Murder Makes Tobacco Taste Better….

And now another “shake your head sadly moment”, brought to you by the ever-predictable Flip in an SUV.  You know this phenomenon.  You put a Flip in an SUV, and suddenly, they’re not short and stupid anymore.  Nope.  Now they’re tall and stupid, and with a God complex to boot!

Such is the case with this tragic tale that occurred on May 3rd, where one idiot was walking diagonally across a street (because crosswalks are for losers who think looking both ways is a good idea), and another idiot who was just playing his own version of Carmageddon (because you get an extra 50 points if you knock their shoes off!).

All of this, by the way, was caught on CCTV.

But the tale doesn’t end there.  No sirree!  It’s just not a tale of idiots unless you throw in the Failipino twist.

While other cars are just driving around the body (not my problem!), the moron who hit the guy doesn’t even stop.  Nope!  He keeps going!  But then, maybe his coping skills couldn’t handle what just happened.  And you gotta admit, running over someone should be pretty stressful!

So our driving moron does the only thing his two brain cells can think of.  He pulls over at a nearby gas station (yes, gas station), and lights up!  It’s then that we learn the real root of all of his stress.  He has to check out the front of his SUV..make sure the resale value is still there.  Then he finishes up his smoke and goes on his merry way.  Again, all caught on CCTV.

Let the chicken crossing the road jokes begin!


Source article:  Man killed in QC hit-and-run incident; driver seen smoking in nearby area afterward

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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Ever experienced being followed by one of these idiots on SUV that actually don’t belonged to them? They have the damn lights on high beam, making sure you’re blinded. The assholes do it because they want you to let them get through first. They want to overtake but the roads are too narrow and too busy for oncoming traffic. So if you don’t want to get blinded for the rest of your trip, let them through.

    I told my PNP Uncle he should stop the brainless asshole who was following us with the high beam. But Uncle says (and probably with good reason) that chances are, the guy would have a gun – likely not his and likely not licensed. Uncle asshole did not fancy getting shot at 8PM in the evening and I did not fancy having to do resuscitation on the side of a road in the dark. There’s time and place for bravado and the Failippines is not it in the middle of the night, especially if you’re a foreigner.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i swear by all that holy,,,that to get a flip drvers license,,you have to change lanes 6 times a block,,,,
    How do these morons survive in other count4ies??????????

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      They don’t Al. Lots of Pinays and Pinoys here never bother taking a license. Believe it or not, lots of Pinays claim that they’re brains are too “rusty” to even learn to drive. So they rely on their husbands to take them anywhere and everywhere. I swear that would just drive me batty!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        amazing,,, they can open 10 pages on a computer to scam kanos,,, think of every lie known to mankind,,, keep track of 20 kano boyfriends and how much money they are sending,,,, they can decipher every immigration law in the usa,, ossie land,, canada,,,they are probably better than immigration lawyers becos they have hundreds of scammers to chat with!!
        and they cant drive,,,,, even a 12 year old in my country knows how to drive,, they take the kids out to an empty road or field and teach them….
        UNBELIEVABLE in the yearr 2015,, people are too lazy to learn…
        shoot me deadd

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I read in either the Star or Inquirer about this one.

    A bus driver was charged with murder in Metro Manila while driving the bus. Well it was on the big road where they have 8 lanes going the same direction and bus driver was in 6th lane from the shoulder. Here come a single up the shoulder and cuts to the left in front of a car, gets hit and he bounces into the second lane, third lane, fourth lane etc,etc getting hit by cars each time which pushed him further into the traffic until the bus hits him.

    Do they hold the dead single at fault? The first car that hit him or any of the others? NO, they charged the bus driver! More filipino logic I guess.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Yeah, these idiots have no fucking common sense, logic, or reason. Some idiot driving a car goes out of control, and consequently gets hit by several other cars and a bus, charge the bus driver with murder.

      You have to be utterly, completely, and mind-bogglingly stupid to come to that conclusion that the bus driver is at fault for murder.

      What utter complete imbeciles Filipinos are.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I would never buy a car here… No license plates,, we are no. 1,,, parking fees… My old employee (flip) posted on his facebook about his suv getting new brakes????
    Who cares,,,,,,
    I hope it gets stolen.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Smart man. Read the story about Joe and the freezer. Well Joe bought a jeep style vehicle from a filipino to get around town and then started his headaches. Seems the filipino he bought it from did not pay registration for 7 years on it and agreed when sold he would catch it up. Joe actually believed this line of shit. Well go goes to LTO and told he has to pay the last seven years because he owns it now.

      So Joe goes to the pinoy and brings this up. What happens? Pinoy tries to take the jeep banck and make Joe pay for labor and parts that Joe paid for after he bought the jeep.