Negros Chronicle Displays Idiot Pinoy Journalism At It’s Best

The Negros Chronicle proves that just when you think Filipinos cannot get more idiotic, hypocritical, and just plain stupid, they out-stupid themselves every time. This irresponsible, pathetic excuse for journalism by The Negros Chronicle shows there really is no limit to the depths of stupidity, irresponsibility, and hypocrisy of Filipinos.

The average Filipino will not see the big deal in this. But anyone with the intelligence of a small soap dish needs no further explanation as to how completely irresponsible and idiotic this article is. 

A SUPPOSED journalist or column writer (or racist Flip) sees a traffic accident involving foreigners, gets out his cell phone and takes a crappy cell phone picture, heads back to the news paper and starts writing, calling those involved ignorant, arrogant assholes, just because they did what is considered normal in the real world.

Honestly, there is more common sense in a sanctuary for retarded fainting sheep.

The Negros Chronicle Pinoy stupidity

I know this is nothing compared to the complete stupidity of the content, but I’m going to nit-pick a little:

Look at the grammar, punctuation, over-spaces between words, and no space after a period in the text. This Negros Chronicle is supposed to be a professional newspaper???? What I’ve seen so far, The Negros Chronicle behaves more like an unsupervised elementary school newspaper.

And you cannot blame just one Filipino. The newspaper has an editor. This display of pure Pinoy stupidity had to be passed through The Negros Chronicle Editor to get into print. So there is at least two typically idiotic Filipinos responsible for this article getting out. This is no surprise to any foreigner. We completely expect utter stupidity every day from the vast majority of them.

I just love how the author takes the usual Pinoy stance on their own stupidity. “Stop berating Filipinos for being stupid because you too are stupid”, which essentially is an admission of their own stupidity, and they don’t even know it. And isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black to call someone else ignorant? The flood of mind-boggling ignorance we see the moment we step out our front doors in this country goes light years beyond anything that can be called an accidental moment of ignorance to which anyone is prone. 

Then several days later, they print a lame retraction to the article, again with random over spaces, shitty grammar, and no space after period.

The Negros Chronicle shows how stupid Filipinos are.


If this was in any industrialized (smart) nation, this isn’t a “slip”, it would be the end of both the author’s and editor’s career in journalism at best, the end of the entire newspaper at worst. But most certainly, the consequence would be career-ending for those involved in the publishing of such stupidity and irresponsible journalism (if you dare call it journalism).

But being this is Philippines, a country where you can dumb-shit all over yourself all day long, then just say “oppss I slipped”, and all is forgotten and forgiven without consequences. This is why corruption and dishonesty prevails in Philippines. There are no consequences to being a complete dumb-shit. So they simply continue being dumb-shits. 

Now I’m no grammar nazi, but this is supposed to be professional journalism. But again I say, it looks more like a third grader wrote both articles. And I guess they have an editor with only a third grade education. And to be frank, that is an insult to third graders! LOL! 

And isn’t it obvious that The Negros Chronicle was shamed, probably by the tourism commission, into printing that lame retraction?  

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  1. Profile gravatar of beameup

    I’m not trying to excuse this article, but there is an element of truth in it. The paper is centered in Dumaguete. Now Dumaguete is considered a prime place for expats to retire, and there is a very large expat community there. I am a lowly kano from California, but would not consider living there because of the expat community there. It seems that the expat community in Dumaguete consider themselves “a cut above” and live lavish lifestyles (“of the rich and famous” LOL). I prefer to “blend in” and take pride in my knowledge and understanding of Filipinos and their culture. It irritates me when I see “kanos” flaunt their “superiority” and “wealth” on Filipinos. For me, it is not wise to be known as “an ugly American” with the locals. That being said, I am amused daily with “the land that logic forgot” (ie: the Failippines).

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Experts at projecting their weaknesses onto everyone else. “I’m not stupid, you’re stupid”, “My country if fine, western culture is wrong”, it’s no wonder the country and people will never improve. This constant act of denial and dismissing all faults onto others only creates more problems.

    I get to “enjoy” this mentality with my wife just about everyday. Never admits fault UNLESS she wants to play victim and get her way. It’s a part of the “culture” after all! I love how they pride themselves on their culture, yet they want to get the hell out of their country and embrace a 1st world. Contradictory don’t you think? But that’s how they are…..they will never admit anythings wrong with themselves or their country.

    Hell, if a white man tripped on a banana and hit his head this journalist would probably be all over that to “prove” foreigners are stupid. “Look at this stupid foreigner, he tripped on a banana and fell and had a accident. As you can see, the foreigner is stupid like Pinoy”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      Another thing I love about Pinoy mentality if their denial of statistics. Like you tell a Pinoy “Filipino’s have way to many kid’s and Fathers are unfaithful and families dysfunctional” what response will you commonly get? “well that happens everywhere”

      They love generalizations making wrong doings in their shit country, prevalent in ALL countries. Sure, in just about every country (except China), you will have unfaithful fathers and too many kids in some families, but statistically it’s far worse in the PI. They don’t go by statistics though because that would be admitting to themselves a problem with their shit country.

  3. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    What a fucking priceless post this is!

    Filipinos love to pick on some really trivial matter and blow it out of all proportion as if their country is so perfect. I love the part about how the Kanos “created a traffic jam”. Wow, I bet that’s never happened before. Takes some arrogant foreigners to gridlock the Philippines doesn’t it.

    I love the retraction where they say they didnt print the names of the Kanos because they didnt know who they were. Presumably if they did, it would be perfectly acceptable to name these Kanos in the press!

  4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I have an idea Mr Fail!

    Let’s email this post and all our comments to that crap-rag of a “newspaper” and see what their reply is. That would make a whole new post for this site.

    1. Profile gravatar of Kevin

      I guarantee that my grade 6 cousin is 10x better than that idiot when it comes to writing .

      “For the sake of money, I’ll just randomly take a picture then make a story about it.”
      -Stupid Writer

  5. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I’ve got another comment! haha number 3!

    In the first “article” the Kanos are called “resident foreigners”, “arrogant alients” and “arrogant tourists”.

    In the second one they are called “unidentified foreigners” and they hint they are “visitors” and “arrogant foreigners”.

    So they know jack shit about these people and cant quite decide if they are residents or tourists but we all know what they are getting at – they are WHITE BOYS and that’s all they know.

    The “retraction”, if you read it, says basically the same thing that was retracted in the first place, that both Kanos and Filipinos can both make mistakes with an emphasis on slating the Kanos!


  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Look, nothing is ever the fault of a filipino. Here’s a chat I had with one. I stated that from 30 feet away you can smell the stale urine at a bus waiting shed in Manila because pinoys piss everywhere. Well a pinoy said they did not but later owned up to the truth but with an excuse why it is not their fault they piss everywhere. The excuse??? Get ready for this:

    The Spanish did not introduce toilets or sewer system to the filipinos when they ruled.

    My reply:

    But the Americans did and since 1898 the filipinos still have not figured out how to use them. I guess the pinays gave up trying to potty train pinoys and settled for house breaking them instead.

  7. Profile gravatar of Joe Kono
    Joe Kono

    The evident truth is that those who wrote that crummy story have no problem with one law for residents and one for foreigners. They have no problem punishing random kano’s for the stereotype they assign them.

    I can though see what that cop is thinking, how do I get one of these guys to give me P1000 to take his side as correct? It is so hard for me to do my job with foreigners.