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Hey all. I’ll be straight with you – I am a Filipino. But no, I will not stupidly shout out “Filipino pride” or other BS like that, and I am definitely not offended by the posts here. Because it’s f’ing true.

I live in a small city somewhere in the Philippines, and my city suffers from the same thing you guys point out on this site (to name a few):

Motorcycles with obnoxiously loud exhaust pipes? We got ’em

Drunken idiots who can’t get enough of karaoke? We got ’em as well

Flips who will take advantage of other people, be they foreigners or fellow flips? You bet

Anyway, I’m hoping to share some experiences I’ve had in the 25 years I’ve been living here. To tell you the truth, it’s a pretty nice place, with beaches and whatnot – ruined by a corrupt government, and a rather unpleasant majority of inhabitants.

Thanks for having me here.

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    Pinay Lover

    Looking forward to your stories! I enjoy hearing stories from natives since, although often tragic, it’s accompanied by humour and laughter. My co-worker who is a native always has a story to put a smile on my face. There’s a lot to say about that country. It’s no wonder this blog is flooded! : )

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    You have to take the good with the bad. I just returned to Baguio after a 7 year absence (in the U.S.).
    It has changed a lot due to overcrowding and pollution, but the locals are still pretty honest and helpful.
    I couldn’t get out of M-M fast enough, when I arrived.

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    Barry Smyth

    Thanks for your comments I personally like Davao the people there are generally nice no problems.
    I started in the Philippines in Cebu 35 yrs ago when I meet the wife.
    Cebu has changed and not for the best her family lives around 20 KM out of the city and the hoons and noise have come to town and over ran the place sad because it was such a nice place before and as safe as no problems walk around of a night no problem but not now its live behind the walls and combat wire.
    And its not the older locals but the shit that has moved into the place and brought the drugs booze and all manner of stuff with them.
    Will the police act NO NO NO will City hall act NO NO NO nobody gives a shit ——

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      Davao has been nice, but to me, it seems to be heading in the exact direction as Cebu. It’s sad but in the Philippines, once a city really starts growing, it grows exponentially, faster and faster (because everyone has at least 3 children, some of them accidentally). Many of these children are shopaholics, so now every little remaining green space a shopping center is built, and whenever it rains there ‘s no place for the water to go to but onto the streets. I’m out.

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      Alaminos City, I know of.
      Pangisinan Province in Luzon. If that’s the one.

      It is a beautiful clean area. we have been there a few times for holidays.
      Don’t know too much about the politics but , have heard it is the usual , the Governor and Mayor pretty well run the place.
      If you got it and they want it, ITS THEIRS and fuck you.
      Heard the last election a few deaths among st the Politicians rivals , but what else is new.
      I heard that from the owner of a resort where we were staying.

      Its the gateway to 100 Islands .
      Besides the politicians. WATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      An earthquake or typhoon fucked up the drinking water supply it all tastes like salt, showering is a bitch.U never feel clean.

      I doubt if I will ever go back , but Pangansinan is a beautiful area. Lots to do there. some big cities besides Alaminos.

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    Phil Doh

    “To tell you the truth, it’s a pretty nice place, with beaches and whatnot – ruined by a corrupt government, and a rather unpleasant majority of inhabitants.”

    This is generally true for most parts of the Philippines. Is there any other country on earth with more astounding natural beauty which is ruined by its inhabitants? I’ve been to some beautiful beaches here – white sand, turquoise sea, palm trees etc – and then somebody comes up and asks me to pay an “environmental fee”, you see idiots throw their beer cans on the beach, the karaoke spoiling the peacefulness of it all. And all the bullshit of getting there – haggling with drivers, kids grabbing your bags for a few pesos, fisherman trying to sell you overpriced pearls – makes you wonder if it was really worth it.

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      Yup I forgot about the bloody Street Vendor Kids , they are pains in the rear end.

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      these morons never get it!!!!! we booked a room into a ”resort” in cebu….. but the swimming pool was being used by the locals…. for 50 pesos a night,,, koroke until 6 am,, drunks, screaming kids,,,, paper thin bed sheets,,, small pillows the size of a postage stamp…. they could fuck anything up!!!!!!!!

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        Al, You are so right, I had one resort complain about me complaining.
        I just wanted a kettle and a toaster in my bloody room.
        How the hell was I to make the coffee that they had provided with bloody cold water.
        I was in a bar next door and overheard the manager who was in there bitching about the customer complaining he didn’t have a kettle.
        I walked up and confronted him and introduced myself. He went white as a ghost.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        His friends sycophant’s all around him too.
        Sucking up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        He wasn’t laughing when I asked in front of all of them for my money back or get me a bloody kettle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Philippines the only place where they want the money up front so they can fuck you.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          Is it even worth complaining? I’ve never got past the blank stare, stupid smile, “Sorry sir.” You return to the place at a later date and the same shit you complained about still isn’t fixed. I actually got laughed at a resort for complaining that the lock was busted on the CR door of the public shower room. I told the fat bitch I’m not joking and she just laughed even harder.

          Some of these resorts are nothing short of comical. I went to one where some dumb fuck had fixed the fan on the wall without measuring how long the cable was to the socket. Yep, the plug was a few inches short of the socket. He could’ve obviously taken it down and drilled some new holes as the bracket would’ve covered the old holes. Nah, fuck it, just leave it.

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            DON QUIXOTE

            PD, I went to Baguio once hated it,
            But Im a wake up these days, so we went to reception, bloody freezing outside.
            I asked does the room have a heater so we can stay warm.
            YES SIR all our rooms have a heater.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            SHOW ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLANK STARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIR YOU WANT TO LOOK AT HEATER ??????? HELL YES !!!!!!
            Down we go into the refrigerator, I swear that resort you could hang beef in it.
            They open the door, FROST BITE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok show me how to turn the heat on,
            BLANK LOOK, SIR YOU TURN ON TAP IN SHOWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            They had a cheap fucking hot water cylinder on the fucking wall.
            So you want to get warm you have a shower.
            He was surprised at my attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Seems NO ONE else ever wanted hot room.

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            Well, Baguio is not for everybody, but there are a whole lot of people that are moving here. I’d guess that the traffic has tripled since I left in 2008. There are signs in the Korean language everywhere, and menus often include a “Korean food” section now. I had to move far out of town this time, because the place is just way too crowded for me now. I was told that the city was designed for 40,000 and there are 250,000 living here now. Water is in short supply and rent is up… way up.

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    What I learned is Filipinos who have been to other places or the hard-working, responsible types have the same gripes as foreigners. They have the same objections and hate the gov’t corruption as much as we all do. The difference is they can get around things easier than expats cause they speak the language and ALWAYS know someone “who can get it done” in gov’t. We don’t have that luxury. Also, most times they actually like Filipino food.