My First Post: Logical Stupidity

Confused at the stupidity in PhilippinesFor a long time I thought that there was something wrong with me. I knew that the frustrations I had daily here in The Philippines had something to do with the country and its native population, in particular their ways of reasoning. But still being raised in a country like Denmark I kept looking at myself and asking what was wrong with me, where did I fail? I have met foreigners here occasionally in immigration offices and heard them being frustrated too. Still I wasn’t sure if I was the one who was wrong.

I believe that nobody is always right all the time and nobody is all wrong all the time, but in the case of the Pinoys then they are almost wrong ALL the time.

I had some good laughs reading the posts here and the comments on this blog and I am grateful for its creation and continued existance. I know for sure it helps anyone feeling frustration, despair, confusion and irritation with these pinoys to get some distance and perspective as well as relief knowing that the foreigner feeling this is not alone in his or her observations and conclusions.

They do have the mindset of kids. And I have been thinking, how do you change the mind of a kid? My answer is you dont because the kid will need to grow up and in the process of growing up the mind will get mature. That raises another question, what if the kid never grows up?

One of the first things I noticed when I was in The Philippines was that ANYTHING that is easy to do will be made difficult or impossible. Already there are many examples of this posted by other members and some of those stories are EXACTLY the same as my personal experiences.

In my country we find it cute and amusing to ask a kid questions like, “Which car is the fastest, the one who makes alot of noise or the one who is almost silent?” “If a man digs a hole in 2 hours then how long does it take the man to dig half a hole?” “What is the heaviest 1 kg metal or 1 kg air?” We know the kid will get the answer wrong so we have a small laugh and then tell the kid the right answer followed up with an explanation. But on the other hand if you ask a grown person in my country the same questions and they get the answers wrong then thats very disturbing, because ignorance and stupidity is considered dangerous. Here in The Philippines almost everything is reversed. Up is down, right is wrong and there is an excuse for everything followed up with an illogical explanation.

Let me tell you a story I was told one of the many times I was here…..
God had put all people in the world to sleep and the people had no noses. The first people to wake up was the white people and they walked around looking for the best noses and while doing so they stepped on all the other noses. then the asian people woke up and there was only flat noses for them cause the white people had stepped on all the other noses.
At first I laughed at this story but the reaction from the pinoy telling me it was disturbing, it was as if he felt he had just educated me. These people dont want to know, because seeking knowledge means you have to work and that you will also fail in your search from time to time, so its much more convienient to make up stuff and live in a fantasy world of your own.

Angry at Filipino stupidityIts like building a house of clay and then comes the rain and the house is destroyed. Its not the house thats the problem, its the rain. So lets build another house of clay and hope it wont rain again. Then when the rain comes again and the 2nd house is destroyed, we can once again say…Oh that damn rain, its a big problem!

If a patient who needs treatment is going to have even 1% chance of getting well then the first step is to recognize that the patient is sick and NEEDS treatment. Without that acknowledgement there can be no treatment and no cure….

Thanks for all the posts and comments. Much thanks for the blogs creation and I will post more as more comes to mind and as I need to vent more frustrations and I have NO DOUBT that this will be happening. I am currently living Mindanao. I started in Manila where I had a condo, and can tell many fun stories from that time. Fun because they are past now, when they were present, my blood was boiling 24/7

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    Captain PFB

    I’m sure most of us can relate to those feelings. I really never let my true thoughts out until a couple years after first arriving here. I thought maybe I’m the only one who thinks these people are fucking morons, and if I talked about it with other foreigners, I would be seen as racist or hateful or intolerant.

    But just like with anything that causes strong emotions of anger and frustration, you gotta vent, otherwise you’ll turn into a ticking time bomb, and eventually explode. It will find it’s way out one way or the other. So it’s better to have a pressure release so that it doesn’t build up and explode.

    So that’s why I created Philippine Fail Blog. It’s a pressure release valve for many of us. It gives us foreigners a support group where we can release that pressure of built up frustrations.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I can agree on many points except one thing, I can’t compare Filipinos to kids (excluding Filipino kids) because kids has potential. Normal kids, like we were a few decades ago, are equipped with the ability to learn from one’s mistakes, grow, develop wisdom, and pass on knowledge. Comparing a Filipino to a kid is a direct insult to kids. Most of us were kids once and look at where we are now? Some of us are more successful than one another, but at least we are not rotting in colossal shit-hole like Philippines. Even I had more common sense than this when I was a kid.
    I know exactly what you mean and I want to thank you too for sharing your perception of this shitty place. You will come across many ‘off the wall’ experiences if you haven’t yet. I’ve came across several fucked up situations in America, but nothing compares to the magnitude of selfishness, disrespect, stupidity, clumsiness, and disregard for others of this country.
    Most importantly, don’t allow form of their sugar-coat bullshit deviate you from the realization that they are corrupted fucked up individuals. They love to sing, smile, and party…. but underneath all that you will encounter the worst species of people ever known to man. I deal with them everyday, and I go to school (college) with them. So I know. You can’t trust them, so keep that in mind. Never loan anything to them, and don’t delegate them to important taskings, and also don’t expect them to be on time for ANYTHING! The only days I don’t suffer with their chaotic ways are days I don’t walk out the front door of my apartment. Sometimes I still deal with stupidity on those days because I am married to one!
    I’ve been to Mindanao too, how is it down there? I’ve been in the Agusan Del Sur area, plus I visited Davao and Butuan once. Good luck to you buddy and I look forward to your next post. Take care!

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      I lived in Davao and hands down i think it’s the most civil place to live in the Philippines. You will still run into numbskulls, but for the most part it’s fairly orderly.

      Lived in a 3 bed, 3 bath house with pool near the city proper. Nice, quiet, helpful and educated neighbors (native successful Filipinos with brains!), and just an overall peaceful place. Not much of a nightlife… but raising kids and spending some quality time on Samal beaches (10 minute boat ride from Davao) is fantastic.

      My gf is from Davao, so we head down there at least once every 3 months.

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    jimmy smith Post author

    Thanks for accepting my post and for the comments.

    Its nicer here than in Manila for sure, I live some distance from Davao and yeah its much better there than the capital, I like it quiet and have good relations with the locals here. Not in the PI for nightlife or picking up new girls. Just staying with my fiance and her family and helping out the best I can. Had many good experiences here mainly I think because people in the province arent assuming to know everything and they seem to have more understanding of basic things like why the garbage can was invented. I had many days picking up the trash where we live and at first they laugh the grown ups, but kids would come help not expecting anything, and now from time to time I see kids picking up trash their parents throw and then walk to the garbage can I had set up here outside our house. That’s amusing, that its the kids that have to show the parents the right way and especially when some of these parents are wearing tshirts that say save mother Earth.

    The kids also like to get small entertainment evenings at the bench area we got and maybe they just like looking at the white guy, but I think some are actually listening and learning. A capital city always brings the worst kind, its the same in Copenhagen and everywhere, but the people of a capital are not the entire people of any nation. I focus my energy on the kids, the grown ups I consider lost causes, and I stop them when I see them fighting in the street, throwing rocks after dogs and ect. And I use the whip and carrot system, reward to those who behave and no reward to those who are mal dito/dita. Because of the poverty many will fast learn that it doesnt pay off to act like a demon even if they are living in a hellhole. Yeah they come to ask to barrow and I know from Manila what that means, they ask my fiance not me and she is strict and cheaper than me, even with her brothers so I feel I am in a good position and that there is reason to be positive.

    As for the general population in the PI I dont have high hopes or see any change over the coming decades. I just do what I can where I am and show the way by being a good example. A few times some white trash foreigner comes and thinks this is a great place to get pussy and I let him know that he should go somewhere else and I tell my family how I feel and I think I got alot of credit for that. I dont wanna be the alpha gorilla here or educate people with a gun, if someone wants to learn and be good then they dont need school or anything for that, it comes from the heart and from understanding whats wrong and stop doing the wrong things. Its not science, anyways I recommend anyone foreign here to get out of Manila, thats the worst place to be in the PI. Not always peace of mind here and had quarrels with some who said they would kill me, but the day I die was decided the day I was born, I can hide or do whatever I want, nothing will change that. Thats what I believe, so they cant move me with threats or control me with fears. happy new year to everyone and again thanks for this blog, its been very entertaining and useful for me also to read and share here.

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      I enjoyed your post Jimmy and I think it came from the heart. Very well said and I agree with most of the points you have made. Interesting connection made between Filipinos and kids as I think that sums it up quite nicely. Two things I would caution you about though is:

      #1 – Getting involved in breaking up fights between Filipinos typically never ends well for the peacemaker. Vendettas are real here and that fire is poked the more San Mig’s are consumed.

      #2 – Threats against your life are also very real, so while I completely understand your mindset about not backing down from anyone, I highly encourage you to be wary of your surroundings when such words are uttered towards you.

      Definitely one of the things I don’t understand about this country and how God-fearing they pretend to be. While for the most part they are non-confrontational, there is a hidden switch buried in there somewhere that activates their propensity for over the top violence at times.

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    jimmy smith Post author

    I learned in Manila how it works. Played basketball with the guys in the slum where the ex gf family lived and they got rough. played for a 10 peso bet each player to pay the other team. Once the game was over the loosing side would often throw rocks, bottles or whatever they could find at the winning team. Seen many simple chess games turn into fights. They have to win otherwise they flare up. The kids at the netcafes dont start by playing the game, first thing they look for is cheat codes. I know the nature of these demons, and I know I am in hell when I am here. So I grow a second pair of eyes on the back. I wear a weapon, knife, stungun or mace. Was looking at the guns in Davao SM mall and saw a nice piece for 70k peso, but my fiance needs to buy it and get the papers first and go through 50 notaries and all that crap first. Good thing if these cases should turn real is a cop will make the crime scene go away for around 10k peso. This is the most violent country I ever been to that calls itself a democracy I ever seen. But being handsome and white has its advantages over the pinoys themselves. its like they wouldnt attack say brad pitt or tom cruise but would stab one of their own 35 times over a karoke song select mixup over some red horses. I dont look like the mentioned actors, but I think you got the idea. These pinoys are shallow minded and apperance, proclamations and words are everything for them. I am not ugly and I just proclaim back and say the words like in a bad action movie. So when this guy 1 week ago came into my familys business drunk and annoying this was the exchange of words.

    Moron – You like the Philippines
    Me = No, I love the Philippines
    Moron – hospitality eh…then something nobody but him understod was uttered
    Me = You are drunk, you smell like a bar, get out.
    Moron – Negative eh, why you dont like the Philippines
    Me = Go home, there is nothing here for you to do today
    Moron walks out to and in the doorway turns around and starts yelling –
    You are puting (think it means son of a bitch) you are nothing, this is my place
    Me = This is YOUR place ? This is my dads place, you dont pay rent, you just come to drink, this isnt a bar, go somewhere else.

    Then at that point there was lots around to watch, many kids and some grown ups and they blocked him away and told me to ignore him, but I was frustrated already over some other things so I maintained eye contact with him and gave him the clint eastwood look. He walked and then came back with a bottle as if he wanted to attack me with it and acting crazy.
    Moron = You wont get home, I will fix you up at the airport, you are dead.

    I requested we called the police and it turned out they didnt have a patrol car, so I had to go to the station myself, took the motorcycle and then saw a patrol car parked at the station, the cops were busy watching some crap soap show and didnt want to do anything. Told me to go to barangay hall the next day and settle it with him. me telling them that there was 40 witnesses there didnt help.
    I asked them if I had to do their job for them and gather the witnesses, and got a yes sir. then when I asked if I had been stabbed then they would also require me to find the knife and dust it for fingerprints for them.
    Noooo thats another crime, go talk to the guy tomorrow in the barangay hall…
    I asked what if a woman gets raped, then she needs to go talk to her perpetrator also at barangay hall and settle it ? again nooo sir, thats another crime….

    The next day he came and apologised and gave hand and told me he was drunk and he was sorry.
    just forget it, its okay I said, these things happen. But I know in hell you gotta be careful, still I gotta be true also to myself, and him being there that night made it bad for business and he was really annoying, havent seen him around since he apologised, maybe he is at some family member somewhere leeching them for money. I never get involved with anyones internal conflicts unless it would involve my family here directly and only if I know for sure that the they are not guilty of the problems they are in. With a little courage (something the pinoys lack, they will come at night and stab you in the back) and some psychology its not that hard to deal with a 9 year old even if its a 9 year old in a grown mans body. But yeah foreigners die here over petty disputes and the perpetrator walks free, read many stories about that and the crimes arent even investigated here. Watching a soap show is more important, and the cops saying no patrol car was a direct lie, cant trust anyone here and they cant trust each other either. its pathetic and they mention hell when these things comes up, you will go to hell they will say. LOL, I am already in hell, hell is my home 6 months a year and even more pathetic, thats the stuff the priests tell them in church. Donate or go to hell and they believe it, so they expect others to believe it too when they utter the same words. Fuck them, I am not stirring trouble, I just stand up when they fuck around on what I see as my territory and if they will try to kill me for that then so be it. The Philippines already got a reputation in many European countries as being a dangerous place, these idiots dont know how much they are hurting the country they claim to be so proud of and claim to be so peaceful, loving, caring and god fearing. Thailand have 141000 danes visitng every year spending millions there, Philippines have less than 1000…..and we are a small country, if that scale hold up for all western countries then they could do the math if they were able to and see how much they are loosing in income. but with their service level and low standards its no wonder not many comes here. I am only here to be with my fiance and once we get married we will get the fuck out of this place and only come back if the plane we are on needs make an emergency landing in the Philippines.

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      GOD-FUCKIN DAMMIT! I just written a 500+ word reply, but my internet got disconnected soon after I hit the ‘POST COMMENT’ button. Don’t feel like writing all that again. All I gotta say, I hope you know your fiancé well and I hope her family isn’t leeching off of you now, because it will be expected after you are married. Plus that is a sign that the relationship isn’t unconditional. Only you know your fiancé better than anyone else, I’ve been engaged to mine for 3 years before getting married, and been married for 3 years. It’s not worth it for me, this is the last country in the world where you want to be married, especially if you are a young cat. Another thing I said before my shitty internet got knocked out was that the capital may be a fucked up place to live, but at least it’s closer to the government and is expected to run with some type of protocol, unlike Mindanao where everything is ran off of bribes in order for them to do their jobs. It’s sad, but true. If you bribeb

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        (continue) bribed those police officer, they would’ve done their job. I bet ya! I don’t know what the fuck happened, my comment got posted automatically without finishing. Good luck man, I’m out!

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    jimmy smith Post author

    Thanks FAFI. happened to me many times also, so I got used to write in word and then after copy paste. Yeah if I had bribed them, but at a police station thats gonna cost alot cause they ALL want something. I been thinking alot lately after reading almost al the comments and posts here and its becoming more and more clear to me that I shouldnt be here at all, not even for short vacant. Not as long as the country is it this condition and its people are so stupid, which means I should NEVER come back and I dont think I will. There is a reason why I am not married yet and I am not sure I will marry any pinoy ever. I went to the province here cause I thought it would e cleaner, more quiet and that the people was nicer. I was wrong. Yeah there is more law and order in Manila, and I am going against the foreign state departments travel advice by being here in Mindanao. I go home end of jan 2014 and if I feel like I do now then that will be it. I will cut all contact and ignore this countrys requests for help when we collect back home for some disaster or for toys or clothes to send. I see these clothes being sold in small markets and I know they were donated to be given away for free, not sold for 50 or 100 peso. Not many back home knows these things, we know about Africa which we tried to help for decades and now nobody cares about those countries there anymore. When the tv shows the famine and the kids and red cross asks for donations most danes will change channel. I will use the knowledge I have about this country and write a long article for the newspapers and maybe a book too about how you screw up a perfectly fine life by giving all you have in the name of love to scammers who look good on the outside but are rotten, hollow, stupid, corrupt and totally useless on the inside. I used to see my fiance as hot and very sexy, now I feel for the most time its like I adopted a 7 year old girl and I have to be school teacher, father, husband, lover and provider. While all she does is cook some food without washing hands first all the time, clean clothes like we did 2000 years ago except back then there wasnt nails and rust destroying the clothes. I dont wear copy things or have copy products. I learned here when they say, nike shoes for sale, or whatever then its copy. If they say original then MAYBE it is, but if they dont say that word then for sure its cheap imitation. I am tired of the women back home and the Western women dont interst me anymore, I am 39 and the time is ticking. Maybe Brazil or Argentina is better place to bet on, foreigners can own land there and they arent 3rd world countries. I am not on a vendetta against anyone, just feel that nobody is telling the truth back home about this place, I was lied to also by fellow danes who didnt say any bad things but only how nice everything is. I fail to see much more than nice climate, nice landscapes from a distance, once you get closer they look more like landfills. If I can make just a handful of men who is about to sell all they got and move here think twice or maybe even change their mind then my losses werent totally wasted. Thanks again everyone and take care of yourselves. Trust nobody here and watch your backs. Oh a funny thing today by the way. 2 women and a man came here to our house singing xmas songs. Its past xmas but I told them to wait lang and then went inside and got an envelope and on it I wrote…MERRY XMAS, its season for giving, give to me peso and you will get rewarded by the lord for being generous. they gave me a blank stare then a little smile and sat down on the bench outside waiting for money. I took shower, checked stuff on the laptop and went out from my room 2 hours later and they were still sitting there. So I was getting pissed, I cant believe they dont take a hint even when its so obvious. I asked them for the envelope and they smiled alot maybe thinking I would put money in it. I looked inside and saw it empty as I expected and gave them the upset face and said loud and angry. No peso !!! Go away now ! then they went…..Proud to be pinoy…..sigh

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      Holy shit! So you are leaving this dump next month? Congrats to you man… can you do me a favor and kiss the ground for me when you get home, I miss American soil, and the Embassey don’t count as American soil in my book. Too bad there isn’t a place to find out how fucked up this country is before coming here. PhilippineFailBlog is excellent, but this is a kind of website I would visit after finding out first hand how corrupted this place is, which is why I am here now. Oh yeah, in case you are not aware: FAFI stands for ‘Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots’ if you haven’t known that yet, I just abbreviated it because I got tired of saying the whole thing to myself whenever I stumble upon an idiotic situation here, which is like every fuckin day!
      About what you said about how it feels like you are adopting a 7 year old child, well you pretty much nailed it! It gets worst once she demands you to take care of her whole family too if it ever goes that route. My idiot wife is only good for cooking, cleaning, and having unintelligent convesations with. Her English is at a 6th grade level, so we are never on the same page with things. Ok, you mentioned that you once viewed her as hot and sexy…. Well I’m in the same wagon as you buddy, because my wife was hot and sexy at one point too, which probably contributed to 70% of the reason why I married her. But after that, all that sexiness had slowly drained away since she got too relaxed and secure with me. Ok, I’m not gonna be a shit-head, even if she was still as sexy as she was before, it still wasn’t worth marrying her. I wanted a girl where it felt like it’s ‘us vs the world.’ Well, as much as I complain about her shitty country to her, and physically show her the evidence, she defends it or tells me, “This isn’t America, this is Philippines,” as if that makes it ok for Philippines to be so fucked up.
      The point is bro, you have many choices, and you don’t want to be tied up with somebody who you can’t leave after conflicts with her gets worst. I’m stuck with my idiot wife until I leave this country. My petition for her visa to the states hasn’t gone all the way through, and I haven’t told anybody in my family I married her. So I am still recognized as single to my family and the American system. Which means, I’m free after I leave this dump!
      Filipinos are never good at taking a hint, their brains don’t function to identify indirect or subliminal messages. Everything has to be direct, obvious, and to the point with them, broken down in barney style so they can understand. My idiot wife may have been conditioned to a few of my ways, but Filogic still runs in her blood. She will always be an idiot for life. The ability to find things out on her own will never click in her mind, she still asks me stupid questions that can either be easily searched on google, or questions she will ask me during a movie which will be answered 3 minutes later if she just continues to watch the damn movie. Wait a minute, my idiot wife don’t know how to use google, even after showing her many times.
      And yes, I can compare this country to a landfill too. Remember how you talked about titles before? Well the same can be said about the names of their landmarks. I live close to a place called ‘greenhills.’ Ok, I will tell you two things. There are no fuckin hills here, and there is nothing ‘GREEN’ about this area! This place should be called ‘SHITHILLS’ if you ask me!
      If you can see more in your girlfriend other than just hot looks, go for her. I am not here to intervene in any decision making when it comes to marriages. Maybe she maybe the right one for you. If not, then there are many beautiful girls worldwide who are equiped with intelligence, and are financially independent you can choose from. If you are lucky, there is a 1 in a million chance you may find one here in Philippines who may fit all your preferences. Other than that, if you are considering another country like Argentina or Brazil, make sure conduct some deep research to make sure it’s not anything like this place. When I say ‘deep,’ I mean search and see if there are blogs about it like ‘BrazilFailblog’ so you are up to date with the daily rants about those countries. I would hate for you to leave a shit-hole, to end up in another shit-hole, and then later find out how shitty it is until after you decide to settle in, like my experience with Philippines (and many other’s). Good luck to you brother, and good luck!

      PS: I took your advice and typed this in word prior to posting, there shouldn’t be any problems posting this time. Thx for the tip. And Merry Xmas to you too. 🙂

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    jimmy smith Post author

    hahaha thanks fifa, yeah will do my research better next time. live and learn, thats what the pinoys fail to do. thanks man ! and I know the green hills, its a heavily polluted area from traffic and loads of shit people around that area. makes me think back to the Manila days. Fucking depressing !

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      Fifa? Sorry dude, but I never been a big fan of soccer…. lol. But I know what you mean, I’m the last one to talk with the countless typos I always make. You enjoy, I will be back on in the morning. L8er Jimmy.