Knick That and Patty Whack That

I was skimming Yahoo News and saw where Pacman said he would love to box for the philippines at the Rio Olympics this year. In part of his quote he said ” I will do everything for the philippines.” I assume he meant to say anything though but who knows really.  Now think about this for a moment as it says a lot about how filipinos view politics.

1.) Pacman is not educated.

2.) Pacman has no experience in politics.

3.) Pacman elected to congress just because he is famous for his boxing.

4.) Pacman very rarely attends any sessions of congress.

5.) Only elected official who has missed more time at their elected job is Gloria Arroyo and she is under arrest.

6.) Pacman is running for senator with eye on being president.

Now if Pacman will do “everything” for the philippines then why don’t he start by SHOWING UP FOR THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO? What this amounts to is more filipino double, feel good talk which is not followed up by action. But watch, the filipinos will elect him to senate. I’ll even wager that if he was running for president in this election they would put him in office. But I do have to say I admire Bradly and anyone else who gets in the ring with Pacman, I might even be jealous. I mean, how often does anyone get a chance to beat up a congressman or senator and get paid for it? and not go to jail?

In other news on Yahoo, the article disappeared before I could read it. Now those of you who have cars, scooters and such that require license plates might be wondering where your plate is. You know, the plate that you were told you were getting in a month over a year ago. Well this headline addressed that issue but I did get to read a little under the headline. It seems that there are 600,000 license plates that arrived in the country but will not be released by customs until the importer pays 40 million pesos in fees. This boils down to about 66 pesos per plate.

Now you all know I have a nosy mind that likes to ask questions so here goes:

1.) With all the metal shops, a gun company (Armscorp) and other places that can stamp out plates, why were they made outside of the country? Anyone else smell corruption and kick backs?

2.) Why were the plates imported by a private party instead of LTO? See last question at number 1.

3.) How come the import fees or taxes were not part of the plate price to begin with?

It seems a North Korean ship has, as the filipinos say “docked” in Olongapo. According to the article the ship is a well known smuggler of weapons of mass destruction taking said items into North Korea. Why did I say “docked” like that? Well the ship anchored 14 KM outside of Olongapo and therefore in fact did not dock in Olongapo. The article went on to say that the PCG went out and inspected the cargo and found only agricultural items on board during a 3 hour search, another search was scheduled for the next day. So like the filipinos did with Justice Corona, they gave them 24 hours to move and hide stuff, Corona got a whole year to hide 80 bank accounts in USD. Like the joke? The one with two words? Justice Corona, that one. The inspection begs the question. Did the PCG really not find anything or did they find pesos not to find anything?

On the home front I was treated to a chuckle the other day by my wife. I walked downstairs and they were watching some lip sync talent show so I stopped for a moment. On the tv there were 2 men in split screen and wife started talking about the one one the left, the one who recorded the song.

Wife to me: He had a carnapping arrest and died.

Me: He got killed in a carnapping?

Wife: No, he died in a carnapping arrest.

Me: So did he carnap or was he carnapped? Who killed him the PNP or the carnappers?

Wife: Neither one. Carnapping arrest killed him

Me: How did he get killed in a carnapping arrest if no one shot him?

Wife taps her chest and says his heart stopped, carnap arrest.

Me: You mean cardiac arrest.

Wife: Yes.

As you all know the internet here sucks big time and wife and I are looking into getting the PLDT Home Fibr. Well wife always kids me about having girlfriends, admirers and so forth. Don’t know why, I’m no Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or Robert Redford (sorry Sarah and CC). So the other night we’re laying in bed and she starts joking about my imaginary girlfriends when out of the clear blue:

Wife: You want a girlfriend?

Me: What?

Wife: Do you want a girlfriend? I’m serious, do you want a girlfriend?

Now all you men out there know this is a very dangerous question for a man to answer. But I could not get out of it so:

Me: It depends.

Wife: Depends on what?

Me; How good her internet is.

Damn, I dodged that question with style and class I think.

It’s raining. Last night Mr. Oz showed up at my place to let me know he brought paint for the front fence. Well it was pretty obvious that Mr. Oz had more than a few beers and as he put it “Had a piss up with some mates”. That’s ok, that’s fine with me. So we’re standing out front by my gate when Mr. Oz announces he has to piss and then walks up to my fence and pisses on the shrubs for about 2 full minutes. Now the piss is starting to flow from the shrubs across the sidewalk, around his feet and into the gutter. Guess too much effort to piss on the neighbors wall or ask to use my cr. Maybe I’ll buy some chicken wire and spread it over and in the shrubs, wire an extension cord then run an extension cord to the house. When see someone pissing on my shrubs just reach down and plug the extension cord in and watch the fun.  You old school from the small towns and farms will remember standing in a line with your friends along an electric fence. Everyone whip it out and keep a solid stream on the electric wire and see who pulls away last. No wonder wife and others ask me where the roasted nuts smell is coming from.


This just in. Yesterday, March 3rd at 1500 (3pm) A German in Bacolod jumped to his death from the third floor of the SM mall. This was his 4th trip to the philippines to see his “lovely lady”. Prior to his self inflected demise he went out and bought said “lady” an expensive ring. The German was staying at a hotel in Bacolod when this event happened. Once he ran out of money his “lady” took off and took the ring with her not to be seen again. The German went down and filed a blotter on her and would hang around a park close to the SM mall, those who have been there know the park. When he could no longer afford the hotel he had to leave so then no where to stay.  I was told he was befriended by a German and an American who did help him and that filipinos in the park would give him food. On March 2nd he went to SM and tried to jump from the 3rd floor when he was pulled back by some filipinos. On March 3rd he returned to SM and did jump from the 3rd floor, dying from internal bleeding. The police are currently looking for the “lady”.  I’m interested to see how the philippine media, pnp and Mindanao Bob spin this one.

Also on Yahoo news a yacht was found drifting by filipino fishermen who then boarded it and found a dead German slumped over his desk. They notified the proper officials who said it was not a robbery because the GPS and radio were still there. If I remember correct the wallet was not there though. That was in Yahoo news yesterday or the day before. Then in Yahoo today there is a picture of the yacht with filipinos climbing all over it, beside it in fishing boats and so on. Now, how come PCG did not tow the yacht into a safe, secure place away from people while waiting for next of kin?

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  1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    “Now, how come PCG did not tow the yacht into a safe, secure place away from people while waiting for next of kin?”

    —-Mike…. !!!!
    How else should those fishermen survive the daily struggle, if not to loathe the yacht…?

    Plain stupid – but PCB will naturally excuse them self by saying; “There’s were nothing to jingle (we did it)”

  2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Manny has developed the messiah complex. Ass-kissing, uneducated Filipinos have made him think he is a deity. Anything he says is never questioned and he probably actually believes it,, like he speaks to god.
    The problem is he is too stupid and believes his BS to understand being a no-show congressman, fake deity isn’t helping.
    The best thing is the retarded comment he made thinking he is knowledgeable and of course he was talking about religion. Then about gay people and of course, what do all non-educated, devout Christians think about gay people? Well finally he actually said something that had repercussions. So the tranny guy Vice Ganda who I’ve always found completely annoying, actually had some insightful things to say. Like Manny called gay people sinners, but then this he/she actually pointed out how Manny has cheated on his wife numerous times, so who is the real sinner? Then pointed out how the Philippines doesn’t need a false prophet, but could use a competent congressman who actually shows up.
    So, it turned out the only Filipino with sense is the guy who cut his cock off and seems to think the most rational. Who would have figured? I’m just glad he (she) is actually willing to speak out against the tidal wave of insanity.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Manny (and just about every other “Christian” on earth) cites the Bible, Book of Leviticus, for his stance on gay marriage and homosexuality. Little does he realize, that IN THAT VERY SAME BOOK OF THE BIBLE, it EQUALLY condemns eating pork, shellfish, and wearing garments woven from two or more fabrics, and many more things that people today do without a thought.

      Why isn’t Manny (and just about every other “Christian” on earth) pointing their finger and speaking out against pork and shellfish eaters, and people who wear poly-cotton clothing? The Bible also condemns tattoos. Manny has a few of those as well.

      The only reason these idiotic hypocrites embrace religion is so they can feel justified in holding on to their personal prejudices and discrimination.

      Religion removes the believer from accountability and responsibility for their own actions.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Well said. Then Filipinos magnifying anything he does definitely gives him the messiah complex. I’m so happy Nike bailed on him and he felt backlash. I’m not a fan of vice Ganda, but became one after he/she spoke out. Despite having had his balls cut off, he seems to be the only one with a pair to speak the truth!

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I call it convenient Christians. Basically, if I’m not doing it, then its evil and a sin. IF I am doing something questionable, I just need to justify it somehow and its not a sin.

        I don’t know why Manny pac makes me so angry. I guess its because he’s just so stupid and has other stupid people treating him like a deity. He is in the best position to change his country for the better yet he does nothing but talk about how he will do EVERYTHING for the Philippines.
        He really doesn’t need to do much. He doesn’t need to be a congressman thats for sure. However, he could actually stop hanging out with the most evil people in the world aka Filipino politicians. All he has to do is speak out against them and their sins.
        Instead he hangs out with them, campaigns for them, and pals around like old friends. Yet, somehow he speaks out against gay people? What a fucking asshole!
        Watch his fights and witness the guy with the yellow-tint glasses always walking out or in the ring with him after the fight. That is Chavit Singson, one of the biggest gangsters in the Philippines who has been governor for like 15 years or involved in Philippines politics for about 35 years. He’s only one of the most corrupt with his position, gambling, allegations of murder, and multiple allegations of drug dealing. No big deal for Manny to hang out with this guy or others like Binay, but gay people are sinners?

      3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        The Bible–in the New Testament–condemns circumcision, but you would never know that by talking to those baboons, who are quick to cite “the circumcision of Abraham” in Genesis 17 as justification for mutilating the genitals of young boys and calling them “men” (which has absolutely nothing to do with what was written in Genesis 17).

        Not only evil, but sick.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      It’s obvious that Manny has not read the bible. If he has, he would have been familiar with the teaching “let thee without sin cast the first stone”.

      By the way, thanks for the title Mikey. Brings back childhood memories of singing this song in front of pre-school TV called well, Playschool! 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Religion in many 1st world countries is on a gradual death. The number of believers are shrinking every year. Whereas in the Philippines, they are all just mindless sheep, and they are being spoon fed their beliefs and traditions, and they never question, never think about what they believe, they do not seek god through the bible, they do not check up on what their human priests are teaching to make sure it coincides with doctrine. They do not seek truth, they only just obey…..because if they did, they would see what an unpleasant character this god really is: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.

        But they are simply told by the clergy that god is love, and that’s as far as their thoughts care to go.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            The priests also love the little boys. Love them to much.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I also think it is on the decline in the Philippines, but at a very, very slow rate. Talking about divorce and birth control was taboo 10 years ago, but many people (they say about 50%) want divorce legalized and I’d say about 20% of the country realizes how overpopulated the @#$-hole is. I can’t even begin to imagine what power the church had some 50 or even 100 years ago.
          However, with the substandard education and inability of the masses to think critically for themselves, the church in the Philippines isn’t going away anytime soon.
          Also, like all things RCC, they always figure out a way to fuck things up. With all their failings and corruptions making the news and with social media spreading their crimes, maybe their decline will be faster. However, we are talking about Filipinos so maybe that just means each loss for the RCC is a gain for the INC.

          1. Profile gravatar of John

            I don’t know about Philippines, but if you enter any church in Toronto, you only see Pinoys and some Black grannies!
            I happened to know a Pinay who was a nanny, but doing prostitution on the side for extra cash! This girl though, never missed any church on Sundays! She may use religion as a cove-up for her action or follows that as a habit & heritage or any other reasons; one thing we know for certain is religion for Filipinos is not only a faith or way of worshiping God, they completely define themselves in religion.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I’m sure. Like @sarahfin said, her priest in Australia loved Filipinos cause they always filled up his church.

            Well, that is what Filipinos are. Corruption is evil and those people who steal are sinners. Yet, when they steal they have an excuse or they are obligated to take something for themselves cause the culture dictates it. I can’t knock a girl who prostitutes on the side, especially if she is really hard up for money. I can totally judge a thief though who takes from others for personal gain,,, and then goes to church without conscience. Pretty much like what Filipinos always seem to do.

          3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “I’m sure. Like @sarahfin said, her priest in Australia loved Filipinos cause they always filled up his church.”

            Correction Johnny, NOT my priest. My family are not RCCs. Only time I’ve been inside a RCC was when I was bridesmaid of a Pinay (farcical) wedding. 🙂

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Ah, I thought it was some priest who had negative things to say about your mom,,, from a story I recall. Something about him disagree with her divorce, but gladly accepting her money. Maybe I’m wrong it have the wrong person.

        2. Profile gravatar of djbuett

          I actually think that what is happening here stateside is that people are still religious (spiritual is actually a much better word for it). They just are tired of all the glad ass back slapping preacher types that instill cherry picked old testament rules (tything) with impunity while ignoring Christianity’s main teachings: love thy neighbor. People are tired of the smoking mirrors and fancy music. Most Christians I know now hang out at bars and coffee shops, talking for hours about their homes, their lives and God in the midst of them…sans the big dance. People are taking their hard earned money that they just a few years ago would mindlessly throw in the pot and hand it to struggling friends who thank them with tears streaming down their faces, while the ol’ preacher man’s underwear gets more ragged. There is even a name for them: the Dones.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nik

        what funny about it is that it’s just another twisted term, if you hear “comfort” expect no comfort at all. seat will be all pissed over, with dirty footsteps on it, there’ll be no toilet paper (tissue, yes) and probably flush won’t work or there’ll be no water for it.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Hugh? It will actually have a seat? There will actually be a tank on the back to flush it with? Not a pail to manually flush it with? Wow man, you must be pissing first class here!! 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of Nik

    i see germans are quite jumpers in this month of march. another one just jumped off the cliff while running away from police in boracay.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      That’s 3 in less than a month, 2 of which were at SM. On 14Feb a female gay fell/jumped (depending on who you ask) from the 5th floor at SM Mall of Asia. Wife called yesterday and said she was taking son to SM mall. I mean, what could I say except for “Watch out for falling bodies.” ?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author

        As Gru would say,,,,,,,,, “Light bulb”. I’ll go to SM and rent 2 spots. One on the ground floor where I will tape off the area. The other spot will be on the highest floor over looking the the taped off area. I’ll then put up a banner saying “Jumpers Corner” or “Lover Leap” and charge 20 pesos per jumper. Why so cheap? I figure that I’ll make plenty more after Capt and I set up a website that charges to see the videos taken from all angles. Pardon the military blue humor.

        On another note. There were some comments/articles about how mall were the center of and defined filipino culture. Looks like they are also becoming the venue of choice for suicide. Wife called me and told me about the German at Bacolod and asked me why he would do that, I could only reply with an honest answer which I thought would piss wife off. “Maybe he just got fed up with all the bullshit filipinos do to foreigners and the way filipinos treat us. Can you blame him for jumping?” Wife did not get pissed, said I had a point.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Is it cause they really get stranded in the Philippines. I mean, if they can barely speak English and run out of money (get it all stolen) do they hit the breaking point?

      Send me the details and I can add it to the “list”.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            You say died of boredom from Mindanao Bobs videos. Well the autopsy is complete. He died from suffocating in Mindanao Bob bullshit.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        So how about this guy, died while arguing with his Pinay GF online. Let me guess, conversation went like this:
        Her: honey, I’m pregnant and it’s your baby.
        Kano: huh? I have not even met you yet!
        Her: Oh yes you have. You came in my dreams 4 months ago and we had sex.
        Him: Not possible to get pregnant in dreams!
        Her: Oh, maybe you came by Astral projection. (on the other hand, she very likely did not know the meaning of the word!”
        Him: I think I’m having a heart attack!

  4. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    Mike: “Well wife always kids me about having girlfriends, admirers and so forth. Don’t know why, I’m no Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or Robert Redford (sorry Sarah and CC). ” …..Mike – Won’t speak for Sarah, but I’m definitely part of your fan club! No need to look like Pitt, Cruise, but you may however have gotten bonus point for looking like Redford. Regardless, your no nonsense view of the PHL and its locals adds not only stimulating fodder, but also keen insight and comic relief, so in my books, you’re one Fn’ hunk! **wink*

  5. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    I have a question
    I saw a Youtube on 3 expats in Phils talking about life in that snakepit
    Is it really true that if I give peso to a homeless kid, that I could be arrested for solisiting a minor for sex?
    I have given food only so far except a bag of coins I did not want and gave to a homeless granny
    I also heard how a guy was kicked out of the country for giving the finger to the wrong person
    here is one part of the conversation, from Youtube:

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      “Is it really true that if I give peso to a homeless kid, that I could be arrested for solisiting a minor for sex?”

      Although I’ve never heard of that it wouldn’t surprise me in the land of shakedowns. A cop sees it, thinks foreigner with money, makes up false charges etc. Probably isolated cases, but pinoys are always coming up with new ways to extort money from foreigners, and what does giving to beggars achieve anyway? They remain in poverty, the cycle goes on, only you get to feel like you’re making a difference for a few moments.

      “I also heard how a guy was kicked out of the country for giving the finger to the wrong person”

      Not surprised, insulting a filipino can land you in trouble

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Funny how the word “pig headed” comes to mind when a culture
        simply doesnt want to know a way to improve themselves
        even just fucking basics they bury their heads in the sand.

        ….YUP …IT FITS.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      It is. But look how thin skinned filipinos are. Attila wrote an article about the filipino commies in the states holding a parade. I wonder what would happen if the U.S deported them back to the pi because they insulted Americans.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Not only parading but also pushing me away and cursing at me for confronting their anti-American stand. Unfortunately they have that right in the USA. They also think that the USA allows them to protest because they know it is true. Filipino logic as per my wife.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Mike…
        The pussy footed,, scum bag,, lefty, tree hugging.. bottom feeding, lieing dicks we have for politicians in Canada cater to the immigrant vote.
        Even if the immigrant has been there for 20 years,, the politicians suck up to this crowd.
        BUT white anglo saxon pensioners, war veteran and service people can all take a hike and sleep in the streets.

  6. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    Well, I’m off to the Phils this afternoon to watch soiled diapers cruise their merry way around Manila Bay, and Germans freefalling from shopping malls;Grabbing a few cold ones for a couple of day before escorting her ladyship past the vultures in starched uniforms at NAIA…. If you don’t hear from me by this time next week, send out a search party….

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Apparently that guy was duped by a Filipina in Negros. Hey! Whats is new … I got many, many posts by guys that have been fooled by the girls here. Its not called a scam. No, they aren’t scammers when they (Filipinas) are drowning… they wouldn’t even call themselves scammers – I mean, would Hitler have called himself a bad guy? Nah.. they just are plain fucking greedy in the Philippines (and many don’t know it) its the ignorance that is focused on one thing –
      YOU – RICH
      ME – POOR
      YOU – OWE ME
      ME – HE’s a nice guy, BIG HEART, BLAH (PLAYING ON “NICE GUYS”)

      There are so many victims in this country
      100% of the foreigners I know here have been duped in one way or another
      duped – I mean – the Filipinos have real intention to repay —- at the moment
      but then reality catches up (yep, its like they cannot think further ahead than the next 5 minutes)
      reality catches up that
      grandma is sick, Uncle bong-bong needs money urgently, there’re other expenses
      there’s another bill etc
      and Filipinos will Harang and Harang someone for money that is nice
      nope .. its not a scam.. its just a Filipino .. that’s what they are
      you can’t call mentally retarded people scammers
      Its just what they are … MENTALLY FUCKING RETARDED
      they are deep down nice and have good intentions but also deep down
      there is a lot of fucked up shit that when they are back in
      the financial drowning state —they think
      “that’s a blessing” from mr. foreigner
      without shame – they won’t repay the money
      Without shame – they will Harang until someone like this dude kills himself.
      Without shame Filipinos will move onto the next victim

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        .. its not a scam.. its just a Filipino .. that’s what they are
        you can’t call mentally retarded people scammers
        Its just what they are ”

        Perfect explanation!

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Yes , Mike,, and the amount of bars and businesses that have sold over and over again to newbies would boggle the mind.
          Add in MLS selling and franchises,, this country is a con artists dream….
          I see some ” finalncial stock broker duped 100 million pesos from his own family and other people. This scam had to do with phil stock exchange.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike
    Mike Post author

    I read an article on Living in the philippines where the author says those who complain here are bad apples, criminals, losers and so forth. In the reply section there is one who says there are also many opportunists here who will do anything to make a dollar. I wonder, since Mindanao Bob charges U.S. rates, $100 an hour to answer questions about the philippines, why don’t they call him a scammer and opportunist?

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      @oldnavyfart Mike
      I wonder, since Mindanao Bob charges U.S. rates, $100 an hour to answer questions about the philippines, why don’t they call him a scammer and opportunist?

      +100 to that

      I tried to post a reply to a post recently to lip3 with a link to back-up my opinion. Got a quick reply back stating that links were not allowed. So my post was deleted.
      Hummm, strange, I see links on there almost every day. Golly-gee I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that my point of view was contrary to the status quo ?? ya think???

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author

        Hey Joe,
        It’s like I told our dear and beloved Sarah. Mindanao Bob looks like Golem, Shrek and a troll 3 way love child.

  8. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    That guy lost his bar after falling out with his Filipina . The woman scorned had charges of rape and underaged sex filed against him. He ran away from Phils to Pattaya and was found dead in his hotel room.

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila

      Is this the dude who had this writing in his bar’s bathroom wall: If you want great sex get a Filipina. If you want true love get yourself a fucking dog”

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Thanks Steve. It’s been a few years since I saw that video, I’ve forgotten that the Englishman died. He was like a moth to a flame…. could not keep away. And no, I did not know that Englishman said that Attila? I must watch it again. Maybe I missed part 2?