Love Children? Move to Iraq

So, pretty strange title wouldn’t you say?  So I’m browsing the internet today trying to find some news that isn’t too depressing and I come across a report that has just been created by the world famous children charity Save the Children. The report generated listed 178 of the worlds countries and ranked them on how safe it was for a child to grow up and other factors affecting childhood such as education, safety of parents etc.

After reading the bulk of the report I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I had to see where my country stood, no not the Philippines a real country I meant. So after satisfying myself with the fact that I didn’t come from some hellhole being confirmed by the charity obviously my next thought was the Philippines. If you listen to any Filipino they’ll tell you that it’s a great place to live and grow up. Hell, I have even met two of them who said they moved back here from the USA because it’s a better place to live (I didn’t want to point out that I knew the real reason).

So I had a little guess, where would it be? I discounted the top 30 simply because I knew that’d be dominated by the western countries so I thought anywhere in the top 75 would be respectable enough for an 8th world country.

Further and Further I go down the list, not knowing if I’ve missed it or if the Philippines simply is too good to be on the list, then I spot it, number 115. 115th out of 178. Some would argue that this is also ok, I would state otherwise.

Here is some of the things the charity has to say about this country. It starts of well stating that whilst the government states that 81% of the Filipino population have healthcare just less than 75% of them have access to any form of healthcare. It describes the country on average as a middle income country. This means that in theory a large percentage of the population should be able to provide the basics for themselves such as regular food, water, housing etc. This is where it stops being so nice.

Here is a quote from the report:

An early assessment of 110 health facilities across 22 municipalities in Eastern and Western Samar and Eastern Leyte showed that only 7 percent were able to provide a clean and safe delivery, leaving both mothers and newborns at  risk of infection. Newborn resuscitation for babies needing help to breathe was available at only 4 percent of health facilities.

Let me list some of the countries that beat it.

114 – Iraq, yes Iraq. A place where it has been estimated 188,000 people have died since the war officially ended in Iraq has been voted as a safer place to bring a child up.

58 – Libya. A country that has just ended a civil war officially but unofficially it still continues with hundreds dying every day.

This post is not as humorous as I intended it to be but maybe I’ll find my funny bone again once I’ve settled myself in a nice home in Baghdad.






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