More Rubbish In The Philippines.

 Stephen Hawking summed up what are basically Filipino’s. They have no idea about the environment, they think they do, they have become “numbed” to trash. Many have never been overseas and have no real education on what is clean and unclean – proper ways to deal with rubbish.  

The main purpose of this article was to raise discussion about the INAYAWAN LAND FILL in CEBU which is a toxic time bomb waiting to go off.  See below.

People that are in the Philippines have become used  to trash everywhere – on the street, in the waterways, in the park lands – everywhere you turn and look.  Its appalling. Worse still, Filipinos throw rubbish on the ground and think nothing of it, even questioning “why” – as in what is wrong with throwing the rubbish on the ground because they are used to creating work – having someone else sweep it up.  WTF? how stupid do people have to be to start questioning why they should be able to throw rubbish on the ground.

The mindlessness of throwing trash on the street is handed down from generation to generation. Filipinos are highly defensive when it comes to being told that their actions are wrong. The reactions by Filipinos as to stop throwing rubbish and clean up your trash is unbelievable.

Filipinos label people who are outspoken about rubbish in the streets as trouble makers!

People have been labelled as trouble makers, “persona non grata” or unwelcome, asked to leave the country, faced the need to make a public apology. This is what narcissists do – they react badly to any form of criticism even making the person who has good intentions feel bad, belittled and shamed.  An example of being declared persona non grata but search google, there are many including bloggers who dared mention the rubbish.

Trash and the amount of it have nothing to do with economics. You don’t need to be rich or poor to sort out your trash properly.

Stephen Hawking this week came out with a quote that would be typically relevant to Filipino’s. I an apply Stephen’s same statement in Filipino terms in that “Filipinos are a danger to themselves by their greed and stupidity. Filipino’s cannot look inward at themselves and see THEY HAVE A FUCKING TRASH PROBLEM.

Do Filipinos love the Philippines?

I think not, the vast majority if they loved the country so much would not be throwing trash everywhere as they do.

If you love something why abuse it?  Why to throw trash on the ground.  They don’t throw trash around their home, do they?  Yes, Filipinos only care about themselves – their homes but outside the front gate – they don’t give a shit about others, people, fellow Filipino and their country.

Worse still is the church teaches nothing about loving the environment.  Its really sad that a church teaching about loving god cannot even teach the basics of what god has provided.  Why?  Because Filipinos and the society practicing Filipino culture is all self referenced, self focused and thinking about themselves and not the outward environment.

I’ve questioned many and they cannot see the relationship between throwing the trash on the ground and where it ends up – in the waterways to flood the streets, on the beaches and being burnt to pollute the air with toxic smoke.

Religious parades – I have seen people trashing the oceans – take for instance religious ceremonies on the beach.  The boat comes in bearing a statue and the people in their hundreds that have been standing around for their self-religious gratification processes have been throwing plastic drink bags, straws, packets of chips and food packaging on the ground.  Its fucking disgusting.  Numbed, mind numbed to anything going on with the environment, like animals waiting for the boat to bring in a catholic statue.

There is no concept of “CAUSE” and “EFFECT”

Let me give you an example.  With horror, i witnessed tourism operators taking Koreans out on boats and cruising around looking at the reefs and islands.  The boats came back and at the end all the rubbish was swept by the boat crew into the water, leaving floating plastic bottles and plastic chip, sweet wraps.  That is how Filipinos are – they cannot see the cause (their actions) and the effect and how it impacts.

Let me take the example of the tourists one step further.  What if the rubbish got so bad the tourists weren’t interested in the island hopping trips.  A Filipino response would not be self-acknowledgement “we fucked up”, they would never say “sorry”, a word even the president finds hard to say, they wouldn’t acknowledge anything – the Filipino response would be – “lack of customers sir”.  Yes, this is how the thinking is that they cannot see their actions and the reactions.  Filipinos have ZERO fucking concept of action and reaction, cause and effect.  It’s just here and now mentality, not what I do today – affects this TOMMORROW.

Other examples where Filipinos cannot see the relationship between one action and its end result is RUBBISH thrown on the street and flooding.

It’s not about the drains.  Take Mandaue, bigger drains have been built.  Filipino’s throwing rubbish into drains.  Bigger drains mean more rubbish can be thrown into it.  Take rubbish bins, wheely bins – Filipino thinking sees these items as a means to store water.  It’s mind boggling how stupid they are.

The drains case is a classic example of how Filipinos think.  There is a problem (flooding) through rubbish dumping, build bigger drains = more and more rubbish is thrown in.  WHY NOT educate and get tough on these litterers?! not keep building bigger and bigger drains.


This really pisses me off.  Burning fucking rubbish is second to my next hate – fishing with dynamite on reefs in the Philippines.

You can watch the video here – for some reason, I couldn’t embed it in this post.  These fuckwits are burning rubbish what it seems to have been observed by the person taking the video – by the waters edge.  How can these Fuckers be so serious to let plastics, burnt plastics at that go into the natural environment?



I found this video online for example.  Anyone posting such videos and going onto Facebook would be seen as attacking Filipinos and would be declared persona non grata, upsetting the “status quo” and being a trouble maker.


Have a look at this.  Inayawan land fill is about to be reopened.  It was closed some years ago but is being reopened.

Can you imagine the toxicity of the ocean and surrounding waterways?  Many locals use ground water.  Have adequate studies been done?  All those old batteries, cleaning products, acids, plastics and more – a toxic time bomb leaching into water ways and the ocean.

I can also imagine all the plastics blowing into the water and being fed out by currents and flooding to the ocean.

I can only imagine poisoning of the ecosystem and the fish habitats that people will eat.  Will there be a cancer risk for future generations of Filipinos?

Look where its located, right near a waterway leading to the ocean.

DESPITE possible violations, Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña said he will reopen the landfill in Barangay Inayawan as a temporary measure until the city’s garbage problem is solved.

Described as a temporary measure.  Yep, that’s how Filipinos think.  Standby, temporary.  They don’t want to deal with things LONG TERM, deal with things properly to get the job done and fixed.

This is a toxic time bomb waiting to go off.

references –

Disposing of trash properly starts from the time it leaves Filipinos fingers.  It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.  It’s not taught to them to be clean.   Its like time, we all have the same amount of time in the day, week as a rich person or poor person – fingers are the same – just Filipinos cannot pickup their own rubbish or dispose of it properly.


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    Then they get on international meetings and start crying!!!!!!! In other words SEND MONEY JOE U R RICH!!! Thank To Al Gore and his cronies, the 5th world countries are getting money out of climate change.. Another growth industry has started

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    What is the point of the rubbish bins in the malls. The staff go through all the bins anyway at SM to sort recyclable vs non recyclable.

    they have
    like What the fuck is that to the lay man. Degradable and Non Degradable. That doesnt mean jack shit to be honest
    are you going to get filipinos putting their half eaten jollybee in the one side and the packaging in the other – i think not.

    They are fucking lazy when it comes to disposing of rubbish properly

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Fucked if I know.
        I was watching TV again yesterday Bandilla.
        They showed the clean up AGAIN of the foreshore in Manila. After that little storm that was 1000 klm away. but it sucked all the trash back into Manila Bay.
        Its like Pissing into the Wind, one day they may realize they are just pissing on themselves.
        Loads of Trucks .
        I remember the last big clean up Noy Noy down there bullshitting about how they were going to change as it was a National Embarrassment how polluted with trash Manila Bay is.
        I have photos about the pollution and trash I took down in Corigidor Island.
        The tourist boats there all sit around , WAITING WAITING for the tourists to come back, NOT ONE WILL PICK UP ANY TRASH OUT OF THE OCEAN.
        When the tourist stop coming they will find an excuse and blame someone else.


        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          @don-quixote yes, THAT ATTITUDE filipinos have is something.
          Fuck me, i have never seen this attitude that reinforces their stupidity.

          THE BOAT handlers pollute the water and work taking people island hopping.
          THE TOURISTS wont come because of the trash (lets say for arguments sake)
          THE BOAT HANDLERS will blame someone such as the government for not helping or the lack of something rather than their actions.

          I walked into a shop once.
          No customers.
          I was there 5 hours, no customers.
          I had coffees all afternoon and two girls were there serving – NO ONE.
          they were texting, playing games etc on pc etc
          i said so … how do you guys make money?
          reply – money isn’t everything 🙂
          i mean – they will blame the lack of customers rather
          than getting out there and pumping the business a bit
          or coming up with some other way instead of sitting there
          chatting on FB

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @oldnavyfart yea well, the ones that have bins have bins for ONE REASON.

        If you go around the back of many SM OR AYALA
        they have an entire operational crew and setup going through all the rubbish.
        they are separating it and selling the plastics and cans etc. and repacking it onto a truck.

        Filipinos aren’t working from the goodness of their hearts when it comes to keeping trash clean.
        Its about trying to make money as you know dude every step of the way and so
        a rubbish disposal and recycling system has nothing to do with saving mother earth.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    It’s horrific. I was so disappointed when I was touring through the most remote villages either trekking out of Banaue, the Mountain Province, Kalinga – or making my way by Multicab, Jeep, and dirtbike through remote Samar, Leyte, Mindanao, Palawan, Cebu, Negros –

    Every little village you have to dodge pig and chicken poop just walking anywhere. They have open-pit garbage just thrown out back in the ravine. Water treatment? lol Water treatment means peeing in it I guess. But worst of all the children playing or working in the water so permeated by filth. They’ll fill bags with gravel for example, standing all day up to their waist in it, bending down under the water to fill the bag by hand – 100% saturated in sewerage.

    It gives us an opportunity to score Duterte with his two decades as Mayor/Vice Mayor of Davao. (He ran into the election limits so his daughter was elected mayor and he served as vice mayor)

    Probably best to do independent source evaluation – asking international travelers their impressions vis-a-vis other countries:

    Davao comes in all “moderate” with one exception out of 16 categories being “High” (One “low). That seems a little harsher than other visitor ratings but it is very recent (last three years) and quite a bit of data. The World Health Organization measures of air quality are also there to back up the “Low to Moderate” pollution status by fixed international standards.

    Manila, on the same site, is of course just awful. It has an air pollution index from the WHO at 93, lol – about the max level the air can support. Almost every pollution category is “very high” or “High”. Congratulations, Manila.

    For the Philippines, Duterte comes out good. Not up to first world standards – but to afford super clean cities requires money. More expensive autos. More expensive electricity, water, and municipal collection/processing.

    We have to go on his record of not making it the highest priority like killing drug dealers, but sufficiently high for the Philippines to rate him as much better than others. Having been there several times myself – the most distinctive thing is safety. But it is way cleaner than our own city, how shameful it is.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Yes @mindanao if anyone is going to clean up a lot of the pollution it will be Duterte.
      You were lucky you didn’t put the name “Bob” at the end of your name
      i am sure many of the blokes (and gals) would have shuddered thinking it was the man himself. MB

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        is a website to “help” you get started living in the feelippines,, he somehow got on my facebook. I hate expats like him telling naive people how good it is here,

        is another expat who extolls the virtues of this place,, charges 50 bucks a hour.. he was real nasty about my comments.. fuck him,, he uses free f/b and free skype to charge 50 bucks an hour. also he has links to real estate “investments ”
        what a bunch of scum bags!!!!!!!!!!!
        worse than the locals…

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          “We want you to love your life living in the Phlippines. When you are a member of Destination PI you are family.”

          An expert on PH but can’t get the spelling of the country right.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      I have to agree with you with regards to how dirty The Mountain Province, Benguet, and Baguio are.
      Up further north in the Mt. Province and Kalinga, people aren’t really bothered by the excrements on their streets. Pigs, dogs, and chickens are let loose. If not, they built their pig fens and chicken farms in the neighbourhood, beside their houses, and the stench is overwhelming at times. I guess they got used to the smell, they think it’s normal.
      Benguet has a descent trash processing, they built processing plants. The problem is with kids and even adults throwing plastic everywhere like it is a banana peel. That, and the chemical run-off from gold mines that only the government officials and the foreign owners benefits from.
      Baguio is the worst. They have a water treatment plant that is outdated and inefficient. The next thing we know, people from La Trinidad uses that very same barely processed water for their veggies and strawberries that tourists love to pick up and eat on the spot! Yuck!
      And then there’s the Irisan dumpsite that collapsed and has killed a dozen of people living next to the site.

  4. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Brilliant article FHPS. The first time I went to the Philippines I almost cried at the environmental destruction everywhere. Millions of years of evolution destroyed in a couple of generations. sadly it is one of those topics where you may as well bang your head against a brick wall until your head smashes into little pieces.
    The worst thing I seen there was Laguna De Bay. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Asia and is almost dead. If you leave the skyway and drive north up the C6, which follows the coast, the environmental destruction is on a scale of mindlessness I never thought humans were capable of. There are rubbish landfills being built out into the lake so no doubt there will be loads of crap seeping into the lake. Add to that that over 1700 factories have permits to discharge heavy metals into the lake. But the worst is the Manggahan floodway. All the squatter houses built up to the edge of it and none of them have sewerage connected so they all just shit straight into the floodway, along with all their rubbish which goes into arguably one of the most amazing lakes in the world (was one of the most amazing). I read somewhere a while ago that it is estimated that 120,000 cubic meters of untreated sewerage is dumped into the waterways around Manila every day, mainly from squatters but also a lot of people will just run a sewer pipe into the nearest waterway rather than build a septic tank. As a result the floodway, and the bay, are choked out with water lillies growing and overtaking the lake, something viewed as a massive problem in developed countries. I once took a boat cruise on the bay and what a sight that was. There were so many dead fish floating around I could not understand how the fish farms work. And the rubbish, the boat stopped 4 times in an hour to pull rubbish out that had tangled up in the propeller. Millions of years of perfect evolution gone and not only does no one care, they dont understand. Also if you go to Cainta there are hills there. Go to the top of one of those hills and look back over the bay and all of Manila and Quezon, the pollution is unimaginable and like I said earlier, it is almost enough to make you cry. I could go on about heaps of stuff I saw, like sewerage running over the beach in Sabang to tour guides burying my cigarette butts in the sand of Puka beach (one of the top 10 beaches in Asia) but you know what I mean. I was raised in a clean, green country. When we were kids there was a song we learnt “Do the right thing, put it in the bin, littering is a sin”. The Philippines really is blessed with such a beautiful country and scenery and it is so sad and heartbreaking to see how they have ruined it all, and done it so quickly. I really am lost for words trying to explain it as there just are no words to describe it, it is something one must see for themselves.

    1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

      All that trash and pollution yet you would not believe what it takes if you have a business in a Peza Zone. DENR is one of the worst government agencies to deal with. Last trip I visited the regional office trying to find someone with some common sense (I did I think, time will tell) and I made a comment to the guy that if I was outside the Peza Zone I wouldn’t have to deal with all of their insane regulation. The guy replied that yes I would…then stopped himself and admitted that almost none of the outside businesses were regulated to the extent that the Peza Zone locators have to deal with. I need to write a post about dealing with the DENR.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @provider-of-nosebleeds yes.
        Typical Philippines culture and being
        everyone in the gravy train
        everyone wants a handout
        …from Tanod, barangay captain, DOLE, sss, different departments, BIR etc
        its fraught with danger to run a business in the Philippines.

        Once you got all that under way you got to deal with Filipinos!
        They will try it on any way they can – alter agreements to suit themselves and make all sorts of threats and trouble.

        No wonder they love to gravitate back to arsehole, Filipino bosses that treat them like shit.
        Seems they cannot assimilate to a nice boss, who wants to help them as, as soon as they get into that situation
        BAMMM!!!!!! they are in for the kill and try and milk a nice guy (as they seem to fucking love doing)
        for all they can and introduce as much trouble as they can thinking they have just won a lottery!

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          “Once you got all that under way you got to deal with Filipinos!”
          or worst sometimes. A Kano and his Filipina wife were killed by 4 of their workers. They were running a organic farm and they were killed for some Mp3 player, laptop and some cash. They went back to their barangay and were parting, “feeling rich” until the police got them.
          What’s the moral of the story? Maybe don’t have a business in the Philippines?
          Once you got all that under way you got to deal with Filipinos!

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I have an Aussie mate who bought a Resort in Subic, AGAINST MY ADVICE I MIGHT ADD.
          But nether the less he bought it.
          I found out later he had paid a substantial deposit before asking me.
          But I digress,
          When I was helping him with books I found out about all the fees and charges inposed by the Govt of various stripes over there.
          If you do not LIE on your BIR etc you cannot physically make any money.
          Everything is taxed at the GROSS PRICE.
          The vat with the bar is 26% of the gross. and because he has a bar to serve his clients in the resort of 18 rooms he has to pay the higher vat. for everything.
          The Mayor Permit is 20% of the gross turnover. and if the Mayor does not think the turnover was high enough he guesses how much you should have turned over.In the resort he stated regardless of your BIR receipts you have 75% occupancy even if your occupancy rates in the off season is 10% and 100% for about one month a year, eg XMAS and HOLY WEEK.
          The Barangay Captain is 5 % of the gross. OR as he owns the road he charges everyone for carriage of stock over his road.or you buy off him with his inflated retail prices.
          All this before you pay a lease ,electricity , water and staff.
          How can any business sustain that .
          If he was in a PEZA zone despite all their bullshit bureaucracy which I have mentioned many times. they have a single tax of 5% gross, no vat , no mayor , no barangay.
          Fucking insanity.

          1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            PEZA is no safe haven either I’m afraid. That single 5% tax is on the gross after the materials, supplies, and labor are subtracted. Generally the rule of thirds will tell you how much profit you can make off an item, one third for materials, one third for labor, and one third for overhead and profit. Price things higher and you will fight for market share. Lets say you have a 10% profit margin and that is a pretty normal take for a lot of businesses. You sell a thousand peso item, 330 pesos for overhead and profit and your 10% profit means you have 20% overhead or 200 pesos and 100 pesos profit. You are charged 5% of the 330 pesos or 16.5 pesos, one sixth of your real income, roughly a 15% tax rate.
            But they really make their money off the fees. Every year you go through all of the inspections, fire, sanitary, DOLE, environmental, something like 26 different inspections/permits needed. It costs you around 100,000 pesos once you have waded through all of it not counting the staff time to deal with all the paperwork. Usually two or three of the departments will find something wrong and there are enormous fees and fines waiting to snag the unwary businessman. Some of the major permits or licenses like import license get renewed every year or every two years, sometimes three years. Your manager will spend the majority of their time dealing with paperwork, refiling for permits, or dealing with the department of the month that wants to shut you down if you don’t do X, Y, or Z.
            Then the PEZA zone is going to charge you a 10% premium on top of whatever your lease costs.

            Electricity? You are screwed. We use less than a thousand pesos of actual electric per month including the various bull shit fees tacked on. Then another 5,000 pesos for “demand” charges.

            Getting materials delivered? Expect to pay the driver three or four hundred pesos extra on top of the inflated delivery charge that the vendor charges you for having their truck and men tied up for the hour trip through Customs. That is because the drivers will stop at the checkpoint, show the paperwork to get through the gate, then bypass Customs and try to deliver it directly to your shop, knowing that they are supposed to stop at Customs and process the paperwork and get inspected. You have to pay the bastards extra to drive back to Customs and meet you down there and no, the fucktards won’t call in advance or even tell you what time they will be delivering. Then you pay 160 pesos “parking” fee at Customs plus their fees for inspection. You have already driven down to the vendor, ordered and paid for the materials so you have the actual receipt so you can file the bring in permit so the delivery can be scheduled the next day.

            If you ever want to think about going into a PEZA zone do your research on what you think your costs are going to be then double it. Figure 12 months of labor, another month for 13th month pay, another month for the dozens of paid holidays, another week for annual incentive leave, and if you work any women be ready to pay them for several months if they get pregnant.

        3. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

          Yep, hands out all over the place. Yesterday staff finally got our endorsement from the local Customs head so we can submit the application and requirements for our import permit. We started back in March of 2015 and have worked on it every single week since. I get an email telling me the good news on the endorsement and that the Customs guy also demanded 3000 pesos for notarizing the endorsement. No receipt of course. These guys know their countrymen well and managed to brow beat and baffle and confuse them into paying the bribe. Of course who knows if it was really 3K or half that?

          I gotta say though I have had excellent luck with the workers so far. They are as productive as you would expect from a well managed American worker and they show up every day. Working family though and each one gets the riot act read to them, mess with me and they will be the last worker hired from the family and they produce good quality at a profit or I’ll shut the doors. They key to dealing with Filipinos in my opinion is to be ready to walk away from everything, be fair, but strict, and let them be well aware that there are tens of thousands ready to step into their job if they think they are being treated unfairly.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @angeleyes thankyou for the feedback. yes, Pasay river was / is technically a “dead river”.

      Thats the Filiipino version of the “dead sea” only you cant swim in it. 🙂

      INAYAWAN LANDFILL in Cebu will be a disaster!
      its going to leach so much crap into the waterways and out to the ocean.

      FILIPINOS definitely live by the saying

      YES, pollution, litter etc can happen in someone elses yard, thats part and parcel of being in the Philippines (chuckle chuckle as these clowns do)
      but NOOOOoooooo not me

      The church has done nothing
      THE CATHOLIC church and religion in the Philippines has a BIG zero … fucking zero
      score on the environment and theres a corrupt organisation that
      would be one of the big influencers to get change happening among filipinos but
      it does’nt –

      why is that????

      why is catholicism like that????

      they have god providing the environment
      but the church has nothing to do with the environment?
      quite ironic isn’t it

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Just think, with Duterte in charge and the philippines so safe you don’t have to worry about criminals, just Duterte’s hit squads.

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I see dudirty has been calling out mayors for doing nothing about trash in their towns and cities.

    I agree with everything he says, yet davao isn’t really as clean as the people like to make out. I’ve seen clogged riverways, people throwing trash all over the place and could point people in the direction of a few piles of trash in the streets just by going on google street view. Palawan on the other hand has a strict anti littering law which seems to work, but I’m guessing that is from the major (international) resorts and hotels putting pressure on the authorities to keep the place clean if they want the dollars to keep rolling in.

    1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      Davao is a ‘Shit Hole’ too! – It just spreads for Miles! NEVER EVER GO to ‘Malagos Hotel!’ – The very ‘Model of Philippino Hospitality!’ – Be prepared to be ‘Strip Searched’ for what you bought from the Sari Sari Shop outside!

  6. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

    I always thought that after the garbage trucks collected all the bags of trash they then tore them all open and scattered it all along the streets and in the water. My wife always gets mad when I talk about all the trash everywhere. She doesn’t throw her trash down though, she will find one of the very rare trash cans or take it home and throw it away here. Its funny, she will say “filipinos don’t throw their trash down.” My response is “then how did all this trash get everywhere?” To which she has no response. But is starting to see everything for how it is though, I’m very lucky to have met a good woman here, especially after reading all the horror stories about the women here. Sorry, got off topic a little. Read a post on Facebook one time, a filipino took a picture of a cigarette butt on the ground in Valencia, it was a Camel cigarette butt, so their conclusion was that it was a foreigner that threw it on the ground. I couldn’t believe all the comments from filipinos based on that one butt, stating that foreigners were to blame for all the trash everywhere. These have to be some of the dumbest people on earth!

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      The bride has this theory too, all due to the fucking Canadians who sent over a few containers of waste a couple of years back, none of which I believe left the docks.
      But OH NO, she blames everyone especially the Canadians for the rubbish .
      They get one fucking idea in their tiny brains and they have an EXCUSE to blame some one besides themselves for every bit of trash, Thank you Al..
      Although since she has been driving I have noticed a remarkable improvement in her Vocabulary.
      A lot of swearing at moronic drivers, who when I drive are fucking geniuses and I have to make allowances for them or I will get into trouble.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          As much as I hate to admit it, after all never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
          Nope they are still there, I have seen them ,the Flips are still trying to make Canada take them back.
          Maybe they can put them on a ship when they get to Canadian Waters chuck em over board, then they will eventually wash up in manila bay.
          Pissing in the Wind.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        **********Don Quixote
        The bride has this theory too, all due to the fucking Canadians who sent over a few containers of waste a couple of years back, none of which I believe left the docks.*******
        These morons can not get it into their noggins there is a paper trail when a ship gets loaded,,, and when a ship gets unloaded.. Where is the papers??? The papers get sent to the receiving country b 4 it leaves the port
        Even this redneck ,,, moose killing,, animal slaughtering,, animal trapping,, gun loving,, seal bashing snow monkey can figure this out!!!
        These morons throws 100 of containers of garbage on the streets every day,, A whole army of street sweepers clean this shit hole every day!!!!!
        ^^^ a few containers of trash and these dipshits go apeshit,,,
        I should have sent trudope,,, libtards,,, gun hating hippies,,mozzzies,, green peacers,, tree hugging bastards,, job killing,, pamel anderson with her big tits,, david susiki,,, all the frogs from quebec.and just beiber here
        Fuck your continers and fuck the world too..
        go trump and deturte…

  7. Profile gravatar of

    When I was in college, a flip started throwing his gum wrappers in the classroom and then proceeded to stick his gum under the armchair. He encouraged me to do the same when I can’t find a trash bin. “The janitor will clean it anyway, stupid”. I insisted, he said “Pak you!”. Yeah I am the stupid one for putting my trash in my pocket until I see a trashcan. I understand why Flips are like this, it is NOT thought to them in their public high schools. I guess I am lucky enough to be in a private school where we are thought of environmental consequences and developing empathy for janitors after hours of clean up drives.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Nope, just a tribal/indigenous “Filipino” (with quotation marks to indicate my non-hispanized tribal affiliation) who decided to objectively observe and judge what is happening to this country.