Manila In Review: Something All Filipinos Should Be Proud Of.

I’m sure Filipinos wouldn’t have understood the relationship between the title heading and the content of this article.  I have discussed on this same blog that Filipinos are so stupid they don’t generally understand sarcasm, analogy and irony.  I’m sure Crappler or is it Rappler is going to love posting such an article – not.  They only post positive review articles even if its for blog guest posting, self-promotion and 100% positive towards Filipinos.

I was trolling around looking for Manila reviews and came across this post.  Unbelievable how one guy could make such a quick summation of the place and do it all quickly in ONE WEEK giving the same perspective of a long timer here.  In a homogeneous society known as the Philippines where everyone toes the line and conforms in anyway they can to lick each others arses – yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir meanwhile disrespecting you behind your back, this guy hit the nail spot on.

The author who claims to have been in Manila a week could see right through Filipinos.

As he mentioned – Manila has;

  • Poorly designed infrasture – tick.
  • There isn’t really much to see  in the city – tick.
  • The people are willing to scam and deceive you for self benefit – tick.  Yes, Filipino culture is very me, myself and I and no “you and we” unless it’s to do with spending your money 🙂 – A very narcissistic culture.
  • The women are the easiest in the world.  Always willing to spread their legs for a few pesos yet will get angry when the “P” word comes up and its not “pesos” its prostitute.
  • He noticed how retarded people are – Tick
  • The majority have no value in life and that is true.  Many work for free even paying for a job.  No one is standing up to the oligarchy and saying – enough is enough Slave Mall.
  • Girls aren’t faithful and worse still the Filipino boyfriend will accept his girlfriend sleeping with a foreigner so he can benefit for a few pesos and support their shabu sniffing habit which is rampant.
  • Many girls cheat to try and find an exit out of the country.
  • People live in delusion.  From the politicians who plunder down to local level.  They laugh it off as being part and parcel of living in the Philippines.
  • There’s no responsibility and they laugh at being caught out such as trying to scam you for something then when caught brush it off as if its ok.
  • The girls have kids to different fathers – I have met ones with 4 kids to 4 dads then expect everyone to support them.  Worse still, they want more kids!

This is so true about Manila.  Enjoy!

I visited Manila recently over a summer break for one week.

Being the Capital of the Philippines I expected it to have some worthy sights to visit. However, upon my arrival I noticed that there really isn’t much to see in this city.

The city is home to to 12 million people. It is poorly planned with nightmare traffic during peak times. The people are willing to scam you and deceive you in order to benefit themselves. I stayed in the Makati area which is one of the better parts of the National Capital Region and home to many expatriates. The weather is warm and humid in summer and thunderstorms occur regularly in the summer months.

Manila had by far the ugliest people I have ever come across in a city. The average quality of women is something like a 2/10, it made Australia seem like heaven. The women are the easiest in the world and are into foreigners for their status and wealth as much as their looks and charm. People are retarded, with low education levels and lack of social welfare meaning many will be living below the poverty line.

There are plenty of hookers and ladyboys since the majority of people have no value to offer to the world besides the use of their pussies or anuses. Girls as young as 17 will take up prostitution in order to live the high life and escape the doom of mediocrity that awaits.

I would focus on foreign girls and halfies as they were generally hotter. There are subsets of girls from China whom avoid Filipino’s like the plague as they view them as far inferior to themselves. Local girls will lie, cheat, and steal in order to benefit themselves, many girls will have Filipino husbands and Fiancées but will happily cheat with a foreigner as there is a remote possibility that they could get foreign citizenship and escape their dump of a country.

The upper class is something quite amazing, people whom live in areas like Rockwell, Fort Bonifacio and so on have baller families with multiple maids, cooks, and drivers. They are generally good looking, party in the high end places and travel to exotic locations funded by foreign cash, usually through their parents. If you can crack this circle you’ll do well. I was fortunate to meet a girl who was in this circle and believe me, it had me in awe. Besides all the doom an gloom in the country, there is some excitement in the upper tier.

I feel like there is strong delusion amongst the people of this country. People will be caught red handed doing something illegal, with video coverage and still deny their involvement. They believe that if something is denied continually that will mean that it simply never occurred. People are similar to dung beetles when it comes to their long term outlooks and goals, they will put a short term pleasure ahead of any consequences affiliated with that action, for example, look at all the knocked up women carrying children with multiple fathers.

Manila is horrible logistically, it’s a poorly planned car city which reminded me of the horrid traffic I found myself in back in Melbourne. Being a poverty stricken country, roads often were closed and had construction work being performed which conveniently can add a lot of time to a simple trip. Cab drivers will scam you and won’t want to use their meters, so be stern and threaten to leave the cab if they give any attitude, they are the slaves, not you. The city is spread out with hubs like Quezon City, Fort Bonifacio, Malate and so on, so you might need to use cabs to get around assuming you don’t have a vehicle.

There isn’t much to do in Manila besides banging and clubbing. I focussed on the high end joints, such as Palace Pool Club, Prive and Valkyrie. There is some decent quality there as this is the best place for quality in the whole country. There are many ballers rocking up in Ferrari’s and Bentley’s and lots of foreign cash too. Dress up, and look like you fit in, work the venues and be prepared to work hard. Since there’s so many foreign ballers here, you’ll need to bring your A-Game. There’s sadly plenty of hookers amongst the crowd trying to find high end clientèle so be weary of them.

There’s shitty clubs in places like Malate but I personally don’t get any enjoyment in slamming 5/10’s so I avoided them like a plague.

You’ll see online how foreign guys come here and slam some crazy notches like 96 girls in 3 months etc. and after being here a week I completely see that being doable, given you’re happy banging 4-6’s/10. The quality in this place is so low that it is really a quantity-driven city. If you’re a novice notch hunter then this place is for you. If you’re a more seasoned player who is past the point of hunting for notches in order to feel validated then pass on Manila since there’s definitely other places with substantially prettier girls, much better quality of life and similar cost of living. Sometimes I’d wonder why foreigners with money would be living in the Philippines long term, given how shit the pollution, traffic and social problems are over there, but each to their own.

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    1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

      When you write a blog, you don’t comment how the sun rises every morning at a fixed time. It’s just natural. It’s basically the same thing when it comes to people pissing everywhere.

    2. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      No doubt, Mike. That is one of the most disgusting habits of these pinheads. These guys think nothing of pissing in front of old ladies and children. They are so cavalier about it since it is their normal. I asked a girl what would happen if women did that. She said everyone would think she is crazy. The pinnacle of Filipino logic

    3. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

      I guess if he traveled in asia before he knows this pissing everywhere allready.

      I traveled in Venezuela and Comlombia with a chinese guy. He just finished his Phd while working for JP Morgan in Scottland. Very smart very well traveled. Neverthe less even we where just guests in this countries he pissed every where he wanted, even in direct sites of police checkpoints and so on. Never anything happened. So yes he might not mention it because he didnt note in anymore.

  1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    The guy probably didn’t eat at the fast food joints or he would have complained about the mess left behind by local customers who think they are in a restaurant and don’t bother to clear their table before they leave like they do in the States.

  2. Profile gravatar of sckang

    When I first came to the Philippines nearly 25 years ago, Manila was horrible. I had flown from Boston Logan to O’Hare to Narita to Manila and it was the time that passengers had to go down a stairway and get on a bus to be driven to the NAIA Terminal One. What was bad was when the Northwest Flight opened up their doors , the god awful pollution and smells came into the cabin. YUCK!
    For nearly 1 1/2 years, my first apartment was at Bulacan Street right next to West Avenue and not 100 meters to SM City in Quezon City. That was one consolation that a mall was that close and when it got real hot, I could go there.
    In my last nearly quarter of a century, Manila has gotten a lot worse with more cars, more people, and has gotten a lot worse. The above article does hit lot of the points wrong with the capital. Manila is a steam pile of shit. Thankfully, I got smart and live way,way away from that place. In the next 3 weeks, I’ll have to renew my Bureau of Immigration Permanent Resident Card – 13A Visa and have to go to the BI Main Office at the Intramuros, Manila! I’ll do my business there and get the hell out of the ugliest city on earth!
    Many foreigners don’t know about Article 332 of the Philippine Penal Code that covers people that are related to each other by marriage or blood and accuse each other of robbery. If a foreigner is married to a Filipino and a relative steals money or other property. Text of Article 332, ” “Article 332. Persons exempt from criminal liability. – No criminal, but only civil liability, shall result from the commission of the crime of theft, swindling or malicious mischief committed or caused mutually by the following persons:
    1. Spouses, ascendants and descendants, or relatives by affinity in the same line;
    2. The widowed spouse with respect to the property which belonged to the deceased spouse before the same shall have passed into the possession of another; and
    3. Brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, if living together.
    The exemption established by this article shall not be applicable to strangers participating in the commission of the crime.”
    In my research, I found a Philippine Supreme Court Case involving Article 332 and has an unexpected twist! Over 10 years ago, a Japanese Son-in-Law , William Sato, falsely made his blind Filipino Mother-in-Law , Manolita, thumbprint documents to have the power to depose of all of her properties. Sato’s Wife , Manolita’s Daughter, had died before her mother and many felt that Sato’s relationship with the family had been extinguished. The Philippine Supreme Court Court said that with the death of his wife didn’t extinguish his relationship with the Filipino Family. Therefore, what he did was allowable under Article 332 to this under criminal code. There was only one legal avenue left and it was to file a civil case to recover the property. [THIRD DIVISION, G.R. No. 181409, February 11, 2010, INTESTATE ESTATE OF MANOLITA GONZALES VDA. DE CARUNGCONG, REPRESENTED BY MEDIATRIX CARUNGCONG, AS ADMINISTRATRIX, PETITIONER, VS. PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES AND WILLIAM SATO, RESPONDENTS.] This case is NOT the rule, but the exception. usually, the foreigner gets the big screw and find out that part of marrying into a Filipino Family is Article 332.

  3. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    These disgusting people think absolutely nothing of selling their children into sexual slavery for a few Pesos. I’m not just talking about the parents who knowingly send their teenage daughters out to be GRO’s to finance the family thiefdom.; They even pimp out their young kids online now. Such a ‘proud’ and ‘god-fearing’ people!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      And luckily, through this blog their disgustingness can be known throughout the world, thankfully!
      This is important so that not more people fall into their evil net! If anything can become even more smelly, pissy, lowlife, disgusting, crowded, impolite, polluted, corrupt, they are veritable masters of getting it even worse! They are unsurpassable in this quality and had deserved a line in Guinness book of record on the 10 most disgusting people’s on earth, they probably had won!:-) Let us pray that Guinness will allow them this well-deserved Honour! Amén!

  4. Profile gravatar of tomas

    first trip 2004 initial destination was Manila…. first and last time I visited that Godforsaken hell hole. Managed to see fort Santiago… that is about the only thing I took away from the city.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Did you know that there is still an American from WW2 buried at the fort? The Japanese used it to hold American officers during the war and to interrogate them. They took one out of his cell and executed him outside and buried him in an unmarked grave that has never been found.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    It’s disheartening to see the kind of cultural elitism being displayed here. Kanos piss in toilets privately and do waste management. Pilipino poop on street, let rain spread to children playing. What’s the difference?

    The complaining about prostitutes – this is beyond the pale. What’s not to love about a prostitute? It is the most honest, and oldest occupation in the world. I really like prostitutes. I like fucking them silly for 24 hrs at $30. Even Manila prices are reasonable compared to Reno.

    Take your pick between a prostitute and a feminist, for example. That’s the distinction between, say, US women and Filipino women. The Filipino women will rub your back, rub your cock, rub spices in the roast she is cooking for you, etc. At such trivial prices. A working man’s dollar goes so far! Whereas a feminist is mostly going to verbally abuse you with relentless psychological warfare.

    So the dirt, the poop, the stupidity and all the rest of it – so what? It is a beautiful tapestry, the exact setting where a white man, because of his intellect and strength, is king. They can’t afford feminism because the Filipino men have not created a wealthy, healthy, secure environment for their women.

    In seriousness though, it was a frank assessment of what the results of stupid pride get you. Filipino Pride.

    1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

      Do agree and I’m having my balls rubbed as we speak by one :). The Kano is king here, have you tried the Palawan hookers yet? Great prices indeed! 10 USD! :):)

    2. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski

      Well every country have same racism thought. Or whatever you want to call it. I dont in the PH but I know in Korea there is no racism law like in the west which I btw dont have anything against it. Now there have been a case in the Philippines that filipinos was not allowed inside some Korean store in Manila I think. Saw it in one of the Reekays videos. You should feel ashamed of him. Another Mindanao Bob coming up here if you dont him.

      Now Im a person that actually have proud and honor in myself, so if somebody dont want me in his store (whatever place it is) and get my money than wtf? I got to the next one right? No problems with that. If I walk through some store saying No Poles allowed I will just pass through and I will think fuck those people.

  6. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Culture Elitism.??
    I have a pet peeve being an Australian , who lived and worked in the USA so I have some knowledge., as well as at sea and worked all over the world.
    Everyone gets a designation over there. African American, Korean American Filipino American. I was never called an Ozzie American why because I looked like a white middle class Sepo
    In Australian you rarely hear if ever a description like that every now and again it starts but disappears just as fast as they get pulled into line. We are all Australian.
    When I travel forgive the spelling as spell check will probably not be able to help here.
    In Hawaii when I worked there I was a Haolie ,Flip land a Kanoe, Thailand a Ferang. Im almost sure if this is Racism so Ill let that slide as true Racism is to be abhorred and it is a term widely overused the days..

    1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

      I was mostly spoofing, being satirical in that post, Don. The culture of the Philippines is appalling. It isn’t cultural elitism to point it out. Take care.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    In canada, there are french Canadians, natives,,, etc,, all different names of people.. too bad They are not just “Canadians” Good on Australia for being Australians.

  8. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    The only mistake I used to get frequently when working in NY was I would be called a fucking , NEW ZEALANDER AAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So my retort when I could was ask them how long they could stay before returning to Canada.
    Rarely did they get my sarcasm.