Look Ma! No Safety! Stupid Filipino Construction Workers

It’s not like you never see this at any construction site you happen to observe. You see it all the time. But it just falls under the blanket layer of utter stupidity and ZERO concern for common sense safety. Is it any wonder why you see so many handless, armless, legless young Filipinos knocking on your car window with a hand out (if they still have one left). They were stupid, they did not take the thought or time to take preventative measures to prevent permanent injury, and now they want YOU to support them.


Sometimes I think some of these morons intentionally loose an arm or become permanently disabled in some way, just so it will make it easier to beg for money. I don’t know, but I swear these idiots think they’re invincible. But look at this video I shot while I was out and about yesterday morning. It just defies the most obvious common sense rule of safety. And I guarantee you, if the moron slipped and fell to his death, the next guy would be up there doing the same thing once they drag the body away.

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    People have argued that the consequence of this kind of stupidity is just natural selection at work. But the selection process doesn’t really seem to work there…

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      Natural Selection Philophobe,
      I wonder how Darwin got it so wrong.
      Even stray dogs and chickens finally figure how to cross a fucking road when enough of them are dead or maimed or they notice some of their relatives are missing, or is it just me who never sees them use a fucking crosswalk, allows the fucking jeepnee and trike drivers to park on top of a pedestrian crossing so NO ONE can see them mindlessly txting as they exit and blindly walk across the fucking road.