My Love Hate Relationship

What do I hate about The Philippines? Simple:

1.) They claim to speak fluent English when in fact they are poor at speaking it.

2.) The trash thrown everywhere.

3.) Filipinos/filipinas pissing everywhere.

4.) The smell of stale piss where they piss.

5.) The way they shift blame for their mistakes and problems to other countries and people.

6.) Lack of honesty.

7.) Lack of morals.

8.) Lack of discipline in all areas of their lives, country and culture.

9.) Lack of loyalty to anyone but themselves.

10.) Corrupt police, courts, LTO, BI, NBI, Customs.

11.) Bragging great internet when in fact is second WORST in Asia.

12.) Low national IQ.

13.) Life is cheap.

14.) Always very loud.

15.) Too many stray dogs.

16.) Too many stray cats. who wants to listen to cats fucking by their bedroom window all night?

17.) Shitty tv shows and even shitter actors and actresses.

18.) Overcharging.

19.) Bad electric.

20.) Bad water from tap.

21.) Shitty customer service.

22.) Taxis with bad shocks and a/c.

23.) Filipinos/filipinas that claim to be honest while they are overcharging, stealing or otherwise ripping you off.

24.) Almost everything is substandard.

25.) Always begging.

26.) Cruel to animals.

27.) Cruel to each other and more so to non filipinos.

28.) Demanding the same rights as natural citizens enjoy in foreign countries they migrate to yet deny the foreigners the same rights as filipinos in the philippines.

29.) Paying a bribe to PNP, BI, NBI or others to do their fucking job.

30.) The stupid way they chose who they vote for.

31.) The asshole in office or running for office.

32.) The fake following of a religion.

33.) Poor roads.

34.) The sense of self entitlement.

35.) Lack of manners.

36.) Lack of common courtesy.

37.) Letting their children run around like wild animals.

38.) Not their fault they stole your watch, but your fault because you caught them stealing your watch.

39.) No shoes in half sizes.

40.) Always getting asked by a pinay to set her up with a Western man.


What do I love about The Philippines?

1.) My family.

2.) The exchange rate.

3.) The eye candy.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    That exchange rate is going to get worse. In the last year alone I think it’s dropped 7%. It just under 47 right now, but give it another month or 2. Around election time when all the stupidity and murders are showcased for the for world to see, I think it will drop to about 50.
    Right now, I’m paying like 85 cents for a SML (40 pesos). 60 cents if goes to 50php – $1.

    If you can find a nice, secluded beach, that can be another thing to like. It’s not easy, but they are around. I found one about 1 – 1.5 hours from my house. It is a beautiful beach with good sand, good for surfing, and even good for just relaxing.
    The problem is with that beach, the few Filipinos who are there trash their area. It’s like they pretty much intend to do it cause the place is “too nice” for them. Then of course all the random “pinoy fees”.
    – Hut rental 500 pesos no matter if there isn’t a single person around and there are only 2 of us. Even if we are buying drinks and food, they still won’t give it for free or discount.
    – Parking fee. yes, for my little motorcycle, they charge 20 pesos.
    – Environmental fee of 50 pesos. I would not mind paying this if there wasn’t actual trash on the grounds surrounding the area they claim to clean up. Seriously, with people simply sitting around all day and you’re charging an environmental fee how fucking hard is it to clean up?
    – Warm SML for 45 pesos? I can’t complain about the price so much, but why is their beer always warm? That should have been your #40.

    Sorry I got carried away. I tried to list something positive, but like anything Pinoy, it comes with a bunch of negative shit attached to it.

  2. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    Mike I agree with most of what you list but “Bragging great internet”. I’ve never heard anyone say this unless maybe in an advert. No way they could do this, without been greeted by laughter and derision. Strangely, the 3 things you love keep most of us coming back despite the 40 you hate.

    As a catholic born and bred, I would have to disagree with “The fake following of a religion.” In my experience that’s how true Catholics follow their religion. They follow the catholic religion in just the same manner as the Irish, who used be the most catholic people in the world (self proclaimed). I can only speak of Catholics and my upbringing, but I would have to say of all the religions, Catholics are the most hypocritical, superstitious and ignorant of their own faith, just like in the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      Nope, bragging about the great internet. They do that when trying to get foreign companies to locate here. They say the electric grid, water quality, phone and internet services they have in the philippines is first world quality and can easily support foreign companies.

      1. Profile gravatar of sckang

        Yikes! The Internet is worse than the dial ups that I had in the USA many years ago .
        Water quality is shit! I think the water in Flint, Michigan would look like Perrier Water.
        Electric grid is better than when first came here nearly 25 years ago, but there’s room for improvement.
        Bottom line is that these service are still 3rd world quality.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike
          Mike Post author

          We got the home fibr 3,500 plan with fibr internet, landlinephone and cable tv. The 2,899 you say is the same internet I have without cable and landline. If you get the home fibr 2,899 then you will have same net as I do. So far no complaints about it. Pages load within 5 seconds, movies run without stopping.

  3. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    Haha..Having been married to a Japanese and having lived there for a few years in the 90s I still chuckle over the misnomers I hear about the place, especially about Japanese being “so clean”….Upon return I could have made up a similar list with as many things I disliked about the place, but the things I liked/loved would have been longer…Still chuckle over seeing the tour buses full of Japanese men making a “rest stop”, and the poor bastards were so full of pee that they all lined up side by side pissing into the rice field, not 40 yards from a main road….if I would have it to do over again I would have yelled “small” in Japanese as I drove by…oh well…hindsight is always 20/20…

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’ve only been through the Japanese airports, but I’ve found them to be very clean and modern. Not sure if that is a basis for how to judge the entire country, but my international business professor once said, “the best way to judge a country is by their airport”. That definitely holds true for the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of djbuett

        Johnny….Japanese are famous for going to visit other peoples prefectures on holiday and throw their garbage out the windows…no regard for their neighbors….yet they will scream bloody murder if you put the wrong kind of garbage into the communal can….arrive without announcement to a Japanese home and you’ll be surprised at the squaller….lots of open aired septic tanks…here stateside whenever I smell shit I think of Japan….there is a great word in Japanese: natsukashi…it would translate as nostalgic felling over something that reminds you of something in the past…they are big on that…but yes, as a general rule, the airports are clean…just watch out for the little old ladies coming into the men’s room while you are in there….was very surprised about it first time I experienced it…now I don’t even flinch….also beaches and rivers are filthy…of course they claim it is the garbage coming over from Korea (I was on the Japan seaside)….rural areas where I used to jog always full of porn thrown out of car windows…

        1. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

          Its fairly clean here when you take the number of people in one area
          infastructure is very good, and the trains also get an excellent rating
          Cops here are not corrupt nor is there any Kano tax

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Really? That’s the first I’m hearing about this. I had no idea. I assumed the Japanese were a clean culture and very respectful. That’s a shocker.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    1. leaving the food out for 24 hours
    2. being questioned about everything – e.g., “why”? why is it wrong to throw rubbish on the ground, why shouldn’t I leave food out.
    3. CLOSED minded – “not in our culture, country, etc. do we get food poisoning (if questioned above)
    4. Low mental IQ vs. age, e.g., a 22-year-old girl might be 22 in body age, but mentally, she is 11-13 years old in a “western” age mentally.
    5. lack of respect for peoples time, e.g., customers are treated like “you need us, we don’t need you”.
    6. lack of respect for people’s time – e.g., Filipino time is another form of disrespect.
    7. liars
    8. engage in activities that they know won’t be possible to, e.g., repay a debt
    9. lack foresight and planning

  5. Profile gravatar of tomas

    I would have to disagree with #37… in my experience the kids are extremely well behaved, shy and quiet. Unless they have been “Americanized”
    #11 is total BS… speed test from the province yielded .025 MBPS. With cable.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      You disagree with #11 and #37 huh? Ok. As for #11, I get that from what they tell foreign companies trying to get them to invest in the philippines. They tell them that the internet is world class. Notice I said they BRAG about how good it is when in fact it is the second worse in Asia?

      Now for #37. Try going out to eat. They let their kids run around like they are at a fucking playground. I’m not talking about the areas where say Jollibee has the play area, I’m talking about the whole damn place! You have to dodge running kids, kids banging into your seat, table, yelling and screaming just to name a few.

    2. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      Use if you want a REAL single thread reading.

      Sky technician was shown that:
      1) his or whatever it was, done through a dedicated local speed provider,
      LATENCY = 08
      DOWN = 15.5
      UP = 1.2
      Done on multithread in the Failippines

      But, gave
      LATENCY = between 58 to 320 (on three tests)
      DOWN = .(yes, POINT!!!)98 to 1.5
      UP = 1.2 ish
      Single thread outside of the Failippines and IN THE REAL WORLD!!

      I was told i would get 16 btw!!

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      I went to Kenny Rogers Roasters today and ordered the steak. While sitting at my table what was going on? A pinoy about 5 years old screaming, running up and down between the tables. Then to top that off there was a pinay about 18y/o running after him yelling and playing tag.