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    Looks like a future trike boy to me.
    That’s exactly how they drive down the FUCKING NATIONAL HWY, where they are NOT supposed FUCKING to be.
    RELAXED feet up doing 20 klm an hour to save FUCKING FUEL or looking desperately for a 2 peso fare
    Traffic banked up behind them for FUCKING MILES because they wont move FUCKING over.
    Smoke belching from their under powered 2 stroke engines
    Fag in hand chatting up the school girls,
    Just grooming them to be another unwed mother whom they will never support the children.

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    I Forgot the FUCKING JEEPNEE DRIVERS will it kill you to get off the FUCKING ROAD.
    You don’t own the middle of the fucking road , its not a parking spot to wait for a fare.
    Where are the Highway Patrol.????????????
    I’ve seen them when they actually come out onto the highway once or twice.

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    I do remember that child in Indonesia, but I thought he looked a lot bigger than this one. this maybe an earlier photo than the child I saw on TV.
    But how many young children do we see daily smoking in the Philippines .
    That’s probably why it was assumed this was a Filipino child,