For a moment, I thought things were getting better over there….

Hey folks,

For a couple of months, there were no posts from this website that were sent to my email address.  Given the silence, I was starting to wonder if those people were getting better, and there was no more reason for us civilized people to rant about them.  I started to think, could it be that they started acting like intelligent human beings?  Did they forsake their pride?  Their ignorance?  Did they suddenly become honest people who stay true to their words?  Did the customer service departments of flip companies start treating their customers with respect and showing genuine interest in helping those customers?  Did the flips stop “marking their territory” like dogs?  Did they stop the rampant stealing and seeing Westerners as ATMs?  Did the politicians, police, and judges suddenly end the relentless corruption?  Did the people suddenly realize that there are traffic laws that need to be adhered to?  Did they end the senseless and barbaric tradition of mutilating young boys’ genitals and calling the young victims “men”?  Has the country and the people finally entered into the 21st Century?

But alas, I was wrong.  I went to the website and saw posts that indicated that these vermin are just as bad as they always were.  Oh, well.


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    Things will never get better because these people find it acceptable the way they do things, they feel what they do is right and everything else is wrong. I was so excited to come to this country before I got here and after staying almost three years nothing has changed…I’m getting the fuck out of here next month so I’m excited to be leaving.

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    Richard aka Dick Head

    “1.)Did the politicians, police, and judges suddenly end the relentless corruption? 2.)Did the people suddenly realize that there are traffic laws that need to be adhered to?”

    1.)Not by any chance. Corruption is their livelihood. The Philippine government is the biggest criminal syndicate, even larger than those in the private sector.

    2.)Once you cross city/municipal boundaries in Metro Manila, the rules change it can get confusing. The enforcement is very dependent upon the mood and meal starvation level of the traffic officer. If its time for a meal, he needs one apprehension to cover his meal expenses. So how will you expect motorists and pedestrians to even pay attention to the traffic laws. They will just go on their merry way, if they can get away with it.

    These morons in government (and they are legion) continue to implement their harebrained ideas to mitigate traffic in the metropolis with little success.
    They seem to forget that the Metro Manila commuting and motorized population keep growing but the land area in Metro Manila has remained what it was since time immemorial.

    Maybe the government can do what Thailand did, put up elevated major highways in the Bangkok ease traffic. But knowing how government works in this part of the world, it will be a while before ordinary folks see some improvement in their daily lives.

    Meanwhile, the crocs in Crocgress continue to raid the national treasury while the rest of the population suffer from disease, poverty, indignities on a daily basis.