Looking For Peace & Quiet? Don’t Come To Philippines!!!!

If you’re looking for a relaxing quiet place to vacation, DON’T COME TO PHILIPPINES!!!!

These stupid fucks are noise loving idiots. I am talking inconsiderate, ignorant, stupid mother fuckers. If there happens to be a big sale, or a holiday, you can expect to have your eardrums blown to fucking shit at the entrance of SM Mall, and many other businesses. It’s a tradition here to risk public hearing health by placing 4′ x 4′ massive amplified speakers RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE of the mall or business at full god damned fucking volume so that it deafens you for a good 15 minutes after you walk by them to enter the building.

If you’re a lover of noise pollution, then Philippines is your place!

I’m talking absolute fucking dumb fucks. Filipinos have to be the most stupid people on the face of the planet. Not only are they stupid, they are gutless wimps as well. Nobody will complain. Filipinos just might as well pull their pants down and say, “FUCK ME IN THE ASS HARDER SIR, IT DOESN’T HURT ENOUGH!!!”

These stupid mother fuckers have no balls whatsoever to stand up and bitch about anything. They just take it. They have declared themselves powerless and stupid as fuck so that everyone can do whatever stupid-fuck shit they want to do regardless of the effect it has on others, and the “others” won’t say a fucking word. These filipino morons deserve every bit of misery they place on themselves. Complete and utter non-thinking mindless moronic idiots. So stupid I cannot believe they are human!

In short, I believe that the reason it’s so noisy in Philippines is because the sound of ignorance and stupidity is much louder in the Filipino brain than what their ears can hear. Filipinos are about the most ignorant, stupid people on the face of the earth.


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    You’ve got to laugh … but just sometimes …

    Yesterday was classic. I was sat on my motorbike at the side of the road and a gentleman reversed from his parked position into me. I think he did utter a rare word for a Filipino, I think he said ‘sorry’, but I was upset. Without swearing (though it is very British to do so, I’ve learnt not to give them that reason to get sulky with me), I shouted. I was shocked and upset and, at about 5 or 6 on my personal Richter Scale, I shouted something like ‘What the hell, what’s wrong with you … ‘ I don’t know, it wasn’t anything too bad, but his reply ‘I didn’t see you … (the bike is red, I am not small) … and … here it comes … do not shout at me!’ Fuck! You can hit me with your motor car, but I can’t shout at you? There is more, but … that’s enough.

    Then I went to Puregold and tried to buy some mangoes. After standing for too long, I stopped a passing assistant and asked for a bag. He referred to someone else, who spent an inordinate amount of time before he gave me a bag big enough for about two mangoes. How on earth had they been selling mangoes all day? I expressed my dismay. Someone else was summoned, by the time he farted about, eventually found me a bag, I was ten yards away. I turned to see the blank look of total miscomprehension. Mind you, I do try to avoid Puregold. How fucking, fucking dumb is it to walk ten yards from the till and have to have your bags checked against the receipt. It is just dumb. Treat people like criminals …

    There were various bits of driving to amuse … the crocodile who tried to stop me … but I just didn’t look at him and kept going … but I decided it was best just to go home.

    They are hopeless because for the vast majority of society this is not a meritocracy. There is no point in thinking and doing your job well, because no one will notice.

    Are you ready? Can you really cope with this. I am not sure I can!

    I went ballistic at Canon in San Fernando, because I turned up to get my camera cleaned. I did, when I wrote to Canon I used the word which this blog encourages me to use, but in my ‘normal’ life (ha, ha … that probably means my life away from this country) I try not to use the word STUPID, but how stupid is it to allow one engineer to have the day off, while you take the other engineer on a course in Makati? Really? The office may as well close, I certainly did not enjoy wasting the best part of three hours going there and back.

    Are you ready? Can you believe this?

    Yesterday an engineer, who was a very pleasant fella, came to my home, cleaned both my cameras, cleaned half a dozen lenses, and left a couple of hours later without any charge being made.

    I know, I know, I’m still quite light-headed myself, but that was first-world, first-class service, wasn’t it? Admittedly I do have a bit of history with Canon PH, but don’t know that I would expect that to normally influence things.

    Just now and then …

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    Meant to say … you are right … This IS a VERY noisy place.

    I do not understand karaoke, and I really do not understand, why it is that none of them can hold a note to save their lives. Among the other shortcomings, why can none of them sing? Have you heard anyone sing well?

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    Should I post here? Can’t sleep, pratting about on the computer, and I saw some words which struck the fear of god almighty into me … Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. A nuclear powerplant in the hands of these people and conveniently positioned opposite Manila … what the hell.

    Then I googled it and found that it was the usual Filipino farce. Built, probably overpaid, not used, being maintained with money which could be used for better things. Stuffing hell!

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      I admittedly have never heard of this power plant until reading your post. A read of the wiki reveals the following snippet (among other gems in relation to this project):

      “On February 22, 2011, the Philippine government will reimburse the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) ₱4.2 billion (US$96 million) it spent for maintaining the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.[7] It requires an average of ₱40 million a year just to maintain it. In May 2011, it was announced that the plant would be turned into a tourist attraction”

      I dont even know what to say…I was kidding in my prior posts about bringing NatGeo in here to do a documentary but now I couldn’t be more serious. What a perfect case study on how NOT to run a country. I mean from top to bottom I have never seen nor heard of a bigger collection of ineptitude. There is more organization in a bowl of overcooked spaghetti. And just when you thought it couldnt get any worse…they decision MUST be that they will turn this plant into a tourist attraction. Like anyone in their right mind would want to see a non-operational powerplant during their vacation. My son’s kindergarten class could make better decisions and they cant even read yet

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        Captain PFB Post author

        Just when you thought they couldn’t get more unbelievably FUCKING STUPID……It’s no wonder Philippines is such a shithole ghetto full of poor people. They are poor and corrupt because they are fucking stupid. It’s not because corruption makes them stupid. Just a nation of pure idiots.

        This country totally reminds me of the movie “Idiocracy”. You should see it sometime.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Tourist attraction!!!!!!!!!!!! that was one of Marcos’s pet project with lots of graft and corruption involved.
        Yes,, I want to drag the whole family 1/2 around the world to see a decaying monster of a building!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE
        I have never fully read up on this scam project, perhaps tonite.

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    of course failipines is not a relaxing place, never was, never will be. even in a remote beach where there is electricity only at night time there retards still manage to bring karaoke. and these retarded pieces of shits are from the city who like me supposedly went to remote far place get away from the noise of the city. i just can’t understand these retarded swine shits. failipinos does not posses a single gram of itty bitty brain.

    you know what’s scary? they’re all over the world and has already contaminated the gene pool! i just hope though, that those who manage to get out from the shithole manage to grow brains. ants has more brain power than filos.

    again if i had it my way – i will incinerate obliterate the stinkin 7100 shitholes to ashes.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    The most annoying noise in the Philippines; fucking whistles! What the fuck is it with Pinoys and their stupid fucking whistles? Everywhere you go, some fucking idiot car park “attendant”, who’s too stupid to be crossing the street by himself has a tin whistle in his stupid cock-sucking Pinoy mouth – and he’s blowing it – Shhhh-shhhhh-shhhhh-shhhhhh-shhhhhh! – every fucking moment of the day. These fucktards never stop. 5 in the morning; shit for brains Pinoy is blowing his fucking whistle. 2 in the morning; the air-thieving sack of shit is still fucking blowing it – despite the fact that not a car is in sight! These inconsiderate pieces of shit should have their whistles jammed firmly up their asses, then be shot for good measure. Fucking retards!

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      dogs are worse,, but, yes Filipinos do not listen to whistles, obey simple laws, rules, display common courtesy,, something like the wild west or the Oklahoma land rush. every man for himself!!
      Mainly I lay in my bedroom, eat pringles potato chips, drink coffee,, watch national geographic,,, if I want to watch flip tv,,, I just stick my head out the door!!!!!!!!.

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    u ever notice a stove here has a 1/2 ring of grease all over the place…Put 3” of oil in pan,,,, throw something in there,, turn up heat to high high,,, squat in front of watch wow wow wee for a hour,, see if food is done???

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “watch wow wow wee for an hour”……….. It’s more entertaining to an adult to watch Romper Room than to watch that utterly ridiculous, mind numbing, pathetic display of idiocy on TV called Wa Wa Wee.

      I have been tempted many times when wa wa wee was on TV to pluck both my eyeballs out with knitting needles and eat them, then shove the knitting needles into my ears.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        As a masochistic poster, I approve this very satisfying example of what is happening while shit plays on television.

        Especially every time some sound effects guy pushes that fucking giggle button. I counted 241 times in one episode. Im sure it has happened a lot more. I only listened because I was working in the next room, and my Vodka hadn’t kicked in enough for me not to give a shit.

        Also, what’s with the bullshit where, everything is goofy and giggly and retarded one moment, then suddenly when someone has a sob story the sound guy is on point with the sad violin music. Why can’t people there see through this shit? I literally want to PUKE thinking about it. A bunch of fucking toothless no bodies jumping around a studio to horrible “celebrities” doing the dumbest shit on earth.

        Excuse me, Ill go ass rape myself with a rusty fork for the next hour to get the thought out of my head.

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    even the poor tricycle drivers have a friggin battery, speaker, and music blaring away ,
    If i were some starving driver ,, the last thing i would spend my money on is music,, sing and poor