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      First Off I would like to start this article by thanking Johnarg for basically proving to us what we have been saying all along. Right off the bat Johnarg showed that he lacked insight, critical thinking, reasoning and common manners as well as does have double standards and blame shifting. Yes some others did do the very same thing but not to the degree which Johnarg stooped to. So without further ado for your reading pleasure.

all aboard     As you all know I travel around the Philippines quite a bit and have to admit there are nice people and clean places. Though hard to find as a general rule. But here are some of the things I have seen, been told or experienced first hand. By told I mean was told by a filipino or a friend that it happened to.  To start I have lived in all extremes while here and some less than desirable at times. Some had the rain blow through the walls, rats running along the rafters, across bedding and such. Thankfully we were just visiting said place. On the bright side it sat right on the sandy beach facing to the East. But with all things there is the unexpected. Locals digging holes along the beach about a foot deep to bury their trash only to have the tide uncover it and spread it everywhere. Let’s not forget the houses that had a pipe from the toilet empty out on the beach. Yes, most beaches were trash covered.

   So at another place on another island we drive for 30 minutes out of town and then a 30 minute pump boat ride to an uninhabited island. It was the same as all the others. Trash on the beach, plastic floating in the water. Walking inland trash everywhere on an UNINHABITED island!  Trash includes sandals, used diapers, purses, bottles, broken glass, snack wrappers and so forth. Walk down any street and you will see trash thrown everywhere and not the first trash can. But when there is a trash can most Filipinos go out of their way to avoid using it and throw their trash on the ground.

   Since in this country I have had my house broken into 4 to 5 times by Filipinos compared to ONE time in 30 years in the states plus as many attempts. I have had cell phones, tablets, shoes, shorts, shirts and even the bar of soap I was using stolen.  Who the hell steals a used bar of soap besides a Filipino? The excuse from a Filipino for stealing my flip flops, “I did not know they were yours.” Yes, that was his excuse. My reply  to that was “But you did know they were not yours.” The famous blank stare of the Filipinos.

   Wife goes to look at a townhouse for rent, gets the prices then I go look at it and we decide to get it. Once the owner sees me the prices doubled right away. When caught trying to overcharge her reply was “You have more so you should pay more.” No shame what so ever. Now the best part, she was a lot richer than the Filipinos around but “You have more so you should pay more.” did not apply to her.  Filipino custom of overcharging and double standards.

      Then try to get across the street. Seems the only time Filipinos ger in a hurry is when they drive, then they can’t move fast enough. It’s like I say “Filipinos are nice people until they drive. Then they are the biggest assholes you’ll ever meet.” Most taxis, jeepneys, trikes try to overcharge Westerners. Then the scams that Filipinos do not only to Westerners but each other. If Jesus Christ himself showed up with 3 forms of ID Filipinos would find a way to scam him. Got news for Filipinos, you chased God out of your country long ago.

   Now we can go to Johnarg. He claims that whites never invented anything and stole the ideas from Asians and the ancients. Then 2 lists were put up of inventions by whites which John said was false and put up his own list. What was his list? WHITE inventors and what they invented!! This while John claiming to have studied in the states ,  made 1.2 last year in the states and being smart. So smart he shot down his own point of view without even knowing it. Then John goes on to rant and rave accusing others of being racist when he himself is a racist. Though he did exempt himself from the labels he freely applied to others. Filipino double standards again.

   There are some who say we hate and that only a few Filipinos are bad. They claim that our bad experience is because we were rude (blame shifting) to Filipinos.  They say most visitors to the Philippines have a great experience but fail to mention they stay for 2 weeks and rarely return. My wife had diners in MM and foreigners would come in all the time. Most would say how fucked up the country and people were and could not wait for their flight home. See, a visitor has limited time and experience while in the country. But those who live here have plenty of time to observe what really goes on.

   1.) Filipinos say lower crime rate than the U.S. their favorite target. If so then why bars on all windows of houses even 3rd, 4th story windows? Why armed guards at the malls and stores in the mall? Why armed guards at all the banks, pawn shops and schools?

2.) Filipinos claim the country can support foreign companies. Then how come they cannot keep the electric on regular? How come they cannot operate a water treatment plant? How come internet is second worst in Asia? How come phone service unreliable? How come most roads in poor condition?

3.) Filipinos claim to be honest. How come there are very few honest public officials? How come at least twice a month there is a new scam that hits the news? How come Filipinos have a bad reputation worldwide as users and scammers?

 4.) Filipinos claim to be compassionate. Then why such a high murder rate? Why elect an admitted serial/ mass murderer to any office?

 Then we could go into the substandard educational system and substandard health care just to name two. But here’s the thing, only Filipinos can make the changes and from what I see I don’t think they want to. That right there is a shame. Because if they worked hard to make the changes then EVERYONE’S life would be better. But I guess it’s easier to blame others and be a professional beggar nation than put any effort into improving the country. John is a perfect example of why the Philippines will never improve.

  So you might ask why we are like we are. Consider the following if you will:

 1.) We get invited somewhere and then at last minute or no notice we are expected to pay for everything.

2.) We decide to go to the beach, resort or out to eat and invite 2 Filipinos. Next thing we know they invited 2,3,4,5 of their friends without consulting us and we are expected to pay for everyone.

3.) Perfect strangers always asking us for money or gifts. If we say no then we are called names, insulted and sometimes they  put their hands on us.

4.) We have a wife or g/f and rent a house. Next thing we know we wake up one morning and her mom, dad, brothers, sisters, their husbands/wifes and children all have moved in. We are told they are just visiting but they never leave. Did anyone ask us? NO! But if we tell them to leave then we are the ones being rude, not the ones who moved in and squatted.

5.) Always being overcharged.

6.) Tired of always being lied to.

7.) Tired of always having things stolen.

8.) Tired of lack of manners Filipinos have. Pushing in front of us in line while we waited our turn.

9.) Tired of the selfish and inconsiderate assholes on the roads.

10.) Tired of the blame shifting.

11.) Tired of the excuses where nothing is a Filipinos fault.

12.) Tired of the racism Filipinos have toward anyone not Filipino.

13.) Tired of assholes like John who think and act like Filipinos are perfect.

14.) Tired of the trash and pissing everywhere.

15.) Tired of Filipinos telling us to be careful because most Filipinos are thieves but they are not like that. Then they steal you blind.  Just like John said he was not like most Filipinos then prove that he IS in fact like most Filipinos.

 See, there are some people who say the reason the Philippines is a third world nation is because the Philippines was once a colony of the U.S.A. So let’s address that shall we? Singapore and Hong Kong were colonies of UK and now they are first world. At the end of WW2 the U.S.A occupied Germany and Japan which were literally destroyed during the war and they are now first world nations.  During WW2 Manila was the second most destroyed city in the world, after Warsaw. Now Poland is a second world nation even after being ruled by communism since the end of WW2 until the early to mid 1990’s.

 So the question begs to be asked. If Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and Poland can increase their world status then why can’t Filipinos? As said above Filipinos say it is because they were a colony of the U.S.A.  But there is something worth pointing out. EVERY country that the U.S.A. has occupied or was a colony has made first world status except for the Philippines. Now if we look further there is one country that has been and still is more dominate in the Philippines than the U.S.A ever was or ever will be. No, it’s not Spain or China. It is the Vatican. Yes the Catholic Church is a sovereign nation just like Germany, France or any other nation.

 In all the countries where the Catholic Church is dominate most are still third world nations. These includes all of South America, Central America, some of the Caribbean, the Philippines and a few European countries. Research will show that there are about 14 first world nations where the dominate religion is Catholic. But 90% of the countries where the Catholic religion dominates are third world countries. So before you blame the U.S.A for the status of the Philippines there are two other places to look. One is the Catholic Church and the other is Filipinos.


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  1. Profile gravatar of johnarg

    Yeah and you believe you snow monkeys are better? 9/11, columbine, timothy mcveigh, serial rapists, murderers, mass shooting killing each other, poisoning each other. The fluoride in your water has finally taken effect and have made yourselves dumb. And your government did that to you. Lol!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      Once again we did not expect an intelligent reply from you and once again you proved you are incapable of saying or thinking anything remotely intelligent.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            50K only? Mikey, is that US$ British pounds or Euro? Saudi Riyal? Korean won? Hell, the Korean won is at least worth more than the peso. So sorry Mikey, you might only be worth P50K. But the big question is: Does John here actually has the pesos?

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            So I’m worth 50K but I know for sure John is not worth that much. Again class envy.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            Not just corrupt but in John case just how out of touch they really are.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            You know another of Johnarg problems? It’s called CLASS ENVY!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Now now johnarg, how do you expect to become a first world country with 3rd world thinking and behavior both from you and the megalomaniac, unintelligent, Constitution violating, human rights violating piece of shit you elected? You see, in order to be “first world”, you have to show at least a measurable level of intelligence. Since I graciously approved your sign-up request, all I’ve seen from you is purely typical pinoy dumbfuckery. tsk tsk tsk.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        What is funnier though Mike is how he thinks America is worse than the Phils. Sure America has its problem but really they pale into comparison compared to his own country. The murder, rape, robbery, forced prostitution, corruption in the Phils is way higher than Amreica. If America was as bad as the Phis it would be 100 times worse than what it is now. The Phils is such a beautiful country, it is just a pity that there are so many Johns living there. As I have mentioned in a past comment; Imagine if the Phils was empty 300 years ago and was colonised by Europeans, it would be such an awesome place, clean, tidy, honest, caring, oh the list would be long.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike
          Mike Post author

          Don’t worry the voice from the sewer (Johnarg) will return just like the turd that will not flush. Yes, he spouts out more shit than a broken sewer line.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike
          Mike Post author

          You should start reading what you are going to post before you post it. In the article about the philippines winning the insurrection it does not say they won. It does however say that Aguinaldo was captured by the Americans and retired from view until 1935 when he ran for president and lost. Then during the war he was a traitor helping the Japanese and was imprisoned after being found guilty.

          Once again your own source proved you wrong.
          1.) If the philippines won that war as you were taught then they would have never captured Aguinaldo in the first place. Instead he would have been accepting the surrender of America instead of the other way around.
          2.) If the philippines had won that war as you were taught then the philippines would not have been a U.S. territory from 1898 until 1946.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            School teach us Mike why they teach us not true? You read duterte?

          2. Profile gravatar of

            We rent you land after won war
            Then kick you out bequse you bad behavir

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            You really should research before you spout off. First of all Washington D.C had already decided to close Clark AFB because of the damage done when Pinatubo erupted but keep Subic naval base. During the time of the negotiations you mention filipinos murdered 10 Americans. So bad behavior of who again? Let’s not forget to mention a few other facts that you left out shall we?:
            1.) The bases provided defense of the philippines at no expense of the philippines.
            2.) The bases gave hundreds if not thousands of jobs to filipinos.
            3.) One big problem the bases had was that the filipinos who worked on them stole what ever they could every chance they got. Don’t believe me? Talk to anyone who worked in supply at the bases.

            The philippine senate was tied 11 to 11 on keeping or closing the bases. The deciding vote was cast by senate president Jovita Salonga against the base extension. Now we can also add to this that the philippines also raised the amount of rent so high the U.S refused to pay it. So now we move to President Cory who promoted bringing the bases back. After that failed Sen. Joesph Estrada said
            ” Our nation has become known as a nation of beggars, of prostitutes and of cheats, and if we had not voted against the bases we would have also been known as a nation of cowards.”
            Why did I include that quote? Simple, what has changed? You still are known as what Estrada said. But now you are also known as a nation of cowards because your begging the U.S to defend you against China. Then we can also mention the fact that your country is trying to get the U.S to put military bases BACK in the philippines. Now because of the reputation filipinos have most Americans are against that and say let the filipinos stand up and defend themselves for a change.

            Now why would your teachers teach you something that is/was not true? Go ask your teachers that question. But as for me I will tell you that filipinos always inflate anything that makes them look or feel better than they really are. Why would your government say that 60% of the nurses in the states are filipino when in fact they are not?

            Now try this, google u.s.- philippine base lease 1991.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            See, again you done something that we keep saying. You think just because a filipino says something that is a fact when in fact most of it is just bullshit to make yourselves feel important. I also noticed any link you put up is from or made in where? The philippines. Filipinos do not have a reputation around the world for being honest and then those are the ones you decide to use to make your point or prove your facts? Keep on because every time your own sources have proven your claims wrong. Damn, I hope your not a lawyer. Pity for your clients.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      Are we better than others? No. But in your case we are better by far and you know it. That’s why your pissed as you know it’s true. Look I said, you suffer from low self esteem, lack of self confidence and insecurity. But that is understandable since envoy and jealousy are also riding your back. You see the Westerners with nice houses, cars and so forth and know you will never have things like that. You see the Westerners relaxing while you bust your ass working for them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        And coward. Only a coward will bring Isis etc into this blog. This coward Doesn’t even understand the words that are spewing out of his dirty mouth. He needs A good old fashion knuckle sandwich with a kneecap in the chest for dessert.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      So once again Johnarg does a drive by posting. Just like I said in comments he comes on when no one else is on, posts and runs away. Then if he sees someone log on he runs off like the school yard sissy.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Mike Wong again we won then rent than kick you out now bad. are president say by to you so many bad American her you see? I think good?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Pinoy Pete is full of shits!! Here is his earlier post 2 weeks ago under the Go back to your country article. Nothing wrong with his English then. So now suddenly he speaks like a bent Chinaman???

            @filofail what did I say to make you so angry? Maybe you misunderstood me? I’m just saying if you don’t like us then why be here? I don’t understand where does your hate come from? I just don’t agree with you about all of us being dumb and trying to treat you badly. I don’t understand why you want to attack us Filipinos we didn’t do anything to you. I hope we can be magkaibigan..
            2 weeks ago

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            @sarahfin That’s why I am wondering if it’s performance art, or someone pretending to be somebody they aren’t. This is the internet, after all.”

            Of course it’s all an act Random!! Gosh, this guy sucks even at acting, he won’t even win Raspberry awards of the year!! Or the rotten tomatoes award of the year!! Maybe he might win the Flip equivalent of Oscars? Whatever they call that in the land of Fails. Wished he’d give it up. He is soooooo painful!!

    4. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      See Johnny boy here’s the way that it is. You post nothing but insults and name calling then run away. Why? Because you know that what you say is lacking facts, credibility and intelligence. You continue to live in your closed off delusional world. Now I have seen a lot of stupid people in the philippines but I can say without a doubt you take first prize by far.

      Capt, can we start “The Stupidest Filipinos” wall of fame? I vote John the first and founding member of the wall.

    5. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

      The true words of a coward and mama’s boy. I’m willing to bet you’ve never worked a day in your pathetic life pathetic life. You John are 99% of flips one day you’ll receive your wish and that day I’ll smile. One day your country’s handouts and free protection will end Jonathan. When that day comes I’ll smile and watch you monkeys going into chaos.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            Japan was charging the philippines 10% import tax then late last year early this year raised it to 15%. The filipinos went nuts saying 15% was too much for any country to pay in import fees/taxes. That from a country that charges 40%.

    6. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


      I could not stop myself to make a new account here. Polish King here.

      You dont mean what you say in all your comments or do you? You know, I will be leaving Philippines very soon and trust every time I will a Filipino in my country I will make sure he will get deported. You filipinos are good in this kind of thing. But guess what once any of your OFW go to my country they have to follow my rules, my culture and maybe here I am a kano but in my country you are another chinese. How can anybody from a 3rd world country be so arrogant? And now tell me are you proud of your country? What are you proud of and why? Are you proud of what are you saying to Mike about the 50k? Are you proud of that teenagers playing dota getting arrested not because they making crime but just playing? Are you proud that people without a t-shirt getting arrested? The American missionary in the court where the your people said that it is not the employers from NAIA that plant the bullet on him? Than who???? Do you know that Islam was here before the Catholics?? Do you know when I came here people only shout dollars dollars to me? In my country we dont even have dollars or euro. Do you know that white people in their own countries should not be called foreigners? Its the filipinos which is the foreigners in our countries(maybe not in mine thank you lord).Why majority of you think Europe is a country?? Why does filipinos think that they deserve more abroad than foreigners here (even though foreigners spending more money here than the average filipinpo)? Be critical. Just like us Polish. Even we will not admit to the foreigner that something is wrong in out country once we are talking to our follow countrymen we will not only complain we will even course at our country and thats the reason why Polad is improving. Try to look on our time under communism and than now. We was the only country the was having increase in the Economy under the economical crisis.

      Dont get me wrong. I want the country to improve. But there will be no improvement without people. People have to realize the problems. Not just watching the dramas in the TV. The country have some money good beaches that are just waiting to be the next tourist spot. You have Boracay, Bohol and Palawan. Very good. But there much more many beaches here than that. Why not improve it. Look at Thailand and follow their example.

      Thats all from me. Hail to the glorious Poland! Slawa Wielkiej Polsce!!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author

        Good to see that you are doing ok. Well as ok as we can be here at The Junction. Now you do know you have a commitment to us that you have to do right? When you get back to Poland you have to sit down and eat a great Polish meal and drink cold ones for us.

      2. Profile gravatar of Attila

        “…every time I will a Filipino in my country I will make sure he will get deported.”
        I do my part also in Hungary.
        YES! Hail to the glorious Poland!
        Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki!

  2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    I remember hearing stories from my wife’s family about how they are poor and the country is stuffed. I remember one time I told them how a little over 200 years ago Australia was an empty country. When the first convicts arrived they didnt run away as there was no where to run away to. I have read many stories of people who did as most of them returned as there was simply nothing out there. Anyway so what did they do? They went about working hard and built one of the greatest countries on Earth from nothing. Thats right, 200 odd years ago there was nothing here now it is one of the greatest countries in the world. And the Philippines? What have they done? Hmmm

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Spot on Mikey. Imagine yourself being in Tom or John’s shoes, you are Pinoy, but these foreigners come to your country and get treated like royalty, sunbaking in the sun and getting served at the mere flick of your finger, Flip boys come to you to take your orders, even offer you massages with hot young girls or boys as the case maybe (happy endings optional). So here comes Pinoy Tom, trying to eke out a living, trying to sell you overpriced souvenir t-shirts while offering you his little sister to keep you company or if you wish, marry.

    On your way to your hotel, you get stuck in traffic, here comes Pinoy John with goodies to sell, cigarettes, water, face wipes (no, not asswipes this time  ) and you bastard Kanos inside an aircon taxi with one of their better looking women. In John’s mind, why should you, “snow monkeys” have all the best? Beach front mansions, nice aircon cars, abundant food, your kids go to the best exclusive private schools. So Pinoy John is on the outside looking in, drooling at what these snow monkeys has, but can only dream and fantasize about. So here comes bitter John because of envy, and covetousness (one of the 7 deadly sins). Come to think of it, all the 7 deadly sins are Pinoy traits! These are “hubristic pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, inordinate anger, and sloth”

    Anyway, I digress. Soooo, back to ol’ John here, if you were in his place would you not feel the same way? (bitter, angry, envious). For sure you would. BUT, you guys would strive to achieve what those Kanos has, by honest means, by working hard, not by cheating, lying, scamming, and thieving. But for these Pinoys, hell that’s too much damn hard work!! it’s easier and quicker just to steal from you and scam you, “snow monkeys” 🙂

  4. Profile gravatar of bigkev

    ive been saying all of these exact things for years.. and Filipinos get upset… truth hurts I guess.. the girls say.. “im not the same as those other girls you met” but eventually you find out that they all are the same.. its all about money.. nothing else.

  5. Profile gravatar of bigkev

    once the morons realize there is no god and the catholic church only exists to control the uneducated… they will wake up to reality… they will wake up poor and stupid but still wake up to reality…

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      Got news for the author. It’s not just the filipinos on facebook that are dumb. The ones not on facebook are just as dumb.

  6. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    The Maid, you were lucky you caught her.
    I have been caught too many times now I tell anyone I invite , DON’T BRING ANYONE ELSE or don’t you come !!!!!!!!!!! I will embarrass you and your friends.
    Since I started that attitude I don’t seem to get any extras.
    Also any parties or drinks I have in a restaurant where they have to be booked in. I know it can be cheaper according to the bride to cater ourselves, BUT I HAVE SEEN ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE OF THAT FACT.
    As a matter of fact I’m bloody convinced it is much cheaper that any function at home.
    Ten cases of Beer , five cases of soft drink, 20 bags of Ice, that’s before the bride goes to the market .
    My 60th birthday party with open menu everything supplied open local drinks at a restaurant cost 18K I had 30K in my pocket.
    Our wedding was approx the same .
    I can never remember the brides birthday party costing that when she invites half the fucking town to our place.
    So that stopped , now we leave the country. its fucking cheaper.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Yes,, in a resto , you dont have to worry about somebody using the koroke outside in the street all night too. The koroke is the siren for the drunks to come to the party,,pig out,, and stay all nite…

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Lots of people were asking about a new house party,, and these people had money and property. Well as you know,,, they always ask something for nothing