Let’s Play “I See – Pinoy See”

Well, if it is “more fun in The Philippines, then it’s right here on Philippine Fail Blog! I’ve invented a new little game to play. We all know how unbelievably delusional Filipinos are when it comes to their “Pride”. I have to wonder what they actually see when they go outside after spouting off here about how great their country is and how smart they are.

So just for fun, here is what I believe what is going on inside the deluded Filipino mind. It’s a new game I’ve just invented called;





I understand poverty. And as it applies to Filipinos, if you’re all lying, scamming corrupt dipshits who steal from each other and treat each other like shit as every foreigner observes, then what do you expect? So stop trying to convince us that you’re the opposite. We can see the reality. You should try reality sometime, it just might help you improve things for the country you think is go great. Seeing past your words is easy for any non-Pinoy. Spouting off “Filipino Pride” just makes you look MORE SHAMEFUL. Because you may be able to run your mouths, but you cannot stop our eyes from seeing. And what we see is usually the opposite of what you say.


Is it any wonder there’s so many power surges, brownouts, and internet disruptions? How can a Pinoy look at that image on the left and see anything professional or safe about it??? Must be pride in your work? We’re still looking for some shred of evidence of your pride folks. We just ain’t seeing it. Don’t TELL us about your pride, SHOW IT TO US!!


You never see the extreme ME FIRST attitude of the Pinoy more than in traffic. When a Pinoy gets behind the wheel of a car, all the extremes of ignorance, rudeness, discourtesy, and their fucking love of noise burst forth blatantly behind the safety of their locked car doors.

I would like to invite the other authors here to play the “I SEE – PINOY SEE” game. If you’re not good with Photoshop, just submit the opposites photo sets in your submission and make the images and place them in your post for you.


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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    You were being a little too nice in the 3rd image, not enough shitty cars, outdated jeepneys, and white vans in that picture, but I totally get the point. Nice game, I would be delighted to play along 🙂 I aint got shit else going on today anyway.

  2. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    i work in shared services & right now we see the trend of shared services being moved to china from the philippines, a lot of filipinos react that chinese cannot compete w/ filipinos who are hardworking, smart, & good in English, but this is not true, go to china & you see employees who are very resonsible, very detail-oriented, comes to the office early (not filipino time), follows all rules/disciplined, as compared to filipinos who come to the office really late then, of course, go home late as well (then charge overtime)