My Christmas Experience = Battlefield of Beggars

The time has come.  It’s the season of joy, sharing, and good tidings to everyone.   This is the holiday of bonding with your loved ones and greeting your neighbor.  So what does that mean here in Philippines?  Well, it’s quite the opposite if you ask me.  I’m not saying that pinoys are on the bottom pit of humanity, they do possess the energy to spread the Christmas spirit, but the vast majority of them had misinterpreted the meaning of Christmas.

As you know, in Philippines the meaning of Christmas is being abused as a hall pass to demand as much money from strangers without feeling shame.  They often disguise this golden gate opportunity to get money by; caroling, saying “Merry Christmas” (with a moneybox), giving you a blank envelope, or giving you unwarranted (or unwelcome) help in exchange for money.  I’m a genuine guy, and I can’t stand it when people tend to beat around the bush, “LET IT OUT ALREADY!”  No shit these pinoys want money.  I would rather have a flip get to the point than to waste my precious time hearing caroling.  If I wanna hear Christmas music that’s what youtube is for goddammit!  It would most certainly waste less time and money for a pinoy to buy a stack of envelopes, write “Merry Christmas” on it, and slipping it under my door.

I’m a philanthropist at heart, and I take it as a direct insult to my humanity for someone to demand money from me, especially if I know the person.  I give when I can, and if I don’t then it means:

1- I’m broke

2- I don’t give a shit

3- I don’t think the money I give will be put to good use.


In this case when dealing with flips, it usually ends up being 2 and 3, but for this Christmas it just happened so that it’s all 3.  Obviously I’m broke, bcuz it’s Christmas.  I don’t give a shit about these flips, because I know they will grow up to rip me off in the future anyway.  I’m sure most of the street beggars are being used by syndicates.  Since when was it the children’s responsibility to provide for the family?  Last time I checked it was a child’s duty to play, have fun, and not worry about the bills.  Damn irresponsible pinoy parents!

Even thought I do expect people to be direct, I do expect some form of diplomacy when addressing me.  If you don’t have manners, you don’t get jack shit.  I find it extremely rude how I get ambushed by hundreds of beggars a month, they learned enough English to say,”Give me Coin” and other imperative statements that corresponds to their demands for money, but not a single one learned how to say “PLEASE!”  I would be delighted if a beggar could at least approach me with manners.  I might be even more willing to give them money if they did.  I guaran-fuckin-tee you that I WILL give the first beggar 100 pesos if he/she asked me nicely or at least said “please,” but that hasn’t happened yet and probably never will.

The moral of my story is, if you are direct and polite, you will get what you want from me.  Caroling, giving me blank envelopes, and rendering me services I don’t want is just another form of begging to me.  I was ambushed by 6 different groups of children this Christmas morning during my walk to 7-eleven.  They 4 groups wanted to sing to me, and the other two groups had money collection jars.  Sad thing is, the 7-eleven I went to was only 5 minutes away walking distance.  Basing my congested morning encounters with that many beggars in such a short time period, I decided to not leave my house this Christmas.  Thanks to that, my Christmas went all right.

Honestly, I’m almost out of things to drink and I’m urging for a beer.  I gotta leave the house again sooner or later….. Fuck my life.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Yep agree with you 100% I give nothing to any of them at any time I hate beggars full-stop,and yes no shame in asking where is my gift for xmas another common request.
    My mother-in-law 34 yrs ago a fine Filipino lady told me then never give children money it teaches them bad habits and NEVER give beggars money,because I have respect for her wisdom on life here in the Philippines I never have and never will.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Funny how a group of kids just scream at the top of their lungs in front of your gate, and call it caroling. It’s not caroling, it’s EXTORTION. “Give me money and I’ll stop screaming things that are barely recognizable as christmas songs in front of your gate.”

    And what’s worse is, they continue for days after Christmas.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      In front of my gate? Shit dude! The guard fucked up last week and accidentally let in a group of carolers pass the gate (maybe he was sleeping on the job). That day my idiot wife was leaving to church for her weekly dose brainwashing. I swear it was within 30 seconds after her leaving, I heard a knock on the door. I thought she came back because she forgot something (usually happens), but I was surprised by a group caroling beggars. The moment I saw them I immediately closed the door. I didn’t have much money to give this Christmas (will be broke until New Years), but as I was continuing what I was doing, they insisted on singing anyway.

      Their voices were not in sync, and they were desperately trying to get my attention through my closed door. Apparently they didn’t get the hint, so I cranked up some loud music to drain out the noise of bad singing. They finally put it to a halt 2 minutes later, so I turned off music. Moments later I heard a knock at my door, I peeked through the eye hole of my door to see who it was, and it was those damn persistent kids again. I guess one heard me creep to the door, and that’s when I heard,”GIVE ME COIN!” Jesus Christ, why couldn’t they just say that in the first place!?

      For disturbing my peace, I didn’t give them jack shit. Last time I checked, I shouldn’t have to put up with this shit living in a condo. Damn guards must’ve been sleeping the job again is what I thought.

      I missed the silence I had in America, and that is one gift I will never take for granted.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        That happened to me a few years back when I lived in a gated compound. The fucking guard let a bunch of derelict teens in to scream at my door for 20 fucking minutes (I think they were supposed to be caroling, but it was just screaming and collective banging of sticks together like a bunch of severely retarded sanitarium escapees).

        There was no way I was going to open the door. I was hoping after 5 or 10 minutes they would assume nobody is home and move on….nope! 20 excruciating minutes of mindless noise at high decibel levels tortured my ears.

        After they left (which was about 90 mins later, after they made their “we’re going to scream and bang sticks together at your door until you give us money” form of “Merry Christmas Extortion” rounds throughout my complex), I went outside to have a little chat with the guard, armed with two 500 peso bills.

        I told the guard that Christmas time is the time of year which I MOST APPRECIATE THAT GATE.


        Because it’s supposed to keep anyone who is not a resident THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, and screaming stick banging mental defective extortionist beggars are not residents. Now I know you enjoy the Christmas spirit as much as the rest of your countrymen, but I would like for you to keep all physical aspects of the Christmas spirit OUT OF HERE if they are not a resident for the rest of the Christmas season, and beyond New Years Day. If you succeed in DOING YOUR FUCKING JOB IN THIS PARTICULAR AREA, this 500p bill will be for you, and I have another 500p bill for the daytime guard as well.

        I’m sure you can understand that my Christmas will be A LOT MORE MERRY if there could be some SILENT NIGHTS in it.

        That was the end of the carolers or anyone for that matter entering those gates for the remaining 3 years I lived there. And it only cost me 1000p every Christmas. I call that a bargain.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Damn bro! You actually paid the guards 3 Christmases straight to do their job right? Yeah, it’s totally worth it, but if you had a place that was completely noise repellent like that, then why not living there or a place like that again? I mean, according to some of your previous articles, you still put up with a hefty amount of noise each morning (especially those blasted Sunday mornings).

          This is my first time having to experience caroling beggars at my door, and hopefully the last. I only got about 4 more months on my lease (yeah, I’m renting), so not sure if I will be paying my guards off to do their job correctly. The downside to my guards is that they are rotated often. I never have the same guard posted each week. It’s like I get a different guard every month, and there are usually two posted day and night, so that’s a lot of bribing for me to do. Plus, I gotta keep on bribing again and again each time they get switched out, so unfortunately I can’t do what you did years ago buddy 🙁

          They are all equally incompetent, so what difference does it make anyway? They all sleep at night during my nightly strolls to the local 7-eleven. They are just passed the fuck out and anybody can sneak in. Fuck it, it’s Philippines. I learned to expect the very least from them.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I moved from my big secluded house several months ago, because the internet completely sucked, and getting around from up there grew to be quite a pain in the ass. I’m now back down in the city.

            Just can’t win.

            But as far as paying off the guards, you and I both know we have a choice; bribe them, or deal with the noise, or fight a 3 month long battle with the guard’s employers, which I would probably lose, to get them to do their fucking job. For me, the simplest solution was to fork out a few pesos for a little bit of their favor, privacy, and peace.

            10 years here eventually teaches you that money is the only reasoning they understand. So save time and frustration, and fork out the pesos. It’s all marked up to the cost of living here. Still a fucking helluva lot cheaper than living in the USA.

  3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    These pissnoys can screw-up anything! even Christmas/new-years. I have been driven to hiding out in my own home with all windows closed just to cut down on noise for the last 10 days or so. The fucking noise is incredible!! Our lot is over .5htr, and our house is as far in the back of the lot as we could put it to try to stay as far away from these savages as possible. But it not near far enough when they use megaphones the size of a 55gal drum on the roof of some POS multicab BLASTING unrecognizable noise until 2 FUCKING AM for days on end….. Seems wrong to say this but ..Thank God Christmas is over !!!!

    Now to endure new-years !
    It’s almost over, hold on, you can make it.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Christmas is over? Hahahaha! What country are in Hey-Joe? Christmas is NEVER OVER here in Philippines! You see how they celebrate Christmas 3-4 months prior to the actually month of Christmas, don’t you think they would extend it several months after? It’s December 27th right now and I still got street beggars holding out an empty shoe box to me screaming, “Merry Christmas!”

      Oh fuck dude, and don’t get me started on those damn megaphones! I got firework booths selling them everywhere here! I was walking down the street yesterday on the way to the gym, and some little rascal had his blue megaphone held to his mouth as he was being escorted around by his mother. I crossed my fingers and chanted to myself, “please don’t blow that horn – please don’t blow that horn – please don’t blow that horn.” Nevertheless, I was within 3 feet from them, and that kid blew the horn to the top of his lungs. My ears were ringing…… Then I thought to myself, “Damn, I must’ve jinxed it!”

      Anyway Hey-Joe, enjoy your 6+ months of Christmas buddy, it aint over yet 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Not in these parts, @fafi but still have new years to deal with.

        Go over to the other site and see how I fixed it. Oh, the beautiful quiet… It’s early morning now, windows open cool breeze and all I hear is a slight rain and crickets.

        Speaking of the other sight… WTF?? it seems no one but me has been over there, I think it great.

  4. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    After trying to “live” in a house here for 10 months, I’ve gone back to a five star hotel / condo set up with consistent and competent armed guards on duty 24/7. 21 floors up, and I just can’t hear those little pieces of shit singing (I use that term very loosely) their songs of glad tidings and Xmyth cheer. I can’t hear roosters crowing. I can’t hear dogs barking. I can’t hear Jologs laughing like fucking hyenas. I can barely hear the traffic when the windows are shut and the air conditioning is on. I have on premises swimming pool and gym – and can even order room service if needed. I barely leave the place anymore. Not only can I can highly recommend it, I’d suggest it’s the ONLY thing that keeps me from going on a wild rampage to rid the world of Christmyth carol singing imbeciles, with their filthy, worthless hands outstretched – and their shit-lips uttering “Merry Christmyth Sorrrrrr”. I doubt I could have survived here so much as another day without changing my living conditions. I’d (really, really) have to leave here if it wasn’t for the safe harbor I now live in.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      Excellent solution @cybergod Glad you did something and found a fix you can “live” with.
      I was about to loose my mind this year. It has been far worse than in years past in these parts.

      I said to my wife just the other day in frustration how these fucktards have not only ruined Christmas but stolen our life. If I cant have my windows open because of the racket, don’t dare go outside because as soon as they see me up goes the volume, someone needs to be at home at all times. Had one of the drunks start to come over the fence several days ago. Set the dogs loose and had my little friend ready to say hi to him. I feel like a prisoner in my own home sometimes. Bullshit !

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I hear ya – and I used to feel like a prisoner too! I decided in September, to spend two weeks out of every two months back in my native country (just returned from a two month stint). During that time I visit clients, generate new business, and enjoy a virtual imbecile free zone. I then return to the comfort of my condo for a few weeks and work, followed by time away enjoying what the Failippines actually has to offer – and acting like I’m a tourist – like I was back in the days when I actually enjoyed this fucking hell-hole.

        My lovely lady is really the ONLY thing that keeps me here, and she refuses to leave (with some very good reasons). Since I’ve decided to stay, because I place a high value on our relationship, it was completely necessary that I learn how to take some joy in the place, once again. It’s easy to focus on the negatives here (there are just sooooooo many to choose from) and most especially so in Manila. Without that “rethink and reformat”, there is no possible way that I could have remained in this God-forsaken land of imbeciles and thieves.

        Time to stop feeling like a prisoner Hey-Joe, and start taking some pleasure out of the place my friend, as I’m sure you once must have. Life is short. I know from personal experience how hard it is, but try not to let imbeciles, thieves, drunks, roosters, trykes and the many other daily annoyances of this place ruin it for you. Find a way to make it work for you!

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          @cybergod I posted several days back on the private site my solution. So far so good. but as we all know pinoys only have 2 brain cells. So I’m sure they will forget soon enough.

          I do agree with you 100%. I need a vacation from this place.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          @cybergod – That is what I have been saying for a while now. You just HAVE to find ways. And often it costs you. You have to let some principals go, and the longer you’re here, the easier it gets to know when to just pay and avoid a frustrating situation that could ruin your evening. You learn that you can’t let every little thing set you off.

          Acceptance is key. Choose your battles. Be willing to lose battles for the sake of your sanity and blood pressure. Smile more….

          I had a lot of fun my first couple of years here. Then I became a real grumpy, angry-all-the-time, fight-every-fucking-battle, miserable old fuck. I got real sick of that. I had to look within and find a way to find some joy and happiness here.

          I think it’s a process nearly all of us go through after several years here. And if you can’t find a way, then best to leave. Because this place will make a heart attack victim out of you real fuckin’ quick if you don’t learn how to lengthen your fuse.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            I think the reason why I’m so fed up in fighting every battle because I know I wont be here forever. My passport is the best thing I own, and it’s my ticket outta this shit-hole. I know I must submit to some defeats along the way, I can’t win every battle, but every now and then I do come across that one battle that violates every principle I believe in which I can’t accept defeat to. Especially when it’s a principle that extends beyond my physical capabilities of performing, and wrong at the same time. Like taking taxi and being expected to pay 5x the fare upon reaching my destination, and barely having enough to pay double. (Numeric Example = Fare is 200, but he wants 1000, but I only have 350php)

            Now a battle like that is worth the fight. I’m physically incapable of paying more than what I have, plus it’s outright wrong to begin with. It’s rare an instance like that to arise, but in Philippines anything is possible.

            I do manage to see the positive aspects of being here that out-rule any aspect of living in America, and that is my chances of survival. I’m the independent type, so I don’t like relying on government aid and probably never will. Besides that, physical survival and financial survival is quite tough living in America.

            Physical survival = The biggest thing I’ve always hated about America is the great likely hood of being killed by some maniac for stupid/selfish reason. When Americans are hungry for cash and tired of suffering, they fight for it, no matter the cost. They will even kill or rob your ass for money if they get desperate. Fortunately for pinoys, when they are poor and stupid, they just remain poor and stupid while staring at traffic all day.

            Financial survival = No shit it cost a almost a fortune to live a decent life in America. It’s so damn easy to go broke in America due to the higher cost of living, but you get what you pay for. So if you want quality living, you gotta pay for it. There are so many financial monthly obligations to keep up with that you end up getting fucked if you forget to make a payment on anything. Car insurance, Life insurance, health insurance, Phone plans, taxes, and paying for other shit you never knew you needed in the first place. Trying to live the American life in Philippines can also get pricey, but there are some Philippine products that can substitute for the good-ol-American stuff that isn’t too shabby. Like drinking San Mig Light instead of Coors Light.

            Ultimately, I do find my advantages of being here, but I will take this experience as a learning lesson to not come back to this place again once I finally find my comfort zone.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            There is simply no battle when the taxi meter says 200p and the driver is saying 1000p. No battle exists. When driver asks 1000p, you smile and hand him 200p, say thank you, get out and walk away. What’s he going to do?

            No battle exists there.

  5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Let me just say that I don’t feel like a prisoner in my home. I stay home because I want to. I know I can go out, but honestly, going out sucks way more than enjoyable, or even just neutral. It sucks. Going out is just not fun, not neutral, it fucking sucks every time.

    So luckily, my partner and my helpers do the going out for me. I’ve already gone around to “enjoy” as a tourist. Again, more frustration and failure to really allow “‘enjoyable” to happen. So it’s just not enjoyable to go out for any purpose. I’ve seen the tourist spots, enjoyed the visual beauties, but not without failures and frustrations at every third step.

    I enjoy my work, I enjoy my comfortable home, and so I just stay where I get the most enjoyment.

    Yeah, once in a blue moon I’ll venture out when it’s necessary. But over the 10 years here, I’ve discovered that I’m most at ease and most happy just staying home.

  6. Profile gravatar of CGM@BGC
    [email protected]

    Boat (from Sabang) docks at Batangas Port yesterday and, before anyone can get off, porters swarm onto the boat, blocking the aisles, trying to grab bags. I only have a small bag, easily carried by myself with no help required but I know I’ll get hassled.

    Porter approaches me and I recognize him from a prior incident. He’s a hardarse.

    Him : Sir, I take your bag.
    Me : Hindi po, I do not need help.
    Him : Sir, it is Christmas and new year, I take your bag.
    Me : No kuya, I do not need your help.
    Him (voice raised, looking angry) : Sir, it is Christmas, you should understand.
    He is now holding my bag as I try to pull it away from him.

    So, now I’m feeling pressured and fck this I’ve had enough, my tolerance is shot and I now stand up from the seat. Passengers and boatmen can see that a problem is developing….

    Me (voice raised) : Kuya, two months ago you helped some Korean girls with their bags but you would not get off the boat until they gave you 200 pesos each. You yelled at them. You are not a nice man. You should leave me alone now please.

    At this stage, one of the younger boatmen (a distant relative of my girlfriend who seems to know me even though I don’t remember him!) gets involved and, with a blast of angry tagalog, the porter is sent off the boat with no bags.

    I gave the boatman 100 to thank him for his involvement. If only I could remember his name !

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Sounds like one of those “Forced Help – Mandatory Tip” moments to me. I hate when that shit happens. You know damn well what that was all about. He just wanted an excuse to get money from you. He didn’t give two shits about helping you, so why didn’t that fuckin bum just get to the point instead of beating around the bush and just say, “Give me 200 pesos” from you?

      These claims Filipinos boast about being hospitable is complete utter bullshit and I know it. As long as they are financially compensated then will remain hospitable. I’m not worried, in due time there will be enough visits to this country by foreigners, and one day they will piss off the wrong foreigner (president, great contributor, major exporter, etc) who has a huge impact on Philippines. I wish they would try that shit with them and be relinquished of all foreign aid. Without foreign support, this country is dead.

      I never had that experience before at a port from the dozen of times I sailed from Batangas to Mindoro (Calapan), but I did at an airport and bus terminal several times before. Only once I allowed that to happen to me, and that was because I was a first timer and didn’t know what was going on. I rolled up in a trike going to the airport, upon arrival some stranger approached my trike and started hauling my luggage away. I thought I was being robbed, but he didn’t appear that he was trying to get away. So I slowly followed the guy with my luggage until he got to the check out counter. He dropped my luggage in front of me then put his hand out (demand for tip). My fiance (wife now) at the time told me to just give them money (yeah, there were two guys: one got my luggage and the other carried a small bag my fiance had). I was completely lost, but I was young and stupid (and my first visit) so I just gave them 50 pesos each and went on my merry way. I didn’t have time to argue with them anyway.

      Since then I had this country all figured out, and I knew that anyone would do anything here for money, even if the services rendered to you was unwelcomed or unwanted. At that time, I wasn’t fully aware of the extremely high levels of rudeness. I assumed the whole world were just like Americans (or other great developing countries), but apparently I still have more parts of the world to experience.

      Now here I am, a 11 time veteran visitor to Philippines. I know the culture here as well as I know every mark on my own body. I’m just damned that it took me 11 visits to finally know the harsh realities of this place, and it only took just this one long term visit to realize it. This is my story on how I met the worst people in the world (and that’s just me putting it nicely, under normal conditions I wouldn’t even call them ‘people’).

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        they want you to stay 30 days being drunk in some crummy hotel room making out with the local ho’s… as for resorts and beaches,,, they charge the locals so much a day to spread their noise around,, the locals are too cheap to buy a room, just drink red horse and scream into a koroke,, with their monsters running around all nite in the pool…
        If a filipina has a sucker, atm on the hook crapping out money,, they make sure to keep the newbie away from the guys that have been here long time. i seen that lots…
        give them both barrels

  7. Profile gravatar of MalditoKano

    The carolers, both young and not-so, seem to memorize where both the ‘Kanos’ as well as their more well-to-do kababayans live, and beeline it for those places, as if plotting them on a treasure-map.

    Some of them obviously put effort into their schtick–dressing nicely, using instruments and even a songbook–and have a modicum of talent. These (relatively speaking) ‘more-civilized’ carolers don’t demand money, either. To them, I will give spare change, if I have it. Once. I see it as similar to the ‘trick-or-treat’ Halloween tradition in the States; a fun evening outing for the participants, with a small reward for their efforts.

    The problem is that if I give once, they come back every damn night! I wind up telling them that, regrettably, I have no spare change–even if I do, because once is enough! They seem to accept that–for the evening–but as hope springs eternal, they return on successive nights.

    However, the aggressive little urchins from the squatter’s areas, who regardless of season are always demanding money from me (“Hey Joe, gimme money!”), dress up in their Sunday filthiest–doubtless carefully-chosen ghetto costume complete with stains, dirt and holes designed to elicit maximum sympathy–spitting a few discordant, unrehearsed lines of rap. They get nothing; not only do they half-ass their ‘performance’, clearly demonstrating a lack of work-ethic (learned from their deadbeat parents, no doubt) but generally, they are sent out by said parents perchance to collect money to be used for gambling, Red Horse, and shabu.

    When they come to the building while I’m sitting outside on the second-floor balcony, talking with friends or simply seeking a little peace and quiet and cooler air, we either ignore them as if invisible and keep on doing whatever we were doing, or if they become too loud and insistent to ignore, we get up and go inside. Their cacophonous din quickly descends to a warbling halt in disappointment, like an old cassette-deck eating the tape.

    A former neighbor, the Filipina wife of an expat, was pick-pocketed last Christmas by the Lilliputian trolls; some of the group surrounded and distracted her while one of their compadres lifted her wallet from behind. By the time she realized, it was too late–the little shits all look alike and could’ve been from any of a number of nearby slums so it’s not like the perp could be hunted-down.

    My former neighbor’s husband had a particularly effective way of ‘dampening’ the spirits of the irritating, incessant and insistent talentless little turds caroling outside their gate. He had his stepson fill a large water bucket and stand on a stepladder to deliver its contents without warning over the steel gate. It proved a highly efficacious method of ensuring the carolers would not return, while at the same time providing both the first shower they’d probably had in a month, as well as a fun, father-son bonding activity for the kid–who was an eager participant in the plot.

  8. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    Before i did my first trip to the P-Noise country i read some here and there but the experiences made this what it is.
    Happy about the prices for going out to eat or some certain things like tuna and meat etc. in the supermarkets and all the girls wearing revealing clothes and not having asses like cows thinking they would be feed money like a cow i was glad.
    I did not come to the phils as a sextourist ( not trying to judge the guys doing it) as i have a gf that is ambitioned to work and not some dork for the most part.

    My experiences on xmas are that it’s a beggar’s fest for all people online and also the annoying
    “advanced merry xmas” or similar “advanced happy bday easter nameday whatevershit” to ask or rather beg for money smiling stupid.
    Living in Manila would be probably my last choice except i live in a secured condo or on the 30th floor with fresh air and a good view.

    KIds spot me in the car from the airport and come to my window starting that shitsinging. It was right off the airport my first time and i got a nice ripoff price by the taxi driver who even tried to get the skyway out of me double which i denied and he had to drive other roads. Now as the Kids got nothing these little bastards put a brick under the wheel in the back and the driver wants to go when its green – the engine goes off due to not enough gas on thr throttle and the driver restarts and i get a nice bump over that brick…

    on my second trip i tend not to give anymore coins or if i give then just a peso to these begging kids. not more. when they sing i tend to give nothing and that the word PLEASE is not used much in this country and manners are missing but at the same time the FACELOSS is the big game is just hilarious.
    Pinoys understand one language best: treat them as if it does not matter. you get this choice take it or leave it. Either you take this offer or i do not care. I ride only metered taxis and the amounts of being shitted have been to count on one hand by quite some rides.

    What i really hate about this country is the begging attitude and this fucking lazyness….especially on xmas or any other matter they can make up.