You Might Be a Flip If…

Hey all,

After 8 long years of trying to help the flips, making the mistake of marrying one of them, only to learn (the hard way) that all of the stereotypes, generalizations, and warnings about those people are true, I came up with a fun list of how you know you are a flip.  Enjoy.



You might be a flip if:

–You believe that you will go to Hell if you wear a condom, but you think it’s OK to throw your teenage sons/daughters out of the house because you cannot afford to feed their 10 siblings;

–You believe that it is perfectly OK to give or accept bribes while attending church;

–You believe that lying, cheating, stealing, never repaying loans, and taking/giving bribes is a perfectly acceptable way of doing business;

–You believe that anyone with white skin is an “ATM” who “owes” you because he/she is “rich”, and you are “poor”;

–You believe that the world is your urinal—and your spittoon;

–You believe that your “manliness” and “virility” is determined by the number of secret mistresses you have, and the number of children you sire;

–You are not smart enough to know the meaning of the words “virility” and “sire”;

–You believe that you are not obligated to follow any laws—especially traffic laws;

–You will cut in line without any thought of the people who were there long before you arrived;

–You are outwardly religious, but inwardly corrupt;

–You will go out of your way to destroy a neighbor, a relative, or even a friend because he/she is successful and doing well;

–You will steadfastly deny any involvement in some wrongful act (stealing, adultery, etc.) even if you are shown video or photographic evidence that implicates you;

–You outwardly agree with everything that others say, even though you disagree with them inwardly;

–You make promises that you have no intent to fulfill;

–You are full of pride in your nationality, but your heart’s desire is to get the hell out of your country;

–You believe that a boy is magically turned into a “man” when he has part of his dick cut off;


–You are so full of pride that you are offended by what you are reading, even though it is 100% true.

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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    “You believe that a boy is magically turned into a “man” when he has part of his dick cut off.”

    Wow, that’s a new one? These idiots actually believe that? It just kinda disturb me when a man gets his junk cut off, and they think it automatically constitutes for them to be a woman, even though they still have the atoms apple, large manly knuckles, no hips, flat chest, and have the nerve to try and get a boyfriend when the signs of once being a man is clearly obvious. My philosophy is, “Once a man, ALWAYS a man.” The same goes for women too. I see a lot of these in Philippines, and I never know what gender to call them, so I identify them with the pronoun “it.”
    I don’t mean to say anything bigoted or disrespectful to you members if what I said directly reflects you or anybody you know well. I just have have this little itch in my neck when it comes down to transgenderism. Bad enough some Filipinos can’t accept their own skin color with these whitening products, but some can’t even accept their own gender. I have more to say on this, but I will save it for an article in the future.

    Note to Author: I made the mistake of marrying one too, I feel you on that one buddy.

    Note to Admin: If this comment is inappropriate, delete immediately. My opinion on this matter can be slightly altered, but this is how I feel about this ATM.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      First of all FAFI, What the author meant by “part of his dick cut off” is CIRCUMCISION. It has nothing whatsoever to do with transgenderism.

      But since you brought it up….

      I have no reason to delete bigoted statements. They speak for themselves and expose themselves. I think if you’re a bigot, don’t try to hide it, just have the balls to come out and say it. Have as much balls as it takes transgenders to outwardly be who they are inside. And believe me, coming out and being who you really are takes COURAGE. Especially when who you are is something society generally has labeled unacceptable or “abnormal”.

      Being a transgender hurts nobody. Being a bigot does.
      Being a transgender or homosexual is NOT a choice. Being a bigot is.
      Neither are illegal (in most of the world).

      If you’re somehow offended by the site of them, don’t look at them. Believe me, there are worse visuals you see every day yet say nothing about. We don’t speak out against really ugly people or disfigured people. And some are pretty darn hard to look at. But we don’t speak out against them because we know they can’t help looking that way. Well, neither can transgenders, girly boys, etc. They have to be that way because it’s who they are and they are more happy that way WITH your ridicule and non-acceptance than they ever were with it locked up inside of them, hiding it in fear. Kind of like the way most bigots try to hide or mask their bigotry.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        We are all stuck with the bodies we were born with. Can’t change ugly or disabled or whatever the case may be. Some are blessed with good looks but are complete assholes. I try to remind myself that it’s not how someone looks but how they treat others. I have my prejudices also. Most people probably do. I try to fight thru them and realize I am also far from perfect. As long is someone is honest with their dealings, not a back stabbing piece of shit and treats others the way he would like to be treated I don’t really care about his physical appearance.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I’m not totally bigoted on this issue, this issue. This just happen to be the first time coming across a large population of people who are fascinated in undergoing a gender change. I don’t come across this much in America, and it’s very rare, so I don’t know them very well. Therefore, I barely met any transgendered people, but I have met many Filipinos, and I know many Filipinos do a lot of stupid shit, and I know a lot of Filipinos engage in transgenderism. I never really thought of this operation as being wrong, I just know a lot of stupid people (Filipinos) who do it, therefore I look at it in more of a negative aspect. If I had the chance to meet, sit down, and talk to an intelligent TS, then my opinion on this matter wouldn’t be negative. I look at them the same way as I do Filipinos who had obviously undergone a skin-bleaching operation.
        So I’m not completely bigoted, I’m just ignorant to the unknown, and the only known factor I know is that whatever most of these Filipinos do, it must be wrong or stupid. Trust me, if I had the chance to interact with a TS in my home country, then there is no way I would’ve brought up this subject. I feel I have the right to talk about Filipinos and Koreans, since I have personally been to their respective countries and experienced their cultures, I wasn’t too fond of either of them. Filipinos are nice, but stupid. Koreans are intelligent, but extremely rude and arrogant. I been to Thailand, but only for a weekend, so I can’t say much about them. Americans are so diverse and widespread, I can’t generalize them (us) all into one category. Americans are so unpredictable…. hahaha! Anyway, my bigotry is subject to change, like I said, I’m totally ignorant on the TS thing, but I do know a lot about Filipinos.

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    jimmy smith

    Thanks Sean for the article.
    You might also be a flip if you see a dining table full of food and even though you were not invited by the host, but by a random guest and still you think all the food is just for you !
    And if you apply for a job (happens rarely) and you are not interested in what the Work is or your duties, but only what the salary is.
    Also if you think that the distant cousin you have can borrow you Money because she just married a foreigner.

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    I encounter this a lot… You tell people how good, reliable and honest (especially when it comes to money) you are when you are exactly the opposite of what you claim.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    you might be a flip if you have 100 extension cords all over the place..
    your stove looks like an oil well with grease all da place..
    you save every receipt from 20 years ago