Loveteams Are Overrated

What is it with Filipinos and their obsession with loveteams? They never learn, do they? Kathniel –Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla –are one of the most popular loveteam right now. There’s nothing wrong with supporting them and fans are free to like whatever they want but what annoys me is when fans force these two to get together in real life. It’s not gonna happen and if it does, Kathryn is gonna be heartbroken.

There was an audio scandal where Daniel was texting this girl Jasmine Curtis, Sam’s ex-girlfriend and Anne’s younger sister, and he was happy when he received a text from this girl. Now, people know his true colors.

From the start, Daniel Padilla didn’t sit right with me. Before he was paired with Kathryn, he was just a nobody. Ever since they were featured on that show ‘Growing Up,’ they’ve been an item since then. It’s obvious that he’s using her in order to become famous, the same way Gerald used Kim. Gerald felt trapped because he never liked Kim in a romantic way. What fans don’t realize is they’re only thinking about themselves. They never thought about how their idol really feels. Being a a popular celebrity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Your fans want you to be with your on screen partner because they can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Loveteams are stupid because in the end, the girl ends up heartbroken. Once a loveteam separates, their careers are over because that’s what made them popular in the first place. They don’t last forever and there’s always a third party involved. Remember when Kimerald ended? It turned out that Gerald was already dating Bea while still in a relationship with Kim. Kathniel is going down that path. Give it another five years. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathniel ends up like Kim and Gerald. Even back in the days, loveteams are popular. Sharon and Gabby were very popular back in the day and they even had a child together. Now, they’re separated.

Kimerald fans used to send death threats to Bea Alonzo and threatened to poor acid on her because they believe that she’s a ‘homewrecker.’ Did it ever occur to them that Gerald wasn’t happy with his relationship with Kim? Fans tend to force an on screen couple to end up with each other, thinking that it’s some sort of fairy tale. This is real life, not a Filipino teleserye where the couple has a happily ever after.

On screen, Daniel and Kathryn act ‘sweet’ towards each other because that’s what they need to do. They need to act like they’re in love. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I don’t know these two but you don’t know what they’re doing off cam. Maybe they can’t stand each other. What is with Filipino people and interferring with their idol’s lives? They need to stay away from their love lives, back off, and let these celebrities like who they like.

I don’t understand why fans get so defensive when someone criticizes their favorite celebrity. Say one bad thing about them, and these fans will start a war with you. Fourtunately, other people are seeing Daniel for who he is –a player. After that audio scandal, people are finally waking up but some fans insists that Daniel and Kathryn are so in love.

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      Zurina Alvarez Post author

      Loveteam is like:
      Brangelina=Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
      Bennifer=Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

      At least America (or any other country) isn’t as obsessed with it as Filipinos are.

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    That’s because Filipinos can not tell reality from the TV shows. They watch these mind numbing shows called Wowowee and other rubbish. Are there any Filipino channel that shows documentaries? I don’t think so.

    And why do you think they vote in celebrities as congressmen and women? And even the sons of politicians gets voted in by virtue of their surname. And they wonder why there’s so much poverty in the Philippines?

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    Pinay Lover

    This post is a great example of how Filipinos waste their time and continue the trend of shrinking their brains. If they spent the same amount of time on mindless television as they do on politics and REAL important life matters maybe the quality of life would improve for them. But the reality is that the create their own demise through useless tv programs such as this.

    The answer to this post for ever Filipino should be “who gives a rats ass”. But the sad truth is that they value mindless shows like this and prefer to live in fantasy.

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    Phil Doh

    A few years ago – back in the days when I wanted to experience the “culture” of the failippines – I went to a street festival. Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the parades come through. All of a sudden, about a hundred meters down the street from us people started screaming and rushing into the road. The police around us then started running in that direction. I grabbed the missus and said let’s get out of here, looks like a bombs gone off or a grenade thrown into the crowd. Relax, she said, it’s just some celebrities coming through.

    And then some big-boned pale-skinned straight-faced bored-looking plastic fucks came through on a float, waving at the screaming morons.

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        Zurina Alvarez Post author

        It’s strange because they defend these celebrities. Filipinos are NOT the only ones who do that though. Other people do that too. They think that you’re attacking THEM if you say something bad about their favorite celebrity.

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    With complete respect for you taking the time to write this article, and appreciation for the detail:

    I’d rather watch a documentary on Bonobo monkeys mating 24/7. It’s the same as watching Filipino television, really…just without all of the fake “love conquers all” BS they want to throw in. Monkeys just gonna be monkeys, and I appreciate that a hell of a lot more than pretending it means anything at all.

    Just get on with it!

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      Zurina Alvarez Post author

      Are you saying what I wrote is bad? This is my first time writing an article actually.

      I just wrote this because it’s sort of RELEVANT. At least, according to Filipinos. Not all of them are obsessed with celebrities but majority of them worship celebrities like Gods and if you criticize their idol, they will attack you. Goes to show how they take things too far. Filipinos take this shit seriously. Again, they can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        They worship their parasite pimp parents more than anything else. Second comes the virtual world of celeb crap.

        America is almost equally as bad in my opinion for Hollywood worship.

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    Josh Randomtino

    I f*cking love this site. I’m a flip living in Oz and serving in the ADF. I’ve adopted the culture of honesty, taking criticism/feedback and discipline and being direct especially when I joined the militry. I try not to go and visit the Phils too often because of the stupid shit I see and hear everyday. from my childhood friend’s mindless selfies and crab mentality bullshit. I’ve lost hope for this country and can identify with all the experiences of every expat living there. This ‘love team’ non sense is probaly the reason why they have so many unplanned teen pregnancies. Anyway, I love this site. I really do. It has truly been therapeutic reading about all the stuff I’ve been saying all these years. Now I won’t feel so bad for bagging out the country I used to call home. I’ve absolutely no pride or love left for the Phils after all the crap I’ve had to endure from friends and relatives living there and here in Oz. No doubt if I share this blog on my facebook page I will get a ton of complaints from relatives here. They’ll lecture me about my lack of ‘Filo pride’ etc. Part of it ’cause they think I owe them because of how they helped my family when we were starting our new lives here. They’ve never learned the true meaning of ‘generosity’ and not expecting anything in return. Thats also a way filipinos will entrap you. by doing you lots of favours so you get into a situation where you feel obligated to help them back. By paying their bills, funding their business or settling their debts. I can go on all day but I’m sure you’ve all seen and experienced it first hand. Oh btw, did I say how much I love this site? Keep it coming guys. Love your work!

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      “They’ve never learned the true meaning of ‘generosity’ and not expecting anything in return. Thats also a way filipinos will entrap you. by doing you lots of favours so you get into a situation where you feel obligated to help them back.”

      Seen this happen all too often. Nothing ever seems to be done from the goodness of the heart. There’s always a long game. A good example I saw of this was when having a few beers with other expats on a beach when some old filipino guy came up and started with some friendly patter. He noticed we were getting low on beer and offered to walk to the store to buy more for us. When he came back with the bottles my friend offered him 50 pesos for his trouble. He refused to take it, just happy to help he said. He wondered off, then came back a few minutes later with a box of jewelry for sale, knowing one of us would feel guilty enough to buy something and he could make a profit of more than 50 pesos.

      1. Profile gravatar of beameup

        “They’ve never learned the true meaning of ‘generosity’ and not expecting anything in return. Thats also a way filipinos will entrap you. by doing you lots of favours so you get into a situation where you feel obligated to help them back.”
        It’s called utang na loob
        It would be like keeping a mental “log” of everything you give or receive from another person. I believe it was a characteristic of juveniles in the U.S. when I grew up.

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          There is no such thing as “utang na loob” in its true sense of the word. Only when the mooching parasites want something would that word gets bandied about.

          My Filipina Mum built a house for her brother 20 years ago. When she eventually returned, he allowed us to stay at the house that Mum paid for….but he charged her water and electricity plus he demanded gifts despite us bringing him and his family a multitude of gifts from Australia. To describe him and his wife as greedy is an understatement.

          Fast forward to this year and they’re not talking anymore because her brother (of whom I refused to call “uncle”) did not respect Mum’s wishes not to pasture his goats on her land because it was eating Mum’s crops. The outcome of this was that Mum ended up fencing her property, pissing Mum off. The brother in turn tried to piss Mum off by posting BS at FB. Mum blocked him altogether. Another sister recently asked Mum to educate to college a 2nd son. Mum just flatly refused. I don’t blame her.

      2. Profile gravatar of kupal-lord23

        wake up moron there’s nothing free in this world, and the world will never be fair so stop hatin Filipinos. and do something more productive than sitting at computer all day and watching porn

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      Pinay Lover

      They will give but then you have to give back more. That is their mentality.

      Take for example my wife and her sister. They were both put through school by their auntie. The auntie never worked or made a dime, she instead married a Swiss man, had him killed and then used blood money to fun their school. Now she wants rewards for paying the school with the blood money.

      Now tell me this. How does she deserve anything back when it was simply an act of generosity? She never worked for that money yet she expects them to send her heap loads back. Had to get her husban killed for it but it wasn’t worth it! Now she’s flat broke with a pissed off son who thinks she set up his father and she will live with that shit the rest of her life.

  6. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez Post author

    The point of my post is that Filipinos control their idols’ lives. Isn’t that ironic? They claim that they defend their favorite celebrities and yet, they force two people who star in a movie or TV show to fall in love in real life. It must be hard being a celebrity in the Philippines.

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    Pnoy syndrome

    This clearly shows how the zombie banana monkey brain Filipino teenager thinks. The future is doom in the Philippines for the next generations to come. TV Mind controlled freaks.

  8. Profile gravatar of constantino

    it may be overrated, but it’s good business. the network, studio, actor and actress are laughing their way all to the bank. and the fans? well they will most likely move on to the next it couple upper management will market. personally the only aspect i enjoy about Filipino cinema are the women. some of them are pretty hot, next to a cold beer after work watching an attractive woman on t.v makes me ralax

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      “some of them are pretty hot, next to a cold beer after work watching an attractive woman on t.v makes me ralax”

      Beer goggles?

      The women on television are so got damned bleached and plastic (literally via surgery) that the only way I can personally find them attractive is after drinking a liter of absolute vodka and beating myself in the eyeballs with a sock full of door knobs..

      Some of those bitches look like stereotypical halloween witches, and I’m not even talking about the old ones either.

      But, to each their own I suppose. LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of constantino

        nah. i doubt you get beer goggles after 2 or 3 beers, unless you’re a real lightweight. as for the bleach blond hair, plastic titties and bello-fied bodies, yeah anybody who watches t.v knows that. but i would not kick them out of bed especially if its free sex were talking about

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    I lived for 1 1/2 years in Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. There must be 100 “bikini bars” concentrated in one area, and they are not run “Filipino style”. From my extensive observations, there are a lot of (naturally) attractive Filipinas. I’m not content with watching the “Sex Bombs” on “Eat Bulaga” when I could have a living-breathing bikini-clad Filipina talking with me, “geisha style”. it’s well worth the “ladies drink” price, IMO.