My Filipina driving me crazy mon!

OK so I am an Aussie expat who has a Filipina GF and looking to take it to the next level with her, starting a family and finding a home here in Philippines. But then disaster struck!

Ok so the relationship was going well and starting to think this was the woman for me. Our relationship was good for about one year no real problems aside from communication of which I find can be challenging at times. Mainly because I found she does not say much when I talk but more on that later.

Ok so she decided wants to get off the pill because she does not like it and its a hassle for her to take it. Even when she took it, hardly remembers to take it and then we always worry at the end of the month; is she pregnant? Happened more than once.

I started to think ok I dont want to be an idiot and get her pregnant living in a tiny studio condo in Manila. Because lets face it life is gonna suck and I would probably be better off going home. Then I thought, ok how about look outside manila to find some land and build a house. Then when I was looking got excited because I realized we could find beach side land cheap and build a nice home.

Even better is the fact I can work from home and we can escape the Manila rat race as my employer agreed to do so and support me. As long as the place I find has strong internet i am able to do it. The major challenge is my now fiancee would need to be on title. So of course I want to make sure that this is something both of us want to do and find a place where we would both be happy.

We found the dream home. No need to build nothing it was amazing three storey villa close to beautiful beach thats famous in Philippines. Heck I could even develop it into condos and rent them out!

The problem is she lied about wanting to do it and it turns out its my dream not hers. So when its time to sign the papers etc she back outs and even goes as far as sabotaging my agreement with my employer by making up some bullshit story of which makes them back out. Oh and by the way as I am young and dont have all the cash my employer was going to front 50% of the money for me as a loan, what a sweet deal!!!

The only problem is of course her. So when that failed we almost broke up and somehow a year later we are still in Manila as thats what SHE wanted. Ok so let me clarify and explain I pay all the bills she does not contribute shit because 100% of her pay cheque goes to her parents and her basic needs. Of which her parents are ungrateful and want more.

Ok so now our relationship has not progressed and starting become sour. I try push her to go elsewhere and start a life for ourself but really she has no goals or dreams and is really dragging me down into enslavement by society so we are able to afford to live in the big city of which costs only keep rising. Like for example supermarket shopping costs me 2X what it does back home.

I am eager to break free from having what i had in Australia 30 year mortgage whereby I can only afford to pay the mortgage. The issue is I now dont know whether to leave her or keep trying because she has made no attempt to work with me to try and build something of ourselves. Starting to feel my time is wasted on her and she is dragging me down in life. Wanting to break free from this hell hole called Manila.

Looking for advice from other expats married with Filipina. Is it just me and my girl? Or are all Filipina this dumb to throw away good opportunity and dont know what a great opportunity it is when they see it? Is this why so many filipinos are poor and think so poor mindedly? I cane here to escape from western world which is obsessed with debt, I am looking to break free from it not into it! In Manila I would get a shit studio condo or maybe if I am lucky a 1 bedder for the same money can get a home outside near the beach! So yeah like is she really even thinking about anyone but herself? What about this poor child having to live and grow up in a small condo thats no bigger than many western sized prison cells. Please help.

Oh yeah and PS. When I ask her why she does not like places like Boracay or Palawan to move she gives me dumb answers like its too crowded or its to far to travel back to Manila. Crowded are you joking!? Manila is crowded not these places like Subic for example OMG! Then with communication I seem to do all the talking she never says much and when she does its often non-sensical or illogical.

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  1. Profile gravatar of tambok

    First you need to move to a place that you like and feel comfortable in and should definitely not be Manila. I don’t know how you can even stay there for a week especially coming from Aus. Next you need to wonder around shopping centers or you local town you are in and pass out your cell number, be aggressive and direct and only choose the best. Try to ask if they have family nearby. If they do just use them for awhile and see what they are like. If you find a really nice one treat her like shit, tell her to fuck off but fuck her anyway. Tell her directly you will not support family at all. If you find one that accepts that then you win. It took me about seven relationships here and many lovers before I got lucky. Also the first year of our relationship was hell as she is a real knock out but I got the upper hand now

    1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      Joekano is telling you straight. My approach was different, but I found a decent one too. My point is, most may be like yours, but there are exceptions. Some have ambitions.
      You say you are younger. Dude, just chase the cat and have fun. You have your whole life to settle down. You’re in another country. Enjoy your new life . You can have kids anytime later.
      You also need to get out of that shithole, Manila. I drove my bike though that city one day for 5 hours. There was so much soot on my face I looked like a raccoon when I removed my glasses and I am not bullshitting. Get out of that place before it shortens your life and leave that bitch behind. Any woman who would fuck with your job and sabotage your decency to build her a home the way she did is toxic. You better take my advice, bro, or you are going to be fucked in a very bad way down the road. Always remember; when you look at these women through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags. But you already know the answer with your woman. I think you came here for a confirmation. You got it.
      Find a chick in the province. She may be dumb as snot, but at least your chances increase to find someone with a little decency.

      1. Profile gravatar of tambok

        It’s hard to build self confidence when you come developed countries like we do. But keep in mind you are going to find one! Even if it means a dating website. There are good women out there believe me.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        A good answer joekano. Better find a chick in the province if you yourself want to stay there, but mind her True Intent and check out the quality of her family.

        You have made a bad choice with this one. You need to be more sensitive of the girls needs and wishes or you will repeat your mistake. And you should be aware that she normally will want kids quickly!

        Be more wary and retract quickly if you sense greed or no compatibility! That you are even contemplating staying with this one shows that you are not determined enough, or have a clear view of your situation. Let not her beauty or your cock lead you, those are very bad compasses to happiness, especially in the Philippines!

        You have to master the ability to be more determined but also more weary of your partners needs and wants, else she will work against you in the quiet, like this one has, and history will repeat itself!

        Let this be a learning lesson and move on!

        Good luck!

      1. Profile gravatar of tambok

        You’re right it is building up experience and expertise, just like everything else in life you need to master. The one I started out with now is really good relationship but it took patience, perserverance, self confidence and training to get on the right track.

  2. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    Sadly, HER dream probably IS to get pregnant by you (probably multiple times) and live in a room in the fabled metropolis of Manila, rather than in the province… If you are discussing buying/building a place for yourself to live in, as a workplace, or to keep in pristine condition as a retirement investment; then you can forget any cooperation or enthusiasm. You’d only get those if you announced that you were buying a three-storey house that the leeches and their pigs and chickens could occupy; and then wreck to the point where it is completely devastated by the time you finally come to live in it.
    You are talking about giving legal ownership of property – paid for by you / a loan from your employer – to someone who you already think is a dumb, uncommunicative, unambitious, thankless asshole. Sounds like you are indeed still young, dumb and full of c** !

    1. Profile gravatar of Chill Winston
      Chill Winston Post author

      Understand what your saying and completely agree especially the part where your saying she wont give a fuck is uncooperative etc. Yeah starting to think better stick to renting if a house and only buy condo which I can buy in my name. On that note I did hear can put a registered 50 year lease on the property so thats the only thing that would sway me back to purchasing a house. Can she some how rip me and cease the lease? If I could get 50 years outta it woukd be sweet!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Don’t you ever, ever trust a 50 year lease or any lease with a Flip!! I have dual citizenship, Chill (by virtue of Mum being Pinay). But so far I have only bought properties in the Philippines I can walk away from. Total cost no more than $10,000 back in 2009-2010 when I was very young and naive.

        Let me tell you the cheapest condos I have seen in the PI is about $40,000 – allowing for the depressed Aussie $$. That is a for a very pokey, the size of an average Aussie double garage condo. If you buy something like that, it’s yours. Don’t put it in her name. Only thing is, it is easier to buy any real estate in the Philippines than to sell. Anything over P1million is harder to offload. And with Duterte winning the Presidency, already he is firing towards the directions of Aussies and Americans. I would not buy anything at this point if I were you, at least until we see what Duterte do to you foreigners, and where this relationship of yours take you.

        How to test your GF? Tell her you lost your job and you have to move to the province to cut costs. If she goes with you, then she might be a keeper. But I doubt it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        So your little head is dictating your future. Man, you are in pussyland! If Filipinas are not dropping like flies on your doorsteps, you are living in the wrong place! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I met a girl who was also working in a bar. She is a fucking whore. Lets not say bar girl, like most filipina spreading her legs for pesos. Lets get real.
    She was making 50,000 on the side from foreigners PER MONTH.
    She was sending 100% of it to her parents in Negros.
    You tell me, what does a family do with 50k a month in provincial negros.
    Didnt these dumb fucking, arsewipe, im proud to be filipino prostituting their family member so they can have a life
    ask any questions? like – what are you doing dear filipina to earn this money?
    No, really, they don’t care.
    Samar, Leyte and many other areas really don’t give a shit that dear daughter is spreading her legs
    and selling her soul for money so they can sit at home and
    1. gloat to the neighbours of their rich daughter providing for them
    2. that they can have alcohol and other parties.

    No .. NO WAY
    LOL – SELL YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTERS TO PROSTITUTION is nothing to be proud of arse wipers.

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        Don’t always gauge parents that way. I’m 30 years older than mine and her parents ask nothing of me except to be kind and protect their daughter. They are just glad their daughter has been given a break in life that they cannot provide. Abject poverty makes one see the world differently than we First-World folks.
        You need to cut off the family. Financial demands from a mooching family like that will only get worse.
        Dude, cut your losses, buy a condo so no one can take it, then chase the cat and have fun.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Ok so she decided wants to get off the pill because she does not like it and its a hassle for her to take it.
    ANS. dont trust her in the first place – depo shot her – get her on depovera. I dont trust them to take pills.
    they are unreliable. They cant even
    1. turn up on time
    2. hold down a job
    3. hold down a decent conversation

    1. Profile gravatar of Chill Winston
      Chill Winston Post author

      Haha I have since asked her about the depovera thing and she said that she cant because her friend became sick from it. That her ‘friend’ now cant make babies due to it. Always seems to have some excuse.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Of course they have all sorts of excuses. Have you been told “it is against God’s will for me to use contraceptive. If I do I will have bad luck for the rest of my life”?

        I think you need to get the big head to make the decisions, after all, that little head can be satisfied some other ways and/or somewhere else. Better sorry now than tomorrow when you have one or more babies being used as a weapon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    They are strange beings, these Filipinas. Mine finally settled down after about two and a half years, mostly her waiting for the other shoe to drop. The come from insane poverty and find it difficult to accept that life has turned around for them, that they deserve success and a good life. So throwing away opportunity to them is getting rid of a lot of anxiety.

    There are some good ones out there in the provinces but pick one that has been burned at least once so they realize how lucky they are to have a chance to do better. Then follow the advice of the others above and make it clear that you will not be supporting extended family, school age kids that are in school deserve help and it costs very little per month, and if the parents are elderly the girl can send enough home from her own earnings that they end their days in some dignity. The rest of the pamibly? They can fuck off and get a job.

    I wouldn’t spend this kind of cash for that house though as long as she is acting unstable, lots of tricks for getting around the land ownership laws and lots of ways for a connected local to take the house and land anyway. Never, ever, invest more in the Philippines than you can walk away from.

    And you know, you look at that small condo in Manila as a cage. Well, some dogs like cages, they feel safer protected from the world at large, like it is a den. One way in, one way out, would freak me out but some find security in such an arrangement. The other thing is she might associate the provinces with poverty and unending work on her part and she might hold on to a dream of dragging you back to her home province where she has family and the safety that extended family brings in that shit hole. Yeah I know, damn little from our view point.

    1. Profile gravatar of Chill Winston
      Chill Winston Post author

      I love what you said about finding one that has been burnt atleast once. Previously I did might a girl that lost once before and her attitude was very positive. In fact when I came back to Philippines I looked for her (I originally met her in early 20s). Unfortunately she moved on and could not find her. She used to tell me that she would put up with all my shit as long as I kept a roof over her head, her parents paid and the Tv blaring while I am out. Due to having lost before she knew what she wanted and did fight for me. Was also dynamite in the bed and never asked for shit, damn I miss that Pinay! I really do love my current girl but fuck she does my hear in aye

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        You may love her, but you love her unwisely. Don’t be her enabler at the expense of your happiness. Get out. Like someone else said. Women here are a dime a dozen.

    2. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      Idiotocracy, I actually put some time on my motorcycle thinking about your statement that she may associate a home in the province with poverty as opposed to Minila. It sounds like flip thinking to be in Manila just for the status.

  6. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    She lied to you, sabotaged what you wanted at the last moment, and her punishment was that you got upset? She must be one hot fuck, because it seems like you are pussy-whipped! Or maybe you don’t understand the concept of “sunk costs”.

    Basically, “sunk costs” are costs that cannot be recovered. Now, in the business world and investments, many smart people have a very difficult time walking away from “sunk costs” when things change and they see that they won’t earn money on the course they are on, but rather will lose money. The same concept applies in relationships, although in a relationship I look at TIME as the “sunk cost”. And I find that people are even more loath to walk away from the time invested in a bad relationship than they would be to walk away from the money invested in a bad investment. So they stay in the relationship, hoping that the other person will change, when the other person doesn’t WANT to change!

    Let’s look at your circumstances one more time: You had a chance to get a nice house near a beach, and IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IN HER NAME! Even with this HUGE incentive to live there with you, she sabotaged the agreement and made you look like a liar or a fool to your employer. And her punishment for this last-second betrayal? To be back in the life that she wanted. Why would she change?

    1. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

      Random Numbers summed it up quite nicely.

      Take those sunk costs and run for the hills….literally and figuratively. Sounds like this pinay wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit her in the face. Cut your loses and thank your lucky stars you’re still in a position to leave relatively unscathed. Just imagine if you had a REAL binding obligation with her ……like a BABY! You’d then for sure be screwed.

      Sounds like you’re seriously pussy-whipped. With all the ground work that you have provided for a good relationship and for her to not meet you half-way, especially since she seems to bring nothing asset-worthy into the relationship, she must really be one good lay for you to stick around. Just remember when the lust dries out and you have to rely on real substance to keep your relationship going, you’re shit out of luck.

      Get out while you still have your dignity intact. Trust me when we all say that she’s not the only Pinay out there looking for a good guy like you. They’re a dime-a-dozen…..and I’m sure a few of them might be worth a lot more.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Take concanuck’s advice and RUN FOR THE AIRPORT. Throw her worthless ass out the door.
        You seem like a smart guy. but for once. take our advice, run forrest run

  7. Profile gravatar of Attila

    If she is such a hot fuck that you still have a lust for her then why not keep her as a side girl after you separated from her? She is obviously not worth to be your partner in life and she is far from being a wife material. Save yourself for someone who can be your true life partner and more than just a good fuck with fire works. In the meantime remember: Feed them, F*** them and Forget them.

  8. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Living in Manila she probably thinks she’s made the big time. What seems like an idyllic life to you – a nice house on the beach – for her it’s living among the poor rural folk. A big step down. A lot of filipinos just tell you want to hear, sounds like she just went along with things just to keep you happy, and as usual she didn’t look into the future when it might actually happen. Typical pinoy by the sounds of it.

  9. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    Sorry, I may have misunderstood something here;

    She send all her earnings home….??
    Who’s paying for her “shared” part of being in a relationship…?

    I’ve heard about this “mis-behaving” of FlipFlips.
    Her family never ever had 50k before, not even as shared income for the whole family, and now she’s providing them with a life they can’t afford to loose…!!

    Have a mate here in Denmark. Married a (real stupid) FlipFlip and after 4 month she started to send a silly size of her salary home.
    My mate just ask her to move out.
    Tears and screaming for days, he just kept his word.
    They’re on their 9th year now – and her family are still alive (as he predicted).

    If she lives with you – NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR EARNINGS – she better learn to contribute.
    End of story.

    Please reply.

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila

      Look Denmark2. A Filipina keeps her salary to herself and will not contribute to the common expenses that couples have. She will simple not do her financial share with a kano. That is very common and the Filipina doesn’t have to be poor and uneducated. In all level of socially Filipinas practice it. They honestly believe that by providing sex alone is a fair exchange. That’s deeply embedded in the culture and their value system. Here in the states some of my wife’s friend have the same exact belief. It doesn’t matter where the Filipina lives most of them will behave the same everywhere in the world.

    2. Profile gravatar of Chill Winston
      Chill Winston Post author

      Yup. Even if its not with peso as long as she contricutes her time and has a good attitude about it I would be happy. Tired of carrying all the pressure on my own, fucking sucks!

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        A relationship should not be pressure. A girl should be accommodating to make you happy and you the same. If she is lying and sabotaging,, you really need no advice from us. You already have the answer

  10. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    there is a saying; “There are more fish in the sea” or in the case of Philippines, “There are more fish in that cesspool” Dump her and move on.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Chill Winston, you are in pussyland and you allow this bitch to sabotaged your future and your dreams?? What kind of partnership is that? Oh, of course, it’s one way partnership….her way. Maybe you should remind her that she leaves or you dump her, there’s hundreds waiting to take her place. Bring her back to reality.

    My guess is, she does not like provincial living because she will get labelled “probinsiyana” (provincial girl) by her friends. It’s derogatory, an insult for some and they take it quite seriously. You better make up your mind about her before you start a family. And if you think that Filipinas won’t use children as a weapon against you, well buddy, you need to go back to the school of hard knocks.

    I can understand you not wanting to throw away what you had, like Random says, a “sunk costs”. You have an emotional connection and you’ve invested in it. My question is, does she have that emotional connection with you? You need to look beyond the bedroom. Is she going to stand by you when the going gets tough? My guess is, no she will not. She’ll be out the door quicker than you could say “Boo!”

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Rice, if you are no being chased right now by barely adult Filipinas, you are living in the wrong city! As for the “ride-all-day ride” wristbands… I am not sure, never tested it. I think that would be your mission my friend. You are then required to report here at PFB, for the benefits of the members. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Profile gravatar of Chill Winston
      Chill Winston Post author

      Ok Sarah you have given me some really good insight here about her not wanting to be in the province etc. Well not 100% but thus far our relationship been sour for awhile and she stayed with it. But really could not answer if she would stay during financial difficulties. I wonder how I could test this hmmm. I know she is attacher but am wondering do she love me or the lifestyle I give her, again how to test this?

      1. Profile gravatar of chloroform

        “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing, while a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.” Gotta love this quote. Chill Winston, ya’ll need to think about your relationship if she can’t meet you half way.

      2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        @chillwinston do better not ask urself questions like ( does she love me) ???
        I cant explain it well in correct english…many of them are drifting like a leaf in the wind…they have no real clue about love between man and woman..( talking here not about sex)
        They live only for today ! nothing other does count ..the today ..

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      It is all about control and how she can get it. Obviously, if she did not have fortune between her legs,, she would be in a junk pile perched up 10 feet high

  12. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    My advise is to find new girlfriend with whom you can be without expecting her to change and who you accept as she is.

    Too many Filipinas are hardwired to fail, they always choose the worst option available and when you think that they found the bottom they will go even deeper. Unfortunately your gf sounds like one of those, so don’t allow her to pull you down with her.

    Mistake I made, and based on comments on this blog few others as well, was that I expected my ex to change to better. No education nor any advises/examples I provided did that. I tried to be nice and supportive, no effect. I was blunt and harsh, no effect. So either accept her as she is and allow her to sabotage your life, or move along.

      1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

        Think about 10 years from now. Your gf will be older and probably 30kg heavier… so not the sexy babe (unless you’re into chubby ones) you’re now banging. So if she’s manipulative and conning bitch you now have lying bag of potatoes with you. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thinking with dick is shortsighted if you’re looking for marriage and family.

        Besides you can always find someone to take care of your needs… she might not be the most beautiful or free, but there will always be someone willing to help you in need… and who says you need to tolerate her longer than it takes from shower to shower and escaping the short time hotel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Profile gravatar of bidama

    This might sound f*cked up, but I cracked myself laughing so much reading through your story. Oh, man, forgive my candidness, but you are still very Joe.

    Dude, filipinas are liars, verbally abusive and physically violent towards husband and children, interest driven, untrustworthy, secretive, manipulative, gossipers, etc, etc, etc…

    of course she cheated… of course she steals the home budget money… of course she uses you as an ATM… of course she prefers raising the children of native relatives instead of the one she has (or might one day have) from you… of course your kids will be exploited by the rest of the family as the rich cousin… of course you love her and your love is not reciprocated except when she says “I love you long time Joe” and your name is Michael… it’s the philippines, man… the most silly as*crack of the world.


    Dude, you were lied to… face it. More fun in the phillipines my as*.

    There are decent pinay, of course there are… the problem is that for each decent one you have 99 scumbag woman exactly like yours (no offense).

  14. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    Chill. I think…..judging by your post, you were pretty jittery about the girl anyway. Take the good advice offered and dump her. Your boss probably has a dim view of your giving in to her demands and that was due to her selfishness. You have to have a tight rein with these people (I use the term people loosely) and keep it that way. Oh, and when you meet one you like claim poverty and check for the signs – most will be dust in a nanosecond!

  15. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    Tell us how it goes when you show her the door. By the way, have a new SIM card ready. Otherwise, she’ll be throwing all kinds of sob at you. They are masters at it.. Make a clean cut.

  16. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Let me say this if you have put up with this shit for over 1 year now you are a bloody foo mate.
    piss her off you pack your bags and leave and quick do not stop to look around it seems you hang on because my guess is you are a very lonely guy that will suffer shit for a bit of fake love and she knows this.
    My guess is you are wholly or partly supporting the family as well you are being fucked over get out now …….

  17. Profile gravatar of chloroform

    I’m thinking you need to find someone who makes the exact money you’re making. The exact salary bracket!!! Filipinos are all driven by money esp women! They want you because they feel secure, and they feel secure because you have money. They feel secure that they won’t have to struggle most of the time because they have a free access ATM machine with them. I’m sorry but being a manager at some small hotel / pension house or a salon is not the kind I’m talking about.

  18. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    DUMP HER ! I guess your not in the age to receive a retirement….
    Well, I did experience much more bullshit with my ex Pinay and this over more years. Just dump her and dont believe in the word LOVE, their clue of love is ( P-Foreigner does provide me all and I give to him pussy as return) and pls allow me to give you a good advise… DARE YOU, to buy in this country with such a kind of woman any HOUSE, LAND or any other value able stuff… then I can promise you that you will have not much fun with your investment.
    Just see that you never lie to yourself..thats the most important…the answer you know not ignore your inner voice…
    There are a lot of pretty and good women left, no need to ruine your life with a useless freeloader.

    Based on long years experience in this “nice” country.. i can tell you that nearly 95 % of the Pinays… have mental probs , are freeloaders, low Iq, childish etc ( simply all the BS which is possible) The rest 5% are fine.. so why u want to ruine your life with a Freeloader ? The answer you know already..

  19. Profile gravatar of ControlNumber

    G’day Chill! Same as you mate, wanted to move away from debt addicted society + mortgage etc. Had one foot out the door after 4 trips, was ready to sell it all & move to PI. Then I was told about this blog and started reading it. Thanks Filo Fail bloggers cos’ u saved my ass! My house is actually increasing in value and if I do sell it won’t take 5 years and be sold for half what I paid. If I were you mate, I’d pack up my shit, come home and just visit SE Asia. Most older expats would as well if u ask them but it’s too late , they are stuck in the shithole on fixed income surrounded by blood suckers. Nearly all expats I know that have enough dollars left in the kitty end up leaving! They leave a lot more broke as well! There is only so much fun in “ringing the bell” a few times bro! It is a frustrating prick of a place where you can’t voice your opinion or risk persona non grata! Toughen up, come home and face life in the western world. it’s still a far better option than that disorganised shithole! There is no common sense there, they just blame it on one word, “culture” !If you don’t agree, it’s ok just my 2 cents but I’d leave and come home while you are intact!!

  20. Profile gravatar of Owen

    A decent Filipina who truly loves her man will want to settle down with him. Will want to sit and plan about your future together (and won’t even mention ‘what about my poor family’ to you) . And if your filo is supporting her family then you should think twice before marrying her. That only means that once you get married then her and her whole family will be your problem too. Treat any filipina like how you would treat a white girl, if she’s dumb leave her she aint worth the trouble. If you’re young then you just take your time, go to Bora or Palawan, meet people! There are good women out there you don’t need to hurry and she doesn’t have to be FIlo, most of the time in our haste we end up with the wrong people.

  21. Profile gravatar of Harley

    1. dump her immediately and don’t ever go to manila ever again 2. get out to less expensive areas like central philippines islands and find a different girl there

  22. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    She is most likely abiding by her PIMPS (parents) wishes, which is more than often illogical and money grubbing. If they live near by, they don’t want their daughter going to a far off beautiful area and risk not receiving free money! If you are giving them free money, you are creating even MORE problems, especially if this is routine! If you keep giving, they will keep abusing! That’s their nature!

    She is “forgetting” to take those pills once in a while (or probably all the time) because she wants to get knocked up and have a child from you. The child will then be used as an item for money and will create a slew of problems for you down the road. All I smell is trouble with this girl from what you’ve described. Do this for me. DO WHAT YOU need to do to make YOUR life better and just use her for sex, because that’s all she’s good for! If she’s willing to ruin your progression in life to suit her needs (which are by the way, totally useless) then you have the right to keep her down in her self created hole and do with her what you will. Benefit from her, because she’s benefiting from you! It should work both ways and from the sounds of it, the only one really benefiting is her! You get some sex here and there, but that should really be the last on your list if you want a good relationship.

    Another BIG BIG no no when it comes to this Filipina, is getting involved with their families. They will milk you dry and want to just use you. They think everything is free and money grows on trees in your country, so they will expect you to basically provide for them all their lives if you choose to be with her.

    I see so many red flags it’s not funny. Play your cards right and do what you can to get the upper hand, because right now, she has the upper hand.