My Last 5 Months Bathing in Pinoy Stupidity

Greetings to all loyal members and newcomers of the blog!  I sincerely apologize for my extended absence from this site.  I’m sure some of you might’ve thought I’ve gotten locked away for doing something extremely vengeful knowing my vindictive nature, and some of you might’ve thought that I finally had escaped this hell-hole.  Well unfortunately, none of that happened.  My life had continued as it had always did here in the Failippines, where the simplest of matters always seems to go wrong.

Due to my heavy exposure in Pinoy society, I have so much to share.  I understand that the majority of us are veterans of Pinoy culture and are fully aware of the insanities that goes on around here, so I’m not going to share what many you have heard and seen a thousand times before.  I already came to terms that this place is hell, and it disproves god’s existence every time I see a suffering child, every time I see gaggle-fucks of pinoy drivers blocking the pathway of an emergency vehicle with its sirens on, every time where I’m required to pay more because of my physical appearance (being a foreigner), and every time when they manage to fuck up the simplest of shit that is fuck-proof.  My extreme frustration with this country had eventually boiled to a level of hate unimaginable, so extreme to the point where my input on this site would’ve been deemed to be extremely inappropriate and harsh, but thankfully at the same time I managed to find a friend on this site who I was able to voice those unrestrained thoughts and off the web.

After spending grueling days of being surrounded by loud and obnoxious Pinoys, I’ve managed to finally adapt (not conform) to their behavior, and changed my perception of them so I am not as infuriated with them as before.  This heavy exposure to them has molded my wisdom to astronomical levels, enough to the point where I had permanently embedded in my mind of things that I should NEVER do in Philippines.  Paying anything in FULL upfront is one of them.  One thing that I realized about Pinoys is that once they receive full payment for any service that has to be rendered to you prior to performing it, they have the inevitable tendency to either 1) Not perform the job they were paid to do, 2) Perform the job extremely sluggishly, or 3) Rack up on additional cost that has not been previously stated.  In other words, you have to pay them an extra incentive for them to actually do the job after already paying for the service fee.  It’s best to just pay half up front, then the other half when the job is completed when dealing with Pinoys.  I already stated why you shouldn’t pay them 100% up front, but why you shouldn’t you ever pay them 100% after completion?  Simply put, they wont take you seriously and would suspect a scam being that they are so used to being scammed by each other on a daily basis.  I tried paying a pinoy to do some freelance work for me with a promised salary after completion.  Turned out that the job was never done assuming that I would never pay him.  That’s why I suggest the half-and-half method is best, but your experience may vary depending on who you deal with.

Another experience I encountered when dealing with Pinoys is that whenever you engage in a conversation with one, the conversation will most likely end in them wanting money from you.  It’s quite rare that I conversed with a Pinoy just for the sake of having a casual social conversation.  Here is a relevant story to suit as an example.

– If you go to the Casino and gamble your money at the slots as often as I do, you may notice a few familiar faces roaming around talking to strangers.  The main culprits would be females.  I’ve been approached by these wandering casino girls a few times.  The first few times I willingly gave them a tip for making me lucky (only a myth) when I won, but there were these couple of times when I lost all my money while one of them were sitting next to me.  During the first of these two experiences, she actually had the nerve to ask me for money after leaving the slots.  The relentless begging she did had made me so sick that I actually told her to ‘fuck off,’ and she finally did.  The 2nd time this happened I predicted that it would happen.  I experimented to see how heartless this one could be.  After watching me lose all my money she asked me for 100 pesos, I pulled out my wallet to show her that I only had 50 pesos left.  I told her that it was for transportation and I needed a way to get home.  She then said,”50 is enough for me” as if she didn’t give a shit about me getting home.  This had enraged me to the point where I had yelled to the first beggar to “fuck off” when I exited the Casino.  Why should I give a fuck about the pinoy beggars when pinoys don’t care about me getting home?  That mentality had screwed with my mind for days, and it expanded to the point of  me not giving two shits about the beggars here.  No matter how young or how old, I’ve been telling them all to “fuck off” lately.

There has also been this instance while I was walking along the corridors at Mall of Asia, I was approached by a Pinoy who had kindly greeted me.  He claimed he was a guard at a hotel I stayed at last week (when I haven’t been at any hotels near that time, but maybe he mistaken it for my condo).  After that peaceful and joyous conversation, when I attempted to depart away from him he then called my attention again and requested me to give him money for lunch.  OF COURSE THE CONVERSATION WOULD END WITH HIM ASKING FOR MONEY!  It didn’t hurt to give the bastard 100 pesos, so I did.  Then he asked for more so he can buy lunch for his kids.  I figured that I didn’t even know this guy, and he probably would’ve asked for more to buy lunch for his whole extended family next.  So I simply ignored his plea and walked away.

Ultimately, avoid all conversations with random pinoys unless you are ready to fork over some money.  You pretty much have to pay for conversations in this country!

Another thing I had realized lately is that ALL pinoy women with a slight bit of intelligence are shit fucking crazy!  I only had horrible experience with pinays, and the friendships I had with them had deterred by me doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THEM!!!  I have 4 examples, and they are the ONLY 4 pinay friends I made on my own.  (Others are friends of my wife’s, but they no better than to get on my bad side).

Crazy Pinay #1: She is a Filipina American who I knew in the US Army.  We were extremely close friends and we knew each others secrets.  The biggest secret she told me was that she was bisexual, and I knew her lesbian partner.  Just a reminder, same gender relationships were punishable in the military before September 2011, and this was around that time.  Before her female lover came around, we were almost getting into the stage of having a relationship.  I knew a guy she worked with it who I spoke to once in a blue moon, and one day he approached me and asked,”Hey, I heard that your girl Maria was a lesbian, is it true?”  I simply said that I didn’t know, I alerted my friend that her secret was getting out and to be cautious since I didn’t want her to be punished, demoted, or removed from the service.  When I warned her about the word this guy told me, she had then accused me of possibly telling him because she thought I was jealous of her girlfriend.  I was outraged that she would even come to that conclusion, so I separated all ties with her and blocked her from all accounts for even thinking that stupid and to think of me being that disloyal.

Crazy Pinay #2: She was a girl I met at the school here.  We knew each other well and always sat next to each other in class.  One day she posted a photo of herself on facebook of her writing on a test paper.  I made a harmless jokingly comment saying,”60….. hahaha.”  (60 is the lowest possible grade a pinoy can achieve in most schools in Philippines…… achieving a 0% is impossible because the grading system here has been curved so dumbfuck pinoys can still pass their subjects, and most of them still do it with cheating…. ok, on with the story).  After that comment, she blew up in rage, then tells me that her mother was pissed at her for even thinking that she got a failing grade.  Just to keep in mind, her parents don’t  know shit about me, so why believe a random kano in the first place? Typical dumb pinoy….. She has always been the playful type, but was a total bitch with me for saying one short harmless comment.  So I had to cut that crazy bitch outta my life too… blocked her on facebook.

Crazy Pinay #3:  I had already announced this one on this blog before last year, but to briefly put it.  We were planning a night out, and she wanted to go someplace we haven’t been before, but she wanted me to pick the location and I had no idea of where to go.  After quickly searching for nightlife in Manila online, the first thing that popped up was “Makati P.Burgos Street.”  So I suggested P.Burgos Street Makati to her.  Surely enough, she had unleashed her inner demon on me.  I was totally oblivious as to why she was angry, but she backed me into a corner I couldn’t get out of.  She accused me of having these vile and nasty thoughts.  I mean really?  She is judging me based on what she is thinking that I am thinking, THERE IS NO WAY TO DEFEND AGAINST THAT!!!  She was fucking psycho and kept bombarding me with hate messages, so I had to lose her too.  Turned out that P.Burgos street was a red light district area, but after being there lately, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.  There were people, even some guys with female foreign friends, who were just socializing at outdoor resto bars like any ordinary couple, so I still don’t see what she so wired up about.  Anyway, I ended ties with her too.  You can catch this full story on the post I made about her titled,”Knowing my limits with a Filipna” which I posted on here about 8 months ago.

Crazy Pinay #4:  I knew this couple as long as I knew my wife, which was 8 years.  They both live in Philippines now and I’ve always been there to help them out.  I hooked the guy up with some residual income, which he only had to pay me 15% of for doing all the work.  I noticed his filipina wife (who he is illegally married to) started to resent me a little bit since she believes I deserve less than 15% (who had also fucked me over in a number of ways in the past, but that’s another story).  So she has been quite distant with me lately.  The guy, which is as dumb as a pinoy (sorry to admit, but true) needed  my help again, because in March of this year he wanted to fly back home to America for a while, and he doesn’t know how to book a plane ticket online, and neither does his dumb illegally married filipina wife.  So they had hit me up to help him purchase a one-way plane ticket to America (One-way was all that he could afford at the moment).  Keep in mind, they were both present when i bought the ticket and they were both aware that he was coming back.  Another known fact I should share is that he is wife is very controlling, and has him on a short leash.  Technically, the guy is a bitch and his wife wears the pants in their family.  After he flew home, I hit him up on facebook seeing how he is doing.  I wished him luck and told him to “ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM.”  His wife being a controlling bitch who monitors his emails and facebook account never gives him privacy, incidentally she saw that message and went ballistic!  She thought I meant ‘enjoying his freedom away from her,’ when I was referring to enjoying it away from Philippines, since we all know how it is.  Well that crazy bitch turned evil on me really quick!  She threatened my wife saying how it’s my fault that her husband left her, and how she plans to separate me and my wife apart.  She claims to know so many secrets about me that she wants to tell my wife so she can leave me.  She has even been sending some insane anonymous text messages to our phones trying to break us up.  Pretty much, all hell had broke lose.  She blocked me on facebook on her husband’s account so I can’t talk to him anymore.  She was driving me nuts, and I had to notify him how his wife was driving me fuckin crazy!  Thanks to ‘cookies,’ I had still had access to his email as well from when he booked his ticket, and in one of his emails I saw that he booked a return ticket back to Philippines (I bet he had help on the other end with that as well) which was inbound for April 21st.  That day, I surprised him at the airport when he arrived.  His wife was there so I guess she was notified as well.  I confronted that crazy bitch for acting out, and now that he returned, she had no excuse to act out the way she did in the first place.  I handle their money, so I’m just gonna take an extra 5% out of their allowance for her unnecessary behavior.


So there you have it folks!  4 out of 4 pinays who were shit fuckin crazy!  And as you saw, I did nothing to provoke them.  I am totally giving up on meeting crazy pinays because I will be damned if this happens to me a 5th time.  My life has been nothing but chaos during my absence on PFB.  I’m running out of people to vent my pinoy-related problems to, so I will be around to bitch and complain for a while.  I also had other personal reasons for leaving the blog, but I can only admit that in PM to avoid some certain spectators who I really don’t want reading about it,  plus it’s hard to believe.  Once again, I’m sorry for the absence, and I can not guarantee that it wont happen again.  I’ve been a busy guy lately and currently in the process of setting up a partnership business.  I miss you all, especially you familiar faces out there; Spartacus, CantFixStupid, FiloFail, Cebubear, Al aka shoot me dead, Kaine, Kevin, and anybody else who I forgot to mention.

I tell you all one thing, I was quite thrilled to hear how Mayweather had destroyed the very symbol of PINOY PRIDE.  I was excited to see the distraught that shunned upon countless Pinoys who were undoubtedly disappointed and heartbroken with the outcome of the May-Pac fight.  Even the Pacman himself couldn’t come to terms with defeat that he already had an excuse up his sleeve if in case he lost.  I know you all heard about that injured shoulder excuse he came up with after he lost.  Who wanna bet that he wouldn’t have mentioned it if he won?  I find it utterly irresponsible to not be in tip top shape for the biggest match of the century.  He even gained the media’s attention by also frowning upon Mayweather’s fighting style.  So what if he ran around a little bit?  It’s called ‘strategy’ and it gained him victory.  If he wants to blame Mayweather for running around, then he is also admitting that he is too slow to catch up to him.  Either way, a loss is a loss and he has to accept it no matter what excuse he has for his defeat.  I’m not big on boxing, but it absolutely gave me a massive hard-on for days to see that boxing can put a dent in their foolish pride.  PINOY PRIDE is one of the very reasons this country is in the foul state that it is in now, and they needed this defeat to loosen that pride a little bit so they can start being functional in other departments of life.

That’s pretty much how my last 5 months been while away.  Nothing new, I never left this filthy Pinoy soil, and I’m suffering just as much as everyone else here.  I’m running out of reasons to be here, so it wont be long til I find myself back home in the good ol Red, White, and Blue, where I will eventually get killed by some armed maniac due to our out of control gun laws.  I would rather die quick and happy, rather than a slow and miserable death by pollution, Red Horse, and high levels of stress.  That is life…..


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      FAFI Post author

      Thanks Filo… I only wish I had kept my article short and sweet, but so much had happened it was hard to summarize. I will stick around for a while. My new life is based on being online half my days, so I will be swooping in more often.

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      Here’s the thing, Fafi – Before you truly know a person (Filipino or other) – DON’T make “jokes”. You, first, need to know how people will take your comments. Making a “joke”, that someone else can’t understand, is a common mistake…

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    It’s like in 1 million women here in the Philippines ,there’s only less than 1000 women that is NOT like that . You’re so unlucky FAFI .

    I have read the Makati P.Burgos Street thing before I read this .
    and seriously , I feel so sorry for you, . especially when you said that you’d rather die fast in your blue red white country than to die slow here because of stress and pollution .
    I hope it doesn’t end that way . There is hope while you’re still living , maybe in your blue red white country, but NOT HERE IN OUR STUPID COUNTRY .
    I , too know that your country is facing a big problem right now . But you never know, just imagine if that happens here in PH , oh wait , anyone can possess a gun here .
    And if that really happens here , i will go immediately to Mt. Makiling and be abducted by some unknown creatures there .

    Welcome back to stress releaser site .

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, America has problems of it’s own too, but it’s mainly just problems that results in instant death. While in Philippines, the problem is EVERYTHING ELSE except death. America has excellent living conditions, but death comes to us quickly since we have maniacs running around with guns who will end your life at a blink of an eye. Here in Pinoy land, living conditions are terrible, and instead of there being a death problem, there is a ‘birth’ problem. There is just too many people in this damn country = overpopulation! Everything about this place sucks except for the extremely low cost of living, but I’m trying to reverse the negative aspects to my favor where it will benefit me. Thanks to pinoys being utterly dumbfucks, it is easier to introduce better ideas into the country that will make your business grow. Pinoys are too dumb to think of great ideas, that’s why they fail, that’s why remain stupid, and that’s why they remain poor (at least most of them). My ideas wont simply work in America because almost all the good ideas has been thought of already. Traveling to Philippines is like traveling back in time to reinvent something that has already been created in your own time. There are mountains of ideas/inventions that needs to be applied to Philippines, so pretty much almost any foreign business will succeed here (if the Pinoy government doesn’t extort too much money from your kano ass of course).

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        How soon you forget about one of the favorite pinoy pastimes. Pinoys riding tandem on singles, pulling up next to cars, jeepneys and such then shooting them. I forgot to mention they also do it to people standing on the sidewalk.

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      “It’s like in 1 million women here in the Philippines ,there’s only less than 1000 women that is NOT like that . You’re so unlucky FAFI .”

      I kind of agree with this..
      It took me a while but I found what I
      1. Needed
      2. Wanted
      I haven’t looked back since and I’m happy I found her. Crazy bitch level (-99999), this time I’m the crazy bitch. LOL, I hope she puts up with me.

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    Pinay Lover

    First off, I’d like to mention, your post “my wife is dumber than a box of rocks” cracked me up. I was getting insanely pissed off with my wife several months ago and I just couldn’t find anywhere to go. All this fucking rage inside of me was retained, bottled and ready to explode, so what did I do? I went to Google search and typed, “my stupid Filipina wife” and low and behold your post came up and I discovered this awesome site! Finally! People who feel my pain!

    “Ultimately, avoid all conversations with random pinoys unless you are ready to fork over some money. You pretty much have to pay for conversations in this country!”

    This would be a great title for your blog, since it represents the majority of the natives who don’t give a fuck about you and only give a fuck about your greenbacks. This is the ONLY thing I think of in the back of my mind when my wife is on Skype with her parents. I’m thinking to myself, “when are they gonna pop that money question? What do they want out of us now?”. What’s the fucking use of talking to someone if they always want something out of you? It drives me crazy. This is the worst part of the culture in my opinion other than procreating like roaches.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Hi Pinay Lover, I am deeply delighted to hear that my first article (which I wrote when I was an amateur blogger) had lead you here. That article never brings back memories since I’m always living those memories everyday. If I wasn’t as lazy and had more initiative, then there would’ve been a Part 2, 3, 4, and so on to that story. There is just no end to her nonsense, and I honestly don’t think there is enough storage space on this website (sorry Filo) to fully detail the endless expeditions of stupidity that I deal with her. Lately she has been shaping, due to the fact of being around me, but I realized that my influence has little permanent impact on her when she is surrounded by one or more pinoys within her vicinity. It’s like EVERYTHING I’ve taught her has been instantly forgotten as if she was flashed by one of the ‘Men In Black’ memory scrambler devices.

      So I figured trying to educate her is useless, so I just simply just increased my expectations of everything else that she is good at, and dedicated myself to leave her ass after ONE screw up. Well, that screw up did occur and I was in the process of leaving her. I packed all my shit and place it in the luggage and tried leaving her the next morning. Unfortunately she woke up early for a bathroom break that morning to realize that I had everything pack and was minutes away from heading out the door. She broke out in tears and started cutting herself with one of my Gillette razors, then started splashing the blood on me. So we ended up talking it out since she barred my exit with her body blocking the door. It was a very emotional moment for her, but I ended up not leaving her after all.

      The biggest improvement of her status is that I’m no longer providing for her family anymore like I did for the past 8 years, bout time their lazy asses exercised some initiative to take care of themselves for once! So that made it more bearable to stay with my wife for the moment. The only real thing keeping me here in Philippines now is this business I recently got into with another foreigner here. If for any reason that fails…. I’M OUTTA HERE!

      It’s quite inevitable that pinoys will ask for money at the end of every conversation you engage in with them, and it’s even worse when some has the balls to start the conversation asking for money. I just avoid all conversation and avoid any potential chance of them thinking I’m interested in conversing with them. Even eyeballing them can be potentially risky since if they see you looking at them, especially if they are selling something, you immediately get their attention. Then you end up getting moments of unwanted attention that you never asked for in the first place. That’s why whenever I see a salesman approaching in my direction, I put them in my blind spot unless I can spot something extremely interesting from afar before coming close enough to be noticed. It’s as simple as that, avoid conversation with them, and avoid eye contact with them. Ever since I’ve been here and approached by a pinoy with an offer, it’s never anything I want or need. You heard of the phrase, ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ Well in this country, it’s ‘curiosity killed the Kano’ if he stares at a Pinoy.

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        Pinay Lover

        There are these annoying floor walkers trying to sell you credit cards in the grocery store I go to. I would rather talk to them then Pinoy natives…..They are FAR worse, since they are more rude, self entitled, guilt tripping, parasitic, and useless. I knew my wife would come with luggage, but holy shit, I didn’t know it was going to be this bad. Her shit for brains parents are the only thing ruining the relationship and I’m glad there is a life span of 65, because that doesn’t give them much time left. I swear man, there is always some BULLSHIT thing that happens every fucking year. I didn’t get my vacation last year and now I’m finding out I might not get it this year either! This murdering auntie of hers (you can check out “Filipino: A Culture Enlaced with murder for money”) is about to die and now it might come to losing another vacation because of a funeral. bah……..

      2. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        That story about your wife has more drama than the soap operas shown on tv here, you’d make a ton of money if you’d star in a reality tv. 😉 On a more serious note, that’s really sad and messed up, seems like both of you are suffering too much from it already. It’s quite obvious that you don’t love her anymore because you are just waiting for the right timing to leave her and she does not love you enough to let you go. If your relationship has no hope anymore, maybe you can think of another way to break things off with her. Like explain to her why it has to end and why that’s better for both of you and make sure she understands. She’s emotionally unstable and you wouldn’t want to carry the guilt in your conscience if anything happens.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          She claims to have connections in the NPA and I’m not gonna risk my life to dump her for good. Pinoys act on their emotions, not reason and logic. Ultimately, she is better than most of my ogre choices back at home in America. The women there are single are either crazy, fat, ugly, too many kids, financially unstable, a pornstar, or there is some other reason why they are not wanted by others. In America, if you want a good women, you gotta catch her while she is still young. My high school years are over, and the choices gets worst in college. It’s already almost too late to find a decent woman in America around my age, and I’m not settling for some leftover American scum that came from ages of failed relationships….. I’m sure there are reasons why they were single in their late 20s and I don’t want any part of it! Yeah, the women in Philippines are complete dumbfucks, but at least I know the ONLY problem I will be facing with most of them is them being financially unstable and just being plain stupid. I probably can’t fix stupid (hahaha), but if I’m financially stable enough, then her financial problem wouldn’t phase me too much. So for now, I will just deal with idiot until she gives me more reasons to leave her. Ultimately, her problems are less than the average American chick. But everyone has different preferences.

          1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            NPA huh? That’s gotta be fake and even if she has connections with them, she probably doesn’t have the brains and resources to even locate you. If she says any of that weird stuff to you again, look her in the eye and tell her that you already told someone about her threats and should anything happen to you, that person will make sure that she and every member of her clan will pay for it. You could get creative in telling her what could happen, let’s see who has more nonsense to spew. 😉
            As to the American women, it can’t be that bad. There could be a lot of American women saying the same thing about American guys. “The men here who are single are either psycho, fat, bald, ugly, spend 80% of their income on child support, love speaking in tongues in church, all of the above or have gone all the way to the Philippines to look for Cinderella. You can’t find a decent guy anymore in America.” 🙂 According to Spartacus, the number of decent women here is less than .1% so you have a better chance in the US.
            You can deal with stupid but how much of her stupidity is due to environment and how much of it is hereditary, it will get passed on to your kids. You will have more to deal with soon. There is more than just stupidity though, there’s evilness involved. Who has the heart to threaten the life of someone who left everything behind for you and whose only family here is you? That’s very very sad unless you were being verbally or physically abusive to her also.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            According to Spartacus, the number of decent women here is less than .1% so you have a better chance in the US.

            Did I really say that? Damn….

          3. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            I don’t blame you for thinking that. Haha. I find it crazy how Kevin thinks the number of decent women here is less than .1% though, when he is a Filipino and should have seen what really goes on from the point of view of a Filipino. The reason why I think there are a lot of bad stories here about women is because foreigners tend to attract the wrong kind of women, gold diggers and social climbers etc. The good ones mostly just like to hang out with close friends and relatives and would not even consider dating a foreign guy unless we already know a lot about them. I don’t think the good ones are so fond of the american/western stereotypes that’s why. So you have to do a little bit of self-proving before they would even consider to date you. I am actually counting in my head how many decent women I know and it is a lot more than .1% .

          4. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            As for the NPA part, she claimed to have an uncle who were one of the leaders, and the last names did check out. She didn’t say it as a threat, but was just telling me one time during one of my visits to Philippines a few years ago. There was a time she told me a story of how her father was fucking around, so her mother sicked the NPA on his ass. So apparently, the NPA is on her mother’s side. As of now, no threats from her to me. But that is not my main concern and I don’t fear them that much. If I really wanna leave her ass, then I will just simply fly out the country. To make things even 100 times easier, she is not even here with me right now. I sent her down south to spend time with her family for 2 months. I can easily pack up and leave right now if I wanted to, but I am here for other reasons that requires me to stay here, like a partnership business I recently got into.

            I think my wife has potential. If a few Fil-Ams can pull it off, then why can’t she right? I expect her IQ to go up at least by 10 points within the first year in America if I brought her with me. She demonstrated to have some levels of focus, which equates to potential intelligence. If I can remove her from the Pinoy environment for a while, then I might be able to remove the Pinoy out of her. I know it all wont happen all at once, and it will never be completely, but I gotta do something about her idiot problem. She doesn’t look that bad (probably a 8 out of 10), no kids, she is very handy around the house (but lazy as fuck in getting shit done outside the house, like shopping), and her family is FINALLY being financially stable without my support (for a first).

            I noticed that my influence on her is extremely limited. I can coach and mentor her as long as I want, but as soon as one or more pinoy enters the picture, she become oblivious to anything I say to her and whatever I tell her is instantly forgotten within milliseconds. She deprioritize anything I say to her and gives maximum attention to her surrounding pinoys. Her stupidity gets tenfold, and becomes this unstoppable force of stupidity that no intellectual individual can conquer. I given up for now, but I will resume her intellectual training in America if she proves herself worthy of traveling there with me.

          5. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            Oh.. glad to hear no death threats yet. I guess I just expected everything to be psycho after reading that she was cutting herself with the gilette. 😉

            Well you know how the saying goes…. You can take the girl out of the Phils, but not the Phils out of the girl and ultimately not the girl out of the Phils. Haha 😀 If you think she has the potential then you might be able to pull it off. Goodluck!

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    “Ultimately, avoid all conversations with random pinoys unless you are ready to fork over some money. You pretty much have to pay for conversations in this country!”


    Oh yes we have all experienced that one. The ass lickers who think they can get a bit of a nibble on the Kano’s wallet. The sob story. The helpful “man from your hotel” that appears in the mall or on the street. The man who opens the taxi door. The kid with the umbrella. The overly talkative taxi driver.

    1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

      Yes, those who approach you are the con artists. They try to scam everyone including Filipinos but foreigners are their first priority because there’s a higher likelihood that the scam will work and the foreigners are likely to give them more money. My first ever interaction with them was when I was in HS. I was walking to the market with my classmate after school when an old guy approached us looking all sad and pitiful. He said he was from a certain province outside of Metro Manila and he needs money to get home. Growing up outside the main cities of Metro Manila and being very naive and sheltered all my life, that’s all he needed to say for me to reach in my pocket. But my classmate whispered to my ear and said it is a scam, grabbed my hand and we started running. The old guy started cursing at us, I got very scared thinking he might follow us. We kept running until he was out of sight. Growing up, I was never lectured by my mom about things like that, how will she when she easily falls for all sorts of scam herself and be in denial after? I do lecture the kids here though. I never want to tell them how bad people are at an early age but what can I do? It’s a wild world out there, they need to be prepared for the jungle.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I get that a lot when I have taxi driver who can at least understand a small hint of English. He tends to show off a lot with his English fluency by giving me an over-excessive, unsolicited conversation. I mainly like to just lounge in the back and enjoy the temporary solitude of a quiet environment before I am unleashed back into the jungle of noise when I reach my destination. That’s one thing you will never find in Philippines, and that is a ‘quiet place.’ Jeez, not even the libraries here are quiet (I only have the school library to emphasize this on, but that should be enough). I have a better chance of finding Big Foot than a Quiet Place in this country, other than your private residence dead into the night til dawn.

      I’m middle-age, and able to survive without any additional help. I seek aid as little as possible, but here it’s like aid is forced upon me, especially when it is clearly not needed. When this aid is rendered, a mandatory tip is being administered by the so-called ‘helpful’ pinoy.

      I don’t see very many kids with umbrellas in my area, it’s usually the hookers that walks my street during drinking hours that have them. I get kids at my local 7-Eleven who camps at their entrance doors opening them all day for customers. Long time ago when I actually use to give a fuck about Pinoys, I tipped them. But one day they have proven themselves to be ungrateful when my wife and I had walked in to pick up some beers for a cookout we were invited to. My hands were full from the purchase we made, so I intentionally gave my wife some coins (about 10 pesos in total) for her to give to the kid beggars opening the door. I couldn’t do it since my hands were full, so I left the ‘giving’ part to my wife. Well, we exited the store, the door beggars opened the door for us. My wife gave them the coins on my behalf. After walking through, those little ungrateful bastards still had the audacity to ask for more money from me. I tried to tell the little bastard as best as I could that the money my wife gave him was from me, but then he yelled,”GIVE ME COIN! GIVE ME COIN!” So I yelled back, “FUCK YOU YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BASTARD!” then walked away. I vowed from that day forward to NEVER give a pinoy beggar money again. My hands were full, so I couldn’t dig in my pockets. And I’m certainly not gonna take the time to stop, ground my bags of ‘glass’ beer bottles, just to fork over a few coins. Anyway, he was a child, so I didn’t expect him to grasp the concept of it even if I explained it to him, on top of that, it was only a pinoy, which clearly dictated that he will NEVER grasp the concept of logic and understanding anything from another perception other than his own.

      Being here is tough shit… now I’m yelling at children? What kind of heartless bastard has this country turned me into?

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      You don’t have to converse with these lazy low-lifes in order for them to beg! We can’t even stand for 5 minutes on a roadside without being approached for smokes (my ex-BF was a smoker), coins supposedly for food or drinks.

      I never ever give money to beggars. One time a beggar boy about 9 years old, (he could have been older) approached us for money for “food”. I offered to buy him some barbecue meat and rice. He can choose whether he’d liked chicken or pork or fish. He refused! He said he’d prefer to eat bread!! WTF? I told him to piss off!

  4. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Welcome back FAF, I assumed you had probably been assassinated and dropped in a ditch somewhere out there in a rice field. LOL

    No, Im serious….

    Anyway, nice story about the crazy women, I have run into that also sometimes you just can’t win. I finally gave up and went back to the states. It is good to be away from all that craziness for a change.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      It’s great to hear that you are back home and free; physically, mentally, and psychologically. Why don’t you do me a favor and drink a good ol American beer for me. Don’t worry, I will know when you do it…. I’m psychic……… or maybe I’m just psycho from all the insanities I’ve been exposed to from these 2 straight years I’ve been here. Yeah, 2 years may not seem like a long time, but I’ve been so heavily saturated by Pinoys in my surroundings that my insanity level is just as bad as a regular Kano who has been in Philippines for 10 years who sits in his man cave all day and not exposed to Pinoys on a regular basis. Can you imagine going to school with them for 6 hours a day, then going to SM about 3 times a week surrounded by dumbfuck Pinoys and their inferior customer service, then after that you go to a bar about 2 nights a week experiencing more dumbfuck services. I really do need the beer to dumb me down to their level, so beer is mandatory in this country to survive, because speaking intelligently is like speaking in another language to them.

      So how is the fresh air, green grass, and clean streets over there? Man I miss it a lot. But I know once I get back I’m gonna stop missing it again. No country is perfect, but it sure beats the hell outta the Philippines. Sometimes I wonder what is the most perfect country out there?

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        I know what its like to be saturated buddy, I feel you. I had to leave or I was facing criminal charges for assault and battery. I let things go too long and my buttons were pushed by the wrong people, some fucker eyeballing and making sexual comments to my woman, sly comments to both of us while walking by daily. *SNAP*..
        I had to leave or I would have murdered them, and I am as serious as a heart attack.

        Death threats were real and life went from hell to hyper hell in a matter of days, that’s when I decided I needed to eject once and for all.

        “So how is the fresh air, green grass, and clean streets over there?”

        This may sound cheesy but……….
        I walk barefoot in my green grass and those little 3 leaf clovers, I look at the really deep blue sky and enjoy the cool breeze and clean air. I walk at night I don’t see anyone, no one standing around watching me, no one pissing in the street, no trash littering every corner. I got a mail man bringing me mail on time, I have reliable package delivery.

        The only thing I would trade is the god damned Nanny state. This place has turned into such a clusterfuck of stupidity sense I have been gone. LOL
        Granted it not the same level as in the Philippines (some is) but it’s still bad. The good thing is currently one can ignore the stupidity they find here, whereas in the Philippines you marinate in it.
        I listen to the many variety of birds singing ,(Something I had forgotten about)

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          I try to reduce my saturation to the Pinoy environment by either delegating some task (that are fuck-proof) to my wife to carry out for me (like talking to a dumbfuck Pinoy in Tagalog to relay a simple message), or by utilizing as little pinoy services as possible. If I have to travel from point A to point B and a pedicab pulls up and offers me a ride, I would rather walk because I KNOW shit can get fucked up from accepting that service. I’ve been known for my excessive amount of walking because I rarely accept public transportation.

          Even if I am offered assistance inside the SM, I ALWAYS decline their help since it usually escalates to prolonging my search longer than it would’ve took for me to find something myself, or I get inaccurate information which totally shits on my parade (I’m sure you personal experience can vouch for that, no need for examples right?). Well, I lied about one thing…. I don’t ALWAYS decline their assistance because I found myself accepting it today.

          I was at SM browsing for some boxer shorts. Like always they try to convince you to buy the brand they are standing next to and don’t give a fuck about what you REALLY want. It was hard, but ignored all the employees who were trying to convince me to buy their particular brand as I browsed all the boxers in that area so I can dictate the one I wanna get based on price and quality. I came back around to the first station I was at where they were 199 per pair. They were all lightly packaged in a resealable cardboard wrapping to keep its shape while on a hanger. I could clearly see the sizes marked on the front, but you know how Philippines size varies, they are all never on the same page. One XL is sometimes bigger than another XL. So as I was taking it out the wrapper to get a first hand feel on it’s measurements, the annoying female employee who kept bothering me was desperate to help me (where I didn’t eve need help) and kept calling out “Ssiiirrr” to me.

          So I decided to give her the chance to help in her unusual way where I didn’t needed by saying “yes?” By this time, I had already taken the boxer shorts out of the package and getting a feel for it. She then asked me, “What size ssiiiiirr?” I then replied “2XL.” Lets keep in mind that she was staring at me the whole time seeing what I was doing. So she tried to assist me by taking out another pair of boxers that was the EXACT same size as the one I already opened, and not only that but the EXACT same color and style as the one I had already opened. Then she faced towards me and then said, “this one ssiiirr.” I looked at her and said, “I already have that one in my hands now, why did you open another one?” She then said,”but this one is 2XL.” Then I told her,”and so is this one…”

          She had pretty much made an ass of herself and she did nothing but made things more complicated. I had to waste a few seconds that I will never EVER get back in life on conversing with an idiot, and she made things harder on herself because she had to refold up the boxer shorts she opened up, and place it back in the package she got them from. She was still folding as I left to pay at the cashier counter. I was thinking about how much of a fuckin idiot she was and how she wasn’t any help at all to me. If anything, she only did the opposite of helping. But I understand that she was probably bored standing at a stall all day hoping for at least ONE customer to walk by, so she can say or do something to feel useful, so I gave her the opportunity….. Yeah, it was a very petty experience that effected me very little (or not at all really), but it felt great to get that story out. This was at the SM Department store. Really, how do you fuck up a job where the ONLY thing she have to do is stand there and look pretty? That transaction would’ve gone 100% more smoother if she did nothing at all, but her pinoy mind couldn’t fight the urge to fuck it up so she just had to get involved and added stupid where stupid was never present. I’m starting to think that the SMs would have better sales if they had no floor employees compared to having any at all…. not even one! I bet more will get done that way with faster customer transactions. That’s pretty sad, but due to my experiences, I would actually prefer it that way.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            LOL Dude I laughed so hard at this.
            I swear you could have taken that directly out of any random day I have had in SM. lol
            Man, it really is exact in every detail down to the underwear situation. oh my god man, thats hilarious!
            Not only that, but Im the same way about traveling. To me I prefer the exercise of walking and also its less hassle to deal with than taking public transportation. You know it has to be bad when I am walking down the road and pass the same people in jeeps over and over again because they are stuck in slow traffic.

            Did I ever mention the time I went to Ace hardware and was looking for some batteries. I was in a hurry and didnt feel like looking around even though I thoght I might be able to find them. I asked a guy

            “Hi . yeah can you tell me where the batteries are?”

            ACE: “Battaries sir”

            Me: yes please”

            ACE blank stare……. “Es dis way siirr”

            He takes me to paint thinner.

            Lucky for him his coworkers were there to make fun of him for it and all started laughing, “Tanga Ka! lol He said batteries dumb ass!” LOL

            That was one of the only times I laughed in front of them as they admitted to their folly. A pinoy first!

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            No you haven’t told me that story yet, but it great to hear it and it cracked me up. Especially of the part of being corrected. It’s once in a blue moon where a pinoy corrects each other, or even themselves. The only time where I’ve seen a pinoy correct each other is while ordering at McDonalds. When I was giving my complete order to a newbie cashier, I had clearly indicated everything I wanted all at once. But you know pinoys, you can’t give them a bundle of information, their brain will go haywire. So everything has to be given to them s-l-o-w-l-y piece-by-piece. So after already mentioning my complete order (consisting of the size, what drink I wanted, and dine in), she asked me what I wanted again one-by-one. After taking my order again, she goes back to get my drink and puts that on my tray first, which happens to be a fuckin Coke when I clearly said ‘SPRITE’ both times.

            Fortunately I didn’t have to go through the headache of correcting her, the manager who was over-watching her had did. The manager only corrected her because she noticed I was trying to grab the attention of the cashier as she walked away to get my fries and burger. At the end of the correction of mistake, I get the usual weak apology I hear countless times = “Sorrry Sss-i-i-i-i-r-r-r-r!!!”

            I’m glad that my story had gave you a laugh, but it’s not funny enough to be on shows like “world’s dumbest” (which surprisingly isn’t composed of just Philippine videos), but thing is. Their mishaps and utter stupidity is no joking matter, especially when it’s a core standard for them to fuck up at least a few times a day. Pinoy stupidity happens so frequently and impacts people other than themselves, which is why Pinoy stupidity doesn’t even break the ice of being funny. But when I see American stupidity when they are trying to perform stunts while being shit faced drunk and earn themselves a trip to the hospital. Shit like that is something I can laugh at! Pinoy stupidity does nothing but pisses me off and sends me a to a psychiatrist. I’m relieved to say that I’m still sane, but not sure how long that will last.

            Anyway, enjoy your freedom being back home. Don’t dwell on the good times you had in Philippines and start missing this place, or else you will wind up being back on here bitching with the rest of us again. Then again, it’s not a terrible place to for a short vacation, it’s just living here long term is what makes you wanna bite the dust. I was a happy 10 time visitor here up until now. Oh well that’s life and we make mistakes, but once outta this hell-hole, I will NOT be coming back! I’m gonna do something to ban myself from this country before I leave just to be certain I don’t come back. Like apply for a huge bank loan, max out a few credit cards, and buy a bunch of iphones on an installment plan and only make the down payment before leaving. Fuck yeah!

          3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            You know what kind of sucks?

            I have actually lived nearly half my life in the Philippines. Thats right nearly half….
            As much as I hate the philippines, sometimes I’m not comfortable here either, Isn’t that weird?
            Sometimes I feel like Im stuck between worlds. I come back over here and I am no one, I was no one there too, except that I had a story. Now I come back here and people think Im just some regular guy who probably never lived anywhere out of this state.

            Just random thoughts going through my head sometimes.

            Assuming I make enough money (which is highly unlikely) I may go back to the philippines and get one of those houses in an damn near empty subdivision. That way Im left alone far out where no one can afford to build a house, and no one can come in the front gate.

          4. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

            Talk about idiot hardware store owners. When I first came here, I brought my 18 volt drill gun along with some drill bits, some of which were made for drilling into concrete because my wife’s family’s house was made of concrete. I wanted to hang some shelves up for them because they didn’t have any shelves at all in their home because the walls were too hard to put a nail in. Anyway, while I was drilling a hole into the concrete wall, I wound up bending the drill bit into a ninety degree angle so I sent my wife (girlfriend at the time) down to the local hardware store or get a replacement drill bit. She came back and told me that the store owner said that he doesn’t have drill bits shaped that way. Wow!

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            JESUS CHRIST!

            Thats got to be some kind of pulling my leg joke lol..

            When some construction were building my apartment I tried to make it clear that I wanted traditional two inlet with the ground hole.. Not sure what you call it I was holding it in my hand though at the time.

            I wanted this because for some reason they love only using the non grounded outlets and so buying adapters was getting annoying. I showed it to the builders and they said “sorry sirr that is only for big houses.”

            Yeah.. Aparently the volume of living space I had was not suitable for ground big house outlets. Truth is they didnt want to have to run ground wires through the wall.. but you know, thats what they get paid for right?
            Not as funny as your story by a long shot, but the same WTF anti rationalism stands. lol

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            FAFI. I like the boxer story but must point out you missed a golden opportunity when the sales woman asked you if you needed help. You could have dropped you pants, whipped out your pecker and asked her if she thought all that would fit in that size boxer shorts.

  5. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    This is one story I have about beggars. My pinay gf works as a waitress in one of the top makati restaurants. A man used to wait outside all the time. He was dirty and dressed in rags. He used to beg..please please..hungry hungry.

    One day, my gf asked her Chef to cook some top notch food. She boxed it all up and handed it over to this beggar.

    His face just screwed up on the spot in disgust and he refused to take the food.

    “Give me coin!” he said.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Happened to me also.
      I had this guy come to my gate all the time asking for something to eat, so one day I gave him a whole bag of food. Rice, one of those holiday hams, a shit ton of canned foods, even through in a brand new can opener just incase.

      He takes the bag pissed off then proceeds to throw rocks at my house. SERIOUSLY?

      Another time, there was this girl maybe she was like 12 years old looking like total shit because of her clothes comes to my gate and I didn’t have much to give right, so I think I gave her 500 pesos that time. She comes back a week later and she was crying telling me her older brother took the money from her when she asked to buy something and she was sorry, and I decide to giver her two bags full of second hand clothes I purchased as well as some new stuff, as well as some food (I expected her return). Luckily her little brother was with her to help her carry it.

      That same day That girl was back and her older punk brother was with her to see what he could get, also his friend and the parents were back waiting in the distance. I could really feel the little girl was embarrassed and had been crying, I just walked away, and shut the door. Few minutes later cursing about how I’m cheap and the usual stone throwing.

      After that I became a heartless fuck for people there.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        Damn, that’s one hell of a story there Spartacus. I wouldn’t even go that far. Actually, when beggars dress up in rags part of me is thinking that it is a begging tactic to look poorer than they already are. Just think, you are more likely to give money or food to a pinoy who looks dirt poor compared a pinoy who looks like he just walked out of a classroom. Right? That’s why you see these weathered looking Pinays on the streets walking around with borrowed babies in their arms asking for money. Sometimes you know damn well half the time that baby isn’t theirs. There was a time while I was eating at McDonalds one morning in Malate, and I was sitting at one of the window seats staring at all the action that took place outside that morning. I sat and watched a lady who had went up to another lady who was sitting on a bed of cardboard with her child. After a short conversation they had, the approaching lady had picked up the baby (which still appeared to be sleep), and saw her walking around with it. A few moments later I saw her approach a foreigner, with the sleeping baby still in her arms, asking the foreigner for money by putting her hand out. Come on! Wouldn’t it be easier to ask for money if she had put the baby down back with it’s mother (or whatever the relation is).

        I seriously think they do that to look more helpless, pathetic, and poorer than they actually really are so we pity them and be more likely to give them money. It’s a very sad practice, but I saw that happen before my very eyes while chowing down on a Sausage Egg McMuffin.

        As far as an experience in relation to you guy’s story, I have one myself. One scorching hot day as I was walking down the street, I decided to stop by nearest 7-eleven to pick up a drink. Upon entering, I noticed a pinoy who was covered in filth and tar from head to toe. He was fuckin dirty! My choice of drink was a can of grape Royal, I rarely drink those because they are only served in cans. Then I decided to get that guy a little something, so I picked up a pouch of grape zesto. You know, the cheap drinks that runs for about 8 pesos. After checking out and leaving the store, I approached the guy and tried to hand him the drink I bought for him… and it was still cold. He gave me an odd stare, then shook his head no fearfully as if he thought I was trying to feed him poison. After a 2nd attempt, he just wouldn’t accept it. So I said, “that’s your loss buddy, I was only trying to help.” I then poked the straw through the pouch and drunk it as I walked away.

        I mean, this guy was dirt poor homeless, and I’m sure he rarely gets any food. I really wondered what was going through that guy’s mind when he refused the free drink I offered him? Whatever, that was a year ago when I actually gave a fuck about pinoys, and something like that wont happen again because I had already learned to not give a flying fuck about pinoys anymore. It doesn’t matter how old, how young, how dark, how white, how fat, how thin, how dumb, or how smart (if any) they are. I don’t give a shit about them because I see how little they give a shit about me if the situation was reversed. I’m afraid that this IDGAF mentality may affect me when I get back home, but friends may say that I need this, because I have always been the type of guy who cares too much and had always gave a fuck about everyone before. I think it’s good that I learned how to not give a fuck.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          While living in Quezon City my wife ran a sari sari out of the front of the house. Well there was this one woman , Jinky who would come around and buy smokes with money she begged. At night she would sleep in the dirt by the basketball court therefore she never bathed. Jinky smelled so bad that I knew when she was coming 5 minutes (depending on direction of the wind) before she arrived to buy her smokes. Needless to say the odor chased other customers away and staff ran to the back to avoid waiting on her. The only clothes Jinky had was a tee shirt that went down to mid thigh but it was in decent shape.

          Well sleeping in the dirt with only a tee shirt soon took a toll on the tee shirt. The back started to go out so when she walked down the street you could see her ass. I have to admit if she got cleaned up she would have been a good looking woman. So one day Jinky, who I started to call Stinky Jinky came to the store for her smokes. The odor and worn out tee shirt too much for me to take any longer. SO I called my wife to the front and told her to tell Stinky Jinky what i say.

          I told Stinky she could use our cr to take a bath and I will supply the soap, shampoo and other needs. On top of that if she showers I will get her some clothes. As you might have guessed Stinky Jinky refused. So I increased the pot. Told her all of the above and P500 if she only would take a bath. Still a refusal. I did offer up to P2,000 if she would only bath just to be told no.

          Go figure that one. But there was one good thing about Ol Stinky Jinky who was about 30 at the time. She would come to the store with no money wanting smokes or something else and say she would pay for it by a certain time or date. Sure enough she always did.

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        Spoiled rotten children is all they are. ESPECIALLY the adults, they are the worst child brained greedy bastards I’ve ever had the “pleasure” to experience.

        For example, my wife’s sister wanted to find something she could afford for her parents to live in. She suggested some ideas and the mother had a fit, “I’m not living there, you have to buy this land or I’ll disown you as my child!”. They are truly dirty rotten children who deserve to live in the filth they’re in.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          ” I’ll disown you as my child!”
          If I had a dollar for every time I heard this from someone’s mother while I was in the Philippines, I could purchase a house in Forbes Park by now.

          Its over the slightest infraction.
          Ultimate manipulation.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            IT’s truly sickening Spart. I despise her parents, but yet, I have to embrace them because if I don’t, there goes my kid and my wife! ANd you know how it is in a 1st world in North America. The man is SCREWED by the justice system. No custody of the child and having to pay for child support. This is the most difficult situation I have ever experienced because I love my boy TOO much and will make these sacrifices to keep him safe from them. They want to see him? they have to come to my house and live under my rules. Then they can go back to their hell hole and hopefully never return.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Basically that’s my story in a nutshell.

            I simply reached my shit limit after more than a decade. I lost 60k dollars to that family, I lost three careers to that family, I lost three college educations to that family, I lost my house, my car, all my belongings from 15 years and perhaps worst of all I lost my 10 year old daughter to that family and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.

            That was after spending 5 years away from her just to try to give her a better life. I even joined the military during a time of war no less, getting deployed within months of being at my duty station. All this, just because I thought the military would help me get my family to the US easier. Those mother fuckers don’t know anything about what I went through in all these years of dealing with them; all the shit I have had to do, all the sacrifices I have had to make, and what I have become to get this far only to be left with nothing whatsoever.

            FUCK THAT SHIT FOREVER!!!!!

            It got to the point where the stress was so bad that I started hating Filipino people in general. I started blowing up at the slightest thing. Had to come back to the states, or I would be locked away in some Filipino prison cell murdering everyone around me right this minute.

            While I hate having to leave my daughter behind, atleast I have a fighting chance over here in the states now.
            As soon as I get my state residency, I’m filing a divorce and moving on with my life.

            Fortunately my ex wife to be never got her US citizenship, never even got to go to the US or get her fancy blue passport, so she can suck it. In typical fashion however, before I even moved out of the house, she had another guy lined up who is living in San Antonio Texas. LOL

            Im just an evil bastard to that guy, Ill let Karma play this card for me…. haha.

          3. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            I hope they don’t turn your daughter against you. Some people are very childish that they get the kids involved in all their drama. I’m really glad that you are with a good woman now, you deserve it. I hope you’d be able to have a relationship with your daughter again, and possibly be able to get her to live with you instead when your ex-wife starts a life with the other guy. Now if I am not an atheist, I would say that I will include you in my prayers but I know for sure that thing doesn’t work. And judging by your character, it seems like you wouldn’t need a God to make things happen for you. Goodluck 😉

          4. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            They have tried to turn her against me, I hope it doesn’t work. I send money to her but I’m not sure if it ever gets there as no one ever contacts me anymore.

            I send balikbayan boxes JUST for my daughter alone with birthdays gifts, though who knows if it actually will make it there, no one would tell me.

            My Ex thinks she is going to have a life with this guy, but I think he isn’t willing to put out the effort.
            Get this, the first time she mentioned this guy to me I was fine with it, I wanted her to find someone else. But the douchebag wanted me to stay married and bring her to the US. and essentially be his little bitch delivery boy and bring his wife to the US as my wife then divorce her so they can marry..

            LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!

            Well, I was getting lots of threats by my ex and making my life general hell and threats to my daughter so I complied right, at least I said I would do it, I never intended to.
            She then lied to me attempting to manipulate me into getting her to the US by saying that that guy had no interest in her anymore.

            Wrong… As it turns out they were still secretly involved and were still trying to get me to take her to the US so they can get married. She used my daughter against me at every turn. Its for your daughter, its for your daughter, what will I tell her if you do this, bla bla bla.

            I told her I never intended on petitioning her to the US to get married to the other guy, She went shit crazy making threats. I told her none of those matter anymore and if she wants to ever come to the US she needs to relax and start thinking.

            Why? ………… Because I have over two years of screenshot skype communication proving :
            1. Hostile home environment where my daughter lives enough that I can actually take her into custody. Proven hostile by her own admission in her own words.
            2. Conspiracy to commit immigration fraud on the US, as well as felony tax evasion by the guy.
            3. Conspiracy to commit other various crimes in the Philippines and the US if she got there.

            So I hold the cards now.

            Im not an atheist myself, but the fact you said “you would have me in your prayers if they worked” tells me that you atleast have some compassion for my situation. So I thank you for that,..Really.

            Yeah, it has been a pain in the ass for sure. Imlucky that the woman I’m with now is willing to take me with all this bullshit baggage I’m carrying. I’m damaged goods as they say. LOL

          5. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            That is really messed up. She is very selfish to put the kid in the middle of your dispute. She knows that it is in the best interest of your kid to have a relationship with her father. Whatever misunderstandings you two have, she should put it aside for the sake of her own kid. She seems very immature, she does not deserve to have a kid because she is still a kid.

            I am not sure if you can use those skype conversations as evidence in the court, you should consult a lawyer to make sure that it can be used and ask him what better evidence can you collect in order to have a stronger case.

            Don’t you have any friends who live near your wife’s place? Maybe you can ask someone to check on your kid for you.

          6. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            No, I know no one else in the Philippines unfortunately.

            As far as the skype conversations go, the lawyer did take a look and said it is pretty much the nail in the coffin as far as her ever being able to legally go to the US..
            Open admission of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud doesn’t sit well when brought up at your immigration interview.

            It doesnt matter anyway, its almost over now, I’m restarting everything.

          7. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            I see, I am not so concerned about your wife being able to go to the US, unless that could cause complications with you getting your daughter, that I can’t think of right now. What’s more important is you’d get the custody of your daughter. You don’t want her growing up in a bad environment.

            I hope your wife would mellow and she’d let you talk to your daughter.

          8. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Well basically I have resigned myself to the notion that I will probably not see my daughter again until she is a legal adult, or atleast close to it and can travel on her own.

            At that point I don’t see a reason why she can’t come to see me and stay with me even if she wants. When she is an adult Ill even let her stay in my house if she wants as long as she wants.

            It’s this method I plan to use to make things flow smoothly from here on out in my life. I have grown accustomed to sacrifice. So as much as I would like to see my baby girl and hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her; I’m just gonna have to suck it up and wait it out.

            Is she being told I don’t love her? probably,
            Is she being told I abandoned her and I’m a worthless piece of shit? Probably..
            I can’t do anything about that right now, My ex will tell her whatever she want. Ill just let her grow up and find out for herself, better or worse.

            But yeah, I need to really take the time now and carefully walk through this mess step by step without being in a hurry, as thats what caused so much trouble in my life thus far.

          9. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            Hey Spartacus, I can really feel your pain and I know how it feels. I can relate to your daughters point of view because at one point in life I was placed in the same exact situation she was in. I was around my mother most the time and she had always talked down on my father a lot. She is a very negative person and very lacking of diplomatic skills. At the age of 14 I was given the privilege to leave my mother and experience living with my father for once. Turns out that not all of what she said was true, but he was quite a sociopath and compulsive liar who was covered in layers of frosting to hide from the full of shit that he really is.

            In my situation, I was lucky enough to experience living with both parents. For your sake, I hope you get that lucky too Spartacus. It’s quite a bummer that you are being deprived the right to see your daughter, but it’s just as you said. Your time will come when she is old enough. Would be even better if she got lucky like me and had the opportunity to be with you earlier than adulthood. I have many more words of wisdom I would like to say to comfort you on this situation, but I normally refrain from saying too much on ‘family’ topics to avoid saying the wrong thing, when meaning no wrong intention. I just want to wish you good fortune and hopefully one day things does turn out in your favor. No amount of wise words from me can turn this around, but I do hope for the very best.

            I’ve always believed that good things come to good people, so your time will definitely come Spartacus. Talk to you later.

          10. Profile gravatar of vinzz

            Hi spart,
            your story is really touching, im sure you will bounce back after such hardship.
            When im in trouble with my wife , it was really my biggest fear to see her going back in pi with the kids.
            Now the oldest is more european and i think it’s ok but the Young spend more time in pi with her mother and it will be longer to adjust for her but soon she will be able to think by herself too.
            My luck is the fact the family of my wife is reduced and the fact we started the family in europe.
            I m so afraid with the kids cause it’s what happened with the sister of my wife : she keep her son and separate with the father who have never been able to see his son : now its the grandmother who feed the kid.
            More i know the philippines, more i feel blessed i didnt abandon my job in France and sell my modest house to stay in this islands.If i did i know im ruined now.
            After all, My frustration is only about the laziness of my wife, and the money lost there (the price of almost 2 nice Ducati bike i could owe now if i were less dumb there…)

          11. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “I simply reached my shit limit after more than a decade. I lost 60k dollars to that family, I lost three careers to that family, I lost three college educations to that family, I lost my house, my car, all my belongings from 15 years and perhaps worst of all I lost my 10 year old daughter to that family and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.”

            That shit makes my heart drop man. I’m pissed off to high heaven for you, because I think I can understand an element of your sorrows. I just remember back when my kid was going to be born, those scum bag freeloaders were convincing my wife to give me 2 options:

            1: Send the kid to them so she can keep working full time and send them money
            2: Sponsor the Dad

            I obviously didn’t agree to ANY of those requests and soon after my wife was returning the ring I gave her which I think was a con job by the parents to blackmail me, but that didn’t work. I stood my ground and kept the ring. She and her parents were probably convinced that I would be scrambling to get the ring back on her finger and committing to their bogus requests, but I didn’t work and I basically gave them the finger and never talk to them now!

            They absolutely hate me now, I’m sure of it. Every chance they get where they hear I did something wrong that effected my wife, they are all over that telling her to break up with me. I consider myself a little lucky with my Filipina though, she is not a gold digger at all. She may be a money moron, but she isn’t one of those users. She had the chance to hook up with a wealthy guy and she turned that down and ended up with a poor guy! ha…which is me!

          12. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “Its over the slightest infraction.
            Ultimate manipulation. ”

            Its a part of the “culture” after all!

          13. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My wife did not invite nor inform her mother of our wedding. Her mother tends to be mean. Well my wife goes to the bank one day and happened to run into her mother and guess what happens? The mother beats on the wife for one simple reason. I did not buy the mother a house because I married her daughter. Maybe I should keep the house and give the daughter back.

            We gave my wife’s brother a job with room and board. Then his wife and son. How did we get paid back for helping them? He stole over P20,000 worth of tools as he walked out the door. Now here is the arrogant part. They called my wife asking for the P800 due from their wages!!!! I steal from you but you pay me now!

            That seems to be a motto with her family. I’m the first they run to if they need help. I’m expected to loan money (in filipino that means give as they never pay back) or help out any way they need while paying all the cost. YET if my wife ask them for help first thing I hear is PAY US FIRST!

            So off to the store they go to get the items we gave them money for. What happens even though they were paid to go get it? They add to the cost of each item to squeeze even more money.

            But here is my favorite one. My wife and I needed someone to watch our son while we were away so my wife asked her mother. We paid fare for her to come from Manila. Well she stayed in our house, ate our food while caring for our son, no problem there. So about two months later she decides to go back to Manila. My wife got her a tourist ticket on the ferry as she requested. Fine no problem. Then good ol mom demands P3,000 for snack money during the three day ferry trip. She even told my wife that if she was not given the P3,000 she would go to our house and burn it down with our son inside.

        2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          That ‘disowning’ part kinda freaks me out. Do parents really have that much influence on their children in the Philippines, and if so, then up to what age? I know Filipinos (mainly the Filipinas) believe in this cultural value called ‘indebtedness.’ Which means how they owe their parents for the many years of support they gave in raising them, and feel the need to pay them back. With that said, how do I know that my wife is just conforming to the ‘indebtedness’ value of staying with me to support her parents for these past 8 years? Not just my wife, but it could be anyone’s Filipina wife.

          Fortunately, I no longer have a need to support them anymore, which has been a huge plus lately! Last paycheck I ever had to give them was on April 1st, and haven’t sent them any more money since then, and never will again, but that doesn’t exempt her just yet. My level of usefulness to her and her family extends beyond just finances. Of course for being a foreigner, I offer a lot of intellectual support and ideas to improve their lives, but that should be a given, but the thing is that everything we do is never mutually beneficial and never has been. That’s not a huge deal since I’m the independent type anyway, but it gives them something to think about before asking for anymore favors.

          Back to my point…… If parents can disown their child for something like that, then would they disown their daughter for not making their foreign BF or husband happy enough to send them money? For those of us foreigners who may claim to not give money to their lover’s family, you don’t know if it’s being done indirectly. Like your Filipina GF/wife giving the allowance you gave her to her family, instead of spending it on herself like you wished. There has been few times I caught my wife doing this with the 4k/month allowance that I give her. She will sometimes add that to the 16K I gave her family to make it a solid 20k, then end up not having money for herself that month to do what she want, then tries turning to me for money. I caught her doing that one time and decided to reduce her allowance by half for that month. She has to learn to start living for herself, and quit being a tool for her worthless family.

          Anyway, I said enough.

          1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            You make some great points Mr FAFI!

            Yes Filipinos can be parasitic and hard as nails when it comes to relationships but they also seem to forgive stuff that no Kano person would. After all, being brought up in the land of lies and corruption, theft, fraud, lies and scams are an everyday thing. They get used to being treated like shit.

            However, Kanos seem to trigger a response that the average Filipino cannot. Kanos can flip out flips (no pun intended) VERY easily. This is all tied in with their jealousy and sensitive egos. I wrote a post on here about a Filipina I dated for 7 months and went really well. Until, that is, I refused to pay for her apartment deposit. Then I was thrown out like trash.

            Most filipinos follow everything their family tells them. I know offshore debt slaves here in the UK who work 7 days a week, evernings and nights. Every penny goes home. Then they get their siblings to come over and do exactly the same thing.

            I suppose to answer the question about a family disowning their own offspring when there’s a cash drought is something one of the flips can only answer. I’ve personally never heard of a case of it. BUT I do know some flips who have reduced their cash flow to zero and keep their family at arms length. In these cases the flips are near retirement and realise they will need their cash in the very near future for their own needs.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “Yes Filipinos can be parasitic and hard as nails when it comes to relationships but they also seem to forgive stuff that no Kano person would. After all, being brought up in the land of lies and corruption, theft, fraud, lies and scams are an everyday thing. ”

            But they tend to forgive those who have money and clout, especially if she’s married to a Kano. Therefore, are they forgiving as a good Christian or do they forgive because of mercenary motives?

            This culture of dependency is the lowest of the low. Most mammals in the animal kingdom nurture their young and send them off on their way once they’re capable of doing so. Can anyone think of any other species in the world who takes from their young?

          3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Mmmmm. I don’t know Sarah, from my experience Filipinos seem to hold grudges eternally. At the very least they make damn sure you don’t forget the mistake you made.

            I’m not attempting to make a moral comparison between westerners and Filipinos pr se, as I have seen both act like total ass clowns when it comes to letting shit go.
            Though, you may be right about forgiving people with money, or anything else. I think filipino people are simply so used to getting lied to and scammed that its easy to turn a blind eye to it even if it’s your own family.

            So it’s more like willful ignorance of it rather than actually forgiving them. They seem to prefer to stick their head in the dirt and pretend it isn’t happening.

            I never had that Problem with my American family. Before the age of the internet however, my family was pretty close and paid attention to each other. These days though they seem to be somewhat disconnected from not only family but reality as well.
            Filipinos on the other hand may be disconnected from reality in some ways, but Ill give them that they do at least take the time to maintain family ties even if its for formalities sake.

          4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            It’s impossible to live in the philippines if being conned, lied to and cheated bothers you. So as you say, people have become so used to all the shit that they stop commenting on it. Sometimes I think they even stop seeing it. They are in some kind of altered state, just surfing on a sea of bullshit.

            I’ve seen some Kanos develop a dual personality. One English Kano I know who lives in Manila is one of the most gentlemanly people you can meet. Softly spoken , considerate, trustworthy etc. But if some flip comes over asking for money or tries to but in our conversation in a bar somewhere he freaks out and says FUUUCKKK OFFFFF!. Then he reverts to his gentlemanly state.

            Jeckle and Hyde Kanos!!

          5. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            hi kalbo, the word Kano is only used for Americans because the tagalog word for it is AmeriKANO. Whenever I read posts from you and see the word Kano, I always think you were referring to Americans. Did you just mean foreign whenever you use that word?

          6. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            haha! If you were English and wandering around the Philippines, you too would be called a Kano! “Hey Joe!”, “You American!” etc. After a while you would give up denying you are a Kano and just become one, it’s much easier.

          7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “from my experience Filipinos seem to hold grudges eternally. At the very least they make damn sure you don’t forget the mistake you made.”

            I agree. Pinoys hold their grudges deep and not only that, they are treacherous to boot in order to get revenge! Some take their revenge slowly and deadly, others take their revenge quickly and deadly. The deadly revenge, they seemed to do this with non-family members though.

            Back in 2010, I was holidaying in my Mum’s province when I heard news very early in the morning that a farmer hacked to death another farmer, the latter being of 70+ years of age. The cause of the fight? Firewood, goats and a burning hut!

            The 70 year old farmer had goats and was allowing the goats to roam to other people’s lands, eating the crops. When the younger farmer (45 years old) complained, the old farmer burnt the younger farmer’s hut. He paid for his life. In this instance, a plain old bolo was just as deadly as a gun.

            Life is cheap in the Philippines.

          8. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            Some tactics of revenge is carried out very stupidly too. There are Filipinos out there (like my wife and her crazy friend), who tried to exact revenge on some girl from ripping her off. So she thought by performing witchcraft will teach her a lesson. They actually had exerted the effort of buying a black candle (which is used in this ritual) and the ingredient necessary to carry out this futile revenge scheme. I don’t know if it didn’t work, but if a Filipino really wants to seek revenge on me for thinking that I wronged them in some way, I would recommend them to do this to me. That way I know I am making them waste money and time to do something to me that will not work. LOL…. fuckin idiots!

          9. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            What the heck. Hahaha. That is beyond stupid. Don’t hate me for saying this but if you are to gather a group of random pinays around you, wear a blindfold, turn twice and point to any one of them, I will bet half of everything I have right now, that the person will be smarter than your wife. Which cave did she come from? Bracing myself for the retaliation. Hahaha

          10. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “Which means how they owe their parents for the many years of support they gave in raising them, and feel the need to pay them back.”

            This is the con job that parents have created so they get a free ride, early retirement and lots of free money to sit around and do nothing. It’s a reward that only rewards parents and NOT the children, since the children will be broke by the time they retire and have nothing for themselves. I look at it this way, if you chose or accidently had a child, you reap no rewards and have to raise that child and learn from your mistake. That’s a part of being a parent, and if you had a child to beg from him/her and bleed him/her dry of his/her future, you are not a parent, you are a dictator and manipulating con artist. Simple as day.

            Parents provide for children. That is their job. Parents are not meant to TAKE from their children. CHILDREN are meant to take from parents since parents are their natural providers. Not the other way around. But as Filo mentioned, everything is ass backwards there.

            My big question is, what happens to the next generation who have kid’s if they have to support the family back home and their own kid’s? Where are they going to end up when they get old? They will have nothing for themselves and nothing to leave their kid’s because they were ROBBED BLINDLY! Plain as day.

          11. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            They usually give their parents a good chunk of their income while they are single, but once they get married, they either stop giving or give just a little bit. I don’t know the case with foreigners though, maybe they expect too much from you just because you are foreign $$$. Well they can expect all they want, who cares about their expectations. 😉

  6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “I’m not living there, you have to buy this land or I’ll disown you as my child!”.

    If she was my mother, I’d have told her “go squat somewhere else! And don’t even expect a peso from me for whatever reason!”.

    Sadly, so many Pinays would bow to emotional manipulations and “tampos” and give in. I wonder though what makes these Pinays blindly obey their rotten parent? The fear of being disowned? So what are the consequences for being disowned? Let’s see…. no more money or “pasalubong” demands, she will save more money and be able to focus everything on her husband and children. So what’s wrong with that?? The cons….. there will be nowhere else to holiday?

    Pinay Lover, so what was the outcome of that mother’s demands to her daughter? I would hazard a guess that the daughter gave in?

    1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
      Steve Declerck

      Me too, I’m sure she gave in. Just experienced another such shit last weekend. When my wife started to work, we made an agreement, I would pay the whole mortgage and ALL the bills and she would provide food. Now she’s unemployed but receives still 1250 euro per month, not bad at all. After deducting her gasoline, car insurance, health insurrance, she has at least 1000 euro left to fullfill what we agreed. But of course making an agreement with a filipino is useless, we all know that.

      Half of the month, we are facing a near empty refrigerator. Yesterday when I arrived home my food was 2 crackers and a glass of water. They have better food in jail !!! Of course every month there are emergencies in Philippines and she’s happily sending her unemployment benefit there, behind my back. She clearly doesn’t know where are her priorities. When she got married, she should have known that her priorities are her own family now, and later on her child. But clearly her priorities were never with us. Even her own child has to eat shitty food because of those lazy bastards. We had a huge quarrel again last sunday and I didn’t give a shit it was mother’s day. I asked her if she finds it normal that her fucking relatives are deciding our finances every month. But of course argueing with a Filipino is like argueing with a wall. Typical stupid behaviour : she blames everything on me. I’m heartless, I don’t have emotions, I don’t understand the situation. …… And the bad thing is, there is no way of stopping her. Next month, she will just do the same thing again and again. She is sentenced to life long suffering by her asshole relatives ! And everybody is affected while those parasites have easy life. The only thing they have to do is walk to western union and pick up the money, and afterwards waste it, that’s the only job they do. And then they will post a picture on facebook of one of them singing in front of the church, eyes closed, hands in the air, telling how BLESSED they are by the LORD ! Morons ! I could kill those hypocrites !

      And to give an example what a moron my wife is, I really have to share this, I really have to. Of course we never have sex anymore, our marriage is completely ruined. So last week the dear family in Failippines had bad luck again (yes, again), and you know what she told me ? “I masturbated yesterday, it’s because of that. Whenever I masturbate, the next day something bad is happening. It’s because of the sin”. I think she’s ready for the mental hospital. And she clearly believes it it’s because of that ! She was dead serious….

      Just venting, I needed it, Regards…..

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        Hey Steve, you said your boy is around 14 of age correct? Just another 4 more years buddy and you can ditch the bitch. The divorce might take a toll on you, but at least you don’t have to pay child support!

        And hey, if she gets a big share of money, don’t worry about it. She will spend it all on those useless parasites and have nothing for herself and she can go ahead and enjoy her self induced stupidity!

        1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
          Steve Declerck

          Hi !

          He’s 8 years old. My 14 year old boy is from a previous marriage.

          Yeah, I’m sure she will send it all there. Buy them a land and build a house on it. It just pisses me of those bastards will still have a good time with everything I worked for .

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “I masturbated yesterday, it’s because of that. Whenever I masturbate, the next day something bad is happening. It’s because of the sin”.

            Man, that is hilarious. I’m trying to come up with a story to out match your wife’s stupidity, but I don’t think I can top that one. My wife is a bloody money moron and moron in general too. Dude, for your sake, I hope karma hits those fuckers LONG and HARD. I seriously hope a typhoon comes and just wipes that family out so you don’t have to suffer through her stupid shit anymore.

            Why the fuck does she have to bring herself and everyone else down with her? It’s pathetic and plain stupid. I told my wife and her sister this once, “why don’t your parents come here and work and we will stay in the Philippines and collect money from them and see how they like it”. They didn’t like that comment, but I don’t really give a fuck. I call it as I see it, and their greedy, low life, freeloading mentality is just that and needs to be addressed.

            I try to just stay calm and laugh all this off now. I now look at my wife as nothing more than a child so now I talk to her in calm adult voice as though I’m reasoning with a child and let her blow up all she wants, as I stay calm and collected.

            My wife’s murdering Aunt is about to die and of course she wants to just up and leave and go over there. We got in a big argument about that one because I will have missed 2 vacations in a row if I give this years up. So long story short, I told her the only way she can go over there to see her Aunt is to cancel all vacations and use that money so she can see her worthless, murdering Aunt. She doesn’t want to do that though, because she is a moron and doesn’t care. I told her we only have enough money to do one or the other, we can’t afford both. She thinks somehow she can save up to go there but she has to pay her debt off first. She is truly a very stupid selfish person. I gave up my vacation last year for those useless parents last year and I was willing to give up my vacation for her to go to the Philippines, but she flat out refused and made things difficult instead by threatening our family with more debt again!

            I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle. I seriously need legal advice because if there is every a split, I don’t want my kid taken away and sent to the Failippines, because that’s exactly what she’ll do just so she can make money and support her worthless parents. I told my co-worker this earlier today. I feel like my wife is on the edge of a cliff with my boy and the closer I get to her to try and save her, the closer she gets to falling off. That’s how it feels for me, she is nothing but a sinking ship with her entire useless family bringing me, my boy, and my side of the family down with her. I can’t number the amount of times I’ve had to ask for my parents assistance for something because of my moron wife and her irrational decisions.

            Filipino’s who give all their money away to freeloaders are not being generous, they are being SELFISH. Why are they being selfish you ask? Because they are ruining their marriage, their own children’s future and destroying their own future and not only that, they are contributing and enabling laziness back in their worthless piece of shit country.

            Selfish, selfish, selfish all at the same time calling YOU selfish and saying YOU are the problem and one of my favorites, “it’s all about YOU”. She loves to say that one. Fucking useless bitch some times I tell ya. I now stay calm through all this and just keep drilling her with questions. “so explain to me how it is all about me?” her answers are dry and worthless of course. “so I give up my vacation to your parents for a house, I am willing to give up this vacation so you can see your aunt and it’s all about me??”

            They are so fucking selfish, they don’t even know it, but what do you expect from a useless pea brained Pinoy?

      2. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        The story you shared is both sad and funny. 🙂 Perhaps you can prevent that from happening again. Have total control of your finances, get the money from her as soon as she receives it. Tell her to prepare to live on the streets if she sends the money here again.

        Also, tell her that so many people are getting killed everyday, dying from all sorts of diseases and starving to death while God is on the watch. If he can’t even lift a finger to help those people, I doubt he would even care about her lame pastime. But if you want your sex life back, you can tell her that you’ve read somewhere that when someone mastur*****, the spirits of her dead ancestors gather around her (while she is doing it) despising the act. But if it is done with her husband, the holy spirit will protect you and God will bless you even more since he said, go forth and multiply and you are well.. practising to multiply. Hahaha, be dead serious when you say that too, tell me if it works. 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
          Steve Declerck

          Hahaha, that’s a good one. I can’t believe those flips can be so very superstitious. Yeah I’m sure God doesn’t care what she’s doing under her sheet when like you said so many innocent people are dying every day.

          But I’m sure she would believe it, she’s as gullible as a backdoor 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            I would dress up like Jesus and in the middle of the night stick my dick in her mouth while shes sleeping. If she awakes, just say your Jesus and God has sent you down to bless her with your cock.

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    “I tell you all one thing, I was quite thrilled to hear how Mayweather had destroyed the very symbol of PINOY PRIDE. I was excited to see the distraught that shunned upon countless Pinoys who were undoubtedly disappointed and heartbroken with the outcome of the May-Pac fight.”

    Yeah, have you seen all the sour graping going on in Facebook? And it all started right after the fight when Manny Paquiao so stupidly said, “I thought I won”. Then it was especially pathetic when the interviewer said something like, “well all three judges counted more punches to Maywheather, not to mention all folks ringside agree, you lost the fight.” Manny: “No I think I won”.

    Gawd what an idiot. And now they’re faulting Mayweather for moving around too much. Hey, whatever strategy you use legally to win a fight, is the name of the game, and the name of the game is to win. Don’t matter how you fight, it matters that you win. Mayweather was smarter.

    But the Flips are all being sore losers, as usual, like a bunch of spoiled little children that they are.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You should see the comments in yahoo news about the loss. As to the beggars I too am at the point that I could not care less. I have had them follow me for two blocks asking for money. Will not take no for an answer. Then there are the women with three , four kids in tow, a one year old in arms and another in the belly asking for money. I don’t tell them to fuck off. I just hand her a rubber and walk off.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      That’s the problem with a spectator sport like boxing. The audience didn’t come to see you win, they came to see you two bash each others brains out until one ends up dead or retarded. I can’t be a hypocrite because I am guilty too, I admit to going to a NASCAR race for the sole purpose of seeing a wreck happen. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, so I had no interest in the sport. I think that’s how most people felt about the fight, especially the bias pinoys who says Pacquiao won. With the irreversible results, there is no way they can say that Pac had won, so instead they just say that Pac had won the people’s hearts.

      He sure as hell didn’t win my heart! I lost complete respect for the guy, and I’m not even sure if I had respect for him in the beginning. Pacquiao pretty much just wanted Mayweather to be planted in one stationary position so he can wail on him like one of his punching bags. He is upset because Mayweather didn’t win the way he wanted him to win. That is the same reaction I hear when video gamers in ‘first person shooters’ discriminate snipers for winning by camping in one spot. Winning is winning last time I checked. If you are a second faster than another runner/driver in a race, if you landed one more punch than the other guy in a fight, if you shot one more target than you opponent in a marksmanship course, or if you scored just one more point than the other team in any sport, all of that constitutes as winning.

      It’s about time these Pinoys wake up from dream land and quit thinking that their national code of ‘The Pinoy is Always Right’ doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. They keep blindly thinking that they are the best, based on the sole purpose of just being Pinoy. I understand why Pinoys are extremely pissed off about Pacquiao’s loss and why they regard him as a hero, and that is because he is the main reason why their country have any recognition. This has been proven true, and I have a relevant experience to back it up. I called my grandfather last year and he wanted to me to tell him about my experience in the Philippines. Excuse me for saying this word, but I did mention this to him over the phone. I told him how disgusted I was with this country and how I thought of the people as a bunch of subhumans! He then replied to me and said,”They are not no subhumans, they got Pacquiao, do you think Pacquiao is a subhuman too?”

      I was lost for words, but how I can I answer that? I don’t want to generalize all Pinoys in the same category, and Pacquiao does live a great lifestyle, which is far from any average Pinoy. So at that time, I couldn’t call Pacquiao that. After seeing his reaction of the fight and his demonstration of poor sportsmanship will tempt me to call him that ALL DAY! If you lose, at least act like a champ about it! Don’t start blaming your defeat on your opponent’s superior fighting style and on an injured arm (which I think is bullshit). Pacquiao can really fuck up a good sport, and he did it on international television. Way to go Pacman! Well done showing what PINOY PRIDE is made of 🙂 Before I compete with a Pinoy in anything, I’m gonna make sure that he undergoes a full check up, that way he can’t blame his defeat on anything but himself. Pinoys fucking up boxing….. Thank you Pinoys!

      1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        Most of the fighters Pacquiao did very well against were stationary. They picked fighters who can’t move much. Before the fight happened, Roach was saying Floyd is not the same as before, is slower etc. We know what happened.

        He never won my heart either, Marquez did. He was robbed twice in their previous fights and during one of the interviews, Pacquiao said that it’s very clear he won the fight. What little respect I have for him at that time flew out the window. I was telling my relatives that Marquez won but they just said I am anti-Filipino. Hmmm… I didn’t know it’s anti-Filipino to speak the truth.

        Wow, It must have been cool to be an adult and still have a grandfather to talk to, I’m kinda envious about that. Yes you are correct, Pacquiao put the Philippines on the map, I am sure there are a lot of foreign people who wouldn’t know there’s a country called Philippines, if not for Pacquiao. Kinda sad, but true.

        What you said about us being subhumans is foul though, really really offensive. I couldn’t forgive you for that, I guess I will have to send the NPA after you now. 😉 I know that feeling though, sometimes I would look at someone and think to myself, there’s something so wrong about this person, like he has not fully evolved yet. Haha. It’s not a good thought because once you think like that, then you’d start to think you’re superior than them and you will lose compassion for other people. You will think of them as savages and act bad towards them, so what will that make you? If anything, you should be glad that you are luckier than them because you have the mental capacity to grasp the things they can’t.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          As for your last point I see where you are coming from, and didn’t mean to offend you. I guess I failed to extend that thought. It’s just as when I said I didn’t want to generalize all Filipinos, I really don’t. I am aware that there are a few dozen Pinoys in each city who does hold up international civil standards. I know that because I met them. I would be a total bigot if I had thought negatively of ALL Filipinos, but I understand that it’s not all. There are some decent Filipinos who had been robbed of their stereotype thanks to the majority of Pinoys who keeps ruining their reputation. I never had resorted to racism unless discriminating someone by their ACTIONS is considered to be racist. Never have I judged anybody by the blood that flows through their veins or by the skin color they wear, but as soon as one’s actions starts to affect me personally, I have no problem in writing a book about you and sharing it with the world.

          As for the grandfather part, well he isn’t my real grandfather, he is just the old man who married my grandmother (who is also still alive). I know by bringing up this piece of information makes my age very questionable, but I’m not much of a open book on this site referring to my personal details due to the mountains of negative traits I exposed about Pinoys. I’m not sure you if you noticed, but whenever I speak positively (or neutrally) about a Filipinos, I use the term “Filipino.” In comparison I often use the term “Pinoy” to describe a Filipino with negative attributes. So if there is a Filipino I don’t like, you will often hear me calling them a “Pinoy.” I don’t know why, but I tend to shun down on the word “Pinoy” a lot. It almost sounds as racist as calling a white guy a honky, a black guy a nigger, a Mexican a wetback, a Spaniard a beaner, a Chinese a chink, a Vietnamese a gook, and an Arab a terrorist. I’m sure I left some races out, but I covered all that I knew off the top of my head. That wasn’t meant to be racist if by any chance I offended 90% of the people on this blog, but that’s how strongly I feel about the term “Pinoy.” It’s possible to take the ‘Pinoy’ out of a ‘Filipino,’ but you can’t take the ‘Filipino’ out of a ‘Pinoy.’ For those of you who are Filipino by blood and agreeing with this blog. I applaud you for not being a Pinoy. I have nothing against Filipinos, just Pinoys. I have a few Filipinos friends myself, and I’m glad to say that most of them are not Pinoys. I’m sorry if I confused the shit out of anybody reading this, but what I’m saying is that a ‘Pinoy’ and a ‘Filipino’ is not the same thing!

          1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            In the light of your recent explanation, should we change your name to PAFI instead? 😀