Mike Judge MUST Have Spent Time in The Philippines

There’s no doubt about it. He’ll probably never admit it. But it doesn’t matter. I refuse to believe that Mike Judge’s inspiration for writing Idiocracy could be nothing other than time spent in Philippines.

Private Joe Bauers, the definition of “average American”, is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes 500 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he’s easily the most intelligent person alive.



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Mike Judge must have spent time in Philippines.I have no doubt that any of us expats could be the main character of this movie and do it better than Dax Shepard. I am certainly no genius by any understanding of the word. But how many of you who have seen this movie can totally relate? How else would Mike Judge have been inspired?

I sometimes feel awkward about saying this, but I certainly find myself thinking that regardless of how “average joe” I was in USA, I feel like a fucking genius in this country. And the natives here certainly do not do much to suppress that feeling. Quite the opposite. They know we’re smarter (though they’ll never directly admit it, they have their “pride” to uphold). And in this country where words speak louder than actions, they can all claim to be smart regardless of the countless stupid things they do every day. Because in Philippines, you are what you say, NOT what you do. Yet they will ooze and schmooze all over you and practically beg for your attention because you’re a foreigner, then the first time you criticize them, you’re suddenly a dumb racist and who needs you, when just 2 minutes ago you were like a fucking hero in their eyes. But they’ll pay no mind to that. Because it’s what they’re saying NOW that is the truth. The truth changes a whole lot when coming from the pie hole of a Filipino.

And this is why stupidity, corruption and carelessness flourishes. The idiots will admire you for standing your ground of denying that you ripped them off. They will say,

“He’s a strong Filipino! He stood his ground! He has pride! It doesn’t matter that he pocketed our tax money and ripped us all off, what matters is he didn’t give in and stood his ground of denial”

and will re-elect you for 50 pesos each (excuse me, I need to cough…COUGH…COUGH…C-ERAP ESTRADA-OUGH…COUGH) And that is how the constituent justifies his/her vote as well. Deny getting paid for the vote, and claim the strength of pride of the candidate.

Philippines: Land of Illusion

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    This was created in 2006? How come I didn’t know about this and what the hell was I doing? LOL

    Yup we can definitely relate this country to this movie. Thanks for sharing. I’m going look for this and watch it online.

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    I will admit that growing up in the Philippines, I guess I didn’t know better. I thought it was completely NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE for my uncle to let his dog urinate and defecate in front of our house, cuz you know, he can’t be bothered to pick up the poop or hose down the spot where the pee was (concrete sidewalks/front walk) so of course it was in front of our house. And my dad (his brother) let him, cuz bless his heart, he was too kind to say anything so I didn’t think anything was wrong neither. It was only after being in America for a few years and then coming back for vacation when I thought, “OMG…is this how I used to live???This was ACCEPTABLE?”. I definitely can’t relate to the lifestyle back home anymore. Ugh.

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      they all have dogs for ”protection” but when the dogs bark,, they are too lazy to find out out who is there.
      HAS anybody else noticed this??? please reply or is it just my f/u brains?
      They don’t have money ti buy food ,, but they wiill have this scrawny,, disease ridden mutt barking all day

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    What’s up guys,

    I know I’m off topic but would like to share something with this community. I’v accidentally fell on this blog (No need to mention that`s failipino made):


    ( If you have a brain, do not read that blog or you`ll just want to kick every brown flat nose you see)

    Many if those failures don`t only believe that we been created by a god but that this supposedly god is purposely creating some disasters to punish us from this and that. Because apparently we tolerate homosexuals and prostitution lolllllllllllll.

    If ever you want to troll a failipino just try to explain him about the Higgs boson or quantum physics.

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    I am going to open googl e earth just enough to see world’s outline and test these people to see if thye can find Israel, hong kong etc.

    If anybody does this,, please reply