My First Taste Of Filogic

First of all, I am just so happy I found this blog. Love it! Brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye knowing I’m not the only one out there.

My story begins when my family decided to move to Malaysia (my mum being half english and half chinese/malaysian) since my mother wanted us to have a better life out of the UK.

I went to a Chinese “International” school and fell in love with a filipina girl. She was a year older than me (I was 15 and she was 16 at the time), but boy was I hit hard by the love bug!! Love at first sight, magical first kiss. Things went swimmingly for the couple of months that we were together. I learned her father was in the oil and gas industry, as was my whole family, and they had just relocated to Malaysia too and she would be spending her days up until university here which was music to my ears.

Everything was great until one morning she arrives at school crying her eyes out. Her father had found her phone and figured out she had a boyfriend. And I’m thinking OK, now I need to meet the parents and everything will be fine but oh wait, here was my first taste of filogic, he’s moving his wife and kid’s back to Philippines because his 16 year old daughter has a boyfriend??!! I was actually stunned at this logic even at such a young age. She wasn’t even allowed to finish the semester, she went back with her mum and brother within 2 days back to the Philippines while the father stayed and worked in Malaysia. Never have I been so angry, confused and just plain dumb founded. But this was just a taster of things to come.

We end up losing contact, but I can’t forget this girl, she is and will always be the love of my life. 5 years go by and I’m working offshore in Vietnam and we reconnect via facebook and I decide to go and see her after work. It turns out better than expected and we go to boracay for a 10 day holiday.

It is a beautiful island, but the constant “parrrrasaaasaillll, jet skkkiiiiiii sssssiiiirrr” spoils it for me.  The dumb stare you get from strangers when you try to eat you food or walk around is my pet hate, this is for EVERYWHERE in the Philippines.

So I go back to work and return to the Philippines again this time staying with her family as they know about us again and as if by some magical age she has passed, she is finally allowed a boyfriend. This is my first real experience with a Filipino family. Trying to start and hold a conversation with her brother is seriously the hardest thing to do as he just can’t wait to go into his room and on his computer or phone. The mother is the laziest most self centred person I have ever come across. Dopy as a sack of potatoes. I wake up one morning to this kind of ringing sound. Awwwaaaaaaaaaa, awwwwaaaaaaaaa, aaaaawwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa. It goes on for a good 20 mins so I go downstairs to see whats happening. Turn’s out her mum is calling her daughter down (her name is Ara btw) to fetch her ipad which is located a mere 4ft away from her. I couldn’t believe the laziness of this woman, they have 2 maids which are scared shitless of her, her kids do not dare question anything she says or does. They even bow there heads if she is angry! WTF is that all about? What really gets under my skin is her constant showing off that she has been to Europe and thinks she knows how Europeans eat. 1 family dinner I am presented with a jolly burger meal while everyone else has their local food. So you just have to sit there with a false smile on your face and pretend like your’e not embarrassed. My mother would never dream of doing that! It’s just rude but they fail to see it. After speaking with her mum I just came to the conclusion that this is just a 9 year old inside and adults body.

I could go on and on about the filogic of the security systems, retarded drivers, gormless stares, corruption, friends of my girlfriends having the attention span of a goldfish, you guys seem like you have it all well covered in here and I love reading your stories. But I really need to touch on religion. I’m always asked what religion I am. Well I was very lucky, my parents told me when I was old enough to understand things that they were not going to make me choose anything. My mother’s mother was a serious catholic (you know what I mean) and didn’t want me or my sister to endure what she had to. They basically told me and my sister that we need to think for ourselves and make our own decisions on religion. We didn’t even need to pick a religion, they would love us no matter what. Filipino’s have a very difficult time in understanding this. When I ask them “why are you catholic/christian?” it’s usually some bullshit like “i have the faith” or whatever generic response is programmed into them.

It’s time to wake up. You are not christian/catholic because you have the faith, you are because your parents MADE you one. And their parents made them one, and their parents before them made one, all they way back to when the spanish brought it over. It’s almost a type of brainwashing technique. I do believe religion can be good but it needs to be discovered on your own and not force fed. The whole thing is just so shallow there. My girlfriends family drive a 6 hour round trip every sunday to go see a pastor at a church cause he is entertaining. The whole god bless and bible verses on peoples messages and emails is just pathetic. It really is country almost full of backwards thinking people that have been completely screwed by the spanish and catholicism to the point of no return. It’s like a dog that has broke its leg, you attempt to help the dog fix its leg but he wont let you. You sit and wonder “does this dog enjoy the pain?” “Does it want to spend the rest of its days paralysed?” I’m sure I’ll never figure out the reasons, all I do want is to get my girlfriend out of there before it’s too late. Thank god she’s not like the others.

P.S : The comedy scene in Philippines burns my ears and eyes. The fake high pitched laughs and gays talking about weird things reminds me of what a cartoon show would be like for kids that are adults that are mentally challenged. *shudders*

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  1. Profile gravatar of Penance

    The most poignant lesson here is that you learned the Flip’s “hook”. Giving birth to a pretty daughter is their version of investing for retirement. It seems like the mother has been practicing her laziness for some time in preparation for this.

  2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Welcome to the Idiocracy, such a lovely place.
    We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.

    Yes Im quoting Hotel California………….Because it makes sense now. lol
    Seriously listen to the song, and replace it with the Philippines in your head, (MIND BLOWN).

  3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    You’re lucky her parents aren’t poor. They will not be financial luggage for you. They will be annoying, unworthy, and useless, but that’s OK, as long as they aren’t dragging you and the girl down with them. If she’s on your side and see them for who they are, then you have it easy. Thank your lucky stars, it could be MUCH worse.

  4. Profile gravatar of john

    ” Thank god she’s not like the others ” !!! Lewis do not say this too loudly , you might find it comes back to bite you on the arse. I think that most of us initially thought that our gorgeous young Filipina girl friend was not like all the others .

    1. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

      “But my girl is different”…..If I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say that about their pinay only for the pinay to prove him wrong I could retire a very rich man, drink red horse all day and fornicating with as many women as I can like a true pinoy

    1. Profile gravatar of Lewis Waterworth
      Lewis Waterworth Post author

      I don’t think its right tho to generalize everyone. There sure are bad apples in a nation and yes there’s a lot here even I admit to that. But i don’t think it’s fair to judge me like I’m one of those some cheap filipina working in a whore house, or girls they just met online, or those old fashioned girls, or those from the poor villages that needs to provide to their families which are the type of Filipinas most foreigners meet because those girls are very interested as well in finding one. And sadly it’s third world country so u do get to meet a lot of nasty people. But it’s just not very nice to be judged based on what nationality I am and what u see most filipinas are. Anyway that’s just my two cents.

      1. Profile gravatar of Joe Kono
        Joe Kono

        You don’t think it is right to generalize everyone??? Th is is a country where the first question out of their mouth is “where is your place?”, This is a country where they yell racial slurs at passing strangers (HEY JOE!!!)

        I would give you a strong suggestion, if the shoe fits, change shoes or wear it, do not complain that you think it is ugly and insulting. It is YOU who says that because you are a Filipino, that you are something different than others. If you define yourself as a Filipino, then you think such a stereotypical thing exists as a definable sub-set. You feel shamed because somebody in your past told you that you were a Filipino and that somehow defined you because you see yourself as a group not an individual. When the truth is that no racial or cultural name defines any single person in that stereotype. It is your own bigotry that entraps you.

        I for example, am a member of no group you would place me in. I cannot be defined by any racial or cultural name tag. I refuse to think that because somebody in the group you define is stupid for example, that I see myself in that group and therefore am stupid. I take my pride in myself, and take blame for my actions.

        1. Profile gravatar of Lewis Waterworth
          Lewis Waterworth Post author

          Problem is he commented on what my bf said about ME that “thankfully, SHE’s(me) not like them” to which he replied we think our gf blah blah, is different but they’re ALL fucking the same. I’m reacting because I was judged as a group and not as an individual. And I do want to be judge as an individual. If this is just some other blog without MY name on it I won’t even bother to reply but I think he made it clear he was talking about me as well. Thanks

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Don’t take it personally. You’ll see a lot of comments on here that infer all Filipinos are the same, but most who have been in the country long enough will admit they have met a few who don’t deserve to be labelled like the rest. In my time here I can count two who I would consider different – free thinkers, hard workers, not out for a free buck etc. One was a satanist, the other murdered over a business deal gone sour. Go figure.

      2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        “And sadly it’s third world country so u do get to meet a lot of nasty people.”

        Again, the cart before the horse. The chicken or the egg.

        It’s nasty people that KEEP PHILIPPINES IN 3RD WORLD STATUS. Many third world countries have evolved, progressed, industrialized, and are no longer third world countries. Why? Because they recognized their shitty attitudes, their laziness, their mindsets, their stupidity, and then DID SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT.

        Filipinos will do nothing but hope god will change things. Filipinos have been waiting for god for a century. They’re too fucking stupid to realize GOD IS WAITING FOR THEM TO GET OFF THEIR LAZY FUCKING ASSES, STOP LYING, CHEATING, AND STEALING FROM EACH OTHER, GROW UP, AND CHANGE THINGS THEMSELVES.


        Unfortunately, because Filipinos already think they are god’s fucking gift to the world, and think they are the best in the world, and ride on backs of the EXTREMELY FEW SUCCESSFUL Filipinos, thus deciding they are proud because a few succeeded, so then do nothing and continue their laziness and stupidity, Philippines will always be 3rd world. Why? BECAUSE they are nasty fuckers. BECAUSE there are FAR MORE nasty fuckers than there are DECENT PEOPLE, change will not come.

        Filipinos are content to live in their world of delusions and illusions. It’s much easier that way. And they will never learn that SUCCESS comes through HARD WORK, PATIENCE, CONCERN, FINDING CERTAIN THINGS IMPORTANT, etc.

        Philippines is third world, because of FILIPINOS. When are you going to come to that realization? You fucking idiots can’t get elected and stay honest. You continue to vote in the idiots that fuck you in the ass every year. AND you continue to take it. You continue to DO NOTHING but pray.

        When are you going to learn that hands working to build things are far more effective than hands folded in prayer? When are you going to learn that old saying “God helps those who help themselves”? You people IN GENERAL, are helpless. You sit there and wait for god to do WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING FOR YOURSELVES.

        And you will NEVER realize any of this. In fact, I bet there are 100 Filipinos reading this, and simply giving the BLANK STARE.

        Pinoy Pride and the blank stare…..keeping Philippines in the third world….FOREVER.

        1. Profile gravatar of Lewis Waterworth
          Lewis Waterworth Post author

          “And sadly it’s third world country so u do get to meet a lot of nasty people.”

          What I meant with that is, “when a country is called third world, it means there’s a lot of nasty people” in it thus making it third world.

          I’m not blaming it on being third world that’s why there’s nasty people which is stupid to do because no country can be a third world without the doing of majority of its people.

          Sorry if u misunderstood it because I didn’t really elaborated that sentence cos that wasn’t my main concern when I wrote it. But I definitely agree to everything else. Thanks.

      3. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

        Well at least we know you aren’t a filipina because the stock standard reply would be “but not all filipinas are like that Sir John”

  5. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Wow you nailed it in one religion mindless chatter high pitched screaming and laughter as fake as they are and mindless bullshit they go on with and this pride to be a Filipino crap.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      I was on a bus in London tonight. I suddenly heard Tagalog spoken next to me….I looked and an old lady was on the phone…while reading a Flip London based “newspaper”. And what was the article she was glued to? Some crap about Pack-kow that boxer type guy. I cant even be bothered to spell his name correctly. When he dies they will have fuck all to read about. Oh wait, what about Willy that tosser on WowWowWee, a multi millionaire, who gives out cans of corned beef to slum dwellers then demands they kiss his ass and remain eternely grateful.