Memes with the Padayon Pilipino Party!

To help me vent my anger against Emano and his insane clown posse, I decided to flex my creativity and create these lovely images, both for sharing purposes and to show the insane leaps of logic Emano and the PDP would go to. Bear in mind, these are all based on headlines and quotes I’ve read throughout the years. And stuff they did and said here are just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

Also, feel free to spread these images around! Let the PDP and their supporters know what Kagay-anons REALLY feel about them!

AcenasLogic3 AcenasLogic2

BenaldoLogic2 BenaldoLogic1DongkeyLogic2 DongkeyLogic1

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Like the articles. Don’t let anyone scare you away.
    So, how is the people he has murdered politically motivated? I read where Poe was set to campaign in Davao but did not. Davao City officials said her rep came in to file the paperwork for a permit but never came back to pick up the permit. I just wonder if it went something like this: He goes in and they let him file the paperwork, pay the fees and bribes. Then when done they tell him anyone picking up the paperwork will be killed. With the reputation Duterte has I would not be surprised if this was what did happen.

  2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    We have the ex mayor trying to run again, I see his ugly visage everywhere.
    This is the Prick who stole 5 Billion peso from the City by not paying the Power Bill after collecting the money at city hall.
    He actually has the fucking hide to show his ugly mutt back in Olongapo.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The way to win an election in the Philippines.

    1. Buy votes especially if you have some sacks of left over calamity rice or something that’s inedible.
    Cash goes down well.
    2. Promise everything, deliver nothing (as Filipinos have a short memory) – Ive been to areas where
    theres water blackouts even, shit services, no street lighting despite the people getting robbed by
    out of towners. So many problems and each election its promisied, the water will be fixed, the lighting will be put in etc
    NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS. The same families been in power for decades – if they were so fucking good
    they are well settled in the politics and system of the council (what they do in Philippines is having
    rotational family members become mayor vs. vice mayor to get around the COMLEC rules.

    3. Play on people’s fears and insecurities especially crime.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      BLACKOUTS!!!!! We were living on Mindanao there was blackouts every night that lasted for hours, sometime over 16 hours for months on end. Well it happened to be an election year that year on the national level and still the blackouts continued. BUT, 2 weeks before voting was to take place the electric stayed on 24/7 without the first blackout. The same week after voting was done back came the blackouts. Vote for me!! I kept the electric on for two weeks so you could see to vote for me.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I hate how they use PUBLIC TAX MONEY
    and stick their own labels on projects eg.

    ambulances –
    Project of – Mayor – name

    bus shelter
    A love project of (the counsellors name)

    Old peoples transporter van
    A loving kindness project of – (the counsellors name)

    Typhoon DONATIONS!
    From the vice mayor – (name) office
    fuck what a twat – hes claiming ownership of donations for typhoons
    and filipinos believe this shit or what?

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      I forgot to say there was one town i went to and there was the words
      “a loving kindness project of (polticians name)”
      This self promotion the filipinos do is EVERYWHERE
      in politics, their facebook pages etc
      all trying to get ahead, some recognition …