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Hi everybody,

We just had another typhoon coming through Northern Luzon. The name: Fung-Wong. Oh sorry, in da Philippines the name is Mario. Everything has it’s own Filipino name in this proud country. Well, except some every day things. Just for example, ask a Filipino for the tagalog word for ashtray…. (They probably have no name for it because cigarette buts end up on the floor anyway, the ashtrays are for decoration only…)

But back to the typhoon. Yesterday (Friday) it made the headlines on every local channel and a state of calamity was announced almost everywhere in Northern Luzon. Bad enough for the people to hear that, isn’t it? I think it is. But what is much worse is that today on Saturday not even one of the proud filipino channnels says anything about it.

AksionTV: A radio show about some new help center for education that is soon to open by the so good local Mayor

ABS-CBN: An american movie with a wrestling star in tagalog

NBN4: A show that explains how to play PCSO Lotto, in between advertisements for mattresses

TV5: Animated movies about monsters and fighting for hours…

GMA7: Telenovela (what else?)

And the proud filipinos just accept complete mis-information (or complete lack of it) just to have a good day…

Well, or maybe a heavenly miracle happened and all the floods and landslides disappeared. This country honestly doesn’t stop to amaze me with complete ignorance about anything that happens around. Ah, but well, on weekends there are barely news in TV anyway, it’s family day. We don’t let anything ruin that….

See you all, kallimann

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  1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
    James Dinwoody

    When Glenda came through we had an entire sitio washed away but because there was no massive loss of life we did not even merit any local press, much less international attention. Our company does have authorization to build in the “No Build Zone” now in Tacloban but since that is just going to be an expense with no immediate financial return, it may not be happening.

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    Like they say “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.
    They closed the FUCKING schools because of fear of rain. Are the kids made of rice paper? What the fuck?
    Then my ISP claims that Mario caused damage to the lines and I told them there was no way unless they were substandard lines in the first place.
    They asked when I would be settling my bill and I explained that Mario blew all of my money away because the storm that damaged their lines was so horrific. Fucking fools.