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The main reason I’m writing this because I’m too free, having retired for quite a while and also I can note that many of you unlike me are still in your prime of life. I’m not a Filipino nor am I “white”, but I come from South East Asia and having lived for many more years than you guys may also experienced a little more understanding of human behaviour. I’m now living in North America having worked here for quite a while and drawing a small pension here, so I can talk about both cultures with some confidence.


Your guys probably doesn’t know what it’s like growing up in a 3rd world country in the fifties. People were really poor then. The things that they will do to save a nickel would blow your mind away. Some of the countries in South East Asia have developed to 1st world status but others remain the same. You have to that they are living many decades behind you in living standards and thinking.


In the fifties, I saw a 2 boys around 6 years old playing under a banana tree, they were stabbing at it with small folding knives and laughing as the sap came out. Later on they played “run and catch”, one of them tripped and fell and cut his eye pretty badly. Blood was spurting out and soon his whole face was covered in blood. His mum came and managed to stop the bleeding. Later on they were seen praying at the banana tree and the mum was apologizing to the spirit living in the tree for have offended it by the boy’s action of stabbing the tree. They were burning specially printed shiny papers and burning incense.


People in those days believed that banana trees housed fearsome spirits, most other trees do not. They attest to it by showing how the leaves of the banana tree sprout out like a woman’s hand with long fingernails and also the story of the well-known folklore woman vampire “pontianak” who lives in the tree. I used to be extremely frightened when I had to walk past a clump of banana trees especially in the dark. Incredulous? Of course ridiculous. What utter nonsense. I laugh thinking about these superstitions now. But back in those days all these are like real to everyone. This is just one of the hundreds if not thousands of superstitions that has existed even up to today. It’s like the American general manager I worked for who always tossed some salt over his shoulders just before he starts eating his lunch.


Have you seen the evangelist pastors on North American TV who receives thousands of $$$$ through the mail asking him to pray for their requests and then he piles up all the mails (I doubt he even read them) and then asks God to help all these people who wrote the requests and grant them their wishes. He also sells bibles which he autographs for US$100 per bible (that was 10 years or more ago, bet you it has gone up now). People going to his sermons for healing and how with 1 wave of his hand a few rows of people will just collapse being slain by the spirit. They also speak and pray in “tongues”, have you heard? What do you think of all these people who filled up his sermons and others living far away who constantly gives him money to live lavishly and cancer patients going there for healing. Are these people stupid. The answer is depends. Some are really simple minded and easily convinced and controlled. Some others are easily frightened, especially incurring the wrath of a supernatural power and ending up in hell.


You have to understand that there are all sorts of people with all sorts of thinking. Of course in general people in North America have had education much longer than people in other countries and this has liberated many of them from all these superstitions. There will be people who still believe in all these supernatural stuff but the number is much less because of the education effect. People in poorer countries will take a longer time because they are behind as you say “traveling back in time”.


Even in North America, there are many people who are in desperate situation whether it be their health, their finance or family and they live fearfully from one day to the next. So is it wrong for someone to give them hope so that they have the strength to continue living. Alternatively they have to see “shrink” (it may cost more than the guy who gives you false hopes) who will prescribe them some medication to put them in a zombie state. So they are alive but not really aware of what is going on around them, they are then not worried. That’s one major reason why people drink and smoke pot, to leave all their troubles behind. A psychiatrist will try and tell you that the problems are not that serious, again it will cost you.


Some people are troubled easily whereas some are completely unperturbed even though the sky above them is crashing down. Look at Bill Clinton, how he handled himself during the Lewinsky problem. He was really calm and composed. a president needs to be able to take pressure and still think. I think that’s why they have such a tough campaign. This is to weed out the weaker candidates, it’s not enough to be only highly intelligent. Of course having a dad who is a powerful politician helps a lot.


You guys talk a lot about leeching from you. In North America, there are lots of single mums with many kids receiving cheques from the government. Aren’t they leeching from you too? It’s just that you give your money to the government and they give it to these single mums, i.e. there is an intermediary, so you don’t see it that way. Basically it’s the same, people who doesn’t want to work for a living needs someone to give them money to live. It’s as simple as that. If you call it leeching than it is, if not it’s social assistance.


People in Asia generally have very strong family ties. Those who have will really care for those who don’t. Of course this trait is slowly going out as people become more “westernized”. Previously, you are supposed to take care of your parents and brothers and sisters. I have known a man who did not get married because his brother with 2 kids died. He brought up the kids (no he did not get his brother’s wife, that is a big no no, also the kids are definitely not his). You can see how dedicated people are to their families. Again many of these strong ties are also slowly eroded. That’s why your Filipina wives keep on asking you to support their family. It’s the only way they have been taught since young.


Please remember that everything that I write about here is a matter of percentage, it doesn’t mean all the people behave this way or don’t behave this way. The reason it’s more noticeable is that more people in a certain country behave this way. Also please excuse my English as it is not my first spoken language.


I think that the countries who are not doing so well are because the people are not willing to work hard. It takes a few generations of hard work before a country can become prosperous. Hard work and long suffering is the key to success. Of course having someone to add financial help and intellectual help will make it much easier and faster to reach the goal.


I hope that your thinking can be moderated somewhat after this.




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    The Philippines has been assisted more than they’re regional neighbors since World War 2. I just won’t give this country a pass when you see South Korea and Thailand prospering when in the 1950s Pinas was much better off. The only people to blame for the current state of affairs are Filipinos, they constantly bring each other down. I feel no pity for them anymore.

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    Marius O.

    Well-written article (considering it’s not your first language). You are from Malaysia, right? I’m going to answer point-by-point.

    1) Superstition. I’ve heard the story of “banana sprits” before. There’s a similar one in Thai culture. As superstitions go, it’s not a bad one. It causes people to respect (wild) banana plants, as opposed to (say) digging them up and pouring concrete on the space because it’s more “modern”. Banana plants are useful: they are excellent nutrient-recyclers, they produce fruit (for poor people to eat?) and they prevent soil erosion (not very effectively, but better than nothing). Now let’s take Philippine “Catholicism”, which doesn’t even remotely resemble Christianity. The Spaniards put this meme into the locals’ heads so they would be easy to control, and it’s still going a great job in that regard. It doesn’t “offer hope”. It creates the exact opposite: fear, confused thinking (as people attempt to slot events into their messed-up religious framework), and a complete lack of motivation. The Catholic establishment (I’m not going to say “Church”, because that elevates them above the level of a corrupt mafia) is responsible for a lot of the Phil’s problems. Hope comes from critically evaluating your situation, making a plan, and then working towards its fulfillment.

    Poverty: as I noted elsewhere, most people aren’t poor in the technical sense. A good fraction of the rural population own at least a hectare of land, more than the average European could dream of owning. Unlike in Europe, you are allowed to put buildings on farmland (within reason), and a hectare of land produces about 15-20 tonnes of output per year without even trying. By any objective standard, those landowners are “rich”, even in the context of the Phil’s messed-up economy. Why do they think they’re not? Because of a fucked-up cultural belief that puts farmers at the bottom of the social hierarchy. So they’d rather be beggars or thieves; they sell their land (for a pittance), spend the money on something utterly stupid (like a car or booze), and then – yes, then they really ARE poor. And it’s 100% their own fault.

    Now, you’re going to say a poor Filipino with barely 5 pesos to rub together can’t develop a hectare of farmland, to which I say “bollocks”. He can go out into the hedgerows and collect seeds from leucaena, gliricida, or mimosas and plant them. These will improve and sustain the soil. He can go to the market and buy rotten fruit and vegetables and plant the seeds. Pineapple tops can be stuck into the ground and they will grow. A bag of trash of this nature might cost him P100 and yield profits of P5000 within 2 years (papaya, melons, pumpkins) or considerably more from fruit trees (some of which will come true from seed). If he can’t be bothered to do this, that’s his own problem.

    Family ties. This is common in Asia, but “looking after your family” has been perverted into a system where the designated earner feeds a bunch of layabouts at home, who do nothing except produce more mouths to feed.

    Education. Filipinos are not stupid because they lack education. They are stupid because they have the wrong kind of education. They are taught, in school and by parents, that it’s OK to cheat, lie, and beg from foreigners. They are taught “pride” in their country, but no personal pride or integrity. Education in “The West” is pretty woeful, but if kids learn anything at all there, it’s that you don’t cheat and you don’t lie, because if you do, people will not trust you enough to employ you, and you WILL be poor.

    Leeching: most people in the west consider leeching shameful. Very few people choose it. Even so, most westerners hate the fact that 30% of their taxes goes on welfare payments. In the Phils, leeching seems to be an actual career choice.

    Hard work and long suffering: I completely disagree. This is NOT the route to development. Many Filipinos do work hard – for no apparent result. In fact, I recall an aphorism along these lines: poverty is a minimal result from a large amount of effort; riches is the large result from a minimal amount of effort. Filipinos need to think before they act. Polluting the river and then paying the gubmint to clean it up so you can drink it is a lot more expensive than not polluting the river in the first place.

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      It really is a problem of the wrong kind of education. Partly because the teachers are paid to little and asked to much of, fifty kids in a class for 15000p/month! I am a Science teacher so my focus when looking at things is environmental. The kids here are not taught to take there trash home, consequently trash on every surface everywhere you look, especially school grounds. Lack of respect for nature, I live in a rural area and what do the kids do in there spare time? Shoot birds with their slingshots, pitik. No education about nutrition, hence poor diet. No sex education or awareness about population control and the conseqeunces of overpopulation, overcrowding, evironmental degradation, extinction, habitat destruction. Hence kids everywhere with no food, no future, and no hope.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        But they do have cell phones!!
        “conseqeunces of overpopulation, overcrowding”, you would think with 11 people living in a squatters hut and looking for their next meal they would get the hint without education.
        “fifty kids in a class for 15000p/month!”, that is pretty low pay. Like you said though, they can’t even teach the kids to pick up trash. A very basic and easy responsibility that alone has a big impact on the quality of life. You can say the parents are uneducated and don’t know better, but what’s the teachers excuse? I remember the myth of George Washington and the cherry tree and the story of Lincoln walking miles to return a few pennies short changed to a customer. Honesty and taking responsibility portrayed as the top virtues attributed to our hero’s. I guess maybe it’s impossible to portray an honest, responsible Pinoy, who would believe it?

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    Marius O.

    I would also add that Filipinos are uniquely unable to use “financial and intellectual help” from others. It’s actually illegal for them to do so – foreigners are excluded from participation in the economy by the highest law in the land, the Constitution. Even when advice is offered, there are only two responses:

    “This is the way we do it in the Philippines”.
    “How dare you $@$!( bastard kanos come here lecturing us what to do. If you want to help, give us money. You’re rich, you can afford it”.

    If you do give them money, it’ll simply disappear on gambling, drink, or some ill-advised scheme. Most Filipinos have no clue how to handle money. Which is why they’re poor in the first place.

  4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    When a country has had the assistance, the resources, and multiple opportunities to progress above a 3rd world status, and squanders every opportunity away to continue to wallow in the mud pit for any reason as a people, as Filipinos, as a nation, and then proceed to try to convince the world they are great and intelligent, and have “more fun in the Philippines, when complete opposite is obvious to the entire world community, THAT my friend, is utter stupidity, and THEIR OWN DAMNED FAULT as a people, as Filipinos, as a nation.

    They just continue to behave in a sub-human, sub-civilized way, while they tell anyone who tries to offer constructive, helpful criticism and advice that they are fully aware of their problems and don’t need our help.

    They, as a people, as Filipinos, as a nation CHOOSE to remain stupid, uncivilized, corrupt, and pathetic.

    So whoever tries to offer up the same bullshit excuses they do and claim it’s not their fault, is equally an imbecile. Sorry, but that is my honest opinion. I just can’t see it any other way. For a people to CHOOSE what Filipinos choose for themselves is JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY. Pure and simple.

  5. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    What do superstitions have to do with lying, cheating, stealing being a corrupt politician milking the public for you own benefit, being idiots unable to follow simple traffic rules, urinating in public, cutting in line and just treating your fellow countrymen like shit? Not a damn thing.

  6. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    “People in Asia generally have very strong family ties. Those who have will really care for those who don’t. Of course this trait is slowly going out as people become more “westernized”. ”

    This statement is patently false!
    Never before have I seen families so quick to back stab one another, cheat one another, feud against each other, and even go so far as to attack one another with knives, sticks, Machetes and table legs as I have seen in the Philippines.

    These bastards hold a grudge against each other eternally, and have no ability whatsoever to swallow pride or admit when they are wrong. They are a nation of victims ( in their own minds.).

    Western families are from what I have seen FAR more able to work together, live together, and relate to one another and help each other than a Filipino family.

    Sure they love watching the DRAMA shows glorifying the “tight knit family” which is going through some bullshit trial. Only to all come together and whatever the fuck at the end. Its all bullshit, Thats the bottom line.

    I love the shows showing a squatter father coming home from a hard days work at his short term construction contract. Towel draped over shoulder, carrying the humble gift of slippers for his two children who run to him and hug!! The faithful wife cooking in the kitchen area, hand on hip, head tilted with a grin of satisfaction.. He then surprises them with an electric fan, life just got better. Right?

    Here is the reality: Woman stays at home sends kids out on the street to beg. Man goes out to fuck as many women as he can, to show how virile he is to his buddies. Spends what money his wife may make to buy Red horse and Cock fight and womanize.

    Kids get addicted to Rugby glue, woman gets pregnant with yet another kid, and daddy’s eye balling his daughter as the next suitable woman to get with.

    THAT’S NOT WESTERN FUCKING CULTURE. That’s Pure Filipino Sauce right there.
    And it isn’t just with squatter types it is just as prevalent in the subdivisions and condo areas.

    Maybe back in 1950 the families were tighter, but don’t blame western influence on their degradation since western influence doesn’t even behave in such a manner. LOL

    So with all do respect, since my bullshit meter is lighting up like a Christmas tree, I’m going to call BULLSHIT!! on that one.