Little Miss Take: Dating In Manila


What you are about to read is more than just a story. It’s a sequence of truly messed up bullshit. It’s all true. It’s all horrible. And it happened to me.


#1. I met her at Starbucks. I thought we would meet inside. But no, she’s waiting OUTSIDE for me. Orders a waffle and coffee, then she’s gone one hour later. Next day she invites me to her house and tells me to bring bottle of wine. I show up, meet the friend who seems eager to take the wine off me. Then the girl wants to go greenbelt. Orders starter, puts it in a doggie bag. Orders main course, puts that in doggie bag too. Then she suggests Café Havana. I pass. We go to Starbucks. She hints that the Chicken Sandwich looks great. I decline to order that for her seeing as she already has 2 doggie bags already. I get her a coffee. Im pissed off so I decide to leave. She takes her coffee with her 2 doggie bags. She tells me to drop her home in the taxi. Next day she texts me and asks me to take her to Makati Med for her “stomach pain”. I decline and don’t see her again. She tells me she’s not a scammer.


#2. I meet girl and take her to upmarket Italian. She spends the whole date on facebook and tells me she’s sorry but her gay friend keeps messaging her. I can make out the messages on her phone: “BWAHAHAAH!” and “Woz up?”. I decide to leave and don’t see her again. Next day I receive a text from her. She’s upset. “My American boyfriend doesn’t text me anymore” she said. Oh dear…..


#3. I message attractive female on dating site. She wants to meet but keeps asking for my room number and hotel. I decline to tell her suggesting we meet in public. Happens again next night. Next night I get another text. “Hi, I’m a bi-discreet male looking for fun…..”. I decline to meet. Turns out the whole “Im female” description and photo on the dating site wasn’t exactly correct.


#4. Im invited to a girls house. She’s very attractive. She buys me rum and puts on some DVDs while she chats to her friends. The DVD is so quiet and picture so crap I cant even understand the film. The whole house smells of raw sewage and she’s spraying the place with air freshener. I go to the CR and nearly puke. Suddenly she says she has to meet an Australian friend (male) but will see me later. Then she asks if she can stay in my hotel room but then again she cant decide if she wants to. I decline and tell her to go and see the Aussie guy. Naturally I don’t see her again. I get a text asking me to go over to her house again the next night. I decline. Later on I bump into her friend who tells me she’s very upset with me for not seeing her anymore. Hmmmmm…….


#5. She invites me to her house. Some people answer the door and I sit down at the table. I was asked to bring wine (notice a theme developing?). I chat to girl’s friends and relatives. However, she sits at the far end of the long room, just looking at me and staring at her cell phone. After a few hours her friends persuade (read: tell me) me to go and sit with the girl who is acting like a princess. I go over and immediately she goes and sits in the bedroom, on her phone, gazing at me from the darkness like a cat under a bed. We have barely spoken the whole night. She then says she’s gonna take a massage. I say I might as well go home then. I leave and don’t see her again. Next day she invites me over and says it will be fun. Yeah right….


#6. I plan to meet her at Greenbelt at 9pm. She says she’s classy. Says she has family in the U.S. and likes hanging out at posh clubs. After an hour of fending off ladyboys and prostitutes, she doesn’t show up. Get a text saying she’ll be an hour later but she’s on her way. 2 hours pass and she doesn’t show up. I leave. At 2am I get a text saying she’s in a nightclub and why don’t I join her. I decline. A month later I get a text asking me to invest in her business. I tell her to send me a business plan – she agrees. I’m still waiting for the business plan by the way.


#7. I meet a girl who I get on with. It goes well for a few days then she suggests I invest in a property and sends the literature to me. She says she can live in the apartment while I’m away and look after it for me. I get cold feet and don’t see her again.


#8. I get a text from a girl at 3am and asks me to meet her (for the first time) in a nightclub near Ayala. I don’t go.


#9. I arrange to meet a girl in Makati. She texts and says she’s on her way. 3 hours later she isn’t there. I text back and cancel the date. I get lots of abuse and she tells me to be “decent”. End of that one.


#10. I date a girl for 6 months. We get on fine. She texts me and asks for nearly 70000pesos for house deposit for her and her gay friend who are both house hunting. She says she and friend will pay it back to me the very next day. I decline. She tells me I’m dumped.


#11. I agree to meet girl at metro station. Im there on time. Only she’s at a different one. I go there and she’s with a friend. She hints at going to bars and restaurants. I suspect she wants a feed. She’s no looker! I bail out and go home.


#12. Im dating a girl for over a year. During this period I pay for flights, hotels, food, clothing, gifts for family, medicine, doctors, taxis, coco juice…basically everything. 100s of thousands of pesos. During this time I wasn’t treated to a single drink, not even a glass of water. She’s obsessed with selfies and facebook. She orders additional dishes and drinks in restos, but only for herself. She tells me to tip everyone from taxi drivers, porters and strange roadside people. I decide to dump her.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    # 5 would have been a little different for me. I would have given her a phat cock as a massage and then once I would be done, I’d never talk to her or see her again. An eye for an eye bitch, you use me? I use you!

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    This is what I would do for my dating profile if I were living in the Philippines:

    Looking for Filipino who:
    A: Doesn’t have a big family (which would be 1%) 2 kids or less
    B: Doesn’t freeload and respects my hard work and earnings
    C: Is good with money and self sufficient

    With those needs, you’ll be able to weed out the majority of the bad ones. I’d ask them straight up when I meet them, “what do you do for earnings? Is anyone freeloading off of you? Are you self sufficient? Is your family small? do you want to grow together and have a mutual progression to success with me or do you want to freeload off of me?

    I’d get down to the point straight up….they need direct questions and you need answers……but fuck…they are so good at lying and beating around the bush. At least if they do that shit, you know they aren’t good. “not giving me straight answers? Well fuck off then!”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      How about the one where they say they have a job. You ask where and they say “I work in a bar but I’m the cashier.”

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I met a lucky prick from Okalahoma once .
      He married a Filipino she had no Brothers, Sisters or parents.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He met her when she was working in Korea as a maid !!!!!!!
      Apparently she was an Orphan.
      So raised without family pressure .
      Lucky Bastard
      But a new hunting ground, hang out around orphanages .

    3. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
      Lester P.

      Yeah, the indirect answers tipped me off right away, but like a moron I stuck around. I think the best thing would be to choke off their false advertising and somehow cripple their tourism, but how can you do that?

  3. Profile gravatar of Beavis

    Next time they ask for wine, try bringing a bottle of Dona Elena. Seriously. It’s actually not terrible, and costs only 145 pesos. Their reaction to that bottle will be instructive. If they like wine, they will probably like it (and it’s highly doubtful that they will even know what good wine is anyway – like they would give a fuck if you brought them a good bottle of 20 year tawny port, for example). If they are just after an expensive and extravagant gift, then the disappointment will be palpable.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Ever notice they call rum wine?? Get ready though. When Sarah leaves we go squat in her Jeep and drive around the country. Don says he’ll kick us out but I don’t see how,, with AU being so low how to pay for gas?

      1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        Yeah, man, gas prices are collapsing, but are the aussies benefiting from it? Nooooooooooo! The Australian dollar was down to .76 US, last time I saw? I think it was just two years ago it was 1.05, maybe?

          1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            Australia had a huge mining boom that seemed to be mostly iron ore. China built all their ghost cities to artificially boost their economy. All that construction, and they needed huge amounts of iron ore and copper. China got all their iron ore from Australia and probably a lot of copper too.

            Well, Chinese construction dried up, their real estate market is teetering on collapse because seriously, how many ghost cities can you build? The Australian mining industry is in a depression because they aren’t exporting raw materials to China anymore. Commodities in general are in a major decline and that is what has affected the currency exchange rate, because Australia is a major raw commodity exporter.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Fucking Petrol prices here are a fucking joke when the Barrell of oil was US$120 we were paying in OZ 150c a litre.
          Now the Price of oil is below $50 we are still paying over 115c
          Even allowing for the exchange rate some asshole is making a killing.

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo
      kalbo Post author

      haha thanks for the tip Beavis! Oh yes even the poor girls give the bottle the once over and mutter “MMmmmm Paul Masson….that’s a good one!”. Even if it’s cheap shit from 7/11. It’s just a matter of nodding in agreement.

    3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I caught the Mother in law, drinking my Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz I bring over from Australia.
      My fucking fault I should have had some cheap sangria in the house.
      The bitch put Coca Cola in it because it was too dry.
      Has anyone but me noticed how expensive fucking wine is in the Philippines.
      Even crap flagon wine is 100% more expensive than Australia.
      What the fuck is it.
      I’m pretty sure there is fuck all wineries in the PI to protect their business.
      With all the fucking catholic churches I would have thought wine would be a cheap Import

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        It’s like the duty free in Cebu. A large bottle of Jack Daniels cost 3,000 if remember right. But go to SM or Gaisano and it’s 2,000. But what does duty free people say to justify the 3,000? “But it’s tax free.” They fail to mention that it’s lot cheaper if you pay the tax. Fucking morons.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Same Same in SBMA, allegedly duty free port they have that on their Spiel to get Investors, if you want to buy anything electrical, like a TV or Fridge something we go across the bridge into Olongapo, its always cheaper.
          They will even deliver it onto the base for you for free and instal it.
          GO FIGURE.????????

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            It might be the same here but have not looked. I know in SC they sell it for 1,199 a liter.

  4. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Pretty Succinct Beavis.
    A lot of what you said is right.
    Australia is still exporting record amounts of Iron Ore and Coal LNG ,, plus wool wheat GOLD and Oil and others.
    Just the world price is down , and we get hit when the price drops and the US dollar rises., Canada is much of a muchness. down too maybe not as much, but they are a lot closer to the USA so they get a drag along from them.
    The fall off is in Construction of new mines. Most of the old ones , the big ones are flat out. BHP, RIO are exporting record amounts of ORE but because they have been around for years their costs are profitable even now. Looks like they are trying to drive out what they call second tier miners. and those marginal mines are not starting due to low ore prices.
    We were getting US $1.10 .last year .
    I wont get onto the politics but our Govt. wanted the A$ to fall for export reasons. So they stopped buying Dollars when they came on the market and then they fell.
    As well we accept Chinese Yuan as currency for trade too. maybe Wall Street got the shits with that who knows.
    Now fucking China is devaluing their money. two nights in a row down 4%
    The Chinese are still buying IRON and COPPER and Nickle and Coal. they are stockpiling what they don’t use, getting rid of their surplus US $.
    When the Dollar was high it was due to high inflow of currency for, the construction of new mines and as a secondary country of safe haven , with higher Interest rates. But they have dropped now too , to stimulate the economy.
    Against the Euro and the YEN not down so much, against the US dollar 25% peso down 20%
    Its Complicated. that’s the best I can do.

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      I suspect Australian mining is going to experience the same thing as the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota. You know, the fracking capitol of the world. Like the mining industry, they haven’t been constructing new oil wells, and that’s about it. Everyone has been waiting for all these oil workers to start getting laid off, but it hasn’t happened yet.

      The reason is because these companies need to service their debt, so they keep on producing the same stuff no matter what the price. Just because commodity prices are too low to operate at a profit, makes no difference. They are doing anything they can just to generate the cash flow to service all that fucking debt.

      Eventually these companies will start going belly up one by one, because they can’t service the debt anymore. That is when the layoffs will start happening.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Speaking of the Fracking. there is almost a total ban on that in OZ can you imagine if they opened up those giant shale oil fields and coal seam gas fields.
        They are already mothballing coal fields and Uranium as well.
        The biggest upset to it all was the last fucking Federal Govt, decided that they would bring in a special MINING TAX to scoop up windfall profits, that shut down any new field.
        This was before the price dropped. So they fucked it, then there would have been no tax revenue anyway.
        Fucking genius es everywhere.
        Fucking Left footers. saving the fucking world and then they one day will figure some one has to pay for all their promises.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      It’s funny cause I have an Aussie friend here. I complained to him about the USD to AUD exchange when I was there. It was like $1USD = .85AUD. So a Tuey’s beer in a normal bar still cost like $7 USD. I freaking loved Australia, but the prices were so high and taking a hit on the exchange rate made it worse.
      My friend stated a few years ago it was going to collapse. He said the Aussie economy was too reliant on the mining industry and once China had a rollback, the AUD would go back. He did not anticipate how quickly it would fall, but China got their stock market in a lot of trouble very quickly.
      Right now, I’m enjoying the USD vs Php rate. It’s over 46 now and most times an SML is less that $1. I predict 47 by Christmas with a little volatility cause of the remittances, but after January I think 50 – $1USD. The elections are going to wreak havoc on the markets in the Philippines and I need to convert any remaining pesos to USD asap. Just my thoughts and food for thought, plus what the hell do I know.

      1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        I don’t think the USD has peaked yet. There isn’t any rush to convert, in my opinion. The reason is pretty simple. Look at what all of the major economies are doing: Europe, Japan, and China are all devaluing their currencies. The only major economy that isn’t devaluing seems to be the U.S. Europe and Japan are printing money as fast as they can. In response to this, the U.S. Federal Reserve is likely *raising* interest rates.

        Eventually, well, this is going to adversely affect the U.S. economy as well. If you look at it that way, all of the major economies are doing this why? To raise exports. To which country? Think the U.S. economy can handle carrying that load from everyone?

        In the meantime, I would sit back and relax. The USD is over 46 as a direct result of the Yuan devaluation. I don’t think it will be going lower anytime soon.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Jesus Christ, Johnny.
        $7 dollars for a Tooheys even today I only pay $4 for a schooner 15 oz of Tooheys Draught at the local club.
        Your like my Sepo mate , he paid $9 for a schooner at a local pub, I nearly fell over when I went to pay for my shout.
        The prick still dines out on that story.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Yeah, we were in Sydney and the gold Coast. Halfway they the trip some local gals told us the cheaper, better tasting beer and we stuck with that. Luckily, US American boys got invited to a few parties and bar-bs so we bought at the stores instead of bars.
          I was easily spending $100 a night drinking and trying to pick up the aussie girls.
          I haven’t followed the world economy on a while, but I follow the peso almost daily. I think it will hit 47 around October, back off a bit, the go to 50 after Christmas. The upcoming elections are scaring investors away already.

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    What would you do if #6 turned out to become a billionaire or founder of the next Jollibee and you did not invest? I bet you would be kicking yourself.
    You could have been a success story!!

    Best advice, get a new SIM card every 6 months.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yeah right.?????????????????????
      Success Story, How would anyone know ???
      Didn’t show up for an Appointment.
      Didn’t send a Business Plan
      Sounds like the start of something big.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Lol! You sound like my friends when a local flip asks for a business loan. I always say, “what if the guy turns out to be the next Ayala?”

  6. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Simple solution to the problem – don’t bother with dumb-ass Pinays. The are hundreds of thousands of attractive, intelligent, well-educated, sweet-natured, fully-employed Pinays from self-sufficient families out there, who would love to have a foreign boyfriend or husband. Yes, hundreds of thousands is a small proportion of the 100 million or so population – but these women really do exists – trust me on this!

    If you were in your home country, would you engage with dumb-ass, dirt-poor, ill-educated, unemployed, single-mother, ex-whore, scamming bitches from money-grabbing families – just for some pussy? WELL DON’T DO IT HERE.

    The rules of finding a decent woman in the Philippines are pretty much the same as they are anywhere else in the world. It never ceases to amaze me how guys come here, and somehow attribute all kinds of niceness and wonder to Filipinas that they just don’t deserve – simply because they are good in the sack. Most Pinays are fucking assholes – just the same as women everywhere else in the world.

    Yeah, I’m a misogynistic prick. Care factor = ZERO.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Just bang as many as you can until you find the right one. However, you cannot do that in a small city. It has to be in a major city like Cebu. Don’t give your full name and always say you’re leaving in 2 months.
      Hell, just find a dirty bar girl and have her come over once a week. It would be much better than actually being in a relationship with a parasite. Just date some local girls in Cebu or Davao, maybe Manila as well. In the small cities, the girls expect marriage as soon as you start texting them,,, or they see a meal ticket and pressure you.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        Banging bar girls is better than getting caught up with a dumb-ass Pinay. Like I said, the answer is JUST DON’T DO IT. You might find a good sandwich floating around in the trash, out side 7Eleven. Really, you’re better off going somewhere else and increasing your chances. it’s the same with women. Step one is as simple as eliminating the hopeless!

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “the girls expect marriage as soon as you start texting them,,, or they see a meal ticket and pressure you.”

        And they think they own you after meeting up with you ONCE!!

        1. Profile gravatar of kalbo
          kalbo Post author

          holy crap! on the money again lol. I met a girl for a mall date a few weeks ago. Nothing much happened. Upon returning home I got hundreds of texts, questioning everything i did and said. Started off demanding, then became rude and ended up being abusive. I even got called a playboy and user. (We didnt even kiss and yes, I paid for the meals and beers!). Today I got a text telling me when I next go to flipippines, she wants to meet me at the airport. In addition, shes got my photo laminated and wears it around her neck with her work pass. Scary stuff!

          Control issues? No shit!

    2. Profile gravatar of generalization_is_stupid

      Good day, sir. I’m a girl, specifically a Filipina girl. I know you don’t like girls like me since you said you’re a misogynist, but I want to tell you that I agree with what you said about foreigners settling for dumb-ass Pinays. They shouldn’t expect too much from easy-to-get Filipinas they meet on bars or dating sites. Expecting to find decent girls in not-so-decent places is like expecting to find a virgin prostitute! I’m a Filipina, but I don’t do improper things like dating some foreigner so I can get some money from him. Stop thinking that we are all the same.

      Each one of us is different. We have different beliefs, traditions, cultures, ideals, personalities, and views in life. Yes, I believe that the experiences everyone here encountered are all true, the reason why this site emerged. But, please don’t generalize. Saying that all Filipinos are stupid and ignorant is just like saying that all Americans are white!

      I know. I get it. I know that my country, the Philippines is poor, dangerous, chaotic, and whatever negative things you can say about it. I know that most Filipinos are poor and uneducated. I know every negative things that you know about my country. But, guess what? I am not ashamed to be called a Filipino.

      You think I’m a user as well, you think I’m just another stupid, ignorant bitch just because I’m a Filipina? Go ahead. Call me whatever you want.

      You’re free to insult us, to make fun of us. But, I’m also free to express my hatred towards this site, towards the close-minded people on this blog.

      This is way too much! I was so shocked when I found this unbelievable site while searching the web for my homework.

      Anyway, I’m sorry for ruining your fun here. And, thank you for making me feel like I’m a stupid, ignorant, worthless girl just because I AM A FILIPINO!

      Stupid, huh? I’m proud to be STUPID, then!

      Good day everyone.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        The smartest girl I was ever with was probably a Filipina. She had a photographic memory, spoke American English perfectly and understood the actual meaning of most of the cliches used in the U.S. The girl had a genius I.Q., but she had the E.I. of a rock. It wasn’t how she was to me that I noticed it, it was how she was with (or spoke of) others that tipped me off quickly. With less educated girls I had made and kept making the mistake of thinking they just didn’t know better and learn, but this girl should of as smart as she was. See, you can be I.Q. smart, but E.I. dumb. Psychology is becoming more aware of these people and the internet is really starting to take off on describing their behavior. These vampires exist the world over, only in the Phil’s it is so prevalent it has engulfed the society. I’m sorry you don’t see the reality of the situation.
        ” hatred towards this site, towards the close-minded people on this blog.”, don’t you realize that the people who came here had to have an open mind and empathy for others in order to get stuck in the quagmire? We had to believe in the good in people in order to be fooled so badly? And now that we have discovered this should we not inform others who are open minded so they too do not get their lives ruined? To let them know not to doubt their inner voice when they spot this behavior, but to run from the monsters? Knowledge is power. This knowledge has the power to save lives from being screwed up, the power to prevent mental health damage to empathetic people. Yet you hate it?

    3. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
      Lester P.

      Here is a question. So how do you find a decent one, like they advertise? I mean really man? If they are mostly corrupt and see the foreigner as an ATM, how do you cut through that shit and build a “suit” of a woman you are looking for? Just asking, my friend. I want bang bang and the falsely advertised other part for real, or nothing at this point. Thanks.

  7. Profile gravatar of Nik

    oh boy, you are so lucky to pick up all kinds of trash roaming out there in the streets. i wonder how people manage to do that when there’re so many nice, relatively educated girls with normal jobs.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nik

        almost any call center, college, university.

        like here in cebu we have this IT park, zone where all the call centers are placed. of course there’s some dining area, lots of them nice and funny girls go out there during their breaks.

          1. Profile gravatar of Nik

            of course not, but it means at least they have some job, which is sort of achievement already in this country of lazy bums. and chance of meeting decent girl there is way higher then in malls which are filled up with whores and bayots most of time.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Means heh can speak English better than most and are familiar with Western culture. Plus some of those call centers are brutal. A girl who lasts more than 2 years has tremendous work ethic. Imo.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yup Nik,
      I met one and married her after 8 years, cant be too careful.
      But I can assure you she makes me so fucking mad sometimes., but what woman doesn’t.
      College educated and a book worm, but she fucking still watches that Tagabage shit on TV and laughs at it, Fucking Showtime every time I hear that fucking start up music I want to vomit.
      WE have two TV’s now had to find away around that shit bad TV.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Was standing in the living room last night while they were watching some show and laughing at it. When they stopped laughing I asked my wife a question. I asked her how come with all these comedians they have on tv, why do filipinos take my jokes serious?” Still waiting for an answer.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          MICK, Don’t feel you are alone there.
          Ive noticed they don’t understand me either.
          Maybe its because I’m mostly Ironic or Sarcastic .
          Just in case no one has noticed. !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Guys, if you haven’t had the snip, don’t forget to wrap it up. These Iow life, lazy bitches would get themselves impregnated in the hope of 1) marriage and visa to your country and 2) failing the marriage plans, an 18 year retirement plan from your pocket, as baby support. These scheming women won’t hesitate to use a child’s life in order to secure that financial security. They’re still dumb shits though because they never think “what if my plan fails? How am I going to support a child?”. often, their plan B is to look for another Kano….often, they’d even deny the presence of a child.

    Don’t ever trust them when they say “it’s OK honey, I’m on the pill” – NOT!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      This is based on our PMs and your reply here about snip. I suggest you finish medical and become a doctor in Oz and here. In the PI open you clinic and name it “Butts and Nuts Clinic.”

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo
        kalbo Post author

        Good idea Mike. I’m sure Sarah will cure all our problems by chopping off our dicks, balls, asses and any other stray appendages. Keeps the maintenance bills low you see.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I had a mate, who married a Filipino , she migrated and about a year later when she was 7 months preggers, revealed that she had two children in the PI and was desperately maudlin for them.
      First he heard of them.
      I guess she wasn’t sure about revealing that until she had the little Aussie in the womb before she told him,

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, get yourself snipped and don’t tell any of these women. Then wait for one to say you got her pregnant. Keep your record. Then deny the kid is yours, dump her, and wait for her to file charges. Then show the vasectomy record. Just hope the pnp know what a vasectomy is.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo
        kalbo Post author

        It’s likely that the surgeon wouldnt know what a vasectomy was either, wouldnt admit it, then proceeded to chop off your bollocks.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          If you haven’t had the snip yet guys, better wait till I get my license to practice. You really wanna trust a Flip Doc?? You could wake up minus that important appendage. Flip Doc would say “ooppss! Sorry, I missed!”. ?

          1. Profile gravatar of kalbo
            kalbo Post author

            I can just imagine the conversation with the doc.

            Kano: “You chopped off my dick. I want my dick back AND a full refund!”.

            Flip doc: “Sorry Sir, no refunds, it’s our policy po”.

            Kano: “At least sew my dick back on!”.

            Flip doc: “Sir, you need to get your dick notorized four times before we can do that. It’s our policy Sir”.

        2. Profile gravatar of generalization_is_stupid

          Freaking cruel, heartless people! I’m a Filipino. So, I’m stupid? Hell, yeah! I freaking LOVE this site! Wooh! Note the sarcasm, Mr. Kalbo. Oh! Your username means BALD, right? Am I wrong? Oops. Sorry for being stupid. Hahaha.

          1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            G_is_Stupid… Try imagining this for me:
            You walk outside you house/apt carrying to medium size bags in your arms that you need to drop off at a friends house 5 mins walk away (I know what you are thinking…I’ll just take a dirty jeepney instead of walk) .
            So you need to cross the street at a cross walk, but no one stops, and it seems they are doing everything to hit you.
            Because the bags are starting to get heavy, you try to walk faster, but because every pinoy is doing the zombie slipper dragging shuffle, their is no chance to get by them. Sooooo you say Excuse Me, or Pardon me, etc…and instead of the people making way, they just glare at you and say something like…”why you so rude, etc…”.
            Anyway, it’s getting hot, so you stop at 7-11 for a cold drink, Your arms are full, but it’s clear no one wil make any effort to open the door for you…oh wait someone did open the door, but a nice lady pushes you out of the way because she’s Special and is in a Bigger hurry than you.
            You getyour drink and go to the cashier…”Do you have exact change”.
            You continue walking and almost trip and fall because the sidewalks are either crumbling, or some business owner has disregarded his property line (he’s also Special).
            You finish you drink…and throw it on the ground…because you’re Special. You finally arrive at your friends house, and the first thing Your Friend says…”Where is my Gift”….
            I can go on and on….But of course I’m just Generalizing…LoL.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            So it’s cruel and heartless to warn others of just how cruel and heartless Filipinos can be? Why does the the Philippines cry for help and money from the cruel and heartless? Why do the cruel and heartless only expect honesty and fairness from the Filipino and not get it? Why do Filipinos go to my country and not face extortion and abuse by government agency’s but yet foreigners in your country get overwhelmed by it. Why are you defending this behavior in your country?

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Go right ahead and prove to everyone just how stupid you really are. We expect nothing less from filipinos.

          4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Freaking cruel, heartless people!

            If you can compare your jails in this country to our jails, you will notice our prisoners are actually fed.
            Google ”philippine immigration jail”’ ,,.. we treat our dogs better than you treat kanos in this country.

          5. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
            Lester P.

            Too bad you fuckers can’t laugh at yourselves like you do at everyone else who is successful, decent, and better equipt to deal with reality and international relations. I guess that the need to survive creates this psychotic mentality that tells the Penoy/ ay, that they should have pride in doing something dumb, and then state it is their culture. The problem is that you are all so predictable that we can predict the future with your dumbfuckery almost on a dime. Good day Generalization…

      2. Profile gravatar of generalization_is_stupid

        Wow! Not all Filipinos are stupid Mr. Johnny. If we don’t know the meaning of a word, we know how to use the dictionary. We know that we can search it on Google! Don’t you know that? Oh, come on! You’re intelligent, right? You should know everything! Hahaha. Now, who do you think is stupid?

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Yea… Filipinos also know how to use a calculator be seen that the stores. its a source of great amusement to see someone working out 20 less 14 pesos. I’ve seen people who are selling 38 peso bottles of beer and what can they be handed a 50 peso or 100 peso bank note and with each customer they’re using a calculator! Don’t you think that’s strange that the stupidity in the user still (and always will) remains

        2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Yeah.. Nnot all but most 95% are stupid

          You only have to see them using a calculator in most businesses such as working out 20 pesos less 14 pesos and still getting the answer wrong! Knowing how to use Google or dictionary doesn’t mean that you are intelligent at the end of the day just like with the calculator example mistakes are still made over what is so basic in the West that even 10 to 12-year-olds can work it out on the head!

        3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          You’re right. And everyone should know what corruption is. They should know what estafa is. Yet it is the way of the land. So if they know what it is, why do they do it? Oh, come on! You’re intelligent, right? Explain the cause of all of this without using the word narcissist.

        4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Talaga?! Sira ka ba?
          Cause I actually run a company out here and we only hired graduates. When my employees first asked me a question or what a word meant, I told them to google it. They said, “whats that”? Hindi joke lang. The IT graduates could not even type and the coding students couldn’t add 2 cells together in MS Excel.
          I actually had to teach new 2011 University graduates how to google something. They had no issue with facebook though, which was really ironic. I guess they never get tired of looking at themselves and their friends making peace signs for the camera.

          LOL!! “Not all Filipinos _______________________” Do you ever get tired of saying that as a response? When a foreigner states the painfully obvious reality the reactions are: Deny, deflect, become the victim somehow, attack the messenger, or say “not all filipinos”.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        No we haven’t seen enough of you. But I’m sure given time there will be a categorisation and to which we could put you in some form. You may not have to be chasing Kano’s… You might be begging for money and other forms, promising that you would pay money, trying to come up with some sort of stupid lame idea or perhaps not. You might simply be a good girl was highly paranoid and has some sort of mental and narcissistic issues which has been widely discussed in this forum.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        So, you are paying for your time at the internet cafe with your own money? Wow! Ms. Independent over here. Btw, Sarah is a Filipina as well.

      3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        If you deserved to be called as such, I sure damn will call you that! And that is another fault in this culture….they don’t want to upset anybody, they don’t like the abuses of the neighbors, like my asshole uncle. But no one wants to call him for what he was, an asshole! So Flipnoys suffer in silence, smiles at uncle as he rides past their houses, but wishing him dead.

        Well then if you don’t need a Kano to support your ass, then good on you! Coz 95% of your kind sure does!!

      4. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
        Lester P.

        I have a question. Do any of you ladies know what a diet plan is? I have seen so many rolly polly fun time girls in the Phils. Once their metabolism stops working, their appetite seems to keep on going. They have no shame to their self image (except for whitening soap), and so in the end their body catches up with their crappy attitude and personality. How ironic is that ? 😛

  9. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    MICK .
    It wasn’t pretty to watch either.
    He wound up, locked up in an Aussie Police Station. thank god.
    She had lied right through,
    When they got the children, they had to get permission off the husband,.
    OOPS Bigamy too.
    He denies it all now , Never Happened.
    But I remember , he is still in denial after all this time.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Yes Don, what happened to her? Do tell. I hope it’s not the same girl in my city in Oz who hid her 3 Pinoy kids till she got citizenship, then told the husband after citizenship “help me bring them here or we divorce”. He gave in, ended up bringing them to Oz. They were teenagers then, so the Pinoy narcissism were well and truly developed.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I thought reading between the lines.
        They got the children.
        Yup last I heard still together.
        He wanted a family right or wrong.
        She works him over daily ,weekly monthly.
        Never ends.
        But he has the evidence of bigamy any time he wants to use it.
        That’s his story , as I said in Denial.

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    baaaaah you city boys …. fheres a province example:
    dating is no doubt horibble no matter where you go.
    my mate took went with his gf to meet the parents
    he said just her, parents and him…. something nice…
    37 people turned up and yep… he paid.

    he then said lets get the parents to the city
    ok, ok.. (all of me, friends said dont do it!!! warning bells
    firing off he has a bludging family)
    so he said mum, dad come down
    just the 4 of us.
    19!! fuckers come down on a jeepney.
    heeeeey …. in anyones culture thats fucking rude
    and YES they expect him to pay.

    go figure

  11. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    LMFAO! Sounds like craigslist manila material. But really did you get to fuck any of them? You really need to find some decent contacts here to introduce you to the decent other half. Do you actually work here?

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo
      kalbo Post author

      HAHHAA HawkEye! The thing is some of them WERE middle class. I actually Skyped some of them and spoke to them before meeting to ensure they were at least educated and spoke good english. I just found them to be more or less as crazy of some of the lower class ones I dated. In fact, the middle class ones really thought they were an amazing catch but were just delusional about their beauty and status.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      decent other HALF??????

      HawkEye, You MUST be a Filipino. Deluded as fuck. You’re saying half of this country is operating on more than 3 brain cells??? You’re kidding, right??? Seriously???? Are you living in a particular city, and never leave it? What is that city? Must be fucking awesome if half the people there are not completely brainless dumbfucks with not an ounce of common sense. I want to live there! Because even if ONE FOURTH of the population of this country were “decent”, things would be ENORMOUSLY better here.
      If as much as HALF had a trace of intelligence, the stench that rises from the streets wouldn’t not be HALF as bad as it is.
      If as much as HALF had a trace of intelligence, the TRAFFIC and brainless driving habits would not be HALF as bad as it is.
      If as much as HALF had a trace of intelligence, the level of failure in just about everything would not be HALF as bad as it is.
      And this list could go on and on and on…..

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Filo, I’ve long suspected that Hawkeye is a deluded Flip troll pretending to be a smart Kano. He thinks that by entertaining his Flip employees, on a regular basis, the Flips will learn your “Kano values” and earn more. Really! If that is not the most delusional statement of the year, I’ll shoot Al! (sorry Al, I promise it’ll only hurt a bit) :).

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Yeah, there is no doubt HawkEye is JABHSF (Just Another Butt Hurt Stupid Flip). They just can’t go very long at all before they blow their own cover. They just can’t handle the truth. It drives them CRAZY, and it doesn’t take long at all before they burst and have to start dumb-shitting all over themselves.

          You can always tell when it’s a Filipino: They only have AT MOST, 5 general responses to negative criticism. HawkEye definitely nailed a few of them. They’re like broken records. They are completely incapable of having an intelligent conversation about the mindsets and ignorance that keeps their country and culture in the pits of filth and failure. All they can do is offer their textbook Pinoy Pride knee-jerk responses.

          Beam me up Scotty! There’s no intelligent life down here!

  12. Profile gravatar of generalization_is_stupid

    Excuse me. Why do you want to date a Filipina, anyway? I’m sure there are lots of beautiful girls in your country! Why don’t you date them instead?

    Let me tell you why. It’s because you think Filipinas are easy-to-get. It’s because you think we can be your maids. It’s because you think we’re dying to have you as our partner.

    You know what? Not everyone is the same. I’m a Filipina and I’m more willing to marry a poor, decent, good-mannered Filipino guy than to marry someone as judgemental and close-minded as you!

    Don’t fool me. You date Filipinas, not because you need love but, because YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FUCK!

    Congratulations! You just offended a STUPID Filipina bitch! Haha.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Actually, many times its a lonely guy who meets a nice Filipina,,, or what he thinks is a nice Filipina. Many can be nice, but most just see money and a victim to take it from.
      So, they dangle either companionship, love, sex, and poverty in front the expat. The expat, in general feels sorry for people in poverty and tries to help his new Gf or someone he likes in a bad situation. Think typhoon Haiyan and all the donations that came from abroad while Filipinos stole what they could. Westerners actually like to help Filipinos (at first) while Filipinos like to cheat Filipinos,,,, and anyone else (always).
      If the expat just needed someone to fuck, things would be easy for the poor guy. There are tons of whore-houses in this Catholic, god-for-saken, prostitution is illegal sham of a country. The guy could just pay for sex and girl could get paid to give money to her abusive boyfriend or feed her kid (after abusive boyfriend has split town with another woman). Expat would be happy, filipina would be happy, and no emotions involved.
      – There is no need to make a Filipina a maid. Anyone with 5,000 pesos can have a maid. They are much cheaper than a scamming wife or gf. So are the bar-girls. Plus, both have more dignity.
      Instead filipina does what she can to milk the guy. Since the guy wants companionship and love, he is susceptible to fall for it. So then the Filipina becomes worse than a piranha, she becomes a parasite (like Sarah mentioned), and invites other parasites (in the form of family, friends, business opportunities) to feed off the expat. The expat thinks, “well, its only $100 here and there. I came from a great country with opportunity and I should help people who are less-fortunate”.
      Fast-forward 2 years and the expat has probably spent $100,000 on loans, home in his wifes name, vehicles, business partnerships for her family, and has nothing to show for it. Now the expat realizes they are not suffering from a corrupt gov’t, they are the ones who are corrupt,,, and very lazy too unless it is to scam someone.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “If the expat just needed someone to fuck, things would be easy”, spot on. If all it was, was for sex, it would be no problem at all, fuck’em, move on, fuck’em, move on, rinse, repeat…..
        “Anyone with 5,000 pesos can have a maid.”, oh fuck that too, they’re a waste of time, I’m so tired of hearing how much they do when at age 12 and going to school I did more work at home then they do and I knew how to do it right. Useless, totally useless.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          The funny thing is when the upper class Filipinos go to the USA or UK and they have to clean up their own shit or cook their own food, they don’t like it very much. In fact, many times they go right back to the Philippines.
          Someone once told me when I was heading to the Philippines, “If you can’t get laid there, you have got some serious problems.”. Dude was right.

        2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          Reminds me when I lived in Singapore… I used to head out to “Four Floors”, or other places for a little pinay action on a Sunday. I meet this good looking pinay, and tell her “to come over to my place and I’ll pay you to clean”…. So she shows up LATE and after she ate a half a bag of chips, and a couple beers (LoL) she starts to clean up. Dude…She had to be the slowest cleaner I’ve ever seen. So finally I tell her to stop…and then we retired to the bedroom. Next week she again comes over “to clean”….I’m like fuck that cleaning shit…. just take your clothes off and get in bed. Shitty cleaner, but good in bed.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Mike, I can show you one or two that I have known over the past 11 years I’ve lived here. They do exist. But the ratio between decent and typical idiot are so widespread, it’s almost insignificant. For every decent Filipino guy, there are 1000 depraved stupid dishonest morons.

        It’s pretty fuckin’ sad. But the saddest thing about it is, none of the depraved idiots see themselves as such. Each one in his/her own mind REALLY BELIEVE they are the exception to the rule; when they lie, cheat, and steal, they REALLY BELIEVE they are so special, that they are justified to do it. Each one really believes they have good reason to lie, cheat, and steal.

        So when you have the entire culture with that kind of thinking, everyone is corrupt. And everyone is pointing at each other for lying, cheating, and stealing, because that one doesn’t have good reason to lie, cheat, and steal, but I do!

        And there you have Philippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “It’s because you think we’re dying to have you as our partner”.

      Maybe not you personally, but MAJORITY of Pinays sure want Kanos as a partner, preferably husband, and hopefully take her to the great ‘merica for a better life, even if Kano is as ugly as a dog (like Hawkeye) 🙂

      For your information Ms generalization_is_stupid, Filipinas are fuckin easy to get, they have become quite a pest on FB frequented by expats, requesting to be added to expats groups but really have nothing intelligent to say, but plenty of displays of the flesh (which is what they all have to offer).

      Have you ever lived/worked overseas Ms generalization_is_stupid? If you have, then you would know that Fiipinas “hunt” foreign men, not just Kanos for them, their sisters, cousins, etc to marry. It does not matter if a Kano is married or with a GF, he gets her phone number eve though he never asked.

      Now we change the settings back to the Philippines. I have often heard a Kano in the Philippines is described as a fish in a small bowl. Do you know what that means generalization_is_stupid? It means that in this country, Kanos are a highly desirable species, they are hunted like a common prey by Pinays of all ages!! If you try and deny these facts Ms generalization_is_stupid, maybe you should change your name to “I’m absolutely fuckin sstupid!”

    3. Profile gravatar of kalbo
      kalbo Post author

      You MAID a good point there! Exactly right, I’ve longed for a woman I can turn into someone who will clean behind the oven everyday and fetch my groceries! Ohhhhh! I feel horny just thinking about it! A little brown sweeping machine, cooking, cleaning, fetching, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!

    4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “It’s because you think Filipinas are easy-to-get”
      Well, we think that BECAUSE THEY ARE EASY. So easy that all we need to do is stand there and they grovel at our feet to date us.

      “It’s because you think we can be your maids.”
      We only think that because, if we reject them for dating, that’s their next move….they ask us if they can be our maid…ANYTHING to be near us.

      “It’s because you think we’re dying to have you as our partner.”
      Well, we think that because that’s how you behave toward us.

      “Don’t fool me. You date Filipinas, not because you need love but, because YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FUCK!”
      DON’T WE ALL? Who’s trying to fool anyone here? We’re about as honest as honest can be. But honesty is really not a Filipino’s strong point, to say the least.

      “Congratulations! You just offended a STUPID Filipina bitch! Haha.”
      Hey, you said it.

    5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “Why do you want to date a Filipina, anyway? I’m sure there are lots of beautiful girls in your country! Why don’t you date them instead?”

      Because us fat old ugly kanos can’t get the beautiful girls in our country. But we got money, so we come here where the stupid pinays are easy, because they’re so plastic, and will fuck anything with a pulse for money. You’ve seen your young beautiful kababayan with kanos so fat and old that they fart dust. Explains your female culture quite obviously doesn’t it? I would think you’d stop denying it and realize it by now Miss “STUPID Filipina bitch”. We can admit the truth. Why can’t you?

    6. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
      Lester P.

      This sort of attitude is what keeps your country in it’s cycle of events. Good luck breaking that. If you have self respect, you hold yourself to a higher level. Easy to understand.

  13. Profile gravatar of

    One question. Why date a monkey ? If she’s a hot monkey, well you decide XD and leave the next day. If you’re planning on having a relationship with a monkey It’s up to you. In the end you might go crazy and start complaining on this website on how monkeys are LULZ. Unless if you really dig monkeys 🙂

    The user GS starts with her sentence with a SSSSIRRRR lolz . No doubt a FLIP Stereotype XD HAHAHAHA!

  14. Profile gravatar of kalbo
    kalbo Post author

    I’ve read through some of the comments and most people have assumed that the girls I dated were poor, uneducated, unemployed, craigslist etc. People have suggested dating call centre girls.

    Well, folks, 3 of the dates I mentioned were with call centre girls. One was with an air hostess (date #5). Another was with an educated girl with a salcedo village apartment (date #2). One of them has a good job with Google and lives in bonifacio.

    Anyway the purpose was to warn others what to expect, even when dated educated girls with good jobs and good apartments!

  15. Profile gravatar of kalbo
    kalbo Post author

    Also the assumption from others is that just because I dated some flips on my extended vacations in the PI, that I dont or havent dated girls in my own country or of other races.

  16. Profile gravatar of

    Wow, quite a list there!


    #1 Only girl that does not shout “Hey Joe! You want wife, handsome!?” Looks mahinhin at mabait. Knew there was something special. So I ask her if she wants to eat at Jolibee. My treat. Food cannot be used for evil. I was almost 30, but lived a long life. Not interested in dating. Long haul (kids) or nothing. And I am German. So I interrogate her. Our conversation was somewhere between an HR rep screening a potential hiree and and Jack Bauer trying to locate the bomb. She seemed to make a suitable wife. So, I offered for her to move into my spare bedroom. We would date then. If it worked out, cool. If not, I would hire her for twice her salary (was making about 2,000 a month) and for only an hour or two a day of laundry/cooking(was working about 20 hours a day at the time). She agreed. I went to her Chinese boss and paid the 400 pesos debt she owed and could never pay back while supporting 12 family members, while he gaped at me and I spoke Chinese to him, and rode away with his former property on the back of my white stallion into the sunset. Armour still shining, despite the pollution.

    Needless to say, she was with child in three weeks (ie: it “worked out”). And currently pregnant with #5! She cries when I buy her p50 burgers, and waits at the door for me when I am, with tears in her eyes saying “I missed you so much Papa!”

    After a long and hard life of being told I will be rewarded when I die, I finally found my reward here on Earth! Sorry guys, I may have found the last stereotypical “Asian Wife”.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Not bragging, mind you.

        What I really mean to say is…it is not all bad.

        Complaining is great for us poriners. But we need to be hopeful too.

        There still may be one or two out there.

        But when I hear “Pinay make the best wives” over and over every day it makes me sick. As many here know they are women just like any other women in the world…

  17. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    I learned from here that you don’t use dating sites to meet your Filippina. I’ve never used a dating site for any woman, ever – so I don’t know the protocols but it seems to me it is rife with opportunity to lie about who they are and practice with a lot of guys to see what works and what doesn’t.

    The day I met my wife it had been HORRIBLE. I was in the mountains of northern Luzon on my motorcycle, in a fucking typhoon. God I was miserable. I decided fuck it, I’ll dash all the way back to the rental place, exchange my ticket five days early and go home. I got bad directions from an asshole and ended up on progressively smaller roads, eventually a mud path, and within 20 yards of the highway I needed: a fence and ditch keeping me from getting up on the road. I had to back-track and when I FINALLY got to the rental place it was dark and I was covered head to foot in mud, drenched, a beard, looking like shit. I went across the street to get a diet coke at a little Sari-Sari store and figure out where I was going to stay.

    I am pretty accustomed to anywhere I stop the girls flocking like pigeons and built up an immunity to it. But from the moment I saw her I forgot about everything that happened to me that day, including my camera getting run over by a truck. Everything that came out of her mouth, every little turn of her head, the genuine laughter, the brightness – the near perfect English I took as a sign she just put the effort into it. I actually had a list in my wallet. A list of “must haves” and “dealbreakers”. If you have that list then you cross a lot of them off within five minutes of meeting them. But she sailed through five days of perfect scoring. It was over a year before we got married and I lived with her family almost four months in that stretch before we got serious enough to get engaged.

    She had no expectations of meeting a foreigner and marrying. She did meet them. She went out with some of them. But she left them, not vice-versa – and the reason was for the kinds of things they said or treatment they gave to what she calls “simple” people. Because that is her family. What she saw in that is how they viewed her family. Her job at that merchant seaman’s place with the Sari-Sari store in front put her in contact with Manila girls who did have profiles on dating sites and did brag about money they got. There was an internet cafe pretty close, just full of girls writing foreigners. She told me about a German guy who, just like me, had rented a motorcycle across the street and took her out with his German buddy and another girl already with his buddy. They spent all their time talking to each other and laughing, as if the girls were mindless ornaments. Whenever they laughed, this other girl would laugh too. My wife got up and left. This German guy was shocked – where are you going?! She said she was leaving. He pulled out a wad of bills and said “I have a lot of money!” It was causing a scene and the manager came to ask if there was a problem. She told the manager there was no problem, she was leaving.

    She had a friend over at the Sari Sari store and I remember the look she gave me when I crossed the street. Contempt. My wife left her job that night and never returned, although that wasn’t a plan for either one of us at the time. She talked to her friend sometime in the next couple of days and she was shocked. Kurimaw! (Beastly in Cebuano) Why was she with me!? When we had worked out our plan for me coming back to move in with her family I got the Kuripot put-down too. Because my goodness, I should be sending money. But our plan was for me to go live with her family while she enrolled back in college. She had been on scholarship but she had been working at the same time to support her family and it was just too much. I met her faculty adviser, which is maybe a little odd for many of you but it gave me good insight into her character along with academic ability. Her story checked out. She had been on scholarship. She was killing herself burning the candle at both ends. I met the lady she was working for – boy, she was really encouraging with us and it wasn’t like my wife just quit: she told us it looked like we had been boyfriend and girlfriend for years and that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. She had wonderful things to say about my wife.

    I knew more about my wife’s story in ten minutes than the German guy did in four hours. I had met with her college counselor in less than 24 hours. When I returned the next month I was living with her family. Her grandparents were there to meet me – her grandmother died a few months later and wanted to see me before she died. Her grandfather had a bullet wound from WWII. He was barely a teenager and setting booby traps for the Japanese, getting shot at as he fled. I met all her high school buddies, her neighbors, a high school teacher – all this within a couple months of meeting her. There is nothing they can hide from you this way.

    I can give lots of stories about the Cluster B cunts – twenty years of it in various third world countries. But when the right one comes along you have to move like a jet fighter. You don’t talk to her so much as get to know everyone who was important in her life. There is always someone in the neighborhood who is going to tattle on someone trying to snow you. Because they want you with their daughter instead. But nobody did that with her. She was universally praised as a really kind person.

    Not to mention how she looked in panties.