Manila Crack Heads

Recently I started to realize in Manila it seems many people are on drugs in particular ice or meth. For many years I did not notice because I thought maybe many Filipinos we just normally like this and the fact I dont take drugs but its now come to my attention many are on drugs! Like my cleaner comes to the house with huge wide black eyes and grinding teeth, surely thats abnormal.

Then even I was looking for a condo to rent in Manila bay area and realized even the property management firm is pretty much a friggn drug den! Try have a conversation with these people its sooo hard. Once I opened my eyes I realized that YES junkies everywhere wandering the streets like mindless zombies. Even some people I work with I realized ‘are on it’.

Yeah its still a bit of a shock to me because one of the biggest reasons is I am wondering.. HOW THE HELL CAN THEY AFFORD IT!? Like I thought those drugs are expensive right? Especially in a place like Asia where it is highly illegal. So like now thats got me wondering like maybe we do need someone like a Duterte to come in and literally ‘clean up the streets’.¬†But really is he gonna do that I doubt it.

But yeah beware because those junkies are mentally ill and could literally shank you for $10!!! The areas they seem to hang are all Foreigner hotspots (maybe they leech off us I dunno). For example Manila Bay, Malate/Ermita and Makati. Anyone else seeing what I am seeing or had any experience with these shits ?


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    There was a governor of an area like Batangas or something where they found a shabu manufacturing plant on his property. He said he had no idea and was simply renting out the property. LOL!!

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      I remember the openly corrupt vice president owning like 300 hectares illegally and denying it. Then they never really did figure out who owns it. Ah, pinoy record keeping.

      It was another guy. Leviste. He claims it was his twin brother renting out the property and not him. LOL!!

      First, no single person is allowed to own more than 7 hectares of land (agricultural) in the Philippines under agrarian reform. Next, does anyone even bother to wonder how these guys accumulate so much?
      That is the biggest problem with the FAIL-ippines, the ones who write the laws have no intention of following them anyway.
      Next, Filipino culture accepts it is ok to be 2-faced. Meaning the guy against corruption is corrupt. The ones against drugs sell drugs or take money from drug dealers. It seems morals are very lacking in such a religious country.

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    Ah, the Shabu was the only missing piece for the perfect storm in the phils!
    With Mr. Duterte at the head and big parts of the population on drugs this will be a spectacle to behold. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sent out death-squads to make word into action and decimate the most obvious degenerates so that phils would look more clean on the outside.
    As a Pinoy himself he will not be interested in removing all the perks, important people would target him if he did, he’s not invulnerable.
    But I would expect a few mop-up operations. Well, time will show! It will be most exiting!;-)

    By the way, it’s not unusual that a “religious country” is two-faced! Usually religious nations, communities and persons are just that; two-faced! From the farrisees of old to modern American “moral majority” two-faced lying scheming bastards all of them, greedy, false, lying!
    The Pinoy only have a more perfectly attuned tofacedness than most “religious nations”, that’s the difference. Their perfect stupidity also makes a more perfect amalgam to make it the most corrupt country in the world!

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        How very true! He must be merciless, and not afraid of his own life, that’s the only way!
        And that’s why the people voted for him, because they want a Serious change. Serious changes craves blood, it’s as simple as that! Let’s hope he has the guts to shed the right blood!
        Some western pussy-attitude will not do the job!!

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      You can’t stop the war on drugs. I think the U.S has something like 1.5 million inmates. Close to 80% for drug offenses. There’s more drugs than ever. In my county alone(think province)there were 64 heroin overdoses. It is not all that uncommon, all things considered, to find meth labs even in the countryside.

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    I suspect Duterte may have a relatively short life expectancy within Malacanang if he attempts to probe too deeply with “death squads ” alone .
    Then again, I could be wrong and he turns out to be what some think he will be. Personally he seems psychopathic. That + a nation’s full power, never equate to good shit.