Learn To Read And Write Before Submitting Your Post

First of all, everyone take a look at the Submit page here on this site, and read the instructions.

Secondly, I am amazed how many submissions come in from registered members, that make it unbelievably obvious they did not read a word of the instructions. It’s like AT LEAST 50%!!! And they are from NON-Filipinos!

Now I’m not asking for perfection, and I don’t mind mild grammar and punctuation errors, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I constantly get copy & pasted articles from other sites, or if they’re uniquely hand written, they’re in one big block paragraph, no punctuation, or consistently horrible punctuation, random capitalization of words in mid sentence, instead of at the beginning of a new sentence, etc.

How does this look:

my trip to the mall

my gosh filipinos Are stoopid as fuck im retired here in filipinnes from florida i was Going to the mall the Other Day to buy Some groserry’s and i  Saw this sign in the store that Made no  sense At all the grammar and Spelling was so bad i Just facepalmed and Shook my head in pity.so I made my way To the managers office to Ask why a professional grocery store Cant even psell words right or write so that it Makes any snence at all.and all He cood say is sorry sir.

I swear I get at least 4 or 5 submissions that bad every month, from non-Filipinos. I get a whole lot of articles just copy and pasted from another site.

Folks, This is not a Philippines news blog. This is a blog primarily about foreigners in Philippines, for foreigners in Philippines, and their real, true experiences in Philippines. You’re welcome to reference a news story, quote it, and write your opinions on it, or your similar experience related to the news article, etc. But just plain copy and paste from another site with no commentary on how it relates to you or your experience is just going to be trashed.

Please folks, understand I’m not going to be your proofreader. And I’m not going to publish your article if it is written below average elementary grade levels. And if you refuse to take 5 minutes to read the instructions on the submit page, I’m going to refuse to publish your submission.

Here’s a link to get you started: Learn To Read And Write

On the other hand, thank you to those contributors that do take the time to write properly, intelligibly, and with halfway decent grammar and punctuation. Because those are the only submissions I publish.

Why am I writing this post? I hope to cut down on my own wasted time. I don’t care if you waste YOUR time writing something that will not see the light of day, but I do care when you waste mine.



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  1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    “I hope to cut down on my own wasted time. I don’t care if you waste YOUR time writing something that will not see the light of day, but I do care when you waste mine.”

    Amen to that. Jesus, if these are English speaking submitters who write like that, I’m going to have to start making blogs about dumb white foreigners!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Sort of thinking illiterates attract illiterates? Do they even have a clue how bad their writing is?

      But then I’ve heard it said, “You can only write as good as you can read.”

  2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Out of curiosity Filo, do you think you might be able to eventually put an edit function on the replies section at the very least?
    On many occasions I type so fast I make errors that I only see after I hit “post comment”.

    I reply a lot from work, so I don’t spend a lot of time between typing and re reading my material. I know a lot of blog sites offer an edit function and its great, especially when you want to rephrase something immediately without having to make a whole new comment.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Hi Spart,

      I don’t care about comments and replies. I’m really only concerned about posts. But I think there IS an edit link near the top. Just a sec, I’ll log into my normal user account to see.

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    I actually have a Facebook friend who uses no capitalization, or punctuation, nor does he proofread anything he writes. His grammar and everything about how he writes is almost illegible. He holds a phD and is a professor at a major Southern California University. And he is constantly defending his poor writing as “saving time”.

    I’m always telling him better to save face, especially when you’re representing American Education System. He just calls people like me “grammar nazi”. I say “how convenient for you, because I don’t bitch about anyone’s writing as long as I can sort of figure out what they’re saying without too much trouble. Yours, on the other hand, is so bad, on top of the fact you hold a phD, and not giving a fuck to take the time to find the period, comma, and shift buttons on your keyboard, then excusing yourself by calling me and anyone else that complains that they struggle with reading your posts “grammar nazis”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      “better to save face, especially when you’re representing American Education System.”

      Holy shit Filo, no kidding. If a person is going to represent education, and pass knowledge to others, he/she sure as hell better exhibit someone who HAS knowledge. What kind of example is that to kids? Just sad where the new generation is going.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Yeah, I have never before (or after, for that matter) met a phD with lower than 1st grade grammar skills. He says he can write perfect, he’s just too lazy to put commas, periods, caps when needed, etc.

            so he just writes all his sentences and paragraphs like this hes too lazy to take the courtesy of punctuating his sentences as a result it makes them look like this when you don’t use punctuation it makes it hard for the reader to make separations of ideas it’s really sad because everyone knows hes a phd makes you want to facepalm and he doesn’t relent and stands by his right to write like an idiot.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          You mean he doesn’t sound new gen like the following?

          “I knw u wld rather spk 2 evr1 lk thiz n stead of rglr tlk cuz it mch ezr 2 type it all up”

          That shit right there kills me, I occasionally see it in youtube commentary, and I retrieved that example from Reddit. LOL
          Thank your lucky stars he doesn’t do that, to me thats grounds for execution.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “I knw u wld rather spk 2 evr1 lk thiz n stead of rglr tlk cuz it mch ezr 2 type it all up”

            Ouch!! That is just sooooo painful to read!

            One don’t need a Phd to predict that such practices of shortening sentences will only worsen the Pinoy’s abilities to properly spell, specially with the mediocre quality of education system in the Failippines.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            That’s very kind and gracious of you to call the Philippine Education System “mediocre”. That would be a compliment.

          3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I’m talking about their ultra expensive international schools FiloFail 🙂

            So if we’re talking about schools and universities where the main Pinoy population attends…. we have yet to invent a new word for their education system, because the words “rubbish”, “pathetic”, “poor”, “inadequate” “trash” and “garbage” are simply not enough to described the Failippine’s education system.

          4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Have you seen the courses at the STI college? an IT Course. I have the program outline. It includes one subject of Physical education a semester, 2 units of english, trigonometry, the filipino family and IT, civics and a whole lot of other courses that are irrelevant to IT.

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Wow, that’s a bummer we are receiving posts like that on this blog. I know I have been cold for a while from the blog and need to re-adapt to writing formally. I will definitely pay better attention to my word use and grammar just in case if I am a culprit of this. I have been extremely informal lately, so informal to the point where I would write ‘bcuz’ instead of ‘because.’ I have always been that way, I don’t know why. I guess I refuse to spend the extra 5 milliseconds to correctly spell ‘because’ all the way through by shortcutting it down to 4 letters. Damn I’m a lazy bastard! LOL…. Thing is, that’s how I text too.

    I will brush up on my blogging skills since my 4-5 months of absence might’ve made me a bit rusty. Damn FAFI

    eye luk forewerd two ure next articals Philofale!

    (oh shit, I think I wrote that wrong, allow me to rewrite that)

    I look forward to your next articles Filofail!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Hey FAFI, if your posts are published, you are not even in the same zip code of the culprits. This post does not apply to any author here who’s posts get published. Because if they’re published, they’re readable, legible, and that’s good enough for me.

      So again, not looking for formal, not looking for perfection in user posts. This article is addressing those who’s articles DON’T get published, simply because I can barely make any sense of it, and the grammar, punctuation, and everything else about it is so bad, it wouldn’t get published in 1st grade class newspaper.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I have a tendency to be hard on myself even when there is no need to be. I think there was a time when I was thinking about writing the way I text, but after thinking it over. Even I thought it was inappropriate being that we are exposed to new readers every week. I know I would be turned off if I visited a website for the first time and it looked like reading material was all published by a bunch of 3rd graders.

        Speaking of articles, I really need to write another one soon and start pulling my weight around here again. I’ve undergone hundreds of experiences in the past couple of months, but haven’t found the time to post them. I realize that I procrastinate a lot. I think that is the reason why I’m writing this comment is because there is some work I need to get done right now that I am not doing, but I promised myself to hop to it once I post this comment.

        Alright, back to work with me! I think I fucked off with with enough time already! Catch ya around!

  5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    I have trashed long written submissions several times that I know had to have taken the “author” a good 45 minutes to an hour to write. Unfortunately, it would have taken ME 45 minutes to transform it into something readable, which I’m just not willing to do, nor do I have that kind of time. Some of them even looked like they would be pretty good articles had they not been so damn annoying to decipher.

    When I see posts come in that are like 1500 -2000 or even 3000 words, but are in one big block paragraph, damn that is hard to read, so I don’t. I just click the “move to trash” button.

    I even give an example of how titles are to be written; first letter of each word in a title should be capitalized. Yet titles are still coming in with all lower case {{{{FACEPALM}}}}. Shows they didn’t read instructions, despite the big flashy-blinky banner alerting them to fucking read instructions first. Can you guess why I made the banner blink-flashy? BECAUSE IT SEEMS NOBODY WILL BOTHER TO READ. SIGN OF PURE IDIOCY, especially when it’s blinky-flashy. Logic would say, “at least read that”. There sure are some idiotic foreigners here, stupidity must be contagious to some people.

    But usually, if that’s the only issue, and the post is written halfway decently, I’ll correct the title. No biggie on that.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    People don’t realise that blogs and websites are a shit load of work. From maintenance, setup, graphical and written content. A LOT OF WORK and its extra work you don’t need dude.