More Pig Headed Individuals In The Philippines.

As we discussed, trying to argue with a Filipino is pointless.  Not only you will get NO WHERE and end up going around in circles, those that live in the country know these people are highly defensive about anything, I mean anything even to do with hygiene standards.

Trash is part and parcel of Filipinoism.  They love to abuse nature with trash and literally don’t care.

Pssst you better not say anything… it might just attract more tourists if you clean up the trash right?

No – just look at the number of people that have been declared “person non grata” by these highly defensive, self absorbed people hell bent on saving their quiverring assholes rather than shut up, listen and take action.  Its typical, do what you always done and your gonna get what your always got Filipnos.

Puerto Galera execs declare unwelcome expat who complained vs garbage

 ONE of the photos of garbage piling up on the streets of White Beach that was posted on Facebook by Dutch expatriate Kees Koornstra, angering the councilors of Puerto Galera, which Koornstra has tagged as “Puerto Basura” because of the uncollected trash. PHOTO FROM KEES KOORNSTRA

ONE of the photos of garbage piling up on the streets of White Beach that was posted on Facebook by Dutch expatriate Kees Koornstra, angering the councilors of Puerto Galera, which Koornstra has tagged as “Puerto Basura” because of the uncollected trash. PHOTO FROM KEES KOORNSTRA

SAN PEDRO CITY—Puerto Galera apparently does not tolerate trash talk.

A Dutch national, living in the Philippines for 14 years, was declared persona non grata in the tourist destination Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro province, for complaining about uncollected garbage in the town.

The council of Puerto Galera, in a resolution, said Kees Koornstra, 61, is no longer welcome in the town.

Koornstra had posted on Facebook pictures of garbage littering Puerto Galera and christened the town “Puerto Basura (Puerto Garbage).”

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Koornstra said the council was obviously reacting to his post in a Facebook group, “I Love Puerto Galera,” which only members are supposed to see and access.

The post read: “Puerto Basura—This is the situation in White Beach right now!! After I posted two months ago pictures from the garbage along the road the situation became worse, only once a week the garbage is collected. Come on people of Puerto Galera this is unacceptable!!! These pictures will be send (sic) today to GMA, ABS-CBN and Department of Health.”

Koornstra attached photos of garbage piled up on the streets in White Beach, a popular beach and tourist spot in the town, after this year’s Lenten break.

“Mr. Kees Koornstra, as a foreigner, has no basis to publish, to be discourteous or to say this kind of insult to the beautiful name of this tourist town,” read a copy of the council resolution in mangled English.

It added that foreigners have to “behave, act, do and promote the place and its people and more so to uphold and follow all existing local ordinances and regulations implemented by the locality.”

Continuing in its mangled English, the resolution said christening the town Puerto Basura “will create harmful impression on our hometown, most particularly on our tourism industry and an insult to the dignity of Puerto Galerans.”

The resolution was authored by Councilor Edwin Suzara and passed by the municipal council on May 27. It was sent to the provincial government and Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

Koornstra said he got a copy of the resolution from the Puerto Galera Business and Tourism Enterprises Association, a nongovernment organization that also furnished the Inquirer a copy on Wednesday.

“Many foreigners (in Puerto Galera) are upset. This is stupidity,” Koornstra said.

He said other online insults had been hurled about Puerto Galera, some of them against gays, and one about the control of the town by a political clan but these went unnoticed.

Koornstra, who used to own a boatyard in Holland and now runs businesses in Puerto Galera, believed it was his being a vocal critic of the local government that earned him the local officials’ ire.

The Inquirer tried to get comments from councilors, through Puerto Galera Vice Mayor Robinhood Ylagan, but he simply pointed to the resolution.

Ylagan said he actually opposed the declaration, which he felt “had to be studied further first.”

He said that was the reason he refused to preside over the May 27 council session despite being present when the resolution was passed.

None of the council members could be contacted through the local government’s listed phone number.

Koornstra said he had consulted the Dutch Embassy regarding his immigration status. Asked if he felt any need to apologize for the post, he said “no, not really.”


And have a look at that.  None of the Council members were available for comment.  Seems they don’t pickup the phones.  Make themselves unavailable to hear any complaints.  Just use that typical Pinoy complaints mechanism Filipinos call traditional filipino service which is “if you don’t like it, leave”.

Mr Koornstra.  DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT apologise to those hubris bastards.  Filipinos need to start waking up to trash and tourism.  Palawan got it right.  Boracay worked it out.  Clean attracts tourists. TRASH doesnt else we would all be swimming in Manila bay and sitting in the sun in Tondo.  

Puerto Galera – YOU CANNOT HIDE THE FUCKING TRASH online as people will see it in person.  Stop living in denial. Stop deceiving tourists and hiding things like your fellow filipinos hide the street kids when dignatories visit the country.  Your lack of action will only come back to bite you on your arses than truly representing the local people. 


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  1. Profile gravatar of tambok

    It’s the same where I live, trash everywhere. People just toss everything everywhere, some try to hide it and then it stinks, everywhere you look there is garbage and this is a tourist island. All the roadsides, beside sari saris, basketball courts in particular are just masses of garbage. Nobody gives a shit, it’s attitude and lack of caring and education. This country is just one big garbage dump.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    How did Palawan and Boracay manage it? I’ve been to both and there’s obviously a concerned effort on a local level to keep things. Maybe it was down to foreign owned hotels greasing the right palms? I talked to a trike driver in Palawan and he was very proud of their cleanliness and strict rules on littering. Filipinos do have the ability to change with the right incentives.

    This story though is just so fucking utterly retarded, but typical filipino mentality to criticism (truth). Complainant shows photographic evidence something is obviously wrong and the reaction is how dare you talk about this wrongness and make us look bad. Get out!

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Yup cant agree with you more, plus they had I believe a great Mayor who tried.
        I did note I never saw one poster of his face anywhere saying how good he was like every other fucking town Ive visited in the PI.
        I wanted to move there but the child bride didn’t want too.

        1. Profile gravatar of tambok

          Ya his name is Hagedorne, half German. Beautiful place but overpriced, except for food. There’s a place called the Baywalk, really good sea food, clean beautiful view. Also the people there don’t bother you. Too bad the property is 3 to 4 times that of where I live.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Well, pinoy obviously loves to bathe in trash and own poop, and we should respect their wish to do so.

    But they should make their own preferences more clear, like using garbage or even better, a big pilipino poop in the center of the national flag, just to make their priorities more evident. Like: “We are the Land of Poop, Pee and Garbage, and we are immensly proud of it!” But no, they try to hide the fact, and this is what is wrong!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Yep, Coprophagia while swimming. But wait… Filipinos love swimming in poop unless their too stupid to work it out.
      I remember swimming around bags of poop thrown overboard by fishing boats in the Philippines
      Filos are just dirty. Swimming in their own trash.
      when will they wake up.
      most dont travel anyway ,,, living hand to mouth existance

      1. Profile gravatar of tambok

        I have to take a ferry to get to the city. The ten minute ride is a mass of colored bags and sari sari tiny containers, just disgusting. All the tourists here are Filipino hence masses of trash everywhere.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Ok here is what I AM CALLING FOR

    Charge the counsellors involved with

    malfeasance –
    the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust).
    This is a complete misuse of public office to achieve personal gain. Of course pushing shit up hill but he has some duties under law and making claims to gain PERSONAL POINTS is not part of the law and a misuse of the law.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    *the trash story reminds me ofnthe kidninindia pissing in the holey river while a bignfestival was going on!!!!! 500 million dumping shit and garbage in the river all year long and 1 kid pissing in it made international headlnes,
    just dumb fucks

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Oh Al, you must understand the difference of consciously peeing (as he did) and Unconsciously dropping shit and garbage!

      This applies to pinoy too, as their level of Consciousness is soo Low that they cannot be judged for Consciously having done anything wrong!:-)

      They are unconscious! They are “simple”!

      You cannot put the same demands on them as on …” civilized races”, as they are not such!

      The wisest thing to do is to Not have Any Expectations to them at All!!!
      You will sleep better at night!;-)

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Id ve interested to get a list of all tye people declared “persona non grata” in the Philuppines just to expose which politicians are misusing their powers and how filipinos are so fucking pig headed (sorry they love their lechon baboy maybe that why), pig headed just “dont wanna know” attitude.
    Dont want to learn
    Dont.want to know
    I always dome it this way
    No one complains (yes because filo dont care)
    No one.stands up.for fear theyll be killed
    So these heads of department continue to iperate rampant.misuing their elected powers

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Another list is the number of foreigners murdrred in the philippines. A lot of lists are innacurate and dont include koreans or even indian money lenders eg punjabis for instance have had over 100 punjabis shot dead in the philippines.
    Another is kidnappongs in the philippines. Some people arent aware kidnappings happen even. In one yeat there were still outstanding 117 people kidnapped ..quite a few foreigners and some foreigmer lol said about some sailors kidnapped in sulu “this will hurt tourism.. This hasnt happed aince.. 1970s” what the fuck. Kidnapping also happens in Manila FYI!
    Too many coverups in this country.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Youll notice eg the foreigners that were kidnapped from samal island some weeks ago… Things go very very quiet. And the ads still appear on agoda and of the place where they were taken.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        A young American Army scout was murdered in Dumaguete on the 29th of this month. Have not seen it mentioned in the Filipino papers. Did not even made the ABS/CBN Bandila news that we get here in Australia. Only heard it via FB grapevine. How many more not mentioned at all? Quietly buried and hurriedly cremated.

        1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          I lived primarily in Australia and the UK until I was in my mid 40’s, then China. Total number of people I personally knew who had been murdered = 1. Total number of people I personally knew who had been shot, but not killed = 0.
          I’ve lived mostly in the Philippines for about five and a half years. Total number of people I’ve personally known who have been murdered = 3 (all expats). Total number of people I’ve personally known who have been shot but not killed = 2 (both expats).
          I can’t recall the number of people (expats and Filipinos) I know who have been robbed at knife-point or the barrel of a gun, but it’s a lot. My own lady was dragged along the street by a motorcycle and had her jaw broken during the theft of a laptop.
          I am not aware of a single person having ever been charged or convicted in relation to any of these crimes. The Philippines is a haven for petty thieves and murderers. The Police barely investigate, unless of course they can smell some Pesos.

          …but – don’t say anything. You don’t want to go telling the truth, in the land of liars. You might end up persona-non-Grata. Wish I could figure out how to make my Pinay persona-non-Grata and get both of our asses kicked out of here, with no prospect of ever returning. I’d do it in a heartbeat!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            They can declare me persona non grata, but as a PI citizen also, they can’t keep me out. Although I am keeping out by choice, out of disgusts of the whole culture of greed, scamming, lying, deceit, filth, trash. etc. If someone can mention one saving grace amongst these losers, please say so.

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            Filipinos I knew who knew people that died by murder = 100%
            People I knew that got shot (father, relations, friends) = >5 people.

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I’ve known very few people who’ve been robbed back in the USA. In the Philippines it seems I count the number of people who haven’t been robbed.
            I’ve known a few foreigners to get murdered here, but I never knew them personally.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Sad thing is, that army scout was a do-gooder for his local city. people trying to do good in the Philippines either end up dead or very resentful towards filipinos at some point. I’m one of the resentful ones.

          Puerto Basura is a shit-hole. You can see it used to be nice, but its dirty, polluted, and the layout is something they definitely did not plan out. Except for all the BS fees they charge. The bright spot to truly fuck them over is the word has gotten out. From what I have heard, their tourist #’s have really declined. The foreigners were complaining about the filth and garbage everywhere and I guess this guy was the lightening rod. I’m sure when he’s kicked out he won’t say a word any longer and he’ll just happily continue to promote the Philippines as a great, lovely, clean, safe place with level-headed people. Right?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “people trying to do good in the Philippines either end up dead or very resentful towards filipinos at some point. I’m one of the resentful ones”

            You missed one Johnny…. trying to do good things in the failed republic can also cause resentment from the local Pinoys. You’ll get accused of showing off, flashing your wealth and status, and doing it (helping etc) to attract girls. WTF? As if Filipinas need any of those qualities to flock to you the Kano!

            I did not know that Puerto Galera has gone down in it’s attractions. That used to be a favorite holiday destination of my German uncle in the 90s. He has not been awhile there though, so that’s why we did not know. I guess like most pretty things in the Failippines, they can’t/don’t/won’t take care of it, no matter how pretty, how precious, how rare. Another Philippines fail.

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            @johnny55 you mentioned that you had photos you wanted to post. YES, you can post them – go to top right of page, see your user name > click drop down > wall – thn theres an area there you can post photos to a wall.

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I’ll try to get them uploaded. I tried to do it from my phone, but it wouldn’t work with the phone/ website. I’ll get it on there soon enough. It’s just a few pics of the littered beach and the pinoy fee’s they charge like “environmental”. LOL! Puerto Basura is the best name for that beach.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        The PM of canuck land was here for APEC.. but did not have the time to ask about those 2 seal bashers who got kidnapped in samal island…
        I troll that PM every chance i get…. Yahoo answers is a good place to troll too.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @kalbo – maybe not .. i never see Indians represented in the murder stats of foreigners.
        but this is how “inbred” Filipinos think
        they are either ignorant or xenophobic
        I saw an event they dubbed “multi cultural”
        there was an american there and a Japanese guy.
        The rest was dancers from Leyte and Negros.

        The result in the paper was a multicultural event with multicultural food!
        represented by foreigners and locals enjoying multicultural delights.
        well whooopeee
        yes, in theory thats right .. Leyte and Negros probably offer a different cultural dish of food or dance
        but YOU, ME and I guess people in Sweden at the moment being swamped by refugees
        wouldnt define this as multicultural.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I saw that. The guy is some German who was illegally detained by Immigration for like 6 months and extorted continuously. He finally went back to Germany and vowed to expose the Philippines. I think he has even gone to companies that do business in the Philippines and dissuaded them from doing further business in that country if possible. He claims to have a lot of success.
        He also filed some cases with the UN for kidnapping as Ph immigration is not authorized to detain or arrest anyone, let alone demand bribes from them. I’m not sure how successful he has been.

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Damn, I actually still have some pics in my phone of my trip to Puerto Basura! I was going to write an article and still might. (why do I type long comments instead of actual articles is beyond me).
    However, I noticed going to Puerto Basura (I’m going to stay with that name from now on!) is a shit-hole. It really isn’t that nice anymore. There is trash all over the place.
    Then in typical Fee-lippines fashion, there is a terminal fee, boat fee, an environmental fee, and a terminal fee to leave. I think there are a couple extra fees in there as well. Either way, I think the “environmental fee” was like 50 pesos or something. It’s not a lot, but considering we were paying it on the beach with a ton of trash on it was kind of ironic. Anyway, we sat in wonder why they can’t hire a couple of guys to go around picking up trash for 300 pesos a day and put out some garbage bins with all the money they are taking in. Seriously, those things on white beach would cost so little to what they take in.

    However, that is the pinoy attitude: Take all the money and invest nothing. Then get demonstrate fake outrage when someone points out the obvious.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @johnny55 dude a followup to the article. I did that with the animals story and how filipinos treat animals disgustingly. Theres good points to build on stories as we all share similar opinions.
      ON….why do I type long comments instead of actual articles is beyond me. ME TOO!

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        It’s more I have pics from my puerto basura trip. I been meaning to post an article using the pics of garbage on the beach, BS fees, and their environmental fees to insert. Instead of typing an article. I type out long comments instead.
        I really could not believe how trashy that beach was. I think I was there back in May so it was around the same time as this guy was being banned from Puerta Basura.

        Whats funny is I was posting pics on my FB account like 2 years ago of all the awful sites in my “tourist promoting city”. Just trash everywhere, people pissing on the streets, open sewage, etc. My American friends have pretty much vowed to never visit the Philippines.
        A friend of mine who works with a “proud pinoy” in the states showed the flip my FB pictures when his delusional pinoy pride stupidity started talking about how America was getting bad and the Philippines was a great country; the pinoy immediately quit talking and was laughed at by the coworkers.
        Then some of my local Filipino friends were mad about it as well. They said, “why are you showing only the bad?” to which I said, “the only thing nice to look at is the mountain which is lovely, but your ankles are in garbage while you’re looking at it.”.
        Another city councilor type person got an attitude with me for posting the awful pics/ typical Philippines pics cause she said it would hurt tourism. I replied, “just clean the place up then you don’t have to lie. Tourists want a place that is clean, safe, fun, and maybe some nice places to visit. Thats it, its really not that difficult.” I told her, the city can pretend to promote all they want. I’ll continue to un-promote by telling the truth and potential tourists will believe an American whose experienced it firsthand compared to a promo ad.

  9. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    We have a similar situation here in Subic at Baloy Beach, it used to be a beaut holiday destination, accommodation houses booked solid.
    So they crowded in heaps of shit hole accommodation places sort of unplanned and never fixed the infrastructure, so you drive down a virtual one lane dirt road now full of pot holes.
    Everything the foreigner residents have tried to fix the area have been stymied by the Barangay captain , even to the fact he wanted to be paid off, if the locals paid for the road themselves, he wanted the job not a contractor, he actually stole the first lot of money they raised for the project .
    Then He wanted a bribe to let them build the new road when it became impassable . when they raised the new levy to build the road again and he was left out of the deal, even though he would benefit as the largest land owner in the area..
    They charge a special tax on everything that comes into the area , that goes to the Barangay Captain who by the way is in competition with the businesses but he doesn’t pay the tax.
    Then they wanted to ban trucks and buses.
    Well no how can the Barangay captain develop his land , how can the flip tourist houses get their bus loads of people over holy week and new year the only time the place is busy now.Even though it is almost impossible to get a bus down the road without creating a traffic nightmare.
    The local businesses bought and paid for garbage bins, made of steel painted them with the sponsors name to hold the garbage and strategically located them every fifty yards along the road into and out of the beach area, only two left last time I looked, all stolen within weeks.
    The only two left were out the front of Foreign owned resorts with security.
    Every Flip has to pay to enter the area 30 peso to the barangay captain to use the shit hole road, they avoid charging foreigners. probably used to being told to fuck off.
    The only way the beach is cleaned is by the resorts, so we have clean beach, shit beach clean , garbage, clean , turds, floating , clean. you cannot walk down the beach due to nippa huts right into the water the owners paid the barangay captain to let them shift them as waterfront apartments ,or bankas with trip ropes anchored all up and down the beach.
    Then to make matters worse, the old Barangay Captain retired, and they fucking voted his son in.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fucking Imbeciles.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      I lived on Baloy Long Beach for about a year – and it’s exactly as you describe. One wet season there, with the shit road in and out of the place was more than enough for me. I had to replace tires numerous times over the period that I was there. The road is a disgrace. I now just expect this kind of crap everywhere here. I’m never disappointed.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Having a shit Road means more business for the trike guys. When it rains it’s impossible to walk down it without getting covered in mud and soaked. Then you have no choice but take a rip off trike to the top of the road. Inside the trike it says 7.50 pesos per trip but try getting one 20 years and see how much they try to charge.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          You are right , but you failed to mention the fucking size of the fucking trikes. Maybe thats why your a Kalbo you wore your hair off on the roof of the bullshit fucking trikes.
          They are dead set the smallest trikes in the Philippines.
          Even brand new ones are ordered I am convinced to piss off foreigners. The cabins are lucky to be a meter high.
          I knew a Sepo, married to a Baloy daughter, the family convinced him to buy them one or two so he would have free transport when he was there and the family could earn money.
          When he arrived he exploded the fucking trikes were so small he had no way of getting into them, he wasn’t tall but he was solid American,
          He fucked the brothers off out of the house and bought a four wheel drive and parked that where they had their trikes.
          The morons got the trikes and would not even make them tall enough for the man who paid for them to be able to get into them without a contortionist to assist him.
          Last thing I saw was he was selling the house, he had enough and he was Baloy Family imagine what they do to others.

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          And the Barangay Captain sells the license to operate in Baloy Beach, so he gets a kick back from that too, the trikes there are not licensed on the open road or highway, indeed they had a trike war with the local mayor when he barred them from leaving Baloy.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I forgot the Barangay Captain sold a resort part of the road and then shifted the road away from where he sold it.
      They built the building around the existing power pole, anyone can see the bend in the road and the pole sticking up out of the roof.
      They even allowed people with money to build over drainage easements which they then blocked up so the Barrio Floods regularly, but some rich pricks house sits over the drainage easement.
      It will be interesting to see if the New Highway Drainage works being done now rectifies that, I doubt it but I live in hope.
      They will probably take the Highway to Court so there illegal dwelling wont be affected.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Also the bottom feeders that suck ass to the captain roam around looking for violations so they can make themselves look important too.
        Why does everything a flip touchs turns into crap????

    3. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Arrr the old waste bins given out trick.
      Had that in my area and people used the bins to store water!
      Then concrete style rubbish recepticals were put there
      On the street and guess what.. People filled them with dort and planted something in there as a front yard.feature eventually to go uncared for. Some tipped them upside down and.woukd stick the plastic bags of rubbish for the collectors ON Top of the bins!!!!

      Its mind boggling how stupid filipinos really are.
      Its like theyre on some stupidity drug.

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Ah, the old barangay captain. The bottom-feeder of corrupt filipino politicians. They even pretend to have a purpose, but everyone knows they are worthless, including them.
      1 Filipino guy could withhold the cure to cancer for his country if he couldn’t personally make money on it. The Filipinos with cancer would just say, “oh well, thats just god’s will”.

  10. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I lleft there myself after about eighteen months too, moved up into Barretto . even three months ago the fucking road was a wet muddy pot holed shit hole when I went down to Wild Orchid for a Wednesday Steak Night.
    Too many failed Aussies there for me, they could not make in Australia so they moved to Baloy. All waiting on cheques from the govt or the family to keep them away from home or NZ. or pommie land
    On Blue Rock corner someone has built out to the limit of his property and now buses would have great difficulty going around there. the beach is all built up so there is no turn around point for them either if they go down they have to go right to the river end to turn.
    Carlito is still alive but his son is the Captain maybe the son is just a foil for the old prick.
    I just can not understand it .

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      ‘pommie land’ lol

      Bluerock used to be ok. That was when it was smaller and had a more family feel. Now it’s more commercialised. I’m not sure what you guys think.

      Just see a bunch of fat guys sitting there 24 hours in the same places. Bit sad really although they seem nice enough

      I met a crazy aussie guy there who didn’t understand my accent. So his filipina wife would be the translator for us even though she was pretty much uneducated.

      Go figure as the yanks say!

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        Eventually places go…

        1. Outsiders move in with self entitlement and setup houses on available land.
        2. Fences go up
        3. Unviable sari stores go up spoiling profits for existing ones as filos think if theres 10 water stations there business must be good!
        4. Stupid penalty signs go up eg “bawal um ihi dito” etc fime 500p signs
        5. Videoke places go up and the noise starts with arse wipes drinking out front and bbq stands start
        6. Arse wipes start appearing from nowhere and openong car doors or.scrounging for 5p coins etc

        Rubbish statts growing and growing

        And the original feel of the place is lost

        1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          Pinoys just don’t feel at home without ugly, hand painted signs everywhere, stinking rubbish piled up all around, constant noise from dogs, roosters, karaoke, and motor cycles with the bafflers removed. They need to smell human piss all around them, and be able to shout (they don’t know how to just speak) to each other in high pitched squeals. They need to know that they can just do as they please, regardless of who it may inconvenience – or even if it acts contrary to their own self interest. It’s just a perpetual cycle of stupid.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Agreed. Its like that scene from dumb and dumber where they beauticians clean them up and make them look good. They take one look in the mirror and immediately need to mess their hair up cause they were uncomfortable.
            Put a Filipino on a clean beach and he’ll “make himself at home” by throwing cig butts, plastic wrappers, and empty potato chip bags everywhere. Then he’d say, “ah, much better now”.

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            yep @cybergod the hand painted signs trying to
            standover people by imposing their own FINES system
            which is fucking illegal
            ONLY THE COUNCIL has authority to fine people
            not a sweaty, fat, beer drinking, red eyed diabetic, blithering gibberish arsewipe that pisses and shits if he could in his own yard Filipino

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You forgot the discarded flip flops, shitty diapers ( my personal favorite), purses, clothes, plastic bottles, broken glass and nails.

          4. Profile gravatar of tambok

            You are so right on! That is exactly what their life is. All the words you said describe their lifestyle, especially the noises, no braekes aloud just keep the noise going, all of the one’s you mentioned. As long as there is a sari sari to get cigarettes and other shit who cares, that’s all they need. So fucked up and pointless lives.

        2. Profile gravatar of tambok

          Everything you mention is so exact. They just move in and fuck up everything. Always the same shit, always the same businesses, the same garbage and nobody getting anything but more trash and noise and bullshit. Where I am It’s happening exponentially. The flip tourists come in hordes and leave all their shit behind. I’m sick of the fucking filth here.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I agree to a point, I can find the demise of Blue rock falls squarely on the management.
        The quality of the meals has they tell me improved but with the shit road and high prices down there I think I will pass.
        Not just there , but I find it amazing how the restaurant prices in the area are equivalent to Australia yet the staff get paid flip wages
        There seems to be no discount anymore for the shit wages they pay.
        But I will say that Blue Rock Oysters when they are in season are WORLD CLASS and reasonably priced.

  11. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    @johnny55 yep, you know the fucked up thing … i went with a group of filos to an island and they commented how clean things were. Sure, there were cleaners at the resort waiting to pounce as people left tables to clean (but imagine a windy day and the cleaners not getting to the trash that the filos didnt take) …
    anyway…shrieks of whooot whooot this place is so good and clean
    then i see them throwing trash out the side of the jeepney
    i said to my friend “don’t throw your fucking trash out the window”
    the ocean is like 70 meters away.
    Reply – “why?”

    like … only a FILIPINO would respond in that manner and
    1. not see RELATIONSHIP between words (they saying how clean it is) and ACTION (throwing rubbish out the window)
    2. only a filipino would question “why” shouldnt i litter. Need to have it explained to them.
    3. only a filipino wouldn’t care and think – its only a little bit of plastic. I am the only one (as they all think eg. im not like that, im different, not all filipino are like that…take me as an example, JUST THIS ONCE ETC) they love to think 99% of the time they are good..
    so just this fucking once ill throw it on the ground —buzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2 second memory… yesterday they threw stuff on the street
    and the day before and the day before

    fuck Philippines beaches they go on about
    they love to magnify something into 1000s of times its true worth
    as they got nothing else to offer
    the beaches arent as good as Thailand, Pacific Islands etc …SORRY
    Pinoy’s wouldnt know
    most havent travelled off their own island let alone outside the Philippines

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Its ironic the foreigners care more for this shit-hole country than the ones born in and forced to live in it. Ironically, it also seems the foriegners are the only ones willing to stand up to the corrupt gov’t as well.
      #1. The kid involved in the bullet scam
      #2. The greek guy Spanos who was detained illegally for 18 months by immigration.
      #3. Koornstra who was so sick of seeing the garbage pile up.

      Yet, what do filipinos do? Do they rally, support, or protest along side? Of course not, they just go about doing things the pinoy way. The ironic thing is foreigners like you have told them for the last 40 years what they are doing wrong as a society, culture, country, etc. However, they never listen and somehow they legitimately believe they are doing things correctly. Just look at ANY city, govt department, and the fact they still follow the churchs teachings.
      “fuck Philippines beaches they go on about
      they love to magnify something into 1000s of times its true worth as they got nothing else to offer the beaches arent as good as Thailand, Pacific Islands etc …SORRY
      Pinoy’s wouldnt know most havent travelled off their own island let alone outside the Philippines”
      – So true!! We should slap a sticker of that saying everytime we see a tourist campaign or “More fun in the Philippines poster”.

  12. Profile gravatar of beameup

    Baguio, the premier holiday destination “up In the pine trees”, suffers from the same problem. There are a multitude of problems facing Baguio in the next decade. The city water system will reach its maximum capacity… then what? Giant stainless steel water tanks will have to be installed on tops of all buildings in the city “proper”, and fleets of water trucks will be required to deliver this commodity. Same goes for the trash-dump as there is no heavy equipment to pack the mountains of trash delivered to the “dump”… it just “piles up, and up, and up”. Traffic is nearly at gridlock capacity currently as more and more private vehicles are added to the roads without any infrastructure projects or improvements. It is extremely hard to find any trash collecting container in any business; I’ve walked around entire malls looking in vain. I guess the underlying “philosophy” is that if there are no trash-cans, then there will be no trash to collect and dispose of – trash will simply “no longer exist”… problem solved.

  13. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    tell the dopes to put the water tanks under the roof so they can collect rain water
    dependent on which way the weather flows there, its most likely safer than Manila water

  14. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I find it so hard to understand there aversion to saving water, it is amazing.
    Coming from Australia where water is a blessing or a drama we know the meaning of water saving, I can not even fathom the flip mentality about water tanks, a feature even on houses from 100K to 2 million dollars it is just the way they think over there.
    I discussed this with the child bride her argument and yes there was one, was the water off the roof will be bahoo filthy due to the solution off the trikes and ignore the problem because of another fixable problem, sounds like flip logic to me.
    I have already started planning my water saving devices for the new house in the Philippines, I can get virtually any size or shape water tank I want , even if I use it for the garden and toilets and laundry showers etc it will be better than Subic Water , I will bring low volume taps and shower heads with me, at least from Australia they wont break after a week. I will build first flush washing system into the down pipes.
    I am waiting on the arguments to start about the water tanks.
    I have not done anything before as it was not our property I sort of don’t like enriching a fucking land lord who had to dragged screaming to fix anything structural.
    I will also really investigate solar power as well, My power bill in Australia last quarter was in credit for the first time in history so now I know it works I will explore all the opportunities on our new house.
    The tax regime of the PI may make it uneconomic. so it will have to be a thorough investigation.
    Wouldn’t it drive them batty if you could go off grid for water and power.

  15. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    No reason that a proper water system would not save the day. Yes your shower heads will help too
    You can use CLEAN sand and gravel charcoal to filter along with some ceramic filters with UV light and yes even unsented pure bleach in proper amounts will do the trick on the cheap.
    reverse osmossis you see at the water station filters, but it also filters the good minerals too out of the water
    Suggest you use a leaf catcher (Done real cheap with screen door screen and 2 identical plastic flower pots and add some small pebbles too) before the first flush system. Size the first flush to the size of your roof, Make sure there is a tiny leak at the bottom of first flush too so the shit water drains out between rains. great ideas on Youtube, I have mine lined up using electronics to assist water flow
    I think this system and solar is beyond the mindset of these people, being that they may have to make an investment that can pay for itself in time,

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I just got my water bill for three months in Australia $18.90 including all the fucking fees, Ill just suck it up.
      I have three hoses in the yard for the garden , excluding two hoses off my first flush that I move around to irrigate the yard with the DEW runoff each night that fills up the first flush.
      I was skeptical about GREEN installations too , but they are now so cheap it is logical to install them in Australia
      With regard to the Philippines.
      I wont install Reverse Osmosis, but will put in a two stage filter system including charcoal before my pressure pump and maybe stop it from filling up with fucking dirt, then have a one micron into the house ,
      I am a marine engineer so know a fair bit about Reverse osmosis, if needed Ill build and install it myself.
      Solar I will have to research, I have heard rich flips are setting up solar farms to take advantage of govt, rebates and credits so there may be an incentive somewhere for me to take advantage of.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Get a bottle of the best whiskey and sit down, you won’t believe this. Last week I took a ferry to another island and pier side it was leaning about 20 degrees to port. After underway the waves were from the starboard and at times almost tipped us. But that is not the story. Sailing along while recalling water survival from my navy days and who to save I saw something on an island about 3 miles or so off. What was it? It was wind turbines like they have in Ca!!!! Yes, those big white fuckers that the wind turns and make elec!!!! There was about 8 of them!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Yep Mick,
          That’s what I meant about rich flips setting up these farms,apparently some huge ones in Northern Luzon. But the masses will probably never be permitted to participate in that let alone foreigners.
          The setup is for the benefit of the Philippines as long as the rich make all the money and no one else can play.
          The trouble is no normal flip family can afford Solar Power on their roof as they would have to rebuild the fucking roof first, so the argument will be this only advantages the rich so we will not allow it.
          We will tax it to death so no one can justify it anyway. But they fail to understand if it is uneconomic no one will buy anyway so no Tax will be collected so why bother, the advantage would be no tax
          if the tax was removed that far we understand, but the payoff would be no new coal fired power stations and their infrastructure , poles and lines to be destroyed each year by Typhoons Win Win
          I watched a solar farm being built on a dam, it was covering 60% of the dams surface, Power from the sun no new power station, flotation preventing 60% evaporation, saving water. Win Win.

  16. Profile gravatar of Alex Azar
    Alex Azar

    I don’t say all they are all like this but what I notice is that the Filipinos that work at our warehouse is that if it’s not theirs they treat everything like a public restroom they don’t clean their mess because they know we have a clean up crew that comes in twice a week. The only time I see them throw away anything is when they dump the old coffee into the a small office trash can next to the coffee maker and I think to myself why not dump it into a sink which the closest sink is maybe 10 feet away from them. They don’t understand that food goes to the garbage bin outside not in the office trash can some of them eat their only one fish they know I have never seen them eat any other type of fish I don’t the name of the fish it’s bad but it has more bone than meat on it anyways they throw food into a trash can next to their desk. They are rude and think way to highly of themselves for people that don’t have a their own language to my ears it sounds like a broken language every other word is in English I don’t know what it is their stupidity or laziness I asked them you guys don’t your own numbers in your language they say it’s because its easier say the numbers in English rather than Tagalog. Sorry I got off topic but I after seeing some picture of the Philippines and a mountain that’s made out of garbage I get why some Filipinos are the way they are.

  17. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    @Don Q
    one suggestion for your first flush system, if you know disregard
    Enjoy a Coke, and then take the Plastice pop bottle, fill it about 1/3 full with sand and cap it good
    put cap end up and as the water rises, the sand weight will keep bottle fairly well upright as water rises
    when it gets to the top, it will seal off the intake to first flush and water should be good to flow towards your tank.
    I did some testing and its a great seal, Hope it helps

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      The system I will make will not require anything I want the slow night water to run into the garden where I want it too, have the hose fitting for that, but when the down pipe fills six feet too the over flow will then go sideways through a right angle into the tank feed line..
      The bottom of the first flush has a screw fitting that can be simply be opened to clean out any dirt.
      But I may think on it, it reminds me of a tennis ball plug what you have mentioned just drop a tennis ball into the pipe it floats up and jams below the tipping point , the coke bottle will almost jam everything to stop the dirty swirl too from reaching the tipping point. Thinking thinking. will let you know. Depends on what fittings I can get.

  18. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    Sand in the bottle will keep bottle up right
    I would use a plastic ball if you can find it
    the rubber and fur on the ball will absorb shit
    best wishes on your system

  19. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I was trudging down a busy commercial street today. Half of the street is taken up by backhoes that have been digging for 5 years on a sewage system, Then a funeral was on so the 2 limos and pasay police blocked 2 blocks of traffic.
    The limos could not have parked in a side street .. too easy.. Nope, the pignoy still has to fuck up something even in death!

  20. Profile gravatar of John

    Just wonder if you guys hate the country and its people that much, why you bother living there?! Is there any positive side to your stories?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I’ll give you 3 guesses, based on THE NAME OF THIS WEBSITE, what the topic is.

      Guess #1: The wonderful things about Philippines
      Guess #2: Where to buy good coffee in Philippines
      Guess #3: Real daily experiences regarding the stupidity and failure in Philippines

      Maybe you should start a Philippines Success Blog. Let us know in about 10 years when you have 3 or 4 posts.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Guess no 1 , I give up.
        Guess No 2, Urban Deli in Subic Bay, mazarap to the max, 7 am till 9 am bottomless, dont go too far from the shitter after three.
        Guess no 3, Where to start.

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Out of all the posts and comments I’ve read here on PFB I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “hate” used. People speaking the truth about the widespread stupidity, incompetence and corruption yes. Why do they bother living there? Each has their own reasons. Me, I just gave up and moved to another country, as I came to the conclusion there are no cures for the many common ills of the people and their country and things will only get a whole lot worse.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I hate the Philippines. I do not hate Filipinos per se, but I hate Filipino culture, their society, and what the collectively make up to jokingly call a country. However, I’m not some typical American forced to live in the Philippines. I’m an American with Filipino roots who was forced to live there to take over a family business, look after an ailing parent, and even had my own business in that shit-hole country. I HATE what Filipinos have turned their country into cause I’m (in a way) forced to deal with it. If I truly did have a choice, I would not choose such a shit-hole filled with such fake-moral, greedy, corrupt, incompetent idiots.
        The rest of the people here might look at this forum as a way to vent the 5% frustration they have in living in the Philippines. I vent cause I’m forced to deal with it and idiotic Filipinos I cannot relate to,,,, like you John!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          You took the words out of my mouth Johnny and we are in the same position where we are forced to deal with Filipinos by virtue of our ancestry.

          ” All this does not change the point that this blog was made for us expat and not for the Filos”

          And may I add that this blog are not for TROLLS? If John wants to find blogs that sugar coats about the Philippines, I can recommend a few: Mindanao Bob’s Live in the Philippines forum. Living in Cebu forums, Reekay Velez’ life on the high seas. There are not criticisms on those forums because either the owner are either living in the Philippines and don’t want to piss off the Filipinos (you know you can get deported fro yelling at a Filipino??), or living abroad and wants to live in the Philippines.

          Many Kanos sold off everything from their own countries and moved to the Philippines, primarily for the YOUNG women who promised “love you long time” and love bombs.

          Costs of living? Only if you are prepared to eat rice and dried fish!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            As an example of how much damage these websites can do to gullible and naive foreign men: I had an American friend who was persuaded of how wonderful the Philippines is to retire. Yes, he’d been reading those websites with heavy censorship in them. My friend, though and American actually believed that his country, the US has a lot to do with the state of poverty in the Philippines. “they were exploited by the Spanish and Americans. And by the 2nd year of his retirement planning, he was convinced that the women were wonderful, the “best in the world, bred to please their men”. (I nearly puked when I heard this). I tried my best to give a balanced view of the Philippines and its people.

            So fast forward 4 years later and he made his big move, sold up everything despite my reservations. I tried telling him ” In case things go belly up in the Philippines, don’t sell your house yet so you’ve got somewhere to come back to”. But to no avail. He said he has no intentions of returning to the US ever! That he’d die in the Philippines. So in 2013, he made his big move. Two years later, he can’t stand living there, he can’t stand the Filipinos and the culture. He is hating it so much that he has started calling the Filipinos “Niggers of the lowest form”. Now, that is hate!

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I feel for your American friend who dove fully in. That is the danger with the Philippines and Filipinos. They LOVE that image of kind, nice, family centered, sweet, catholic, etc. They hate when someone says the truth and that is where they get all “proud”. They burn 90% of their calories faking an image or pretending, than making any positive changes or being honest. So that is how people get duped. Filipinos are the most charming and sweet scammers I’ve ever met.
            I started out with that feeling of, “man, filipinos are so nice and sweet. If only their gov’t wasn’t so corrupt, they would have such a great country”. Anyone living there starts to do the “turnaround” after 6 months. Another reason I hate the Philippines is our family has been caught up in court cases for over 16 years now for otherwise stupid shit that could have been solved in 1 week. Watching some “good catholic” Filipino rip off your family, then wait 16 years (and counting) for the courts to do their job is just insane and gives you a firsthand view of what a bunch of retards fill their society. Then just trying to get a fucking drivers license can take 8 hours and that is another preview of filipino stupidity.
            No matter how much idiotic Filipinos say they want change for the better and no matter how obvious the necessary (sometimes easy) changes are, they still continue to build on their failures citing, “well, dis is dhe Pilippines” like that is some intelligent answer.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            16ears huh? Back in 1936 a man named Fortis was given title to 40,000 sqm free and clear. Then the squatters started coming and around 1965 the courts found in favor of Fortis based on the original deed to the 40k. So the squatters file an appeal in 1965 and the appeals court upheld Fortis legal ownership of the land. So here we are in 2016, there are still squatters on the 40K including a Petron gas station. The squatters keep filing an appeal, the courts still side with Fortis since 1965 yet the appeals court keeps accepting to look at the appeals filed by the squatters.
            Each time they side with Fortis and instead of saying we ruled on this in 1965 and that is final the court still keeps accepting squatters appeal claims. 50 damn years and the court ruled the same yet they still will not say enough already, settled.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike


      I’ll answer that. Nobody said they hate the philippines nor filipinos but here is what we see and experience:
      1.) A people who find a way to blame others for their failures and faults.
      2.) A people who refuse to make their country better.
      3.) A people who steal anything and everything they can every chance they get.
      4.) A people who have a very big ego.
      5.) A people refuse to improve internet, electric, water, roads, medical, education and so forth. Still to this day my city water is brown coming out of the faucet.
      6.) A people who keep electing the same thieves into office.
      7.) A people who have turned into professional international beggars.
      8.) A people who will not accept advice.
      9.) A people who will take the slightest comment regardless of how innocent as an offense or insult.
      10.) A people that have no compassion towards others.
      11.) A people that expect others to show them more respect than they show to others.

      The list goes on but I’m sure you get the idea. Here we have a people who have everything they need to make their country first rate but do they even try to? NO. They beg all the aid in all forms they can from other countries. What do they need?
      1.) Manpower
      2.) Farm land
      3.) Industry
      4.) Resources

      Do they have all of that? YES but they do not use it to improve their country nor their lives. It’s like they expect others to do it for them and it’s not their fault they will not try themselves. It seems the only list they make toward the top is on the negative lists:
      1.) Worlds worst airport NAIA.
      2.) Moved 7 spots closer on world failed list. In 2014 they were 59 and in 2015 they made 52. The lower the number the worse the condition.
      3.) One of the most corrupt countries.
      4.) Topped the list of worst country bringing criminals to justice.
      5.) Third worst traffic in Asia.
      6.) One of the lowest national average IQ levels at 86. Below average and border mild retardation. And that’s with all the cheating going on in the schools.

      What about other number 1s?
      1.) Won Miss Universe.
      2.) Boxing champ.
      3.) Record for most people taking a shower at the same time.
      4.) Record for most circumcisions performed at once.

      Looks like they strive to be number one on list that really do not matter like the 4 above or shoot for the top on negative list. No we don’t hate the philippines nor filipinos. We hate what they do.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Comments are only moderated for brand new users first comment. Once your first comment has been approved, your comments are no longer moderated. This is to prevent spammers who sign up and want to start spamming right away on comments. Now that your first comment has been approved, all future comments will be instantly posted.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        How many times have you been through this exact conversation. Its funny how quick idiots are to pull the “conspiracy against my comments” card only to find out #1 Its not being moderated #2. Its not really that important & #3. No one really cares anyway cause we’ve heard the exact same stupidity 10 times before.
        Here ya go:
        – IF you do like it, why don’t you leave
        – Why don’t you make a positive influence instead of complaining about it
        – I’ve found filipinos to be the most honest, hard-working, sincere, nicest, blah-blah-blah
        – Show me a place in teh world that doesn’t have corruption
        – Well, if I was in _______________country, the same thing would happen
        – I’ve been to the Philippines many times, and nothing has ever happened to me
        – If something has happened to you, then you should have known better to stay out of that area.
        – Well, the people are poor and desperate so that is what happens.
        – Well, the people are uneducated so that is what happens.
        – It’s the governments fault the place is so corrupt.
        Anything else?

        Here’s a fucking question for you. If you already know how people are thinking, then why waste your fucking time asking stupid questions?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Ok, have you ever thought that we have taken the time to make a difference in this country over several years to no effect? No you have not. Now if you think this place is so great that means either:
          1.) You are a filipino who cannot handle the truth.
          2.) A foreigner whos has gone native and refuses to admit what is right in their face.
          3.) Visited for a week or 2 and had everyone kissing your ass.
          4.) Married to a filipina living in a first world country and have never been to the philippines.

          Reread your post. YOUR the one that asked the fucking stupid question, we merely answered based on our EXPERIENCES EVERY DAY. Yes some of your points do happen elsewhere in the world. But filipinos take it to the extreme. Now do you have any more STUPID questions?

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “I’ve found filipinos to be the most honest, hard-working, sincere, nicest, blah-blah-blah”

          Excuse me guys, while I go puke!! But it is unfortunate that if you google “retiring to the Philippines, live in the Philippines,” etc, the websites that most popped up are either dating websites (who ‘sells’ the Filipina women as the best in the world – just don’t mention the money), or websites that wax lyrical praises about the Philippines. In short, websites that tell lies about what it’s really like to lived there. I doubt PFB even comes up if someone googles “living in the Philippines”. It’s a shame if that is the case, because PFB could actually save many potential lives, and deprive Filipino scammers from fleecing the unsuspecting Kanos.

  21. Profile gravatar of John

    Thank you for the responses guys!

    A man walking down the road, sees a dog lying on a porch whining and groaning !
    – Man to the dog owner: what’s the matter with this poor dog?
    – Dog owner: That’s because he is sitting on a nail!
    – Man wonders: Sitting on a nail?! Why he doesn’t get his ass up and get away?
    – The owner: Because he doesn’t find it painful enough yet?!

    Well, my point is simple: if you don’t like it that much, why you waist your precious life there?
    There must me some reason(s) you guys stick to the Philippines, isn’t it?

    I’ve been there once; didn’t enjoy it much. I’m not gonna go there soon. You guys on the other hand, hate it, but still stick to it! Isn’t it ironic? How do you define this?

    Many of your articles are pure hate speech, even though most of the points you’re making are valid. There is a line between criticizing and despising. By looking down on people, you can not make any changes to better. Of course, my personal opinion.
    Thanks again guys.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      i dont believe we look down on poor people. Many people are poor but have pride. I do look down on people who can not and will not keep a street clean, try to scam me for money, abuse animals, have no respect for their neighbors, drive like maniacs etc.
      Many people move to 3rd world countries because they think it is cheaper . However, after living in those countries for awhile, the truth comes out.
      Most of these places are like a whirlpool, you dont notice it at first, until you hit center and it is too late.
      As for leaving here, all the jobs in my country are taken by asians.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Why do I stay here? I’ll answer that one. First I have a family here and trying to make a life for us. Second I have a lot of cah in a philippine bank they refuse to release, always excuses even though taxes paid ($226,000). The excuses vary but I had one tell me it was my fault they would not release my LEGAL money, he said ” We’re filipino, you should have known you cannot trust us.” Yes that from a filipino working in a bank.
      Since when is calling an apple an apple racial? Sounds like you are too thin skin or very PC. You say you visited here ONCE and hate it yet call us racist for posting the very same things you experienced. Even you said you will not come back so you too must hate it. Double standards on your part perhaps? I think so. I also find it interesting that you defend philippines while at the same time saying you had a bad time here and will not come back. Why don’t YOU tell us why you did not enjoy YOUR BRIEF stay here? I’m sure everyone would love to hear it.

      1. Profile gravatar of John

        Mike & loco_loco,
        A friend of mine (married to Filipina) started to build a big house in Pampanga, several years ago. He already spent more that 200 k, but the house is still unfinished! The wife’s family fabricated all kind of excuses to justify the lack of progress. It’s like since he started the project, the cost of labour & materials have jumped to triple! They really ripped him off men.

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          200k is only 5k usd …its an amount u can survive but if we go into millions of PHP. this will hurt….
          Its also for all of us no secret that we can get out of cash in a foreign island country…can happen…the problem is if ur not a fucked up bastard to the most of them, they will steal the chair under ur ass simply away…without no doubts. Ive said once to a girl who stole me * she was the reason why i came here years ago ” Look , uve stolen me a lot of cash, and i know that you feel never any guilt even i was always good to you” the thing is …we could say now and someone who dont know the Phils well..” Was one girl, you cant blame for this the whole Filos” After 1.5 years here and running an official business and had employees, i did note very clear , if you give these people only a small sign of friendship , empathy or anything else…they take your whole hand and later on they eat the complete torso.
          Its the culture here, dog eat dog… when i was younger i was sent from the army in africa , even there they are not so fucked up, they steal also foreigners but never they steal under each other…here in da Phils…they even steal each other , lie to eachther daily and always …Next point, the pinays…i wont say there are 100% BS bitches out here, but lets say 98% they are..especially the middle class pinays…mostly famous for borderline, lies, stealing and all the other fucked up shit. Daily living….Oh holy fuck…how much i wish the Japs come back or Chinese into this country….incompetence ,incompetence everywhere u see…Its not like we as western dont respect south states..we know already that mostly in south states where the sun is fine shining the people are a bit slowly regarding work etc…but what i have to experience here in this country also with employees of us…holy shit , I wonder sometimes why i have not yet turned myself into an alcoholic to survive in this stupidity and lazyness of the MIND!!! they are like robots…like they come all out of one factory !! sounds crazy for someone who made only holidays here…but its the fact…they answer all the same Bullshit doesnt matter what u have for a conversation or what you ask them. do never trust any pinoy money and secrets , for sure they spell it everywhere around..

    3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      U wrote that u was in the PH ..once…. exactly thats the deal..i guess everyone of us had the believe that this would be a nice country and nice people and place to live. Problem is that you cant note whats going on here ..if u was only 1 time or 2 or 3 times here. When u live under and with the Filipinos , you will note after a half year, whats the real deal in this country..this u cant note after a 1 time visit

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Don’t you just love how people like John there who have visited the philippines for maybe a couple of months, never been here, never lived here long term tell us that have been here for years how great the philippines is. How honest filipnos are? That’s the type that have their head so far up their ass that it has become their adams apple.

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          yep…i am in a few groups on facebook where i give sometimes a few comments to my countrymen about the Flips and this country. You wont believe it…but they are much more deluded as the filipinos . I mention to them” be aware of what I say to u , u will be alone in this country even ur lovely GF will be never loyal to u’ I call that in mz wrong english….Pussy Blindness! these guys have already adopted the pinoy pride (my ass) I hate these assholes who believe they know really anything about this country but in reality they are laying 3 weeks inside the hotel resort on bohol with their pinay in the bed and bang her ,because they have nothing to bang in my country. A shit they know about this country and the flips and how they really are

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Filipinos make such a nice image of themselves, their society, their country, their morals, etc. ANY foreigner whose lived here for more than 1 year definitely knows the reality. Westerners need to know, share, and talk about the reality, not the image. This site is a high recommendation from me to anyone thinking of retiring or moving to the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Johnny, you know how I ended up owning properties in the Philippines? Because I fell in loved with the place before I found out what the people are really like. Asswipe Uncle talked me into buying a property in the city because the owner was sick and it was a bargain. But I was not dual citizen at the time. “no problem”, said asswipe uncle. “just put my name in it”. I said “what would I do with it?”. “you can build an apartment block for extra income. I will manage it for you” (yeah, that’s what the wolf said as he carried the rabbit across the river 🙂 ).

        I did not even think much of it but I bought it, and did initially use his name to buy it. Thankfully, I soon saw his true colors of greed and deceit and lying and scamming ways. I took care of the dual citizenship, got the original owner to sign a new deed of sale (yes you can do that in the Philippines), invalidating the previous sale with asswipe uncle. Check mate! Now, asswipe hates my guts. He’s been outfoxed! 🙂

        Of course I do not hate all Filipinos. I just hate what they do. I hate the fact that they don’t even respect blood ties when it comes to money. I hate the fact that you can save their miserable low life asses and they’d still bite you if they don’t get their way. I hate the fact that you can drain yourself out of money, deprive yourself, starve yourself just so they can have the latest gadgets and show off at FB, and not care if you are suffering or sick. I hate the fact that they exploit their OFW family members, without even thinking of that family member’s welfare, whether she is sick, depressed, suicidal from on going money pressure from home. I can go on for more, but I am sure, that if John has an IQ above 86, he’d get the drift by now… unless John is Wolfie in a new life??? 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I think John has his head shoved so far up filipinos ass that he forgot what day light looks like.

    5. Profile gravatar of Mike

      “”If you don’t like it that much, why waist your precious life there?” John hate to bust your bubble but it is spelled “WASTE not waist.

    6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I don’t hate Philippines. BUT, this is “PHILIPPINES FAIL BLOG” The topic is about the insurmountable failure we experience every single day. Why does that FACT need to translate to “we hate the Philippines”?????

      I’m here for the sex. That’s something good. I get a lot of it.

      I’m also here because my $$$’s go much further here. I’m happy here. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE ARE DUMB AS FUCK!!!!

      That’s just what we experience every single day. Doesn’t mean we hate it here, just means what it means….the people here are dumb as fuck and there’s so much unbelievable stupidity and ignorance it boggles the mind. Nothing I can to to change it. Doesn’t mean I’m unhappy here, just means the people here are fuckin’ dumbshits. That’s all. One can be happy living among dumbshits. Doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it.

      Hope that gives you a better understanding.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Wife took son in for a hair cut. Hair was not touching his ears. Wife said that if his hair touches his ears that will make him sick. That’s a new one on me.

        1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          First time I heard that old chesnut :). Presumably the hair touching ears rule doesnt apply to females? The things I learn on this website are pure gold 🙂

  22. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    As Captain Filo did mention many times…we have all different reasons….the first reason is money…Most of us have invest cash into this country…there you cant leave suddenly even its a pain in the ass. I can speak only for myself now here..So I can tell you that I look down on visible stupidity of the most , but not all Filos ! Did you know that the non deluded Filos , know very good about the mind blowing stupidity of their countrymen ? Its not a joke..they know how we expats think about their culture….. I would never look on someone down who might be pity poor but have a good heart ..never i would do that…but a fact is also here that the most of them are closer to the gate of hell as to knock on the door of heaven. Once again, here in da Phils (sir :D) are also non deluded very smart and thinking guys..but the mass is here simply low down. As i wrote above..the most wont leave here because money is involved….thats the deal..
    And I know also …some are thinking maybe in a quiet moment * I cant go anymore for this crazy deluded BS here in da Phils, shit about the money, house etc…* All this does not change the point that this blog was made for us expat and not for the Filos. The most you cant help anymore…thats a fact …a sad fact…

  23. Profile gravatar of John

    To Al,
    “Many people move to 3rd world countries because they think it is cheaper.”
    True, but not complete. Many Westerners & Aussies coming to third world because they are sick and tired of regulations in their own countries! They’re seeking more social opportunities, respect and freedom. They want to experience something different. They can get young girls here in the Philippines that they can not even dream of in their own homeland. Lets cheers to that!
    “Most of these places are like a whirlpool, you dont notice it at first, until you hit center and it is too late.”
    Very true. Agree.
    “As for leaving here, all the jobs in my country are taken by asians.”
    So, who to blame: Asian immigrants or the enterprise policy in your country? It doesn’t sound a solid reason.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      John boy your story doesnt exactly add up. Your phrasing is exactly like a flip. Take this example: “Why you moderate the comments?”. “So, who to blame”. The phrasing is exactly like that of an uneducated flip! I expect soon you will be saying GIVE ME COIN!

      In addition, you don’t even realise that Aussies ARE Westerners.

      So, there we are. You are pretending to be a Kano who went to the Philippines once but, in fact, you are an uneducated flip yourself, complete with all the traits that are commonly discussed here: lying, pretending, ego etc.

  24. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    My government and cheap ass companies were claiming there was a shortage of people fill the jobs. Of course they were only paying minimum wage that you could feed a dog on.
    So, the put the foreign sworker program in. Then an election come up and jobs were non exixtant, they cancelled the program. Did not matter anyway, we were swamped with poor people from 3rd world countries by that time

  25. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “Just wonder if you guys hate the country and its people that much, why you bother living THERE?!”

    “They can get young girls HERE in the Philippines that they can not even dream of in their own homeland. Lets cheers to that!”

    Is it “here” or “there”, John boy?

    It’s been awhile since the last pinoy embarrassed themselves on PFB. Welcome aboard!

  26. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    John boy, welcome to the Dragon’s lair. You should have read much further than page one before you started criticizing the member’s views here 🙂 But then, what do we expect from Pinoys huh? Jump first then ask questions later…. “dude, where’s my parachute? ” says John as he jumped from a plane 🙂

  27. Profile gravatar of Raykyogrou03

    Oh wow. This reminds of the time when our neighbors-who actually live in a nice house by pinoy standards, mind you-were driving in front of us and stopped in the middle of the fucking road to throw their trash on the side of the road, a few meters in front of their house. I was so pissed I started honking the horn until they moved, but then my mother told me to stop to avoid confrontation–classic pinoy don’t care, don’t complain attitude. Or “if you ignore it, maybe it’ll go away”