New Required Subject: Philippines 101

I propose to all Philippine educational institutions that a subject called “Philippines 101” be a required subject in all undergraduate programs. I have been searching for the single root cause of the wide-spread stupidity and poverty in this country called the Philippines.

But then it dawned on me that there is no Single Reason why Filipinos generally lack common sense. There are HUNDREDS OF REASONS!!!  – so many that we can come up with an entire multiple-volume “Encyclopedia of Filipino Stupidity”. But to fit 1 semester of study material, we will only tackle the first 101 reasons (tip of the iceberg).

Stupidity Reason #1. Poverty

It is generally known that many Filipinos are ignorant and stupid because they are poor and unable to afford to study; but then why are they poor? Answer: because they are ignorant and cannot see the value of education. And you can say it the other way around. We now have a chicken and egg situation: one causes the other like a pair pendulum balls alternately banging each other.

Stupidity Reason #2. Spanish Colonizers

Others say Filipinos became stupid because of the Spanish colonizers who called and treated Filipinos low-life fools and servants; so indeed, like a lie told a thousand times it became the “truth” to the natives, even after their independence. Filipinos have taken on this insecure self-image and inferiority complex that they are mere servants of foreigners. No wonder Filipinos export themselves en-mass throughout the world as “house-hold slaves”. The word “Filipina” is already synonymous to “helper” all across the globe. Some years ago, it even took a Philippine president to appeal to an English dictionary publisher to not define “Filipina” as “a helper”.

Stupidity Reason #3. The Weather

Then there are those who would just lazily blame it on the weather. “Filipinos are not lazy”, they would claim – “it’s just the weather, stupid.” Why of course: where would you be more conditioned to work at your optimum: in an oven toaster called the Philippines, or in an air-conditioned temperate region like Japan, North America or Europe? So there goes half of your productivity and zeal down the drain – due to searing heat and sticky sweat-dripping humidity. Not to mention, we have the perennial onslaught of typhoons to destroy the half-done shanty house that Juan struggled to build from scrap material. Despite knowing the next typhoon will be sure to come, Juan is just too stupid and poor to build a typhoon-resistant one.

Stupidity Reason #4. Sense of Humor

Filipinos pride themselves in the fact that they are a happy (-go-lucky) and fun-loving people. Foreigners who visit the Philippines after a major calamity would admire how resilient Filipinos are – how they can still joke around and laugh despite the tragedy around them. But then the sense of humor far outweighs their common sense. In a serious situation or emergency, they can still afford to crack a joke and laugh about the situation or victim. That’s why the country has become a sick joke, run by a bunch of circus clowns. TV programs are mostly geared towards making people laugh. Filipinos do not take many things in life seriously. So the world too does not take the Philippines seriously. PH is the laughing stock of the world.

Stupidity Reason #5. Corrupt Politicians

Then there are the Corrupt Trapo politicians, who make it their goal to suck as much blood out of the Filipino cadaver during their short window of opportunity called their “term of office”. Well who voted them in the first place? Where else in the world does a convicted crook in the government’s highest position still get re-elected after not even finishing his sentence in jail. Stupid voters get exactly what they deserve – a crappy government. Someone once said there are no poor countries, just poorly managed ones:  PH is the prime example. So upon stepping into the airport you are greeted “Toilet – out of order”. That’s the Filipino way of saying “Welcome to the Failippines”.

I’ll stop at SR#5 here just to get the ball rolling. But we still have a whole semester to have a lively discussion and discover so much more on our journey into the twilight zone of PhilFailandia. This should be better than the boring PI100 course in UP, where students learn of Rizal’s life and secrets. This is a subject about you and the people around you (if you are a foreigner), with a practical application the moment you step out of the classroom.

The Philippines is a rich country – rich in natural stupidity (the #1 resource which keeps it going).

Feel free to extend the list. I hope someone does take this proposal seriously – but then, I doubt it as this is the Philippines (SR#4).

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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Yeah. This would be a great course for all Filipinos but it would be hard to finish this course with a 4 year college degree. It would have to start in kindergarten and continue thru college. Concerning # 1 poverty. The poor continue to remain poor because they don’t stop having kids they can’t afford. They can have 6,8,10 kids it doesn’t matter. They are all starving, dressed in rags, don’t go to school have no medicine but do you think they care. Look at the wife, she is probably pregnant again. #2 colonizers. It doesn’t matter if they were Spanish, American, Japanese or Aliens from outer space. All of their problems are the foreigners fault. They absolutely can not accept responsibility and admit that they are to stupid to govern themselves. They think they are brilliant and all of their troubles had to be caused by someone else. #3 weather. Doesn’t matter what the weather is like. The men would much rather be drinking, gambling, chasing women and waiting for their relatives abroad to send them money instead of actually getting a job and supporting the kids they have with several different women. #4 sense of humor. Right after Typhoon Yolanda they showed a picture of a bunch of able bodied men playing basketball in the midst of the ruins with the caption saying how resilient the Filipino is. When I saw the picture the first thing I thought was look at these lazy A-Holes fucking off instead of helping their neighbors dig out of the ruins. Guess they were waiting for all that foreign aid. #5 corrupt politicians. Is there a more idiotic group of voters anywhere in the world than Filipinos. I guarantee that during the next election they will re-elect all of the people that are sitting in jail right now because of the pork barrel scam because the voters never learn their lesson.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “#5 corrupt politicians. Is there a more idiotic group of voters anywhere in the world than Filipinos. I guarantee that during the next election they will re-elect all of the people that are sitting in jail right now because of the pork barrel scam because the voters never learn their lesson.”

      I have to add my two cents to this @heyjoe

      If you think about it, why would it make any difference if they re-elect the idiot they know is corrupt, or if they elect a new idiot? FILIPINOS ARE CORRUPT. So it doesn’t matter who they elect. If it’s a Filipino, they’re going to be corrupt and dishonest.

      The Filipino does not have the honor, dignity, or maturity to serve the people. That would make them a “public servant”, and you know how they look down on those who serve. Being a servant is a shameful, lowly status. Therefore the elected idiots have turned their positions into that of elitism, to rule over the people, to be their superior, NOT their servant.

      The Filipino can form no concept of real dignity or honor. The Filipino culture in all areas, be it politics, private citizenship, business, whatever, is all about the climb out of the shithole, constantly fighting off every other Filipino who is trying to drag him back down in the hole with them. And those that actually get out of the shithole use their advantage to squat high over the shithole and add more shit to it as revenge for trying to drag him back down into it.

      The Filipino behaves with the maturity of a young child. They know they’re all corrupt, but that doesn’t matter. That is the norm for them. They vote for the one who plasters his face the most on every little cookie he gives out, as well as plasters his face the most all over the walls, posts, and fences.

      What a stupid, ignorant, pathetic lot.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        FILO. I absolutely agree with everything you said. Are there any Filipinos that run for office that don’t plan on getting everything they can for themselves? When they run for office they intend on plundering and cheating and being corrupt. I actually believe that Filipinos look up to and admire the most corrupt officials. Filipinos wish they could be in that position. They just take it for granted that their govt is going to steal and rob them blind and don’t give a shit. Can you actually see an honest Filipino running for office, if there is one. He would be eaten alive by the rest of the corrupt POS’s. They would not allow an honest official to survive. It’s not only elected officials. It’s customs, immigration, BIR, police or any other govt office. They all are living off Lagay and do not want the gravy train to stop and would fight any honest official that tries to get in their way. Corruption starts from the lowest barangay officials and goes to the highest office in the land. I do not really think anything will ever change here. There is no hope and Filipinos do not even try to get new blood into office. They continue to elect the same corrupt officials and their family members over and over again. But like you said. Does it really matter who they elect? They are all corrupt anyway.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          >> I actually believe that Filipinos look up to and admire the most corrupt officials.

          Marcos is still a national hero for some people. I know some utter fuckwits who actually think he was the best thing that ever happened to the country. They won’t have a word said against him. When people’s critical-thinking skills are down at that level, you can’t expect much.

          The other side of the coin is that people in poor countries don’t share our idea of “public servants”. There’s been some research on this. They fully EXPECT their leaders to lord it over them, and to throw them the occasional bone. They EXPECT that a leader treats his “subjects” like an abusive parent treats his children. They would be offended by anything else.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
        Mega-BrainDrain Post author

        I agree. There isn’t much of a choice when the only options are Corrupt candidate #1 or Corrupt candidate #2. The only consolation is for the lesser evil to win the elections. Actually a stupid corrupt official is better bcoz he won’t be smart enough to hide his under-the-table magic money disappearing acts – and be shown the EXIT door sooner. A smart ass corrupt official like F. Marcos was so clever – no one could find good evidence on how he siphoned all that wealth. Either way PH is the loser. Much of the PH situation is all about luck anyway – that’s the attitude you need to survive: crossing your fingers. Same for electricity, water, traffic – it’s all about good luck. Even during before exams: students wish each other “good luck”.

  2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    The entire problem in the Philippines comes down to one thing and one thing only; BAD LEADERSHIP or better said, LEADERSHIP WITH SELF INTEREST.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I can somewhat agree with that, but it’s not the ONLY thing that is wrong with Philippines. The government (or leaders) are not telling them to drive like fucking morons. Their government/leaders is not telling the people to urinate and trash their public with garbage. The Government/leaders are not forcing their people to be disrespectful, rude, and overcharge foreigners different rates. You see, there are a lot of INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS that contributes to the foul state of their country.

      HawkEye, I respect you and I’m not calling you a ‘Filipino’ when I say this, but the biggest problem I see around me is that almost ALL Filipinos tends to blame ALL their problems on their government, when half the time it’s their individual actions is what brings themselves harm. There is only so much a government can do to a person, and since I am a temporary long-term visitor and if your theory (and the theories of many Filipinos here) is correct, I would be part of the problem since the leader of this country is the PROBLEM, therefore I should be fucked up because their leader is fucked up.

      Now I don’t mean to generalize your statement, I can apply some common sense and decrypt what you mean, and I’m sure you don’t mean it in exactly that way. But I’m just saying that their government/leaders are not the ONLY reason why Philippines is fucked up. It’s the acts of countless many mindsets of Filipinos living in this country. I know they want better for their country, but can’t figure out where to fucking start. They really do need someone with common fucking sense to run their country for them, but their flawed constitution doesn’t allow foreigners to run their country for them, if it was allowed, I’m certain Philippines would be as successful as any other 1st world country (as far as economics). Their mindset will take decades to fix.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Hello Hawkeye
      leadership with self interest means scamming and stealing a bunch of money and running to another to escape jail.
      Change in this country will never come from within the country. Change will only come from a well financed and well run campaign from the outside to educate the world about corruption and the poverty caused by the trapos.
      I learnt this fact in the early 1970’s when Bridgette Bardot and her followers came to my country and shut down the seal industry slaughter on the east coast.
      But, they were very smart about their planning and this stuck with me all of my life.
      They got the liberal minded European Economic Community to ban fur imports. The result was that fur prices sunk to nothing and destroyed our fur and trapping industry!!!!
      Greenpeace operates on the same basis. They would not do much good in Japan to demonstrate about whaling. I believe they do a lot of campaigning and fund raising outside of Japan.
      Sorry for ongoing off the base with the preceding example. But, I truly believe the only way to change people is to hit them where it hurts the most, In the wallet.!!!!!!!
      As for foreign aid to these sinkholes of corruption, our politicians are only buying our votes with our money.
      Take a look at Singapore, people do not throw trash there,, WHY??? because they know they will get caned and fined a big amount of money if they do anything illegal.
      any comments are gladly welcome.

  3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Stupid Reason #6. Religious Practice

    Filipinos are constantly required to believe in god, regardless of how little or how much they believe in it themselves. They are brainwashed to believe and act without thinking. Well…. they barely know the meaning of the word ‘act’ or ‘action.’ Religious beliefs are shoved so deep down their throats some of their colleges has a chapel built within the school, where students are sometime REQUIRED to attend ceremonial meanings and to hear the glory of their imaginary hero. Only way to get out of it is to be Muslim, or to be of any other anti-religious affiliation. They are required to pray before the beginning of most of their classes. If there is anything I can recall in their prayers, they constantly repeat this phrase in most of their prayers,”please forgive us for our sins as we forgive the sins against us.” So by saying that, they believe they are completely cleansed and all their bad deeds in the previous week has been forgotten. WRONG1 If that motherfucker up there is real, then I’m sure he isn’t stupid enough to forgive them every fucking week they said that. They think death is fucking easy, like you can commit a crime, say sorry, then earn your ticket to heaven. If heaven is real, then I’m sure it’s no different than here. If I committed a crime, I can’t just say sorry to the police and expect to not go to jail. Same concept most likely applies in the afterlife. So the Filipino mindset is triggered to believe that you can do whatever you want, no matter how immoral and corrupt, and as long as you beg for forgiveness once a week, you are free to go back out and commit the same dumb fucking mistakes as they did in the previous week. Their religion is like a hamster wheel, it gets them no where. They need to find a path that will get them on track instead of living the same exact day lifestyle 7 days at a time.

  4. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    -Stupidity Reason #1. Poverty
    Most of the poor flips i’ve met, ive met them with a bottle of redhorse in their hand and dozens of empty bottles sitting outside their daily/nightly lurking post/chair. Theyr’e poor because they drink all their money away. Oh yeah they also gamble all their money away. I’m a decent poker player, however being decent wont win you anything in European or American competition. Every time i play poker in a casino here, i’m walking away with all the flips money, the whole time they are losing they are cracking racial jokes.

    Stupidity Reason #2. Spanish Colonizers
    From all the ignorant hatred i read from flip posts on youtube, facebook, and our recent resident hate post here. I thought everything is America’s fault? When the topic comes up of foreign companies, i ask “did you know that 7-Eleven, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc etc, are American Companies?” then i get the blank stare followed by “NO WAY!” On an off rant, filipinos believe that Carrier is a philippines born corporation. Came up several times when i was shopping for an aircon unit.

    Stupidity Reason #3. The Weather
    Filipinos are hipsters. We can all agree that Typhoons have been occurring in this region for centuries, even before Christ was born. Since “Global Warming/Climate Change” is hip. Filipinos on youtube and Facebook blame climate change for all the Typhoons. They even go as far as blaming Americans for being the sole source of Global Warming.

    Stupidity Reason #4. Sense of Humor
    I get inside a taxi, first thing the taxi driver asks, “Do you want meter on or off? hehehehehehe”

    Stupidity Reason #5. Corrupt Politicians
    Bureaucrats, should be added to this header. Fuck DFA and Customs, their sole purpose is to make any foreign relief impossible without 20-40% of the funds and assets mysteriously disappearing through repeated errors and handing the case over to another agent and so on and so on.

    Stupid Reason #6. Religious Practice
    I like how the young, probably ages 20-40, that claim to be highly religious here, are the group that are most likely trying to rip you off or extort their own and most of all foreigners.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
      Mega-BrainDrain Post author

      On that taxi driver example — LOL! That’s taking freedom of choice a little too far now. I guess PH is the free-est country in the world: freedom to piss anywhere, freedom to shit anywhere, etc. etc.

  5. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    This is so spot on!

    How much is the cost of not throwing garbage on the street, not to pee on the street, to follow rules in traffic and in general, to be honest, and otherwise behave well towards others. ZERO pesos! This country is not fucked up because of poverty but because of the attitude of the people.

    I bet even the level of education could be improved greatly without additional expenses if the people would want to. But they don’t, and that’s again attitude problem.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Just to add, you can’t even pay these idiots to behave like human. Trust me, I had tried and failed last year. This year I’m just minding my own business and not giving a fuck because I know there isn’t anything I can do to improve their behavior, or to help implement some positive change.

      I already that they lack the mental properties of a human being, so I’m better teaching myself how to fly. That is more likely to happen before teaching Filipinos Logic and Ethics.

    2. Profile gravatar of marhead

      Have to agree with Jack the black. The problems here are not simply about poverty. There is an attitude that i have not encountered anywhere else before. The filipinos are there own worst enemy. They simply refuse to acknowledge that they are failing. They walk around like there shit doesn’t stink. It appears to me that they actually believe that they are better than most other people on the planet. The first step to solving a problem is to acknowlwdge the problem, since filipinos refuse to do that they cannot change. Each filipino thinks they deserve special treatment everywhere they go. I’ve watched filipinos run into each other in the mall simply bcoz each one refuses to move 1 inch over to let the other pass by without contact. This is nothing less than pure ignorance and stupidity. Everyday i have push filipinos out of the way in the mall bcoz they have intentionally turned into me at the last second while pretending to not see me. There is absolutely no solution to the problems here. The philippines will continue to fail untill someone starts telling the people to wake up. This needs to come from the top, but the gov’t is to busy stealing money and taking each other to court to do anything good.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        “This needs to come from the top, but the gov’t is to busy stealing money and taking each other to court to do anything good.”

        The government is comprised of Filipinos elected by Filipinos who “refuse to acknowledge that they are failing and walk around like there shit doesn’t stink.”

        Every Filipino, private, elected, business, whatever…will quickly acknowledge other Filipinos are corrupt, but he/she individually isn’t, because when they engage in corruption, they don’t see it as corruption, because like all Filipinos, each one thinks they are so special and an exception to the rule, and justified to lie, cheat, and steal. The feel they have justifiable reason, therefore in their mind, it’s not corruption. Just everyone else is corrupt. And it’s that mindset that keeps the childish, selfish, ignorant corruption fourishing.

        So it will never come from the top, it must come from outside. But then when it does, the Filipino, in his/her typical state of denial, just lashes back, denies the problem or blames it on someone or something else, and you’re right back where you started.

        So anyone with half a brain can only conclude that there really IS ABSOLUTELY NO SOLUTION to the problems here.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          >> “There is an attitude that i have not encountered anywhere else before. The filipinos are there own worst enemy. They simply refuse to acknowledge that they are failing.”

          Exactly what I would have said, and I really wish I knew where it comes from. I can only imagine it’s something that’s drilled into them at school: your country is the best in the world, everywhere else is populated by white ghosts and is inherently inferior, blah blah.

          But then, seems like most Filipinos didn’t go to school. So what the hell is it? Retarded parents? The government? Someone must be putting this idea in their heads. It can’t just come out of nowhere. And I know not ALL Filipinos are like this. There are … maybe .. um, 2% who will have a rational discussion about the country’s problems without attempting to knife you.

          If this “everything is just fine and nothing needs fixing” attitude can be stamped out, the Philippines has a chance of progressing just as fast as anywhere else in Asia.

          >> “Every Filipino, private, elected, business, whatever…will quickly acknowledge other Filipinos are corrupt, but he/she individually isn’t..”

          This would be f-ing hilarious if it wasn’t so tragically true. I’m endlessly meeting people who tell me, you know, you have to watch out for Filipinos, they’re all try to cheat you, especially those Filipinas … but I’m a good guy, you can trust ME. So, actually, they do have some awareness of how deeply fucked their country is. They just think it’s entirely somebody else’s problem.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            If you say that 2% are able to rationalize and come to terms with their foul position, then you are saying that 1 out of every 50 Filipinos I ever met are logical and are aware of their own problems. It has taken me over a year to find at least one Filipino who is partially aware of how fucked up Philippines is, and even she isn’t able to fully admit it all. Yeah, she is able to admit that this country is one big fuckin problem, but never been able to admit that it’s a Filipino thing, but looks at it as a people thing.

            Well admitting that the majority of your country and it’s people are fucked up is a tough realization to admit, but I give her credit for being able to point out the same issues in this country as me.

            It doesn’t matter if a Filipino is in school, home, work, or anywhere in the general public. having any type of exposure to the Philippine community is enough to warp a Filipino’s mind into having the same mindset as their surroundings. Have you ever heard of a ‘lone Filipino?’ Well I bet not! Filipinos lurk around in large numbers, they learn how to be equally stupid from each other, and that’s how it all begins. If a Filipino can learn to isolate themselves from other idiot Filipinos, a chance for progress may actually happen.

            Face fact; stupid learns from stupid, and stupid is everywhere. A Filipino can’t resist the urge to not hang out with other Filipinos and talk about nonsense that does nothing but makes them more stupider. Yeah, my idiot wife isn’t college bound, but I feel that she is gaining more intelligence being around me every day mono-on-mono, it’s when she starts making phone calls is when that intelligence gradually diminishes away.

            So to answer your question, Filipinos makes each other stupid, regardless of where the source comes from, even if it’s school.

          2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            Sigh. Makes sense. You’re probably right. Certainly if you take a Filipino away from The Republic of Fail, and deposit him in a functioning country, he generally does as well as anyone else.

            So the solution, then, would be to isolate them and brainwash them? 🙂

            I guess that wouldn’t work either. It occurs to me that they are somewhat like pigs, which are gregarious animals that love to grunt and squawk at each other – and of course hump and fight each other – and they get terribly upset and stressed if they can’t. It would be cruel to separate a Filipino from the herd. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself. You can just imagine his poor thumbs wiggling in the air, desperately seeking a keypad with which to send LOL! and Godbles! messages to his little friends.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
            Mega-BrainDrain Post author

            A lot of the Filipinos who have realized how hopeless this sub-human country is are already out of the country living a normal life. Let me give you one example: a relative of mine had a good retail business in Benguet but then they found out that their “trusted” employee of ~15 years had actually been stealing all those years right under their noses. Then when year-end tax time comes, the BIR officials demand a huge amount but only give a tax-receipt for a small percent of what my cousin paid. The following year the tax officials are riding in brand new cars. Then there are death threats – because they are well-to-do businessmen. They couldn’t take it anymore and didn’t want their kids to grow up in this kind of environment. So they finally booted out (good bye to their huge mansion) and immigrated to Canada (working odd jobs at the start). But i can’t blame them. Many more are just trying to finish a degree and get a chance to escape the nightmare. So let me just add another reason to the list…

            Stupidity reason #7 Brain Drain: Lack of intelligent people left to interact with.

            If you are among the 2% intelligent people left in the Phil – you are the real heroes. You are suffering all the stupidity around you for the sake of shining some ray of light into the swarm of zombies who need to wake up from thinking they are in a normal functional society. PH is corrupt to the core!!! Nothing normal about that.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    This is all true. It’s the reason why I have no sense of pride for being a FLIP. It is my people’s backward mentality that’s the problem. The working class, the lazy ass squatters, and even those in authority — they are all STUPID AS FUCK. And I don’t think it will ever be changed with constantly cursing them or even with gazillion category 5 typhoons. EVEN IF USA WOULD HAVE DROPPED THE ATOMIC BOMB OVER THE ENTIRE PHILIPPINE ARCHIPELAGO INSTEAD OF JAPAN.

    Stupid flips look up to their president or whoever that donates them a few packs of ramen noodles and canned sardines (courtesy of public funds of course) like rock stars. And now that the population has reached a million, things will only get worse.

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      It is surprising how pissed off these idiots get if someone tries to point out the problems that they cause for themselves and make recommendations on how they might solve their problems. They don’t want to hear it. They actually either believe that they don’t have a problem, that they are not responsible for causing it or that they are capable of dealing with it without being told by someone else how to fix it. They especially hate be told about their fuck ups by a foreigner. Not sure if any of you saw the news of the horrible traffic jam caused this last weekend on NLEX by the Iglesia Ni Cristo church celebrating their 100th anniversary. They built this new stadium in a location that is already congested and has very few entry points to get inside. It seats 55,000 but estimated 1,000,000 or more people would attend. In the articles on Facebook I commented that it looks like the church did not plan very well for the traffic problems that this would cause. I was amazed at the negative comments I received from church members just because I pointed this out to them. These people can’t accept the truth even when it is looking at them right in the face.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Speaking of INC, these cults are building their empire from donations of governmetn officials. They have this so called bloc voting where the members would only agree to vote whoever their leader is endorsing. Cant get anymore stupid than that. Other churches like the Quiboloy’s of Davao had endorsed senators that are now on trial for plunder. Really disturbing.

    2. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Agree on this.

      My girlfriend visited her hometown in Bicol just recently and it was sad to see the photos she had taken. Even vast majority of people stay at home and have only time they seem to be too busy to keep their neighborhood clean.

      The entire place, streets, alleys, squares, even beautiful beach was full of waste, and ocean seemed to be polluted. They quite literally shit on their own plate. I simply cannot understand what kind of personality/attitude people has to have not to give a shit of their own living conditions. If everyone there would spend 5min every day for one month to clean the garbage their living conditions would improve so much they cannot understand, but no. No one gives a shit or then they love to live in landfill.

      As a comparison, I’ve visited many extremely poor and remote villages in South East Asian countries and never found a place as dirty as Philippines (India is another story). Even the poorest places in Myanmar that seldom or never sees foreigners, has no electricity, school, or anything else modern were more civilized than many places in here.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
      Mega-BrainDrain Post author

      That leads to

      Stupidity reason #8: Poor Urban Planning
      Stupidity reason #9: Congestion / overpopulation

      There is no good urban planning that takes into account the booming population growth (because Catholics can’t use contraceptives). And what do you get: the perfect storm for Traffic/Congestion. This will drive you mad, which is why it is among the root causes of stupidity. People no longer have proper road courtesy when the name of the game is “Drive to Survive”.

      When I used to drive in the congested streets of Manila, I was advised not to give even a meter of space between the car in front of me or someone else will swoop in to take my position. And if you are the “courteous type” who keeps giving in to other cars trying to inch their way, it will get you nowhere.

      Same for paying at grocery stores. There was a time where after having waited in line for my turn to pay, the person behind me suddenly swooped in and placed his items on the counter before I could. Maybe he was in a hurry to get to the bathroom but I just don’t get it that time. But now it makes sense since all this congestion drives people mad.

      So my suggestion to DPWH or any other agency is to plan BIG as in MEGA, like the Americans. If you make a road, plan to have it 3x wider than you need at present and look 50 years ahead. It is amazing how the National road that connects Manila to Southern Luzon is just 2 lanes wide in most of its stretch, and the major bottleneck at Los Banos doesn’t even have signal lights! Then now that the sides of the road are full of houses and informal settlers, there is almost no way to expand capacity. There is no concept of having a bandwidth that can service way into the the future. Or maybe they did plan to have a mega highway but pocketed 50% of the funds – which leaves us with that 2 lane major artery. Keep on making these Inferior Vena Cava highways (that can only be the output of sub-humans) and it will lead people on the road to hell with their road rage!

      One idea is to just Nuke the entire country and start afresh. We’ll have to ask the Americans to do that because we don’t have access to that RESET button. Or we can start a war with China so they can Nuke us free of charge. Just ask them to spare Boracay and many of the natural wonders, because unlike countries like Japan which have their intelligent people as a treasured resource, those beaches are just about the only resources the PH can boast of.

  7. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    How about offering every male with an IQ below 90 (which would be .. what, 40% of the population?) a lifetime’s supply of ramen and Magic Sarap if they agree to have a vasectomy …

    But I guess the Catholic Church would have something to say about that. Can’t have any interference with his Popeiness’s plan to populate the world with poor, miserable people, eh?

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Even without the Catholic Church, the president that we have now is as lame as every taxpaying flip. President Pnoy is full of religious BS he even appeared for a speech at the INC centennial event. And just this Monday, he cried on national TV during his State address reiterating his father’s famous catch phrase ‘THE FLIPS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.’ Creepy, isnt it?

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I definitely heard him say,”The Filipino is worth dying for” and I totally cracked up laughing after hearing that! Well, I wasn’t watching it, but I heard my wife in the other room watching, so it could’ve been someone else saying that. Regardless of who says it, that phrase is absolutely and utterly stupid. Even “Pinoy Pride” is equally stupid. Having pride in oneself without any content or reason to be proud automatically narrows it down to a race-based pride, as if that you are culturally superior to the rest of the world with no other reason except for the fact that you are Filipino. I’m not going to sit here and say that I am full of blind pride because I don’t claim that my race has any superior dominance over other race for no reason. If my race conquered the world and became a global monopoly, THEN I can claim pride, but other than that, these Filipinos are full of shit with their “Pinoy Pride” slogan. Oh well, I can’t change it…. fuck it.

  8. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    Sorry, I realise that should be “..of the adult population”.

    heyjoe: there are some people who get it. I’ve been telling people about how great it is to have a solar panel/battery system during a power brownout, so at least you can run the lights, a fridge, and a fan. Most people in the boonies have never even heard of solar panels, but when you explain how they work, their get genuinely excited about the idea. They even consider the possibility of paying for a system THEMSELVES. Can you believe that?

    They’ll probably never actually do it, and they’ll still be sitting there with their ankles in six inches of water in 35’C heat and eating flyblown food during the next typhoon, but at least the idea has been planted, and all without anyone threatening to kill me – not even once – for being an asshole foreigner trying to solve Filipino problems, which of course they are quite capable of doing themselves, if only Americans would give them more money.

    We just need to keep doing this for the next, say, 3, 400 years, and there’s going to be light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to BELIEVE!

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Hopefully you weren’t serious about that “giving them more money” comment. That money will be circulated through their corrupted President, Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Philippine National Police, then all the way down to the security guards before it reaches the people in need, and I’m sure that amount will be less than 1% of what was originally given. This country DON’T WANT what they really need, because that will involve in a lot of foreign control and relinquishing them of half of their abused freedoms.

      This country displays a lot of “WANTING TO CHANGE” by talking about their problems in the media, but in reality, although they may put a temporary halt to an issue, that problem inevitably resumes within weeks. They don’t have the attention span, memory, and commitment to completely eliminate a problem for good. All acts of temporary improvement is just a show to gain some attention, they don’t give a shit about the long haul, otherwise their previous relief efforts would’ve made some permanent change by now.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        Sure, I was being facetious about the money. It’s a common response: well, if you foreigners are so concerned, why don’t you send money to help the poor?

        They genuinely don’t get that US$ won’t help the poor, even if it actually reached them. For one thing, it’s US$. Of what use are dollars? It’s only legal tender in the US, so eventually it has to flow back to the US in exchange for US goods. But imports from the US (or anywhere else) are blocked to anyone who can’t pay the customs bribes. Nothing of any value – capital plant that people could use to generate local wealth – can ever be imported. So those dollars wend their way into the pockets of the idle rich, who spend them on expensive watches and SUVs. As for the pesos that the $ are exchanged for – well, happy days. Beer, cigarettes, cockfighting and cheap hookers.

        The poor need to circulate their own currency, and they have plenty of assets to do that – if they wanted to. Most of them have land. Most of them at least have all their arms and legs and half a brain. That’s all anyone needs to carve out a living. But they’d rather just hold out their hand and wait for someone to deposit some goodies into it.

  9. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    Just a short line, before I log out. It’s about the P.I.Peso. Two years back, I was visiting Guam(of all places!) and I wanted to change some pesos to Dollars. Well guys, I went to AT LEAST 5 banks, and NONE of them would change or accept the Philippine peso. They didn’t even have the Philippine currency listed on their money exchange charts!! So? There is a big message here, I just can’t seem to clearly decipher it, or put it into a context. I mean, when you can’t have your countries currency recognized.. what do you have? Is this part of the P.I. P R I D E??? Pulleeeze! Just mentioning a small, but significant incident.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
      Mega-BrainDrain Post author

      The PH peso is worthless to foreign countries. I mean, what can they buy with that: a bunch of bananas? A foreigner friend of mine working in the shipping industry was wondering why he notices there are tons of shipments going into the PH but barely anything being shipped out. I explained to him that the PH is an importer nation.

      Unless you are a major exporter nation with goods that are demanded abroad, no one will take your currency seriously. So you’re right – that’s PH Pride down the drain again.

      I’ll try to illustrate what PH pride is like. Senate president Drilon on a diplomatic trip abroad got pissed off and ranted over why he was being asked to take off his shoes at the airport’s security check. He said: “Don’t you know I am the 3rd most powerful person in the Phil?” (maybe in the thoughts of the inspecter, he was saying “Philippines? sorry man, never heard”) PH pride means “WangWang”, which is the sound of police cars in front of a convoy of elite high-ranking officials saying – “I should get special treatment and you have to make way because I am special”. Now that’s PH pride. It is not earned by superior output. It is just stated as a FACT.

  10. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
    Mega-BrainDrain Post author

    Hey guys, to add to the list… here’s more to chew on

    Stupidity reason #10. Short memory.
    As discussed above, maybe this is the reason why convicted corrupt officials get re-elected. In fact the memory is so short that even those who are yet to be tried for corruption are already being considered for certain posts in the upcoming elections. How pathetic. Have mercy pleeez!

    Stupidity reason #11. Limited vocabulary.
    In the Filipino language (at least to the common citizen), there are no equivalent words for “convenience”, “precision/accuracy”, “efficiency”, “customer satisfaction”, etc. No wonder there is no concept of these in the minds of locals. Imagine, there isn’t even a Filipino word for such a common word like “cute”. Shallow vocab = shallow mind. Don’t expect much from a native PH brain; it hasn’t been trained/wired to think deeply. Low IQ is common. That is the standard for common sense. That’s where the gap exists: what is common sense to a foreigner will not be common sense to a Flip. Need to adjust to their frequency if you want to communicate effectively. But don’t stay too long at that
    frequency – or you’ll end up with a flip mind yourself. It’s contagious LOL!

    Stupidity reason #12. Longest Christmas season.
    Starts at the “*ber” months. Longest window of opportunity to go soliciting for money. People long so such for the holidays. This starts “Christmas lazy mode”: Why work hard when its already time to start sitting back in anticipation for “White Christmas” to soon come? Let the countdown begin.
    Official at PH agency: “sorry, the rest of the people waiting in line today need to come back tomorrow. I am closing early to do my Christmas shopping”.

    Stupidity reason #13. Basketball (modern national sport).
    It’s good excercise for the players, but when the entire nation is just fixated on watching a ball go into a hoop 1000x, that’s a lot of could-have-been productive output down the drain.
    Those short local players will never make it to the Olympics so go look to something more realistic for your Phil pride.

    Stupidity reason #14. Soap operas / teleseryes
    Just like watching basketballs go in 1000x, who cares who made who cry (what’s the moral)? Go do something productive. BTW, while you were watching, Toyota just rolled out their next model in their Lexus series. What have you got to show other than those teary eyes?

  11. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
    Mega-BrainDrain Post author

    Stupidity reason #15. Cockfighting (traditional national sport/vice).
    I admire these modern-gladiator cocks for fighting bravely to the death (who says we’re chicken?), but
    I don’t admire those people making this gambling game their source of livelihood. Find a better job man and give our neighborhoods some peace and quiet. Those relentless cock-a-doodle-doos can drive people mad. (see the post on The National Bird Of The Philippines… The Resilient Filipino Fighting Cock!)

    Stupidity reason #16. Foreign aid.
    Why work when you can wait? PH attitude/logic: “To rich first-world countries, can’t you see we are too lazy to help ourselves? Therefore, it is your duty to come to our aid. And BTW we prefer cash rather than in kind. Thank you.” Pinoy officials at the back of their minds: “I hope the next mega typhoon comes so we can cash in on the flood of aid that comes pouring in. Let’s pocket a 50% cut next time; and don’t ever let it leak out that the aid they gave last time got expired waiting for customs
    clearance at the port. Besides it’s their fault. Why do they send food aid without the accompanying grease money? What utter lack of common sense. They must be stupid, not like us wize guys HEHEHE!”

    Stupidity reason #17. Remitances
    Why work when you can wait? Lazy papa is drinking with his buddies leaving all the bills for sacrificial mama in HK to pay.

    Stupidity reason #18. OFW wife / working mother / Yaya with kids
    PH Mama abroad: “I need to provide for my family, what can I expect from that lazy drunkard couch potato?” Therefore, yaya (helper) takes care of the kids for many years teaching the kids yaya mentality. The future leaders of the PH are trained with yaya logic. What more can we expect on the future of this country? (anyway, what’s the difference; mama herself is a Yaya in HK)
    PH Papa: “Now this is the life! No noisy nagging wife, all the bills paid for, and I get to relax all day long. But my back aches watching TV so long. Looking for a lady to massage my back may be the next good idea HEHEHE!”

    Stupidity reason #19. Weak military.
    As we all know, the military is the driver of technology in many areas. PH dilapidated military just shows how “advanced” PH technology is. PH only has a big mouth with no muscle to show. PH logic: “Come on China, test us on those Spratly islands – and we’ll show you how strong an ally we have in America. And BTW, Japan is on are side too.” PH is a sprawling 7000+ island archipelago and doesn’t even have a submarine or destroyer. That’s like saying – “please invade me!” Well I’d be happy if someone does – and next time Pinoys, have mercy on yourselves and don’t cry for independence. Let the Foreign-power professionals do the managing. But I doubt any 1st world country would want the Phil – who wants to inherit a headache?

  12. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
    Mega-BrainDrain Post author

    Stupidity reason #20. Underemployment.
    A business administration grad working as waiter –> what a waste of training and human resource! I guess they failed to teach you how to make smart career choices in your college. Yea, because that’s not taught in class – it’s assumed you have common sense to know better.

    Stupidity reason #21. Unemployment.
    PH logic: “No work – out here in the province. Let’s move to Manila – I heard there are jobs there.” But where will we stay honey, I just gave birth to your 5th son? “Don’t worry, we’ll cross the bridge (i.e. live under a bridge) when we get there”.

    Stupidity reason #22. Lack of public utilities (toilets/parks).
    PH logic: “The government doesn’t give us much choice but to pee here under this “Bawal umihi dito” sign. Don’t want to die of kidney trouble/UTI man. This PH shithole is not worth dying for.”

    Stupidity reason #23. No sidewalks / blocked sidewalks / no proper parking space
    PH logic: ” Sorry this sidewalk is taken (as my permanent parking space) so all you pedestrians have no choice but to walk on the road.” “But sir, that’s dangerous – a jeepney might side-sweep me.” Ans: “That’s your problem. Sorry for you!!!”

    Stupidity reason #24. Landlessness.
    PH logic: “How can I be landless in my own homeland? That gives me the right to be a squatter!” Have you heard of the Senator Lina stupid law: you can’t evict a squatter if you don’t prepare for him a relocation site. That’s like rewarding the law-breaker and punishing the law-abiding tax payer. Where else can logic get so inverted?

  13. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
    Mega-BrainDrain Post author

    Stupidity reason #25. Dogs on the lose.
    Doing my best to maneuvere through the shit landmine these stray dogs leave behind and still accidentally stepping on one of them just makes my day! Consolation prize: At least it doesn’t blow off like a real mine. There’s this joke about 2 guys who stop walking when they see something brown on the road. Guy one says “I wonder – could it be a piece of shit or a piece of cake?” Guy two stoops down to taste a bit of it and says “oh shit, good thing we didn’t step on it!” That’s PH stupidity at its finest.

    Stupidity reason #26. Safety last.
    That’s why they advertise it’s “more fun in the Philippines”. Where else can you hang on to the back of a jeepney zooming on a highway without seatbelts? Must be lots of fun for a foreigner to do something he could never try doing in his/her country where the policy is the exact opposite: Safety first. Maybe riding on top of a plane’s wing will be the next fun thing to do – don’t underestimate the “creativity” of the Flip’s mind.

    Stupidity reason #27. Facebook.
    PH logic: “I have to spend 3 hours a day taking pictures of myself and uploading everything for all my friends to see how exciting my life is.” –> Sorry pal, who cares? The world does not revolve around you and nobody gives a damn. Now spend your time more wisely and contribute something to the GDP!!!

    Stupidity reason #28. Keeping up with the Joneses.
    This is a source of so many stupid spending decisions. PH logic/pride: Dad says “Son, you have to stop your studies for now because we need to buy a car. Didn’t you see our 2 neighbors just bought the latest SUVs? What will they think of us?” Son: “But for how long do I stop?” Dad: “Sorry but the car loan will take me 5 years to pay.” Son: “But dad, if you can’t afford it, why not take public transport and let me finish college first? Then I can buy you a car.” Dad: “Sorry son, but our family’s pride is at stake.” –> Yet another display of twisted PH pride.

    Stupidity reason #29. Closely-knit Relatives.
    To all foreign guys looking for a Pinay of your dreams, here’s an important equation you need to know:
    Marrying a Filipina = marrying the rest of the clan. That’s how closely-knit these people are – so think twice before jumping in. Count the number of siblings and check on the financial status/health of the parents. You might not realize how many “send money” e-mails are about to come your way.

  14. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain
    Mega-BrainDrain Post author

    Stupidity reason #30. Large families.
    PH logic: Sorry Junior, we can’t buy those original Nike shoes you’ve been dreaming of. Your janitor papa only makes so much and your big brother #4 is asking money too for his blind date. Look, these “Mike” shoes are 60% cheaper. Just settle for these ok? But I sure hope your big sister #3 finally gets engaged with that Kano she met on facebook; then our financial worries are over!!!

    Stupidity reason #31. No exposure to the first world.
    Many Filipinos will only realize they have a stupidity issue once they get exposed to the first world where things are done right. Until then, native locally raised Filipinos will just have to keep dreaming there is no problem in their 3rd world shithole run biz-as-usual by their favorite “hero” corruptors.

    Unfortunately, this seems to have little impact since despite the mass of OFW’s who have already returned to retire in the PHil, there is hardly any progress in correcting the Failipino mind/psyche.

    Stupidity reason #32. PH Media.
    Media keeps feeding the PH mind crap. PH mind processes the crap. And what do you get: Crappy country.
    That’s basic first-day Computer class logic: garbage in – garbage out. And why does someone’s opinion become headline news: “Bishop X says blah blah”. Is that an EVENT to be reported on? And try to balance it with some good news – not just 90% bad news of ferry sinks of overloading, typhoon devastates, China bullies poor PH, PH has slowest internet speed in ASEAN, Senator gets charged, President cries in SONA, new road project has anomaly, with so much focus on politics politics politics… I mean did the PH do anything good that we can put as a headline for a change? How about: PH university develops new semiconductor device, new high-speed rail system now connecting north to south PH gets inaugurated, PH tops in rice production, etc. Or maybe your newspapers/New broadcasts won’t sell if that’s not what the masses want to read/hear. Or maybe there just isn’t anything good to report on. How pathetically hopeless! Sigh… The case is laid to rest in favor of PH stupidity. And I hope you make lots of money broadcasting to the whole world how sad a loser this country is – coz that’s the only thing that matters right: cash in your pockets.

  15. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    Absolutely fantastic Mega-BrainDrain! If typical Filipino would have even 0.00000000001% of your thinking capacity and productivity we would live in a totally different country.

  16. Profile gravatar of doob

    Stupidity Reason #33 Pinoy English accent (Pinglish)

    You can hear a fucking Pinoy from miles away with their stupid Pinglish accent.
    Filipino people pride themselves claiming to have an excellent grasp in the English language and perhaps claim to have an “American” accent due to some US influence in the country. However – fuck me dead! Their fucking accent is so fucking annoying! It is not “American” English. Pinoys are all fucking deaf to think they sound like anything American!

    Oh, most Pinoy will tell a foreigner that their English accent is incomprehensible due to “Sorry Sir – I can’t understand what you are saying – you have a British sounding accent!”

    Errr… I can understand your fucking Pinglish fucktards!

  17. Profile gravatar of doob

    Stupidity Reason #34 NEWS programs

    Not sure if I am watching “Celebrity News”. It seems their nightly news broadcast on TV concentrates more about Celebrities and gossips instead of reporting real news.

    Who gives a fuck about Celebrities!

    NEWS broadcast credibility – errr… not much eh?

    Ph is a fucked up nation!