Loogie Hocking Taxi Drivers

I’ve been getting out and about a lot more often for the past couple months. And of course I refuse to ride the filthy, germ riddled, sardine cans they call Jeepneys. There is never ever a point that determines them “full”. No matter how the “caring and loving and respectful” Filipinos inhumanly stuff and cram people in like livestock for slaughter, they always stop and pack more in for 7 pesos more. So I take a taxi. I’m not an animal. And to be perfectly honest, anyone with a shred of dignity and self respect would refuse to ride in Jeepneys also. Every time I have ever taken a Jeepney ride, I end up with a cold or flu and I’m fucked up sick for a week. Jeepneys are utterly disgusting.

loogie-hocking-driversBut there is something I recently took notice of which is disgusting about riding a taxi. Actually, I’ve always noticed it, but I never really paid much mind to it until recently since I’ve been riding a taxi 3 or 4 days a week for the past couple months. When we’re stopped at an intersection or in gridlock traffic, the driver snorts in a nice big wad of his snot, opens his door, and hocks a loogie. “Disgusting” I thought to myself. And I began to become very aware of this with every taxi ride. Virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY, WITH EVERY TAXI DRIVER, at some point in the ride, the driver would make that disgusting snort in, open his door, and hock out a wad of snot.

I always sit in the back seat. And I began to make it a point to sit on the right side of the back seat, as far away from the driver as possible. I didn’t want any of his spray making it’s way to the back seat left side.

Yesterday was the first taxi ride in two months that was loogie-free! It was the first uneventful, non-disgusting, PLEASANT taxi ride I’ve had in months.

I often walk to places within 2 or 3 kilometers of my home. So I think next time I take a walk, I’m going to survey the intersection and see if it’s riddled with sun-baked loogies.



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    Phil Doh

    Fucking disgusting aren’t they? I wouldn’t even do that in front of close friends and family let alone a stranger, one who is paying me for a service. I actually always sit in the front seat where I can find a seatbelt and tell myself this won’t be the day I die in a traffic accident.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I had an ossie nurse in PNG. She would go absolutely ballistic at the 0600 hr meeting of the bosses if she seen betal nut spit around camp.
      She was real cool , that one, a real dyed in the wool ossie.. hahahhahah
      Then they have to put 20 pesos worth of gas into their cab or jeepney,, I often wondered how many times a day,, these morons filled up their tanks??
      A neighbor bought a new car for Uber taxi, but he cant drive 1 day a week because of the odd/even numbering system of Manila traffic control??/
      Only in da feelipines

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        My Dad had a white car when he worked in PNG. One time we visited him during school holidays because he could not take time off work. Mum borrowed the car to go to the local markets. Somebody spat his betel nut on the back of the car. The red color never came off! We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, but the back end of that car remained streaked with red. Anyway, Dad sold it to another native who did not mind the red streak. 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Sappho

      ….You see why I’m not living in that country anymore. If I visit there, I stay out of Filipino crowds. It’s difficult when I have no choice!

      It’s so fucking disgusting!

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Loads of things which never cease to amaze me with this special breed of fucking imbeciles. Here’s a short list:

    * They always need to stop and take a piss at some point during the journey – whilst they leave the meter running. Fucking imbecile might have been sitting in a taxi queue for two hours – but the time to take a piss is when you have a passenger on board. I’ve often though of stealing the cab whilst they are off pissing. My fantasy is just to park it in a slum, and walk away with the motor still running.
    * The fucking morns all speak the same senseless words, and repeat them over and over again during the ride. Solid gems of wisdom like; “Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk {as it shakes it’s imbecile head} – berree trapik. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk…” and “Ohh, EDSA, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk”. How the fuck do they even make that tongue clicking sound? Do they learn it in taxi driver school?
    * They all play obnoxiously loud radio stations – usually pumping out 30 + year old love songs and accompanied by the most idiotic commentary imaginable from the radio announcers. If these fuckers didn’t have complete mush for brains when they started driving a taxi, this shit will guarantee the transition to brain-dead-zombie-creature in just a few short hours.
    * They love to tell you about the “achievements” of their snot-nosed fucking kids. “Ohh, Romy Jun, he veree smart. Only six and already, she eat by heself. Soon she walk too.” I just want to tell ’em how the little fuckers should have been aborted – or explain how it’s not too late – and fucking drown them.
    * They try to run over every pedestrian in sight. Nobody is spared. Pregnant women trying to cross the road, old people with a cane, and even people on the sidewalk – these vile creatures have zero regard for their own lives, that of their passengers, or anyone else inconsiderate enough to just be sharing road or footpath space where these entitled fucks want to drive.

    They’re just my top five. I could write an article (or maybe a short book) on the other shit which pisses me off about this special breed of imbecile. Another time.

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      David Harden

      I had purchased a Kawasaki Ninja, turned it into a track screamer and the cost and hassle of most pinoy houses, I would park away from every other 5 hp no muffler underbone motorscooter just so it wouldnt be damaged ( they fuck up everything they touch here) I will be damned if the taxi drivers wouldnt park, illegally, as close as possible, open their doors against it, put their seats back and spit their nasty luggie on it, also breaking a mirror, or scratching the custom show paint job. Catching one doing it, I cussed his brain dead ass out . He did itagain before I could move it, so I attacked him. P1m motorcycle vs p250,000 cab didnt faze his dumb ass, said it was minor damage. Knocked him on his ass, before I could finish the coward girlyman the traffic enforcement guys, who I am friends with, (even though I told them I wanted to stick their whistles up their ass) pulled me away and said its ok go home, taxi drivers will stick together and knife you. ( I didnt care about that because I always pack a concealed .45. I know I know, the law. I dont care, I will throw it in ocean or river if I ever use it. ) (I will not be a victim to a bunch of life hating monkeys. no comments needed on that part, I accept the time if I do the crime) So I left. 5 vehicles damaged by these fucks, 4 motorcycles and a truck. All taxi drivers. Next day saw same taxi back over a parked motorcycle, a 5hp no muffler piece of shit. The delivery guy was coming out, saw it, taxi guy started to pull away. Bike rider caught him, fight, Taxi driver knocked out, bike rider just left, I had a beer and laughed.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I think the most lane changes within a 100 meter stretch I have counted was 14.

      The mindless shitheads apparently can’t see the vehicle stopped and blocking the lane they just moved into just 30 meters ahead, because there was an opening, and a full car length more. But the fucktards always end up stopped and trying to change back because of the car previously stated is blocking the lane. Now he’s 15 cars BEHIND the car he was behind before he changed lanes.

      I can’t tell you how many times I whisper under my breath “my god what a complete retard” during any taxi ride.

      How these fucking brainless imbeciles can continue to claim they are “caring, loving, respectful people” is beyond any measure of comprehension whatsoever. These are the most willfully ignorant, mindlessly rude, unbelievably inconsiderate bunch of sub-human vermin I have ever seen in my life. They have no sense of order whatsoever. They are like ants, crawling over each other, nudging, not yielding to anyone at any time for any reason.

      Ever see an ambulance with lights flashing and siren blaring coming down the road? Notice how you’re the ONLY MOTHERFUCKER who notices it? See how NOBODY gives a fuck, or will yield even to an emergency vehicle?

      I swear to fuck, I hope it’s one of their relatives dying in the ambulance while they NOT GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT’S WAY, for the precious seconds needed in a hospital to save his/her life, and he/she dies. I hope when he finds out about the death, they say, “people would not get out of the ambulance way, they didn’t get her to the hospital on time. That’s why she died. Had the ambulance arrived just 30 seconds sooner, she could have been saved.”

      But nope, ignorant brainless Filipinos are too fucking UNCARING to get the fuck out of the way of an ambulance.

      Been here 12 fucking years, and I’ll never get used to the sheer dumbfuckery, the mind-blowing incomprehensible stupidity that I see every fucking day in this nation of complete morons.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        “…I’ll never get used to the sheer dumbfuckery, the mind-blowing incomprehensible stupidity that I see every fucking day in this nation of complete morons”

        That’s exactly how I feel. Every time I think that I’ve seen a bottom to their incomprehensible, mind-numbing fucking stupidity, a new low emerges. I personally can’t believe that anything which claims to be human can be so devoid of connecting brain cells. I think I need to get the fuck out of here for a while…

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I think I counted 30 lane changes in a taxi from MOA to Maggalanes Village. They would win the Olympics if they had games for that.
        Or how many times I have seen cars driving right in the middle of the white line.. That paint is just on there for beauty.
        Now , I know why the rich surround themselves with 30 foot high walls,, razor wire,, armed guards and broken bottles on top of the wall.. It is to keep the morons out,,

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    I can count the number of times the taxi or jeepney or bus drivers did not release a “loggie” from the depts of the bowels of his lungs. I honestly don’t know how they can dig such disgusting mucus from their bodies, then release it with such speed that would put an Afghan missile launcher to shame. You gotta be careful when walking on the side walks too! I almost copped one of those bacteria laden snot, it missed me by a mere millimeters!

    One time I had the misfortune of such a filthy driving in Cebu city. Every so often he’d wind his window down and launch one of those “loggies”, and when he was not coughing his lungs out, he was falling asleep in between red lights! I was just glad to get out of his taxi alive!! Knowing that TB is rampant in the Philippines, I was glad that I’ve been vaccinated for TB, or else I swear I’d probably have caught TB too! I just hope the bastards don’t give me one of their antibiotics resistant tuberculosis! !

    I got sick last July holidays when my Aunt and I picked up my cousin arriving from Manila. Same thing, the driver expectorated all the way to the airport. Next day, I had a sore throat, runny nose and cough! I now travel anywhere with a mask!

    Anyone ever got a ride from a paranoid taxi driver? I did! I swear he’d have to be on drugs the way he was behaving! Either that or he was an untreated Schizophrenic! He was calling everyone on the streets terrorists, not to mention his erratic driving. I was surprised we made it to MOA safely.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Sarah
      I did not know you could be vaccinated for TB????
      Yes,, the treatment is long and expensive one.. They get better and quit medication too early.
      Good luck Mate

    2. Profile gravatar of Sappho

      The adults who have HIV, AIDS, and others who have compromised immune systems are at a greater risk when they are exposed to the communicable diseases.

      If you’re healthy, don’t worry too much. Always make a good habit of keeping yourself healthy. Anyway, don’t stick yourself with used needles even though you have a strong immune system. lol. Everywhere you go, do not allow anybody gets closer to your personal space. Always keep a distance from people you’re talking to. They may not have a TB, but they have other infectious diseases that they make you sick, but them.


      The sore throat, runny nose, and cough are not always signs/symptoms of TB. I had a sore throat and runny nose when I visited the cleanest and developed country on earth. They were people and kids had common colds due to the changed of their weather. Because I was a little educated about bacteria and viruses, I did not panic. I washed my hands at all times. I hydrated, eat well balanced food, and rested. The next day, I was fine.

      You don’t need antibiotics for TB unless you have that infection. If you have a TB, the sore throat, runny nose, and coughing you have experienced will be incomparable to the symptoms or signs of having a TB.

      The people who have TB are treated like terrorists once they received treatment plan. You would know once you get a TB. It’s not an ordinary illness.

    3. Profile gravatar of Sappho

      Coughing is a way of eliminating debris or invaders in our lungs. It’s also a sign that there is something wrong in the lungs. People who smoke and second hand smokers cough.

      The TB cannot be seen with naked-eye. The others who have it are unnoticeable.

  4. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Yes Al, you could get vaccines for it. It’s called the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine and first use in 1921. It actually does not stop an immunocompromised individual or infants/young children from developing TB if they get exposed to the bacterium. It just reduces the chances of them developing the actual disease. Once infected with TB however, you are apparently immune for life.

    Our health department here strongly suggests BCG vaccinations if you are going to live in a country where TB is prevalent. And Philippines is one of those countries.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Its actually the norm to get a “no” if you ask for revaccination where I come from. Which is actually frightening, cos it shows how little the responsible authorities have understood about the…profylactic importance of having a large pool of actively vaccinated population! Especially when half the World is on the move…..

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        BCG vaccines are not given in Australia as a routine. Health workers are encouraged to have it, especially if he/she is going to be working in places where TB is rampant. Nowadays, the emphasis on prevention is on wearing masks and diligent hygiene. Certainly, the rising cases of antibiotic resistant mutations are having the medical community worried. Hopefully the Flips won’t export that to Oz.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          The….empasis is wrong! Cos none of them have personally experienced mass-TB like between 1890 to ca 1930!
          When they understand their error it will be too late! When the Risk has been gone for more than 60 years the collective memory gets…weakend. This applies to doctors as well!

          Wearing masks and diligent hygiene cannot protect you from major outbreak! Only a high degree of vaccinated population can!

          This is also a money issue. It is seen as…”presently unnecessary “. It is a…cost/benefit issue, not a…” Optimum security” issue.

          It is also weighed agaist other risk factors, and so “focus” is out of synch.;-)

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “Wearing masks and diligent hygiene cannot protect you from major outbreak! Only a high degree of vaccinated population can!
            This is also a money issue. It is seen as…”presently unnecessary “. It is a…cost/benefit issue, not a…” Optimum security” issue.”

            Totally agree Muffa! Especially as Australia is not actually full of unemployed health care workers, unlike the Failippines where Doctors and Nurses are a dime a dozen. Therefore, our state employer should conserve us, health care workers by protecting us. But they leave it to us to get protected instead of making the vaccinations mandatory. It’s kinda “work at your own risk” .

            Oh, we pay for most of the vaccines anyway if we want it, except the annual flu vaccines. But if we don’t want it, then we risk our own health and we can’t/should not come to work when sick to avoid spreading any infections, even if it’s just the simple cold.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    To talk disease: The first “secondary clap” where antibiotics dont help was developed …where?.. .Manila whores, of course!:-) Its their dubious honour that we now have a clap that doesent respond to a.b!

    As I wanted to go to the phils a friend of mine was opposed to it. She had a close relative recently die in the phils, of encephalitis! Of course that can happen many places, but a little typical it was the phils!

    The phils is probably one of the most pest-ridden countries in Asia, and at the same time one with the worst medical health services! When you add these discusting habits which are mentioned above ’tis no great surprise that the life-expectancy is low!

    The stupidity-level makes it even more dangerous, as both the general populationas well as some health-workers are totally ignorant of what actually causes disease! IF you Are smitten by some nasty disease (TB, Rabies, diverse types encephalitis, tyfoid, dengue etc) you can rest assured that you Will get some of the Worst medical treatments it is possible to achieve on this Planet! Pinoy Pride&Ignorance be your guarantee for that!!:-)

    If you get in collision with pinoy(very likely) the chanses that your wounds will be infected with gangren (In Hospital!) Are…..quite good!;-)

    Most likely they will also amputate the leg where you Dont have gangren!:-)
    You’d probably be better off in a….field hospital during WW1!!…or maybe even the American Civil War. Remember to bring your own toilet paper and medicines! Can’t walk after amputation? Your problem!:-) Oh, what “considerate, respectful place”!

    So its wise to say your prayers every night and keep a good rel. with your Lord, for the transition from life to….the Elysean Fields, Celestian Realms or whatever you call the Place, are quick in the phils, and not always painless! 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    That is why I had to write the Uber article. I go out of my way as much as possible to never use a taxi. It is a last resort and I have to be in dire need of getting somewhere for me to use a taxi now.

    There was a time they were going to ban it. It turns out some connected “business people” were using their gov’t connections to start their own version. So at the final hour with hundreds (maybe thousands) of uber driver jobs in the balance, they said Uber is ok. Of course, that means they worked out a bribery deal to keep operating and each driver has to pay the amazing gov’t 1K pesos a year to operate. However, I am very happy they are still around and I encourage everyone to use them. It is a world of difference! Believe me.


  7. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

    The most personal encounter involving loogie spitting people are also, you guessed it, taxi drivers. On the way home there are taxi drivers on the side of the road, parked and waiting for someone who might need a ride. One of them spat out a disgusting goo of disease, and it almost hit my right foot. He tapped my back for apology and said he’s sorry. I sent him a pissed-off look after that.

    1. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      Dont forget to mention that stupid as fuck >I just humped the neighbors dog grin < all the men give you when you catch them fucking up, breaking the law at your expense or infringing in your space damaging your property.
      I want to knock that grin right off them.
      Like it makes it ok to do something wrong if you grin. Stupid fuckwads.

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Here are some of the things that I hated about taxi drivers:

    1 – drivers drive on a 24-hour basis, 24 hours on 24 hours. That means is sleepy and tired unless they’re taking drugs to stay awake. I had incidents where drivers were falling asleep at the lights twice, one time I had to wake a guy up. Another time I went to reach for the seatbelt on the back seat and there was none it had been cut out I just grabbed a bit of cutting. Another time I had the driver ghosting on me – meaning he was touring at things that didn’t exist and breaking on and off when he didn’t need to. In this situation he broke suddenly and a motorbike with two guys on the back rear-ended us.

    2 – stopping in to get fuel on the way – this is a great Filipino tradition of the customer losers which is typical of how businesses run. You do everything in their time and wait for them when they don’t bust their ass to accommodate you. Filipinos don’t value their time, they have no value on their time. Therefore is quite common for business peoples take advantage of a bus, van, taxi full of passengers and make them wait while the vehicle is fuelled. I did this three times in one day where drivers pulled into a service station.

    3 – running out of gas. You wouldn’t believe it but I have been into situations where the taxi driver has run out of gas. And he wanted to charge me.

    4 – not having the right change/starting the day without change. Most business in the Philippines starts the day with zero float. Can you believe a business giving this staff nothing to start the day with. It’s quite common to walk into a bridge shop for example or another business which are run by untrained staff and find that there cash register is empty. You’ll also find that at the start of the shift the taxi driver will start his day with no money, I am serious, it’s not a scam and they will expect you to have the right change. On occasions I’ve said stop the meat and I will get change and after some searching around (surprise surprise) change was found.

    Five – leaving the meter on while change is found. You wouldn’t believe this but the taxi driver to charge me to go and get the change he didn’t have. I had someone else change while I’m went into the restaurant and it was only negligible amount but still, on principle the driver had deducted some “waiting time”being the time he ran up and down the street asking for change from my Peso note.

    Six – not turning the meter on. This really annoys me, sometimes even saying it in Filipino – English multiple times as many as four times turn the meter on, turn the meat on, meter on, can you please turn on the meter. After which I let rip and the meter is turned on immediately but I don’t see any reason why it should be getting to the stage where I have to repeat myself for five times for the meter to be switched on.

    Seven – drivers that have been sleeping in the car, and smell of body odour. Some have even been smoking in the car.

    Eight – drivers who ask for more than what they’re entitled to. I had a friend that said to the driver put on the meter and drive me around and meter came at 900 pesos, on the way and that was quite a few hours in the day the driver had also been given food, drinks et cetera. As my friend thought the driver was such a good guy for showing around for quite a few many hours he said rounded up to 1200 pesos. You told me you should’ve seen the disappointment on this guy’s face and he said no no to my friend I want TWO THOUSAND pesos despite the meter being 900 pesos and the fact that as most drivers they hire the vehicles for around 1100 pesos a day. So basically he wanted his car paid for the day and his salary for 12 hours and then work the next 12 hours and get extra money.

    Filipinos are like that though, you give them an edge and now take extra inches you then half an inch and they will want 1 inch. So this is why you always half or one third whatever you give them and then increase it because they’ll always ask for what you’re originally can give them anyway. They are rude bastArDs they are seriously.

    9 – coming up with lame stories like I need some money going back because there’s not many customers in that area, it’s up a hill and therefore to consume more petrol. I really hate when they try it on such as the tops (a look OUT IN CEBU) they want to ask 400 pesos for trip down the mountain knowing that people are tourists are. I’ve even walked past places like short time hotels and the taxi drivers of thought that I’ve come out of these short time hotels and wanted to charge me 100 peso flag for (40 pesos at the time) plus asking for extra tips thinking I’m still in that mood of a drunken sailing giving money out to hookers and anyone that asked for. As mentioned above in point number eight, Filipinos are opportunistic at any cost even denigrating their own culture as beggars.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      I forgot lastly but a goodie – number 10: getting out of the vehicle while you’re sitting in the back and having a toilet break against the wall.

      I’ve had friends that have sat in the back while the taxi driver has run into a shop and gotten some shopping done (there was no parking in the area) but he lied saying that he needed to go change and then walked out with a pile of Christmas shopping

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Most of the taxidrivers in CEBU were quite good compared to other parts of the Philippines such as Manila. But Filipinos if you are down they will kick you. They aren’t as kind as they make out to be.

        I can get many examples where Filipinos will take advantage of someone who has been injured, sick, lost something and try and benefit from it. This will be as simple as robbing someone of their possessions and/or demanding a payment in return or exchange for the goods back. This is highly illegal by the way but does happen often as my friends of lost things and then found that Filipino won’t return it unless they get a reward. More often than not Filipinos demand their own reward much like the “where is my gift” line which is something that is really morally corrupt.

        I refer to this case http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/70353/taxi-driver-nabbed-after-demanding-cash-for-passengers-bag where a taxi driver in Cebu demand 2000 pesos for the return of a person’s bag. This is not an isolated incident folks, this is actually what Filipinos do is that they kick someone when they are down. And perhaps the cops also in some cases they won’t help unless they have been given some incentive to help especially when there’s a foreigner involved they want a little bit of side reward as well

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I’ve had good luck with taxi drivers in Cebu. On one trip I went 100% for taxi drivers who simply turned the meter on without any hassle. I was definitely impressed or maybe I’ve come to expect so little since being in Manila and dealing with those assholes.
          Seriously, use Uber. It is a life-changer when using a transport service. I promise.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I’d been “bitten” 2-3 times in Cebu also. Twice when going to Mactan to catch my flight. What was a P150 fare and an hour’s trip turned into P300 and 1.5 hours! I was pissed off!! The asshole pretended he was not familiar with the route. So I told him “why did you accept the ride then?”. Dog grin. If I did not have bags with me, I’d ride a tricycle to the airport!

            So 2-3 times in 7 years is not bad. But Manila is a different matter altogether. I got ripped off almost every time.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Yep, been living in Cebu for about 5 years out of the 12 I’ve been in Philippines. Never once in those 5 years have I had any scam or rip-off issues with taxi drivers in Cebu.

            But of course you’re still going to deal with their idiotic driving. Just yesterday I had my worst experience. Taxi driver was ESPECIALLY driving more idiotic and totally aggressive than the normal. Nearly toppled a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist gave my taxi driver an angry “fuck you idiot” look. My taxi driver flips him the finger and yells “Puck You!” How truly professional eh?

            So then it becomes a road rage battle of them trying to overtake each other and act like complete fucking idiots that they are. Then the motorcyclist pulls a fucking gun out and starts pointing it at my taxi driver.

            I told the fucktard to move the fuck on and stop this bullshit. Once the motorcyclist made a turn onto another street, I told the driver to pull over and I got out of the taxi and didn’t pay him a single peso. Told him I’m not paying for a terror ride, and slammed the fucking door.

            After he was out of sight, I hailed another taxi and finished my journey.

          3. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            I have only been ripped off in Manila. I am so tired of taxi drivers there that I almost never use them now, I take a jeepney or a bus or the MRT/LRT instead, or walk if it’s not too far. Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, I haven’t had problems there. Just Manila, so rather than always have to argue, I take my business elsewhere – it takes a little more time, but Manila traffic is fucked anyways! Saves me some money too.

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            another funny thing about the taxi drivers is when they do something a normal, decent person would automatically do. For instance, one taxi driver found a cell phone and returned it. So the guy gets hailed as a hero and and “honest taxi driver” and Filipinos are praising the guy on social media. All the guy did was return something and everyone is so “shocked”.
            That is complete fucktard mentality. It should be the opposite. It should be news when they steal something, but that would require a 24 hour news cycle.
            I’ll say it again. Use uber.

          5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            i had good cabs from the app – grabtaxi and yes, used uber a lot but not in cebu .. thanks @johnny55 for the suggestion though

          6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            lol – @sarahfin boy do i know what you mean about lost drivers. I had one, one time that didnt know where immigration office was!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          The last one that nearly caused me to miss my flight to Manila claimed that he thought I said “Shangrila”. Fucking DUH!!! Does Mactan airport sound like “Shangrila” to you??? Even if I speak with a lisp (and I don’t), no way would you mistake Mactan airport for Shangrila!!!

          The most pathetic excuse ever just to make money!!

  9. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Most of the taxidrivers in CEBU were quite good compared to other parts of the Philippines such as Manila. ”

    Compared to Cebu taxi drivers, the Manila taxi drivers are SHARKS!!!!! In the 7 years that we’ve been visiting the Philippines, MAJORITY of Manila taxi drivers try to over charge (not turn the meter on) or accepts the fare and not turn the meters on till you noticed that it is not on, then he tries to tag extra P100 for the missing mileage he incurred by deliberately not turning the meter on!!

    Another occasion and expensive lesson: They pretend they don’t have change. After arriving in Manila at 10PM, taxi fare to the hotel was P200. Handed the asshole P500 and he claims “no change Ma’am”. So you are forced to abandon your fare. The asshole got to keep my P300 change. Now I make sure I collect P100 and P50 notes prior to leaving the Failippines so that next time I return, I can choose to either give the motherfuckers the exact fare or give him a tip.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      It’s mind bogglingly fucking stupid for any business that performs cash transactions to not keep a supply of small change for their customers.

      And this rude fucking bullshit when you’re paying at restaurant or department store or grocery store, hand them a 500 or 1000 bill and they immediately start asking for change…”sir do you have 130p?” I’m like, “no, because I gave it to the last unprofessional idiot cashier who asked for change. I see you have a drawer LOADED with 100’s, 50’s, and about a kilo of coins. Why the fuck can’t you just give me proper change?????”

      This nation is so loaded with stupidity, rudeness, and total ignorance. It never ceases to blow my mind the levels of sheer stupidity.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I’m a big fan of pulling out a large wad of small bills and letting the idiot cashiers / taxi drivers see it. I’ll then hand them P1,000 and wait for the inevitable: “Oh Siiiir, you have small bill”. I smile politely and calmly say: “Yes, but not for you” – and shut the fuck up. The negotiations which follow are always priceless, and often involve them having to leave the shop or taxi to get change. I just won’t budge on it.

        As for the fucktards who drive like maniacs, they get extra special treatment. I generally have small bills and coins – and pay the fuckers to the centavo. I’ll sometimes add insult to injury by handing them a one Peso coin, smiling at the piece of shit and say; “For you. Thank you po” as I leave the taxi.

        For the taxi drivers who want extra, or make other obnoxious requests, I wait until they stop and calmly get out of the taxi. I then open both of the doors nearest to me (I always sit on the passenger side), then walk to the drivers side and open the back door. I then just walk away.

        I really do hate these fuckers.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      What I do before entering the taxi if I don’t have small bills, I ask if they are able to make change for 500 bill BEFORE I hire them and step into the taxi. This way if they say no, I close the door and they don’t get my fare, and now need to drive around and burn more fuel with meter off until they find a customer. If every one did that, maybe the taxi drivers would learn to keep change. OOPS, I forgot….Filipinos don’t fucking learn from their mistakes. Nevermind.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        That reminds me of a few times in Manila, before I stopped using taxis, having them try to overcharge me. I would say, “No, go ahead, I am sure you will make more money driving around empty!” . Blank stare, siempre.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        That occasion where I lost my P300 change was only the 3rd time I went to the Failippines, so still fairly naive. Now I’m wiser, I just make sure I have at least 5 X P100 peso notes and a few P50.

        Our Japanese neighbor in Mactan was taken on a joy ride by the taxi driver who picked him up from a restaurant in Cebu city. But Mr. Jap was experienced with Pinoy scams. He simply refused to pay the fare, told the driver he was a cheat and how he was going to give him a tip, then locked the steel gates behind him. Taxi driver left empty handed for his greed.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          out in the province … you have to downgrade to 1,5,10,20 notes… 50 perhaps tops. if you have 100, 200, 500, 1000 … good luck!! .. no change
          everyone is talking in small time denominations. My friends used to ask me why i had so many coins in my bag when i stayed. I give the exact amounts … fuck me … out comes the calculator … buy a drink for 7 pesos and hand a 20p and they sit there on the calculator

          TWENTY …. LESS … (Punch punch buttons) … seven pesos… equals ==== 15 pesos
          ummmm no
          TWENTY …LESS (punch punch buttons) … seven pesos …equals …..

  10. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    In Manila
    Getting from terminal 3 to terminal 1 cost me 200 peso flat rate. PAL made me late for my flight to japan. After paying him I called him every nasty thing I could think of and walked away
    Coming out of terminal 3, I waited over 2. 5 hours for a yellow taxi with a line a mile long. the second time I gave up after 3 hours and asked a guard man how to get to the entrance of the airport and walked about a 1/3mile. All those people waiting and no yellow taxi come, seems white taxi are not allowed to pick up there. I got a white off the Airport entrance in 2 mins
    Twice I was charged the Heavy Traffic Fee of an extra 70 pesos, I assume I got scammed here?
    I was charged 450 peso flat rate to airport from Circle Summit Hotel near a big rotary in Cebu. He demaneded that after I sat me and my shit in the taxi.
    No matter how much I carry, nothing ever goes in their trunk, they have control of your goods then.
    In Japan they do things the right way, drivers acually wear ties and white gloves, give receipts and will never intentionally take you for a joy ride. So completely different!

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      The lack of transport from terminal to terminal is the biggest scam some low life Flip engineer/politician/ demon whatever he was has ever thought of. It is designed to force passengers to take their ultra expensive private cars. Last time I was in Manila it was P600 to my hotel which was near MOA. If you’re tired, arriving late in Manila and have grumpy young kids, all you wanna do is rest. You just wont’ feel like lining up to get a cab. And the bastards take advantage of that situation. I was told by one of the drivers of these private taxis that they are owned by a high profile politician. For every P600, the driver only gets P100. Not a bad money maker huh?

      You have to trust the Flip to think of every money making scams there is.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      there seems a scam at manila airport — one of many .. no one will tell you where to get the white taxis
      they will point to the yellow
      no matter which guard or staff ..white — those things with 4 wheels and a baboon driving… marked meter
      sorry sir … that way … (pointing to where yellow taxis are)

      then the taxi driver wont turn on the meter
      oh … yea … he does when im finished with him
      in fact — the fucker is sweating ….
      Manila is hot these days … global warming driver 🙂 hehe why you fucking sweating????

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Other airports have shuttle buses between terminals,, but this one seems to hide them. I know there is shuttle buses between the Manila terminals, although I have never used them.
    I just walk through the hotel touts, accross the street from hell in the airport,, get harrassed by the gaurds about taxis,,”where are you going,, taxis sir, ”’ then the grimy, grubby sari sari stores and walk out to the buses on the road…

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      That’s why I used to travel with just cabin luggage, Al. But I could not resist those damn pretty shoes in Cebu!! 🙂 Two years ago, a Pissnoy maggot decided to weigh my carry bag. Well, I was over by 3 kilos. The asshole charged me US$20 per kilo. I saw the others not getting weighed, and I pointed it out to him. The asshole arrogantly replied “we are weighing suspicious baggage Ma’am”. WTF?? My bag was one of those medium style backpacks. I swear others weighed far more, but prick just let them go!!

      Anyway, expensive lesson learned. Better to have 15 kgs allowance than get smacked with $20 per kilo! Oh well, maybe one day when I’ve got as much shoes as Imelda, I’ll go back to travelling with no luggage 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Sarah
        He probably heard your accent!! I swear by all that is holy, these vermin can spot a mark a mile away.
        I used to work abroad with flips. They come to work with one small bag,, go home with bags the size of the Titanic. I dont know how they collected so much!!!!
        The junk thy buy can be bought in MOA for less price than duty free stores. And do not get me started on gold jewelry.