My In-Law’s Halfway Home Taxi Service

Most of my partner’s family and extended family are pretty decent folks when I’m around them. But there is one extended family member who’s tactlessness, selfishness, and pure idiocy fall well within the common Filipino cultural rudeness and tactlessness that you can expect from the average Filipino. I normally decline invites to my partner’s family functions and gatherings (for obvious reasons) with the excuse that I have too much work and deadlines to meet.

But it had been literally a couple years since I actually accompanied my partner to a family gathering, so I figured I’ll go ahead and make an appearance at an anniversary party the other night. That should do good for another couple years that I won’t have to deal with them.

So all is going well, food was catered well, went through all the faux smiling and pretending to be happy to see them again, etc. Now the evening is winding down, and I’m getting tired, wanna go home.

Now before I continue with the next part of the story, let me go back a couple years to the last time I had the displeasure of this in-law (we’ll call him Ding Dong). My partner and I spent an entire day helping him move out of his apartment, and into a new one, in the middle of the hot season. We finished the move, and he offered to give us a ride home (oh how good of him. We just spent all fucking day moving him, yeah, that’s the least he could do!).

But suddenly, about less than 10 minutes away from our house, he says, “I’ll just drop you here, because I have to pick up my wife. Is that ok?” I kept silent, because if I was to speak, it wouldn’t have been anything remotely nice, nor at a normal volume level. I let my partner answer him. And of course, my partner said, “ok, we’ll just grab a taxi the rest of the way home.” Then Ding Dong looks at me, and there is no way he could have missed the obviously pissed off disgusted look on my face, “Thanks so much FiloFail for helping me move!” as I pretended not to hear him, slamming his car door before he could finish his thank you, and I started walking in the other direction quite briskly.

We spent an entire day helping him move, and he couldn’t take us the further 7 or 8 more minutes home, THEN go back and pick up his wife. Too inconvenient for him I guess.

Now let’s go back to the anniversary party the other night. Ding Dong initially behaved quite timidly and “scared” of me because of the silent but deadly way I ended our last visit when we helped him move. But hey, I’m not one to hold a grudge for very long, much less 2 years. So I behaved and treated him as if that despicable rudeness he committed 2 years ago never happened. All smiles, hugs, handshakes, conversation, etc..through the evening.

Then he offers to give us a ride home. So what am I thinking? Oh, he’s going to make up for the wrong he did last time. How noble of him. And I’m ready to get going. “Just let me finish up something I need to talk to my cousin about and we’ll go, about 5 minutes.”

“Sure, take your time Ding Dong.”

Well he sure did take me up on that expression literally. 40 minutes later, I’m telling my partner to go tell Ding Dong that we’ll just grab a taxi home, no problem. “Oh I’m sorry, let me just use the CR and we’ll go.”

We finally get on our way. He puts on Justin Beiber video on his DVD dashboard player and turns up the volume. Off we go, heading home. We get to the same place he dumped us two years ago, and I’m thinking, “Nah, he’s not going to be a tactless dumb fuck again…lightning never strikes twice….”


The tactless piece of shit pulls over. “I need to pick up my wife, is it ok I drop you here?”

Stupid tactless Filipino in-lawsThis time I DID speak. “You know what Ding Dong? You should start a taxi company and name it “Halfway Home Taxi Service” and give it the tag line, “we get you to within 10 minutes of your destination and dump you like an unwanted dog.” You have no tact at all Ding Dong. If taking us all the way home is such a fucking inconvenience for you, I understand, JUST DON’T OFFER TO TAKE US HOME THEN MORON! Next time, we’ll just take a fucking taxi. I can afford it, and at least it will be a non-stop, no-transfer ride for fuck sake!” And I slam his door again and walk off briskly.

Rant over.


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    Pearl Of My Ass

    Hi, I have now been visiting this great internet space which is PFB for 2 years and one would believe that the mine of gemstones and diamond would get dry, but now, Pinoy’s stupidity is endless and will permit endless reading of how dumb One can be. Thank you for the baseline. Cordially yours, Seb

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    I guessing this guy isn’t on your Xmas Card list anymore…LoL.
    I did my Good Deed last summer. The GF has a “Cousin” who married a Singapore national. I was the only ‘Kano’ and I was introduced to everyone. A couple people actually asked me how much money I made..”I’m poor, that’s why I live in the RP”.
    After a cluster-fuck of a wedding ceremony, and a absolutely terrible meal, I told the GF it was time to go. “But they want you to go out with them drinking…ie…you get to pay for everything”….No thank you.
    Once we left the building, the GF thanked me for being so nice and handsome. It was all about showing off for her to her family.

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    Pinay Lover

    LOL. Hey Filo, do you think he did that out of spite? Or did he just completely forget that he did that to you last time 2 years ago and did it again absent minded? Or did he totally remember, but was just too selfish to drive you those extra 7-8 minutes?

    I think he did it out of spite, because the majority of them seem to expect anyone of higher status to be compliant, subservient door mats and if you speak up and call them on their shit, they will walk all over you until you give up. It’s a culture where if you build and earn your own success, you must become a door mat to all of your freeloading family and “share” your success to the point where you have nothing left for yourself.

    Like you mentioned before, an ass backwards culture. Usually if someone who is better off and has more money than you decides to help you out of the kindness of their heart, you are damn grateful and feel like you should repay the favor or at least do something back out of the kindness of your own heart, but this culture is the exact opposite. If someone is better off than you, you must take advantage of them, take what you can from them, use them as a door mat, and if they don’t put up with your abuse, you walk all over them and use them more!

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      Captain PFB Post author

      It’s really hard to say, and I can overload and overheat my brain trying to figure it out Pinay Lover. Any of the above are just as possible as the other. Did he forget about that last time? Extremely likely. Did he do it out of spite? Also extremely likely. Did he do it out of selfishness? Extremely likely as well. Did he do it out of pure expected Filipino stupidity and tactlessness? Again, just as likely as the previous.

      All I know is, I’m glad I made my appearance, and that should hold them for another year or so.

      Honestly, it didn’t surprise me at all. And I’ve learned to not get that upset over stupid shit like this. Yeah, I’ll speak my mind when I feel like it. All in all, it makes for good content for this website. LOL!

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        “Honestly, it didn’t surprise me at all. And I’ve learned to not get that upset over stupid shit like this.”

        I’m beginning to learn you’re patience, Filo. It’s much better to laugh at their stupidity than to try and figure it out! I’m doing this more and more to save me from stress. I stay more calm and collected and make fun of it instead of getting involved in it now and so far it is working. I’ve set my standards with my wife and all I have to say now if she asks “can we………” and it doesn’t meet my family decisions is, “you know my stance on that, babes. Not going to happen, sorry” and that is it.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        PL & Filo,

        I think you are both wrong why he did it and overlooked one thing. Filo, the reasons you and PL stated are good and possible I must admit but after dealing with filipinos as long as we have I’m surprised you both overlooked the more likely reason.

        He was waiting for you to fill up his gas tank. Filipinos don’t do nothing out of the kindness of their hearts

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    I was going to say something, I had it all typed out and everything, but I ran through the scenario and I felt like it was weaker than what should be done.

    So I’ll just sit here and steam in my shell over more stupid shit that pisses me off.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience Filo, you know we all feel you. In the Philippines walking out the front door means that you are 100% guaranteed to get fucked one way or another.

    I mean, you can barely stay in your own house and not get screwed over by something. Noisy neighbors, marching bands, barking dogs, roosters, bad internet, power outage, bad plumbing; but walking out the door…..That is the nail in the coffin I’m afraid.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      in my country you can go for miles in the bush and not see a single person.

      These people CAN NOT understand peace and quiet.. birds singing,, the wind through the trees.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        Grass Al grass!!! Not the smoking kind either. They hate grass!!! My mom in law is 78 and gets down on her hands and knees with a small bolo and pulls up all the grass and throws it away yet leaves plastic wrappers and other trash laying right there. I thought maybe it was just her till we went to the boondocks. There at that house they did not have grass but dirt with very little grass. What happens while we visit? They start pulling up the grass but leave the broken bottles, snack wrappers, nails and such right where they threw them.

        Then at our apt they will cut down the grass across the road and burn it yet leave the trash. As I type this now the care taker is out there pulling up grass. And what the hell is it with all the broken glass everywhere? Filipinos love to break bottles.

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        Not only do they not like grass, they love covering everything in layers of badly poured cement.
        They cover EVERYTHING.. Hills, rocks, doesn’t matter. For some reason bare ground needs to either be dirt or cement.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I wonder what they would do if they seen kanos spent enormous amounts of money to have a nice lawn.
    Has anybody been with a filipino/filipina when they went to a different country and seen nature and clean air??
    I did,, but the flip nationalism took over in her head and refused to see anything,,, just more flip excuses….
    P/S tell me how to get an avatar??? It really pisses me off I can not download on to page????

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      One guy I knew back in the states married a pinay and took her to the states, the midwest during winter. He told me they were driving down the road once and the pinay asked how come they did not cut down all the dead trees. Well he told her in the fall the trees loose their leaves and grow new ones in the spring which she did not believe until she saw it for herself. Filipino mindset, cut it down.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        How the hell can you not know about this?
        This is one of the most known things on earth among all school aged children.

        I mean I get that she was from a tropical country, but that’s a little over the top.
        I mean, if it were something like thinking peanuts grow on trees, that’s forgivable.

        Oh well, I thought the statue of liberty was a man until I was probably 10 or 11 years old.
        Sorry It’s one ugly chick, and no one told me.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        Filipinos are not as smart as they claim to be. See where they deported a Japanese back to Japan? Yea, BI arrested him 19 years ago and kept him locked up all that time before deporting. Why? He wrote a check that bounced. See they seem to think deporting someone is punishment for some reason. “We going to deport you back to Japan. Where electric stays on, drink water from tap, hot showers, dependable internet, better schools and healthcare and you’ll be surrounded by smart people.”

      3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        Well, when you put it like that you are right.
        It is late here and I guess I overlooked that point. haha.
        they really do look at it as a punishment to be sent away from their “pearl” of the orient, Or is that pearl of the pacific islands? They cant make up their mind, it’s whatever is popular.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Al, go to “My Account” Look directly under your current avatar pic, you’ll see a link “Upload Avatar”. Click it. Now you can select an image from your computer that you want to use for your avatar. Drag and drop it in the box, OR click “select image” and it will open your file explorer for you to choose an image. Once it’s uploaded, simply crop to your liking, and save.

    3. Profile gravatar of vinzz

      “Has anybody been with a filipino/filipina when they went to a different country and seen nature … ”
      Me, and i know how it allways end. they will allways complain & find an excuse to not appreciate things.
      My moron wife wont like mountain cause it’s too cold, another place will be too windy & she will use the most pathetic excuse to despise the sea. She tell my she grown near the sea and spent too many time there & she cannot stand it no more.
      Fucking morons, me, i appreciate nature, mountain and sea since i am a kid i will allways.
      Just appreciate shoopping, going to debt to buy bullshit or impress themselves, digging their own graves in slavery.
      I dont know how long i will last withh this all this stupidity.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Exactly right! They just like shopping malls or cheap plastic things and places.

        I took a Filipina to the Tower of London last year. It’s a place that’s been around for over a thousand years.

        “It’s boring in there. Nothing in there” she said to me looking really disappointed.

        Of course she could have asked me about it’s history etc but she didnt.

        I reckon if they put some plastic jolibees and mindless TV blaring out in there, you can bet your boots she would have loved it.

      2. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        to kalbo ( sorry i cannot leave a reply direcly under you post)
        The new idea of my wife is to go to london with her friends. Sure it’s not to visit Tower bridge or other historice place.
        Just dream to buy other bullshits ther and fill her fb account with stupid pictures showing : ” ME i went there i have a wonderfuuuuullll liiiiiiiiiife”

  6. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Im my experince REAL taxi services often kick me out half way through a journey when they realise Im not going to let them screw me over.

    One picked me up in Makati, I told him to use the meter and then made him drive in the right direction. He then drove about very slowly and then stopped. He didnt want to continue because he knew I wouldnt let him fuck me over.

    Another one picked me up from a hotel. We drove off along Roxas and I told him to use the meter. He dumped me in some awful squatters area and I had to walk 15 minutes back to the main road.

    The bottom line is these people RESENT those who they think have more than them. They feel cheated by YOU even if they are the ones doing the scamming.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      In Davao the mayor has laid down the law with the taxi drivers. Everybody puts the meter on, no haggling, no asking for tips. It’s a pity Manila can’t follow suit. Think about how many visitors come to the country and their first impression when stepping out of the airport is that they’re getting scammed.

      I once came out of a hotel in manila about 8am and needed to go to the embassy. There was a taxi driver outside leaning against his cab picking his teeth.

      Me: Need to go the British embassy. You available?
      Driver: Sure. 800 pesos.
      Me: Just put the meter on.
      Driver: Cannot.
      Me: Why, is it broken?
      Driver: No, I’ve been waiting here since 5am and you will be my first fare.

      What, so you’re going to rip me off because you haven’t had any other gullible foreigner bite yet? So fucking dumb, he’s actually honest in his deceitfulness.

      So I waited on the spot and hailed another cab – about ten minutes later I got one who agreed to stick the meter on. I showed him a map on my phone of where to go, even had a big line on the roads to make it easier for him. He stared at it for about 2 minutes as though he were trying to decipher a mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics. Eventually he gave up and called the first taxi driver over who happily spent another 2 minutes giving him perfect directions.

      In the time it took to hail this taxi, mess around with the directions, the first driver couldn’t been a good way there and on his way to making his first honest pesos of the day. Sadly, the very nature and urge to scam foreigners for many filipinos will always outweigh all other logic.

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        In Davao the mayor has laid down the law with the taxi drivers. Everybody puts the meter on, no haggling, no asking for tips. It’s a pity Manila can’t follow suit

        Funny the wife and I were just talking about that the other day.

        I read the horror stories of taxis in Manila all the time. I have had some limited experience when forced to go there.
        Davao problems with the taxis here. Now the trikes on the other hand… don’t get me going !!

        One must watch the taxis at the Davao airport. They (may) try to play games with you assuming you are fresh off the boat. Just let them know that you know where you are going and how to get there, (even if you don’t) and the issues go away.
        They seem to not try to hard, unlike Manila.
        The still all drive the same, like inconsiderate retards.

  7. Profile gravatar of beameup

    In Baguio, all the drivers use the meter. There is even a 5 Peso “refund” that is taken off the final amount. There are no “trikes” in Baguio, and jeepneys are not permitted in the central “downtown” area. There is a massive traffic problem though.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    one time my father in law was watching national geographic,, he said if you owned all those cows you be rich.. he was talking about wild animals!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

      I noticed many of them are obsessed by property, capital.They think you will be rich if you allways have capital allready.
      But nobody has a strategy, they wont start to raise live stocks at small scale, with a vision & develop step by step.
      Thats why they are amazed when they see a cattle of wild animal & only think the $$ it could worth if they own it .
      I have an uncle who is relatively rich for France, my wife is allways amazed by his estate, allways says this house is so big , he is so riiiiiich but she never has a tough on how got that : he start as a simple building worker then go to independent & step by step increase it’s income untill he got what he have now.
      And it’s useless to explain her all the time and the organization it take to get that.
      To make short, he never spent more than his income, nor buy a expensive bullshit when he has few $$ like they use to do in the pi & wonder adfter why they are allways broke…

  9. Profile gravatar of Bob

    I was in a taxi going to NAIA Terminal 3 last October. At a roundabout about 2 kms from the terminal the hack pulls over into a Petron station, zeroes the meter and tells me there’s too much trappic. Then he waves his arm in something approaching an easterly direction and tells me T3 is “ober dur.” So I walked the rest of the way. Luckily I was traveling light and wasn’t pinched for time.