No Manners No Accountability, No Sense

Ok, folks, It’s been about 18 Months of living with OFWs in the USA and its actually getting worse in terms of my grasp of their ridiculous rudeness. They will prattle on in Tagalog all day log, interspersed of course with horrid attempts at karaoke ( in horrid English), refuse to speak English unless giving some sort of command, and basically being rude and indifferent to anyone who is not Filipino. They have gotten so bad that they are pissing off other Filopinos and they are turning on and eating each other now. There s a 2 year old in the household who has more damn sense than the adults, at least until they turn him into a racist ass.

If I suggest that we be a bit more civil to each other, I’m told that it’s just my opinion, and summarily dismissed.

My favorite convention is the gutteral grunt that conveys disapproval or whatever, and the variety of tongue clicks and noises that apparently are completely understandable between each other, and unintelligible to Americans.

My rudimentary knowledge of Tagalog is the only thing that gives me any damn clue of what i going on. Mostly gossiping and bitching.  I asked them to stop talking about me , and rather than denying it, they told me to stop listening! no apology, no sense that they were rude, their rudeness is my problem.




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    I am entirely against having pinoys in America for this very reason. America is already corrupt enough (not as bad as Philippines), but having pinoys in our homeland and making it worst is another thing. We are not very welcomed in their country, so should we welcome them to ours? They are always telling us to go back home to our country when we bitch about Philippines, so why can’t they go back to theirs? That’s very hypocritical, don’t ya think?

    Last thing I need is to one day, have a child of mine experience uncivilized behavior, and we know that children looks up to adults as great examples, and they will take after that behavior. My idiot Filipina wife will most like isolate herself away from the general population and will only socialize with the only few pinoys in our vicinity if I were to bring her there, and I’m not trying to live that closed-minded life style and would like for her to expand and be more open to new ways. Plus, I don’t wanna hear some loud and annoying pinoys yapping endlessly about their nonsense. Have you noticed that pinoys lack the ability to speak quietly? They love screaming to the top of their lungs to get their point across while talking over each other, and I swear it’s more pugnacious than a crowd of fans at the Super Bowl (for those of you knows anything about American Football).

    I fear that I will be supporting this unwelcomed behavior if I ever were to bring my wife to the states, which is why I am opting out on bringing her with me until she has proven herself worthy of the journey. I mean, if she can’t live ONE DAY without watching something on TV in Tagalog, eating rice, or calling her family, then she isn’t ready for America because she is going to find the closest thing that resembles her pinoy roots, which is being surrounded by other pinoys. There is no fuckin PBO in America, so she would have to deal with HBO, I don’t want to hear her having a tantrum because they don’t serve rice at Red Lobster, and I’m not gonna put up with her running up our phone bill because she wanna make international calls to talk to her family in Philippines. As of now, she can’t break away from any of that. Just to be fruitfully honest, when I brought her to Singapore, she asked the cashier at McDonalds if they serve rice because she didn’t see it on the menu, she was absolutely heartbroken to hear the bad news that they didn’t serve it.

    So to speak, she wouldn’t survive in America, and I’m not in favor of making America any worst than it already is. I fear that her and I will be even more separated and lonely as she is only hanging with pinoys while I’m hanging with my American buddies. I don’t mind being separated and lonely, I would just rather not bring her so I can be more open to my activities and possibly finding a better woman, good thing Philippine marriages aren’t recognized in America (still have to verify that).

    Anyway, lets just agree to keep pinoys out of America, before our national IQ average drops to 86 too….. I’m just sayin

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      “good thing Philippine marriages aren’t recognized in America “. Say What?? Who told you that? They’re jerking your chain.

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        Well if it is recognized, then I should be able to freely divorce her. Still looks like a win-win situation to me 🙂 I’m sure America wouldn’t force me to live unhappily ever after without being able to get a divorce. Unless America wants to start adapting Philippine culture.

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          Don Quixote

          I have a Sepo mate who was married in the PI to a insurgent bitch ,
          He flew to Reno filed for divorce , waited the appropriate time got his divorce in the USA.
          Then returned to the PI.
          He cannot remarry here as the Flips don’t recognize his Divorce but that works out well too.
          He tells his new GF he cant marry with her , so up to her if they live together.
          But he can marry anywhere on earth just not in the PI.
          Lucky Prick

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          Well if can get her to consent it’s about $1,500 total lawyer and court cost in Guam (If U.S. citizen), you have to stay there for 7 days to qualify and you’re free and clear in about 60 days I believe. The consent is a form the lawyer from Guam will send you, you than take her to the embassy in Cebu or Manila where she signs it in front of them and they notarize it. If she won’t consent then Guam requires that you “live” there for 90 days to establish residency.

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        It’s only recognized if you submit spousal sponsorship. If you the foreign spouse file for divorce, it is recognized in the Philippines and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it. But that’s only useful if you plan on marrying another Flip in the Failippines. If you do, I’m gonna have to give you a thorough Psychiatric evaluation, maybe even give you Electroconvulsive Therapy, because for sure you’re out of your mind to even contemplate that 🙂

        When I was a child, one of our maids told me that if you lose contact of your Filipino spouse for 7 years, your marriage is automatically dissolved or you are effectively free to marry. Something about the church declaring you dead? Anyone tell me if this is accurate or still true?

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          I don’t nothing about Oz, but are you sure it’s not recognized as opposed to they just don’t know about it if you don’t submit it as part of the visa process. I mean I could go back to the U.S. or even go to Costa Rica and get married again because there is no record of my marriage here in either country. There is virtually no chance my wife could even inform other governments that I am married. As long as I kept my mouth shut no one would know. Legally I would still be a bigamist, but who would know? How would a pinay wife ever chase me down to prove it. There’s no real process. Only the rich can pursue a running spouse internationally. In the U.S. there is no central records kept on marriages and divorces. I think most if not all are kept at a county level.

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        They are not. We went to the USA so I can get my wife citizenship (2 trips of 9 months!). Our marriage was not recognized by most government and non-government agencies. Shoot, the USA will not accept ANY documents from abroad anymore!

        It is bad enough doing things inter-State.

        As for marriage, we do not have an NSO. So technically, you could get married in multiple State and no one would find out. The only thing we have that is national is the driver’s license. That’s why if you are disabled you are required to get the NDID so you will have a national ID like everyone else :/

        Land of the Free…

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          Your confusing me. Are you saying foreign marriages are not recognized in the U.S.? If so, what are the K-3 and I-130 visas all about?

          You aren’t saying the U.S. has national drivers license are you? Or are you saying it’s the only documents the U.S. seems to accept?

          2 trips of 9 months, you really know how to thread the needle dude. I don’t know if I should be jealous or appalled, I do understand the reasoning so I guess its jealous. Making plans that tight is too much stress for this puppy. I won’t bring another one there until if/when she’s been defliped and ready to hit the ground running (and I don’t mean tnt). 🙂

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            2 trips of 9 months, she had to be there longer than that, how in the hell did you pull that off?

            18 months minimum, resident of state filed in minimum of 90 days and remain in the country while application is processed. 18 months plus application approval time. INS isn’t exactly that fast. Of course I learned the hard way that what they say is required and the truth are two different things. What’s the inside scoop?

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      About loud talk: I’m afraid its not just the pinoys, actually most of the world speak like that, Africans,Arabs, Indians, etc. Yell when they talk! I think its got something to do with lack of curtesy, lack of consideration of other but self, or a dominant form that has (unfortunately) become prevalent. Actually the few places Where its normal Not to yell are u.s. Canada, Europe and those enclaves. Aussies are supposedly a bit more primitive, and should by this logic be a bit louder and more boisterous than the regular westerner, I haven’t tested it but I wouldn’t be surprised!;=) Even there the most primitive of them (the westerners) rednecks, lowlifes , etc. ARE the loudest!! A clear sign that loudness in speech is not only disrespectful, but also a sign of low intelligence!!!

      Let us then agree that loud, boisterous, inconsiderate people should be looked upon with the utmost contempt, no matter what race they are!

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        Now if a aussie should come here and yell: “I’m not primitive!!!” (Like Ace ore some other pinoy) HE will have proven my point, or at least the same Aussie may have some pinoy Blood in him!;=)hehe Its a bit like if you trod in a turd, it seldom helps to trod more it doesn’t make neither stain nor smell go away..
        “I said u were a primitive Aussie, you don’t have to prove my point, but thanks!”;=))

        1. Profile gravatar of Angel

          “…Aussie may have some pinoy Blood…”

          Hmm, sounds like, Sarah. Not that she’s primitive or loud-mouthed or anything.

          Just saying.

          Don’t kill me please….

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            I will try not to;-)
            My point was not that all aussies are loudmouthed! My point was that not only pinoy is!

            Just to evade any misunderstandings:-)

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            Haha, thanks, but I was actually asking Sarah. She can be scary sometimes.

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            Scary? ha! you can’t find a gentler creature than here in the good ol’ Oz…. as long as you’re not Hawkeye in disguise, then you’d be torn to shreds 🙂

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            “And that’s why us guys here in PFB love ya, Sarah.”

            Thanks guys! 🙂 🙂 all donations gratefully accepted for our PFB beer fund 😛

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          Don Quixote

          FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that loud enough for you, .
          Yelling to win a point when logic and intelligence should prevail is not limited to the Philippines.
          Proud Aussie.

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      Fafi, even if you bring your wife to America or any other western country where opportunities exists for anyone with the drive to improve themselves, your wife will not take that opportunity. I have seen hundreds of Pinays come here, and all they want to do is either work to support the parasites back home or sit on their asses gossiping, gambling, eating. Even if you encourage them to read or watch documentaries, learn about the world, enroll in some kind of studies to possibly get her a better paying job or at least achieve something and chances are she won’t take it. Not many of them do!! I’ve met Pinays who have been here 40 plus years, and the quality of their English and grammar are no better from when they first came. What do you expect when they don’t mingle with anyone else but their own kind?

      I used to socialize with these bitches a lot. But I got bored with their conversations. Often they discussed about Filipino movie celebrities, (who the fuck gets interested in that??????) , or about someone else they know, often making up stuff to make the gossip spicier, or what you do in the bedroom and how big or small is your “tackle!!!! Yes indeed!!! They tell their friends about your sex life! If ever you hear bursts of laughter and yelling, be paranoid because they’d be talking about your “tackle”.

      And yes, they don’t speak English even if they knew you don’t understand a word of Filipinos. A Kano in my mum’s town ended up retreating in the bedroom at meal times because his wife and her 2 nieces, all living on HIS dime, eating HIS food, living in HIS house and 2 nieces he’s supporting in college, would not speak English at the dining table and often ignoring him!! What kind of marriage is that??

      1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        Hi Sarah,
        That’s exactly the situation i faced in my life.
        At the beginning of my relation, my gf who became my wife then allways make me feel pity on her : She allways told me when she was a little girl she dreamed to have books & be able to read, that was impossible because the lack of book supplying there & the few available were unafordable . She explained me she was fond of greek mythology, filippino history.
        When we installed in fFrance i provided her few books about the topics she told me she was still passionated : in english & some in tagalog too. I think you guess how many times she opened them : Never , all this books are still brand new untill,it’s me who read it from time to time…
        That’s exactly the same about professional training : She don’t register in any job center, & she sociabilize only with filippina who allways gossip . She’s so clueless, without any concrete willingness to improve by herself.
        The most troubling is she isn’t stupid : at logic games,without cultural backgrounds (checkers like games, chess, memory games ) she is really good & beat almost everybody, seems she enjoy to stay in laziness and inertia & was never able to use her intelectual capacities.

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      Kane Malarky

      Let me tell you my brief story if I may. I met my wife, now ex-wife in Israel during the mid 90s. I went back and forth from the US to the ME, several times visiting her and trying to get to know her, and eventually petitioned her. But, originally I went there just for a vacation. But, an aunt of hers in the states asked me to bring something there for her other aunt. So, that’s is how I ran into my now ex.

      Fast forward a year after and her petition was almost ready, as I had filed maybe right after the last time I left there. This is the one where I should have just dropped her right then. She told me she wanted to go back to the Philippines as she had been in Israel 5 years, and hadn’t seen her family for a long time. Then if she would have left to PI, then the petition would have been voided, then it would be another year or more till she could come to the US. That’s when I should have left the ingrate alone!

      So, then came to the US a few months later. Taught her to drive, but she never got her license… took the written test 3 times, and the best score was a failure of the written test by 2 questions, and then she gave up. She has been there 17 years and still cannot drive. She prefers to do business only with Filipinos. She will not teach my son her dialect or Tagalog. She doesn’t let him know what is going on. Her mom is in the US and is quite dependent on her too….This person was “college educated” in the Philippines, and really couldn’t assimilate.

      I am glad FAFI that you see the writing on the wall with yours…..

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        After delving into the education system a bit, found out that most “colleges” in the Fails are equivalent to high schools in most western countries. So whenever a pinoy says they got a college education, unless it’s UP, i just actively ignotpre their blabbing. Especially since they never stop tlking about all their achievements. I lived their 3 years and maybe ran into 3 people (1 guy, 2 ladies) with high intelligence, all 3 were working on moving overseas to gtfo. Most of the population is just plain lazy when it comes to getting educated. “Just the way tt is there”.

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          My nephew seen an airline pilot in uniform at an airport. He was so bedazzled by that pos uniform, he went to a aircraft mechanic school.
          I asked him various questions on his career choice. Well, he did not do any googling.. or reviewing the job situation. I think there is a body in the USA that qaulifies all the plane mechanics in the world.
          The hocus pocus school he goes to would not accreditation from the USA.
          Just because he seen a cheap uniform????

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Al?! This is Gross underevaluation of the significance of uniform! Women love uniforms! Children love uniforms! A Lot of men love uniforms…need I continue? 😉

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      Elias Loco

      Does anyone think that that episode of Family Guy about Billy Finn is pertaining to Philippines? Most of the jokes done by the dolphin is pretty much relating to the culture and “intelligence” of Pinoys. I don’t know if Peenoise even noticed that and just brushed it aside because if they did then they might start complaining again on how one comic series is trying to degrade their well-protected image. LOL much?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Not a fan of Family Guy. But I do know they threw a fit for two weeks regarding the episode of Desperate Housewives. In that episode the woman asked to see the doctors diploma to make sure it did not come from a school in the philippines. But the filipinos refused to admit to the nursing scandal the year before. Mass cheating and all had to retake. Out of all the retakes only 43% passed, wonder how many cheated or bribed to pass that did not get caught the 2nd time around.

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    hello to all.
    My dughter in canada told me they had pinoy neighbors. The koroke was very loud. It seems they export their moronic behaviuor all over the world.
    Pinoys in Northern Canada had a the pinoy flag flying beside the Canada flag at some sort of celelbration,,, I troll them on yahoo and social media sites every chance I get.
    One site kiccked me off beause I showed a pic of the slums here. You see often put up pics of white sandy beaches, palm trees etc,,,, and the shit head expats are the worst for bragging up this hellhole.
    nuff said.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Good on you Al!;=) To troll moronpinay is a moral obligation for any civilized westerner over the IQ of 80!;=)
      And put as many slumpics whereever there is space! They are so afraid the Truth shall surface, but by good work we will see to that!
      They send tentacles to other Worlds, breed and breed. In 100 years they are a billion with their disgusting, rude,unemphatic, pissinganywhere, annoying ways!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Anyway, It can only get worse! The next generation of pinays will be even greedier, ruder, chubbier (Lechon, lechon;=)and….more! They will crowd she shores of America and Europe…. like……not something very nice…. We will probably have to emigrate to…The South Pole or some remote location not to be peed on, karaoked on, littered on or have to endure any other form of audible or smelly torture there morons have so ingeniously developed.
        But! We have to understand that there is method to the madness!
        The Point is to make it audibly, visibly, smellingly Unattractive for any other race to be in the Vicinity! This is a very wise plan, and it works anywhere in the World! When people smell the ph-way they logically shun away, and Voila! The pinay got it all to himself! Very devious and clever!
        In this way the pinoy will conquer the world in just a few hundred years! And the Planet will be blessed with pinoy-way all-around!: Piss, garbage, rudness, greed, karaoke, chaos, “blank-stare”…..ohhh, it will be a heavenly place!;=) Spread the Word, and spread the race! The pinoys are coming…… to a place near You!!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      The expats are bragging it up so that they can defend their own act of going here. Few will admit to defeat, and if the desicion was wrong they will try to compensate by pretending it was right.

      They are consequentially the staunchest defenders by so propping up their own case. In this respect they are the most dangerous to listen to, for a novice.

      And then they are more liked by the indigenous because thes say things they like to hear.

      Truth is not of the essence, pretention is.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Also, expats are afraid of being deported. There is an American expat in Cebu province who was spreading the word that a Pinoy can get you deported if you insult him/her. Not sure if this is true. I do know that one of my uncle-by-marriage says it is difficult to get a foreigner deported. Were it that easy, I am sure Koreans and Japanese will be the firsts to get booted out. Ever noticed how many Pinays complain of “domestic violence” from Korean and Japanese men in the Failippine media, complete with bruises and black eyes??

        MB is one Kano who was afraid of crossing the Pinoys. When I used to read his website, he’d often chide his followers not to be too harsh on their criticisms with the Flips because he lives there, and of course his magazine was his livelihood. I have not had a peek on that website in so many years, but last time I looked, it was not great. And of course, many who sold up and moved there are afraid to admit that their “paradise” is not the paradise they believed it to be, and that their move was a failure.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          There is some truth to what that expat says in Cebu. The immigration police are only too glad to prosecute some lowly foreigner. I have read where there is a minimum of 400 K pesos to get out of immigration jail.
          All a filipino has to do is text and he gets 2000 pesos reward money. Of course any flimsy excuse will do.
          One idiot Canadian 18 year old, female student was in some sort of rally in Manila. Maybe she was a cousin to Justin Beiber. She spent 2 months in Bitucan jail before she got out.
          As far as I know, Brown’s manager is still her in the Feelippines.
          Of course, container shippers are exempt from rules, hahah

        2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          you can get deported yes.
          filipino dont wanna know what you think …
          complaint is a complaint
          and they use the expression
          don’t like it leave
          immigration deported a thai national for calling flips.. “pignoys” on facebook
          people have been stopped at NIAA airport for upsettin immigration workers
          rmemember… a number of people declared
          Not welcome
          thats quite famous
          filipinos are pig headed — narcisists
          incapable of rhyme or reason
          … they dont wanna change or learn anything new
          enjoy the status quo

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is so funny you post that. My fully, never been to the Philippines American friend worked with a Filipino. He said the pinoy kept ranting how great the Philippines was at work and was starting to put down the USA. My friend said people were getting tired of hearing him talk how great the Philippines was. So one day they got into an argument and my friend reference my fb page. I had been posting pics of the slums, garbage everywhere, open sewers, families sleeping on the streets, kids begging, stray animals, people pissing on the streets, I even had a pic of a homeless dude taking a shit on the sidewalk, and just the typical disgusting shit you see here everyday.
      My friend showed his proud pinoy coworker my pics and said, “look at this! There is no way the Philippines is a great place cause look at these random pics my friend posted. Plus he says constantly what a shit hole the Philippines is”. He said the guy tried to justify or pinoy-babble his way out of legitimate proof. However, he quickly shut up. Americans love to call bullshit to people’s faces and retard/Filipino excuses don’t get far. So as he was trying to pinoy-babble his justification of how it’s not true, the other coworkers were laughing at him and telling him to shut the fuck up.
      My friend said the proud pinoy then shut up about how great the Philippines is. I was home last year and met some of my friends coworkers. They were laughing about the poor pinoy not being so proud anymore. They said they laughed at he pinoy fir a few days and the guy just kept quiet on anything Philippines related. Score one for me!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        A beautiful and heart-warming story!:-) Its obvious, This is what it takes!: Send individual pinoys to the u.s. and give them this treatment! There should be erected antipinoypridebootcamps in the States, then at least abominable pinoy pride could be exterminated, once and for all! Its even worse than the garbage, poop and piss, lies, corruption and stupidity!! God, what a disgusting country!

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    Barry Smyth

    Yep can agree with this blog they are truly rude ignorant people with no manners,but I guess if you are taught none then maybe we should expect none from them.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    It is still strange that they were taught any. You dont need to be a professor to understand that children need norms, values, moral and discipline.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Exactly. just basic treat others the way you want to be treated.
      Look at Australia. They started out as mostly convicts from England. They became a very intelligent, super-nice society, and a world leader.
      I was in Australia a few years ago. I could not believe how nice, accommodating, sweet, courteous, and inviting Australians were. I have an Aussie friend here and he was describing how some of the English people joke about the convict history of Australia or call him POME. I told him, “you should be so proud of your culture. the people were the nicest, friendliest, and most honest”. Even when I was in Melbourne, they talked shit about how rude people in Sydney were, but when we got to Sydney, they were just as nice.
      So if convicts can teach manners to their descendants or society to make it a prosperous nation, what is wrong with the Philippines?

      (Sorry if its insulting or I don’t know the full history of Australia. I loved the place and was very impressed with it all)

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    wonder why history channel never made a series called “filipinos”???

    because the show would only include thefts,chicken, rape, rice, robberies, coca cola, jeepneys and streetfights…..

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      Every now and then the History Channel will show a couple RP shows. Basically two types: the oily, sweet, and overcooked pinoy slop, and a few shows that are produced outside the country.
      The slop shows included Corry Aquino (The house wife president), Ninoy (the People’s Savior), The Great People Power revolution (the pinoy version) and the worst…PAP Airborne training…(My USN bootcamp 25 yrs ago looked tougher).
      The 2009 Maguindanao massacre and HK Tourist bus massacre was pretty good. Of course these were produce outside the country.
      The GF really like the Corry Aquino show, I think she even cried a couple times. When the show was over I Wikipeadia the House Wife President and her stellar family…I spent the next two hours giving her history lesson on what the real world is like outside the Fili-Fail.

        1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          Yeah I think Robinson has transferred already…LoL.
          CC Rosario and CC Keys…funny how you never forget those guys.
          We had Pinoy E8 that was I think was the Senior Enlisted of the 4 Divisions. He was the Classic Pinoy. Always talked to us in a loud voice, and we had no idea what he was saying after the first 3 words out of his mouth.
          Senior Chief: Today we are goooooo……blalblalblalblalbllal……
          Boots: (whispering) What the hell did that monkey just say ???
          Senior Chief: !!!! ANSWER ME Recruits !!!!
          Boots: Yes Senior Chief !!!! (what the fuck did he just say ????)
          I had Fil-American from S California in the company. We used to fuck with him by saying that the E8 was his Uncle…”What did your Uncle say ???…”Fuck you guys…LoL.
          OOOOH the good old memories….LoL.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            We had this fat ass, like all companies do I guess. Well MMC tried everything to get him to lose weight, he reminds me a lot of the fat fucker in Full Metal Jacket in boot camp. Well this guy could get very little right and MMC caught him on something yet again while we were on the grinder.

            If recall right while we were on the grinder they held a barracks inspection and just tore the place up. Well MMC comes out and gets fat ass and takes him up to the barracks, fat ass comes out with his mattress. MMC told him to put it on his back. While we were marching around the grinder MMC had fat ass jog around the grinder making airplane sounds.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Yes,, I have lots of good memories from the old days at work.
            Sadly, those days will never come back,,,

      1. Profile gravatar of Mamushi

        I did not watch the Cory and Ninoy specials in History Channel since I don’t believe in them. Yes, we have democracy but the majority of the population doesn’t understand how it works. Oh, on the no manners thing, I had a full experience on that 2 Fridays ago. I work as a volunteer in the Museum of Natural History in UPLB, my university and I toured a group of high school students in the museum. The group is hard to control since majority are interested in taking pictures than listening to the tour. Their guardians threatened to get their cameras and camera phones in order to make them listen. I’ve been toured to museums abroad but only here in the Philippines I encountered it. Kids these days have poor manners, there are only a certain few that do have good manners.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here we go again. Yahoo reporting about another filipino success. What success? Well they set TWO world records for the most people taking a shower at the same time in Los Banos. Lofty goal huh?

  7. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Speaking of lofty goals and world records, a few years ago, some town north of Manila had a mass sexual mutilation (circumcision) event where over 1500 young boy victims had their genitals mutilated (those imbeciles are so shallow minded and so stupid that they believe that a boy is magically turned into a “man” when he has part of his dick cut off), and the prideful organizers of that ritual child abuse event, in a feeble effort to stoke their pride, asked to be placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having performed the most circumcisions in one day. However, the Guinness Corporation, which is based in a country (Ireland) where circumcision is unheard of (the Irish are not stupid), politely declined that prideful request.

    Not just evil, but sick.

  8. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    The “German cut” term makes me laugh (does that mean these little flip bastards have “Nazi heads”? LOL), because the Germans would not think of mutilating their sons’ genitals (they’re not stupid). On the contrary, during the holocaust era, when the Nazis went into various Jewish regions in Europe, they would force men and boys to drop their drawers, and if they were “cut”, off to the concentration camps they would go. Imagine if the Nazis expanded their empire all the way to the Philthappines….

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    I am dealing with this fucking shout at each other rather than talk problem right now. Why the fuck do they not talk to each other, why they have to shout in the face of the other? Fucking noise and shouting always!!!!