I am leaving the country

So the time has come…(vader breath) my father has died, and left me some money, so..i am able to escape the philippines. This move will bring harm to no-one, and unless stopped by a force of god, or in this case a massive amount of corrupt catholics preaching about their failures brandishing reasoning en masse to stop me boarding an airplane.

So i must use you foreign people, out of fear, who may have had to conquer your country to fit in, and be totally corrupt and idiotic anyway, stupid and frustrating, totally arrogant….I will use you as decoys, i will leave you behind to screw the masses, the same way i’ve been screwed here. until you are old and f(r)ail. Dont be afraid to steal of those who steal from you.

Only i am sure you’ll pay in the long run, pay for being so silly to have stood among the cheapest preacher nation of all time. penniless but rich, happy but sad….Soon i will invent a religion for us but i am afraid i have to leave you. Give me the terminator thumbs up and thats all i ask.

I just remembered the rental experience i had, The landlord told me after i wrote a blog on renting in the philippines that he was threatening to tell foreign affairs that i was being brutal somehow for writing a blog on bad renting, he said he would get me kicked out of the country..hmm. oh my god thats freedom of speech haha, i absolutely didnt say anything bad, so, masip rommel, ****  u man. u corrupt landlord. sorry that was random.

I had a lot of racial moments here, down to buying airsoft bb guns to chase of the ladies. (the ones that fire plastic balls at a very fast pace), at the time i actually called my bb guns “the landlord” because i had a horrible woman staying with me…who would threaten every other woman i has got into contact with ( i has only been in phil for two weeks) That was before i saw all the “ladies” dating 60 year olds…i am ashamed to have had to give them up to travel more freely.

Yes i am about to leave…20 days and counting, every waking moment. Mainly only waking moments as my wife doesnt let me play basketball, or go out alone, she mainly stops me from doing ANYTHING for myself, but of course i have to travel island to island for her churches. She is church crazy, i hope she knows for being such a demon my country will give her hell anyway. So she is praying in vain, and will not go to heaven until she returns to her rabies infested community with its TB dots centre. I am attempting to sleep away the problem, I feel i am missing out on life somehow. And when i get to my country i will get social services on to her ass, and plead with the government to arm them with pepper spray and tasers..being tasered will be the only exercise she will have ever had, but as she occasionally bashes me for money she deserves it. and i will instruct her through the process some taser star jumps to begin with so she doesnt look silly the first time. then maybe as she advances in skill we will turn up the heat, and try with the compromise thing again…of course i have a baby to her, even though her whole family seems newt and old, it was my luck to have a baby…

This blog is ramble because i know i am leaving and my mind is also now corrupt, like Marlon Brando in “apocalypse now”. It however serves as a reminder to me that i am still proficient in written language. Although english is one country abusive language, the skill will guide me from this place. And i will deal with the “international” of it all later.

I wish you all the best or in the case of you old guys, i really recommend to get your first marriage right, so you dont curse the world with more doping money hungry children. Who fully think being a lawyer is being good for people. I will buy a 800 peso tanduay fund for the locals, so when i return they will greet me nicely.

As you all know it is mango season, wow, so many mangoes now. When you all get the chance to leave i pray you write a blog here, they are the most heartwarming stories.

Dont be afraid to write, love you bye. So many fails so little time.



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