the job including in some cases a work issued bra and have their hair BLACK and tied back in a nice manner.  If not they are fined in some organisations as a penalty which is deducted off the employees wages.



Seminar most likely paid by prospective employee.  I’m amazed that theres no house sketch required.

An employer initiated exam is usually done, but usually the business pays for that.

Then after the certifications are complete –


  1. Buy uniform at the employees expense
  2. Buy shoes at the employees expense
  3. Buy items for job usually through the EMPLOYERS business.  say socks or bra, hidden items are to be purchased also.  SM was famous for that.  Mr SM has made a lot of money off staff purchases even selling them gate passes for a days wage.

And if you thought Filipino business weren’t racist arseholes, many even specify skin colour.  

With respect to the following images;

1. Weight proportional to height aka no fat people
2. no older people who might be better suited for the job
3. clear complexion = no darker coloured Filipinos.




I have even met taxi drivers who have had to buy petrol off their employer else face a fine.  The madness to control employees starts at all costs starts at school level and university where field trips, parties,  events are compulsory and paid to the school who make money out of students and employees.


Employees are generally screwed all round in the Philippines to make money out of.  If the employee, lets say a sales girl is shifted to another section within a store, she has to buy …yes, you guess ANOTHER UNIFORM at her cost.

The most abusive case was where I saw staff having to buy unsold food to resell to family and friends.

As I said – business in the Philippines has had it too good, too long.

All of the costs to work …..and at the end of the day they may not even be paid! A lot of times, people are classified as “OJT” or on the job training where they don’t get paid. Hotels are notorious for exploiting free workers.

I have had friends who have worked on starting salaries of 200 pesos for a shift from 4pm to midnight in a busy restaurant, where one meal is 200-350 pesos plus.

The staff are treated as a commodity, not human beings.  Have you seen how at closing time all the staff sit around waiting to be let out at once after the security guards have patted them down or been checked, most likely that no one has stolen anything.


Here’s where stupidity lies. I have funded some friends to get jobs and within two months they are terminated. Yes, they have shelled out ₱2,500 to 3,000 pesos to get ₱16,000 pesos less tax. This doesn’t add up in my books as prudent just for a two-month job.

I’m not even going to raise how mad I get when I hear of fines and deductions imposed on employees by the business.

How has this happened?

Another fact I unearthed from this employment madness is worker careers are in the hands of previous employers.

Here’s where things get mad, really mad.  Employee Leaving Certificates – COE’s.

An employee leaving certificate OR commonly referred to as a COE (Certificate of Employment) needs to be obtained from a former employer.  This COE is a critical requirement to getting another job. The management and issuing of employee leaving certificates is a fucking disgrace.  The previous employer has all the power to issue these COE’s and in some industries a COE is mandatory to show your next employer.

No certificate, no startSimple. 

If the old employer wants to muck you around, they can, and they do. You see, business thinks its king shit in town and this is where President Duterte needs to focus on. You see, some businesses take many months to issue these certificates in their own slow pace and this means people CANNOT WORK in their career industries.  Sure, they can work I guess washing dishes, cleaning garbage, prostitution etc but they cannot work in their same career job.  Call centre jobs are definitely ones that need a COE going from one call centre operator to another.

Three signatures required for a valid COE.

I sight one case of a friend. That person had to get a clearance certificate from their old employer which involved


  1. getting three signatures.  No 3 signatures, no certificate.  No certificate, no job.
  2. Everything is processed manually.
  3. Going back and forth finding the staff
  4. having to wait 60  to 90 days for the certificate to be issued once the 3 signatures and forms completed.
  5. having to wait 60 to 90 days to get their final pay (which has to be collected in person)


My friend in trying to get the 3 signatures couldn’t leave the paperwork at the old employers, therefore, had to go back and forth many times over the course of 1 week – only to face; 

  1. The manager has gone home, 
  2. the person you need to speak to…. is away, 
  3. …. going home, 
  4. …. sick at the moment, 
  5. ….didn’t turn up, absent etc.


In classic Filipino style where no one respects each other or values time, my friend made multiple trips to get these signatures – REALLY, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

My friend moved from one part of the country to another.  The friend worked in the call centre industry.  Her old job was a call centre operator and she was applying for a new job in a call centre – 1 hours flight away.  They would not hire her unless she had a COE – that is a requirement maam.

The salary at the time was ₱15,000 to ₱18,000 pesos per month depending on bonuses. Pffft – bonuses are never paid in the Philippines consistently because the requirements imposed to get them were unobtainable.

Based on what I outlined above, the person I know had to travel by plane to her old employer and chase people over days to get the signatures for the certificate!  All at the friends cost, fares back and forth, accommodation, flights and tickets 1hour, food, bus fares from airport home etc.

Would you believe the total cost was around ₱15,000 pesos to get a COE so they could work?

That was paid for by foreigners.  Not Filipino.  She has no money, she cant afford an airfare of 1 hour from her new location back to her former employer.  Who will pay?  remember.  No COE, No more work.

No 3 signatures, No payout from her former employer of her back pay owed. 

Do you see how fucking mad these filipinos are – its Bureaucracy gone mad within the private sector.

The alarming thing!

When I asked further, I found out that;


  1. the business would not pay the final salary for 3 months. Yes, it takes 3 months to process this certificate.
  2. The company refused to mail the final pay or pay direct into a bank account. They issue cheques, to be collected in person.
  3. A postal certificate required ie. to show evidence the person claiming the final pay was who they were. This was despite the person receiving monthly salary into their bank account!
  4. The postal card as they call it costs money.  
  5. The person needs to pay for another air ticket and do the whole exercise all over again to collect their COE.  It wont be posted.  Phil Post is reliable right?



QUESTION? How is someone expected to start a new job, eat, pay rent etc when the former employee takes 3 months to issue a leaving certificate?

Answer is simple – Prostitution.  Just go and fuck foreigners and meet them through sites like and you will find nice guys who might pay your job requirements for the next job and food and rent etc in return for sex.  THATS THE REALITY FOLKS.

Bait and Switch and “offer time”

Bait and switch: Some of the more unscrupulous companies who cannot hire for province jobs will do a “bait and switch”. Bait and switch is where they will say after a couple of weeks, you have to go to another island  to work.  That’s after the employee has spent around 2,500 to 3,000 pesos (a weeks salary) to get the job in buying uniforms and doing searches.

The worst thing is these desperate workers will have YET MORE ROUNDS OF COSTS, the company barely pays anything to help – its expected.

Offer time is where the employee offers free time. Yes, for nothing. Not for anything like extra holiday time, extra pay – NOTHING. Major international brand hotels in the Philippines get staff to work offer time.  I know of a brand name US hotel group that gets staff to work offer time.  They might work them 2-3+ hours and expect the staff to do it unpaid, without any reward.  I knew of people who were nearly clocking off after 12 hours at midnight only to have a bus load of British tourists arrive and expected to serve them drinks etc to 3am – unpaid.  If only the tourists knew of this, i am sure they would have just gone up to their rooms.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I’ll add to that. It is common in the West if someone works at a store, restaurant, hotel and so forth they get a discount on what ever is offered.

    I knew a PNP who retired in QC and spent 15 years at the same station working with the same cops. So Benji retires and opts to take his retirement lump sum and goes in to collect it and there is his boss. Yes, the same guy he worked with almost everyday for 15 years. Boss ask Benji for his ID, Benji shows his Id only to be told that his ID was expired and could not get his check. But the supervisor out of the kindness of his heart tells Benjie that he can give him the check without valid ID if Benji gives him 50,000 pesos.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @oldnavyfart The staff if they get the order wrong and the customer returns the meal has to pay for the cost of the meal. the business doesnt even give them the returned meal at a discount!!

      I did hear from a guy working in a chicken store he got a slight discount on unsold chickens. Why? because the owner ordered NO CHICKENS at the end of the day to be left. He had to buy himself and sell to family, friends etc in the village. So the place closed at 8pm and he has hardly any food at 5.30pm left as he doesnt want to be selling unsold BBQ chickens. TALK ABOUT STUPID BUSINESS

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        After I heard that workers must pay for wrong orders I never entertained the thought of telling the waiter that my order was wrong. I just eat it, or put it to the side if I can’t.
        All this abuse stems from
        The Chinese business plan. Eighty percent of the largest companies here are Chinese owned. Duterte has no clue what he has done to the Filipino by kissing China’s ass. Paying off people to do business is also a Chinese norm. You don’t grease palms in business circles in China, you get nothing done.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @oldnavyfart SAME – ITS COMMON – i know someone also like your example, 2 years, pay is paid into a bank account. As I mentioned in the article in order to get the FINAL PAY by cheque issued only they had to prove who they were. They had to go and get a postal id – it was over 1,000!! ??? so she went to a printer in Cebu and got a fake postal ID for 700 pesos. Then after that – had to wait 3 months to get the cheque to be collected in person by the ex staffer


      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        The ‘Alimango System’ becomes self-perpetuating! If you were a 25 Year-Old with a Good Degree working as a Bank Clerk on a ‘5-5-5 Contract,’ knowing that you were NOT going to receive your last Cheque, what would you do? – Cream all of the information regarding High Value Accounts, and then sell it on! (Established BDO Policy apparently) This is no different to VAT Inspections by BIR! – They arrive (supposedly) to do a VAT Audit, they then ask for a ‘Bung’ to NOT Reveal to Competitors who your Clients are! Then they still sell the information to the Competitors! – Corruption would take Generations to eradicate in this country, even if the majority were willing!

  2. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    ‘How had we used to manage?’ – When recruiting here, it often begs the question ‘Have I been doing things wrong all these years?’

    My own staff have been rather surprised when I conduct one interview, agree terms, and ask ‘When can you Start?’ Neither do I discriminate on Age, Gender, Marital Status, Whiteness of Skin, Flatness of Nose, Height, Antecedence, Address, Father’s Occupation, Previous Employer, OFW Status or Educational Establishments. However, I do not permit any promotion (Overtly or Covertly) of Religion, Politics, Greek Letter Societies, or Freemasonry! Neither am I concerned with Previous Salary, and/or Leaving Certificates, etc. – I know precisely how the ‘Alimango System’ works! Indeed, rather than a Leaving Certificate, I prefer to see evidence from a Previous Employer that all Deductions and Withholding Tax has be paid (The equivalent of a UK P45) which also declares a Period of Employment!

    I will acknowledge that there is always a ‘Risk’ when recruiting. However, recruitment is not a ‘Science!’ – There is rather a lot of ‘Gut Feeling’ and intuition required. Should things do not work, it is always better to Draw a Line! – Part Company on good terms, and move on! – This should always be done as quickly as possible, and applies both to Employer and Employee. Attempting to mitigate all risk, does not work! – It also takes an inordinate amount of time – Therefore, costing money!

    In the past I have had a ‘Human Remains’ Department carry out all of the checks, only to find later that the New Start had some ‘History’ but gave a ‘Bung’ to the HR Lady for it to ‘Go Away!’ – I have even experienced a ‘Different Person Starting,’ to the one I interviewed! – Again because ‘Human Remains’ were trying to achieve the highest ‘Admission Fee!’

    My own Recruits do not have to part with One Centavo! Rather than wait weeks, or even months for a New Start to accrue unnecessary paperwork, most Pre-Engagement Checks can be done without leaving the office! – That is what my Local Partner is for! The only Costs incurred by me are for a thorough Medical Examination, and the Polo Shirts used as part of the Dress Code.

  3. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    You just wonder. When giving the people in the Hotel who did the housekeeping a tip my gf was saying something about not necessary ect.
    i reminded her and told her that they get this from me because the job is not paid well and they get treated like shit on the job. some of them were really too stupid to change a dirty towel and leave some soap. others did it well.
    setting it with the flips that you get a tip when you do a good job works wonders on times.
    my gf had a workcontract with a termination fee. would she quit the job before the contract ends there is a fine of 20k php to pay to her school she was teaching at.
    the teachers and the quality of lessons are just beyond idiotic on quite some parts.
    the students are brats for the most part which think they do not have to do anything follow any rules and homework is too much.
    requiriung them to write something is answered by stupid shit ” i can type it on the computer or the phone” – ” why would we do this ?”
    not all of them are like this but it is clear it is set from the stupidity of the parents and they even go so far to “buy” the students better grades or come to the school to complain why their rotten offspring is so blatantly stupid and gets the grades they deserve.

    To change this country of the Flips is like wanting to freeze Hell in the current state imo.
    They do not make space for ambulances, they do not care of people are bleeding on the streets.

    The same it is with the employing. Low salaries, no professional equipment. Why is a printer for 70$ modified so you can use the cheap refill in the schools not possible ? they charge for every student and have 400 500 600 students or more – charging 500 php upwards there is enough cashflow. . i do not see investments in buildings.
    Schoolbooks for 1000 or 2000 php have to be bought for 4 year old kids.

    Seriously. i do not see this country really developing well without basic things such as school being free.
    Education on hygiene being give and exercised and these dumbass brats learning by cleaning a toilet ( such as being done in japan) some dignity and respect.

    The above mentioned things for workcontracts yet alone even being employed and then if female being harassed by some filipino who likes to employ mainly girls which are young and good looking is just disgusting.
    3rd world countries have the smallest chance of something like even just slight equal opportunity.

    a few guys and girls i met are not greedy dumbasses and if i ran a business i would instantly employ them and pay them even a bonus for their good work.
    it is like a nasty bad loop these people go through. bad education or total lack of it and even most teachers are total impolite assholes without manners.
    i am happy not to be born there.

      1. Profile gravatar of Anti_Dumbass

        That’s right.. Oh. Can I say that.. flips are never wrong and know everything. To the stinkin’ Pinay driver who tried to push me off the road… GO FUCK YOURSELF.. I pointed that she get back on her side of the yellow line.. if you can’t program a VCR you shouldn’t be allowed to drive.. it’s not even driving.. it’s pointing the vehicle down the road.. God forbid they should have to make a turn.. morons..
        Workers get a 6-month-contract… If I get a bitch cashier she’ll be gone in no time and good riddance.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yep you will find most hotels use OJT where they have staff for NOTHING. PAY NOTHING – incredible. That is why you get shit staff doing ghost bookings and creaming off the money eg. not recording the incoming guest and taking the cash and using another book. I have even seen building renovations where things like the old tvs which were being replaced with flat screens (the old ones) went missing. USUALLy the hotel will sack ALL THE staff

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        That is another part of the Chinese business plan. I knew a guy working in China. The owner couldn’t figure out who was stealing rolls of copper wire from a factory department. He recouped his losses by charging every employee in the department.

        1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

          ‘Chinese Business Plan’ is an Oxymoron! On the other hand, the Russians have a humorous have an amusing turn of phrase! – “Do not plan anything – There is too much that can go wrong!”

          1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            I read this in a hospital waiting room! (Capital Medical Centre in QC) more of the Phils Health Provision later! What a Shit Hole!

          2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            Well if they are buying something on credit in a country where there is no rule of law and most people don’t have credit ratings how are they going to replace he 5-6 man? Pawn shop any less expensive on a loan?

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            How dare you try to use common sense and logic when trying to understand a filipino.

          4. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            Mike, that is indeed the sad part. In the Western world you can usually count on people acting in their best interest. Here, you just never know if they are sharp enough to figure out their best interest.

  4. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    The minimum height and fair complexion requirement for a bloody call centre worker, where the only requirement is to make/take phone calls, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard…. A height requirement of over 5ft excludes 95% percent of Filipinos from employment as they are nearly all shortasses.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      try my friend didnt get a job because she had to get an XRay of teeth AT HER COST!! which was rejected as she had some teeth issues. come back when fixed. @riceganda but this had no impact on her voice or talking. she is on a phone as well.

      1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
        Rice Ganda

        The medical examination to be cleared to work overseas as a housemaid includes a full anal examination.
        I’ve never worked out how they actually decide who passes and fails , but just imagine how many Filipino ‘doctors’ are employed soley to stick a finger up strangers asses all day.

        1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

          ‘Three Card Trick’ up the ‘Gary Glitter’ only to reveal “You are allergic to Chicken, Hot Dogs and Eggs ma’am!” Hand up the old ‘Grumble and Grunt’ only to reveal “You need Glasses ma’am!”
          Just Google <> RHYMING SLANG

    2. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

      It’s insane. Canada banned anyone from posting job ads stipulating age, race, sex, height, weight or any other physical requirements in the ’60s or ’70s. I was truly blown away the first time I noticed the classifies here.

      Also, the big ads that screamed “It’s Summer! Have your sons circumcised!” Apparently there’s a discount… but that’s a whole other story. Lol

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        We had the same in the UK, but initially it did not deal with Small Firms of <5. The law changed after someone placed an ad "Secretary required. Male or Female. Must have Big Tits!"

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        funny @leavinglaspinas that you should raise the circumcision bit
        i saw a mobile circumcision van article in the paper one time
        like a medical mission going around – doing the kids
        quite horrible really

      3. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @leavinglaspinas SEE BELOW
        free circumicision and if i hear that fucking word “sharing our blessings” ONCE MORE =—- i will scream!!

        MORE than 1,200 people availed of free medical services during the medical mission held last May 23 at the Paknaan relocation site.
        The medical mission organized by Three Sixty Pharmacy was in partnership with the Mandaue City government’s Housing and Urban Development Office (HUDO), Unilab and Sangkai Construction.
        At least 25 nurses, eight dentists, 10 doctors and 50 volunteers from Three Sixty Pharmacy rendered the free services, including free circumcision by six medical personnel.

        Services included laboratory screenings for body mass index and glucose/sugar, medical consultation, dental services, family planning seminar and feeding.
        Nevaline Miranda, marketing manager of Three Sixty Pharmacy, said this is the first ever medical mission they have conducted and they are targeting to conduct two more medical missions this year.
        “This is our way of sharing our blessings to the community through our corporate social responsibility,” said Miranda.

        Read more:
        Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

        1. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

          I have to admit I had my sons circumcised… it was in the 70s and you just did that when they were born.

          But on the topic if health care in the Failippines. Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office here for anything and not had your height weight and BP recorded? I haven’t. Even when I was just trying to get a scrip for Xanax to get me through a flight home.

          My former housekeeper went to her doctor with a sprained ankle and came home with a scrip for antibiotics. She also swore that a faith healer had reached inside her and cured her appendicitis.

          Share the blessings? Lol. I’m just happy to be in relatively good health at this point. I came here in 2004 and for the first 3-4 months thought I was going to die from gut pain, no doubt brough on by the ultra-hygienic food prep practices. I’ve never set foot in a Jollibee or Chow King. The BK across the road from me is quite good though!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You need Xanax to fly out of the pi? Hell your lucky!!!! We need itand Valium, beer and rum to live here!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

            Mike — I need Xanax to live in t his country! Unfortunately I have lost my GP and it’s not easy to find another one here in the middle of nowhere. Any recommendations? Lol

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Your asking the wrong person. I* refuse to go to a Dr or hospital here. I tend to myself and if I can’t then I just suffer. These pricks can’t even do a circumcision right. Back in oct 2007 I broke my left ankle. Damn thing swollen twice it’s normal size from Oct 07 till end of Mar 08, no Dr or hospital for me, not much walking either.

          4. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            @leavinglaspinas Same here! I have a Kitchen Regime here that must be followed! – Or Else! I have staff resident for most of the week, and cannot afford the cost of having anyone sick, where ‘Prevention’ could have worked – And it costs almost nothing! Personally, I have several pieces of Stomach Plumbing which are missing, so I have to be Ultra-Vigilant.

            1. Laundry MUST be consigned to the Utility Room and NOT the Kitchen!
            2. Kitchen Waste to be consigned to the Utility Room Dirty Bin, and removed frequently!
            3. Use the HOT Kitchen Handwash and Soap before Preparing or Handling food!
            4. The Freezer is not an Extension of the Fridge! – And vice-versa!
            5. NO Meat, Fish or Poultry is to be Re-Frozen after Thawing!
            6. See Storage and Stacking Regime for Fridge and Freezer!
            7. One Fridge for Raw Food, the other for Cooked/For Reheat Food!
            8. Beer Fridge is ONLY for Beer and Soft Drinks!
            9. Beer Bottles and Soft Drinks Cans to be Sterilised before Refrigeration! (Leptospirosis!)
            10. NO Frozen Food is to be purchased! (Some stores turn-off the Freezers at night to same money!)
            11. Rice, Flour, Sugar, Pasta, Tea, Coffee and other Dry Goods MUST be kept in Sealed Metal or Glass Containers! (Avoids Weevil Infestation)
            12. Check Expiry Dates, and use in Rotation!
            13. Salads, Fruit and Vegetables to be rinsed in MILTON! (It does not taste)
            14. Water Dispensers, Freezer and Fridge MUST be Defrosted and Cleaned each week with a Sterilising Solution! Fridge and Freezer Seals to be Cleaned with a Toothbrush and Domestos each week!
            15. HOT WATER ONLY to be used for Washing-Up!
            16. Kitchen to be Cleaned after Meal Preparation (Weekly Deep Clean)
            17. HOT FOOD must always be served HOT (Hot Trolley in the Dining Room) Plates to be HOT
            18. COLD FOOD must always be served COLD (Cold Trolley in the Dining Room) Plates to be COLD

            Some would argue that I am ‘Paranoid!’ – Er, NO! – We live in a Tropical Country, with Tropical Diseases! Others might say that it sounds like a Hospital Regime! – A UK Hospital possibly! – But NEVER a Philippines Hospital! My Business Partner’s Mother was admitted to Hospital on Friday of last week. I drove him over there on Saturday. Capital Medical Centre is supposed to be ‘One of the Best!’ I was there for 30 Minutes, and this is what I found . . . and in a quite random order!

            Capital Medical Centre QC

            1. Open (and recently used) Commode (Faeces and Urine) in the Main Corridor!
            2. Dirty and Rusting Gas Cylinders in the Main Corridor!
            3. HOT Food Served COLD!
            4. COLD Food Served Tepid!
            5. Patient Bathroom Air Extract NOT Working!
            6. Rice Bags stored on the Catering Kitchen Floor!
            7. Ward Microwave Dirty and Uncleaned!
            8. Cockroaches at the ‘Tea Point’ and Microwave!
            9. Dirty Seals and Surfaces to Patient Refrigerator!
            10. Hot Water for Tea/Coffee NOT Boiled!
            11. Vinyl Tiled Floors to Patient Areas – NOT Unseamed Surface! – Some tiles missing!
            12. Missing Tiles to Suspended Ceiling!
            13. Patient Rooms only Surface Cleaned!
            14. Dirty (Almost Opaque) Windows (Internally and Externally!)
            15. Dangerous Loose Seat to Visitor Chair! (Detachable)
            16. Floor Cleaning Bucket transferred from one Patient Room to the next! – Water NOT Changed!
            17. Beds used for Patient Transfer!
            18. No Separation of Lifts (Clean and Dirty)
            19. Junk stored on Fire Escapes (IN A HOSPITAL!) Discovered due to Slow Lifts (10 Minute Wait Time)
            20. Medical Waste mixed with General Waste and piled on the Corridor Floor!
            21. Threadbare Bed Linen
            22. Patient Room Smoke Detector NOT Working! (False Alarms from Dirty A/C System)
            23. Main Fire Alarm Panel (Ground Floor) “FAULT!” Displayed on Panel!
            24. Patient Room Air Conditioning (Ducted Split) only works at 16°C on Full Power! – Temperature cannot be regulated.
            25. Leaking Vacuum Service at Bed Head!
            26. Patient Alarm Call NOT Working!
            27. Patient Bathroom has no HOT Water to Handbasin!
            28. Patient Shower has a HOT Water Service! – But NO HOT Water!
            29. No Physician/Nurse Handwash or Wall Steriliser!
            30. No ‘Sharps Disposal’ in Patient Room (Disposal to Waste Bin)
            31. Handbasin fixed to wall with Rusty Steel Clips
            32. Handbasin Waste has no proper joints – Open to Air!
            33. Patient Bathroom is generally DIRTY!
            34. No Tissues or Toilet Roll (Must be Purchased!)
            35. ‘Rimmed’ and Dirty Toilet Pan! – Seat Hinges Stained and Dirty!
            36. No Drinking Water (Must be Purchased!)
            37. Operation Wound Dressing carried out at the same time as Room Cleaning!

            If that is what I could see in the Patient Areas, what were the Surgical Areas like? I have experience of both Designing and Building Hospitals. Quite honestly, I have seen far better in the Middle East and India!

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Shame isn’t it? I mean here you are with a broken ankle that hurts like hell and is severely swollen for months yet you still avoid Drs and hospitals at all cost. Just put the sock and shoe on and laced up firmly while the damn thing sets. By end of April the swelling was and could walk with lot less pain.

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Al, Phil, Angel, Hey Joe, Capt, Bar, Idiot and the rest of the guys voted me to be spokesman and ask you a few questions regarding the list about your house:
            1.) Do you have enough plates and food for all of us?
            2.) Sleeping arrangements. Will will provide our own bedding and sleep where ever we can find a spot on the floor.
            And most importantly
            3.) How big is number 8, the beer fridge and do you keep it fully stocked at all times?

          7. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            @oldnavyfart Same here Mike! – Self Diagnosis! – And, it’s not difficult either! Fortunately, my Ex in the UK is an ‘NHS Theatre Nurse’ and I can always call for further advice. Here, I have experienced the ‘Marathon Man Dentist!’ A ‘Crown’ needed to be made but this guy managed to find a Blood Vessel when injecting the Lignacaine! – I just went into ‘Shut-Down!’ Lignacaine must always be IM as it contains a large proportion of Adrenaline! – I still have a Temporary Filling, and will NEVER go back there!

            Five years ago I got one of the Builders (at the house) to give me a lift on his motorbike to the Bank in town. When I stepped-off, I burned my leg on the exhaust. A few days later, it became infected. I went to the Local Doc, who told me that I had ‘Cellulitis’ and advised that I cut down on Red Meat! – One Phone Call later, and I got my ‘Wife’s Prescription!’ I bought it at Mercury (OTC) and 3 Days later it had healed!

            My Business Partner’s Mother went into Hospital on Friday. The ‘Surgeon’ diagnosed ‘Cancer of the Kidney!’ However, the Ultrasound showed it on her Liver! – Even I could see that! It transpired to be a ‘Non-Malignant Cyst’ of the Liver! (NOTE TO SELF: Surgeon needs ‘Anatomy/Geography Lessons!’)

            When I was in Dubai, an Expat Mate died of a Heart Attack. As I ran the company, I had to do the Identification at the Morgue. However, the body was that of an Indian Woman, and NOT a British Male! – Correct Toe, Wrong Label!

            Here also, there is a strong reliance on ‘Biogesic’ and other such OTC Remedies! Despite the name ‘Biogesic’ and others such as ‘Plemex’ they are nothing more than a 500mg Dose of Paracetamol! – Paracetamol is available much cheaper! However, Paracetamol must always be ‘Handled with Care!’ – 24x500mg Tablets can KILL YOU! – AND it is not a pleasant way to go!

          8. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Refusing to answer the beer fridge question huh? I have my daughter send my Tylenol in her boxes here. Don’t know why but she also sent a tube of Preparation H.

          9. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            @oldnavyfart I can Accommodate! Food is from the Local Farm! ‘Full English Breakfast’ is no problem! Booze Fridge is Vast! Smoking Permitted – But not in the Wooden Areas!

          10. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Sounds like you got it set up. After years I still have not been able to get them to put meats, fish and such in a air tight container before putting in freezer or fridge. You have to tell us your secret.

  5. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

    And to think I used to wonder why the flips were so proud to get a chance to work at Tim Hortons in Canada…

    Hell, I paid my house helper and driver well above call centre wages (plus plus) and my ONLY requirement was that they do their job. Not even meticulously most times, as I tend to forgive easily.

    I have no idea why anyone would ever get involved in business here. Foreigners, in particular.

  6. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    Let’s see, out of four workers hired last year none had NSO or birth certificates. Three were obtained with a couple of trips to the office, the other still hasn’t been able to get her NSO, well actually she did but it was her twin sister’s NSO that lists the birth as a single birth. I think they have been working on getting her through the process of a late reporting of birth of some kind since August of last year and it still isn’t done. Took over a several years to get the gf’s parents NSO, started about the time of that big earthquake that devastated Bohol, must have been mid to late 2013.

    All these requirements are sometimes mandated by law like the med checks and police checks, their way of creating “jpbs” churning paperwork. On the PEZA zones they will ask for matching uniforms for workers and closed toe shoes, no flip flops. Good luck getting a guy that has never worn shoes in his life to wear a pair of sneakers.

    On back charges or fees, if I recall correctly from my research into labor law there the charge backs can’t be more than 25% of the workers wages. LOL Mighty white of them to limit it to just 25%.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      it creates government fees is right @provider-of-nosebleeds
      1. BARANGAY LEVEL – ie. barangay clearance
      2. MAYOR – mayors clearance
      3. NATIONAL LEVEL – police pnp to other NBI clearance
      ….everyones getting a lick and it provides jobs.

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        And the amazing thing is that most of the Bullshit is totally irrelevant! – Did the Barangay check to see if my Address was valid, and that I lived there? – Err NO! The ‘Cedula’ Process is totally irrelevant and died with Spanish Colonisation! However, I have one! – Once obtained I was then directed to Comelec! – “But I am a Foreigner and cannot vote!” I was then told that it is ‘Part of Procedure!’ I never went, and was not turned into a ‘Pillar of Salt!’ Like I said earlier, it is best not to conform! – They cannot deal with it! Run on the ‘Edge of the Law’ and keep several steps ahead! – Otherwise forget it!

  7. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    “The Alarming Thing”

    A few months back I had Lunch at ‘Vikings’ (Mega Mall). I noticed that Waiters had to wear ‘Inventory Tags,’ so that if they left the restaurant, the alarm would sound when they passed the mast at the door! Wilcon is an establishment I loathe with a vengeance! When staff move from one Concession Area to another, they have to stand on a Wooden Box, and be ‘Patted-Down’ by Security Staff! – This is done in full view of customers!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yes, and you know what – probably go behind out of view of customers like i did with other restaurants, some in full view have signage.

      1. friend turns up – fine 100p
      2. wear shirt unbuttoned – fine 100p
      3. stand here – fine 100p etc and on it went, signs everywhere.

      Customer returns food – cost of meal deducted from your wages.

      cannot leave individually, all have to leave at the same time – thats why you see them after the doors have closed at 10pm all sitting around doing nothing untill everyone is finished for LET OUT. THAT Is also why sometimes if the close is 11pm say they have started winding up and the guard has shut the door at 10.45pm, or 10.30pm to wind down and staff can leave at 11pm on the cracker as they problably had the shits for losing all those times at their personal cost

      and we know how filipinos are time vs money conscious dont we …cough cough

      fucking unbelievable.

    2. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

      I worked for an international organisation based in Manila. A good mix of locals and foreigners. Depending on their status, a lot of the local employees had to be patted down when they entered or left the building. Seriously, what can you say about a country that does not trust it’s own people? I mean, I know there’s a reason but it is shameful nonetheless, and does nothing but perpetuate the status quo.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        When you walk around SM at 10:00 pm at night you can see
        doors closed
        everyone waiting
        everyone let out like animals at once
        all patted down
        walk up over a small 2 step stand and down the other side

        is that showing you that you cant trust filipino? @leavinglaspinas

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Ace hardwre grinds my gears the minute i walk into crappy music blaring away.
      I would rather drive a 806 International tractor with no cab all day than to listen to that torture.

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        I have never been able to work out why there are always more Staff than Customers in Ace? A few weeks back I went to buy a Rice Cooker from Handiman. I called the Salesman, as there were only Display Items. He disappeared for 15 Minutes, and returned telling me “Out of Stock, Sirrrrrrrrr!” I told him just to wrap the Display Item! That was put into the ‘Too Difficult Box’ until he had spoken the the manager. I was then told “Not Possible Sirrrrrrrr!” – I was baffled by the logic of displaying something for which they had no stock!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          It was after I was here for little less than a year when went out to help wife buy things at the Divsoria. So there we are and it’s time to get something to drink and walk up to a vendor who had a shop set up in a building. There on top is a display of about 7 different drinks so I tell them which one. All the way down the line ” Sorrrryyyy no stock”‘ So I said I would take a display , “Sooorryyy sir, their hot” So I say I’ll buy ice. “Sooorrryyyy sir cannot sell displays” Why not ask I? “We have to keep them so people know what drinks we are selling” But your not selling because you are out. BLANK STARE!!! Without a doubt filipinos are the most brain dead people I have ever met in my life.

  8. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    I saw a ‘Classic’ at Robinson’s (Antipolo) a couple of weeks ago! End of Month (Pay Day) coincided with Saturday Trading. The Mall and the Market opposite were both ‘Manic!’ However, the staff at Bench/ were all sat against the Roller Shutter even by 11:30 AM! The security man made a fe passes and made the stand up. Then a Mall Manager arrived to impose a ‘Mall Rent Fine!’ – Failure to open at 10:00 AM! No one had the foresight to think of a contingency for when the Shop Manager was sick! Quite possibly the staff who had arrived would not be paid either for something that was not their fault!

  9. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Now one can understand why so many flips are willing to work as virtual slaves in the Middle East! But even that is fraught with numerous hoops to jump through, bribes (oops, I mean FEES) to be paid, paperwork out the wazoo, airfare, etc. etc., but evidently the pay is much better than they will get in the Land of Imbeciles.

    Speaking of imbeciles, if the people would only stand up in solidarity for their rights, demand that the politicians pass and enforce laws preventing such abuses and providing a living wage, this could all change for the better.

    But I don’t think I need to tell anyone here on this forum that you will never see that happen. Why? Simple–they are IMBECILES.

    So the business owners continue to abuse prospective, current, and past employees with ridiculous requirements that would never be permitted in any civilised nation. I’ve even heard that some employers demand that their flip males show proof that they were sexually mutilated (oops, I mean circumcised)! I’m sure that many young, good looking pinays (and probably some handsome looking young pinoys) have been hired on the “couch” (and probably also had to spread their legs to get police certificates, mayoral certificates, COEs, etc.)

    As for “Offer Time”, that is common in the so-called health care industry, where recent nursing grads have had to “volunteer” at hospitals so they can gain experience, all to work a job that will pay, at best, about PHP300/day (I make more than that in my first 10 minutes at work).

    But those baboon business owners can get away with all that stuff because 1: There are so many people and so few jobs (if they were to stop boinking like rabbits that would take care of that problem, but we know that will never stop), 2: Each one of them will only think of himself/herself, and 3: Nobody there can be trusted.

    So the insanity goes on and on and on and on….

    As a side note: When I started traveling there for mission/humanitarian work, I noticed nice cars and SUVs “sharing” (in a relative sense) the road with motorcycle taxis, bikes, old jalopies, etc., and I once asked a missionary over there, “How do you make money in this country?” He responded, “It’s very simple–have your hand out when no one is looking!”

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @snakebitbytheflips on the last bit i asked my ex-gf what her thoughts were in seeing a priest driving a mmmm old merc, but nice one – she said – he is entitled to it and supported the guy. Bit strange to see a priest going around in a mercedes even if it was an older model … its the principle.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Here’s what you ask a filipino. Since Duterte is giving the pi away to the Chinese and China just hates religion and the catholic church who do filipinos choose, God, China or Duterte?

  10. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Alright, time for a little bit of levity….

    A dog applied for a job as a high-powered secretary with a multinational company. The advertisement stated that the successful applicant must have good keyboard skills, a command of shorthand, and be able to speak a second language.

    The interviewer sat the dog at the computer and watched in wonderment as the animal successfully carried out the most complex functions, including spreadsheets and e-mail. Then he gave the dog dictation and was impressed by the hounds ability to write a hundred and twenty words a minute in immaculate shorthand.

    “Well,” he said at the end of the interview, “It looks as if the job’s yours. There’s just one thing. What about the second language?”

    To which the dog replied: “Meow!”

  11. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Agree with 99% of the posts got a young lady friend works in a hotel and suffers the same shit treated like slaves in leg irons and has to pay for everything.
    But at least she has a job and not prostituting herself to survive and with a little help from me she is semi ok.
    But worker exploitation is not goung to go away anytime soon….

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        Tell me about it. The law says pay 310p daily. I know someone working for a billionaire mall owner paying him 200p. He”ll lose his job if he complains.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          yes, 240per day in Gen San from memory at slave mall
          and they have to buy
          1. UNIFORM
          2. SHOES
          3. job requirements searches
          blah blah blah

      2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

        Yup, the going rate for a male worker outside the PEZA zones in Central Luzon is around 240 p a day, 200 if you provide a shack or stairway to sleep under and some dried fish and rice. I’ve had some tell me they will work from 7 am till 10 pm if needed for that kind of money. I’ve seen sales clerks offered 160 p per day for 11 hour days and some of the top clerks at some of our suppliers might earn 240 p a day after they have been there several years and know the ropes. I go by the book though and pay the legal minimum wage.

        Which by the way Duterte is talking about raising to 750 throughout the Islands. Right now it varies by up to 200 pesos per day depending on region and the cost of living. Duterte thinks that the NCR’s higher labor rate brings people into Manila without thinking it is he higher cost for rent and everything else that gives the labor boards cause to have higher wages in the NCR. Some talk about 100 pesos raise though so surely they wouldn’t double the daily wage and cause immediate job losses or inflation.

      3. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        On the one hand the concept of a Minimum Wage or Living Wage can only be applauded. However on the other, the Minimum becomes the Maximum! But hey! – Remember where we are! – You just pay someone for the problem to go away! – And, even if staff leave, there will another along in a moment!

  12. Profile gravatar of Kev R
    Kev R

    ‘ONE WORD beginning with “R” and ending in “T”’


    Now, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but, errr…. well, y’know….

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    I tell you what

    1. a lot of places in ayala pay 200 pesos a shift AND get staff to pay for all their privelage of working there. No overtime, those shifts go to midnight.
    Think its only local business
    i know Marriot hotel get staff to work “offer time” – 3 hours over unpaid, unrewarded, no time in lieu

    I know a guy that had to fly an hour at his own cost for a camera company (Ricoh? Minolta) to attend training – like wtf?!
    these assholes see training as a COST TO THE COMPANY as they treat employees like indispensible monkeys
    thats why customer service is so bad in the Philippines
    they are turning over staff

    in one respect – the staff start also abusing “kind” businesses
    ive had my fair share of fucked around from filipinos – and so has every other person thats employed them.

    It just makes me wonder … you help people and they think your a sitting duck
    and then you terminate them they go back to SHIT
    shit pinoy bosses for abuse (pay own uniform, shit hours, 30 days delay in pay, no pay etc)

    why is it filipinos love to head for the lowest common denominator
    or drag down someone trying to do something better for a change.

    Their love of duterte and his human rights record is another thing
    they abuse everything from
    1. NOISE – loud churches, videoke etc
    2. RUBBISH
    3. LAWS etc
    abusers… fucking abusers — to a point some external power has to come in
    1. kill them off
    2. impose BANS (they love fucking bans, alcohol ban, gun ban, defecation ban)
    3. fines
    4. limitations or restrictions of operation.

    they are self sabotaging
    Homogeneous society of motherfuckers

    1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      They never see the ‘Fucking Obvious!’ – Even when it is biting them on the arse! Many times they will expend an inordinate amount of Time, to achieve ‘Three Times the Square Root of Fuck All!’ Their ‘BAWAL Mentality’ invariably costs money too! – Someone asked me recently “Why don’t you have a Bundy Clock and CCTV?” The simple answer is that I do not need to! – If I did not know who was where, and doing what, I would not be doing my job! – So I answered with another question. “How many of your staff have left or have been terminated in the last year?” After a little thought he told me “10 have left and 4 Terminations.” (The ‘Revolving Door!’) I know that he has a staff of around 20, which reveals a 70% Turnover in Staff, in just one year. I started with 5 in 2010, and now have 25 – No one has left, or has been terminated in 6 Years! QED he fails to see the detrimental effect Staff Turnover has on his business! – But as they say, “Your can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think!”

  14. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    The Philippines is definitely one of those places where if you’re an entrepreneur without any pesky “western values of fair employment”, it’s a fucking paradise.

    You get to earn 1st world income while paying 3rd world expenses. The disparity is enough to make any moral westerner feel queasy.

    1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      NO! – You cannot make First World Profit from a Third World Country – Notwithstanding how cheap it is to operate! – Especially here, take a look at the ‘Procedures,’ and then at ‘Month 13!’ – Four Payrolls to run, and the Statutory Year End! If you are trading here in The Philippines, forget any payments from September until February of the following year! I chose to move here for Inexpensive but Reliable Staff! – I do NOT carry out Local Projects for Local Clients! QED My Workload is all International and also VAT Free! I am also of the ‘Old School’ in terms of Employment Practice! -I have enjoyed a Staff Complement that has continued to grow since 2010!

      1. Profile gravatar of Kev R
        Kev R

        I think he meant you filled in all the forms and announced yourself with a big fanfare, instead of going in undercover and waiting to get caught, which probably, with the odd dinner with the right people and the odd backhander would have been far more profitable.

        He said ‘Western values of fair employment.’

        That’s why people sub-contract. Keep your big white head out of view.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            So the fucker is a commie huh? Guess that explains his retardation.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Guess they got tired of him spouting off how great communism is and he either got kicked out of Britain or had to flee for his life. What do the limeys think?

  15. Profile gravatar of Raykyogrou03

    What if…you just told the new employer that you’ve never worked a day in your life? It’s not like they have a national registry of workers which show where they previously worked before and stuff.