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BTN, BoboTheNoun. Yep, we hear it all the time, used as an adjective, describing something, or someone. I, however, believe it can be a noun as well, like in the following example: “Holy fuck, this place is just full of bobo today”. Technically, grammatically, no, it’s wrong, but when we willingly subject ourselves to living here, among the “wonderful natives”, I don’t see anything wrong with manipulating things a little to create a little chuckle, and maybe ease some of the tension, and aggression, that we all feel from time to time (or rather, hour to hour). Bobo-rific, di ba? 😉

Been here over 7 years, still in a “Tourist” status, and plan on keeping it that way. I play by the rules regarding VISA extensions and such, no use causing any unwanted attention drawn to myself from “those that be”.

Have lived in a few different places, and now call Makati home. Makati Makati, the CBD, not some little shack “across the line” that people still LOVE to refer to as Makati. So far, this place is the best fit for me since the degree of Bobo is a little lower than the rest of the country (talking from as far South as Pagadian, Zambo Sur, to the jungles of Samar (whew, gotta tell that story one day), up to the clouds of Baguio, and a shit ton of places in between).

Just wanted to say that this site has been a wonderful source of not only laughter, but understanding. Understanding that no, I’m NOT alone in my feelings, observations of how shit works here, and that yes, there ARE other “normal” people out there just like me. My hat is off, gents and ladies, and I look forward to opinions (both positive and negative) on what ever happens to roll off my fingertips from time to time.


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    The site owner said somewhere he spent like $150 – $300 for the site. I’ve probably lost about $1000 in productivity just reading and typing comments. This site is great!

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    Lot of like-minded individuals here, so it’s a LOT easier to relate, and post openly, and honestly. I’ve been in Asia for the past 23 years (I’m 42) thanks to a career cut short in the US Navy. In all of my travels, and places I’ve lived, I have never encountered any place quite like the Phils. One day soon I’ll sit down and just spill the venom about this failed state.
    And yes, lot easier, and safer, to just jump on here and get a few laughs than give that dumb motherfucker the throat punch they so rightly deserve…

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    You’re not alone man. When I went to the PH I was confused that if it was me or is it just them FLIPS not getting it. I realized that it was all of them ! I was not alone because of this site!

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    This site is so fucking great to read. I was practically on the verge of depression 6 months after moving here and this place at least gives me a way to channel my frustrations.

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    It is a relief. “Misery loves company.”

    Only one thing. There is no seven year tourist visa.

    Also…who tours a country for 7 years?

    Nice moniker, by the way. Very creative and appropriate for this parasite, er paradise.