The Never Ending Search For Pinoy Pride

I have been on the search for Pinoy Pride for the past 10 years that I have been in The Philippines. I constantly HEAR it, so I’m thinking it must be somewhere, but for 10 years now, I haven’t seen any. Not a single speck. This “Pinoy Pride” is about the most elusive thing I’ve ever tried to see with my eyes, despite the fact my ears hear it all the time.


  • Shrimp; I don’t eat shrimp unless I haveremoving_shrimp_vein prepared and cooked it myself. I would order shrimp from a restaurant in Philippines as easily as I would order a plate of shit from a restaurant. Because that is exactly what you are getting. If there was a shred of pride in a Pinoy chef, he would do his own job, and not leave it up to the customer. What do Pinoy chefs do? Cook the shrimp whole, sometimes the cut off the head, and that’s it. And what you get is a shrimp with legs, shell, and it’s vein of shrimp shit still in it. And it doesn’t matter how heavily you dowse it in garlic and butter, you still have to do the chef’s job and peel it, and then you have to look at that vein of shit while you’re trying to pull it out, which really doesn’t work at all after it’s been cooked. And if you haven’t lost your appetite for the shrimp by the time you have cleared it of it’s cooked shit, you can now enjoy that one bite morsel you just worked so hard on. But the reward for all the work you just went through of peeling off the legs, shell, and scraping shimp shit is hardly worth the effort, unless you’re near death starving and that’s the only food in front of you. But hey, if that’s ok with the Pinoy, fine, cook it that way at home. BUT IN A RESTAURANT, YOU DON’T SERVE SHIT TO A CUSTOMER! PRIDE FAIL!
  • Fish; Come on man! At least get all the scales off! I understand Pinoys like to eat the eyes, the brain, and all that other stuff, but honestly, at least remove the scales! PRIDE FAIL!
  • Fillet Mignon is not a chuck or sirloin strip rolled up into a medallion held together with a strip of bacon! You may be able to fool your fellow dumbshit Pinoys that way, but you certainly don’t fool those with half a brain. Every time I have ever spotted “Fillet Mignon” on a menu, I order it. And every time it arrives at my table, it’s a fucking cheap cut of beef shaped into a medallion. But I order it because I like beef, and it sure beats the pork which, if properly cooked, is not bad, but unfortunately, it’s usually always way over cooked, or way under cooked (which is fucking deadly!), seldom “just right”. PRIDE FAIL and just plain blatant lie on the menu!
  • Napkins & Condiments; What the fuck am I supposed to do with that 2″ x 3″ piece of tissue paper that shreds at the first touch of moisture on it??? And when the meal is done, the entire table is somewhere under all of the spent tissue piled up. But I do understand why you don’t get proper napkins, or put condiments on the tables. Pinoys will steal whatever is left unused, so you get the cheap-ass useless ones, and sparingly dole out condiments on request. But since this is a search for Pinoy Pride, that’s another fail (unless stealing napkins and condiments from restaurant tables is something to be proud of). PRIDE FAIL!
  • Freshly cooked, hot, made to order food is a rarity at restaurants in Philippines. What you usually get is pre-cooked food that has been sitting in a warmer (if you’re lucky). 50% of restaurant food I order arrives STONE COLD and coagulated, disgusting. As for fast food (let’s take McDonald’s for example), any corporate standards for how long freshly cooked food sits under the warmer goes right out the window. Any international corporate chain restaurant looses it’s good reputation when put in the hands of Pinoys. I have been served a Quarter Pounder where the bun is hard as a crusty french roll, scratching the roof of my mouth, and the patty and cheese a disgusting dried out luke warm mess. The french fries completely dead, cold, coagulated and chewy. No Pinoy pride there! PRIDE FAIL!

Appointments of any kind

  • Not once has an ISP, cable/satellite TV company, appliance repair service, you name it, ever kept an appointment. Not even close. NOT ONCE IN 10 YEARS LIVING HERE! You are told the person will arrive “Thursday between 8am and 1pm” and on the RARE OCCASION they show up Thursday at all, it will be after the sun has set and I’m eating dinner or preparing for a shower and sleep. But 8 times out of 10, it ends up with me calling on Friday morning asking why the person didn’t show up. Then you get all the lame dumbass excuses, and you have to shame them into putting you first on the list tomorrow. Still searching for the Pinoy Pride! PRIDE FAIL!

Pedestrian crosswalks, road lanes, turning lanes

  • WHY DO THEY EXIST IN PHILIPPINES???????????? What a total waste of road paint! PRIDE FAIL!

Grocery store checkout

  • Be sure to wear body padding, and drink some coffee to stay awake. It’s gonna be a while. The laser bar code swipe system sure didn’t speed things up for the lifeless cunts that operate them. They are in no hurry at all, and it doesn’t phase them a bit to look at the mile-long line they have waiting. OH, AND MAKE SURE YOU COUNT YOUR CHANGE!! PRIDE FAIL!


  • In stock today, out of stock tomorrow. It’s inevitable. Have you ever left your house with a list of your common items to buy and come home with all of them? I haven’t. PRIDE FAIL!

Postal Service

  • Sort of like pedestrian crosswalks and lane lines. Why does it exist? Are postal employees getting paid? And for what?? Where did my mail go? Use an international courier with tracking, even if it’s just within Philippines, trust me. PRIDE FAIL!

This list can be never ending as well, so at this point, I will have to end it.

The search for the ever elusive Pinoy Pride continues.






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  1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
    Pearl Of My Ass

    Grocery store checkout: why is there a guy popping up at the end of the process – checking the grocery ticket while giving a quick look in the bags (already all packed by packing dude). Some kind of check ? validation ? … useless process to give the impression things are under control, another useless step in the Filipino way of doing things, so many of them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yeah, also like the security guard at Ace Hardware or National Book store heavily armed with a marker pen RIGHT NEXT TO THE CASH REGISTERS who observed you checking out and paying, additionally observed the bagger bagging, but won’t let you leave until he checks the bag, and ever so swiftly strikes a mark on your receipt.


      Sheer comic stupidity in it’s purest form.

      1. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Being a full Filipino that was raised in the US since the age of four, your thoughts are not only disturbing but also dripping with good old fashioned ignorance.

        After reading your post entitled “Why I Think Most Filipinos Are Dumb As a Tree Stump”, I just have to ask this question. Since you are half Filipino, do you have the same opinions about your mother or father? Obviously one of them is a full Filipino, so I was just wondering if you project this same kind of unjustified ignorance onto them. In short, I’m just wondering if you feel that your mother or father is “as dumb as a tree stump” as well, since you seem to let random instances of your experiences with Filipinos speak for and represent the nation as a whole.

        When I stumbled upon this website, I was hoping to hear an educated and eloquently spoken argument defending your stance on why Filipinos are so dumb, but in all honesty, after reading one post, my head was literally hurting from the countless instances of unjustified ramblings with no decent evidence as to why you feel to generalize your experiences to an entire nation of people…people who share the same blood coursing through your veins.

        I will agree that some Filipinos are as dumb as a tree stump. So are some Americans, Europeans, other Asians and many other races and cultures that I’ve encountered in my life. I’ve also met some astoundingly smart Filipinos, Americans, Europeans, other Asians, etc. The point is that no nation can be considered “smarter” or “dumber” than another. There are ignorant and stupid people all over the world, just as there are also intelligent and educated people all over the world.

        That being said, I didn’t even bother to read any more of your ignorant ramblings, I feel that it would honestly be just a waste of time, seeing as you’re obviously too closed-minded and set in your own beliefs and opinions that even attempting to have a reasonable debate with you would be completely pointless.

        I do respect your opinion, only as that, as an opinion. My opinion is that your argument against Filipinos lacks any kind of well thought out logic or reasoning behind it. As far as this post is concerned in regards to Filipino Pride, I can proudly say that I’m proud of my Filipino heritage and culture. Yes, we have some obvious flaws and problems in our system, but what nation doesn’t? Most Filipinos are very resilient and hard-working people. Most Filipinos do not have a false sense of entitlement as many other nations do. Most Filipinos cherish family values. Most Filipinos maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, despite the less than stellar circumstances that they may have been given in life. Notice that I didn’t say that ALL Filipinos are like that, because I do acknowledge the fact that there are exceptions to every rule. My point is that you shouldn’t let your bad experiences with the Philippines speak for the entire nation. If that was the case, then I would have left America a long time ago, because I’ve encountered some equally dumb if not dumber people in this country. I don’t sit here and dedicate an entire website to bashing America as a country though due to some bad experiences, because I am fortunate enough to understand that there are stupid people EVERYWHERE all over the world, and I don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. I still consider myself an American as well as a Filipino, and take pride in my citizenship to both countries.

        One more thing, if you hate the Philippines so much, why are you still living there? With such passionate disdain against the Filipinos, I figured you would have quit complaining and moved somewhere “better” and “smarter” by now.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          You obviously haven’t been back to the Failippines since the age of four. And since you refuse to read more about why I choose to stay, you ignorantly assumed wrong.

          You have met smart Filipinos, because it’s the smart ones who get the fuck out of there. But they are a drop in the bucket to the number of stupid natives.

          My “ignorant ramblings” are not ignorant ramblings. Everything written here is 100% based on DAILY EXPERIENCES with virtually EVERYTHING we do, go, buy sell, whatever. There is always something that is utterly, completely stupid done by your people here that makes every expat come to the same conclusions I have come to. I’m not the only one writing for this blog. There are even Filipinos that agree with what is written here. And many of them only realized the levels of GENERAL stupidity that is the Philippines, far more than most other nations, AFTER leaving FAILippines and seeing the comparison.

          So my ignorant friend, the same goes for you. Until you come to FAILippines and spent a few months here, your opinions are not based on experience other than those whom have also been raised in a culture of intelligence.

          The logic and reason behind my “opinions” is EXPERIENCING MIND BLOWING STUPIDITY, ABSENCE OF LOGIC AND REASON EVERY SINGLE TIME I WALK OUT MY FRONT DOOR, CONSTANTLY, WITH EVERY THING I HAVE PLANNED FOR THAT DAY, UNTIL I GET BACK HOME. Come deal with Globe Telecom. Come deal with any utility here. I guarantee you will experience a hair-pulling ball of frustration at the laziness, stupidity, the lack of anything that can be remotely recognized as customer service in pretty much any business be it public utility or private enterprise. In the 8 years I have been dealing with Globe and PLDT, there has never been ONE SINGLE SOLITARY INSTANCE where they have actually followed through with what the told me they would do. EVERY SINGLE TIME in the past 8 fuckin’ years, I have had to be the one to call them back and ask why nobody is doing what they promised. This isn’t made up, this is the fuckin’ truth man. Ask any of the other expats here.

          So I understand the Filipino in you wants to deny and defend. I have gone beyond the Filipino in me and got in touch with reality.

          I can love my mother, and yeah, still call her stupid. No problem. If something or someone is stupid, it is what is is. Love can’t change that. Stupid is as stupid does. Yeah, there are stupid people everywhere. But in Philippines, it is a culture of pure stupidity. It is what runs the country.

        2. Profile gravatar of Secret

          “I do respect your opinion, only as that, as an opinion. My opinion is that your argument against Filipinos lacks any kind of well thought out logic or reasoning behind it.”

          -> First of all, opinion is not the correct term but “the truth”. I have all experience mind-boggling stupidity in the Philippines that this blog has to offer.

          “As far as this post is concerned in regards to Filipino Pride, I can proudly say that I’m proud of my Filipino heritage and culture. ”

          -> You should not be proud of your Filipino heritage because it’s accident by birth. (False Filipino Pride)

          Of course not all Filipinos are smart, not all Filipinos are dumb but GENERALLY or AVERAGELY, Filipinos are stupid because of it’s state, it’s condition…

        3. Profile gravatar of Secret

          “I do respect your opinion, only as that, as an opinion. My opinion is that your argument against Filipinos lacks any kind of well thought out logic or reasoning behind it. ”

          ->(continuation) His argument about Filipinos being stupid is astounding. All of this arguments are true. Filipinos don’t know proper discipline in using stoplights while crossing the streets. One time, as I wait for the stoplight to be green (or go), some Filipinos are crossing as if the stoplight is green and hell 26 seconds is left for the stoplight to be green, what bullshit manners is that? Is that what you call discipline? Unfortunately. I’m the only one left on the other side while the others are crossing the streets ILLEGALLY! And Wait for it…I have not experience it once but EVERYDAY as I cross the street! Well as for the judgment, I will award FiloFail as the Winner because he presented his arguments very well. As For You, Nevermind. Your just a piece of crap trolling and lambasting this website with no great ideas to offer..Well that’s Philippines, what have you expected?

        4. Profile gravatar of Secret

          “When I stumbled upon this website, I was hoping to hear an educated and eloquently spoken argument defending your stance on why Filipinos are so dumb, but in all honesty, after reading one post, my head was literally hurting from the countless instances of unjustified ramblings with no decent evidence as to why you feel to generalize your experiences to an entire nation of people…people who share the same blood coursing through your veins.”

          -> LOLL he said unjustified ramblings…What an idiot! I’m also a FIlipino you idiot and I love my country that’s why I wanted it to change for a better….I will share a decent evidence of stupidity in this country

          One time, I have decided to buy a halo-halo to relax myself of this hot season so I went to some shitty halo-halo stall near at our house (500m from our house). When I was there, for some shitty excuses, the vendor left his stall (what kind of stupidity is that?). Of course I did not overeact with that one and buy some freakin halo-halo for 20 pesos. I have 100 pesos at that time and expect to have the change to be returned quickly and go home since I want to eat my halo-halo at home (seriously, everyone loves that sitting in the sofa, watching tv while eating halo-halo) but this lazy bastard don’t have freakin change for my 80 pesos in fact it’s not that difficult to have four pieces of 20 pesos. Well this idiot said that she will replaced my 100 with five 20 pesos. But unfortunately, I have waited 30 mins for this damn change well in fact it’s just 4 pcs of 20 pesos. This illogically stupid Filipina doesn’t have money instock in her cheap vault! Well I have not expected that it will take 30 Goddamn mins since I have not predicted that it’s Philippines btw…Well I’m beyond pissed after that….After 30 mins, the ice has defrozed because I want to eat it at it’s not halo-halo anymore idiots!

      2. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        One more thing, I figured I would share this little story with you, since you all seem to be so encouraging of sharing our experiences with ‘stupidity’.

        When I was in first grade, after only being ‘fresh of the plane’ for a few months shy of two years, I can still recall this incident when the school called my mother after school one day. They insisted that there was a ‘serious problem’ and that my mother needed to come in immediately for a parent-teacher conference.

        My mother, worried to death that something was seriously wrong came in right away to speak with the teacher. The teacher explained to her that earlier that school day, she had instructed the students (which included myself) to complete page 12-15 in our math books. As she walked around checking our work, she paused over my desk and noticed that I was on page 21. Being as that I was a foreigner that they assumed didn’t understand much English, she immediately assumed that I was simply doing the wrong page because I just didn’t ‘understand English.’

        My mom looked over my math book and noticed that not only had I completed page 21 correctly, I had completed pages 12-15 just as the teacher had instructed us to do so, but I continued working in my math book and had made it to page 21 before the teacher had noticed. When my mom pointed this out to the teacher, she then asked if she had a chance to check my work. The teacher replied by stating ‘no, because I was just concerned that since she didn’t understand the initial instructions that she may have had trouble with the work as well.’ My mom then retorted by saying ‘if you took the time to check her actual work instead of just assuming that she didn’t understand because of the fact that she was on a different page than her peers, you would realize that all of her answers to these problems are correct.’ My mom then brought me in from where I was waiting in the hallway, and asked me in heavily accented but grammatically correct English, ‘why were you on page 21 when everyone else was still on the pages that the teacher told everyone to do?’ I then replied by stating ‘I was done with the pages she said to do, and I was just bored from sitting there so I started doing the next pages.’

        The point of my long story is this. It serves as a metaphor for other people’s ignorance. The teacher was ignorant in the fact that she assumed I couldn’t understand Englidh because of the pre existing stigma that she held that since I was a foreigner, that I had difficulty speaking and understanding English. This was even more so reinforced by the fact that I was on a different page from the page she had specified. This belief was so strong that she didn’t even bother to check my work or even ask me why I was on a different page, she just wrote it off to her beliefs and called my mom in saying that something was wrong.

        That’s similar to many of the discriminatory comments and rantings that I read on this blog. Many of you people assume that just because people do things differently than you, you automatically judge them as being ‘stupid’ or incapable of understanding you.

        I’m not here to be blithely unaware of the corruption and chaos that ensues in the Philippines. I agree with you on certain things. You need to understand though that much of the chaos going on over is due to many different factors, and some of those factors the Filipino people themselves have no control over. You can’t correlate your bad experiences with the belief that Filipinos are dumb. Let me let you in on a basic psychological principle: correlation is NOT causation, my friend. Just because you’ve met stupid Filipinos or had to wait in line somewhere doesn’t mean that the nation as a whole is stupid.

        Here’s some of my experiences growing up in the US. I’ve grown up around Americans who have a ridiculously high sense of false self-entitlement. They’ve been given nearly every opportunity to advance themselves that many Filipinos can only DREAM of. Free food stamps, free health insurance, government grant for full college tuition, reduced/Free public housing. Some people that I know have taken FULL advantage of those privileges but STILL complain. That’s one characteristic that I can confidently say that many a Filipinos do not possess, and I still don’t hold this fact against Americans, because I have enough sense to realize that we shouldn’t let a sample speak for the population as a whole. If you would just take the time to appreciate the positive qualities instead of constantly accentuating the negative, you would realize that. Filipinos are very adept at working with what they’ve got. They don’t feel the need to bitch and complain about every little thing that doesn’t go their way… So if you ask me why I’m proud of my Filipino heritage since many of you claim that the concept of Pinoy Pride is an illusion since there’s nothing to be proud about, resilience and adaptability. There’s two of many reasons why I’m proud to be a Filipino. I may have grown up in the States, but my mom instilled a strong sense of culture which is ingrained in me. You should try embracing your culture instead of degrading it. How can you expect a positive change to occur in the Philippines if you don’t even have not one iota of faith in the people that you expect to change?

      3. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Actually, my father runs a thriving business in the Phil, so I am there more often than you’re assuming. I was there as recently as the summer of 2010 for several months, so I’m not blissfully unaware of the problems and chaos that occurs there. Yeah, some dumb shit happens there and I never disagreed with that statement. My argument is not against your thoughts, but the reasoning behind it and delivery of your opinions. Like I’ve stated numerous times, you should not let a sample speak for the entire population. Basic statistics will tell you that it’s ignorant to do so. Also, I understand your need to vent your frustrations, but why do it in a manner that only further demeans your heritage? You don’t have to like where you came from, but you should never be ashamed of where you came from, because those Filipinos genes that you so gallantly abhor are the same genes inside of you, and that will also be inside your children and so on.

      4. Profile gravatar of

        >>>>you should not let a sample speak for the entire population. Basic statistics will tell you that it’s ignorant to do so.

        That is completely wrong—one of the main purposes of statistics is to infer things about a population from a sample. WTF?

      5. Profile gravatar of

        I also want to ask what enables ‘beduyaed’ to say FIlipinos are resilient, etc. Isn’t that just a generalization, and isn’t it true that nations aren’t better or worse than each other? By his/her own logic that fails.

      6. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious definition of statistics Jordan, but I’m blindly assuming that you understand that there’s more to statistics than just the textbook definition of it. In regards to making inferences to the population from a sample, do you have significant statistical evidence supporting your findings? Do you even have any findings or are you just speaking out of pure opinion? Have you ruled out rival hypotheses? Have you found any correlations within your inferences, and if so, how strong or weak are those correlations? Have you taken any third factor variables into account? Like maybe the fact that the reason many Filipinos come off as ‘stupid’ is the fact that they simply have no means to educate themselves due to the corruption and lack of opportunities for advancement in their country due to the disorganized and crooked structure of the government? ALL I’m saying is that you all shouldn’t generalize your opinions to an entire ethnic group of people without doing your research first. Find the root cause of the problem, and bitch and complain about that, instead of blaming it on the people, most of whom are unaware of the disadvantages that they face day to day. Calling all filipinos stupid and labeling them other derogatory terms is like calling a child or an infant stupid. babies and children do things not because they are all dumb, but because they haven’t been yet taught to know better. Some children are taught to know better and grow up to be successful and intelligent adults. Some children don’t have those same opportunities either because they are a product of their environment or because they were never taught. The ‘dumb’ Filipinos that you all speak of are not dumb just to be dumb, they just don’t know any better because they were never given any opportunities to learn. When I think of someone being ‘dumb’ I think of people that have a real genetically mental handicap. To say that all Filipinos are dumb is the equivalent of saying that all filipinos suffer from genetic abnormalities that make them of lower than average intelligence, which is obviously not the case. Bitch about the government all you want, because I agree that the government over there isn’t the greatest….but don’t generalize that to filipinos as a whole.

        Yes, I did generalize that most filipinos are resilient, but I’m not dedicating an entire hate-fueled website over it. Also, that is my opinion, and I even respected the site admin for his/her opinions, but once again, I’m not using my generalizations to fuel a derogatory website against a whole ethnicity of people. Also, I’m not profiting off of the same bigoted beliefs as the webmaster is, as you can see by several of the obvious advertised links on this site. The issue here is that the webmaster and many of the supporters on this site are using their beliefs to generalize to ALL Filipinos..which is not the case. All a Filipinos aren’t resilient, but many are, and it’s true that some Filipinos are dumb but not ALL of them are. That’s the point I’ve been trying to get across here but it seems that some of you are missing the point.

      7. Profile gravatar of

        You were the one who tried lecturing on statistics to score rhetorical points, not me. So I fail to see any responsibility on my part to produce those statistics.

        And yes, it’s well understood that not ALL Filipinos are dumb. It’s also irrelevant; e.g. not ALL Filipinos are poor, yet the Philippines is a poorer country by any metric compared to Mexico.

        If you wanted to produce a competent argument, you’d explain why the examples given on this site do not show stupidity. Making vague appeals to the lack of ‘opportunities’ in the Philippines simply doesn’t work.

      8. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        If you wanted to produce a valid argument as well Jordan, then it is your responsibility to provide some kind of statistical evidence. Just like you claim that my ‘vague appeals for the lack of opportunities in the Phils’ doesn’t work, your failure to produce any kind of significant statistical evidence isn’t exactly working either. True, I might not have evidence supporting my claims and beliefs, but guess what, neither do you. The point of my argument is not to prove my point but to weaken and challenge all of your arguments. Ok, so most of you agree that Filipinos are ‘dumb’, ‘immature’ and whatever other condescending description you can think of…so where’s the concrete proof? I feel that your vague appeals to your condescending views against Filipinos ‘doesn’t work,’

      9. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Also, you stated that in order to produce a competent argument, that I should explain why the samples provided on this website are not indicative of stupidity. You’re the one that made that claim, so maybe you should explain why the examples of the website ARE indicative of stupidity, rather than for a lack of knowing better as I claimed. In a similar sense, if that’s your method to produce a valid claim, one could also argue that the postings made by supporters of this website could also indicate stupidity, right? That’s what you seem to be inferring with your logic. So please explain to me why your comments are NOT indicative of stupidity, if that’s the route you want to go with here.

      10. Profile gravatar of

        I stand by any argument I’ve made so far. Notice I never argued that Filipinos are naturally stupid people. You’re too presumptive.

      11. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Honestly Jordan, after going back and reading your comments again, I don’t even see an argument that you’ve made that you should be standing by. The only arguments that I’ve noticed is when you challenged my use of the term statistics which I provided a sound rebuttal for, so no offense to you but I honestly don’t see a strong, structured argument that you’ve made in the first place, let alone a reason to stand by it. I also have yet to see your reasoning for why the examples of Filipinos listed on this website are indicative of stupidity, as you insisted upon earlier. Instead, to me it seems as if you are really just unsure about what you’re even arguing for or against. If you’re going to have the nerve to challenge opposition, at least be passionate about it and know what you’re fighting for or against.

      12. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Also, your quick opposition to my claims could lead one to infer that you’re a supporter of the beliefs and opinions made on this website against Filipinos. So simple deductive reasoning could lead one to believe that you agree with many of the anti-Filipino sentiments made on here. So I could also argue that maybe YOU and certain other supporters of this website are being too presumptive by making the claims that they make against the Philippines and Filipino people.

      13. Profile gravatar of

        Well, thank you beduyaed for admitting that much. You made an incompetent criticism of this site and I simply explained where you’re wrong. You don’t seem to be able to handle anything I’ve said, so you invent my position, and that’s too bad.

      14. Profile gravatar of

        >>>So I could also argue that maybe YOU and certain other supporters of this website are being too presumptive by making the claims that they make against the Philippines and Filipino people.

        Jesus Christ, where have I made any statements about Filipino people? Is that why the ‘maybe’ is there?

        *Maybe* you honestly think Filipinos are stupid–see how easy that is to say with a maybe?

      15. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Once again, your arguments are weak at best. I can take your same arguments and use them right back against you. You stated that I have made invalid criticisms about this site…I can argue that this website has made invalid criticisms about the Philippines and it’s people, and I was simply challenging your so-called argument,

        Once again, if you’re going to oppose someone’s claims, don’t base your claims around unstructured arguments, I’d like to point out how oblivious you are to the fact that many of your claims conflict with one another, and here’s an example since you seem to be utterly confused:

        You keep expressing obvious frustration by making comments such as ‘Jesus Christ, where have I made any statements about Filipino people?’ Ok, I’ll show you:

        ‘If you wanted to produce a competent argument, then explain why the examples given on this website do not show stupidity.’

        Once again, am I once again being too ‘presumptive’ by presuming that the ‘examples of stupidity’ you mentioned in the previous quote are about the ‘stupidity’ of Filipinos?

      16. Profile gravatar of

        >>>‘If you wanted to produce a competent argument, then explain why the examples given on this website do not show stupidity.’

        Your comprehension skills are appalling. There’s nothing in that comment that gives any position on my part.

        Clearly, you think that the stories on this site don’t prove anything larger about the Filipino identity; in that comment, I was asking *you* to show why they don’t. It’s says nothing about what I think.

        Alright, you said many of my claims conflict. Try to give me another example, and try to make sure it actually works.

      17. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        I’m sorry, but I refuse to waste any more time trying to use common sense and logic to debate with a brick wall. You have NO valid arguments. Any type of ‘reasoning’ you possess is unfounded and honestly doesn’t even help to prove whatever point you’re trying to prove..and it’s obvious that you’re simply not even sure of the argument that you’re trying to prove. To keep it simple, I have no fn idea what you’re even arguing for or against, for that matter, because you have no clue yourself.

        I’ve challenged your views and pointed out holes and fallacies in any ‘arguments’ that you have presented, but yet you still fail to produce s halfway competent concept of reasoning based on your claims. You challenge me to prove why the examples provided on this site are not indicative of stupidity, but when I challenge your claims, your response is to suddenly develop a case of amnesia by wondering when you stated anything against Filipino people. You truly have no clue what you’re even arguing for, but you continue arguing because of your unfounded but desperate need to be right. I understand that it’s purely human nature to have a constant desire for the need to be right, all that I ask is that at least THINK out your arguments instead of brushing off the claims you can’t defend. I’m trying to reason with you here, but honestly, you’ve proven that any use of logic with you is rendered a waste of time,

        Good luck to you in whatever your pursuits are in life, and with all sincerity, I truly hope that one day you’ll be able to enrich your way of thinking, rather than be so closed-minded and juvenile. Also, I truly hope that you find something to be passionate about enough in life to actually want to fight for, rather than just make half-assed arguments to fill your overwhelming need to be right which obviously serves as some kind of psychological defense mechanism. I’m fighting for the rights of Filipinos that are unable to aptly defend themselves against such ignorance as some of the postings on this website, why are you here? What is your stance to this controversial topic, but you seem to be very flip floppy.

        Either way, it doesn’t even matter. Good day to you.

      18. Profile gravatar of

        You didn’t actually respond to anything in my last comment, but whatever, you showed some pretty entertaining incompetence. Anyone reading can judge for themselves.

      19. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Wow, ‘FiloFail’, you are truly an idiot. The magnitude of your ignorance is truly amazing. Please explain how I am delusional if I am AGREEING that there are stupid instances that occur in the Phil? Do you even read my responses? It just sounds like you spew whatever bullshit comes out of your mouth to continue justifying whatever pathetic point it is you are trying justify.

        Let me make this CLEAR for the nineteenth time,since you seem to have great difficulty grasping this simple concept that even my eight year old would have been able to comprehend the first time. I NEVER disagreed that there are stupid shit that happens over there. So all of your little examples that you took the time to spell out was obviously a complete waste of time since I never once claimed to deny those facts, which once again you would have realized if you weren’t too bullheaded to actually READ my responses, but instead you choose to hear only what you WANT to hear. At least I can admit fault in our home country, but I don’t have the audacity to continuously downgrade it and it’s people, like you do. All I said is that you shouldn’t degrade people for their actions due to the fact that they don’t know any better. Many of the ‘dumb’ Filipino natives that you consistently demean and put down are the way that they are because they weren’t fortunate to have such a ‘great’ education as your wonderful self.

        I really can’t deal with the magnitude of stupidity on this website, and you actually have the nerve to say Filipinos are dumb?

        By the way, I am a SHE, which you would have realized if you actually READ my responses. Or maybe in addition to your bigotry of the Filipino people, would it be too presumptuous of me to presume that you’re possibly misogynistic as well, and couldn’t accept the fact that a female actually had something to say in response to you? Or should I just write it off to the fact that you’re too ignorant to hear anything else but your own opinions?

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “Wow, ‘FiloFail’, you are truly an idiot.”

          I’m obviously getting on her nerves. She’s not so eloquent anymore now is she? Looks like I struck a nerve! She’s breaking down folks. She’s getting backed into a corner, as does every idiot Filo that attempts to lip service us out of what we see every day. She’s not the first, and certainly won’t be the last.

      20. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        FiloFail, you also mentioned that if Filipinos were actually smart, that this blog and many others on the internet wouldn’t exist. LOL so is that the argument you’re going with now, in order to defend your biased criticisms? That because something is said or posted on the internet, that it must be true? “Philippines Fail Blog said that Filipinos are stupid, wow so it MUST be true, because they posted it on the internet!” Wow. I don’t even need to garner a response for that…you can figure out all the things wrong with that argument.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          No, it’s true because we experience it every day in everything we do here. What part of that can you not understand? We’re not talking disputable shit that has to do with “define stupidity”. We’re talking about shit that defies all simple universal common-goddamn-sense on a large and wide scale dipshit.

          You’re not going to try to surgically change what we go through every fucking day here, you’re pathetic attempts do not change what our eyes see every fucking day here. You’re just not going to change the truth honey, guaran-fucking-teed!

          Go do what Filipinos do best somewhere else: Try to piss down people’s backs and tell them it’s raining.

          Christ Almighty! What a fucking idiot.

      21. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        I guess since my vocabulary seems to offend @filofail and @fafi , I guess will have to dumb this discussion down for you two to understand.

        You guys say you want statistics but insist that your examples of the dumb shit that you see in the Phil are justified reasons to conclude that Nearly all Filipinos are stupid. LOL why should we hold a couple of crybabies as the standard for determining how smart or stupid a country is? What makes you guys so fucking special that just because YOU believe that most Filos are stupid, that it’s all of a sudden some kind of proven fact? You guys claim that I have no valid argument against yours, but your only argument is your bitching and whining about your everyday occurrences? Grow the fuck up, that’s life, you see that type of stupid shit EVERYWHERE.

        You guys look like the fucking idiots here in my opinion because you bitch and moan about the Phil sooooo much that you’ve dedicated an entire website to it, but guess the fuck what, YOU IDIOTS ARE STILL IN THE PHILIPPINES. For whatever reasons you guys have, it doesn’t even matter, because if you were truly that frustrated over your circumstances, you would change it. See, the ‘dumb’ native Filos over there do not have enough opportunities to change their circumstances, because they’re too ‘dumb’, as you two geniuses proclaim. Since you guys are just so much smarter than Filos, change your circumstances. Why still be in a country that you abhor so much but yet refuse to do anything about but bitch and moan like a couple of four year olds.

        @fafi btw, if your major of choice is law, then you better brush up on your debate skills. I might not have reasoned statistics proving that Filipinos aren’t dumb,but you mean to tell me that your argument is due to what YOU experience in the Phil? I can see it now, big bad litigator FAFI: “um, your Honor, you should rule in my favor because it’s what I see and feel!”

        I guess I should blame that on the Filipino educational system, right? I mean you did choose to continue your education there for whatever reason. So you got an American education for grammar school, but you chose to obtain a Filipino based education for your professional career, but yet you maintain the belief that ‘Filipinos Are Fucking Idiots’ as so cleverly demonstrated by your cute little screen name.

        Yep, makes sense.

      22. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @filofail – I’ve just come to the realization that any and all of your arguments are rendered ‘stupid’ based on your logic that all Filipinos are stupid. you’re half FILO and were raised by a ‘stupid’ Filipino mother…which means that you, my friend, are ‘stupid’ as well.

        @fafi – your arguments have no merit as well based on your same ‘logical’ argument, due to the fact that you’re being educated by ‘stupid’ Filipinos, so based on this website’s whole and ONLY defense…you are stupid as well, since you’re being educated by a bunch of ‘Filipino Idiots.’

        LOL the only ‘fail’ I see here is this entire website that is based off of your own hypocritical criticisms. You guys are just so damn smart but choose to live in a country full of ‘stupid’ people, but refuse to reveal your reasons why, but insist that your reasons are justified. I’m truly amazed that you two don’t even realize the stupidity and obviously blatant hypocrisy of your so-called arguments.

      23. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @fafi – I will give you kudos in the fact that you’re actually the only one on here that has so far been actually able to produce a competent explanation worthy of a response, but I still fail to see any sound reasoning to your claims. My point is that you shouldn’t generalize your thoughts and opinions of Filipinos to most of the people. You insist that you don’t mean you generalize your beliefs about Filos to ALL Filipino people, yet your name on this site is ‘Filipinos Are Fucking Idiots.’ Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your screen name alone a generalization of the people?

        Also, all of your examples in response to my claims that some natives are simply not taught to know any better, are honestly not indicative of how ‘smart’ or ‘dumb’ a nation is. All of the examples that you provided is a common occurrence in ANY overpopulated region of the world. Based on your claims, that’s like saying that almost all New Yorkers are stupid because all of the examples that you provided are common as well in NYC. All of the traffic problems that you base your argument on is not an indicator of stupidity, as you so gallantly claim. It is simply an issue of overpopulation. Do the math, it’s not that difficult of a concept to realize. Why is there ridiculous traffic and driving in the Philippines…um obviously that’s what happens when you take millions and millions of people that’s living in an area not equipped to handle that many people. Most of the things that you complain about are occurrences that mostly happen in more urbanized areas such as Manila…but those aren’t characteristics of just overpopulated cities in the Phil, those are characteristic of nearly ANY overpopulated region in the world.

        Also, you mentioned that you ‘taking the time to do research’ is by simply stumbling upon this blog probably by googling ‘Filipinos are stupid’, I assume. Like I said, I’m not going to sit here and debate with you about all of the examples that you all continuously use in order to try to convince me and others that you’re all justified in using those instances to more or less generalize to nearly an entire population. Once again, I’m NOT denying that those things exist over there- all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t generalize those instances to nearly an entire population of people. You all also need to quit being so closed minded by assuming that just because those instances occur, that other factors NOT related to stupidity can’t or shouldn’t be taken into account. Like your ‘idiot Filipino wife’, for example, do you believe that she’s an idiot simply because she is Filipino, or is due perhaps due to other factors as well? Was she educated? Did she even have a halfway decent shot at obtaining an education? Was she born into poverty? If the answer to those questions is no, then you shouldn’t label her an idiot. That’s comparable to classifying children born in poverty in other third world countries idiots as well. Like I’ve been imploring since the beginning, you shouldn’t automatically stereotype people as stupid if you’re blind to their individual circumstances. Yes I called you all idiots at one point, but you want to know why? Not because I felt the need to stereotype you, but I was using you and FILO fail’s own logic. He’s half Filipino so that means he’s half stupid. You’re a student in the Phil, so that means you’re stupid. See how easy it is to make half assed conclusions based on stereotypes? So as previously mentioned, based on this website’s logic, it would be safe for me to assume that you’re both stupid, right?

        Also, just because someone isn’t considered intelligent in one form doesn’t mean that they should be completely labeled as ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’. There are different types of intelligence, that I’m sure you are aware of.

        Also, if you are so greatly annoyed by the ‘idiotic’ instances that you encounter in the Phil, why would you marry a ‘Filipino Idiot’? I also think it’s sad that you’ve manipulated your Filipino wife into embracing the same concepts and stereotypes that you hold onto her own people. Way to further divide the Filipino people and get them to more or less turn on their own kind. In order for improvements in the quality of life over there to occur, one of the most important things to do is for Filipinos to stay as united as possible…which goes for any country. How can Filipinos stay united as a people in order to help battle the corruption and sometimes poor quality of life over there, if people like you serve to help turn Filipinos against each other. I’ve read on this site where somebody already claimed that the Philippines is already a divided nation conflicting with one another, why strengthen the conflict? How can you expect Filipinos to fix their own problems when you’re too busy creating more problems by turning Filipinos against each other?

        Yes, there might be some issues in our home country, but you know what? By living over there, You can’t deny that Filipinos are skilled at working with what they’ve got, which is another type of intelligence that some people around the world don’t possess and are envious of. One person somewhere on here was complaining about a set of unsafe stairs that was rigged together. Go ahead and bitch and complain about a set of jacked up and bootlegged step of stairs, but at least the Filipino was resourceful enough to come up with a solution to a problem, rather than just stand there and bitch about it or expect someone else to do it for them. Some Filipinos May not have much but they work with what they fucking have, and even if there is flaws in the system, most of their intentions mean well. Yeah, so what if some Filipinos take napkins home from a restaurant? That’s what happens when you can’t afford or don’t have access to toilet paper. There’s People here in the states that have more than adequate resources to something so basic such as toilet paper that engage in the same ‘stupid’ act of taking napkins home from a restaurant here. So should we label them ‘stupid’ as well?

        1. Profile gravatar of Secret

          Generalizing means averagely..IDIOT! Of course not all Filipinos are smart nor dumb but AVERAGELY, Filipinos are stupid..Why can’t you understand that simple logic!? I guess what can you expect from a dumb Filipino…..I have a question: Why does the Philippines is poor until now? Why is it a third world country? It’s because AVERAGELY, Filipinos are stupid! You Idiot!

          Try to look into the eyes of foreigners….You will realized how shit this shithole is..

      24. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        “I will agree that some Filipinos are as dumb as a tree stump. So are some Americans, Europeans, other Asians and many other races and cultures that I’ve encountered in my life. I’ve also met some astoundingly smart Filipinos, Americans, Europeans, other Asians, etc. The point is that no nation can be considered “smarter” or “dumber” than another. There are ignorant and stupid people all over the world, just as there are also intelligent and educated people all over the world.”

        Wow, you have gone from stating Philippines is not smarter or dumber than most nations, to agreeing Philippines is stupid, but I shouldn’t say so, essentially, in a nutshell.

        Which is it?

        I haven’t changed my position. I have and always will hold the position that Filipinos are a nation of about the most idiotic imbeciles by a gigantic margin. And it’s true, and if something is true, there’s no harm in talking about it, especially when that truth contributes to human suffering in the world.

        But you have slowly begun to move from “Philippines is no different than any other country” to “I don’t dispute Philippines has stupid people and you shouldn’t say so, that’s my right, not yours”.

        Keep making an complete moron of yourself here on my blog. We are all enjoying watching you prove first hand what we say is true.

      25. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum


        LOL why so angry in your response? Why the overuse of capital letters and exclamation points? Do you honestly believe that all of the aggressive mechanics used in your sentence structure is going to help prove your opinion to be any more credible? I see now that you’ve finally comprehended that I am a female….20 comments later. Bravo, your reading comprehension skills are not as atrocious as I believed before. Now your reading comprehension level is comparable to a six year old.

        What I think is hilarious about your desperate attempts to consistently prove why your beliefs are so correct is the fact that when faced with logic reasoning, your response is to still bash the Filipino people, exhaust your responses by repeating the exact same illogical justifications over and over, and honestly by not answering not ONE question that I have asked you. You honestly think that your mundane and ill-equipped responses are ‘striking a nerve’ or ‘breaking me down’? Lol oh honey you couldn’t be any more delusional from the truth. It’s apparent that you’re obviously the one ‘breaking down’ here, my friend, since your desperate attempts to gain approval from your cohorts on this site are showing. “She’s not so eloquent anymore now is she?” LOL you keep on seeking that approval, sweetheart. In the meantime, I’ll be over here STILL waiting on a halfway decent response to why you feel the need to justify your personal experiences to nearly an entire ethnicity of people. The same ethnicity that half of your genes descend from, since you continuously seem to forget that little fact. The ‘Filipinos are dumb, bad traffic, corrupt government blah blah blah’ defense is getting pretty old. Yes, I’ve acknowledged the problems over there as well as you have. What’s your POINT? How does all that relate to the mental ability of most Filipinos? That’s the answer I’ve been searching for but after countless responses, I have still not been able to receive a halfway well thought out response.

      26. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum


        In response to this:

        “I will agree that some Filipinos are as dumb as a tree stump. So are some Americans, Europeans, other Asians and many other races and cultures that I’ve encountered in my life. I’ve also met some astoundingly smart Filipinos, Americans, Europeans, other Asians, etc. The point is that no nation can be considered “smarter” or “dumber” than another. There are ignorant and stupid people all over the world, just as there are also intelligent and educated people all over the world.”

        Wow, you have gone from stating Philippines is not smarter or dumber than most nations, to agreeing Philippines is stupid, but I shouldn’t say so, essentially, in a nutshell.

        Which is it?”

        Well aren’t we jumping the gun tonight. If your reading comprehension skills surpassed that of a 7 year old, you’d understand that I never ONCE agreed with you that the ‘Philippines is stupid.’ Please show me where I ever said that? Lol all I said in that quote was that yes, SOME Filipinos are dumber than a tree stump, just as there are dumb people Everywhere in the world. Stupid people are present anywhere in the world, just like smart people are located all over the world. What’s your point? I never once used that fact to generalize to an entire country of individuals, like you ignorantly choose to do in a petty attempt to justify your moronic reasoning.

        See how stupid it is to jump the gun?:)

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Didn’t you say about 45 comments ago that you were not going to waste anymore time here? Again dipshit, your words can’t change what our eyes see. Sorry you just can’t seem to comprehend that concept. But please, feel free to continue dumbshitting all over yourself here. Be my guest. Change your username as often as you like as well. I understand why you would want to hide. I understand you’re embarrassed. Now, carry on…..

      27. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @filofail – btw, it doesn’t bother me one bit if you or any other closed-minded individual on this website disagrees or ‘laughs’ at me, because in all reality, my purpose here might come as a shock to you, but it’s not to seek your approval:) if even one person coming to this site reads my comments and decides to not let some bad experiences they’ve encountered with Filipinos represent the country as a whole, then I’m satisfied with that. Plus, I’m not really worried about the opinions of a person about me that can’t even produce a competent logical argument. I’ve presented many examples of why I disagree with your sentiments in my comments, what about you? You bring no kind of evidence or even substance to the table, your responses to opposition is to continue degrading Filipinos. How very logical of you.

        So you’re greatly annoyed by a ‘dumb’ Filipino, yet you seem to be just as annoyed if not further annoyed when a Filipino matches wits with you. Hmm, seems like you’re so closed-minded and judgmental that you won’t acknowledge any opinions other than your own, or the ones resembling yours. That sounds like the hallmark of great logical thinker. You say that you’re beginning to ‘strike a nerve’ with me…LOL in wish that you would strike a nerve with me, because that would mean that you’ve actually stated a well thought out argument. You also mention that the Philippines is incapable of accepting constructive criticism, please show me ONE example on this website of any criticism that was even the least bit constructive. Any criticism of the Philippines in this blog seem to only stem from your own hate and prejudices of the Filipino nation. So go ahead, show me a blog post that’s supposed to serve as ‘constructive criticism’ of the Philippines, rather than to fulfill your own personal egotistical and selfish vendetta. Go on, I’ll wait.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Didn’t you say about 40 comments ago that you were not going to waste anymore of your time here? Are you THAT affected? I mean, I don’t mind at all that you continue to dumbshit all over yourself here, you’re certainly welcome to do so. I just can’t understand why.

      28. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Oh, and quite honestly, @filofail , if you were so confident in your claims as you so desperately attempt to be, you would welcome my opposition, instead of telling me to ‘go somewhere else.’ Are your claims and arguments so weak that you can’t even stand to accept let alone welcome opposition? I’m imploring you to produce a valid argument against my opinions, but you habitually refuse to do so. Which leads me to believe that your entire argument is quickly crumbling apart, which obviously upsets you, so your response is to try to eradicate the problem by telling me to ‘go away’, rather than accept a challenge to your oppositions.

        I thank The Lord that it’s @filofail that’s decided to pursue a career in law rather than you. Even with his misconceptions, he seems to be the only one actually reading my entire responses. I’m sorry to tell you this, but if you can’t produce a halfway decent defense to your claims, why even believe so strongly in them? Oh because the mundane bullshit that you encounter in the Phil pisses you off? Like I said, grow the fuck up. Life isn’t supposed to cater to YOUR own needs and wishes. If you’re that upset with the treatment you receive over there, then move somewhere that makes you happy. Problem solved. If you’re being forced or strong-armed into staying in such horrid conditions, give me your address and I’ll alert the US embassy. If that situation doesn’t apply to you, then like I said, grow the fuck up and get over it. If you really feel the need to vent your frustrations, do so in a manner that doesn’t degrade and debase the entire nation. Doing so only makes you look dumber than the individuals that you keep complaining about. If the policies in Ace Hardware piss you off as you mentioned in a previous comment, why not complain about their policies? Why do you feel the need to let your own frustrations with a situation stigmatize a country of people by saying that the ‘Philippines is stupid?’ You need to learn to choose your words more carefully if you’re going to be uncomfortable with someone picking them apart.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I don’t need to read your responses, because they are nearly carbon copies of every other deluded dipshit Filo that tries to tell us that what we experience every fuckin day is not stupidity, but intelligence. Why should you be any different. You’re biased. You’re not willing to look at reality. You want to do just like every other deluded Filo wants to do….piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining. You’re not the first, definitely not the last.

          Now, carry on. I do welcome you opposition dipshit, why do you think I keep approving your comments? What an imbecile.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “If you really feel the need to vent your frustrations, do so in a manner that doesn’t degrade and debase the entire nation.”

          You imbeciles are the ones degrading and debasing yourselves shit-for-brains. You certainly DON’T need our help. This blog is here for expats, NOT Filipinos. We just talk about how you degrade and debase yourselves, and how fucking stupid such behavior is. Gawd what a fuckin’ moron. Sheesh!

      29. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Yes, I did state that I wasn’t going to waste any more of my time here, but that was before I realized how psychologically delusional you truly are. I honestly thought that you were halfway capable of being able to produce an intellectual debate, so I figured that after reading even one of my comments that you were level headed enough to realize the obvious errors in your thinking, obviously, that’s not the case, since you consistently prove yourself to be more pigheaded and arrogant with each comment that you make. So you might actually be stuck with me for a while.:) prove me wrong, even a LITTLE bit, and I’ll give credit where credit is due and I might ‘go away.’ But as long as you continue to negatively stereotype Filipinos, I’ll be here defending the ones that are unable to defend themselves. You say that you opinions aren’t meant to be taken as a generalization to ALL Filipinos, yet you continue to contradict those claims by carelessly labeling stereotypes on the Philippines with such pearls of wisdom such as ‘Philippines is stupid’ .

        Your defense (if any) seem to be losing steam since I’ve reduced you to one sentence responses comparable to that of a 4 year old. You might as well have said ‘I know you are, but what am I?!’ as a response, because that’s how juvenile and immature your arguments are. Still no responses to ANY of my questions, filofail. Your screen name actually suits you, because you consistently produce nothing but failure when it comes to this debate.

      30. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        And if this blog is specifically only for ‘expats’, why make it a public blog? If you have the audacity to put something this degrading to Filipinos on the internet for anybody to see, then you better have the fucking balls to at least defend your view, genius.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I have defended my view, and any non-filipino will agree. Unfortunately, you’re so deluded that you cannot see it, and never will. My view is based on LITERALLY MY VIEW….what I see with my eyes. You still have not grasped that concept. Shall I shoot video of masses of Filipinos doing really stupid shit (easy to get such a video here, just walking out my front door with the video camera rolling, I wouldn’t have to spend but a few minutes to capture mindless stupidity happening as a norm), and let you try to tell me it’s intelligent? How do you think that’s gonna make you look? Essentially, that is what you are doing. You are taking what we have seen with our eyes (policies, practices, everyday stuff), that which anyone with a measurable level of intelligence would agree is completely nothing other than stupid and lacking any common human sense, and telling us that it’s not stupid. You’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Keep it up.

          Keep dumbshitting all over yourself here. We all love it.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “And if this blog is specifically only for ‘expats’, why make it a public blog?”

          How else are expats supposed to find it “genius”

          Keep showing how seriously affected you are by the truth. You’re doing a fine job of debasing and degrading yourself here. You don’t need our help at all. And the mere mention that you don’t want this to be a public blog is because deep in your debased and degraded heart, you know this is the cold-hard truth, and it’s just another Filipino attempt to censor the truth about Philippines and it’s stupidity.

          You have now made that extremely obvious.

        3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          This just show how desperately Filipinos work to attempt to mask the truth of their stupidity. Instead of working to solve their behavior problems and stupidity problems, they work double time trying to cover it up with their words and claims of pride and intelligence, and in doing so, end up looking MORE stupid to intelligent people.

        4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          And if you don’t want blogs about the widespread mind-boggling stupidity of Philippines popping up, do something about changing from incredibly stupid to intelligent. Otherwise, deal with the MANY blogs like this that talk about Filipino stupidity.

          Yes, truth hurts. But it hurts you even more to focus on pissing down people’s backs and telling them it’s raining rather than working to bring change and intelligence to your pathetic sad, self-debased, self-degraded country.

      31. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        You don’t need to ‘read my responses’ because you obviously can’t handle being faced with sensible reasoning, can you? I’m confident that I’ve proven your stereotypes of Filipino people to be inaccurate, since your claim that ‘all Filipinos with very few exceptions’ including your own mother, are ‘dumber than a tree stump. I think your only issue with me is that you can’t stand being challenged or outsmarted by a person coming from the very same nation that you label as stupid.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “I’m confident that I’ve proven your stereotypes of Filipino people to be inaccurate…”

          How did all of us expats here know you would be? Enjoy the feeling my dear. Now walk away with that feeling and feel good. This would be the perfect time for your exit. You have convinced yourself of victory, so have some dignity and make this your exit. Thanks for visiting. I assume you’re intelligent enough to stop at this point? I’m sure you have a ton of Filipinos who will applaud you and agree with you. Perfect time for exit. Ta ta dear!

      32. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Lol you are so incredibly dense. It’s truly amazing how much simple shit goes over your head. It’s really tiring trying to get someone so dense to comprehend the concept that I’ve been stating from the beginning. Once again, why let some examples that you’ve encountered over there represent the population or the country as a whole? If people are doing stupid shit outside of your door, big fucking deal. There’s people doing stupid shit and saying stupid things all around me every day of my life, but I’m not going to use that excuse to ignorantly proclaim the America itself is stupid. Also, some people can’t help being less educated than others, as perfectly exemplified by your case. I guess I can apply that same sense of reasoning onto you- you really can’t help how ignorant and dense you truly are. Maybe that’s your defense mechanism, you can’t stand being thought of of looked as as stupid, so you project your own feelings of self-worthlessness onto others. Or maybe you think that since your half Filipino and you talk about how stupid Filipinos are, then it gives people a reason to see why you’re so ignorant. Good strategy, put down your own people and blame your bloodlines for your ridiculous way of thinking. It’s actually quite sad, it sounds like you need to do a serious inventory of yourself. You seem to hate yourself so much that you’ve projected that hate onto your own heritage. Sad, really.

      33. Profile gravatar of

        I probably can’t speak for FiloFail, but I’m pretty sure that the ‘stupidity’ he sees in the Philippines is just one-half of his problem. That he sees little to nothing in the way of competence or intelligence is the other half.

        If your argument were applied consistently, it wouldn’t be possible to say that kindergartners are less mature than adults. After all, how many kindergartners have you met? Can you generalize to all kindergartners from your own experience? There are immature adults, and some reserved and mature kindergartners, right? It’s an exceptionally bad line of reasoning that should be dropped.

      34. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Honestly Jordan, your argument in regards to my line of reasoning only further strengthens my point. Yes, there are immature and of below intellect adults as there are mature and above intellect children, and vice versa. Exactly my point. There are immature and below intellect Filipinos just as there are mature and above intellect Filipinos. My point exactly, The Philippines itself shouldn’t be stereotyped as ‘stupid’ as @filofail tirelessly continues to do, just because he’s had bad experiences with some immature or of below intellect Filipinos. That’s the whole damn point I’ve been trying to get across here.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Well there is the issue of misunderstanding right there.

          “The Philippines itself shouldn’t be stereotyped as ‘stupid’ as @filofail tirelessly continues to do, just because he’s had bad experiences with some immature or of below intellect Filipinos.”

          You see dipshit, keyword is “some”. I will admit, there have been, on exponentially RARE occasions, dealings with a Filipino who I could say had a spark of intelligence, and a smidgen of common-fuckin’-sense. But then I have stated in my “About” page that not ALL Filipinos are stupid, only the overwhelmingly vast majority.

          Now let’s clear something up, and maybe you will begin to understand why I insist that the general population of Philippines is comprised of brainless idiots.

          As I have stated before, it’s not “some”. Again, if I could get through ONE SINGLE DAY of errands, and have even ONE SINGLE TASK go perfectly without some typical Filogic or stupidity that makes that simple god damned task 10 times more inconvenient and harder than it needs to be, I probably would not have started this blog.

          But the fact is, I cannot cross the street without EVERY FILIPINO DRIVER acting as if I, a pedestrian, have no fucking right to be crossing in a pedestrian crosswalk, and therefore if they smear me all over the pavement, I deserved it. I have to cross a lot of streets when I’m out running my errands. I fear for my life every fuckin’ time. And there has NEVER IN 10 YEARS OF MY STAY HERE, been a SINGLE DUMBFUCK FILO who has ever stopped and offered me safe passage in 10 FUCKING YEARS ANYWHERE IN PHILIPPINES. NEVER!! NOT ONCE! Smart of fucking stupid?

          Never ever ever ever in 10 years here have I completed a list of things I needed to buy and come home with all common household items. THERE’S ALWAYS THE “OUT OF STOCK SIR” STUPIDITY.

          Never ever ever have I been told by PLDT, Globe, Signal TV and any other utility that they would do something and actually have time follow through the first time, be it come to repair something, get a call back, whatever. NEVER ONCE in 10 YEARS has any utility EVER gotten anything right the first time. It only gets righted after a hair-pulling frustrating battle with morons who each give a different stupid excuse and conflicting information depending on which idiot you happen to get to answer the phone. NEVER!!! IT’S NOT “SOME” IT’S ALL.

          Never ever ever have I made an appointment with another person, and had them show up on time. NEVER IN 10 YEARS! Not only “not on time”, 6 times out of 10, when the meeting time is say 4pm, and I text them at 4pm to tell them I am here waiting, I will get a reply like, “Ok, I will just have a bath and prepare myself and then go there”. Smart or fuckin’ stupid??

          This list of never ever ever’s can go on for weeks my dear.

          So the fact remains, in general, the entire nation of Philippines is fucking imbeciles, and lucky for me, there are those golden rare moments when something goes right. Sometimes months go by without one of those golden rare moments. But I would say on average, I might have 1 task out of 1 month actually completed without some form of idiocy fuckup and delay. The intelligent ones are EXTREMELY FEW. So rare, that it’s not even worth mentioning. I wish I could include you in my “rare” list. But you have simply been a cookie-cutter copy of the typical deluded, disgruntled, tantrum-throwing Filipino that cannot handle the truth.

          So you see my dear, if you had to deal with this kind of failure with 99.9% of anything you do, buy, sell, go to, whatever…virtually anything, what other conclusion could you come to other than, “MY GOD THIS IS A NATION OF COMPLETE BRAINLESS IDIOTS!!” And then start a blog……

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            99.9% of anything I do or have done here over 10 years here is a bad experience filled with lame-brain stupidity, sometimes on a small scale, sometimes on a large scale that will make anyone with a brain’s mind spin. It’s not “some”, it’s all my dear, all.

      35. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @filofail – I don’t know what your intentions are, but the point of this debate is not ‘victory’, it’s to open your eyes to the errors in your thinking and judgments. As long as you continue negatively stereotyping the Philippines then I’ll continue to challenge your arguments. My apologies if that bothers or offends you and other ‘expats’ but excuse me if I’m not as sensitive to your feelings after reading your blog that’s filled with nothing but ignorance and intolerance about the Philippines. At least I’m comfortable with my heritage, whether I’m here in America, over there in the Phil or anywhere else for that matter. I’m not asking you to agree with some of the things that go on over there, because as I’ve mentioned there is some bullshit that goes on there but you’ll have that anywhere you go in the world, not JUST the Phil. You shouldn’t use those occurrences of bullshit to generalize to the whole country, because there are many positive and beautiful things you can experience in the Phil but you’re too ignorant and whiny to realize that. You’re such a self loathing pessimist that you even find nothing but fault in your own heritage and home country. Yeah the Phil isn’t perfect but you have not one good thing to say about the Philippines. Which like I said is sad, since you’re a half Filipino, that makes your intolerance even more disturbing. Like I said, you don’t have to like where you came from, at least have respect for your heritage and country. You’re a witness to the corruption that happens everyday on the Filipino people, instead of understanding the difficult circumstances that they have faced you chose to ridicule and chastise them,

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “As long as you continue negatively stereotyping the Philippines then I’ll continue to challenge your arguments.”

          Challenge all you want. But stop shooting the messenger. I only speak of the real experiences of stupidity that occur with EVERYTHING I TRY TO DO HERE, THERE IS SOME KIND OF STUPID FAILURE INVOLVED. It’s not “some” it’s EVERYTHING FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS!! It’s not a “few” bad experiences, it’s a bad experience EVERY TIME I LEAVE MY HOUSE, AND EVERYTHING I TRY TO GET DONE HERE. Again, not “some” it’s “all” my dear. Let that sink in. It’s ALL. Therefore, one can only conclude that after 10 years of failure of even the simplest things, FILIPINOS ARE IMBECILES in general, with very few exceptions, extraordinarily very few exceptions. I can count on 1 hand the number of times ANYTHING went right.

          Ask my partner how many times a day I ask, “shit man, can ANYTHING go right in this country?? ANYTHING??????”

      36. Profile gravatar of

        It really doesn’t strengthen your point.

        Let me repeat this example then, since you’re struggling:

        Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino who has a net worth of ~$100 million. Does that fact that he’s richer than most Americans mean that a typical Filipino is as wealthy as a typical American?

        Saying that there are rich and poor Americans, like there are rich and poor Filipinos, doesn’t make the two countries equally wealthy by ANY standard. So you can stop using that line ‘there are smart and dumb people everywhere’. It doesn’t work.

      37. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @filofail wow, I must admit that I’m actually surprised that there was actually something posted in your comment that wasn’t completely derogatory against the Philippines. If that’s the case, then you seriously need to overhaul and redesign your website because the layout and concept of your blog totally misrepresents the Philippines and Filipino people. Excuse me if I’m being to brash in assuming that the picture of the Philippine flag with the word ‘FAIL’ over it seems to imply that the country itself is nothing but failure. Would it also be presumptuous of me to think that the logo entitled ‘it’s more FAIL in the Philippines’ is a little bit misleading as well in regards to the nation and it’s people? All of your dozens of comments prior to this stated nothing but negative and demeaning things about the country, it’s finally now that you’re finally admitting that not EVERYTHING is fucked up about the country. We actually have reached a breakthrough here. Although I still greatly disagree with your standard of ‘the vast majority’ of the Filipinos are dumber than tree stumps, I probably can’t change your mind on that but I beg you to seriously reconsider. I understand your frustrations with some of the things that happens over there,but I also implore you to understand that you should not let those same instances completely define the Philippines as a nation. If you’d spend more time over there appreciating the positive and beautiful things that the country has to offer, rather than continue to concentrate on the negative, you might actually enjoy your time over there. Instead of constantly being pissed off at the crazy taxi drivers (which might I add, exist everywhere in the world…just yesterday I was nearly run off the road by a careless driver), enjoy the beauty of the richness of the culture. Appreciate the fact that despite shortcomings, Most Filipinos are relatively happy people with kind hearted intentions. Yes, not ALL Filos are like that, but with your blog posts, you only seem to imply that the vast majority of them aren’t. I used to love hearing people laughing and singing in the streets, I was so moved at the fact that even though they’re sitting in the middle of a ‘squatter’ area that May or may not be littered with garbage, they still manage to find a sense of Joy in the situation. That, my friend, is the ‘Pinoy pride’ that seems to be such an elusive mystery to you. Call that blind ignorance, if you wish but I call that the resiliency of the Pinoy Spirit. Even when faced with less than stellar living conditions or situations, they don’t let it get them down. There are many obstacles that Filipinos have braved and have still been able to keep an optimistic attitude that many other people wouldn’t have been able to live through. Look at all of the typhoons and other natural disasters that hit, and the Phil still continue to push through those setbacks and try their best to continue going on with life, living it the best way that they know how. That’s why you shouldn’t reduce these same people to being ‘dumber than tree stumps’, because many of them possess a sense of resiliency, adaptability and resourcefulness that only many of us can only wish of having.

        You’ve only been in the Phil for ten years and you’re already losing your mind. Those same natives that you consistently speak so negatively about have been there and will probably been there all their lives and they’ve learned to be resilient enough to accept their circumstances. Yes, many of those Filipinos probably do wish for better living conditions. You’re completely missing the point though. Even if they are unable to attain better things in life, they understand that it shouldn’t define their happiness. Just like you my friend, you’re a half Filipino that’s been living there for ten years and still maintain that you have an endless list of the bullshit that you witness over there. That’s why you can’t find ‘Pinoy pride’ because you don’t even understand what it Is, let alone have any respect for it. If you had ‘pinoy pride’, you would understand that there are some stupid circumstances that you will encounter that’s beyond your control, but you’re not going to let those same stupid circumstances negatively impact your life or bring you down. Why live life miserable? Why dedicate so much hate and misery on a blog about a country that’s a part of you, whether you like it or not. If you’re unhappy with some of the policies or corruption over there, don’t talk about it, be about it. The biggest changes occur through positive changes, not by bashing the country. By bashing the country, you’re only contributing to the negative stereotypes that the Philippines already faces. If you’re so pissed off or want things to change so bad, either move away so you don’t have to deal with it, or find more constructive ways to deal with the problem. Because in all honesty, your negativity is doing nothing to help alleviate the problem that you’re constantly complaining about. If you want to have a blog discussing the issues that need to be addressed in the Philippines, why do it in such a condescending manner that only serves to humiliate the people instead of trying to help them? If you want someone to change, it’s common sense that humiliating them is not the optimal solution to the problem.

        Now let me translate that to what I really mean:


        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          That comment speaks for itself. Those with brains don’t need further comment from me.

          I’m just wondering how many mini-books you’re going to write here as comments? Affected, yeah?

        2. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

          LOL. I just had to chime in here again due to Filipino Tantrum. She’s another example of Filipinos not understanding what true resilience is. I’ll try to educate Filipino Tantrum here with examples of true resilience contrasted with FAIL-a-pino resilience.

          Japanese lost WW2. Got hit TWICE with atomic weaponry. Unconditional surrender to the USA. But now look at them. They rebuilt and are strong. They are one of the nations invited to the G8 world meetings. The Japanese people enjoy their lives in first world conditions. – TRUE resilience. Source of TRUE PRIDE.

          Philippines was on the winning side of WW2. Helped the Americans beat the Japanese. In the 1950s, the Philippines had the second best economy in Asia, just behind Japan. But now look at the Filipinos. Every generation, they are surpassed by another Asian nation. The Philippines lags far behind other Asian nations in terms of infrastructure, education, and opportunities. But they can sing and laugh about it. – FAIL-a-pino resilience. Pinoy pride FAIL.

          In 1953, South Korea was in shambles due to its war with North Korea. They were much poorer than the Philippines, and at one point actually looked up to the Filipinos and their shining city of Manila. Now look at S. Korea. They rebuilt their nation and surpassed the Filipinos they once looked up to. S. Korea has the fastest average internet speed in the world, besting even Japan. They have a Human Development Index rank of 12th in the world. – TRUE resilience. Source of TRUE PRIDE.

          Since the 1950s, the Philippines has steadily declined. Their once shining city of Manila is a mess of air pollution, dirty streets, reckless traffic, and urban decay. The Philippines has an average internet speed of 3.43 Mbps, giving it a rank of 161st in the world. The Philippines has a Human Development Index rank of 114th in the world. But they can sing and laugh about it. – FAIL-a-pino resilience. Pinoy pride FAIL.

          I can go on and on, listing many other nations who have rebuilt and gotten stronger while the Philippines continues to lag behind and decay. But I realize it won’t make a difference to people like Filipino Tantrum. In fact, I can already predict what type of Filogic response she, and others like her, will say as a rebuttal.

          Filogic response: “Yeah, but it just proves we are resilient.”


          Oh, and I think this proves that the vast majority of Filipinos are indeed dumber than tree stumps. No nation of intelligent people would ever let their country slip from #2 in Asia to the bottom of the barrel.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Well in this country ,, they try to repeal teh law of gravity.
            I see elections are coming up,, so every street is tore up.. the workers never to return for months.
            The put concrete on the streets so the house and lots are lower than the street. of course come flooding time, the water is higher becos of the 4” of concrete put on the street!!! this does not take rocket science to figure out.
            another typical of flip mentality.. i went to church yesterday. it takes 3 people to accept donations, 2 sets of papers to be signed,, then u have to wade thru the ”gaurds” watching so you do not escape.
            i wonder if every flip did not throw trash all over the place. maybe the sewers would not plug up in rainy season.
            does this make sense,,

      38. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        @jordan for a second I thought that you were actually bringing something of substance to the table. Your last comment completely negates that. What does the rich/poor argument have to even do with what we’re talking about here. It’s easy to define a country’s wealth. Money is more easily measured. Intelligence, on the other hand, is not as easily measured, which is why I’m challenging FILOfail’s claims that most Filipinos are dumber than tree stumps. So what exactly is your point? Honestly I’m still confused at what point you’re trying to get across here. You’re saying that my ‘smart and dumb people everywhere’ line doesn’t work. Doesn’t work for what? For my argument? For yours? What are you even arguing or defending? Once again, very flip floppy and vague. I’m assuming that you’re saying that my ‘there are smart and dumb people everywhere’ argument doesn’t work for my argument that the Philippines should not be continuously labeled as stupid. How doesn’t it work? It actually makes perfect sense in regards to my argument. There are stupid people and smart people all over the world, so why label just the Phil as stupid, or say that the vast majority of Filipinos are stupid like filofail claims. Like I said, wealth is an easier variable to measure. It’s easier to defend if a nation is poor. If filofail or you got on here saying that the Phil is a poorer country compared to other nations such as the US, I wouldn’t dispute it, that’s pretty obvious. If you were to say there and say that the vast majority of people over there are poor, I probably wouldn’t dispute it as much because there is widespread poverty in the Phil. But if somebody is going to sit there and claim that the vast majority of the Phil are stupid, then he’ll yeah I’m going to dispute it, because what makes them such a great judge on intelligence? And if they’re claiming to be a credible source on how ‘stupid’ the country is, then I want facts or some kind of more concrete evidence, rather than some complaints about their experiences to represent the entire country, and the ‘vast majority’ of the people.

        1. Profile gravatar of Secret

          Being intelligent is subjective of course but being intelligent is overcoming struggles in life by thinking logically. Thinking outside of the box. Filipinos don’t have that one. You are the epitome of FIlipino Stupidity. Your arguments are not off the hook. Saying ad hominems and saying that “You arguments lack evidences”. I will say this to you: Your argument is the one who is lacking FYI. From my point of view, human stupidity is not that easy to define because it takes different POV’s to verify such. Of course POV’s are not absolutely subjective BUT POV’s sure are 1st hand informations meaning it speaks of experience the person has. So meaning filofail, FAFI and the rest of the team have explained logical arguments why Philippines is severely a shithole.

          Your arguments speak of itself. Being able to write that long nonsense ad hominens and filologic does not in any way disprove any articles about FAILIPPINES….That’s too simple. Why you complicate with such bullshit irrelevant articles well in fact you are talking with irrelevant reasoning..See the irony?

          “Money is more easily measured. Intelligence, on the other hand, is not as easily measured, which is why I’m challenging FILOfail’s claims that most Filipinos are dumber than tree stumps. So what exactly is your point?”

          -> Of course intelligence is not easy to measure but collective first hand information will surely speak about and will tell about the intelligence or rather stupidity in this country!

          “There are stupid people and smart people all over the world, so why label just the Phil as stupid, or say that the vast majority of Filipinos are stupid like filofail claims.”

          -> Did he just said stupid ONLY? Another idiot in this guise..Of course there are stupid and smart people but the stupidity of the Philippines is beyond norms…Again, it’s difficult to measure the progress of the country but it will be possible through contrast and comparison. Obviously, averagely, Filipinos are more dumb/stupid than Americans (See how developed America is than Failippines)

          I have an analogy of my argument above….Suppose there are 1000 alien civilization that is super advanced and more modern than USA. So be can rank USA as 1001th civilized nation so can we say USA is civilized? The answer is no because being civilized or developed is comparative. Ok what is the definition of a rich person? Having 1 US Dollars, having 1M US Dollars? Being rich is being at the top of socio-economic ladder or having higher net income than the rest so we can say that the poor in US (by comparison) is richer than the middle class or higher middle class Filipinos (by comparison also) because of per capita income. Then again, what is my point of argument here? My point is being stupid is comparative since by Statistics, Failippines is at the bottom of the totem pole of socio-economic, political, scientific, military power compared to the rest of the thinking world. I have researched all possible contributions of Failippines to the world and unfortunately, I have not seen any worthy of achievement (Science, Religion, Economics, Philosophy, Development). Even the educational system speak for themselves of why this country is severely a shithole….

          Where did you see a country in which not letting their students to use goddamn science equipments? Where did you see a country that keeps their masses ignorant as hell? Where did you see a country not letting their citizens to have accessible water, electricity, internet well in fact developed countried take that all for granted

          I have presumed your response will be “Why not speak decently and present your arguments properly and logically”

          -> FYI, this is a type of a sound argument (By presenting examples)….Well I do not want to sound logically while hiding with that atmosphere and pretending to reason very clearly well in fact you as yourself does not able to establish sound argument because of your ad hominens, not sticking to the topic and sounding to be intelligent well of course you are not…..

          So by conclusion, based of POV’s and comparison, I have said that Failippines is stupid itself! -THE END-

      39. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        You say not to ‘shoot the messenger’, but isn’t the whole point of the messenger is to deliver an UNBIASED message, so that the messenger doesn’t get ‘shot’? If you really want to expose people to the circumstances that you occur in the Phil, why do it in a manner that degrades the nation? Believe it or not, you can get your message across without trampling all over the Philippine flag in the process, as you’ve shown by placing a big fat ‘FAIL’ over it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Again, I don’t degrade the nation, the nation does that just fine. We simply share our experiences here. If you want people to have positive experiences in philippines, then give them success, not failure. I promise, I will write about all the successes I experience in Philippines just as soon as one happens, I promise! I’m a fair and reasonable guy!

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          And my message IS unbiased. If something went right and intelligent, I would write about it. If something goes wrong, I write about it. Unfortunately for Philippines, everything goes wrong. And that’s why it’s appropriately named “PhilippineFailBlog”. There’s nothing biased in my writing at all. It’s all based on real life experiences good or bad, unfortunately, they’re all bad!

        3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          No dumbass, the messenger delivers whatever message is given him. And in this case, the message that is given me is a message of utterly consistent failure, stupidity, incompetence, and dishonesty from the people of the Philippines on a daily basis. Sorry to disappoint.

      40. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        My ‘mini books’ are only a minute portion of your entire blog, so it would seem that you’re the one that seems to be more affected here.

        Btw, very mature changing my name to ‘Filipino Tantrum’ lol. That only further supports how closed minded and immature you are. Are you so affected by my comments that your only defense is to resort to elementary style tactics by changing my screen name? Lol, way to show your maturity and superior intellect over the ‘vast majority’ of Filipino people. You can go ahead and actually keep it that way, because it continues to speak volumes of your maturity level. Good strategy once again, Filofail, you still can’t come up with a decent response to anything so you resort to that. Bravo.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Change your name? I didn’t change your name! It’s not my fault! Please give me a logical explanation as to how you can assume it was me that changed your name.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Summary of Filipino Tantrum’s entire mode of conversation here:

          ME: “Nothing goes right in ten years”
          Filipino Tantrum: “Wow, you have failed to offer a logical response as to why Filipinos are stupid”
          ME: “Everything I do, there is always some small scale or large scale stupidity that inconveniences people”
          Filipino Tantrum: “Wow, You’re so dense. And you have failed to offer a logical response as to why Filipinos are stupid”
          ME: Nobody, not one, has ever stopped for me in a pedestrian crosswalk, quite the opposite. They all behave like they have no brakes, and I have no right to cross the street in a pedestrian crosswalk.”
          Filipino Tantrum: “Wow, you have failed to offer a logical response as to why Filipinos are stupid”

          And it just goes on and on and on like that with this stupid Filipina. Fucking hilarious. The cunt sounds like a skipping record LOL.

        3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Hey, I got an idea, how about you tell us all about how intelligent Filipinos are. Instead of calling all of our daily true experiences false, which essentially you are doing, how about you flood us with intelligent things about the Philippines!

          You’re behaving exactly like Pinoys do with their pride; Spouting off pride but cannot think of a mother fuckin thing they have to be proud of, other than “just being filipino”.

          So, Please tell us all about the vast levels of intelligence in Philippines that we have yet to experience in our 10+ years here. Please! Can’t wait!

          1. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
            Filipino Tantrum

            Honestly there is no getting through to any of you. I thought that maybe there was maybe just a pinch of faith in humanity hidden somewhere in all of you but it seems that I’m sadly mistaken. There’s no point in trying to logically reason with people that are unreasonable. That’s the problem, you are all so caught up in your own selfish feelings and thoughts that’s it’s impossible for an outsider to even halfway convince you of anything other than what you feel.

            Call it what you want, and I find it sad that I’m reduced to being ridiculed simply by offering a defense to your intolerance against my heritage, which you all lovingly refer to as a ‘tantrum’. Which I think is rather ironic because this whole website serves as a tantrum against the Philippines. That’s the problem with the world today, is there’s obviously no respect any more. Like I said, you don’t have to like the Phil, but where is at least your respect for the people? Lack of respect is truly what makes this world so appalling. Lack of respect trumps any instance of ‘mindless stupidity’ that occurs in the Phil any day. Lack of respect is why the world is as fucked up as the way it is, and why nations are at odds with another. You tell me to go over there and make a change if I don’t like it, but what about you? How are you contributing towards positive change? By consistently showing a lack of respect? If you had any grace or class about yourself, you would respect somebody, even if they don’t respect you. Meaning that as ‘badly’ as Filipino people treat you, or as annoyed as you are with them, you should have at least respect for them. That’s what the bigger person would do.

            As I’ve stated, my point here was not to completely persuade all of you, because it’s obvious that you all have your minds made up. And you know what, I can respect that. At least I’ve spoken my peace, and have given the other side of the argument in defense to the Filipino people. You all keep missing my point, you say that I’m just another ‘delusional’ Filipino, how am I delusional if I have agreed with your instances of what goes on over there? So I guess being ‘delusional’ now means trying to get people to at least have respect for someone else? All I’ve been trying to get you all to realize is that you can think whatever you want about the Phil, but why do it in a way that degrades them and lacks respect? You call the vast majority of them ‘dumb’, but the more educated people should at least have the common sense to show a sense of respect for people that believe Filipinos are so intellectually beneath them. If the vast majority of Filipinos are so ‘stupid’, then it should be obvious why you experience the problems that you do over there. You all keep scratching your heads wondering why things are so ‘stupid’ over there nut you all answered your own question. Why do you expect so much from a nation that you all believe is ‘stupid’? I mean duh, they’re ‘stupid’ right? You seem to be amazed at the magnitude of ‘stupidity’ over there but honestly what can you expect from people that you believe you are so intellectually superior to?

            Which is why I’m honestly not surprised anymore why I couldn’t get most of you to be dissuaded even just a little bit. That’s your opinion, fine. If you need to express your opinion in a way that’s filled with bigotry and prejudice, fine. You say that you’re. Not anti-Filipino, sure ok fine. I respect that. I have respect in the fact that even though I think some of the things said on here are ignorant and ‘stupid’, I’m not going to create a public hate forum over it.

            I’m glad you left my name as Filipino Tantrum and left my ‘mini books’ on here. So that when people come to this site they can hopefully see the other side of the story, from a ‘Filipino idiot’. It’s funny how when I defend the Filipino POV, it’s referred to as a tantrum or foolish unfounded pride that according to you, is characteristic of Filipinos, but when YOU defend your POV, all of a sudden it’s NOT a tantrum, it’s ‘reality’ and it’s not a because of foolish unfounded pride? You say that the Filipinos defend themselves on this foundation of undeserved Pinoy Pride, but aren’t you quite the hypocrite? Why do you feel the need to be full of so much pride? You defend your view and other expats on here and that’s ok, but if I defend Filipinos, I’m exhibiting a false sense of pride? Ok, sounds legit. See how one-sided and hypocritical that is?

            But I guess that’s what I can expect since I am an ‘idiot’ that’s competing with someone of such superior intelligence and ability, right?

            Good luck to all of you in life, hopefully one day, instead of always being so pessimistic and focusing on the negative aspects of life, that you all will find appreciation in the positive things in life before it passes you by.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “There’s no point in trying to logically reason with people that are unreasonable.”

            What logical reasoning have you given Tantrum cunt? You keep trying to reason that which is just not true here. It’s just not!! And you can’t understand that, you refuse to understand that, you refuse to accept you’re dumbshit like the rest of your people. Do you know how many times we’ve had this same conversation with other dipshits just like you? It’s pointless. We offer highly logical simple reasonings, and you don’t hear them, and just get madder and madder and say “You have failed to offer logical reasoning as to why Filipinos are stupid” each one in a slightly different way. We have given logical REAL examples OF SHEER STUPIDITY which are not “some” but STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE in this country which anyone NOT from Philippines would find not a speck of logic, reason, intelligence whatsoever, but it’s policy here.

            And you still just come back with your typical response of “There’s no point in trying to logically reason with people that are unreasonable. That’s the problem, you are all so caught up in your own selfish feelings and thoughts that’s it’s impossible for an outsider to even halfway convince you of anything other than what you feel.”

            The reason why you cannnot “halfway convince us” is not because WE ARE THE IDIOTS, it’s because, again, and here’s the part that just seems to continually bounce right off of your idiotic closed mind, YOU CAN’T CONVINCE US BECAUSE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE US OF, WE HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER SEEN HERE!!!! In fact, the complete opposite is what we see here every day, every hour, every time everywhere here!! Now read that again about 100 times, then try to think about exactly what it means. It’s REALLY SIMPLE, FACTUAL, AND TRUE AND LOGICAL STATEMENT. How can you call it anything else? We simply write down our true experiences here which are not “some” but fill our daily lives to the point that anything we do we always end up arriving back home in a ball of frustration over the stupidity and failure that happenes EVERY FUCKING DAY WITH EVERY THING WE DO. Do you see the word “some” in that? NO! You see “EVERY” in that.

            So that is why you cannot “Halfway convince us”. Because you are trying to convince us that what we went through today didn’t happen. And that makes you just another dumb fucking Filipino.

            Why can’t you get that???

          3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            My feelings for Philippines was once full of love and mutual understanding for the people until they have demonstrated enough psychological disturbance in my mind to the point where I started to resent them. Respect them? On what grounds? I’ve tried that path before, and not matter how much I give it, it’s never returned, and I refuse to give them the respect they don’t deserve. Do you know how much disrespect I have encountered in this hell-hole?! The level of disrespect from the majority of the people here is what drove me to how I think about them now. Did you even came to the conclusion that ‘MAYBE’ their actions would be attributed towards my way of thinking? I’m not a total pessimist, I have the ability to say good things, but sorry my friend, I really don’t have much good to say about Philippines, at least not collectively, since too many of the bad outweighs the good. There are good traits, but many-MANY bad traits which can be totally controlled at the people level, they just refuse to do it.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            That stupid idiot Filipina will never accept what you said FAFI. In her mind, you have just made it all up because you’re an evil person. Besides, Filipinos have proven time and time and time again that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They feel justified in every dumb dishonest thing they do, and there’s not a single one who can MAN UP and be responsible and recognize their own faults. When they do something blatantly stupid, and are confronted about it, they get angry with you and blame you or someone else. Never will they own up to their own stupidity. Never will they have the balls to admit when they are wrong. They will always desperately dig like a dog for any ass-backward filogical justification or blame. They will never fully own their actions. They will never step up and take responsibility.

            Do I say this as an opinion?? NO….OH FUCK NO!! NOT AT ALL!! I say this out of personal experience with 99% of Filipinos I have had any form of contact with over the past 10 years. It’s not opinion, it’s COLD HARD FACT.

          5. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
            Filipino Tantrum

            @fafi – also, I want to extend my gratitude to fafi for actually being the only one on here to show me some respect and for actually reading what I have to say and offering a thought out response to them. It seems that he’s the only one on here that even if he may be annoyed by the vast majority of Filipinos, at least he’s the only one in his replies to show even a little bit of respect for them.

          6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            FAFI hasn’t been here as long as most of us. He hasn’t yet lost all respect for you morons. Give him another year or two here. He won’t have a shred left. Is it an arbitrary thing that we have all lost respect for the Filipino? I believe everyone deserves respect….UNTIL YOUR BEHAVIOR REMOVES THAT RESPECT. And that is exactly what has happened to us expats in Philippines. Why do you think that could be?

            Respect earns respect. Why do you think foreigners lose respect for Filipinos after some time here?? Just think about that. We are not the unreasonable ones here my dear. If it was 3 out of 10 that lose respect for Filipinos, you MIGHT have an argument. But sorry my dear, the ratio is 10 out of 10. Think about why that may be. Then come back here and dumbshit all over yourself again.

          7. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            How is our ranting on a site that is not well-known to Filipinos be deemed as degrading and destructive? Aren’t we entitled to our thoughts and beliefs? So you are saying we are wrong for even talking about what we think, am I right? OK, lets say you had it your way and we stopped talking about it, since that seems to be the disrespectful part, our thoughts and opinion on this place wouldn’t change. And since we have nobody to talk to about it, that anger and frustration that is gradually building up inside of us will explode in a very destructive manner that will make you regret for us to not vent about the daily problems we fall victim to every day. Not saying problems happens to me everyday, but I guarantee you at least one member on this site is a victim of the mess that occurs here everyday. I see what you mean by us respecting them, but I don’t agree with your statement on that. I feel you are preaching to the wrong choir here, shouldn’t you be telling them to get on our level first by showing some respect, before demanding it? I have SHOWN respect, but in return I get DISRESPECTED. So we gave it a shot already, don’t you think it’s about time they did? Instead of insisting on us giving it, giving it, and giving it again until we eventually go insane?

          8. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
            Filipino Tantrum

            One more thing, have you guys ever entertained the notion that maybe in all actuality, that maybe you guys are the idiots in the equation for continuing to contribute to a nationed filled with a ‘vast majority of idiots’ that you can’t help but feel intellectually superior to? You come in as an outsider to a world completely different from the one that you’re used to, and do nothing but publicly criticize it? You say that it’s not ALL bad, but you insist to only publicly share the negative things, but only talk about the positive aspects in private? You claim that you’re offering an unbiased view of reality, but how is it unbiased if you’re picking and choosing what you want to share? Have you ever thought that maybe you guys are truly the idiots in this situation for expecting more from a nation filled with ‘idiots’? For continuing to contribute to an economy that you ridicule? For marrying ‘idiot’ filipinas, but yet support her and more than likely her family by paying for her college, when you should have realized from the beginning that she was too ‘stupid’ and would end up dropping out, or by buying her an IPhone that she would be too ‘stupid’ to use? I’m not even saying this as a Filipino but as a person speaking with common sense, unless somebody is holding a gun to your head, there’s no reason to continue living and contributing to a society that the majority of you feel is run like a ‘second grade science experiment’. Honestly, one could think that you guys are idiots for continuing to enable such ‘stupid’ behavior. Why marry an ‘idiot’ filipina? Why not marry someone ‘intellectually equal’? You honestly got yourselves in that situation, so I honestly have no sympathy for your frustrations. That’s whst happens when you expect more from a nation of ‘idiots’, you get disappointed and frustrated. In addition, it would seem that the ‘idiot’ filipina wives and people have the last laugh here, since you all continue to support them and the economy.

            Since we’re all for sharing our thoughts that although harsh, are true, thought I would share that before I go.

          9. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “One more thing, have you guys ever entertained the notion that maybe in all actuality, that maybe you guys are the idiots in the equation for continuing to contribute to a nationed filled with a ‘vast majority of idiots’ that you can’t help but feel intellectually superior to?”

            This is pure unfiltered proof that Filipinos are clueless and backward thinkers who mindless try to turn their stupidity in on you. They are so stupid that they actually believe they can talk their way out of their blatant stupidity. They grasp for any illogical thing they can say, and if they say it, it becomes truth to them, thus, in their tiny little pea brain, they walk away justified as the other rolls his eyes and laughs at the absurdity.

            But to answer the first part of the question: NO, we have never entertained the notion that maybe in all actuality that we are the idiots.” Why? Because it’s just not so, not even possible. It is so far away from any realm of possibility, that the sheer absurdity of even the idea of it makes me burst out laughing. That’s how far off you are. That’s where you are right now. Grasping, desperate, pathetic. It’s hilarious, and at the same time, really depressing to consider the levels you will stoop, how undignified you will become to try to blame the obvious truth of the pathetic state of your heritage on others, instead of owning up to what the world has observed for decades. Why do you think so very few countries want to have anything to do with you? I suppose they are idiots and it’s their loss huh?

            Why do you think typhoon aid and dollars were prevented from getting in the hands of Filipino Officials??? We already saw the disturbing and inhuman acts your own leaders did to your own people in that disaster. Fucking moron officials spending government money to plaster their names on the relief supplies that were give to them by another country. WHAT FUCKING MORONS!!!!

            You are pathetic people, period. Am I degrading or debasing the nation by saying so? NO! I am merely commenting on the debasing and degrading your people did to each other as a nation. You were already degraded and debased by your own actions. I just comment/talk about it. The debasing was done by PHILIPPINES, NOT ME!! You’re a total moron, and that’s not being disrespectful, it’s being honest. If you behave like a moron, you have disrespected yourself. I’m just calling a spade a spade. Idiot.

            1. honking and not stopping for pedestrians in pedestrian crosswalks and nearly smearing a mother and her child on the pavement is actually smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            2. If when a brand new product with a written warranty stops working and we expect to have that written warranty honored but blatantly NOT honored is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            3. If serving barely luke warm/cold food cooked HOURS ago in restaurants at high prices is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            4. If ignorantly and rudely not leaving an open space in congested traffic for cross traffic to get through is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            5. If paying monthly for cable TV service, and that service is interrupted, then getting charged 700 pesos for a technician to come fix what you’re already paying for is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            6. If being told a technician will come to my house to repair a service before noon, and that technician doesn’t show up at all, and I get no phone call to be notified (this has happened virtually every time in the past ten years I’ve needed a technician for whatever reason) is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            7. If 95% of every employee I have ever hired in 10 years always getting caught playing computer games or Facebook when they should be working, and receiving up to 5 warnings and disciplinary measures, and still refuse to perform the job for which I am paying him to do, and then get fired is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            8. If always having a significant number of restaurant menu items “not available” and simple everyday household items “out of stock” every time I make a visit to these facilities is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            9. If having a police force full of lazy, dishonest, power abusing morons is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            10. If being made to wait in a crowed doctors office all day long on a first come first serve basis, and end up not seeing the doctor and having to try to come back and try again tomorrow, instead of simply scheduling appointments like the rest of the intelligent world is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            11. If whipping out your cock and pissing anywhere on the street like a dumb animal is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            12. If stealing anything that is not bolted down is smart, intelligent, and reasonable, then yes, in that ass-backward logic, we would be the idiots.

            This list could go on into the 1000’s easily.

            But to your disappointment my dear, anyone with anything that might remotely be recognized as a spark of intelligence could easily see that the above listed items are to filed in the “mind-bogglingly stupid imbecile” category. Now, carry on and make sure, as you have continually done, to try to say this is “some”. But those of us know it is standard procedure here, not with “some” but with the overwhelming vast majority. Which qualifies it to be generalized as cultural stupidity. Because it just is.

            No matter how you try to twist it, it’s just going to accent your delusion and denial. Because we who are living here know better. We who live here experience it every fuckin day of our lives on a scale so extremely far above any other country we may have lived, on a scale so large and above comparison to any other country, that it is worthy of conversation.

            If you can’t accept that, fine. But please stop trying to piss down our backs and try to convince us it’s raining. You may be able to convince other dumbfuck Filipinos, but you can’t convince us. Because again, what you are trying to convince us of JUST DOES NOT EXIST HERE!!

            It just doesn’t, plain and simple. Stop trying to complicate it. It’s pure stupidity daily, with every step you take, every move you make, every bond you break, I’ll be getting dumbfucked on by a Filipino in one way or another. Period.

            That is the cold hard truth, and you trying to analyze it and break it down and intellectualize it with your delusion and denial just makes you look like the deluded imbecile you have progressively painted yourself to be here. And that is not being disrespectful. If something is stupid, call it stupid. Simple as that. If you don’t want to be called stupid, DON’T DO STUPID SHIT! Very simple. Not hard to understand.

            But the Filipino does stupid shit, then tries to convince you it was smart. And they just don’t realize how much more stupid that makes them look. Sheesh!

          10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I had never been to Philippines before I came here. But I was told by Filipinos it’s such a great place, and you could live well there and we are smart happy people and there’s so much to do there and blah blah blah.

            So I went. It all sounded pretty good! So off I went. I took my business there, and set up shop. Unfortunately, I began to realize all I was told about Philippines by Filipinos was delusions of grandeur. I began to wonder why Filipinos can’t seem to remember anything, can’t seem to make a simple business transaction go without some kind of stupid failure, why they have computers AND STILL write every tiny little detail down on slips still use carbon paper and make like 4 copies of like 5 different slips, and why it takes 15 minutes MINIMUM per customer for even the simplest bank transaction.

            It was bizarre. Rarely did anything complete without some kind of stupid inconvenience or failure. I struggled to find any logic or reason for much of any way they do things here. And I began to think to myself, “Holy shit, what the fuck did I get myself into?” The Filipinos I talked to made this place sound like a “happily ever after” paradise. But over the first couple years, it was becoming an unbelievable nightmare of mind-boggling stupidity, sheer ignorance EVERYWHERE. Scams, rip offs, lies, lip service, failure, with 99% of anything I tried to do. I stopped taking vacations inside Philippines, because the frustrations over the sheer stupidities encountered made the vacation unpleasant. I began to see that the only place I was really safe from most of the stupidities was inside my own home, except for the consistently shitty internet service, consistently shitty cable/satellite TV service, the consistent proof through their actions that nobody here has any concept whatsoever of “customer service”.

            This was the land of Lip Service. I was experiencing that anything that was told to me, seldom ever happened, or was accurate. Filipinos also became the experts of misinformation. Nobody within the same company ever was on the “same page”. I could talk to 5 different people in the same company about the exact same problem, and get 5 completely different and conflicting information…CONSISTENTLY. NOT OCCASIONALLY, CONSISTENTLY. Take that in, and please don’t downplay it to “some”. Because it’s just NOT so. It is CONSISTENT. Look that word up.

            I’m not rich. I’m not poor either. But I’m certainly not in any position to relocate again. My only mistake was not finding out about the TRUE nature of Filipinos BEFORE coming here. I trusted their words. I believed them. And as it has been since the day I stepped foot on Philippine soil, the words were delusions, lies, and misinformation. That is what this country has shown itself to be on a very large and consistent level. So large, you can’t even come close to comparing with any industrialized country. Yes, every country has a few stupid people. In Philippines, it’s the other way around. Philippines has a few smart people, but the overwhelming vast majority, the very culture of Philippines is ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty, and an overwhelming level of pride about it.

            What idiots.

            So hopefully someday I CAN get out of this hell hole. Until then, I’m stuck here, and you’re stuck with the truth getting out about the sheer widespread stupidity that defines Philippines. Hopefully, others will read this and think twice about coming here, like I should have done.

          11. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            In America, you can go to McDonalds and get perfectly cooked fries, perfectly cooked and seasoned burger every single time. In Philippines, the fries are either undercooked or overcooked, never just right. Sometimes the burger patty is bland, sometimes it’s a block of salt. No consistency.

            In America, you can have consistent internet speed and connectivity, and seldom ever disconnections. In Philippines, daily speed fluctuation and disconnections.

            In America, you can walk down any street and not smell human piss.

            In America, you can call a customer service line, and get customer service and your simple issue resolved usually within that phone call. In Philippines, you get blamed, and then an argument, and then after about 8 “forwards, 12 escalations, 6 “feedbacks”, and 15 “follow ups”, and a week later, your simple issue MIGHT get resolved. This is consistently the case virtually EVERY TIME I call a customer service line. Hear that Tantrum cunt? EVERY TIME FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS. No matter what company, it’s like it’s national protocol…but we know it as typical national Filipino stupidity.

            In America, you can safely cross the street in a Pedestrian crosswalk. In Philippines, it’s nearly a suicide mission.

            In America, you can always find the items you need in stock. In Philippines, you can never complete your shopping list without this or that being out of stock that week.

            In America, the price is the same for everyone. In Philippines, prices fluctuate depending on the color of your skin and facial features.

            In America, people know what lane lines are for, and understand the concept of orderly behavior and traffic laws. In Philippines, everyone thinks they are an exception to the law. Thus chaos and disorder abounds.

            Another list that can go on and on and on….And you still want to compare America with Philippines??? Do you have a clue how incredibly stupid you are making yourself look here? I don’t think so.

          12. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
            Filipino Tantrum

            LOL filofail, really? ‘Tantrum cunt’?

            You stay classy, filofail. Way to demonstrate your obviously superior intellect and genuine class.

          13. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I guess the grimy conditions with no class here in this country has rubbed off on me a bit. But again, I call a spade a spade. I call things as they are with an undeluded view. You are a deluded cunt throwing tantrums. Classy choice of words or not, it’s the truth, and unlike Filipinos, truth is what drives me. Not giving off illusions of what I want to be true. I address you as I see you. If a dude is behaving like a dick, I’ll address him as a dick, if a girl is behaving like a tantrum cunt, I’m going to address you as a tantrum cunt, quite simple. I offer no pretense (unlike the Filipino). Deal with it Tantrum cunt.

          14. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Because of the way Tantrum cunt and the vast majority of Filipinos think (or fail to think) and refuse to recognize the HUGE BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS that keep Philippines high on the Failed States Index, and low on the success index, they resort to blaming everyone else instead of looking within themselves. They are too busy “Holding their heads up high” JUST for being Filipino. They already think they are the best, therefore they do not reach for higher standards. They show the world their stupidity every year with the way they handle hostage situations, natural disasters, etc and do no learning from mistakes, because they are too busy “holding their heads up high” while their country remains poor, third world, and slipping deeper and deeper into depravity instead of progress.

            Tantrum cunt has CLEARLY shown how unmovable she is by reality and facts. She has steadfastly kept here blinder on tight, and held her head up high, and defended her country with PURE BULLSHIT. And there is no better way to degrade and debase your country and your people than to ignore and deny your problems that keep your country corrupt, poor, stupid, and in the 3rd world, and then attempt to compare it with America.

            How much more stupid can one make herself out to be??? Is she that fucking blind??????? My gawd. No wonder NOTHING progresses in Philippines. She and the people she “holds her head up high” with ARE EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR COUNTRY. They are exactly why the country stays stuck in the pits of depravity, dishonesty, corruption, and ignorance.

            THAT is what is sad. Not only sad, PATHETIC.

        4. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
          jimmy smith

          Yeah those of us WHO are not raised to be blind to all the garbage, rude behavior, disrespect for your Fellow man and acting like the Whole World was created for AKO, we do tend to be affected by you morons !
          And you NOT being affected by your failed country. NOT being affected by your lack of intelligence proves to me the sentence of an old thinker is true.
          “I would rather be a human unhappy, than being a happy cow with no worries at all.”

          A pinoy will at ALL costs (bill is send to some owf worker or foreigner) want to stay pinoy through his Whole life. WHY ?

          Because he is pinoy ! And pinoys know better than anyone how wonderful it is
          to be pinoy ! With the pride the pinoys feel, the strength of the pride in their own mindless heads makes me think this.

          EVERYONE else in the World should feel SHAME that they are NOT pinoys !
          Strangely I dont feel like that….
          I Wonder why….

        5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          It don’t seem like your name was changed, it appears a word that best suites you just happens to appear as your screen name. If you don’t want that screen name, then you can disable the feature that automatically appoints names that fits you by shutting the fuck up for a change, and start listening what people around you are saying. This is all being said for a reason, and there is a reason why many non-Filipinos around the world are saying this. Oh yeah, and there are a few Filipinos who has the decency to own up and agree with what we are saying.

          This blog is not your enemy, this is the voice of what thousands of foreigners think of your country when they visit Philippines long term. Most will keep silent about, Some will joke about it with their other foreign buddies, a few will rant about it towards a Filipino in person, and a very small portion of us will talk about every aspect that is wrong with Philippines on an online community. Be fortunate to be here, because this is the only chance you will get at knowing what we think about your precious country.

      41. Profile gravatar of

        >>>You’re saying that my ‘smart and dumb people everywhere’ line doesn’t work. Doesn’t work for what? For my argument? For yours?

        Lolz it’s obviously for your argument-maybe writing YOUR line was a hint.

        The parallel is exact. The presence of some wealthy people in the Philippines doesn’t make the average person richer (than say, an average American); the presence of some intelligent/courteous people in the Philippines doesn’t make the average Filipino smarter/nicer. Saying, ‘well each country has dumb and smart people’, makes no difference to where the average person is at., or the kinds of experiences someone may expect

        Whether wealth is easier to measure is irrelevant.

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    OMG don’t get me started on the appointments! I was suppose to pick up my NICA clearance from the immigration office last week, and it clearly said on my receipt to pick it up on Tuesday April 22nd, I went there that day to find out it was not ready for pick up. The window says it takes 10-15 business days to obtain a NICA clearance, and I filed it on the 4th (as referred on my receipt). So you are telling me that with the maximum amount of time needed to file my clearance, it’s still not done yet? I went off on them for wasting my time and money going up there! I left them a nice little comment in their complaint box, but I’m sure they just shredded it. BTW, I’m still waiting on the clearance, I guess I will check again on Friday.

    Another appointment is my buddy’s wedding. He was scheduled to meet this judge to solemnize his marriage, but the judge didn’t show up on time. In a matter of fact, she didn’t show up at all and we were waiting at the courthouse for about 2 hours until they found out she wasn’t coming. It comes to find out she was home sick, so they had to go to her house to get the marriage contract signed, what a shitty way to get married right? But at least it wasn’t the actual wedding ceremony.

    I agree with all everything on this post, but I don’t like writing long comments (because they never get read), so I’m gonna comment on one last point I agree on, and that is the inventory. Fuck dude! You know how much I crave for REAL FUCKIN COW MILK!? Buying that warm milk that is stored on the shelves doesn’t cut it for me. I like buying the DARIGOLD real milk, that usually runs for 232php for the half gallon, and they are rarely in stock! But I buy it first chance I get when I see it in stock. They stock up on those about once a month, and once out of stock, they are not on the shelves for another 2 or 3 weeks until they eventually stock up again. And no, I don’t settle for that Karabow milk bullshit, COW milk is the way to go! 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yeah, the inventory issue is like an epidemic disease here. But that’s what happens when the Filipino doesn’t take any responsibility for their job. If the inventory manager forgets to order, naturally it’s someone else’s fault. And there’s really no consequences for fucking up and not doing your job. Again, because it’s not your fault.

  3. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Out of stock! Not even in a bar or restaurant do they EVER have the items on their menu. I have a high priced “international” bar near to where I live. Twice I’ve been in the overpriced place, just to try and drink something other than the local swill that passes for beer in the Failippines. This bar has 23 “foreign” beers on their menu. On my last (and it really will be my last) visit to this completely worthless “bar” I made five attempts at ordering a “foreign” beer. On three occasions I was immediately told; “Sorry Sirrrr, out of stock”. On the other two occasions I heard; “For a while…” – followed by 10 minutes of waiting whilst the shit for brain Pinoy waitress went off to inquire about the availability of those particular brews.

    After five attempts, I simply asked “…which beers on this menu are available”. After going through the whole “For a while…” routine yet again, I got an answer. Three. Three fucking beers out of twenty three on their menu!

    I wish that I could point to this as an isolated incident, but of course, we all know that’s just not the case. It’s hard to recall a single time when I’ve been in a Pinoy owned and managed establishment, and managed to get what I wanted – even when they claim to sell it. Like so many other things, my expectation set in the Failippines differs to other places in the world. That expectation set now INCLUDES an expectation that something (or everything) that I want will be out of stock.

    Just one more giant Failippines Fail.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Sorry to hear that bro, 3 available beers out of the 23 being advertised on the menu? I would only see that in America if the bar was going out of business. It’s no wonder why I do my drinking at home here. On the bright side, they sell Coronas here at the SMs, but fuck, look at the price you gotta pay for it! 90 pesos per bottle? I normally grab about 3 of those to go along with my San Mig Lights when I’m out buyin beer. It’s not as good as Coors, but it will pass.

      I want to ask you a personal question for my own statistics: Do you like bottled beer, or beer in a can?

  4. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    This is so funny. Filipino pride. Whaaaahahahaha! But if you mention to Filipinos how fucked up their concept of Filipino pride is they get pissed off. They are so fucking stupid they are actually proud of their stupidly. I just received Christmas Cards on April 21 st that were sent last year. They were stamped as received in the local post office on Jan. 14 th. So it took over two months for them to be delivered to my house which is only two miles away. I actually went to the post office in Feb. to ask if they had arrived and was told I had no mail but they had actually been sitting there for one month and these fucking idiots didn’t even realize it. I have had this same address for over 40 years and am well known in my community but apparently the post office has no fucking clue who I am. Filipino pride. Whaaaaahahahaha! The check outs at the grocery. Just more evidence that these people are morons. Pure Gold. After the long wait in line and the process of being checked out there is very rarely an employee to bag your groceries. So the cashier has to do that job which just causes more lines. Then she writes the number of bags on your receipt for the security to check that is 10 feet away. But, before she gives you your receipt she has to go to a supervisor to get an additional signature to verify your purchase. What the Fuck. Do Filipinos just intentionally want the whole world to know how fucking stupid they really are? Maybe that is what Filipino pride is all about. We as Filipinos are proud to be know as the biggest fucking idiots in the universe.

  5. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I am a beer drinker and I have been blessed with taste buds that don’t mind cheap beer. I have thanked the powers to be for this. Even in the states I always bought what was on sale. I didn’t care. But of course all my friends had to have their buds or miller or whatever cost a lot. I always felt sorry for those guys. Here I drink beer na beer. It’s damn cheap and I’m thankful. The massive amounts that I put away would put me into bankruptcy if I had to pay 90 pesos a bottle for corona. However corona is damn good beer. I do like San mig light but beer na beer is only 380 pesos a case and it’s delivered to my door at no extra charge. Also I found that beer na beer has a uniform flavor unlike San Miguel which often times has a green taste or seems spoiled. But don’t get me wrong. If FAFI wants to invite me over for a corona blow out I will be happy to come.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Sweet man, sounds awesome 🙂 We can definitely drink together sometime. At a bar, my place, it really doesn’t matter. Who better else is there to drink with other than a group member who rants on about common dislikes? I can drink cheap beer, but it depends on what brand, and the taste that goes with it. It’s hard to live like an American drinking Coors, Bud, Miller, and Corona, so I have no choice but to settle for what is here. I’m not too much of a Red Horse fan, but I will drink it if my choices are limited. I’m lovin the Tanduay Ice by the way, especially the red one. Oh man, I feel sorry for you. 40 years in this hell hole?!!! I’m barely surviving 1 year! What is your secret to cope with the stress? You are more resilient than Bruce Banner 🙂 (The Hulk Guy)

  6. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

    Functional cultures have pride that is based on actual success and accomplishments. Filipino culture has pride that is based almost exclusively on just being Filipino.

    This is why the Filipino standard is so low. When they have that much pride in just being Filipino, they have no incentive to reach a higher standard. These people actually believe they already are the best in the world.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I can give Philippines credit for ONE thing, and ONE thing only, is by probably being one of the best English speaking countries in ASIA (now lets not get that confused with “The World”). I have my Korean penpal “Hyelim” to vouch for that since she just wrote me last week saying she went to Philippines for 5 months to improve her English, even though Philippine-English isn’t usually politically correct, but you get what you pay for. My reason for saying this is that, once Filipinos have that ONE accomplishment that makes them think they are useful to the world, they start believing they are useful in other shit. The only reason why my penpal went to Philippines is because it’s fuckin cheap of course, and it’s close. If she had the money, and didn’t mind a longer flight time, I’m sure she would’ve visited America, Australia, or other countries in Europe. Just as I said, you get what you pay for, and as we all know, you pay very little in this shitty-ass country.
      Their delusional false pride and their strive to reach the pinnacle of their mediocre abilities is what they define as have pride and being successful, when it really bares insignificant value to the rest of our modern world.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Filipinos are great exaggerators. Yeah, a good portion of the population can speak English (because it is a requirement to graduate any primary level of education).

        But they take it a step further. They claim they speak better English that 1st language English speakers. Even further, they claim to be masters.

        But my experience is that yeah, they can GET BY with English. They fuck it up with nearly every sentence technically, but the point gets across to the native English speaker.

        I would not call them the “Best” English speaking countries, I would call them the country where more of the people can speak English enough to get by. They’re certainly not that great at it technically. Especially when it comes to he/she. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been referred to as “her” or “she”.

        So they are a long way from being “Masters” of English. But you can’t convince them of that.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Yeah you are dead-on right about that. No matter how many times I try to correct my idiot wife on her proper use of pronouns, she still fucks it up. She would call her father a ‘she,’ or her sister a ‘he.’ I often hear this mistake being made by almost every classmate in my class here. I even heard a few teachers fuck this up. But it’s funny, because I’m not a tagalog speaker, and I never get Lalaki and Babae mixed up. They are either fuckin forgetful, or fuckin stupid. Well….. I have already confirmed on numerous occasions that they are fuckin stupid. Well anyway, I got a busy day ahead of me, I will swing by PFB later on 2day or 2moro.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      @NeoGeo – While lying in bed last night, I kept thinking about your statement, a simple, yet profound summation of the state of the nation, and how pretty much all the stupidity, corruption, ignorance, non-progress, lies, delusions, no accountability, irresponsibility, etc can easily trace back to your statement as the cause.

      I wanted your statement right up front and visible, so I incorporated it into the site header image. I hope you don’t mind.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    What pride is there in a nation that sends slaves to the middle east to work for slave wages???/
    I read where a R/C bishop wanted more people to be born so they could have more OFWS,,,,, WTF,,,, More slaves and squatters, He is supposed to an educated man. And he is supposed to the flock to the promised land!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    face to face is a copy of jerry springer,,,, but springer had steve,, the bald bouncer,,lol
    face to face has trike drivers with no teeth,,, fugly maids with some teeth,
    we have justin bieber ,,to make canada look stupid

    1. Profile gravatar of Chicago_IceSkater

      There used to be a filipino tv show called “Tabing Ilog” that was a blatant rip off of a certain American TV show called, oh, “DAWSON’S CREEK”.

      Another example of outright ripping off American movies/tv shows is the movie “Kiss Mo ‘Ko” with Antoinette Taus and Dingdong Dantes. It ripped off Rachel Leigh Cook’s movie “She’s All That” where it was about a nerdy girl that was befriended by the popular jock on a bet with his friends that he can transform her into prom queen material. Even the theme song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, was totally plagiarized by the “Kiss Mo ‘Ko” theme song by Antoinette. Seriously, if one considers oneself a true artist, you would think she would show more respect for original work by another artist and refuse to perform a blatant rip off song (it’s not even like it was a cover version of the original, cuz the lyrics were changed but the melody and overall gist of the song was the same)

  9. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    I was thinking for a cigarettes time to finish smoking before I wrote this.
    While smoking I was looking for pinoy pride successes…
    One good reason to be proud if you were pinoy I said to myself, going positive !
    I was thinking “your looks are similar to 100s of millions of other asians”
    And then it happened !!!
    I can use this to trick people was the first thing to my mind. No, no, no !

    Go positive !!!

    I am a good singer ! The karoke machine says 97%-99% and that I am SUPERSTAR !
    Okay then, I can be proud to be a great singer yet to be discovered !
    And since ALL my filipino people get star or superstar score then that is
    something we can be proud of.

    I am a good worker, and my other countrymen and women are good workers too.
    We know when to Work and when not to Work ! When boss is there we Work, when
    not there we dont Work. We have good Work culture also because we know how to
    save materials Building Things or makng repairs. So we are great workers !
    I am proud of that, but not too proud why mechanic in US get so much more salary
    than mechanic in Philippines. I dont understand because we are better here.

    We have good looking leaders, I am proud of that. Proud we elect our actors to show the true beauty of the Philippines. Like we often are runner up or wins the miss this, miss that and miss everything competetions. We are a beautiful people !

    I am proud of our Family strength. We honor our families above all. Grandma will not ever be send to a nursin home where professional staff can provide care, good food and medicine and some privacy in the form of her own room. We are not like that here. We will have grandma in the room where we all live, NeXT to the open sewer and feed her the old burned rice. She never complains, but then Again she never really say much its been like tat for years. That I am proud of ! We are loving and caring people with STRONG Family relations.
    If my cousins come then its okay, we just move grandma and make Space. we are good at improvising and making the most out of the smallest. ITS OKAY !

    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      Had to stop there, didnt wanna get too much pinoy on my mind.
      The reason why I will ofc share with you “sorry” people, be you
      natves for change or the foreigner. I think you know why already.

      I was starting to feel too much pinoy. It got scary and it takes
      alot to care me. I was about to mention alot of other Things to
      be proud of as well…

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      When asked what exactly they are proud of, 9 times out of 10, the ONLY response will be “Caring and loving people”. I ask, “Is it caring and loving to drive with such rudeness and discourtesy? Is it caring and loving to lie so damn much to save your own skin? (and the list goes on and on).

      Then they will come back with, “We love and honor our parents and have strong family relations”. Ok, this is quite true in most Filipino families. But then again, it doesn’t make them special or unique, or have anything above any other civilization. If you love and care for your family, there’s something seriously wrong with you. That happens all over the world. That’s human nature, not a uniqueness to the Filipino.

      1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
        jimmy smith

        I fail to see the strong Family ties. An uncle will come and borrow Money only to then change his sim Card and not been en till 6 monhs later where he happily forgot the Whole Things. And the Family forgives and says nothing.
        More independence and less Family ties would be a great improvement. But since tey are all having the “it will be ako NeXT year to relax and get Money, when my sister goes to Saudi to Work” attitude then I fail to see that as a strong tie. I see them keeping doors open to leech.
        Many of the families taking care of a grandma or whatever is using that person to get Money from distant cousins or whoever they can make pay some peso. I doubt the grandma likes those days wit loud karoke, noisy kids and all the other shit that goes on. just as example.

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      usually waiting for grandma to die,, so they can fight over the estate.
      i do not know how many times i have seen property tied up in court battles becos grandma died.
      one other example of their business skills.. i see property sold every day,, but the seller advertises the fact that they are overseas. what does that have to do with a sale????? it is none of the buyer’s business to know where the owner is.
      so,, the buyer knows that the tambay caretakers of the seller are living there rent free, NEVER maintaining and pocketing the rent income. i usually offer 1/2 of what they think the property is worth.

  10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    You do have a point Jimmy. So let me change that from “strong family ties” to “the illusion of strong family ties for the purpose of mooching off the family members who make the most money”

    I think that is more appropriately stated, yes?

  11. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    @beduyaed – The driving…smart? or generally fucking rude, nasty, and stupid? Orderly? or Chaotic? Is orderly smart? Or is disorderly, ignorant, and rude smart? Please look at the driving and tell me only a few drive stupid.

    Try to cross in a pedestrian crosswalk. Are there only a few that honk and nearly smear you all over the pavement? Or is it virtually everyone? Smart or stupid?

    Try to go a week without some kind of internet service interruption. Then report it and see how many times you get told they will call you back, and not call you back. I have gone an entire year in USA without a single service interruption. When dealing with a professional company in USA, if they say they will call me back, they call me back. Smart or stupid?

    Call a company with a legitimate complaint, and see if they don’t attempt to BLAME YOU for the problem first, then after 15 minutes of arguing and 45 minutes on hold, get told a technician will come tomorrow, and see if they actually come tomorrow. Smart or stupid?

    Former president ousted, tried, and convicted of Plunder, gets elected into a position of power again. Smart or stupid?

    Looks like YOU’RE the ignorant one my friend. Because this list can go on and on and on and on.

    If not stupid, what do you call all of the completely avoidable failures with pretty much EVERYTHING you buy, do, go, ….etc? What is YOUR word for it?

  12. Profile gravatar of

    When people say that there are smart people in the Philippines, and that therefore you can’t make judgments on Filipino (nationality) intelligence… why don’t they argue that the Philippines is as rich as America too, because Pacquiao has millions, and there are poor people in America?

  13. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    All this bickering and arguing….

    Look, here’s the obvious facts.

    It’s always ONLY a Filipino that disputes what’s said here. They try to sound intelligent when they dispute it, and in doing so, just look as fucking stupid as the rest of their people. Because the levels of brainless stupidity and ignorance in Philippines are far above any other industrialized nation, so much so, that it cannot even be compared. And to make claims that Philippines as a nation is just as smart or dumb as any other country, makes you look just as fuckin’ stupid. Because if Philippines wasn’t WAY OVER THE SCALE on stupidity, this blog, and many others like it wouldn’t exist.


    Go try to convince another blog owner Filipinos are smart. It doesn’t work here. Because we have eyes that see a completely different thing that what you’re claiming @beduyaed

    And why should you be any different that any other prideful pinoy? Anyone NOT from Philippines can come here from their country, and I guarantee you after staying here and experience the daily ….or more accurately, the HOURLY stupidity, can come to no other conclusion than, “Boy are these people IDIOTS!!”

  14. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    What it boils down to is, @beduyaed is accusing all of us of lying. He is saying that all the daily dumbfuckedness we deal with is all a delusion.

    All of the Signal TV subscribers who called about service failures (which are, on average, weekly) only IMAGINED that we were told it would cost us 700p to send a technician out to have what we’re already paying for fixed.

    We’re only IMAGINING that people drive like ignorant shitheads with a me-first attitude. We’re only imagining that cars don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

    We’re only IMAGINING seeing people pissing on the streets like animals.

    We’re only IMAGINING that they’re ALWAYS late for appointments.

    We’re only IMAGINING that the Filet Mignon we ordered is a rolled up strip of sirloin or chuck trying to pass as Filet Mignon.

    We’re only IMAGINING people cutting in line.

    We’re only IMAGINING the dumbfucks elected an ousted president tried and convicted of plunder back into office as Mayor of Manila.

    We’re only IMAGINING that we don’t get a call back when we’re told we’ll get a call back.

    We’re only IMAGINING the lifeless cashiers short changing us.

    We’re only IMAGINING tons of power wires in a tangled mess weighing so heavy on the power post that it’s leaning at nearly 45 degree angle. We’re only imagining wires hanging to the ground.

    We’re only IMAGINING that they try their best to not honor written warranties.

    We’re only IMAGINING 30% to 40% of restaurant menu items unavailable.

    We’re only IMAGINING our 10mbps DSL connection seldom ever rises above 2mbps.

    (The list can go on for days…weeks…months)

    what @beduyaed is saying is, we are the deluded ones, and the Filipinos are the smart ones.

    What stupid Filipino beduyaed doesn’t realize is, this blog is not here to argue. It’s here for us expats to share our real life experiences with the world.

    So stupid Filipino beduyaed, you can’t dispute our real life experiences. And for you to say that it is by chance that the only Filipinos what we have been in contact with for the past 10 years just happened to always be the few stupid ones is just crazy. Why do we keep missing the smart ones? According to you, most of them are smart, only a few are stupid. Strange how all of us for years, every day, only happen to be out driving when all the stupid ones are driving, and when all the stupid ones are tending the cash registers, help lines, service counters, etc…

    What are the odds of THAT???

    beduyaed, you are a moron. And you completely proved it here, as most deluded Filipinos in a deep state of denial do.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      i only imagine 50 electric meters that are 30 feet up in the air becos flips will tap into the system.
      i read where somebody got shot for ripping out illegal connections.
      the bullets were imaginery,,

  15. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Gotta love it when a dumbass deluded Filo intellectually dumbshits all over himself. Use all the intellectual manner of writing you like. It still doesn’t change what our eyes see and our ears hear every day here. Why can’t you idiot Filos get that??? Why do all of you think your words can cancel out your actions??

    You’re all complete imbeciles with VERY few exceptions.

  16. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    OK, I am tired of sitting on the sideline reading this discussion about beduyaed contradicting every point we have made, and calling it futile. It’s time I tap in and get in on the action.

    Alright, I am not pretty with words, but I’m a lawyer in the making, and the fact that you (beduyaed) are exhausting massive efforts to coin this site as false and untrue, but you have failed to do the research yourself. I have read every comment, even your nonsense battle against Jordan talking about statistics of the Filipino people! If you want statistics, they are all here! We, the people of this site, will be your best source of knowledge as to what goes on here on a daily basis. As for your proof, you don’t seem the type to believe anything we say, even with the physical proof provided on this website, which is the best distant proof you can receive, so to further officialize this proof and evidence, how about you come here yourself and witness everything we speak of?
    Since you are Filipino, and you consider yourself as adaptive, you will not be frustrated with the idiocy, disappointments, and low quality of everything, because you can easily adapt to shitty life style? Am I correct? So in other sense, you are telling us to quit complaining like Americans, and adapt to shitty customer service, adapt to not expecting your appointment to not happen on the time you were given, adapt to nearly dying in the middle of a crosswalk? Because you make it seem like we are the problem, not them?

    I read your story about your page 21 issue, and the teacher making presumptions. It’s a rather interesting story indeed, but it’s completely applicable to the condition of the Philippines. It’s not that we wrongfully view the Philippines in a negative aspect, it’s the fact that the Philippines actually is in the foul state we are expressing about everyday. The proof is here, so get your ass on the plane and come see it for yourself, because I know you don’t believe a thing posted on this blog. In your example of the child doing stupid things because they are not taught, well as for the Filipinos, the Filipinos are TAUGHT! They are told what is RIGHT from WRONG, but one trait I have noticed about Filipinos is that they are not compliant with rules.

    So in other words, you are telling me that Filipinos are not taught……

    -that red light means stop, and green light means go. (They fly through red lights all the time)

    -to stop for pedestrians walking in a crosswalk?

    -to throw their trash in a trash bin, and not in streets… specifically, sidewalks.

    -to not park in areas that reads ‘NO PARKING.’ (Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this)

    -to use a urinal to take a leak, not the freakin streets.

    -give priority to customers waiting in line longer than you, not skip them the first opportunity you get.

    This is just the basic shit here, you don’t want me get deeper in depth. Our ideas and opinions has nothing to do with being a ‘site supporter’ as you call it. Filofail didn’t advertise this site publicly on other sites to get us to join, he didn’t rally us up in public and forced us to share the same opinion as him, he didn’t pay us to share our views and agree with him like this anti-Obama protestors I saw on the news this week. No, we are all here because we all have personally experienced this boundary defying stupidity, and were so damn curious as to why they behave this way that we took the time to conduct research, then eventually stumbled upon this site, at least that’s how I ended up here. You can learn more about my path to PhilippineFailBlog on my first article, “Filipina Idiot Wife – Dumb as a Bag of Rocks.” You criticized my educational background stating the due to my attendance in a Philippine school, it constitutes for my opinions to have no value. I tell you what, I am still the same guy I was before and after my first year here, and my enrollment here isn’t solely for educational purposes, but you have to know me personally if you really wanna know, it’s something I would have to PM you, because I don’t like being predictable just because somebody knows one little fact about me.
    Well anyway, being a student here, it gave me more insight as the source of the stupidity that erupts Philippines. They are taught how to conduct themselves properly, but it is poorly enforced, and they none of the students follow it. Always late or absent to class, constantly cheating on exams (sometimes it’s allowed), very talkative and loud in class, are you trying to justify that this is intelligent behavior boulevard or whatever the fuck your name is? You are saying that you Filipinos are ahead, and we are just viewing the stupidity in the wrong way? So am I imagining these idiots behaving this way, or am I just not seeing it the right way? For your information, my professors secretly gives me appraisals and are just as equally frustrated with my classmates as much as I am, but they don’t express it publicly, because they want to show that they are resilient, and show they are adaptive to their manner… Hahaha, in America, we call that beating around the bush. So you Filipinos are afraid to express your deep inner feelings, no matter how much you are opposed to what you see with your eyes? Please tell you I am wrong! I would buy you a plane ticket my DAMN SELF and drag you along with me to witness the daily stupidity of your precious intelligent people, is that what it takes?

    On the contrary, I was bluffing about that plane ticket, you gotta get that yourself if you really wanna see the truth. I was finally able to get my idiot wife to come to terms with what I see, all I did was open her eyes for her. As for you residing in America, I put shame on you for not seeing these negative factors for yourself. You have once accused Filofail for using the word ‘All’ when making reference towards Filipinos, and I am here to correct you by saying that he has countlesly said on numerous occasions that his experience is based on ‘MOST’ Filipinos. There are some instances when the word ‘ALL’ can be applied to some of these equations, but very rarely.
    As for the ‘complaining’ and ‘judging’ others thing, YES, the faults of this place needs to be pointed out. Because we are only complaining about BASIC shit that is inhumanly possible to fuck up, but Filipinos tends to fuck it up everyday, refer to the examples I stated above (if you have a pair to believe them). I’ve been to other countries, but I never experienced so many fuck ups with them to the point where I have to conduct research about them. There isn’t a KoreanFailBlog because I haven’t witnessed enough daily failures to bother researching it. I haven’t been in Thailand long enough to bother the research, but based on my short stay there, they are in a better state than Philippines and I don’t think there will be a need to search further into their idiotic ways if there is one, because they seem to be culturally stable, they are predominately built up, and modernized, which takes intelligence to do. We all know that America is fucked up, but only in it’s many different small insignificant ways that effects each group of people differently. What effects me in Texas may not effect my relatives in Illinois, and vice versa, you get what I mean? I have pride in my country, but I’m not gonna yell out nonsense saying that we are number 1 at everything and on the top of the totem pole. Besides, America is so diverse, you can’t generalize them all into one. So many cultures and nationalities there, it’s like 20 countries in one, so America is hard to generalize, so if you wanna point a finger at me, you gotta get to know me. You can’t read a book or article about Americans and assume that they are all the same, because we are not. I can read a book about Filipinos and find out 95% of them eats rice occasionally, and it turns out to be true. I bet you can’t tell what’s on my dinner plate every night? Burger, Pizza, Steak? Was that your guess? Just give up dude. Feel free to argue on, but every point you try to make will be contradicted tenfold by myself and other bloggers.

    And don’t get it confused by saying we are anti-Filipino, we just hate stupid idiotic actions, which happens to be the common traits we experience around here. If the people were smarter and had more proper etiquette, I promise you none of us would have nothing against them, and I can guarantee you that this site would’ve never been created in the first place……… case and point.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Why are Filipinos not taught? Why are there not the same opportunities here as in other countries? ANSWER: STUPIDITY.

      If you know your situation is lack of quality education, CHANGE IT. If you know your government is corrupt, STOP ACCEPTING MONEY FOR VOTES FROM THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS! AND STOP BEING CORRUPT YOURSELF!! BE THE CHANGE YOU HOPE FOR!! CHANGE YOURSELF! BECOME A LEADER! STAND THE FUCK UP AND CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUOA!! BE WILLING TO DIE FOR CHANGE!! THERE IS NOTHING MORE NOBLE AND POWERFUL THAN THAT! But laziness and hopelessness abounds in Philippines, and is totally masked over with your “Pinoy Pride”.

      UNDERSTAND THAT NO MATTER WHAT SQUIRTS OUT OF YOUR DELUDED, LYING MOUTHS DOES NOT COVER UP YOUR ACTIONS, WHICH ARE OFTEN CONTRARY TO YOUR WORDS!!! WHY DO YOU THINK WE CALL PHILIPPINES “THE LAND OF LIP SERVICE”? YOUR WORDS SELDOM MATCH YOUR ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOR!! And what you idiots can’t seem to comprehend is, THE WORLD SEES YOUR ACTIONS, AND FACEPALMS WHEN YOU SPEAK. This behavior just makes you LOOK EVEN MORE STUPID, regardless of how eloquently you speak them. DUH! You idiots apparently don’t realize that we have eyes and ears, and we use them in conjunction with each other. And here in Philippines, there are two opposites that happen. What goes in our ears seldom matches up with what our eyes see! DUH!

      And what else is anyone to conclude other than “WOW, THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETE IMBECILES!!”

    2. Profile gravatar of Chicago_IceSkater

      In my last visit my cousin was driving us back from Fort Bonifacio in the wee hours of the morning. There was no traffic and it was actually nice to actually be driving normally without having to stop and go, stop and go.

      All of a sudden out of nowhere, (this was in Marcos Highway on the way towards the Cainta/Marikina area), a guy with an honest to god live GOAT in his arms runs out in the middle of the street. Um yes wow you don’t see that everyday….lol

  17. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    “You guys are just so damn smart but choose to live in a country full of ‘stupid’ people, but refuse to reveal your reasons why,”

    A simple click on the “About” page explains these reasons, oh dipshitted one who is rapidly losing face here, accusing others of ignorance and not reading when thou hast done the same.

    But thou art a typical dumbfuck affected Filipina who said about 30 comments ago thou shalt not waste any more time here, yet thouest continues to throwest thy tantrums resulting in proving this blog true, as most dipshit Filipinos do.

  18. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Filipinos are definitely experts at one thing….NOT KNOWING WHEN THEY SHOULD SHUT THEIR FUCKIN’ MOUTHS. They just keep running their mouths in the never ending attempt at self preservation, when only the complete opposite occurs. Tsk tsk tsk.

  19. Profile gravatar of Chicago_IceSkater

    I think I am qualified to comment as I was born in Manila and lived there for 16 years before moving to the USA.

    – Filipinos like to call themselves “great English speakers”. Sorry, unless you attended an exclusive/private school in elementary and high school, this is simply not true. Even some of my classmates in my former private school still wouldn’t have what I consider a good command of English. Yes, a majority of Filipinos can speak and understand English TO GET AROUND at the very least if you plunked them right in the middle of an English speaking country, but make them speak to a native English speaker and the verbatim is probably going to be too fast for them, not to mention trying to understand the accent. This is why the majority of the Pinoys that aren’t in the middle class (and maybe even some that are) prefer one dimensional local TV shows instead of foreign shows that have actual complicated,l interesting plot twists, excellent acting, etc. The average Filipino’s level of mastery in English is nowhere considered “great” as they would like to say, as in they wouldn’t get at least a “B” in an English class in a regular American public school. I studied French in high school and college in the US, and I am still taking class to this day. I was able to get around in Paris ok with what I knew when I went on vacation, but I am not delusional enough to say I am FLUENT and a “MASTER” in French. I am humble enough to admit I still have a lot to learn and practice.

  20. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    My experience with the pinoys is this. Tell them something like “its hard to do this or that” and the reply will be “no thats easy”. Even if its something they have zero experience doing, or no license or knowledge about. Its “easy”. This is a people so
    ignorant and blind to their own ignorance that they are icapable of doing anything in a logical and sane way. I often think if all Progress of mankind was depending on the pinoys then how far would we have come ?

    Still waiting for the Wheel to be discovered I am sure.

    They are Savages that the Spaniards gave clothes, then later the Americans came and gave them cellphones and other technology. Then the pinoys tok over themselves and their contribution to their own country was giving themselves HELL !
    Take away the clothes and the technology and what you got are filthy Little demons in a hell they made on their own.

    Something to be proud of ???

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      If the Spanish, Japanese, and Americans never came, these people would be walking around in loincloths. Probably similar to Papua New Guinea. At least the environment would be cleaner I would think. Manila would be a lush and flourishing jungle lol

  21. Profile gravatar of Fil Logic
    Fil Logic

    How very typically Filipino to take a logical and simple statement like “99.9% of everything I do here has some kind of mind-blowing stupidity to it” and call it illogical.

    Show how stupid that cunt is. You could give the stupid Filipina a red car, and tell her it’s red. If red somehow offends here, she is going to call it an illogical statement.

    Why are Filipinos so fucking dumb????

  22. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith


    Wars Won – 0
    Wars Lost – 2 (lost to Spain and to the US)
    Nobel Prizes – 0 (any kind of field)
    Great Inventions – 0 (inventions that benefits all of mankind)
    Gold Medals – 1 (all Olympic games ever held summer/Winter games)
    Records Held – 1 (PI is holder of sendng most people out as OWFs)

    TOTAL SCORE = 0,000000000

  23. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots, not All Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots. Do you want me to change my name to SFAFI? “Some Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots?” Sorry buddy, but it’s not gonna happen, but I do agree that it’s not all. Below are responses to some of your inquires of me, so have fun reading. I didn’t read your comments in order, but I tried to answer them all in order as much as possible. Have fun reading:
    So you saying that overpopulated cities In America also piss and throw trash in the streets, as well as building poorly built homes with shitty infrastructure.
    I’m not generalizing all my belief to the entire population, it’s only about 95% of the population. Almost every aspect of living here happens to have some sort of avoidable simple mistake occurring that I could’ve easily solved myself if I was in their position. Is it everyone? No it’s not, but it’s definitely a huge majority.
    As for my Filipina idiot wife, she has proven to be an idiot on several occasions examples:
    Her Filogic that it’s bad for me to shower shortly after working out at the gym, yet she uses our shower as a urinal instead of being a fuckin human and using the toilet.
    Extremely forgetful, but that is human nature for some people.
    Assumes that Filipino English is more proper than Real English in pronunciation. We are argue about how words are pronounced: example- She says pivot is pronounced “Pie-vote” and can’t never agree.
    Unable to figure shit out for herself, always depends on me to do all the thinking for her.
    She didn’t know how to operate an elevator after showing her, I don’t know how that is possible (but she knows now after countless teaching)
    She doesn’t know how to use “Google,” I always have to do it for her (even til now).
    She thinks everything originated in Philippines, even some of the American products and restaurants, until I told her.
    She wants an iphone, and don’t even know why she wants it. After getting it for her, she doesn’t even know how to use it, so she doesn’t use it anymore, what a waste of money.
    She thinks rubbing alcohol is more effective than using deodorant on your underarms, she constantly encourages me to use alcohol instead of deodorant, and it gets annoying.
    She thinks she has to whiten her skin like everyone else to be beautiful, even though I already accepted her natural brown complexion.
    She eats food that was left out from 2 or 3 nights ago, then wonder why she gets sick all the time.
    This is hard to believe, but I had to teach the different between left (Kaliwa) and right (kanan), she somehow gets that mixed up, in both English and Tagalog.
    She failed college (or dropped out because she couldn’t keep up). I paid for her college, but she said something about the teacher being stupid and that’s why she discontinued, but I know in reality that my wife is an idiot, and she probably just failed the course. But she does have a high school education, but I already see how schools run here, so it doesn’t really hold any educational value. As for her poverty, she and her whole family is in poverty, if I left her right now, they would all be living in the streets in a few months after pawning everything they have. She wasn’t born into it, but luckily she became an OFW to obtain the finances her family needed to secure a living.
    I know some of my points are subject to be contradicted, but you can’t contradict all that I said about her, she is truly an idiot, and it’s not because she is a Filipino. Must I always bring food on the plate to prove my point, or can I just say what I intend without having to always provide evidence? Well you have evidence that she is an idiot, happy? I met idiot Americans too, but never to this degree. For the record, I have never met an American who urinates out in public in broad daylight as if it was normal. Rarely I would probably see some body pull over to the side of the road, go off into the bushes and take a leak, but at least there is concealment.
    As for you using Filo’s logic to your advantage, you completely got it mixed up and turned around the wrong way. Filofail, myself, and a few others are stating that the majority of Filipinos locals are idiots, but once they escape this hellhole burden of Philippines and be exposed to a better way of living, their idiotness gradually dissipates and are eventually evolved into a more mature and knowledgeable human being. So that rules out Filofail for being an idiot automatically. As for me, whoever the hell said that ‘ALL’ people who attends school in the Philippines are idiots? For one, I never used the word ‘ALL,’ not even once in my argument. You make it seem like the moment I step foot into a Filipino College I automatically turn into some kind of Filipino idiot. C’mon man, I know you can think better than this? What kind of logical explanation is that? I don’t even have to bother answering that one, I know who I am, and it will take more intense exposure to change me just like that.
    Back to my Filipino wife, I didn’t realize these negative qualities until after my first long-term stay with her, which happens to be this year. Never have it been this way before. At first her good qualities had outweighed her bad, but now she is just breaking even. But compared to my choice in American women, she isn’t so bad. I would rather have an idiot than a disloyal spoiled brat. Not saying all American women are, but I’m sure you are aware of the kind of choice of women that are present in America, not forgetting the countless ogres there too. Most of the hot ones are taken by highly professional people with a strong career, or they are drafted into the porn industry.
    And I didn’t manipulate my wife, I simply just showed her how it’s done in America. She compared to two and realized which method was better. Then eventually she came to the same conclusion as well. She never admitted that Filipinos are idiots, but she is disagreeing with how things are done here, and how she can’t take anybody’s word here seriously when promising to show up at a certain time. She often gets disappointed, and I tell her that it doesn’t roll that way in America, and that every appointment is honored to be on time. But I guess you prefer everyone to be late instead right?
    As for your strengthening conflict part, me telling my wife to not be like them is actually the opposite of strengthening conflict. I just don’t want her to be like them. I can’t change the whole country, so my aim is to not alter their path of life. We are not strengthening conflict by ranting about their stupidity on a website that 99.9% of the Filipino population is not aware of. It’s not like all members on this site are going out in public projecting our views to the entire community. No, our views are being posted safe on here. We are practically idly sitting back hopelessly enjoying a bag of popcorn while watching these idiots going about on their path of stupidity. We are not intervening in any way, so where is the conflict? Except for you somehow stumbling on this website and taking offense to it? If you like to give this website more exposure so we are actually strengthening conflict, go right ahead my friend, it’s up to you.
    As for working with what they got, I know how to improvise when I don’t have the proper equipment. But it seems that Filipinos needs to improvise on everything they got because they lack the technological advances to do the job efficiently. Instead of IMPROVISING, how about IMPROVING and updating your technology? You say Americans can’t work with what we got because we constantly rely on our updated technology, do you know why? Because it always manage to work for us 95% of the time. Yes I can agree with what you mean, if we experienced a blackout (or brownout Filipinos call it), we probably don’t know what to do and would react in some kind of irrational manner, some of us… not me. Filipinos are always prepared for blackouts because it always happens. If my lawnmower stopped working, I probably wouldn’t cut my grass for a week. But a Filipino would just grab the sheers and start cutting. If me and my family was planning a vacation together, and the last bus to get there was full, we probably wouldn’t go, but a Filipino family would just get on the bus and crowd the isles. Yes I get the point, there are things Filipinos would do that Americans wont, but in what light does this justify any of our actions as stupid? OK, just to make you happy, I wouldn’t consider Filipinos as stupid, I would just call hem inferiorly intelligent, how about that? I would never call them purely intelligent, and you will never admit to them as being idiots, so lets meet somewhere halfway and say that most Filipinos are inferiorly intelligent? That’s the best offer I can give you.
    By the way, taking napkins from a restaurant isn’t something I would justify as being stupid, I call that a thief, but in a petty nature. We all know the difference between stupid and being dishonest. You seem smarter than that, so why even bring up that example? And yes, dishonesty is another rant we talk about on here, not just stupidity. I can give you a perfect example of dishonesty if you like? I doubt you will believe it, but here it is. Two weeks ago I was taking a tricycle from point A to point B, we agreed on an amount, but after reaching my destination, he demanded double the fare. I refused it, then he grabs my arm, telling me not to go anywhere, and throws a tantrum in the street. I signaled a security guard to my aid, and I was let off the hook. The driver sworn revenge on me…. as if I did something wrong (I don’t know what the fuck I did wrong anyway). This guy was so damn corrupted, he cried about trying to get his own corrupted way.
    OK, I understand that is only just ONE guy, but I have only been here ONE consecutive year and that already happened. In my many years in America, nothing like that happened to me. They guy wasn’t stupid, he was corrupted beyond belief.
    As for your comment about me being educated by a bunch of dumb fuckin Filipinos. Who ever said I learned anything from them? Well I did learn how idiotic they hold their class sessions, but that’s about it. You think one year of being taught by them governs every attribute of me now? You totally got it wrong, I’m not going to do the thinking for you, but you and I both know that you are not making any logical sense right now. Like I said twice before, I’m not just taking up school here for educational reasons, there are other reason behind that, but reasons that I can only tell a friend, not just some random Filipino online who has a negative definition for everything I say. Let s say that this school did alter me even slightly, is everything I said still true? Besides, who else would you rather get your resources from? Would you believe some random foreigner who had never stepped foot into Philippines, or would you take the word of somebody living in Philippines for 10 years, and another from someone who had close encounters with their education system, and had the balls to speak up about it? A Filipino is naturally inclined to defend Philippines in every aspect, no matter what is said about their country, they will back it up with false pride. My idiot Filipino classmates wouldn’t dare say the things I just said, and I’m sure you wont get the answers about the Filipino education from a member on here who hasn’t personally experienced everything there is to know about Philippine education. So you tell me what other resources you would rather resort to? Enlighten me 
    Let me do a little math real quick… You are Filipino…. And you are defending Philippines…. Yes, that sounds like a 1 plus 1 equals 2 equation to me. Why is it that other nationalities are on this site, including our star Filipino representative ‘Chicago_Iceskater’ happens to agree with this blog. Not only agree, but add additional content to make this blog even more true than it already is. Why is it that a Filipino like yourself, is defending the pride and honor of Philippines? Why couldn’t you be Thai, Japanese, Indian, American, or European opposing this blog? Because you are personally offended because this is a direct insult to you and your entire home country, and you feel you have an obligation to stand up for Philippines and contradict these obscenities we have mentioned, am I right? If you were of any other background, contradicting this, your point would hold more water. If you can find me at least one non-Filipino who is as strongly against this as you are, I will stop blogging on here for a month, and I will say something good about Philippines for a change. But he/she must be able to hold up a sensible argument with supporting details to quality. We have a deal?
    And to deeper clarify my reasoning for being here. I didn’t initially expect this magnitude of stupidity when I first arrived, it clicked that these idiots are truly idiots after several months staying here, which is a few months after my enrollment here. I’m not the type to quit what I started, so I’m gonna go with the flow for a little while until I accomplish what I came here for. Some of the reasons are wife-related, and some are money related too. For a little hint, I have a business here under my wife’s name, and being in school here does contribute towards my length of stay here in Philippines. Like I said, you have to be a friend in order for me to tell you everything, because I really don’t like my entire life being predicted.
    In this world today, we celebrate the good in private, and lecture the bad publicly. So if you are really curious as to why we are on here ranting on about the idiotness in Philippines and never saying any of the good, that is just because that’s how this world operates. Example: When Obama came to Philippines this week. Anti-Obama and anti-American protestors were everywhere in the streets, they were all over the media. At first I thought the whole country hated Obama/America. But after reading several reviews and hearing from many Filipinos I have spoken to about the whole Obama coming to Philippines thing, it turns out that it was only 15% of the population that feels that way, and 85% are actually in support of Obama’s visit. But where are these 85%? I don’t see them on the street saying, “Welcome Obama!” or “We love Obama!” The Obama supporters or rarely advertised in the news, but we know they are out there… 85% supposedly. Just like here, there may be some positive traits about Philippines, but you wont catch us talking about it on here. We may link up and talk about it in person. Besides, what’s the point of talking about all the positives when they are already out there, we would just be repeating what has already been said by Filipinos 100s of times. This site has a sole purpose, so don’t try to change it. You don’t walk into a bar full of Chicago Bears fans rooting for the Green Bay Packers, that’s how you get your ass kicked, and that’s exactly what you are doing here.
    The difference is that, there are some positive traits about Philippines, well know there are are. But how many times do you want us to say it? You want us to say something positive about Philippines on every article? If you dig deep enough, I’m sure you can find something good said about Philippines if you browse through each post. All the positive shit is already said publicly anyway, you want us to also repeat the national motto as well? “It’s more fun in the Philippines?” Sorry buddy, but I had MORE fun in America, and in Korea too (ahhh… Lotte World).
    Face facts kid, you will never win this argument. If you want to win, I will let you win since words speak louder than actions in Philippines, but what I see and experience here will never change, until they change themselves.

  24. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Interview with a Pinoy…

    Tv man – You are pinoy and proud of it ?
    Pinoy – I want to say first that I am Fippino not a pinoy
    Tv man – What is the difference ?
    Pinoy – A pinoy is lazy, while a Filippino is hard working
    Tv man – I see, so you are proud to be Filippino then ?
    Pinoy – Yes ! We are the best people in the World, even in the universe !
    Tv man – How did you come to this conclusion ?

    *Pinoy flares up and starts yelling and screaming while spit leaves his mouth*

    Pinoy – What you saying, you think you are better than me ?
    Pinoy – You dont like the Philippines ? Why dont you just leave you fucking KANO !
    Tv man – Relax, I was just asking a question, what have you got to be proud of ?
    Pinoy – I am Filippino, I am proud to be Filippio because we are the best !
    Pinoy – This interview is OVER, now I want my 5000 peso !
    Tv man – The Money I offered was for a 30 minute interview.
    Pinoy – This is the Philippines !!!
    Tv man – You just said you are Filippino and hard working ?
    Pinoy – Kano, you talk bad to me, you say we are stupid !
    Tv man – I never said that, Lets finish the interview so you can get paid.
    Pinoy – I want the Money now !
    Tv man – Okay then. (gives the pinoy 5000 peso)
    Pinoy – Thats it ? 5000 peso lang ?
    Tv man – We agreed on the Price already.
    Pinoy – This is the Philippines !!!
    Tv man – I see, so how much you think is fair to be paid then
    Pinoy – How much you got ?!
    Tv man – Could you answer my quesion please.
    Pinoy – This is the Philippines !!!
    Tv man – Okay this interview is over then.

    *Interviewer then turns to the camera and says the concluding statements for his documentary about the Philippine pride and the failure to find this pride anywhere*

    *While talking the Pinoy and his 2 Brothers, 1 uncle, 5 cousins and some of his neighbourgs come up to the TV crew and beats them to death while the camera is still recording. Last thing to be recorded is a blood stained pinoy taking wallet, watches and other values from the 2 dead and then a face looking into the camera shouting.*


    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      Having the filippino and the pinoy terms are a perfect scape goat !

      Filippino AKO, its the pinoys that make us look bad !

      Another of many excuses which they are never late to use.
      Thats the one thing you can set your clock after in pinoyand.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Excellent point Jimmy. One that I have often observed over the past 10 years here. Bottom line, I seldom see a Filipino actually take full responsibility for his/her own actions. It’s always someone else’s fault at one level or another. Cowardly imbeciles.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Wow this shit is really insane Jimmy, where can I find this interview? I am really curious so I can see it for myself. If this interview is not posted anywhere on the web, then never mind, it was an interesting story to hear anyway. But it gotta be more hilarious to see.

      1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
        jimmy smith

        was just my contribution FAFI. Not actual events.
        This is the Philippines is the universal explanation
        as to why everything there is good or bad.

        I like this, must be because its the Philippines.
        If something is bad “its okay” because Again this
        is the Philippines !

        1. Profile gravatar of Gandang Smile
          Gandang Smile

          Your…contribution? A made-up story which, really, doesn’t prove anything more than your self-righteousness and hatred against…an entire country? Do you want me to write you some fairy tale gone wrong story about ‘Merica, dude?

          No surprise you Kanos are the laughing stock of the entire world. GTFO the Philippines, or what you wrote in your little fiction may well happen to you, and not without a reason, I see.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Oh brother, another deluded Filipino dumbshit in denial. YOU are what’s wrong with your country dumbshit. But hey, must be your “Pilipino Pride” speaking eh?

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Another dumbass native spitting poison at criticism. Another dumbfuck native who thinks if you call stupid as stupid, it’s hatred. I don’t hate the entire country at all. I just think you’re all dumb-as-fuck. There is a difference you know? I have a dog that is pretty fucking dumb in comparison to my other two dogs. But I love her just the same no matter how god damned fuckin’ stupid she is.

            So you see, if you’re a nation of complete imbeciles, and it shows every time you walk out your door here, it’s not hatred to say so, it’s just being truthful. You’re a fucking dumbshit in denial and under delusions. That’s a fact. How does my stating facts translate to hatred?

            You see, this is why Kanos think you’re such imbeciles. You have no logic, no reason, just words. Only words, and your words almost NEVER match your actions. It’s just simply the truth. And you want to blame the Kano for it. Tsk tsk tsk…..

          3. Profile gravatar of Gandang Smile
            Gandang Smile

            FiloFail, I am replying to your 11 May comments here as I can’t see any reply button under them.

            First off, I am not Filipino, I am European and live in the Philippines for a few months a year, so 90% of your rant is totally baseless. Second, I am just pointing out the obvious: that this site is a poison box tailor made for Kano losers who don’t know (nor they deserve to know) beyond the poorest, neediest and seediest sections of Filipino society and, by virtue of the notorious cultural malaise called “American exceptionalism”, feel an unstoppable urge to crucify them for their inferiority.

            Face it dude: the only reason why you and many of this crew are there is because the Philippines are possibly the only country left on Earth where a young, English-speaking woman would want to choose a sorry excuse for a person like you as their boyfriends or husbands. The catch is, obviously, that said lady, her family and social neighbourhoods are hardly the top of the pick.

            So, being the consummate anthropologists you are (not), you take what you see and start painting an entire country with the same broad brush dipped in the ever-popular mix of ignorance, moronic sarcasm, and plain arrogance. And, what I find even more laughable, you even top your shit cake with the “it’s tough love, as I love this place to bits” cherry.

            I understand how frustrating it must be, to land in your ex-Commonwealth colony like a Magellan, waving your dollars and your blue passport, expecting god-like status and only really having a bunch of the poorest, less educated and most desperate people coming to you, mostly to scam you and serve you in the most reluctant way possible.

            Oh the irony, that the Filipinos and Filipinas whose intellectual, human and professional qualities would single-handedly defuse your idiotic and cruel rants will never cross path with you. In a bizarre, quantum mechanics sort of sense, you only experience the Philippines your status and mindset allow you to.

  25. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket, is a phrase that describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs.
    Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead, they grab at each other in a useless “KING OF THE HILL” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.
    The analogy in human behavior is that members of a group will attempt to “pull down” any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy.

    Something to be proud of…

  26. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    just try to build a new building of any sort in flip land.. neighbors are pouring out of their houses, shacks, from 4 blocks away to stick their hands for money to complain about dust,,,,, noise,,,, walls,,, etc,, they even get off their asses from the tv to do this!!!!!!!!!
    that is why u never see a flip build anything in flip land

  27. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i seen a real sad scene last night.
    i was on a plane from the middle east to manila. there was a woman , probably ofw,, and she was right out of it!!! every 15 mins, she would get up, walk and tell the stewardness she wanted off the plane!!!!
    the cabin crew were real kind to here.. she was not abusive,,,, just totally out of it,, the steward said they see lots of people like this coming from th e middle east.Probably becos of mental abuse, no wages paid, no proper food,,locked up like an animal in a house,,etc, etc,
    hopefully,, when she got to the gates of heel,, she was taken care of..
    but a few questions remain,,,, she had a passport,, couldn’t the plane fone ahead and ask the phil gov’t agencies who her relatives and manning agency was?? God knows there are enough dep’ts to pay tong b4 they go overseas , and there must be a paper trail ( 0r p/c trail )
    somebody must have taken her to the airport??
    Anyway,, hopefully somebody took pity on her in manila airport.
    this kind of sticks in my mind,, Only by the grace of God, go you.
    have a good one

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Why would the Manila airport care enough for a Filipina who has gone psycho when about 95% of the country don’t give a shit about the bare-foot dirty beggars who roam among the streets.

      Caring for another is not an expected trait you can find among the common Filipino, expect them to care as little as emotionally possible, which is the same exact feeling I mutually have for them.

  28. Profile gravatar of mike-test

    @Tantrum, You want statistics? The SENATORS that Failippines have? Lapid, Poe, Binay, Estrada, blahblahblah.. Does election result does not provide you a good statistical view?

  29. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    @Gandang Smile –

    “this site is a poison box tailor made for Kano losers who don’t know (nor they deserve to know) beyond the poorest, neediest and seediest sections of Filipino society and, by virtue of the notorious cultural malaise called “American exceptionalism”, feel an unstoppable urge to crucify them for their inferiority.”

    So tell me, does GLOBE, PLDT, Water companies, electric companies, pretty much every business, etc just hire the “neediest and seediest sections of Filipino society”?

    Because that’s mostly what I talk about here. The utter 98.9% failure rate of any service or contact that I’ve ever had with any of these idiots. I’m not talking about the street folks. I am talking about big banks, big telecoms, essentially anything run by Filipinos….I have learned to expect utter stupidity, shitty service, no customer service…lame excuses, unkept promises…etc.

    You sound just like the average Filipino making the idiotic claim that for 10 years, I have managed to never run into the smart people of Failippines which you claim to be the vast majority. You are claiming that it just so happens that every time I go out or have to deal with a service failure, it has been, by a freakish chance, that only the “neediest and seediest sections of Filipino society” happen to be manning the counters, answering my customer service calls and instead of working toward a resolution of the problem I’m reporting, arguing and denying the problem, or just making promises to “follow up” and not really doing a fucking thing about it.

    Or, you’re saying I’m lying, and arbitrarily making shit up to fuel an arbitrary hatred for Filipinos.

    Look, as I’ve said, I don’t hate. I just write about my daily experiences here. I add nothing nor do I take away any facts. I just say what happened, and give my thoughts. Same with many others here.

    There are also many native Filipinos who have come forward here on this site and expressed their agreement with this blog, and that they wish their people would fucking get their heads out of their asses.

    Also, have a look at the poll on the right sidebar of this site.

    You obviously have not spent enough time here dealing with these people.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      If you think things such as, for example, virtually EVERY SINGLE CAR blowing their horn at you when you’re trying to cross the street in a pedestrian crosswalk, and coming within literally 1 inch of your body at a speed which would kill is not savage and stupid, WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU CALL IT?

      If you think that every single time you call to complain that your internet service is disrupted daily, and you get an argument, or you get blamed, and then no resolution, and expected to pay the full bill isn’t stupid, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT?

      If you think that the way these people behave behind the wheel of a motor vehicle isn’t ignorant and stupid, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT?

      This list could go on forever…..

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      If you think that electing an ousted, tried, convicted for plunder president back into a position of power isn’t mass stupidity, WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU CALL IT?

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      @Gandang Smile

      How about you share your experiences of mass intelligence in Philippines.

      Tell us how you consistently get hot food in restaurants, never find products out of stock, never have any ISP issues, never have to dodge speeding on-coming traffic while you cross the street in a pedestrian crosswalk, please tell us how every time you cross the street, the cars all stop and wave you by.

      Tell us how every time you walk out your front door for a day of errands, grocery shopping, etc, you manage to be consistently lucky enough to get that grocery cashier who actually gives a shit how long her line is, and try to go a little faster than a snail, and how you manage to be surrounded by courteous people who at least leave at least 6 inches between the front of their grocery cart and your ass, instead of constantly being pummeled by it.

      Tell us about how aware and conscientious and courteous the people are around you in public, how, instead of completely cutting you off as you’re walking through an exit door, they yeild, and fall behind you instead of rushing that last two steps to nudge you out of the way to get through the door before you do.

      Please, tell us all how YOU manage to nail the days when all the smart people are manning the customer service lines, driving on the streets, cooking in the restaurants, etc, and how it’s just our tough luck that every time we go out for the past 10 years here, we just happen to get the few idiots.

      Strange, isn’t it?

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Hey Gandang Smile. I have to go to the bank today for a withdrawal. This is something that you need to plan ahead for. Trying to figure out a good time when maybe it won’t be so crowded. Have you dealt with the banks here? These are run by your intelligent Filipino businessmen. It’s like they are in the dark ages. Totally incompetent. If I can get in and out in less than an hour it will be a miracle. Just for a simple withdrawal. Then there is a good chance I will have to go back because they won’t have the amount of U.S. Dollars I need. They offer dollar accounts but don’t have enough dollars in that huge vault to accommodate their customers. There are times when there may be 30-40 people ahead of me and only one teller. Shouldn’t the manager that is sitting right there be able to figure out he is providing shit customer service and get some more tellers to hurry up the line. You call this intelligent? Dude, then where you come from in Europe you must be living in a fricking cave.

        As FILO asked. Please give us some examples how The Philippines excels in intelligence. Also it appears you are just Anti-American. Actually I’m anti-European. Tired of bailing them losers out. Could you please start paying back your World War Two debts. Also, the next time someone bombs the shit out of you how about rebuilding your own damn country. Also, if you would actually read these comments you would realize that many of the people complaining here are actually Europeans not just Kanos.

        I can understand your comments if you are very wealthy and only hang out with the high rollers here and have servants doing all of your leg work but if you are actually driving among these idiots and standing next to them when they whip out their dicks and piss in public or cut in line in front of you than I completely disagree with your statements.


  30. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    “…expecting god-like status and only really having a bunch of the poorest, less educated and most desperate people coming to you, mostly to scam you and serve you in the most reluctant way possible….”

    I don’t give myself god-like status, THEY do. THEY are the ones coming to me, groveling at my feet, wanting to be my friend, wanting to serve me in hopes I will give them money.

    Secondly, I am not married, nor do I have, nor have I ever had a Filipina girlfriend. That’s not what I came here for. I actually came here based on a male Filipino friend who told me how great Philippines is, and that I should come, only to discover the complete opposite. Only to begin the daily routine of dealing with nearly getting plowed down for having the nerve to cross a street in a pedestrian crosswalk, the daily routine of consistent internet disconnections all day long, on and off. Then when I complain about it, I get blamed, and they argue with me. I’m just only trying to GET WHAT THEY PROMISE, AND WHAT I AM PAYING FOR! Then I share those experiences here. Why is that arrogance and ignorance??????

    It’s just telling the truth. It’s just getting the word out to those like me who were told how great Philippines is, and how “it’s more fun in the Philippines”, but upon arrival, are treated to a society of pure widespread stupidity, ignorance, rudeness, and corruption in nearly every business and utility, scams, horrible smell of human piss everywhere, childish behavior, crab mentality, and “me first” behavior everywhere, every day, with nearly everyone.

    Grown, mature women cutting in lines (if there is someone there to see that a line is formed, instead of a disorderly crowd of morons all trying to be first) as if they are Imelda Marcos.

    Cignal TV….You pay each month for the service. If the service goes out, for whatever reason, if a technician must come to your home to get the service working again, you are charged 700p to fix what you’re already paying to get. If that’s not stupid and corrupt, please tell me what it IS. Maybe Cignal TV is managed by the “poorest, neediest and seediest sections of Filipino society”???

    As heyjoe said, sounds much more like you’re anti-American. Because you saying that all the REAL TRUE experiences we share here are “baseless” is like pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining.

    Read the articles here, then tell me you have never experienced anything like them during your stay here. And if you can honestly say you haven’t, can you please share with us where all these smart people are? Because I want to move there. And if I find you’re correct, this blog will be no more. Deal?

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      to gandgum smile
      we dont expect 5 star service in a 1 star economy,,
      just the basic rules will do for me…. however the basic rules do not apply in this country becos the money fgoes to usa mansions. I have been in many countries where they are poor,,, more pooree that the phils.. but at least they do no t rob you blind

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      went to government office that DEMANDS paying customers to wear formal clothes. That is ok by me. it is their country.
      But i had to walk by bare nakedd kids not 1 block from that office. in north america the child welfare would throw these ”parents” in jail for allowing kids to run around naked in the streets.
      I had to get on a smoke belching jeepney, walk thru streets full of garbage,, my skin was itching from the acid, cancer causing smog, WAIT becos some trapos stole the money so the office has old junk for p/c’s, etc. so it takes forever jsut to get a stamp and receipt..
      then if you need a copy,, go to the ”employee association copier machine, 2 pesos a copy,, no license, no barangauy license hanging on the wall,, no receipts,,,,hmmm, i wonder where the money goes.
      feelipino pride, no wonder 20,000,000 flips moved abroad,,,

    3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      “I don’t give myself god-like status, THEY do. THEY are the ones coming to me, groveling at my feet, wanting to be my friend, wanting to serve me in hopes I will give them money.”

      Truer words have never been spoken.

  31. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    to gandgum smile
    we dont expect 5 star service in a 1 star economy,,
    just the basic rules will do for me…. however the basic rules do not apply in this country becos the money fgoes to usa mansions. I have been in many countries where they are poor,,, more pooree that the phils.. but at least they do no t rob you blind

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Ill be honest.
      i have actually used the fact that there are rarely any enforced rules to my advantage on quite a few occasions.

      1, It helped when I got stranded here and stayed illegally for 5 years racking up a nearly 100,000 peso fine. Ooops.. I didn’t get deported I just paid and went on my way.

      2. Getting medication is far easier here, as you don’t have to go through a bunch of doctors to get something that is requiring a prescription. An example is getting contacts. Here I just walk in tell them my visual attenuation, and they give me my contacts cheap.

      I tried that in the states and I was told I needed a prescription, so I was supposed to pay some eye doctor 90 bucks for what I already knew on top of the 60 dollar contacts.

      I was actually thinking of this last night and realized I cant have it both ways. I can have a country the adheres to the rules thus creating a better quality of life or I can have a country that is essentially lawless banana state, where in I can get trivial things far easier.

      Ill take Rules and better quality of life…. Its really no contest.

  32. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
    Pnoy syndrome

    LOL im getting dizzy with this lady fil-american named FILIPINO TANTRUM, My reaction about statistics is 20% filipino are well educated, (i agree with that and most of them go abroad and become a politicians) 30% are half way educated(this type of people are mostly undergrads and some are grads but did not pass the degree for licensure some of them just finished vocational courses there not bad they just need a little push and encouragement and also most of them go abroad) and 50% uneducated and miseducated (this are the one’s who is the most resilient they can withstand the worst environment ex, pollution include air and noise, corrupt government,immoral act, dirty politics, floods and typhoons, crimes etc’) and this are the common everyday people you encounter in your daily life in Philippines so what do you think?

      1. Profile gravatar of BritinMak

        Is that you? I thought you was English. I hope it’s not you. I would disagree with the large majority of this, especially the bit at the end where he states Filipinos are not stupid.

        His fsce is slightly annoying also.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          yeah, not impressed. He mentions something about them “being able to laugh at themselves”, which suggests he’s never had any sort of contentious conversation with a Filipino.