My Philippine Experience – Disillusioned

A few months pass and I decide to go back to the Philippines to see the future wife again. I arrive in the second half of December and with me I bring a few small inexpensive gifts for the kids and some premium chocolates. She picks me up at the airport and I was annoyed to see 7 of her relatives there with her. For fucks sake I thought. I just wanted to bang and relax with a few beers afterwards. At this point I’m thinking these people really like me or they’re the most inconsiderate fucks on the planet.

The hotel I booked at, well the staff fucked up somewhere along the line and gave my room away. They refunded my money and gave me a more expensive 2 story suite for the same rate as the cheaper room. Yes I was quite surprised at that one. The only problem with that, it was only available for 4 days and then we would have to find another hotel. We finally found a hotel with a vacancy and reasonably priced I thought at 600p per night. I really enjoyed it at night time though. The local glue-sniffing street rats would have nightly turf wars right outside our window, bashing each other with clubs and flinging stones at each other, always disappearing fairly quickly should a cop decide to show up. A real amusement park with that and also having to constantly hear about superhero Roddy Duteurte.

I found myself in yet another mall, this time I was browsing around for some things to bring back home. I saw this nice little tea cup the size of a shot glass. I said to future wife, “ I’m going to get a few of these they will make for nice shot glasses”. Sales lady who was forever hovering near us chimed in “ no that’s only for tea and you can not use it for anything else”. The fuck? I thought maybe she is just joking with me. Needless to say she was not joking and we went back and forth for 10 fucking minutes about it. This happened to me again in another department store too. I saw this nice portable bookcase for sale. I mentioned to future wife I wanted to purchase it for my old cartridge game collection or whatever else I felt like putting in it, hell I might even buy 3 or 4 of them. Salesman hears me waltzes over and asks me if I am a student. No I am not, what does that have to do with anything? Well sir those cases are only for students to put schoolbooks in. I explained to him that I can do whatever I wanted to do with something I paid my hard earned money for. I told him I could fill it with cash, dirt, garbage, or even take a fucking shit in it if I wanted to. He never saw my point of view and just kept insisting and saying “no sir it is for books only”. I walked away without buying anything at all. It was about this time when I started feeling a bit disillusioned and thinking /asking WTF is wrong with some of the people here? I mean I have always heard it was so great in the Philippines, everyone is so nice , unpolluted pristine land and water, more fun and so on.

After New Years I go back home and back to my daily grind, blissfully unaware of the vile shitstorm being plotted by my future in-laws.


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    “for books only sir.” Priceless

    Wait till this wife to be starts getting jealous on you. The other day I made the mistake of suggesting my girl take our accountant with her on a trip to a government office to file something as she had complained that the staff treated her rudely on previous occasions. A crab in the bucket thing, pissed off that a little brown girl from the province is running a company for a foreigner. All of a sudden two days of shit flying, basically that I no longer trusted her, didn’t love her, was in love with the accountant (female, just got married a few weeks back), all from suggesting she take some help along.

    Sad to see these girls torture themselves over stupid shit like that. But hey, its her problem not mine. It is good to be in control in a relationship.

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      ” It is good to be in control in a relationship.” Lol, ultimately there is no control in chaos, and with a pinay there will ultimately be chaos.

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      Joe Smith Post author

      Yeah, every time I hear the name I’m just completely and utterly bewildered as to why this shit is allowed to happen. The guy has had kids as young as 14 executed or so it is said, shit probably even younger than that. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for capital punishment when the crime fits, but this guy is just harshly evil to do petty thieves and kids like that.

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        Joe , u was ever in Davao ? if not ..then believe me thats in Filipino Standard a better place as any other bigger City here da Phils.
        Duterte …knows as Filipino very good that his people wont understand any lesson. the DDS gave phone calls to possible targets ..they suggested the guys to leave the city and area..they did not because they never listen as Flips…so they had to pay the price for it. believe me here you can fight fire only with fire and not with water

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          Agree with that. I know many people here are lets say not a big fan of Duterte. Me personally I think this kind of guy its necessary to create at least some discipline before making a real democracy here. You cant make a democracy out of nothing best examples is the Arabic spring, Iraq or even Philippines. Im pretty sure that Davao is not worse than Manila or Cebu if we are talking about the big cities, so why so much complain about Duterte? Ah yeah he is not following the human rights and killing the criminals. Than who is following human rights here? The local policemen? Politicians? The president? At least the guy can show some results actually. Let the guy became president clean up a bit and than we can judge. You really dont think place like Manila need it?

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            Joe Smith Post author

            Like I said earlier, I have no problem with murderers and violent criminals being executed. I just like to see the punishment fit the crime is all. You cant go around just killing petty criminals who are incapable of learning and then have hope for a better society. There ways to deal with those people other than to just kill them after a few warnings.

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            Marcos ruled the country once with iron fist( Martial Law). Everyone was at their best behavior. No one challenged Makoy back then. He did this until 1981 but started easing up around 1979 to 1980. During that time Makoy’s goons was the one abusing the people. They had checkpoints every day , curfew, corruption. and the usual plunder. Population was still stupid toward each other the only difference was not too obnoxious. Just like the collaborators during the jap invasion or the jews collaborating with nazis, some ordinary citizen had power due to association with government higher ups. No one mess with you if you know makoys people or his goons.

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      Joe Smith Post author

      I never said it was unpolluted. This was merely what some deluded assholes told me. I have experienced what it is really like there and I was shocked to say the least.

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    I’m expecting some in-laws problems in the future from how this article was written. Haha. Hoping for the best though, hope they’re really nice and won’t take advantage of you.

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      Joe Smith Post author

      Nope, I’m all about saving what I can when I can and now keeping it hidden from the wife. Personally I don’t like giving or even borrowing money to anyone. I sent money for a while but cut them off when my wife started working. She paid me back everything I let them borrow as was our agreement. What her mother did was the problem part and honestly I’m surprised she still talks to her.

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    Joe I don’t believe all flips have bad intentions when they mob you at the the airport. I’ve experienced flips who are excited by the trip to the airport. They just don’t think that you won’t be happy to see them. One time we collected the mother from the airport and we picked up 6 family members along the way. Mother had about 7 packages and it wouldn’t all fit in the car. They just didn’t think about how much space was available. We also stopped off at various places in the way back to the house to give gifts. Plus a restaurant was booked! The mother thought it was all a great idea. It was even her idea! And Yes shed just had a 16 hour trip there! Personally the last thing I would want on touch down was a family gathering! Fuck!

    1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      When your daily routine is sitting around all day drinking and singing, everyone would go to the airport whenever they get a chance.LOL It would be a field trip for them with maybe free food from arriving kano. LOL

  4. Profile gravatar of Warlord

    The feels. XDD. Pinoy don’t understand nor even comprehend basic things. They are just programmed to do super x 9000 basic things. Anything beyond those levels will be “404 file not found”, so don’t over stress them mate, you don’t want to overheat their very x 9000 fragile brains, you might be fined for brain damage on those poor aholes.

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    Barry Smyth

    Not sure about this story it seems you resented them coming,its just what they do they like the trip and the opportunity to greet you.
    Buying stuff never had a problem except the old out of stock cry ????
    If she is plotting and you think its all going to turn to shit do not marry her its that simple.
    Been married 35 yrs live in the Philippines and except for the day to day problems its fine I guess I am getting better at it shutting the eyes and ears if that is at all possible —–

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I didn’t have the mass greeting problem with X1 or X2, as a matter of fact X2 herself didn’t even show up to greet me at the airport….

      Should of known…

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    @Joe Smith
    You go there for the second time to see your future wife and this is what you do:
    you “bring a few small inexpensive gifts for the kids and some premium chocolates” and you take them to a hotel cheap as 600 Peso a night, probably shouldn’t even score a 2 star at max!
    You go to store to buy some shot glass “for you”, also you want to purchase a portable bookcase again for “yourself”.
    I couldn’t get what exactly was the position of your wife in your trip? You say you “just wanted to bang and relax with a few beers afterwards”!!
    Well, you confused between two definitions: “a tour guide with benefit” vs “a future wife”. You put the spot light only on yourself, like it is a Hollywood movie and you are its super star; everything else there only calls distraction…
    If your goal is making a great family, you have to give more value to your wife & her family and take the whole thing more seriously.
    You are “surprised” after a financial issue, “she still talks to her” mom! You have to realize that she is her mom for God’s sake, and the bond between kid and mom is stronger that an ordinary money issue. They may take advantage of her (as they do in most cases), and she still love them. If you want your wife be happy and you & your kids have a happy life beside that, try to manage the situation more wisely by controlling it indirectly.

    Don’t get me wrong: I don’t suggest you to be too open, naive or blind to your surrounding. No, I don’t tell you that. All I’m telling you is you’re building something in a higher value than temporary fun, called family. You have to understand how important it is. Give enough value to your future wife (if you want to marry her) and protect her in any circumstances, even from her own abusive family (if they are). However, don’t let her down and hurt her feeling only because she comes from another race. If you damage her self-esteem, its impact will damage your life. You want to build something together and take this journey hand in hand. Remember: If your wife is not your best friend, you are in a wrong relationship.

  7. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Post author

    Yeah lol its all about me me me. I bought things for her too, I left that part out because it isn’t relevant to what I am trying to convey. My wife and I are just fine and we have a beautiful daughter. This little series of articles is about what her mother did to her, the lengths they went to in order to get money from her so called beloved daughter. Furthermore if I had only wanted temporary fun I would have stayed in the U.S.

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      A good advice for you: Bad idea to post something which is not a comment about too much personal life. Just my opinion.

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    Hahaha, blissfully unaware of the shitstorm being plotted by your future in laws. You know damn well they are brainstorming ways to separate you from your money. I bet those inexpensively gifts were a disappointment to them. ,,,,,How did you get through 4 days of housing 7 people plus yourself and your girl. I’ll do for one night because it makes my wife happy. Good Lord, you had to feed and transport all those people to the mall, buffet, another mall. I would rather go into the jungle with a tarp and some mosquito repellant to spend the night.

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    Joe Smith Post author

    Oh they all went home that first night, wife knew I couldn’t take it anymore. A few of them did pay us a visit for a brief time on day 3 to have dinner and to watch some tv. We were mainly out and about doing things and wandering around. I don’t like when people show up unannounced, even my own family here in the States, it just annoys the hell out of me.