Never In Philippines

Never in Philippines will you hear:

“We have resolved the problem sir”

“After you sir/ma’am”

“I was wrong”

“It’s my fault”

“Certainly we’ll refund your money”

“It’s my responsibility”

Never in Philippines will you see:

Pushing the brake pedal take priority over pushing the horn.

Cars stopping at a pedestrian crosswalk when there are pedestrians walking in it. Even mothers holding infants. The idiot filipinos will just slow down enough to whiz by you and miss you by 1/2 an inch. That’s AFTER they have honked at you for being in the crosswalk. Stupid fucking inconsiderate, rude, ignorant filos!

A fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Jollibee get an order accurate or have all the food hot and fresh. It’s usually been sitting under the warmer for 20 or 30 minutes, WAYYYY past the alotted time allowed. No fucking standards or quality. If the corporate offices only knew…..

Cars yielding or getting the fuck out of the way for an ambulance with it’s sirens and lights on. Selfish stupid ignorant dumb fuck filos!

A personal loan paid back.

full-jeepney-small2A Jeepney driver give a fucking shit about anyone else on the road or in his jeepney as there’s always room for 4 more until they’re spilling out the sides and hanging off the back rails, and they’ll STILL stop and pick up more. Stupid fucking filipino idiots. No dignity whatsoever. Their dignity is sold for 7 pesos. Dumb fucks.

Courteous behavior unless they’re an employee wanting your business.

Never in Philippines will you get:

Customer service in the real sense of the term.

What you pay for.

Into an SM mall without getting touched, yet you can walk into a bank, and the airport without getting molested by a dumbfuck in a uniform.

Consistency of any kind with anything whatsoever. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes the exact same thing is utter crap.

Filipino idiots addicted to taping everythingAnything in a package open very easily. These idiots are fucking scotch tape addicts. They tape everything, even your food bags from McDonalds are taped closed, and your burger box is taped closed, and everything has tape tape tape!!! Everything is taped! The lids that snap on to containers are taped! The cover of the bucket of chicken is taped! THEY’RE LIKE KINDERGARTNERS THRILLED WITH TAPE!! McDoTape








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    You make me grimace and laugh at the same time.

    The consolation of reading your posts is that I know it is not just me.

    I come from the land of the traffic island. I think we invented them. I’ve seen citizens of the USA mightily confused, but I’ve only once seen another country fuck it up in general like the Filipinos. Only in Saudi do they also seem to think that the person entering the traffic island has the right of way. How utterly dumb is that? If the person going round the traffic island does not have the right of way, the whole thing is fucked. Recent research has shown that they are effective and safe ways of managing traffic flow, but that is, of course, in the UK, where people generally follow rules and generally show some consideration for others.

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    So…I had to move a wall mounted air-conditioner from one room to another. This requires the assistance of a contractor since I have no clue how to do this and dont want to cluster f*ck things up nor hear my wife’s incessant chirping. Call made to professional service, contractor shows up and inspects the copper piping for freon – it needs replacing. NO PROBLEM. He goes and comes back with the piping that I paid him for. He moves the unit to the next room…he moves the compressor to its position outside of the window. When installing the piping he drops it and i hear the clanging followed by “TSK TSK TSK”. He continues working so Im thinking “no big deal” – WRONG!
    He finally gets the pipe connected and freon is hissing everywhere – so we get another TSK TSK TSK out of him. The very English-speaking contractor then turns to my wife and begins speaking in Tagalog explaining the issue. Long story short – the pipe needs to be replaced and he is expecting us to pay for it.

    Me: Why do I have to pay for the replacement pipe?
    Him: Sir, the pipe is defective so it has to be replaced.
    Me: Was it defective before or after you dropped it on the ground earlier
    Him: Sir?
    Me: you definitely heard what I said
    Him: Sir, its possible that the pipe wasn’t tested properly at the hardware store
    Me: Weren’t you the one that purchased it?
    Him: Sir?
    Me: Really? Again?
    Me: We are definitely not paying for a replacement pipe. You are clearly responsible for it. Are we good here?
    Him: **blankstare**
    Him: Sir I will need to consult with my manager and return next time.
    Me: How long will that take?
    Him: A few weeks minimum

    And round and round we go….all he had to do was buy a new pipe and save himself embarrassment and ridicule. But he couldn’t bring himself to admit that the was at fault

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    This is sad, check out this Youtube video. Apparently, a man committed suicide by jumping off a higher floor in a mall. As you can see in the video, no one bothered to help and maybe administer aid. A huge crowd just stopped and stared and some of course pulled phones taping this sad scene. Mall personnel seemed to even create a barrier so people won’t go near!

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    I was laughing so hard after reading the tape! tape! tape!…. This is very true. There was a time when I ordered a delivery of burger from McDonald while at the office. I was so hungry and when it arrive, I Had to tear the box since it is taped on all side.