Manila And The Taxi Trick

Hi everyone, I am new to this site in way of posting, but not new as to reading a lot of the hilarious rants and ravings. A little back ground about me. I have been to the Philippines 3 times for 6 month trips. I have lived in Manila, Davao, and Cebu cities. Cebu city is where my awesome Filipina lives, and apparently I am a real lucky guy to have found someone like her. just because from what I have read, there seem to be a lot of people who have maybe not found the right person yet. We’ve been in a relationship for two years and we have no plan to get married yet, plus we both don’t want kids.

It wasn’t always like that though. I have had some real bad run in’s with Filipina before I found her. So I know where a lot of the guys are coming from. But today I would like to share a story, and trick, for taxi’s in manila. My first trip there was to manila, and I don’t know how some of you can stand living there. I heard the place was supposed to be awesome, but since I am not a bar star, nor into girlie bars, it’s probably the worst city I have ever lived in. ( I got a hilarious story about the only girlie bar I have been in, but that will have to be a story for another time).

The one thing that drove me crazy with anger and rage in manila, were the taxi drivers. It really wrecks a persons trip to have to argue with a cab driver to turn on their meter. Or have one of them trying to talk you into a flat rate fare. It took about 2 months of this before I got fed up. Now, I am the type of person that as long as you aren’t trying to fuck me over, I am a pleasant guy to be around. But these cab drivers were knowingly trying to rip me off. They knew I knew it, but didn’t care.

So finally after two months of arguing, being screwed over, or having to have people on the street flag down a cab, but pay them for the privilege, I had had enough. So on this day I was headed to mall of asia. I waved a cab down in malate and of course he gives me some ridiculous price for the fare. He has a meter, he knows he is supposed to be using it, and he also knows what he is doing is illegal.  So I agree to it because I was tired of arguing and had a plan.

So a pleasant ride in the cab because I had absolutely no intention of paying him for the ride. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I was done with these guys ripping me off and figured this might teach this one a lesson. So I make small talk with the guy and make it seem like I have no clue where I am.

We pull up to the mall and I open the door. As I am getting out I yell” 300 PESO TO GO TO MALATE,YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I’LL JUST GET ANOTHER CAB! I’m making enough noise that it catches the guards attention and they look my way right when the cab driver is getting out. At this point I figure I am going to get stabbed because the cab driver is yelling something at me that I can’t understand, but it started drawing a couple of the security over.

They come over and I am assuming the cab driver is telling them I am not paying my fare. One guard asks me where I came from and I point down the mall. I tell him that this guy picked me up and I wanted to go to malate, but he wouldn’t turn on the meter, and said I need to pay 300 peso. so I told him to stop and let me out because I wanted to find another cab. But of course the cab driver denies this is true and says that he picked me up in malate. Then the guard asks him for the receipt from the meter….ooppss.

I said that they can call the police if they wanted too which got the cabbies attention. So what ends up happening? you probably guessed it. The cab driver of course takes off after calling me something in tagalog. I stood there with a bit of an adrenalin rush, a smile on my face, and had to chuckle about it a little. I walked down to the part where it’s that outside road that runs down the middle of the mall and went in another entrance.

So I wouldn’t suggest doing this all the time or maybe ever. Just because you could get into a lot of trouble for it. The awesome part though was that on the way back I met this awesome cab driver that put the meter on right away, I actually didn’t notice he did and asked. He also drove super fast. I used him for the rest of the time I was in manila. I will never stay long in that city ever again though. Cebu and Davao cities are way better because your not going to have a heart attack fighting with cabbies.

It’s to bad my Filipina lives in Cebu though. I prefer Davao city.


Thanks for reading my first post….hopefully it gets posted.



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      Captain PFB

      That guy has been here for years. He has a youtube channel, and is a vlogger.

      I seen nothing friendly about this country as a whole. Some are generally friendly, but you and I know that most are friendly because they have alterior motives.

      Friendly people don’t drive the way they do here. The driving and walking about in public are about the most UNfriendly behavior I have ever observed on this planet.

      I don’t understand why there are so many gutless foreigners that come here and refuse to speak the truth about these idiots. Although the guy in the video would be deported faster than he could say Mabuhay if he spoke the truth, because his identity is revealed in the video.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        I see your point about deporting. Filipinos can’t stand to hear the truth about them or their inhabited landmass, not a country as they refuse to make a country. But about the gutless I have some doubts so to speak. Maybe those who you refer to as gutless refuse to see the truth for themselves and think this landmass and people are the greatest on Earth. It reminds me of a WoWoWee episode I saw once.

        Ol’ Willie took the show to the states and this was filmed in either Las Vegas, Reno or Chicago. Well all the filipinos turned out to go see the show and Willie had an American on stage.

        Willie: Where you from?
        Kano: Right here all my life.
        Willie: Ever been to the philippines?
        Kano: No but I would love to go!
        Willie: Why?
        Kano: I just love the filipino people and the philippines. I would give up my U.S. citizenship for a philippine citizenship right now and fly there.
        Willie: Really?
        Kano: Yes! It’s great there! Willie I have this watch that I want to give to a needy filipino in the philippines. When you return to the philippines can you give it to someone who needs a good watch?

        He then hands Willie the watch and Willie looks at it.
        Willie: How much it cost? (didn’t see that question coming did you?)
        Kano: $100

        True, I watched this on tv here and told my wife,,, See? we’re not perfect. We have stupid people in the states too.

      2. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

        Hi. I’v watched many videos from Travis Kraft and I noticed that he became Filipino. He says that Fil people are smiling all the time, they are friendly and tell you Hi. Strong arguments! In the last video I watched from him he said that he will now start charging people 25 dollars to answer their emails lolllll FUCK ME! And you know what is his excuse for this? Buckle up… Because once he saw Jean-Claude Van Dam in a gym and got rejected by him when he shaked his hand. (By the way, when my cousin was a kid, he sent a letter to Van Dam telling him he’s one f his big fan. Believe it or not, it took a lot of time but he received an autographed picture of himhim for FREE and he still have it). That funny Travis is killing me because he believes he’s a star cuz he passed in a program of Eat Bulaga lol. I think I would rather pay 25 bucks to block all the spam from Travis Kraft superstar. I hate that kind of people who are filming everything they’re doing to get some popularity from idiot people.

        I salute people who can stay in the phils for a long period of time and keep their brain INTACT because stupidity is transmittable. Sorry for my English.

      3. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

        I swear Mike. During my first 2 weeks in this country, it was taking me hours to fall asleep at night. The word ”frustrated” is too light to describe how I was feeling. I WAS SO FUCKING MAD AND PISSED! I was pissed after all the absurdities I was seeing there. Barbarians, brown naked babies, people sit down doing nothing everywhere, people shouting, shenanigans. Every single times I was passing in front of the Pizza Hut restaurant, it was always empty. Like the employees there are only playing to taking care of an American restaurant. Once I was there and there was a Filipino-American with a huge family who were using him to eat Pizza.
        I`m absolutely unable to integrate the filipino society. Even with my family in law. I have nothing against them. They are not but it`s like I need to fake when I talk with them. All what they know is simple things like mangoes and Jesus. My mother in law don`t even speak English. We communicate with sings.

        You know what shocked me the most? The fact that NOBODY ON EARTH IS TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THAT NONE SENSE I SAW THERE! Just like I was the first one who find that country abnormal. I never saw of all my life something like: Today on CNN: Filipino people are completely retarded and proud of it! NEVER! Not even a small article at the last page of a news paper.I was thinking it`s me who is crazy. Imagine the joy I had when I found this website 2 years ago. I still can`t believe it exists! Sorry for my English.

  1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I love the part in the video about the hypnotic gas that comes out of the air vents in taxis.

    The only advice offered is “you guys look out for that one” lol. No shit!

  2. Profile gravatar of emrys
    emrys Post author

    I’m curious how the gas doesn’t knock out the driver too. he’s closer to the vents if your in the back seat. also,wouldn’t you notice him putting on some sort of mask? I would be wondering why he all of a sudden put a mask on.

  3. Profile gravatar of Joe Kono
    Joe Kono

    OH YA!

    I too am at war with taxis. But I get in and tell them where I am going, wait for them to drop the flag, and if they don’t I suggest P30 for the ride. I never waver, ending each sentence “we have agreed, right?”. If he says no, after about 2 miles I say “Stop, I am getting out” and get out. When he suggest a “fair” rate, I suggest we could not agree, I will get a new taxi. I refuse to argue, insist I will call the police if I am harassed.

    At the airport in Manila when they at the counter ask where I am going, I say “Clark”, but when the taxi arrives I get in and go to the nearest intersection where I can get a non airport taxi. Of course there is a kickback system where favored drivers get favored rides, and maybe a ride to Clark is a good ride, but I feel it is my moral duty to undermine any corruption. Why in the heck would they ask a destination if it were not to select a driver?

    A driver off the street had a constant running meeter, and suggested that we just deduct the starting amount from the finishing amount. I said nothing. Got to my hotel and removed my bags and offered him P100. He was furious as by his calculations it should have been P600. I told him that I never agreed to anything illegal, and would never do so. he bent down to take possession of my luggage and I kicked him hard enough to lift one foot off the ground as he was bent over, pulled my knife and suggested we dance further. Fortunately that was my last evening in the Philippines and checked out about 30 minutes later. Got a very polite taxi to the airport.

    Quite often I got a special pleasure stealing from crooks, they never call the cops.

    Oh and by the way, “not all” taxis are thieving bastards. (It is just the Filipino in me)

  4. Profile gravatar of emrys
    emrys Post author

    I also did a quick check. apparently there isn’t any gas other than Chloroform that is available to the general public. where you can just go buy it in a pharmacy. but apparently it isn’t readily available anymore and you would need to have access to a medical lab to get some. all other substances would need licensing, id’s,ect. to actually get it.

    so I guess these guys could get it from an underground supplier. but then you have the problem of administration. it works fast on a cloth over the nose and mouth. but when dispersed into a bigger space, it doesn’t work as fast, and would also knock out the driver unless he was wearing some sort of respirator. which you would notice him putting on before you would be knocked out.

    I think it is probably more of people getting in the wrong cab and doing some false reporting. for the girls who got raped ,they could totally be missing the piece of memory where the rape started since it can be a traumatic event. basically going into a fugue state(which is like comatose). basically the brain is protecting the psyche. when they snap out of it,that’s the part they start to remember.

    I think the gassing people thing is probably more an urban legend. it seems so prolific that it can be used as an excuse because everyone has heard of it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Maybe is an urban legend. But I guarantee you one thing that is not . if filipinos find a way to do it so they can steal a peso they will. Mask? No need for that. They could just do what military does when around stinking bodies but no mask.

  5. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    I really hate Pinoy taxi drivers. Any time I get into a cab, I make sure to tell them where I want to go, in Tagalog. Shocks the shit out of them.

    Once in a while one of the maggots still tries to skin tax me anyway. I just take out my phone, switch on the camera and start photographing the maggot. When they ask what I’m doing, I simply say “For the LTO. Your meter not working. I help you. Maybe LTO fix it for you.” You’d be amazed how often the meter starts working again.

    When the situation can’t be resolved I get out of the taxi, and leave my door open. I then open the other door on the side where I am standing, then race to the other side of the taxi to open the back door. I then calmly walk away. I can usually hear maggot shouting of some description, off in the distance.

    The imbecile manner in which the vast majority of these maggots drive is truly frightening. I don’t know how most would have the IQ to cross a street alone, let alone pass a licensing exam. In any civilized county they’d be cooling their heels in a prison cell.

    Once in a while, you strike a decent cab driver. On those rare occasions, I compliment and tip generously. The rest of the time, I make a conscious effort to carry plenty of change, and pay the maggots to the Peso. When they ask for a tip (like always), I tell them “Sure, stop driving like a fucking retard.” All I get is blank stares.

    Manila taxi drivers. Just one more piece of evidence (as if any were needed) of the me first, “I’m the most important person on the face of the earth” childish stupidity that permeates virtually every interaction that we ever experience here. Utter mindlessness.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Just the taxi drivers? Any filipino that has control of anything with wheels, yes that includes shopping carts as well turns into instant asshole.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I so detest majority of Manila taxi drivers, because in the 6 years I’ve been visiting the RP, I only met maybe 2-3 decent ones. The rest of them are thieving maggots!

      One time I encountered one of these maggots driving a cab, high as a kite. And to top it all off, he kept making this expectorating sound that sounded as if it was coming from the bottom of the lower lobe of his lungs, then spitting out projectile style out the window. I was just so glad to get out of that cab alive!!

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    My wife built rooms at one of our places to rent to students, two students to a room. We then bought a desktop which set inside of our store in plain view of the customers for the students to rent. One of the rules was no porn, pretty simple huh? Well I do the updates, clean the files, scan disk, defrag and son on on all our computers. Doing that one time I came across some videos and website history which caught my attention.

    Let’s make one thing clear, I have no interest in porn. So I open the tab and a porn flick comes up. The name of the site was fake taxi and this article and the replies brought it to mind as I thought does relate to this article. Well what these guys do is drive around in taxis (Europe) and pick up women who are by themselves and flag the taxi down. That’s pretty normal, someone flagging a taxi down. But what the driver does is often talk the woman into sex for the fare. One woman forgot her wallet and the driver would not let her out of the taxi but kept driving to a remote place and “insisted” she give him sex for the fare. I could not help but wonder if the filipinos might start doing this also if they got that idea or saw the web site.

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Theres a big percentage of Manila taxi drivers that are real arsewipes. Some of them a damn good, hardworking and honest individuals. The others especially coming from the airport or the bus stations eg. Cabao, pasay are fucking wankers. They wont turn on the meters etc. Don’t let these arsewipes get away with it. fuck them. Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Ilo Ilo, CDO .. everywhere the guys are good but Manila .. fuck me, what a joke.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sum Dum Joe
    Sum Dum Joe

    I have done this exact same thing twice when I was living in Malate. These brain dead butt nuggets can not figure out that the meter is there to protect THEM, not you.
    I seriously doubt either one of them learned anything, but it was fun for me.

  9. Profile gravatar of JoeyG

    As a Filipino, I don’t even get into a cab when the driver starts asking me where I am going before I even get the car door. I just make it a point to head out way ahead of my next appointment to make sure I have the time to pick a relatively decent cab driver.

  10. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    OMG! Thanks so much MontrealGuy! Only a mere 25 dollars to contact the great Sir Travis? What a bargain! I too have so many questions to ask the Great Oracle, The Mysterious One!

  11. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    The best thing I have ever discovered is to use Uber. It is the biggest threat to taxis and corrupt taxis. The rate is estimated and they cannot bargain it with you. The cost is usually about 15% less than a metered cab, plus they must maintain a clean car. The drivers information is already recorded and the trip is recorded so if something happens, the company knows. Also, the car is private so street beggars don’t see you riding in a taxi.
    I love this service, but you need a smart phone/ tablet and an internet connection. If your phone does not have mobile WiFi, then use the little pocket WiFi device. You can pick these up for about P1000 or less and it costs only P200 for 5 days of internet.
    Use Uber. It is the best thing to use and you feel like you have a private driver. FUCK Filipino taxi drivers! I think that each time I take Uber.