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Saw this in my FB news feed today and it was funny enough to make me share it with you all.  The flip who posted this was a stripper in saipan who got lucky and got some old white lawyer to knock her up and marry her.



It may be said that the Filipinos are intelligent, with retentive
memory, quick perception, and talents for art and science. They also
are gentle, friendly, and cheerful people, noted for their courtesy and hospitality.


Filipinos are famous not only for their warm hospitality, but also for
their close family ties. The parents work hard and sacrifice much for
their children; in return, the children love and respect them and take
good care of them in their old age.


Filipinos owing to their beautiful country, are passionately romantic.
They are ardent in love as they are fierce in battle. They are born
poets, musicians and artists.


Filipinos are a liberty-loving and brave people. They valiantly
resisted the Spanish, American and Japanese invaders of their native
land. They rank among the bravest people of the world. Filipino
courage has been proven in the Battle of Mactan (1521), in the Battle
of Tirad Pass (1899), in the battle of Bataan, Corregidor, Bessang
Pass during World War II, and in many other battlefields.


Gratitude is another sterling trait of the Filipinos. They are
grateful to those who have granted them favors or who are good to
them. Their high sense of gratitude is expressed in the phrase Utang
na loob (debt of honor).


Filipinos are cooperative. They value the virtue of helping each other
and other people. They cherish the ancestral trait of bayanihan, which
means cooperation. In rural areas, when a man is building, repairing or transferring a house to another place, the neighbors come to help him.Foreign writers assert that the Filipinos are indolent. In reality
they work hard in the face of very adverse conditions. They work on
the farms from sunrise to sunset, though not from noon to 3 p.m. due
to the scorching heat. They work hard in the sugarcane and pineapple
plantations in Hawaii, the fruit orchards of California, the fish
canneries of Alaska, and in the oil wells of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and
other Arab countries of the Middle East.Finally, the Filipinos are noted for their durability and resiliency.
Through the ages they have met all kinds of calamities– revolts,
revolutions, wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and
epidemics. Unlike the Polynesians of Oceania and the Indians of North
Central and South Americas, they did not vanish by contact with the
white race. They can assimilate any civilization and thrive in any
climate. Against the adversities of life or nature, they merely bend,
but never break. They possess the formidable durability of the narra
tree and the resiliency of the bamboo.




One of the most anticipated, we Filipinos are the best known for the Miss Universe,
because of  the Filipina participating in this pageant, here they can see the beauty of true filipina. So we, the Filipinos never condoned the moment we see our fellow countrymen who participate in the pageant , Miss Universe. We wholeheartedly support our countrymen. I would like also to  share my experience as a student.When it’s time to start the miss universe pageant. I’m not letting miss the moment. So when the bets to the Philippine are going to speak. Almost words are not being heard, because of the outcry that almost engulf all around.One also that anticipated of all is the question and answer segment . In this portion we will actually witness the  intelligence of a filipino. And when our bets successfully get the crown we are all shouted, and if they didn’t get the crown of being miss universe we are very lonely and frustrated.

After I got done browsing the rest of the site it was all I could do to restrain myself from making nasty comments on the website and to the dumb flip who posted this on FB

Anyways flying back home to manila on the 10th, slowly dumbing myself down so there will be no intl. incidents after I arrive.


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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    WHO THE FUCK WROTE THIS DAMN LIE!!!!! Intelligent? Courtesy? Beautiful Country (have you seen the streets?)???? Hahahaha!!! Nice one, the idiot who wrote this is entirely delusional… Philippine is the only country this dumbass ever been to, I can bet on that! Filipinos are completely blind to their infinite faults and lacks self-realization. They think they are number 1 at everything when the rest of the world views them as the opposite. I have nothing more to say about this article since it’s obviously bogus and the rest of us know it too. Yeah, they are close to their family already, some even breed more children than they can afford just so they can a family to be close to… fuckin idiots. How irresponsible to bring a child into a hellish life. I have no respect for these filthy fuckin animals. Damn primitives!

  2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    I never understand this close family ties thing. I’ve never seen so many single mothers in my entire life!! Girls getting banged up at a young age only to be left by an asshole who prefers it natural instead of slapping a rubber on his ordinarily short dick. Explains why the young here are by an large fucking useless, and lost. Most are accidents without guidance from two parents!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      It is amazing. How many young teens do you see walking down the street carrying one baby in her arms, another one holding her hand walking at her side with snot running down its face and she is pregnant. She lives with her parents because the looser or losers she’s had the kids with is no where around or has no way to support them or is out banging someone else planting his seed. All of this and there is still resistance to pass the RH law.

  3. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    Pullll-eeez!!! Whoever wrote this one, MUST be on Heavy Drugs. Everything, but Everything written is a big fat lie!!!
    Courteous? They can’t even spell the word!!! Understanding? Yeah, compared to and 8th grader..brilliant!!!Hard workers? Sure, as long as the boss is around. Greatefull? Here’s one I experienced.. A young wife that worked in a local cafe had gotten a terrible and infectious wound in her ankle. It was visibly in a dangerous stage of infection, which didn’t take a doctor to decide. I, noticing that her “caring” Philippino man didn’t even pay attention to it, So, I decided to take her to the hospital at my expense. There, she was diagnosed with advanced blood poisoining, and, and, etc. I paid for her medicine, the in patient hospital fee for the overnight and medication, and she was out and healing rather well. Today she is fine, the leg will remain.. And the GRATEFUL husband. NEVER SAID EVEN ONE SINGLE WORD OF THANKS!! This is THE general attitude as to all of those lying virtues stated by that imbicle about all of the “good Philippinos” BULLSHIT. And be advused, NEVER give a gift of value to a Philippino, they WILL sell it!! I had it happen to me twice! And now, I wouldn’t even give them something unusable!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Wow, that is extremely generous of you…. I didn’t know you cared for animals THAT MUCH 🙂 It’s OK, I’m an animal lover too, but I am not so fond of the Filipino species. Of course he didn’t say thanks, it’s a very valuable word that can be said for free, and that ungrateful animal didn’t even bother to utter it to you? I already helped enough Filipinos, and I also do it without expecting anything in return. Like last week my school counselor text me and asked to borrow 2,000php, when I had already given him a combined total of 5,000php on several different occasions. He gave me a lot of advice and made few things possible for me at the school, which is why I was so generous, but he asked to borrow 2,000php the day after his B-day, I gave it to him and told him not to worry about it, but he still insist on promising to pay me back, which I already know is complete bullshit which is why I insisted that he keeps it. Well at least he was thankful, but after the other Filipinos I met and helped here, there hasn’t been any positive repercussion except the demand to ask for more next time. Every Filipino friend I meet, is just another liability in my book. Lately I have been limiting the amount of ‘friends’ I have here, so I can reduce my expenses. The point of what I am saying is; nothing good came out of helping them, so it’s best to not even help them at all….. plus as you see, they don’t even appreciate it.