More Filipino Stupidity: “I’m Rich. I have Dogs In Front of My House”

What the hell is it with Filipinos and their damn dogs? When I first moved here, I lived a pretty good distance from the city. Those that had dogs pretty much would keep them on their property or within their compound. For the most part, these are NOT the dogs that are the big problem and the subject of this article.

Fast forward to now, and I have been living in a new gated subdivision closer to the city. There are some nice homes here, but honestly it’s kind of a shitty community. So, I figured these folks were a little smarter, had a bit more money, and would be respectful neighbors. NOPE!!!! These fuckers have the WORSE habits I have ever seen in my life when it comes to not only dogs but other animals.

First of all, almost every one of them keep their damn dogs locked up in small cages IN FRONT of their houses, not in their compound or behind their gate. They stick these dogs out at the road in cages. The dogs are hot, tired, and nervous as fuck. They bark and go absolutely ballistic at every single person that happens to walk by. You want to take a nice peaceful walk at the end of the day to get some exercise. Forget that idea! You basically walk this dog barking gauntlet. Not one single Filipino EVER scolds their dog here. Not ever have I seen this in the four years I have lived here. It’s like they don’t even know that you CAN scold or even train a dog.

caged-dog-philippinesSo, the question begs to be asked. Why the FUCK do you park your damn dogs out in front of your house like that? The stupid answer is basically two-fold. The first is the most illogical of them. They say it is for security. I asked, well I have never seen a Filipino EVER go outside, look outside, or investigate in any way shape or form what their dog is barking at. It doesn’t matter if it is 6pm, 6am, 3am, they NEVER EVER check to see what all the barking is about. So, an intruder can continue however they wish because a barking dog is just more “normal noise” we all hear in the Philippines every day. It’s as “normal” as the roosters. Furthermore, the dogs are in cages, so they can’t do shit to you. So again, I really don’t understand what these dogs are for except they make just a shit load of noise.

Reason number two is stupid, butdog-status-symbol-for-idiot-pinoy falls right in line with the typical nonsense ideals we see here daily. The dogs are a “status symbol”. I shit you not! I also had this explained to me by several people. Having dogs parked in front of your house apparently means you have money or some ridiculous bullshit. But really, it’s just as stupid as when people here put all those dumb lights and shit all over their cars. It just looks pathetic.

These fucking idiots that live behind us let their dogs bark non-stop sometimes for like an hour. I once couldn’t believe that nobody at their house had done anything and the barking had been going on for about 45 minutes. So, I went out the back door of my house to go take a look. These assholes are just sitting there in their fucking kitchen while the dog is just barking over and over and over. I thought “if this is irritating the fuck out of me from my house, how the hell can they stand that noise right next to their own house?” You all know the answer to that one. Filipinos fucking LOVE noise! Any noise! They remove the exhaust on their stupid little scooters so they can make them loud. It just makes them look like fucking morons!!! They keep dogs in a fucking cage so they can bark all day. And why? NO IDEA. One of the stupidest things you will see here!

I have actually seriously considered “eliminating” one of those dogs that lives behind us. I love dogs though, and I know these dogs are basically neglected by their dumb-fuck owners. So, I have never done anything to them. And who knows what these ass-wipes might do. I’m pretty sure they would know it was me who killed their dogs. On a number of occasions, I have yelled out my window, “shut that fucking dog up!!!!”

We also have people that live in this gated community keeping fucking chickens and goats! At night, the smell of that shit is just awful!! You would think that these people would be above having chickens, goats, and the like living in a nice neighborhood where lots are selling for P9000 per sm. No. They’re here as well. You can move a Filipino out of their shitty provincial barangay, but they’ll bring the same bad habits with them. Filth, trash, barking dogs, chickens, goats, and the obligatory pissing all over the place. I actually have a theory on that topic. A lot of these idiots keeping the goats and chickens are just low-lifes who cashed in on someone working abroad. “Hey, buy me a lot!!!” There are literally people living here on lots that cost P6000+ per sm and they built a piece of shit nippa hut and are raising like 20 fighting cocks under these little 1 meter picket cages scattered about the lot. Next door to that might be a beautiful modern house with nice landscaping. Imagine owning that nice house and then your neighbor keeps a place like that next to you?

I hate this neighborhood. Really hate it. I wish I had taken a closer look at it before moving here. I’ve got 6 months left on the lease. Rest assured I’ll be looking for a new place after this. Its a total piece of shit community with WAY too many morons and idiots living near you. What is it like living here and all the dogs and other animals?  This is no exaggeration. Between the hours of 5:30pm and 8:30pm, this neighborhood LITERALLY sounds like a zoo or an animal control facility. 100% SHAMELESS!

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    Captain PFB

    I am quite certain every foreigner in Philippines can 100% relate to this story. I would bet every member of this blog has their own barking dog story to tell, including me.

    I actually moved because a dog owner neighbor threatened to kill me because I brought my complaint to Barangay Captain, who made them get rid of their dog.

    This was not before 4 months worth of diplomatic pleading and neighborly asking them to quiet their dog, who barked incessantly every day, all day, at nothing. It was chained to the gate on about a 4 foot long chain to it’s collar. Afternoon sun beating down on the poor thing, because she didn’t have enough slack to get into the shade. They seldom ever fed or watered the dog. And her bark was very high pitched and unbelievably loud as it echoed through our compound. She would bark non-stop. Not for an hour, not for 2 or 3 hours, but literally all fucking day long, day in, day out, and it was diving me fucking insane.

    After a couple months of being nice, about 6 times knocking on their door and nicely asking them to keep their dog quiet, on the 7th, I told them if they won’t do anything, I will file a complaint at Barangay Hall. Of course, they did nothing. I too would yell out “SHUT THAT FUCKING DOG UP!!!!”

    At the hearing, they persistently denied the dog barks all the time. That’s when I brought out my video evidence. About 4 hours of video, shot on random days at random hours, showing 30 to 45 minutes uninterrupted footage of the dog barking non-stop. Certainly we didn’t watch all 4 hours of the footage, after 10 minutes of flipping through the dozens video files, the dog owners were stunned, and caught lying. They were ordered to find the dog a new home, and if they did not comply, Barangay would come and collect the dog themselves.

    Days later, the dog owner’s boyfriend tried to block my way into the gate of our compound with his body, and keep me from getting in. He still wanted to argue about the dog situation, that the dog doesn’t bark much (while the dog was barking at that moment, and after seeing the hours of video I shot back at Barangay.

    I told him I have nothing to say, and if he doesn’t get out of the way, I will walk down to Barangay and bring some help. He then threatened to shoot me in the head. This I took seriously because of who he was and his infamous warlord family who has controlled a big portion of the underground gun manufacturing in Danao City.

    I instantly began looking for a new place to live.

    You said, “Rest assured I’ll be looking for a new place after this. Its a total piece of shit community with WAY too many morons and idiots living near you.”

    If you ever find a neighborhood anywhere in Philippines where this is not the case, please let us all know. I’ve been here 11 years, have lived in Manila, Negros, and Cebu. I have moved about 6 or 7 times around the country. I’m still looking for a neighborhood that isn’t loaded with morons and idiots. I think that is something that will never happen here.

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      Every single word you say is true. I have exactly the same problem. They just seem oblivious to everything, especially barking dogs and any other noise. As the noise gets louder they just shout over the top of it. Fucking unbelievable bullshit.

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      My neighbor now has a dog with five puppies. They scream insessently 24/7 because the mother is a malnourished bitch with no milk. I asked them to get rid of them and they just reply, Joe u want buy one? Fucking idiots have no ears and no brains. This country is unbelievable. I can’t sleep because of dogs! Why?

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Victim 2011
        Should tie the owners up on a 3′ chain,,, these people are too lazy to even exercise the dog.. Probably walking would do the owner some good too. Walk that Jolibee fat off them.
        Take a pic of them and put it on face book. These asian beaners are always on it.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I was walking down the street in a subdivision when I met an American couple walking their dog. A small thing little but bigger than a dashhound, nice looking dog, well cared for. Well we talked for a little while and they told me they got lucky because they almost lost the dog. I ask them what happened and they said the dog went missing so they started searching for it. They did find it shortly after they started looking for it. Well they did find it just in time as some filipinos were fixing to cook and eat the dog. Only in the philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I had neighbors who would drag the dog onto my dement pad to kill it.
        I am a hunter in my country!,,, but i could never kill a dog
        Oh,,,,,, it was right under jy bedroom window,,of course

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    The incessant noise everywhere is partly the reason the Philippines is not our primary holiday destination anymore.

    The first time we visited the Philippines in 2008, we stayed at my Uncle’s place (Mum’s low life brother). He had 7 fucking dogs, all barking constantly through out the night, my older brother got up in the middle of the night and threw rocks at the dogs! No matter how much I analyzed the situation, I just can not see the justification of having 7 fucking dogs in a provincial town when he (uncle) had an arsenal of weapons in his house and his house was built like Fort Knox! – paid for by mum by the way.

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      So true, I actually guess there could be more dogs than people! I live in a rural area. What do chickens, cows, goats, pigs, everywhere. What do they give? Food of every kind. What do dogs give you????????????

  4. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    They were pedigree dogs, about 3 were corgis. But I’ve seen the dogs given a large pot of rice soaked in 3 small tin of sardines!! These people really have no idea how to keep animals!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      They don’t know how to take care of anything. When was the last time you rode ina taxi here that the shocks actually worked, had tires with tread and so on?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        And oh, just like the Pinoy population Filipinos never sterilized their dogs! My Uncle, who is rich by Filipino standard would only sterilized the male dogs because it’s cheaper. So the female dogs go on heat, escapes and gets pregnant by a multitude of mongrel dogs. So every year, my idiot Pinoy Uncle keeps giving away the puppies because he was too stupid and tight assed to pay the Vet to sterilized the female dogs!

        Driving in provincial Philippines is dangerous not only because of the careless Filipinos (one Pinoy nearly had a head-on with my SUV on a bend because he was too busy looking anywhere else but the road!) , but also an already narrowed road becomes more narrow by the time people, kids, chickens and dogs, all of whom are suicidal because they don’t seem to avoid on coming vehicles, congregate on the sides, making it an extension of their homes or playground!

        In mum’s town, funeral wakes always means detour because the deceased’s families extends their living room onto the road, using some kind of tents. So for 9 consecutive nights, a vehicle can not use that road for the above reasons.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          You’ll just love this one. One fine day I decide to take my wife and son to the beach for a day out. Well we enjoy ourselves but notice three pinoys who were not drinking a case of Red Horse but the whole herd. Not bothering us so we continue to enjoy ourselves. Time comes to head home and we pack everything in the car and take off down a two lane hilly mountain road. What happens? The three pinoys pass us like a bat out of hell on a single scooter. I just told my wife there is an accident waiting to happen. Well there way ahead of me so no threat to me or my car so I continue on down the road. Well about three miles later we come to a curve and a large SUV is stopped in the oncoming lane, PNP is there and a single is in the back of the PNP wagon. It turned out the three pinoys decided to pass on a blind curve and went head on with the SUV.

          Well the SUV won that fight as you can well imagine. But they hit so hard they pushed the front bumper all the way into the engine killing all three pinoys. So if the SUV was not totaled it would need at least new bumper, radiator, radiator fan, grill, hood, windshield, complete new front and maybe a engine with frame straightening. A lot of money right? Now here is where it gets stupid on the part of the SUV owner. He GIVES 50,000 pesos to the family of the three dead filipinos who caused the accident and major damage to his vehicle. So there is 150,000 pesos pissed away plus he will most likely have to pay for repairs, a new SUV and then get sued by the pinoys families. Why sue? They will say because he gave them 50,000 each that amounts to admission of fault.

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          The tents are supplied by the acting, undersecretary, second in command to the Vice mayor,, Also they put their fugly faces on the tent. These morons love their titles. Then the village idiots leave the tents up for days. I have seen them on major streets. or what passes for streets in this heathen country.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Don’t forget the monkeys or birds!!! They will catch a bird, twist wire with a small chain about eight inches long and hook that to an uncovered plate like object. As for the monkeys they will wrap a wire around the lower belly but above the legs tight enough so can get loose but still shit. That wire is hooked to a chain maybe two foot long if the monkey is lucky the the end has a metal hoop with bamboo through it. Well the monkey can run the length of the bamboo but that is about it. They’ll wire the bamboo to a tree but no shelter for the monkey. Like my wife once told me, filipinos are cruel.

  6. Profile gravatar of vinzz

    When i buy the lot close to the house of the mother of my wife & pay to fence it, it was only a question of days before they get a dog…
    They justify they need it cause it was some robbery during this time & it can warn & protect.
    Compared to the others animals of the area it was a luxury dog, living int the big fenced space, never going outside the parc to avoid it to eat shit, and washed every week. When it happened to escape, my nephew run around to look for it.
    I shouted when i discovered how they feed it : they buy huge box of sardine cans for this fucking dog. I was deeply desperate with this morons money managers even if i know for a long time they were hopeless.
    When the dog died, it was only a matter of few days before they get another.
    when we are there, the dog is allways around, seems educated , does’nt bark for nothing &stay calm with kids.
    when i m fed up with him in the house, just tell “gawas chaï chaï” & it go outside.
    After all,compared to other neighboors with their miserable dogs in bamboo cages, they tak care of it properly.
    About the birds, one day a neighboor give to my son 3 small munia, attached together. i explained to my 5 years son if didnt think it”s a weird idea to keep birds attached & he decided by himself to free them after 5 minutes.

  7. Profile gravatar of beameup

    Essentially, the caged dogs become psychotic very fast. Countries in Asia that eat dogs keep them in cages (perhaps the Filipinos don’t quite understand this and they just copy the other Asian countries?). Dogs were caged and eaten in ancient China, and I have tasted asocena (after a lot of San Mig).

  8. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    The only assumption I’ve made for this animal cruelty for “security” is to substitute for a proper alarm. Seeing as the dog can’t chase anyone down pretty much makes it useless to fight off possible criminals and can only serve as an alarm with loud barking.

    I’m thinking it’s a status symbol and a way to cheap out on an alarm system. They can spend nothing on a dog and just keep him in a cage outside for an alarm system. Do Filipino’s even know the cruelty they are subjecting these animals to? I don’t think so…….I never see a bond or respect for an animal by a Filipino like I do a westerner. It’s just not there….

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      “They can spend nothing on a dog and just keep him in a cage outside for an alarm system.”

      From what I’ve seen around the places I’ve lived they will actually spend a lot on a pure breed. I’ve seen pitbulls, poodles, labradors, alsatians, huskies, chihuahuas all in cages 24/7, and these breeds usually sell for about 20k. Such a waste. Spend that amount of money on an intelligent loyal companion, just so you can show your neighbors how rich (stupid with money) you are.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        Bragging of their “success”. What success you ask? Successful at being completely idiotic money spenders! Money morons who will go into eternal debt to show off their stupidity! Because that’s all it is…if you spend money you don’t have or either got for free from an OFW, you are showing off your stupidity!

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      The dogs barking!!!!!
      Does anybody go and see if there is a thief
      NOOOOOO(!!!!!! They would have to waddle to the door!!!
      Many thanks to Saràh for the descrriptieve word ***waddle***


  9. Profile gravatar of Joe Kono
    Joe Kono

    There was not a single Filipino city I wanted to live in. I liked to visit some cities, but actually live where they burn garbage, raise cocks, feed dogs on what they can find, and know that theft is almost impossible to prove, forget it.

    I suggest you go to a remote place, get at least 500 Sq Meters through “prenda”, build a perimeter cement fence at least 3M high, with a corresponding cement house inside this compound, and finally get some peace.

    When you get home, open the gate and drive in and close and lock that gate.

    Never let family live with you unless they agree never to have a “friend” over to case the joint.

    Lets face it, the only reason Filipinos live in cities is to have access to, work, stores, and neighbors, and most ex-pats don’t work, can shop mid day, and associate with friends who are not always in those cities. Drive a little and save a lot of grief.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Joe Kano,

      You could build a perimeter wall 30 feet tall going up, 100 foot underground 25 foot thick. Have your house walls 25 foot thick and plated with 16 inches of the toughest steel known to man and your doors a nuclear blast doors. Hell Superman and the all the other super heros could not break in yet the filipino will still find a way.

  10. Profile gravatar of Mike

    As to dogs in the cage. I have a sari sari I go to as so far they have not tried to overcharge me. Well just inside their door is a small cage with two dogs that look like a sort of terrier breed. So these dogs are never out of the cage walking around on the metal grating that is the “floor”. Barely enough room for them to lay down at the same time.

    Every time these dogs look at me I see what they are thinking in their eyes “SHOOT US DEAD”.

  11. Profile gravatar of Bastos

    I have a neighbour with 2 dogs that are almost never out of the cage and bark incessantly. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone but me though. I asked my wife ” Can you hear the barking dog or is it just in my head? Has it already driven me insane and I’m hearing things?”

  12. Profile gravatar of Mike


    You just had to post this article didn’t you? Before the article the apartment complex I live in no one had dogs, cats, goats, pigs or roosters. GREAT!!!!! Now what happened? The guy next door went out and got a dog about the size of a Beagle so what’s he do? He’s a filipino!!! So he gets a cage that the dog barely has room to move in and the wire is about an inch apart in spacing, brings the dog to his apartment. Did I say HIS apartment? Oh, stupid me.

    He sat the cage down with the dog in it under a tree about about 7 foot from MY bedroom window!!! Then what does dip shit do? The filipino, not the dog. The filipino goes to his apartment about 15 or 20 feet away and gets two bowls, one with water and one with food (probably rice) and sets it not only OUTSIDE of the cage but about two inches away from the cage. Poor dogs tongue is not that long I can assure you. But the bright side, the dogs not barking,,,,,,,,,,,,YET.

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipinos don’t give a shit about animals. There was a mayor that even said humans are the rulers of the earth based on the bible and all the animals don’t mean shit.

    CEBU, Philippines – “Dolphins, whales, sharks are parasites” some of them should be killed.

    So said Dumanjug, Cebu Mayor Nelson Gamaliel Garcia while addressing participants of the Tanon Strait Protected Seascape Stakeholders’ Summit in Cebu City yesterday.

    Ironically, the summit was supposedly meant environmental to restore the beauty and bounty of Tañon Strait, the largest marine protected area in the Philippines.


    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      years ago,, i went to manila zoo,,, the locals were throwing stuff at a monkey or some such animal,, that monkey was pissed,,
      H e would tore them limb from limb if he got out…friggin idiots
      I just shook my head,,, can you that crap being done in normal countries,

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        there was a whole frigging crowd in front of that animal’s cage… He was thoroughly mad
        I thank God I was born in a country that at least places some value on animals…
        total frigging morons.

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    Whiskey Post author

    I have a new neighbor now next to me. He built this really nice house. He’s a Filipino guy, but on the younger side. I stopped by to say hi when he finished the house (about a week ago). Since it was a housewarming party there, he had some of his friends there. I mentioned how annoying it is in there with all the dog barking – especially from this one house behind us. He assured me “well, my dog is REALLY smart and he doesn’t do that.”

    Turns out he actually took in the dog the construction guys left there. He also now seems to have taken in another dog that was acquired by another neighbor – but that guy didn’t want the dog. Well, these three dogs now make more noise than all the other damn dogs in the area! They do it mostly late at night. One gets the other going. The smaller one seems to be able to get out of the gate and then he ends up chasing after anything that strolls by from stray cats to other dogs. When he does that, the other two go bat shit bananas. The noise is UNREAL!!!!

    The funny things is, when he was telling me how smart his one dog is, the dog had just finished trying to bite me in the fucking leg as we shook hands. Yeah… really smart.

    The reality is this. It doesn’t matter who the person is, or how much money they have, or what size house they live in. They ALL do the same fucking stupid ass shit. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid it is to get a decent size property, build walls around it (as tall as you can afford). It’s really the only way to get away from the total nonsense.

    1. Profile gravatar of tambok

      The dog thing in this county is just completely out of hand. The fucking things are everywhere in the millions. Dogs dogs dogs everywhere I look!

  15. Profile gravatar of Mike

    One way to solve the barking dog of the neighbors without implicating yourself. Throw them dark chocolate to eat. They’ll eat it up even though it’s poison to them and kills them. White chocolate won’t work though.