More LTO Fail

So I decided to sell my motorcycle I paid cash for last Oct 2014.  I don’t know how but stapled  to my original copy of the OR was a copy of the CR instead of the yellow papered original.  I normally leave it in a plastic sheath under the seat.  It only came out from under the seat once last December for registration renewal and back under it went right in front of the LTO.  My gut feeling tells me at the LTO when they handed me my new OR someone stapled the copied CR under it and kept the original by accident.  Or maybe I was an idiot and lost it.  Whatever it’s just paperwork right?  I mean it shouldn’t be the end of the world to lose routine paperwork right? It’s not like I lost a search warrant to raid a house.  Or the last will and testament of Bill Gates my uncle.  That’s a pretty important document I’d go so far as to say. Any normal government department should replace vehicular paperwork without hesistation providing you can show ID and relevent proof of ownership right?




I had to first go to the “Hall of Justice” to sign a sworn affidavit that I lost my CR.  Then I had to go to the police station to see the current front desk officer to make a police blotter about my missing CR using the affidavit as proof I lost it.  Then go to the admin section of the police station to get a copy of the police blotter report “certified.”  Then finally I went to the LTO ready to finish this nonsense and just get a new piece of paper so I can give it to the buyer.  As soon as they looked at my LTO paperwork (I showed them the copy of the CR that I had) without hesitation, “Sir we can’t give you a new original this  is from Cebu.”  I bought this bike in Dumaguete and for some reason the dealer processed everything at the Cebu City LTO.

What I don’t get is that if a license plate and OR/CR issued by the LTO (A national agency) is recognized by the government in all of the Philippine islands,  then WHY THE FUCK can’t you issue replacement paperwork at any office?  They have national databases.  I can confirm this as I’ve been to them before to verify license plates when checking out prospective used bikes to purchase.  I was seeing names and addresses from all over the PH.

So now I’m making a trip 160km away to get paperwork from a different office that bares the exact same name as the one I was just in.

Shit happens.  People lose paperwork all the time.  I’m not the first nor will I be the last.  What if someone from Davao moved to Baguio and encountered the same problem I did.  Travel all the way back just for paperwork?  That wouldn’t even be feasible if you weren’t a person of means.

And they  wonder why so many people are riding/driving dirty around here with no plates, no license, no nothing.  Sometimes the agency doesn’t even want to function for you.

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    FilamboredinthePH Post author

    Update: Made it to Cebu and the LTO stopped me cold again. They want a copy of the emission inspection paperwork. It took a LTO of self control to please ask them to think critically for a second and realize that IF I had just renewed my OR a month ago, that would mean that I had submitted that paperwork to them. How could I have new registration if I didn’t give it to them? But no…. back to Dumaguete to see if the LTO there still has it on file or else I’ll have to ask the buyer to get the bike (I’m lucky he wanted it so bad he paid me anyways and trusted in my word that I’d get the CR to him asap) reinspected and mail that paperwork to me so I can BRING IT BACK to Cebu to finish this journey.

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    That emission certificate is such a joke. Seriously, I feel like a joke is being played on me when they demand I get the emissions checked. It’s obviously a failure and another way to scam more money. Its just so shameful they pretend to be doing such a mediocre job of caring. Seriously, would anything change if they stopped doing emission tests.

    I had my CR stolen when some Filipino broke open my motorcyle. So I had to go through all the BS you did. We come from a place where time, money, and resources are valuable. Do we really need to bother the police to hand-write a fucking blotter? In any other country, no. In the Philippines yes, because if they can make 50 pesos by making you waste a couple hours of your time then by god they are going to do it.
    Then making you get the affidavit is another pinoy failure. If I have my ID with me and I’m saying I lost my paperwork, then what? Worst case scenario, another set of paperwork or CR is created and since its for the same vehicle/ person, there is no possible damage that can be done. Or am I missing something? So, it makes more sense to make the person type up a document, bring it to a lawyer, pay 100 pesos, get it notarized, and bring it back? All they have done is taken my word for it, which could have been solved when I first got there. Is there a rampant problem of people investing their time to get duplicate CR’s and OR’s made up?
    You could also just hire a fixer to help you next time. Fixers are officially illegal, but they are everywhere and for 300 pesos extra they would save you about 8 hours.

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      Don’t forget if you lose the deed to your land then you have to go through the courts in order to get a new one. I saw on a billboard outside a court house where that listed pending cases and a lot was Dong filing to get a replacement deed to house, land or both.

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    Hey Joe

    Yup. In a word.. fixer.

    The f-ing black magic these little scam artists pull off is nothing less than amassing.
    IMHO well worth the 300-500p to let them work there magic.

    They made my truck (reg in cebu) poof!! Davao reg. done! never left town.

    Now, the new plate deal. That is another story. going on three years for me and still no plates. Still pay for them. All I have is a stamp saying, no plates available. Oh, well….when in Rome, I guess??

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      I pissed in a cup, and I think they already had the paperwork signed I passed before I got out of the bathroom. Again, whatever image they can portray like drug-testing they will do when it comes to getting money. Just like the emissions testing. Just give me p500 and we’ll do something fake is basically how the whole country operates.