Kaine is now…Penance!

Hey everyone…Just a name change here. Nothing major.


Well, when I first signed up on this site, I just picked a name.  Since then, I’ve developed a bit of a volume in commenting as Penance, using the same profile picture.  So I thought I’d just be consistent across the board.

No worries, though…I’m still the same lovable, snarky asshole we all know and love.


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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Hi Kaine, or should I say Penis….. No, wait. I think I said it wrong again. I meant to say Penance! It’s nice to have you around again. At one one point I was thinking about a name change too, but “FAFI” (Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots) has been stuck to me ever since I’ve here. The only thing I actually did change at one point was my avatar photo. I got lucky one day and saw a bus driving around that said this. And it was here in Philippines! My camera wasn’t on me at the moment so I asked a pinoy who was nearby to take a snapshop of that bus for me, and then I gave him my email address to send it to. It wasn’t a good shot, but something was better than nothing. So there you have it! There is an actual bus line here in Philippines called “FAFI.” Maybe they are starting to be aware of themselves finally?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      FAFI, filipinos starting to be aware of themselves? Either you have been drinking to much or not enough. They will never become aware of anything that involves common sense or logic.