Moving To Number One, Filipino Style

I was reading Yahoo news when an article caught my eye, it seems the Philippines is on it’s way to number one again. Earlier I said I done a web search on failed states where the Philippines was number 59 last year and this year moved to number 52. The lower the number the worse shape the country is in. Another research showed that the Philippines with 100 million people is more corrupt than China with over one billion, again the Philippines is heading for number one. Yes the Philippines was well ahead of China in the failed states list. Guess they finally found something they can do better than China.

The news I speak of concerned traffic and the Philippines was found to have the 5th worse traffic in the world. The article went on and stated:
1.) In January the Philippines rated 4th worst in Asia and 9th worse in the world.
2.) May report states the Philippines is now the 5th worse in the world and third worse in Asia.

I find it interesting that the Philippines beat out both China and India as having the worst traffic in the world. Now both China and India have over 1 BILLION people EACH and yet the Philippines with it’s 100 MILLION beat them to have the worse traffic? The Philippines once again is rushing to take the top spot as worlds worst on yet another list. Guess they have not figured out that suppose to be top of the list for good things and not the top on negative things, guess they never will figure it out. PINOY PRIDE!!!!

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    Traffic is the reason I joined this site, I was travelling from Pasay to Libis few months ago and got shocked when it took me 5 hours of travel there! Compared to last year, it only took me a couple or less. I was wondering why did it end up like that. Either DPWH is the one to blame again or the people are getting worse.

    The article doesn’t lie, that’s for sure.

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    There are a few reasons for the traffic:
    1. Pinoys can’t drive. Rules, regulations, common decency are non existent.
    2. Pinoys have no regard for other people. Ever see 2 jeepney sitting next to each other with the drivers talking with no regard for the miles of cars behind them. Or the jeepneys, delivery trucks, or dumbass drivers just stop anywhere they want and block traffic.
    3. Pinoys don’t have the ability to construct a decent road that benefits everyone cause they are too busy cheating each other.
    4. Pinoys don’t have the ability to construct a mass transit system that benefits everyone cause they are too busy cheating each other.
    5. Pinoys have no ability to plan traffic routes or the best way to move the most amount of people efficiently. Traffic study? “We don’t need a freaking traffic study. God will provide,,, oh and I got a large sum of money for myself so what do I care?”

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    I once had the thought of retiring there in Pinas. Changed that decision very quickly, there is no way in hell i would ever invest another peso in that place. No point in going halfway around the world, when my retirement dollars will be better spent in a place like the Dominican Republic (not spectacular), but at least i’m not 20+ hours away from civilization. Hop, skip, jump to Florida if shit hits the fan. I cant imagine getting to the young age of 65 and having to deal with the same shit as i did at 34 lol. That place will never change.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      My original plan was to set up my own clinic and live there half the year. I bought the 2 properties in the RP thinking I’ll build some apartments and get it rented out to supplement the income from the clinic. Thankfully I realized I can’t trust anyone there to take care of anything without them lining their own pockets or me losing money because of their stupidity.

      Oh, asswipe Uncle was the one who suggested I build the apartment…with him managing it. Yeah right!! Till I saw how greedy the bastard is! I’d put him along the category of Napoles, Arroyo and Binay!

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    I see lots of houses for sale here that are infested with flip relatives (managers), The flip owners are living abroad. The place is falling down around their ears. But the good old standby fix is a bit of cheap paint to cover up the water stains on the wall, because the roof is leaking.
    Well, you can well imagine the dire requests for western union money for all sorts of illnesses, break downs, etc. .

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I had a Pinay friend here who bought a condo in Manila to rent out, with the income supposedly to go to her parents. Younger brother was left as caretaker/ manager. Pinay was told for months and months and months that he could not find a tenant. Then Pinay announced she’s coming back for a holiday and try market the condo herself. Three weeks before her arrival, suddenly brother found a tenant! Turned out that the tenant had been living there all along, with brother pocketing the rent!

      If these asswipes would do that to their own blood relative, what chances do Kanos have?

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    It’s not enough that road rules and driving courtesy doesn’t exist. It’s the sheer disregard for safety that completely makes me lose my shit at times and then sometimes they have the nerve to get angry at you for their own fuckup.

    Perfect example happened to me yesterday. I was driving along the main one way road in our downtown area and was going to make a left onto a smaller side street that is a two way. Well you know how people drive here with that lazy style of trying to cut corners at intersections because god forbid you come to an intersection and execut a 90 degree turn onto it nevermind the dangers of driving on the wrong side of the road. So as I’m turning left onto this road on my motorcycle this guy is coming straight at me in a car from a decent way back to make a left onto the road I’m turning off of. In any country on the planet the course of action would be that since I’m already turning first AND I’m coming off of the main road you’re approaching, you should just drive right up to the intersection on the RIGHT side of the road, check for traffic, THEN make your left but this guy was already making his left turn from 50 feet back and even after seeing me turn onto the street towards him, He just wouldn’t stop veering left taking up the entire right lane that I’m already on at this point. I have to stop right in front of him and give him the puzzled look to express “what the fuck are you doing?”. He finally stops and I have just enough room to continue forward.

    I DETEST that style of driving here. People even cut corners into a left turn on BLIND corners. Like what the fuck do you think is going to happen if you pop into the wrong lane on a blind corner and someone is coming the other way?

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Driving in provincial Cebu on a mountainous narrow road full of S-bends and blind corners with deep cliffs on one side has to be my worst driving experience….all because of moron, suicidal Flips driving too fast from a blind corner, or suddenly flying out of a side road (on motorbikes) without looking left or right.

      I had 6 bloody near misses in one day, and that was a Sunday. My nerves were frayed by the time I got to my hotel.

      One trike driver turned from a blind corner too fast, he over-corrected himself when he saw me because he was on my path. The idiot’s choice would have been to go head on with my Jeep or fall down the cliff. Lucky for the bastard I was only driving 20k, or I would have hit him. I stopped when I saw him losing control of his trike. Oh, I am sure he’ll do it again, and one day him and his trike will get retrieved from the deep ravines.

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    Then you have the assholes in personal cars that drive IN THE MIDDLE of a two lane road because they intend on passing… just maybe not for the next few minutes because traffic is thick. Those pesky people coming the other way won’t give me room to completely be on the wrong side of the road so I’ll just stay in this “middle lane” for now.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is just fucking insane. The funny part is they cannot get their shit together or they just can’t stop stealing long enough to build a proper mass transit system. A mass transit would help everyone and provide so much money for them, but they just lack the ability to work together for the greater good.