Life Under The New President. Should Expats Be Concerned?

Trawling through other sites and forums I’ve come across posts from expats in the Philippines who are genuinely worried about what life will be like under the new president. Some have already left due to their fears, others planning to do so in the near future.

Here are some of their concerns:

A return to martial law. Due to Duterte’s hardline approach in Davao it’s inevitable the Philippines will return to the dark days of the Marcos era. Already he’s promising a liquor ban from 1am – 8am, and minors to be off the streets after 10pm. They see this as a natural progression to all out martial law in the near future.

The Philippines will become a communist country. A known NPA sympathizer and mentored as a student by Joma Sison (the exiled founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines) there is a fear with some expats that Duterte will quickly transform the Philippines into a communist nation. He also says he’s open to a joint venture with China over the disputed Spratley Islands and has admitted that an anonymous Chinese donor helped fund his campaign. For many older expats, especially ex military guys who were conditioned to loathe communism during the cold war, these are big red flags.

The Philippines will be taken over by Islam. Many foreigners throw the MORO, MILF and Abu Sayaf in the same basket, so when Duterte comes out with statements such as, “If I become president, one foot of the Moro people will be in Malacanang,” and they see videos of him shouting “Allah Akbar” at muslim dominated rallies many of them worry the whole country will quickly become an Islamic state.

I can’t live under the rule of a mass murderer. For moral reasons some can’t accept Duterte’s self-confessed extra judicial killings. The promise of 50,000 murders and the Manila streets awash with blood is a bit too much for some.

Fear of being set up on false accusations. With murderers running around targeting people for “accused” crimes without a fair trial some don’t want to wait for the possibility of being set up on trumped up charges.  

I don’t want to live in a nanny state. For some expats the reason they chose the Philippines to live is it’s lawlessness. They want to ride around drunk on motorcycles with no crash helmets and don’t want to be dictated to when and where they can drink and smoke. Doh!

At this stage it’s hard to envisage exactly what might play out over the next 6 years. Who knows, he could turn out to be the savior they’re all praying for. Personally, I think the above fears are mostly paranoia and stupidity. His links to muslims and communists is just him playing a cute game, making friends and getting respect among alienated groups and winning votes, without paying for them. The liquor bans and curfews are common in most countries, nothing new there.

My biggest concern would be that his big mouth embarrasses him once again internationally, another stupid rape joke, he gets condemned by the US, AUS or whoever, and he does literally sever ties with these countries. This could breed hatred amongst millions of his rabid followers who could take this that it’s now open game season on all foreigners. His rape joke was a real face palm moment, but from what I saw from his supporters was unbelievable. They defended him, blaming the bias media for twisting his words, and then pride that he stood up to the US and AUS. One comment I saw – “Wow, our future president really isn’t scared of anybody!”

These people have had an inferiority complex about westerners for a long time. They’d love nothing more than to be given the confidence by their beloved leader that they can now stand up to them without consequence.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Whether he turns out to be like Marcos or does in fact change the country for the better one thing is for certain. The next 6 years will be one wild ride.

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    YES indeed – what a lot of expats think is he is RIGHT WING leaning in politics by his tough nature and pro business.

    Far from it. Duterte trained under the founder of communism in the 1960s.
    He is a communist.
    He wants to install communists onto his board.
    Unions will be happy.

    Duterte is pro communist and NPA.
    He even said he wants to take out the islamists in Sulu.
    He will not waste time fighting them.

    Communists are about the non-workers being subsidised by the workers.
    He might improve labour conditions and threaten the corrupt and oligarchs
    who are hiding under trails of structures and old structures of corruption.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Dirtyturd right leaning? So if we go by that then Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and the Kims of NoKor are just right leaning. Was told a funny thing the other day, so to speak. Wife told me she was talking to filipinos she knew who were pro Dirtyturd. Well these filipinos went to Cambodia and returned to the philippines after their vacation and was talking to my wife about Cambodia. They said they went to the museums that highlighted what Pol Pot had done to Cambodia and the people. They they then told my wife that at that point they knew that Dirtyturd was very much like Pol Pot and electing him as president was a big mistake.

      In other news. I saw a Youtube video that asked who was smarter pinoys or Americans. This video was made by filipinos so you can guess the result. Seems the filipinos asked questions were very rarely wrong and the Americans rarely right.

    2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      Well, considering FAR LEFT is Communism, he is certainly a regressive leftist! I think people get left and right confused all to often. You have far left which is communism and dictatorship (BIG BIG government, BIG BIG taxes and the government is basically intervening in every aspect of your lives!). You have left wing which is socialism, meaning big government and big taxes (just a sophisticated form of communism), you have center which is a mix of both worlds, you have right which is a small conservative government (less taxes, less government infiltration), you have far right which would be libertarian/anarchist with little to no government.

      So in my opinion, any hardcore dictator or oppressive government is commonly far left Communism. There is an ever looming debate on Hitler because he was a National Socialist (which in many peoples opinion is extreme socialism). Lenin said himself, “The goal of socialism is communism!”, so I take his word for it!

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        Also, I’m sure many of you who are American can identify with the founding roots of the country. It was always meant to be a small, conservative, public serving government that generally let the people live their lives for the most part. No tyranny. America was certainly great back then, now you see both parties left and right, fucking it up bad!

      2. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        Libertarianism is not extreme in its philosophy. Maybe in today’s Western politically correct societies it is considered radical. Virtually, if not all American founders could be considered libertarian to a measured degree. Anarchists identify primarily with the left. Not the Right.
        When the left and right political philosophies are taken to their extreme they become totalitarian. Not freedom loving. Think Communism and Fascism. They arch circular until they meet to a totalitarian conclusion, which is control of the masses.
        It is what worries me about a guy who has not ruled out a dictatorship. If he gives four cabinet positions to communists and this guy is removed from office before his term ends, I am quite certain this country is going to erupt in gun battles on some level.
        I told my girlfriend the other day what the OP mentioned. If Duterte cuts U.S. ties it could spell danger for expats of any country of white descent. They think all of us are Americans and everyone could be targeted through Filipino nationalism and misplaced pride.
        If we make it through this not many foreigners can say they lived through a regime like this.
        It will be interesting to watch him. I was a union rep. in the U.S. auto industry. I understand socialist codes and this guy isn’t hiding much. Depending how the communists rule the Department of Labor and Employment, unions could actually improve this place. If they go nuts with strikes across the country, it is curtains for the economy. Short if that, I see wages and working conditions improving in all sectors.
        I just hope he leaves the American government alone. The whole lot of them-left and right-have become a paranoid warmongers since 9-11. It is no telling what they will do if Duterte starts pulling a Noriega/Saddam on the U.S. Especially if they start presuming that they are losing a grip in the South China Sea.
        I think as long as he does not start tinkering with Aquino’s economic platform he will be ok. If he cuts street crime, seriously takes on professional corruption, and grows the economy, filipinos will be building statutes in his honor someday.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          I think the only meaning I find to be completely wrong and false from what I’ve read in wiki, is anarchism. Anarchism has always been about distancing oneself from the government and rejecting any kind of government faction that commits FORCE on another person. Like forcing you to pay taxes or you go to jail. -Since Wiki isn’t the bible, I certainly disregard that meaning.

        2. Profile gravatar of Newq

          I’m not surprised that Duterte leans on socialism. It’s a far simpler model to assume than libertarianism. Probably more than 90% of FIlipinos are socialists without knowing it. They all love ‘free lunch’/government handouts, which libertarians are quick to point out are not free, but most Filipinos wouldn’t understand it. Libertarianism barely even exists in the Philippines and it’s easy to see why

    3. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

      He’s putting some questionable) people (Manny Villiar’s son and possibly GMA) beside him so the “corrupts and oligarchs” being out are out of the question.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Yup! The erratic nature of both himself and Pinoy as such should give many surprises in his period Mike.
    The question is only; How great will the surprises be? For all we know there could even be an escalation in the Spratly’s within his 6-year period. Les hope he doesen’t pair his more or less cruel nature with the instability of a pms-pinay and a grumpy salt-water crocodile, if this should come to pass Muff shall name him “Salty”! 😉

    But I wouldn’t ever publicly defame his somewhat comical nose in public, just to be the first to test the waters!:-)
    “The present Poreigner Mr. Muff shall hereby be taken to a place of conviction for there to suffer the ultimate punishment of death on the Gallows! Let this be a reminder to All foreigners to treat Our Great Leader with the utmost respect and not defame whom is most holy and sacred to us Philippinos! Especially not the nobler parts of our most noble leader! Amén!”

    I would not be surprised, I would not be surprised at all. But we who are of the Press have the most noble task of reporting the truth, even if it entails erratic parts of erratic leaders! Amén!:-)

  4. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    People didn’t vote for Duterte, they voted against Roxas. True, there were other candidates but Duterte was something of an “outlier”, someone who didn’t appear to represent “Big Business” or some vested interest. His use of street lingo, his spartan menu and sartorial preferences made public by his spin doctors thru social media made it easy for the common folks, the jobless, the underemployed and the “untermensch” to connect and identify with him.

    I don’t think the Duterte Presidency will make any difference. Not if Filipinos remain lazy, undisciplined, unruly, spendthrift, proned to corruption, too dependent on dole-outs from friends and relatives and too reliant on their leaders to extricate them from their problems. My 15 pesos worth of opinion.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Last night I was read a list of things D30 is planning:
    1.) No videokoe or loud noises after 10pm
    2.) No drinking from 1 am to 6 am.
    3.) No speeding.
    4.) No fireworks on Christmas or New Years.
    5.) No smoking in public. Fine 10,000 pesos to be given to the Cancer Society. (Yea, right).

    Wife said this is to be nationwide law. Then said he will not last long in office.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh Post author

      Mike, these rules have been in place in Davao for years.
      Do people adhere to them?
      Do the police enforce them?
      Do people boast about these rules?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I just find it hypocritical that a man who has admitted to several murders claims to be for law and order. I mean, isn’t that like Ned Kelly (for our Aussie mates) or Al Capone insisting on a clean criminal record for anyone working for them? I mean, aren’t there things minor compared to the other problems in the country? If he has someone whacked for smoking pot then what is the penalty for any of the above? How can a criminal insist on everyone abiding by the law?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I would like to say that the Filipinos are in for a shock after D30 takes office. But from what I have seen it looks like they insist on picking the worst they can find and make heroes out of them. Based on the low exceptions of the Filipino people I do not think they will be shocked nor care what any of the officials do.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh Post author

          Oooh I better start watching my back then.

          @tomlimjucohrn you’re not the first pinoy to come on here and try and prove you’re smart and tell everybody that things are actually really good in the land of pee-noise. It usually ends one of two ways. 1. you end up having a tantrum, throwing out racist slurs, calling members gay or pedophile and end up getting banned. 2. The realization sets in that what is written here is actually true, that you have no reason whatsoever to be a proud pinoy and you skulk off to lick your wounds.

          Let’s see which way it goes. I’m putting my money on number 1.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    @oldnavyfart yes Mike…

    Filipinos are in for a shock
    1. they don’t tend to think much or question much
    2. they will vote for whoever pays them rice and money – that used to give me the shits as there were families in power and always made promises and never delivered for as long as i can remember – or is that what is called a “filipino promice” – its never kept.
    3. they love a comedian at the top
    4. they dont have money or have never earnt substatial assets so why bother someone is plundering their money (taxes)

    Many havent been to Davao (yes, I liked it) point being is they will hear stories like they love to tell how safe Davao is and vote accordingly.
    Little did they realise Duterte is not a man of the cloth. He has called the Catholic bishops “sons of whores”
    and many comments would upset the catholic and christian voters who voted for him.
    Seems they have got a bind 🙂 cough cough
    These twerps didnt probably realise Duterte is a communist leaning president and communists and the church don’t have a good relationship – aka China, North Korea, Russia etc

    Go right down to a street level.

    2. Have to buy your job – pay for NBI clearance, barangay clearance, mayors cert., health checks, xrays, etc many costs to get a job, possibly half a months salary.
    3. They will get paid 30 days in arrears – paid monthly
    4. Filipinos have to buy all uniform
    5. OJT people or nurses pay to work in a place they don’t get paid or dont get money
    6. if they leave it could be months to get money out of the employer
    7. you have to get a leaving certificate of employment to get another job – its dependent on your ex-employer therefore if they were a cunt – youll have problems getting a new job
    8. tax is high
    9. fixed work times with high deductions – late 1 minute – bye bye bonus
    10. supply everything, taxi drivers can be fined for not buying fuel from their employers preferred places. SM staff have to buy SM goods for uniforms. etc

    the list is probably endless –
    why am i telling you this?

    ME –
    Pay cash
    Pay weekly
    Flexible hours
    Supply food
    no job requirements
    no previous employer cert etc
    you see the difference?

    yup… but wtf? Filipinos revert to their default programming
    they want more flexibility
    they want to try and scam time sheets
    they want to fine me 80% interest for a weeks wage because im 4 days over getting them paid
    they want to look at sms and facebook during work hours
    they want to work from home and do nothing and say they did something
    they want to snoop around the work place and not do work

    yup… basically they want to take advantage of kind people who want to give them a chance and
    revert back to SHIT CONDITIONS filipino bosses give out?

    what the fuck is it with filipinos?
    why do they want to aim for the lowest comon denominator all the time????